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Found 37 results

  1. Well I've done as much homework as I can and I can't get Axis and Ohs working again. It was working the other day and today it's simply not working. I'm using the software to control my stream decks and have not had any issues until today. I've spent hours trying to get it working again but I'm thinking maybe Asobo messed around with sim connect or something no idea. So once I understood I had a problem I checked the API ports and everything seemed good. It behaves as if everything is working fine. Next I nuked everything from orbit completely removing the software in all appdata folders the main folder and from the documents folder. Then I removed the plugin from the stream deck software as if starting from scratch. I downloaded the latest versions of both the plugin and the software and reinstalled them. I then imported my scripts and I'm getting the exact same result. Seems like it's working but it is not. Does anyone know if sim connect was updated and broke stuff?
  2. A few days ago I went go to measure some distance just to find out that it doesn't show any info on the measure line. I believe this occurred right as I started using the dark theme but changing back to the light theme doesn't seem to fix anything. I've gone through the settings and can't find anything related to toggling the distance measure info on/off. I haven't changed much settings recently anyways. There is a way to see the distance, but only when I right-click on the line and hit "Remove distance 39nm". However, if I want to loosely get an estimate of distance between two points without anchoring a line, it can be a little tedious to do it this way. I hope the answer isn't right beneath by nose, but I've been trying to solve this for days lol. I appreciate any feedback! Thanks
  3. Here we go again! Issue: Starting MSFS opens MS Store which prompts to install Gaming Services on my devices. Trying that solves nothing Solutions attempted: That update is "Incompatible" with my Windows installation. It was not even available in Windows Settings - I had to search for it online. Note that the end of that last article above mentions lost taskbar icons. I lost mine last night. Whether there's a connection, I've no idea but it seems a big coincidence. I did try a (failed) System Restore and reverted to the current settings. Ended up manually adding my icons back. Didn't work Didn't work. Guess what? Didn't work! Any other ideas before I attempt a 2 day old System Restore Point (which I'm pretty much expecting to fail anyway)?
  4. Good night everyone, I wonder if the GTN 750 can be added to the 3D panel of the C208 Super cargomaster via cfg file, I tried to add it but it only appears in the 2D panel Thank you all for the attention !!
  5. Hello, I recently purchased an EVGA GTX 1050TI 4GB. I went to run fsx after doing some tweaking and installing and a few restarts and did a connected flight deck in the aerosoft airbus A320. I was getting around 12-20 frames at Gatwick with UK2000 and ORBX global. We flew down to GCLP and my frames were around 12-20 for the whole flight. My friend on the other hand was getting 30-40 with FTX Open LC europe and REX4 textures UK2000 EGKK with integrated graphics however he has an I5 4690K processor but no graphics card. We both looked at each others settings in the cruise and I set mine the same as his and I was getting the same frames. The frames stayed the same even if I turned all my settings up. This morning we loaded up at Gatwick in the A319 to fly over to LEBL. This time I am getting 2-10 frames. Specs: GTX1050TI 4GB, Processor intel pentium E6000, 4GB RAM, 1GB Motherboard PLGA775, 500W Power supply and 500GB hardrive (I have used about 300GB) please help! Harry
  6. Hi all, I am posting this thread to inform the flight sim community that Aviation Virtual is hosting open interviews at 11:30 AM EST on Saturday, March 4, 2017, and Sunday, March 5, 2017. If you get accepted, you will be notified via email on Sunday, March 5, 2017, @ 5:30 PM EST. Thank you, CEO-Jonah Norton P.S you can find the website at aviationvirtual.ga and the teamspeak3 server at
  7. Hello, sorry to ask but I'm looking for from the long time two people - Xavier Carré or Jacques Godfrin from France (they did free Vietnam War Project scenery about 2010 and some RTMM sceneries for FS9/FSX) and they dont react to any emails from long, long time. Maybe you have an idea how to find them, or just one person. I did many mails, FB messages (I dont know which is theirs) but till now no sucess and Im still waiting for any reply. Its very important for me. Any piece of information would be of use to me, even the city or job or another person who might know them. I really appreciate any help and idea. 😀
  8. Hi all, I am currently in the process of building a LINDA Module for the new Captain Sim 757 III. I have recorded all LVAR data and have been able to use it for switches and buttons with the VRInsight MCP Combo 2 (Boeing). However, my problem lies with displaying SPD/IAS, HDG, ALT and V/S information on the VRInsight LCD Display and using the various rotary dials. When I try to add code for them, the dials don't respond and nothing appears on the LCD Display. I've been able to display SPD/IAS, HDG and ALT when LINDA is first loaded and the MCP boots up, but that's it. Does anybody have any example script they can give me to start me off? I'm a fast learner! I've been looking at other modules to help get an idea of things, but still need someone to identify and explain certain things. Many thanks for any help - I'm eager to write it all as soon as possible! Pete
  9. When go to PMDG help site I cannot log in as an existing customer, but I can log into the one on the right to get past order codes etc. I am looking to get the update for the 300. The PMDG operation center say I have download a new version fro the store, cannot log into Store??? Thanks for any help. Denis P Bolduc
  10. Hello, after installing the 2987 Hotfix, I had CTDs after loading the NGX. I never had problems before with CTDs. I think something has been changed to improve performance and that is causing this problem. I'll have to wait for SP1 to have this fixed or I can go back to previous version?Follow the Windows log: Application name failed: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61472.0, timestamp: 0x475e17d3Fault Module Name: PMDG_737NGX.DLL_unloaded, version:, timestamp: 0x4e7ce449Exception Code: 0xc0000005Displacement failed: 0x57f99374Identification of the failed process: 0xf18Start time of the failed application: 0x01cc7b84fb426790Application Path failed: C:\Games\FSX\fsx.exePath module failures: PMDG_737NGX.DLLReport ID: 88de9928-e778-11e0-9ace-f46d049c401a
  11. Hi there, I am trying to bind my keyboard keys to FSX light panels with the standard.xml file but i have some trouble. I know there is other software which will make things easier like FSuipc but i want to do it for free. I have read many post and sites on how to config the standard.xml files but it just does not seem to work for me. Every time when i start FSX it also creates a new file called " Standard.xmlx" and i have no idea what it does. i hope that you guys can help me out. Also heres a link to what i have done to my config file so you guys a look at it. http://jmp.sh/uMghvV6 Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys, I recently purchased the PMDG 737NGX and I have completed a few flights in it. However, on every flight, I've not been able to land the plane like I should be able to. I've been following LNAV and VNAV throughout the entire flight. My SID and STAR was entered correctly and everything appeared to be running smoothly. I was still on VNAV and LNAV when I was moments away from turning onto final. I had NAV 1 and NAV 2 armed. I engaged VOR LOC just before I turned onto final. The plane began to turn and then successfully lined up with the runway. After it had lined up I engaged APP expecting it to capture the G/S; somehow, I missed the G/S and had to descend manually. Now, I think the reason it is doing this is because I was going to fast. At the point of capturing the G/S I am normally traveling at a steady pace of 150KIAS; this time it was 220KIAS. I had speed brakes fully extended yet it made little difference. So I think the VNAV speeds are too fast and I can't slow down in time for my landing. I've been told that I should allow VNAV to bring the plane down during the initial decent but then descend at my own choice of vertical speed and my own speed input. If this is correct, how shall I slow down during my STAR. I know it's a strange issue but I'm only 14 so I don't have the broadest of knowledge for this complex aircraft. I need recommendations quite urgently if possible. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I haven't used my simulator in about a week until today. Today I noticed that when I am at the scenario screen and I click on start, the simulator goes to the load up screen and crashes immediately. It happens every time I try to use the simulator. Is there something someone knows that can fix this? I have went through P3D's forum and I have talked to a windows representative and I still have no fix. I did the system scan and fixed all of the corrupt files and it still didn't fix anything. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you. Update: Now it crashes on the startup screen. Not sure why it keeps doing this.
  14. Hello everyone, Since my X-Plane 11 installation seems to be broken since trying the 11.11r2 build (I get 15fps max on every render setting and can't run the sim in real time), I decided to ignore my inadequate experiences with Prepar3D and give it another shot. I started it up and loaded the default Baron 58 and to that point everything seemed to be working fine. But when I wanted to look down to my throttle panel, I noticed an issue I hadn't had before. When looking down, both using the hat switches on the joystick and using space + mouse, the view tilted to the right. So instead of looking down, the left side of the camera went down, but the right side stayed the same, creating a very weird view for my eyes. Something else I noticed was that when I zoomed out to below 0.70 zoom, the view started to look very weird, almost as if what I was seeing was a camera pointed at a computer screen at a 40 to 60 degree angle. It's hard to explain, but anyway I'm not sure if the exact problem matters. All I need is a generic fix for weird camera angles and incorrect panning of the camera when looking up or down. Does anyone know how to fix some general camera/view glitches or how this specific issue can be resolved? Thanks in advance, midazz1
  15. seem to be having a confliCan any one help me please? Just moved over to PD3 v4. Having a few teething problems 1. How do I change the default Aircraft, Airport and save it to come up each time I start PD3. 2. how do I get my Saitek pro rudder pedals to work in Dash 8 Q400. I am using SPAD.Next. 3. seem to be having a conflict between Chase plane and Xbox controller when using the right stick for pan up and down it jumps all over the place. like what I see so far, don't like not being able to contact Lock heed martin, its like trying to contact MI5. What is this 7 letters at the end of the program to prove i aint no robot????? hope some one can help I don't have much hair left
  16. Today flying over Russia and noticed this weird terrain issue going on. Could anyone tell me how I can fix this?
  17. I’m using the latest chaseplane with FSX:se In the cockpit view work fine but the out views don’t. I get a view of the propeller and can’t change it. Also every time I start FSX:se it asks me to allow chaseplane. I use it with P3D and it all works fine
  18. Strange issue now happening to me... Any add-on I install now fails to show up in the sim. My process is unchanged: Download Unzip Copy contents to "Add-ons" folder (I use Add-ons Linker) Refresh Add-ons Linker and confirm add-on is green Launch sim (usually through Add-ons Linker, but sometimes direct from sim's shortcut) When I am in the sim, the newly installed add-on doesn't appear. That so far has happened with aircraft and liveries (yet to experiment with other add-n types but I expect the same results). I have tried add-ons from flightsim.to and sim-outhouse. Co-incidence or not, it happened after I installed the Asobo Junkers Ju-52 which I had to install in 2 parts after the sim suffered a CTD during the download. The Junkers appears unaffected. I'm tempted to try the "Repair" option for MSFS in Windows Settings, but before I do, any other ideas?
  19. Bare with me, this is a long one!🙄 First off, I know that "wpsystem" folders are created when you used the apps section of Windows Settings to move an app from one drive to another, so I'm aware of why they exist. What I'm not sure of is why I seemingly have 2 installs of MSFS, one on the E: drive I installed it to and one on my G: drive which is one I use only for data rather than game or app installs. I don't save any data to G: which directly relates to the running of any apps or games etc - it's documents, images, videos etc. I wonder if it's related to the fact I initially trialled MSFS on the Xbox app before buying it through the MS Store? Have I essentially got 2 installations or are the symbolic links just making it look that way? Here's what I have: E:\Flight Sims\MSFS\Community [created 18 ‎August ‎2020, ‏‎00:05:56] (161GB, modified 18/08/2020 00:05)* E:\Flight Sims\MSFS\Official [created 18 ‎August ‎2020, ‏‎00:05:56] (167GB, modified 18/08/2020 00:05) G:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3947187520-2354784913-3403033832-1002\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community [created 30 ‎October ‎2021, ‏‎23:24:54] (145kb, modified 22/11/2021 04:36)** G:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3947187520-2354784913-3403033832-1002\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official [created 25 ‎September ‎2021, ‏‎02:48:29] (181GB, modified 25/09/2021 02:48) *This Community folder only contains symbolic links created by AddonsLinker. My "Add-ons" folder (also on the E: drive) contains the 192GB of actual files. All the links are dated 04/10/2021 04:39 **This Community folder only contains symbolic links, totalling/representing 35.8GB of files. The files here are mainly dated 22/11/04:35 (my last day using MSFS), with the exceptions being dated between 3/11 and 09/11. The split (between Nov 22 and the exceptions is 48/27). Some of the files are duplicated between those 2 Community folders, but by no means all of them. Also in G:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3947187520-2354784913-3403033832-1002\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\ is a 3rd folder: "Test_Community" (created 25 September 2021, 02:48:29; modified 23/10/2021 23:54) which is reported as 3.28GB but which contains 54.9GB (51.6GB of symbolic links, 3.28GB of actual folders - "AFC_Bridge"; "ah-spitfiremk1a"; "ATR72-600CVT_"; "C-17-Globemaster_CVT", "GAIST_MSFS_V1_CVT_"). I'm now trying to remember if someone on AVSim ever suggested creating a Test_Community folder at some point during troubleshooting, but even then, I wouldn't have been creating it directly in that location as I've only just realised how much was in there. Does AddonsLinker maybe even create it "behind the scenes"? From this point on, for simplicity, I will just refer to the above locations as E:\Community, E:\Official, G:\Community, G:\Official and G:\Test Community. Please do the same in any reply if possible. AddonsLinker has my MSFS Community folder as "c:\users\****\appdata\local\packages\microsoft.flightsimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\localcache\packages\community" which is correct for it to perform as it should. Aside from AFC_Bridge (which never seems to be green in the right-hand window of AddonsLinker can't read manifest.json), all add-ons are green. The contents of that Community folder match exactly those of G:\Community (folder size 152kb, content size 35.8GB, same creation and modified dates). That's leading me to think that perhaps the folders on G: aren't actually there and if I were to delete them (not that I feel it would be wise) that the amount of available space might not change by the full 192GB it would appear I was deleting. That Packages folder on G: also contains folders for 11 other games I had downloaded during my Xbox app trial, but those only add up to 161MB as they are no longer active (I didn't buy them after the trial ended). I do know that I have never manually altered those folders on G:, only those on E: (i.e. putting add-ons in Community initially, then in Add-ons when I started using AddonsLinker). It's all very confusing! I'd like to clear several unnecessary GB off my PC if I can, firstly to free up space and secondly in case it's either slowing MSFS in any way or causing other problems. but I'm not convinced exactly what could delete safely, if anything. What I do know is there are several of you who likely have a better idea than me on this one!🤞😊
  20. I've noticed that in the PMDG 737 that on RNP approaches it does not draw the arc on some of the RNPs. Here are some examples of what the PMDG does. It makes performing RNPs difficult and irregular. It completely skips the arc and goes direct to the waypoints included. I have no idea if the 777 or 747 does it, but the NGX does.
  21. I bought yesterday the RXP GTN 750/650 TOUCH, and so far I'm not at all able to install, I did the complete installation, but I can not use the GPS, I registered, I did the installation, I did everything ... ... I can not attach the Garmin GPS to the panel of my aircraft, even if I can not install it in my aircraft, it is like a floating screen, but it is OFF ... my name appears on the GPS screen, I click on continue, but nothing happens... ! Please, can someone help me ? I beg !
  22. Hello, so i tried installing the Qualitywings 757 in FSX-SE, and since it was updated about 2 years ago it came with the an old version of the addon manager. It installed that addon manager on my computer and when i tried running the sim. i pressed never run addon manager thinking i would still have the most up to date one. when i spawned in, the addon manager menu has disappered and now i tried everything i can but it still wont come back. is there a way to try to run the coatl that is responsible for addon manager?
  23. Hello everyone, I am a pretty big noob when it comes to pc hardware. I wanted to upgrade to a SSD but I have no idea which one is best used w/ my Fx8350 8core AMD mobo (4gz-4.3gz). I was thinking of getting the NVMe ones, but apparently they aren't compatible w/ my AMD mobo. So I'm not sure what to do, was thinking of the HyperX gaming one. but i guess AMD doesnt support m.2. I would like the best bang for my buck, and willing to spend around 220ish for a 500g one. Other Specs: 1060 Gtx Graphics 16gb Ram 750 crosair PSU 1 TB HDD,
  24. Has anyone managed to get Voxatc to recognise Amazon polly voices? Pilot2atc manages to see them but with Voxatc they are not an option in the voice configurator.
  25. Hello, My orbx scenery was mixing up with my vanialla p3d scenery so i checked scenery.cfg and it looks like im missing a area. How would i go about fixing this?I have tried using the sync simulator option is orbx central. Thank you.
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