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Found 10 results

  1. Sorry folks, again it's me 😕 As i like the GAYA scenery of Tegel, i choose this airport as destination for todays flights. Nice cloud coverage over Germany today, gave me visual astonishing approaches between huge cotton wool ball clouds and was good for tuning the settings 🙂 But neither the CJ4 nor the A320 where able to show the ILS frequencies. Ok, i have the Navigraph beta installed, cause the FS own navdata sometimes gives you 7000 ft dives between two waypoints 5 nm away from each other. So, i deactivated the Navigraph beta, checked that there is only the ILS 26L of FS own database left, but again no ILS frequency available. At last, i enabled the Navigraph beta again and checked the ILS for all runways in the FS Flightplanning map, there are listed with frequencies. So, why neither the Citation nor the Airbus can see them? Is it a problem of the aircrafts? For the A320 i have a mod installed in the community folder, so it is quite reliable in picking up the right ILS frequency?! Or is it a problem with purchased third party scenery? A trip to EDDH in the CJ4 was without any problems, dialed in the ILS itself and gave me a nice crosswind landing 🙂 Sorry if the item is discussed elsewhere, i didn't find it. I want to invite you to check, if there is a systemic problem with ILS on third party airports or if it's just a problem you might have and others won't. Thanks a lot Matthias
  2. Could someone explain to me how to do an ILS approach in the FA50 EX for FSX? I'm familiar with ILS in other aircraft, to include Boeing systems. But I'm having trouble finding information on ILS in this model.
  3. I am trying to fly an ILS on the Phenom 300 (latest version, with Nav extension and latest Navigraph) on FSX Gold Edition. Even though I can load and activate an approach, the FMS never sequences to capture the LOC or GS. Normally if you are receiving vectors, the PFD shows HDG in green with LOC in white and GS in white. But as the LOC is captured the LOC and GS should turn green. They never do so the FD never commands lateral or vertical navigation. What am I doing wrong? Also the GCU has Softkey Select at the bottom, with SEL in the middle and arrows on either side. This cannot be clicked at all. Is this a known bug or again, am I doing something wrong? Just for the record, I am a pilot, IFR rated, but never flown jets so while I have no experience in this airplane, I am familiar with real life G1000s. But I am not an expert in FSX. Any help appreciated.
  4. Attached here are edited videos of 4 APP's from last week. Comments are as always more than welcomed. Enjoy.. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Barak
  5. Hi everyone, hope someone can help me here :) I'm running P3D V4.5, and I'm having a strange issue with at least one ILS approach, LFMN ILS 04L I have Justsim's LFMN airport. Oddly, the approach was fine until I started using GSX and shader tools. I don't see the correlation, but the fact is there... What happens is that my GPS assigns the wrong frequency to 04L. I checked LFMN specs, it should be 109.95 but the GPS assigns the wrong one... 110.7 (which is 04R). So whatever I do, that's where my plane lands... 04R instead of 04L. I checked the BGL files with ADE (stock file and the Justsim), compared online navaid data, used the Navaid Sors to correct discrepancies, but the fact is, all the data in my BGL file is correct. So where and how is my GPS getting the wrong frequency info for 04L?
  6. Hi, I am here again today to bring up a problem; whenever I set the approach and press the "APP" button on the MCP, instead of saying LOC and G/S, it says FAC and GP. This happens for all ILS approaches. I looked this up online, but there really wasn't anything except for a mention of an IAN approach. I have no idea what that is, but I just want this fixed, because I am annoyed of it. Also it seems like I can't do an autoland with the 737. Here is an image:I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks, Ben Beaver
  7. Hello AVSIM members, Just a quick question on the Glideslope please. Basically, the glideslope means the descent path that leads you to the runway. Is that correct? But I am confused, How do I stick to the glideslope and not glide away or get too low? Do I use the ILS? How do I stay at the exact -fpm and altitude and heading? Do I have to use the ILS for this? Thanks, JWMuller
  8. Hi everybody I use the PMDG 737 NG in P3DV4 and trying to get the procedures as realistic as possible. Here is my questions: "What approach procedure (ILS/LOC/RNAV) does the crew use and who decide it?" "How long is the pilot flying the respective approach by autopilot, from what point does he have to turn of the AP and have to fly by hand? Sorry if my english is not so good, I am originally from Germany :-) Here my "dangerous half-knowledge": - ILS - The plane captures after the satellite-based waypoints of the STAR the two "guiding beams° of the runway for lateral and vertical guidance and could perform theoretically an automatic landing. What is to do: - program the STAR and ILS Approach in the FMC, select a Flap/Speed (40/145) setting at the REF Page - get a "logical" flight path in the FMC, reduce the programed speed at the FAF (Final Approach Fix) to Flap 15 Speed (VREF +15) where the ILS will be captured - turn in the ILS Frequencies at NAV 1 and 2 - turn in the ILS Course at both Course knobs - shortly before capturing the Glideslope, push LOC and than APP - Airplane will hopefully descend to the runway along the ILS glide path. - deactivate the Autopilot at 2000 ft (???) above ground and landing by hand or do an Autoland - NDB approach - a non-precision approach where an omnidirectional beacon is displayed on the ADF display, often in conjunction with DME, which indicates the distance to the Runway - VOR/DME - a non-precision approach where the directional beacon VOR provides lateral guidance, but does not provide any information about the glide path. DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) indicates the distance to the Runway - LOC/DME - the localiser provides lateral orientation, but no glideslope for vertical guidance, the DME shows the distance to the runway and corresponding charts with distance / altitude help the pilot to get the vertical alignment of the approach. What is to do: - program the LOC Approach in the FMC - tune in the LOC Frequency at NAV 1 and 2 - tune in the RWY Course at the Course Knobs - before the FAF reduce the ALT to the Minima - before the FAF push the LOC Button - hopefully the Airplane will descend to the RWY - switch of the AP before Minima or at 2000 ft (???) and fly by hand - RNAV - Satellite-supported area navigation with freely selectable waypoints. RNP makes a statement about the accuracy of navigation performance. 0.3 stands for maximum deviation of 0.3 NM, The waypoints lead at the approach to the minima where the pilot has to see the runway und fly the last part by hand What is to do: - program the RNAV Approach in the FMC - reduce the ALT before the FAF to the Minima to allow the Airplane to descend - Fly the Descend with AP and LNAV/VNAV active - before the Minima turn of the AP and fly by hand It would be nice if you could add some information or correct me where I am wrong! Thanks ! Erik
  9. Contrary to proper procedure, on my approach to KIAD 19C today, I clicked the APP button without putting the frequencies in the nav1 and nav2 radio and the localizer and glideslope came to life on the PFD. It showed the DME / Course and Freq for the 19C ILS. I had done this one time previously by mistake and the results were the same - a valid loc/gs Granted it was a single AP no auto-land setup, but I thought the FMC wasn't linked to any radios in the NGX. Frequncy for that runway is 111.70 and nav 1 was 110.6 and nav 2 was 113.8. From a systems standpoint (rather than procedural), can someone explain how the proper glideslope and localizer came to life upon pressing the APP button w/out the nav radios tuned? Is there a radio somewhere tuned by the FMC or Autopilot?
  10. Hi all, I was doing a couple of flights to Victoria BC (CYYJ), landing runway 27. Although it was VFR conditions, I tuned in the ILS frequency for that runway and set up my NAV1 to follow it. Good thing it was VFR conditions. I noticed that the ILS was showing the glideslope as being quite a bit to the right of me when I was bang on centreline. I have noticed some ILS do tend to have a glideslope that is a bit right of the runway (CYGK comes to mind), but this seemed to be right off. I've tried this with two aircrafts - Cessna 172 and the Mooney Bravo - both with G1000. Anyone else seen this? I admit that I may have made a rookie mistake that I don't know about, but I've been playing around with ILS for a bit now, and haven't seen it be this much a discrepancy between the visual and ILS glideslopes. -hughVFR
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