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Found 21 results

  1. Hello folks, i trying install Reality XP, after key, server not responding. Problem with servers: when i try to install the software, they server didn't respond, if possible see a solution to this? Reality XP 530 V1!
  2. So i was getting ready to fly from ESSA- Arlanda to OMDB-DUBAI. I had school the day later, so i enabled the "pause at TOD." I was about half the way when i went to sleep. The next morning i was cheking if everything was doing ok, i then started planning my decent and i noticed that the buttons wassn't working. The sim had been on pause for a long time, i don't know if that can have something to do with it. Cheers Vetle. :)
  3. Please see the Rules at the top of this Forum which shows how to show a Prefix in your Title. The instruction for placing a Prefix has been changed so please review the new instruction. We have received recommendations from the community asking that our members be required to indicate the simulator used for the images in the topic title. This sounds like an excellent recommendation. Effective immediately, please indicate the simulator used (XP-11, P3DvX, FSX, FSX-SE, or DTG FSW) in your topic title or properly tagged with the name of the simulator. Topics without the name of the simulator in the title and/or tagged with the name of the simulator may be removed by a moderator or will be edited to reflect the name of the simulator. Members are reminded that they can view the first page of any topic by holding their cursor over the topic title and reviewed before opening. We appreciate the outstanding images members have posted! Awesome stuff!
  4. Hey guys, yesterday evening I bought the PMDG 747 for my FSX, but when I wan't to activate the product, it says "Error". Already deactivated my KasperSky, restarted my PC, nothing works. Any ideas, why it's not working? Greetings
  5. Hello, in this little tutorial we try to explain how to install a LINDA module. (not all steps are 100% valid for older modules. But the main handling remains the same) This tutorial IS NOT about installation of LINDA. That means at this step, LINDA and FSUIPC etc. is already installed, tested and running! 1) Download First step is to download the files. We provide DropBox links, which will lead to the DropBox site with further download instructions. The files you download are ZIP or RAR Archives. You need one of the countless (freeware) tools to unpack them or WIN10 has one built in. 2) Folder structure Inside the archives you find to following folder structure: 3) Installation: It is not a real installation, just copy. Copy all stuff inside the top folder (folders linda and linda-cfg) simply into your modules folder (the Modules folder is found inside your main FSX/P3D installation) If you install a module the first time, there should nothing be overwritten. If you update a module, you could overwrite, but make a backup before!!! Best habit is before making any changes to backup the complete modules folder! 4) MCP Combo default assignments If you are an owner of a MCP Combo, especially a MCP Combo II, LINDA uses pre-defined cfg files. Inside the linda-cfg folder you will find 3 config-mcp(X).default files. If you have a MCP Combo but no assigments, LINDA will use the matching config-mcp file and will rename it. No action needed from your side. If there is an assignment already, LINDA will not overwrite. Technical background: most modules are created by Andrew or Guenter. We do not use the older MCP Combos (I), and mostly (especially Guenter only) the MCP Combo II Boeing style. Therefore we could not provide full compatibility to other Combo models or styles. However LINDA is cabable to transfer the assignments, so you could use e.g. Guenters MCP Combo Boeing assignments also for Airbus or MCP Combo I. But they do probably not match 100% as they should. An other point is, that these MCP Combo assignments are just our personal favorites. They do probably change from time to time. So, using our provided Combo default cfgs, will change your personal assignments. Thats why there should be a backup. It is no problem to test our assignments and then copy back your old assignments if you don't like them. 5) Thats it! Sounds complicated, but it is a very basic tutorial, which covers hopefully all beginners questions. Installing a module should always be done with Sim and LINDA not running. Have fun!
  6. UPDATED June 20, 2016 P3D V4 has been released earlier this week, opening up the 64 bit simming world after years of planning it. heres what has been released so far: PMDG: QOTS 744 by PMDG is out 747-400 QOTS2 (not released) 777-200L/F is out 777-200LR/300ER ( not released) 737NGX & expansion (not released) Sceneries: FLIGHTBEAM- ALL SCENERIES FLYTAMPA- ALL SCENERIES FSDREAMTEAM- ALL SCENERIES and GSX TAXI2GATE- NOT RELEASED SXDESIGNS-NOT RELEASED LATINVFR- ALL EXCEPT KSAN WHICH WILL BECOME V2 IDS DESIGNS- NOT RELEASED Drez Design Washington X (v 1.2) OTHER: USE RESCOURCES FSUIPC: RELEASED AND NOW ON THE SIMMARKET Edit Voice Pack XL (v 5.4.1) Scenery Config Editor is in beta -- 1.1.18 AVISOFT utility SIMPLE CAMERA, AEROSOFT: AIRBUS SERIES- NOT RELEASED (June/July) CRJ- NOT RELEASED (TBD) QUALITYWINGS: 757- WILL NOT BE RELEASED 787-NOT RELEASED HIFITECH: ASP4 (Active SKY part 4)- NOT RELEASED (OPEN BETA) Navigraph: V4- RELEASED REX: NO PRODUCTS RELEASED FS2CREW: Waiting on PMDG FlighControlReplay Professional v3.5 Ready MAJESTIC DASH 8: NOT RELEASED FSLABS: NOT RELEASED ORBX: ORBX FTX GLOBAL RELEASED FS Real Time Updated Fsglobal ultimate installer released more updates and info to come throughout the month, STAY TUNED! AS OF 0921L MST (6/3/2017) The Guy That People RELY
  7. Introduction A quick walk around the new User Interface and Install structure of Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4 Please see here for more Details Prepar3D v4 New Features 64-bit Application Unicode Compatible New User Interface Design Compiler and SDK updated to Visual Studio 2015 Regions of updated Airport & Terrain Data New 3D Rain/Snow system Scripting capabilities (Scenery/Model/Material) Dynamic lighting support Added PDK functions to draw primitive objects Updated Documentation with new SDK and samples Support for loading managed dll add-ons Support for local SpeedTree wind effects Prepar3D v4 system requirements Windows 10 is recommended, but Prepar3D v4 will also Install and run on Windows 7 and 8 also, It is recommended to run and Install the windows updates, specifically for windows 7 and 8 operating systems Click the link below for a Tutorial to Download and Install Prepar3D v4 Click on Images to view in full resolution --- INDEX --- 1) Images of the new User Interface design (UI) Video Included 2) Images of High definition Runways 3) Prepar3D v4 Install Structure 4) New Maintenance feature "Delete generated files" 5) New Updating Client feature 1) Images We now have a new default Install path The Default Install Path has been changed from "C:\Program Files (x86)" and is now "C:\Program Files". If you Install to the default location your folder extension path will read C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Activation box Activation Successful Launching Prepar3D v4, We are back in Black Prepar3D Scenario Screen A comparison between the v4 and v3 Scenario Screen. v4 on the left and v3 on the right As you can from the red box we can now access the Options directly from the Scenario screen We will now click into the the new Options tab and i will start at the top and Included Images of each of the Option's. All Options are at a default state Left: Application Right: Information Left: Sound Right: Traffic Left: Realism We can now Ignore Avatar Crashes by Un-Ticking the check box Right: Display Prepar3D v4 has now built in powerful anti aliasing abilities (AA) 8xSSAA Max. Note High settings will Impact performance Frame Rate by Default is now set to Unlimited Left: World We now have a new Autogen draw distance slider, By Default this is set to medium, this Default setting is the equivalent of previous versions of Prepar3D. Adjust the slider up to achieve greater draw distances, This settings has little Impact on Performance Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation can to toggled off and on here Right: Lightning Dynamic Lightning can be toggled off and on using the check box Left: Weather Prepar3D v4 now has a New 3D Rain/Snow system Right: Key assignments We can now locate our Event using the Search window Left: Axis Assignments We can now locate our Event using the Search window Right: Calibration Other Left: Select Vehicle Additional Aircraft and Avatars have been added, 140 in total. As you can see from the Image the Lockheed Martin F-16 is Included also the Lockheed Electra included Right: Select Airport has been given a nice Face lift Here is a simple video showing you all of the above, Video is silent 2) Images of High definition Runways BY Default, Runways are now in High definition, Below are some Screenshots comparing v3 and v4 Prepar3D v3 Prepar3D v4 Prepar3D v3 Prepar3D v4 A comparison between the v4 and v3 Access Tab's, You will notice we now have a Navigation Tab with all your Navigation Options close to hand. You will also notice the Tex is lighter in color and the drop down Menu is now transparent, It looks really good 2) Prepar3D v4 Install Structure Download Size Currently Prepar3D v4 is a 12.1 GB Download. Prepar3D v3 is a 9.95 GB download Data files and Component Installers, v4 on the left, v3 on the right You will see from the v4 download folder on the left we now have 2 data files and 7 data files, These extra data files make up the 2.1 GB download size between the 2 Versions. ------------- Default Install Path The Default Install Path has been changed from "C:\Program Files (x86)" and is now "C:\Program Files". If you Install to the default location your folder extension path will read C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 The v4 Installer will Install 24.5 GB of data to the Install location -------------- Note: Prepar3D v4 now Installs Microsoft Visuals 2015. Prepar3D v3 Installs Microsoft Visuals 2013 Also, Currently Net Framework 4.6.2 is needed ------------- Prerequisite and Repair v4 Installers On an Operating System that is Up to Date, These Installers will Copy to the below location, These are used as back-up and Repair Installers. You do Not need to touch these unless you have a specific reason to do so Location: Local Disk C ► ProgramData ► Package Cache 1) Microsft Visuals 2015 vcredist_x64.exe + x86.exe Version 14.0.23026.0 2) Direct X Setup DXSETUP.EXE Product Version 3) Prepar3D Setup.exe Installer 3) Install_Content.msi 4) msxmI6_x86.msi Version 6.10.1129.0 5) Install_Client.msi 6) Install_Scenery.msi ------------- Register editor The Setup key has been taken out of the WOW6432Node location and now resides below Setup: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ SetupPath - Client - Content - Scenery AppPath: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v4 \ AppPath ------------- Control Panel "Programs and features" Your 4 entries, Prepar3D v4 Client, Content, Scenery and the v4 Installer, Just the same as v3 ------------- Core v4 Install folder You will now have 18 Default Yellow folders, Prepar3D v3 had 17 default folders Your new folder is Scripts I have also outlined the file "Delete Generated folders" as well, we will come back to this later Generated folders As per v3 the generated folder's for v4 will Install to the below locations, I have Included Images embedded in the "Prepar3D v4" links In ProgramData a new .cfg file "Scripts.cfg" In Roaming a new .xml file "CustomCameras.xml" You can now set up Custom 3d panel view's and save them Global ---------------- Documents ►Prepar3D v4 files \ Prepar3D v4 Add-ons Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Roaming ►Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 -------------- To set up a Custom 3d panel view Open VC Panel window Press Shift+5 to enter cinematographer mode, Navigate around using your Controller, Right Click > Custom Camera > Create New, Enter a name for the view, In bottom left corner of Manage Camera Views screen, change Save To from Scenario to Global, Click Save Now Custom Cameras will always show up in your Context Menu instead of saving only to your Scenario file To compare the 2 Images below, v4 and v3, You can see this Option on the bottom left 3) New Maintenance feature "Delete generated files" Delete generated files is a file located in your core Prepar3D v4 folder, By double left clicking on this file it will remove (delete) the generated content from the 3 Prepar3D v4 folders in the Roaming , Local and Programdata path. This will bring Prepar3D v4 back to a default state, Note: It will also temporarily disable your 3rd Party Software (Add On's) Below is a video showing this in action 4) New Updating Client feature For future reference we can now update Prepar3D v4 to a more recent version with a Client update and Not need to deactivate the v4 License. You will be prompted an Option to "Deactivate the Prepar3D v4 license or Not" during the Client Uninstall, This will allow users to quickly update from version to version without needing to deactivate and activate there license again Here is a quick video showing you this in action That is just a quick look at the Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4
  8. Link for Updated Tutorial Below ==================================================================================== Introduction This is a Tutorial to Update Prepar3D V3.1 To V3.2 using the New Update Installers With the Release of Prepar3D Version 3 on the 30/10/15 we can Update from Version to Version without doing a Complete Reinstall ""The Prepar3D Installer now split's into three separate components which can be updated and installed independently: Client, Content, and Scenery"" Install_Client.msi: This is the Main update, This will bring Prepar3D to the latest Version. You Need the Client this to Update Prepar3D v3 Install_Content.msi and Install_scenery.msi Updates are Optional. Please Read the Release Notes from the Link Provide below and decide weather Or Not You want to Update these Components I will Update with the Install_Client.msi which will bring me up to Version 3.2, I have decided also to Update the Install_Scenery.msi ======================================= -------- INDEX -------- (1) Downloading Prepar3D V3.2 Complete. (2) Uninstalling the Client and Scenery ( Scenery and Content are Optional) (3) Updating the Client and Scenery (4) Confirming the New Update was successful ==================== ==================== (5) Uninstalling Prepar3D v3 completely. (6) Installing Prepar3d V 3.2 Click Pictures to Make them Big ======================================================= (1) Downloading Prepar3D V3.2 Complete. When a new updated is released I will always Download the Complete Prepar3D v3 Download from the Website and save it in a safe Location on my PC, This way you can always have the complete folder close to hand. Note: Use a Download Manager to Insure a successful download Go to Enter your Customer Account Information and Click Submit You can download V 3.2 (9.80 GB) Complete by left Clicking. ================================================= (2) Uninstalling The Client (Scenery and Content Optional) Note: You need to Uninstall the old Components first I have decided to do a Client and Scenery Update I will now Uninstall the Client and Scenery from Programs and Features. Navigate to: ► Programs ► Programs and Features ► Uninstall or change a program 1 Right Click on Prepar3D v3 Client and Click Uninstall. 2 Right Click on Prepar3D v3 Scenery (Optional) and Uninstall. Please Note this is the exact same process for Content, ============================================= (3) Installing/Updating Before you go any further, Go back to your Programs and Features and Confirm that you have successfully Uninstalled your Client and Or Scenery and Content. Now, lets have a look at the New Downloaded Prepar3D V3.2 Folder Setup.exe is used Only if you are doing a Full Reinstall to 3.2 (More on this later) Install_Client.msi, YOU Need this. If you want to Update Prepar3D V3 to V 3.2 Or the Next available Update you Need to Install the Client. The Client is the "Engine" of Prepar3D v3 Install_Content.msi and Install_Scenery.msi are Optional Updates. Please read the Release Notes You Need to Install the Client first. If you try and Install the Scenery.msi first you will be greeted with this Message. No problem just Click Ok and Install the Client Right Click on Install_Client.msi and Click Install. Please Insure the Installer has correctly picked your Prepar3D v3 Installed Location, Click Next. Click Finish Next, Right Click on Install_Scenery.msi and Click Install. This process will take a little Longer, Follow the simple steps through. As you can see my Scenery is now Installed. ==================================================================== (4) Confirming the New Update was successful Navigate back to Programs and Features and Confirm that the Client and Or Scenery and Content has now been updated to 3.2 Before You Proceed Restart your Computer ========= When you Launch Prepar3D you will have to Activate again. This is Normal. Insert other media In Prepar3D you can Click Help and About Lockheed Martin. You can check your Version here any-time as well. You have Now successfully Updated Prepar3D to the Current Version ===================================================================================== -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) Uninstalling Prepar3D v3 If you want to Completely Uninstall Prepar3D v3. You can follow the steps in this Guide here (6) Installing Prepar3D V3.2 You can Install Prepar3D V3.2 from Inside the same Folder. Right Click on Setup.exe and Run as administrator. The Installer will Install Over 20 gigs of Data to your Computer so pick a suitable Location. The Installer will want to Install to your C Drive, If you are happy with this, Click Install. You can also Browse to a Different Location and Install there. When finished Click Close and Restart your Computer. Thank you
  9. Hello. I put this Thread together with some Basic Hints and Tips All Information is Prepar3D related Only. ------ INDEX ------ (1) Running Prepar3D as Administrator (2) Ticking the box for "Show hidden files, folders and drives" (3) Disabling UAC, User Account Settings (4) Antivirus Software and Firewall (5) Turning Off AI Traffic (Default Traffic) (6) Where is my Prepar3D.cfg + Cameras.cfg located (7) Where is my SimObjects.cfg + scenery.cfg + terrain.cfg + dll.xml + exe.xml file located (8) Where is my Simconnect.msi files located ================================================================================= (1) Running Prepar3D as Administrator. To set up Prepar3D to run as Administrator follow the steps below 1 Right Click on your Prepar3D v3 Icon and Click Properties. 2 Click into Compatibility, tick the box Run as administrator, Click Apply and Ok. ====================================================================================== (2) Ticking the box for "Show hidden files, folders and drives" Depending on your system configuration the 3 Prepar3D v3 folders may be hidden, If this is the case please follow the easy steps below. ----------------------- ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ---------------------- For windows 7 and 8 and 10 users, open your Control Panel and follow the path. 1 Control Panel ► Appearances and Personalisation ► 2 Show hidden files and folders. 3 Tick the circle "Show hidden files folders and drives" Click Apply and Ok ==================================================================================== (3) Disabling UAC, User Account Settings You can disable your User account Control by typing uac in your windows search bar. Click Never notify and Click Ok ======================================================================================= (4) Antivirus Software and Firewall When your Installing 3rd Party Software (Add On's) from a Trusted source it is recommended to add the Installer to your Exclusions Zone of your Anti virus Software to stop the Install process being disrupted I use Bitdefender. Before i Install Software/Add On, i will always add the Installer exe into my Excluded Processes. After i install, i will add the complete folder (Installed folder) into my Excluded files and folders I'm using the Active Sky Next installer as an example. As you can see from the image below. 1 I will find my Exclusions zone and navigate through my C Drive and Add the Active Sky Next installer. 2 and 3 shows that the Active Sky Next Installer has now been automatically added to my Exclusions Zone and has been automatically added to my Firewall. ======================================================================================= (5) Turning Off AI Traffic (Default Traffic) Follow the path ► Your Install Location ► Prepar3D v3 ► Scenery ► World ► scenery Follow the steps. 1 Right Click on trafficAircraft.bgl, Click Rename. 2 Just add off to the end, make sure you don't delete the Full Spot. 3 What it should look like. ======================================================================================== (6) Where is my Prepar3D.cfg located. Where is my Cameras.cfg located Follow the path ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ============================================================================================= (7) Where is my SimObjects.cfg + scenery.cfg + terrain.cfg + dll.xml + exe.xml file located Follow the path below ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ============================================================================================ (8) Where is my Simconnect.msi files located Follow the path below ► Computer ► YOUR install Location ►Prepar3D ► redist ► Interface
  10. Hello Can you tell me how I can use my Saitek Switch and Multipanel with the Airbus A320 from Aerosoft. I have LINDA, FSUIPC and SPAD. The Linda module for the Airbus and FSUIPC Mouse Macros don't work so can you help me please. I have no experience in SPAD so I need help there too. Thank you! Pablo
  11. Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Windows 8.1 may not boot up if you installed the August Windows Updates - . Microsoft investigating... Best regards,
  12. important!

    Every site that runs a forum software like ours allows the administrators to use "warning" systems and points collections to manage the community. We have recently revamped our system and want everyone to be aware of it, and the types of actions that will result in warning points given. Here are the points and reasons, and the consequences. Each offense has a time assigned to the warning; that is, one offense may have a 90 days period where the points given stay. After 90 days, those points are automatically removed. Point are additive. That is, if a person receives a warning with 2 points and 90 days, and then on the 60th day, gets another 5 points added, then the action for an accumulated 7 points is taken. In this instance, once the 7 point warning points is achieved, the user is suspended for 14 days. We have brought this system more into the mainstream in order to assign some graduated approach to dealing with problematic users, rather than the simple banning system (which, if the breaking of our Terms of Service is egregious enough, will happen too).
  13. AVSIM has been known for applying leading edge technologies and features to our site for years. One of the things we did was attempt to set up a comprehensive Classifieds system, that has ultimately proved to be more problematic than worthwhile to our members. Therefore, we have shut the Classifieds / Bargain Basement system down and have reopened the forum based versions of both. You can access them through the normal forum index page or you can click on the two links to the right in the HOT SPOTS list. We hope you enjoy the reopening of these two important facilities for AVSIM members.
  14. We were forwarded the following PM sent through our system. This is the second incident of this type in the last three or four days. The first one was from a Nim-Rod from Hong Kong. This guy is from the UK: "Hello XXXXX, Loving your pics & videos. Don't take this the wrong way but if I was to offer you a sum of money how much would it take for you to leak me the beta installer. I will even sign a contract to never divulge where or who I received it off and or post any pictures or videos. If you don't want to then no problems. Cheers Simon Jenkins" This idiot was immediately banned (as was the first one) and will not ever be allowed back on AVSIM. He should be banned from every flight sim site in the community. This is the kind of character that is a scourge to this hobby and the reason that YOU go through the security do-loops that you do and the extra costs that you pay. I hope the message is obvious.
  15. We successfully updated all modules of the forum system earlier today, completing the process at 1700 EST. I ask that you keep your eyes open for things that appear to be broken. If you find anything amiss (we haven't seen anything yet), please report them in this topic. Thanks.
  16. Before we could answer the question, the entire "guide" was uploaded and placed on AVSIM. A document is copyright AUTOMATICALLY when it is published. PERIOD. Without written permission from the company or person who published it, any use of that document, as it was done here, is a violation of that COPYRIGHT. What is so freaking hard to understand about that? Doing so puts AVSIM at risk and is a blatant disregard of our Terms of Service. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER OF A DOCUMENT, FILE, IMAGE, WHATEVER, DO NOT POST IT ON AVSIM!
  17. Dans un message sur son forum, Pete Dowson, créateur de FSUIPC, signale que toutes les précédentes versions de FSUIPC cesseront de fonctionner à compter d'aujourd'hui. Il a été porté à son attention par l'agence de certification Globalsign que la signature (certifiée) de sa dll à été utilisée pour masquer un virus qui se manifeste comme une mise à jour java. Afin d'éviter la propagation du virus, Pete a demandé à Globalsign de révoquer cette signature. Comme FSUIPC vérifie cette signature à chaque démarrage, la dll cessera de fonctionner à compter d'aujourd'hui. Afin nous ne pâtissions pas de cette situation, Pete a mis en ligne des versions non signées (4.90 et 3.999z2) qui vous permettront de continuer à utiliser cet utilitaire indispensable Vous pouvez les télécharger sur son site PS : encore une fois pour éviter toute confusion, quel que soit sa version, FSUIPC ne contient aucun virus. Seul sa signature a été utilisée.
  18. On behalf of the AVSIM forum leadership team, I am proud to announce a moderation team enhancement. Bill Leaming (n4gix), better known as Father Bill has volunteered for, and has been gratefully accepted for additional moderator duties in the AVSIM forums. Consequently, in addition to his present duties, he has been appointed as the lead moderator for the MSFS Scenery Design Forum and the MSFS Aircraft and Panel Design Forum. He will also be appointed second lead in The Paint Shop, The aircraft Painter's Forum, assisting Administrator Leen. The existing moderators will remain involved as needed to help and assist you in anyway possible. These forums, along with the Tips and Tricks Forum, fit hand in glove to Bill's proven technical skillsets, interests and abilities. We wish him every success in his new expanded role within the AVSIM forums. Thank you Bill for your service to this institution. Kind regards,
  19. Registration for all AVSIM events closes this Friday, the 26th. That means that you will not be able to register or attend the Friday night social, or the Saturday night Awards Banquet. You will be able to purchase tickets for entry to the exhibitions and museum on Saturday and Sunday, at the Museum gate. It is important that if you plan to attend the Saturday night Awards Banquet, that you register BEFORE midnight, Friday, the 26th of April. We will not be accepting registrations for the event after that date and time. Current registrations and attendance at the Awards Banquet is very good and we expect a very memorable event. Be there and view the presentation of the most prestigious awards in our hobby. You can register here.
  20. If you are attempting to book a room at the FANCON Hotel, you must use the registration code AVS. We strongly suggest that you do not call in, but register via the pre-coded hotel registration page here: Holiday Inn Registration Page. Remember, in order to take advantage of the reduced rate of $77.00 per night, you must register with the hotel before the 18th of April.
  21. If you are still on the fence about attending the FANCON and staying at the FANCON hotel venue, you might want to make that decision to attend and meet your fellow simmers from around the world. You will also meet cockpit exhibitors, companies famous in our hobby like Just Flight, PMDG and many others and attend the prestigious awards banquet, if you wish. The hotel room rate expires on April 18th, so if you have not made reservations yet, we encourage you to do so. Don't miss out on the largest flight sim event in North America this year! Join us at the FANCON! Register for the FANCON here!