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Found 28 results

  1. OK, I know there have been problems for some people - I was getting the AI CTDs initially before the hotfix - but really, the raving about how MSFS has been 'destroyed' to fit on the XBox seems to have gone off in to a galaxy of its own. As far as I can see on my system, no major damage has been done to the visuals, plus I've been able to put my LODs back up to 500 and still get a boost in fps to let me run pretty much anywhere in full ultra at my fixed 30 fps. Down where I like to be, at least, it's all looking pretty fine. A few just out of EGHA, Compton Abbas, to check things out. I hope anybody who is having genuine issues manages to get them sorted, but meanwhile - this is certainly not a totally broken sim, by any measure.
  2. Nice little package this. Already had another of their airports before they moved to Orbx, I like their stuff. cheers, Andy
  3. This came out today. I already had the freeware one but thought I'd try this out. Glad I did, one of their better efforts. Just a few shots of a couple of places that caught my eye Heading out from OMDB Had spotted the sign for this in the distance Looks like fun Sign's not terribly clear in this shot, but it's the Sharjah Astronomy Center A bit later And a bit later still I managed to overwrite one of the sections of this trip when I saved the file so I'll be heading back there soon. After I've set up some additional key bindings for the H135. Found a good video for info on the AP functions so I'll try that out. Link is here if anyone else interested - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTP4bvs7Paw&t=3s (oh, and I picked the Amazon Prime livery as I had a delivery of "The Boy's Book of Politically Correct Jokes" for Jim Davidson) cheers, Andy
  4. Just got the new Orbx Cape Town Cityscape, and went to check it out. FACT is one of the MSFS fancy airports, and the whole area is incredibly well done. No idea if it's done in PG, but these are all with PG turned off anyway, as is customary for me. All 4k, ultra plus. Off from FACT Robben Island A place that will certainly take more exploration.
  5. Ok, having said in another thread that I wasn't that excited about mountains I thought I really ought to have another go. So this is setting off from XX27 ( https://flightsim.to/file/14943/dz-savoie-helicopteres ) to LFHZ And this flight didn't change my mind. Maybe it's the vertical faces that are usually so badly represented that puts me off, maybe it's a mesh issue, but whatever it is, it's not an environment I get much joy from. Shame really, it means I don't get to enjoy places like LOWI as much as it merits. Back to So-Cal!
  6. So, still having fun around LA. As usual this is with PG off, which is a mixed blessing in LA. I don't miss it in most of the generic areas as the modelling is pretty good, but the feature areas like downtown, the various stadia etc, are pretty bland without PG. But PG on still annoys the hull out of me with its meltiness and random spikes of both concrete and greenery. Still, these are all from playback of a saved flight so I might go back over it with PG on for a few comparison shots. The start and end helipads are from the package I mentioned in my previous post again, and although I've got the takeoff under control now, my landings are still very much hit and miss (miss, in this case, as you'll see later). Way more fun than can probably be considered decent! Setting off just around dawn (SoFly "Tropical Sunshine" weather preset) Doesn't take long for the sun to get up and even out Following the LA River towards central (and thinking of Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway) Fairly bland downtown Pasadena off to the right of the shot, Burbank in the distance Hollywood Reservoir below, Hollywood Bowl with an apartment block in place of the stage upper right middle And that's where we're heading - Engine Company Nr 108 Heliport And there she is below us Really thought I might actually put down pretty close to target this time But 'twas not to be Maybe next time
  7. Heading out from 50CL, one of the helipads in this package - https://flightsim.to/file/10032/los-angeles-helipad-pack1
  8. Finding the Orbx stuff a bit of a lucky dip these days. KAVX is good, but for me it suffers from their main fault at the moment - the buildings are all a bit too clean and fake looking. I guess it's just down to the individual developers, but I know they can do more realistic buildings - Shoreham and Elstree are both much more realistically modelled. Still, I bought it so I guess I'm not that upset about it. Anyway, just after dawn and off in the H135. Never made it here in RL so this'll have to do me! Moved the clock forward a couple of hours for this shot 4k, ultra plus, etc. Oh, and Bijan's seasons and trees. I take that for granted these days but I do feel it adds a little sprinkle of extra goodness to everything. enjoy, Andy
  9. Now that they've updated their Paris Landmarks package to work with the recent World Update, I thought I'd go check it out. As usual for me, this is with photogrammetry OFF, all 4k, all settings ultra plus LOD 350. It was a rainy day, and we start approaching the Defense buildings from the south-east Some nice detailing on some of these models Don't know what this building is actually used for, but I seem to remember it was used as a police HQ in the last series of "Spiral" ("Engrenages") Heading out to LFPG, over the National Stadium Approaching (the default) LFPG I think this is a really nice place to visit in MSFS. I recorded an hour's worth of just pootling around, out of LFPO to LFPG. I've replayed it a few times and there's always something else to go explore. Enjoy! cheers, Andy
  10. Thought I'd try something other than bright sunshine for a change. A quick hop across a gloomy looking Berlin from Aerosoft/Limesim's Brandenburg to the Gaya Simulations Tegel. PG off as usual (I've no idea if Berlin is a PG city or not) Looks like it might be brightening up
  11. Yeah yeah, I know, but I think sliced bread is an abomination. Anyway, this is what it's all about for me. I hope all the tubeliner guys out there eventually get what they want out of this sim too, but for me it's already close to perfect. Sitting in front of a big 40 inch screen at 4k and looking at scenes like this I swear I can actually feel the sunshine and smell that woodland!
  12. A quick tour around Bangkok. AviaJam Bangkok landmarks, freeware VTBS, built-in VTBD. Not as immersive as some of these places in the sim, but pretty good and worth a visit. Down to the coastal shore, along to the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, then up into the city itself What is it with architects these days? They all seem to be obsessed with making willfully weird tall buildings. OK, it might be a challenge to build, but it's also a challenge to look at.
  13. Still trying to get a copter to land anywhere near where I'm aiming. I obviously haven't got the right feel for it yet. I can get into a reasonable approach position maybe 30% of the time, and get in to a reasonable hover about the same ratio, but what usually happens next is that as I lower the collective/throttle I end up reversing away quite rapidly, even if I've got the nose pointing down a bit. Plenty more practice needed, but hopefully it'll come in time. I'm already beginning to be able to "feel" myself into the air for lift off a lot of the time (not always, by any means) and I guess eventually the same will be true for landings. Some of the Youtube videos make it obvious that that is how it gets done in the end, bit like riding a bicycle I guess. I eventually ended up able to ride a fully loaded 1100cc Kawasaki feet up and rock steady at less than walking pace and that didn't seem likely when I started so I'm not going to let a few pixels beat me! Anyway, another one of the city packs I have is the AviaJam Beijing landmarks pack. Their stuff varies a bit in quality, but this one is a really nice pack. Smack in the middle of town is this monster of a building known as the China Zun. I'd noticed the helipad on the roof and thought I'd have a go. I made it in the end but I'll be honest, I spent probably fifteen minutes faffing around approaching, overshooting, lining up, hovering and then falling away backwards before I finally managed a not very tidy landing. Never actually lost control at least, and no crashes (no pixels were harmed in the production of these pictures), so I am definitely improving. When I did finally land, I found that the "surface" of the pad in the sim is obviously at the topmost level of the building, which is the raised corners, so although it looks like I'm hovering in the end shot I have actually landed. And just for complete disclosure, I'm running the H135 in advanced mode, and I have a CH Pro throttle/stick/pedal set for controls. So here we go - actually flew in from ZBNY to the south of the city Interesting cluster of buildings around here with lots of other helipads to explore Yes! Yes! I'm gonna make it! Came to rest a bit sooner than I'd hoped due to the inaccurate "surface" level at the top of the building. I'm actually down at this point I did the same thing again in the Bell 47 to see if that would be any easier, and I'll post a few shots from that attempt tomorrow. cheers, Andy
  14. Just a shadow of my former self
  15. Had the freeware version of EGKA but went ahead and got the Orbx version anyway. Glad I did. I've had a couple of moans (well, that's probably over-stating it) over at the Orbx forum about the lack of realism in the buidlings in their recent cityscapes, so I was well pleased to see the run down grubbiness of the main building at Shoreham. Much better than the kiddie-toy finish of most of the buildings you see in the various addons. Bring on the muck, that's what I say! Hah! call that a pier? (Southend boy here, remember) Brighton looks good. PG off, as usual I suppose there must be sunny days like this there sometimes (but every day is a sunny day in the sim, if I want it) Doughnut on a stick Now, where shall I go next, I wonder? cheers, Andy
  16. Saw the announcement about FlightBeam's LFBZ, so went to remind myself what the recently acquired Beautiful Model of the World version liooked like. Looks pretty impressive to me. I may yet weaken and get the FB version, but probably not immediately. Now if they'd just release a version of KPHX . . . Meanwhile, here's the BMW version of LFBX in all its glory. And it looks rather fine in the surrounding area too, after the update. The BMW airports are pretty impressive, and a one time 'membership' fee of about 24 euros for ten or so airports can't be beat.
  17. Was looking for something else and spotted this on flightsim.to - https://flightsim.to/file/5429/south-mountain-radio-towers - just the sort of touch I enjoy exploring. Loaded it up and went for a peek. Made me realise that nobody has done the business with KPHX - wonder when Flightbeam will get theirs across to MSFS.
  18. Turned PG on and replayed my previous flight to see how I felt about it. Still prefer it off, I think. It doesn't necessarily show up in these shots but on my 40 inch monitor at 4k I can still see loads of dodgy artefacts and really bad vegetation, plus the taller buildings (like downtown SF) are very melty. Still, happy to concede it looks good from a little bit higher than I like to be in the H135. Not enough to make me want to leave it on though. Maybe one day. At least the PG shows the radio mast (or whatever that is) Looks like some Dead-Heads may not have realised the concert is over down there! Some of the PG stuff is impressive One of the things I do like about the PG here is that because the Bing data is so old, Candlestick Park is still here. I think it got torn down around 2010 or thereabouts. There was going to be a fancy office complex but last I read that had gotten abandoned for some reason and the place is still an empty site. So not just a sim, but a time machine too! Bit further on now and here is the PG version of Fry's as mentioned in my previous set. And here's my suspected ex-Amdahl building
  19. Just been reading some comments in a couple of other threads from some of the usual disaffected crowd, and wonder if I'm actually using the same sim. I've been buzzing around in the H135 for several weeks now, slowly getting to grips with my take-offs and landings (still a ways to go though), and I have never had so much fun in my (sim) life before this. There were some comments I'd read about people totally refusing to buy addon scenery (for all sorts of arcane reasons I couldn't quite fathom), and while I'm perfectly sympathetic to anyone not buying stuff for economic reasons, I can't understand why you wouldn't want to enhance the sim where it were possible with a decent addon. I've found some truly wonderful stuff, both free and payware, and the real beauty of this sim, for me, is that although you can enhance it with all sorts of goodies, you don't need to. Here are a few more shots from my trips around the SF Bay area. Nothing in these shots involves any addons, apart from Bijan's Seasons pack and the fact that I use a flight recorder to capture my flights to allow replay for screenshots etc later. In this particular set of trips I've gone over to using FS Playground rather than the free Flight Recorder, simply because I've found it better at picking up the correct state of the H135 upon replay. The freebie, although excellent as a nice simple basic recorder, can sometimes get confused about the running state of the H135 and you end up flying around with all the panels off and the rotor working at maybe 10% speed. Not always, but it is annoying when you've recorded a 30 minute cruise in the copter and can't then play it back properly. Anyway, here we go with some shots from a trip first to KHAF from KRHV, via the I280, and then on to SF and Sausalito. Photogrammetry is off as usual, but I plan to try a replay with it on just in case it has improved in the SF area since I initially looked at it. One of the annoyances about the PG cities is that the default modelled environment for those cities, if PG is turned off, is often not as good as it would possible otherwise be (reasonably enough, I suppose), but in the case of San Francisco no PG means a random tower building where the radio mast should be. I may have to consider getting the Taburet SF product for here, much as I think Taburet stuff is an overpriced rip-off most of the time. Haven't seen any freeware for SF anywhere. First shot is well on the way to KHAF, over the I280 Really, if you like low'n'slow and you haven't tried this beast you need to give it a go. It is a wonderful beast. I had originally thought I could get by just using the drone cam instead of a helicopter, but now this is here it is definitely my prime choice. Been to KHAF (default airport, not very exciting) and now heading off up the coast to SF itself A little bit further up the coast from Half Moon Bay, not sure what this place is called (even though I've driven through it in RL) Just past Golden Gate, non-PG SF below Heading north from the bridge before turning back to Sausalito Heading back now Thought about playing silly b*ggers and flying inside the bridge over the roadway but didn't want to risk crashing and losing the recording. Another time <grin>
  20. Read some sad news the other day, Fry's Electronics has closed all its stores. Fry's was one of the most amazing places to visit if you were even slightly nerdy back in the early days of compootering. When I joined Amdahl in 1987, I got sent out to their training centre in Sunnyvale, in the valley, and on the first lunchbreak of the first course somebody took me down the road to Fry's. This was a shed the size of a football stadium absolutely packed with everything you could imagine PC (in the general, rather than necessarily IBM PC sense) related. Everything from build and test equipment through individual chips to every add-on card under the sun, plus every bit of software in existence at the time. And books. And no doubt other stuff I've forgotten. It did my credit card and my baggage allowance no favours discovering that place. Had to visit every time I got sent out to that part of the world. So, I'd been meaning to go visit the valley in MSFS once I'd gotten a bit more comfortable in the H135, and this was the final push to go see how it looked. It certainly seems like a lot of the right looking buildings are in the right sort of places. Maybe not modelled 100% accurately but given this is default scenery, and non-photogrammetry, I'm pretty impressed. I shall look on Google maps to see if I can prompt a few more memories of those trips and then go exploring some more in the sim. The H135 is a magnificent beast for such trips. Approaching Sunnyvale, out of Palo Alto in this particular trip. East Arques Avenue directly ahead under the nose. The weird looking building is Apple (figures!) Pretty much directly overhead the Apple building here, Fry's is labelled and the boxed building is (I think) what used to be the Amdahl building used for the training dept (I joined them as an instructor). Not entirely sure, Amdahl is long gone now and I don't remember the actual address to cross-check on Google maps but the building shape is about right and it looks familiar on Google. A couple of acres of silicon paradise And just a couple of blocks down the road, what I'm fairly sure is the Amdahl Education Center (as was) Magic to be able to come back and visit after all these years, and without leaving my den, too!
  21. A place I spent a very pleasant day once back in my teaching days. Wonderful memory of sunshine, very green grass, loads of wildflowers and possibly a wild bird sanctuary. Recommended if you're ever in that area Looking back towards San Jose
  22. Landed ok, but not quite where I wanted to so I'll save myself the embarassment of showing you that.
  23. Checking out the city in the default sim before I buy the AviaJam landmarks package. Looks like fun so I probably will get it.
  24. Found a really good place to practice with the H135. It's just a couple of miles north of KMEV, up by Lake Tahoe. Having watched a few videos now and with nobody recommending any special sensitivity settings for the controllers, I guess I'll just have to practice like crazy until I get a real feel for it on my system. So the poor folk in this hut are in for some aggravation over the coming weeks! Sorry, little pixel people!
  25. This is so much fun. Still practicing with this, can mostly get away clean now, can even do a reasonable hover after take-off, but coming to a hover and landing anywhere accurately still escapes me. Think I need to figure out the sensitivity controls for my stick a bit better. I really need to get this working, the drone cam is great but this adds a whole other dimension to viewing the scenery, and once I get proper control of it, the combination of this, replay, and the drone cam are going to mean I may never see real daylight again! A couple around Southend Pier A few from Wycombe (EGTB) off to EGLL Eton and Windsor Castle just ahead And some lovely countryside around Compton Abbas (EGHA) A real big thank you to @MediaHypeTrain and the guys at HPG - wonderful work!
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