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  1. UPDATED June 20, 2016 P3D V4 has been released earlier this week, opening up the 64 bit simming world after years of planning it. heres what has been released so far: PMDG: QOTS 744 by PMDG is out 747-400 QOTS2 (not released) 777-200L/F is out 777-200LR/300ER ( not released) 737NGX & expansion (not released) Sceneries: FLIGHTBEAM- ALL SCENERIES FLYTAMPA- ALL SCENERIES FSDREAMTEAM- ALL SCENERIES and GSX TAXI2GATE- NOT RELEASED SXDESIGNS-NOT RELEASED LATINVFR- ALL EXCEPT KSAN WHICH WILL BECOME V2 IDS DESIGNS- NOT RELEASED Drez Design Washington X (v 1.2) OTHER: USE RESCOURCES FSUIPC: RELEASED AND NOW ON THE SIMMARKET Edit Voice Pack XL (v 5.4.1) Scenery Config Editor is in beta -- 1.1.18 AVISOFT utility SIMPLE CAMERA, AEROSOFT: AIRBUS SERIES- NOT RELEASED (June/July) CRJ- NOT RELEASED (TBD) QUALITYWINGS: 757- WILL NOT BE RELEASED 787-NOT RELEASED HIFITECH: ASP4 (Active SKY part 4)- NOT RELEASED (OPEN BETA) Navigraph: V4- RELEASED REX: NO PRODUCTS RELEASED FS2CREW: Waiting on PMDG FlighControlReplay Professional v3.5 Ready MAJESTIC DASH 8: NOT RELEASED FSLABS: NOT RELEASED ORBX: ORBX FTX GLOBAL RELEASED FS Real Time Updated Fsglobal ultimate installer released more updates and info to come throughout the month, STAY TUNED! AS OF 0921L MST (6/3/2017) The Guy That People RELY
  2. Hello, in this little tutorial we try to explain how to install a LINDA module. (not all steps are 100% valid for older modules. But the main handling remains the same) This tutorial IS NOT about installation of LINDA. That means at this step, LINDA and FSUIPC etc. is already installed, tested and running! 1) Download First step is to download the files. We provide DropBox links, which will lead to the DropBox site with further download instructions. The files you download are ZIP or RAR Archives. You need one of the countless (freeware) tools to unpack them or WIN10 has one built in. 2) Folder structure Inside the archives you find to following folder structure: 3) Installation: It is not a real installation, just copy. Copy all stuff inside the top folder (folders linda and linda-cfg) simply into your modules folder (the Modules folder is found inside your main FSX/P3D installation) If you install a module the first time, there should nothing be overwritten. If you update a module, you could overwrite, but make a backup before!!! Best habit is before making any changes to backup the complete modules folder! 4) MCP Combo default assignments If you are an owner of a MCP Combo, especially a MCP Combo II, LINDA uses pre-defined cfg files. Inside the linda-cfg folder you will find 3 config-mcp(X).default files. If you have a MCP Combo but no assigments, LINDA will use the matching config-mcp file and will rename it. No action needed from your side. If there is an assignment already, LINDA will not overwrite. Technical background: most modules are created by Andrew or Guenter. We do not use the older MCP Combos (I), and mostly (especially Guenter only) the MCP Combo II Boeing style. Therefore we could not provide full compatibility to other Combo models or styles. However LINDA is cabable to transfer the assignments, so you could use e.g. Guenters MCP Combo Boeing assignments also for Airbus or MCP Combo I. But they do probably not match 100% as they should. An other point is, that these MCP Combo assignments are just our personal favorites. They do probably change from time to time. So, using our provided Combo default cfgs, will change your personal assignments. Thats why there should be a backup. It is no problem to test our assignments and then copy back your old assignments if you don't like them. 5) Thats it! Sounds complicated, but it is a very basic tutorial, which covers hopefully all beginners questions. Installing a module should always be done with Sim and LINDA not running. Have fun!
  3. Hello folks, i trying install Reality XP, after key, server not responding. Problem with servers: when i try to install the software, they server didn't respond, if possible see a solution to this? Reality XP 530 V1!
  4. So i was getting ready to fly from ESSA- Arlanda to OMDB-DUBAI. I had school the day later, so i enabled the "pause at TOD." I was about half the way when i went to sleep. The next morning i was cheking if everything was doing ok, i then started planning my decent and i noticed that the buttons wassn't working. The sim had been on pause for a long time, i don't know if that can have something to do with it. Cheers Vetle. :)
  5. IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION REGARDING FSPILOTSHOP Dear Simmers, A lot of confusion arose among Flight Simmers, after the temporary (or not) shutdown of FSPilotShop. Since this issue arose, we have been contacted by many people who confused our store with FSPilotShop’s. As we are aware that our store’s name might be somehow confusing, we want to clarify hereby, that we have no connection whatsoever to FSPilotShop. Our company is called FSPS (Flight Simulator Platform Solutions) and it started 15 years ago as a flight simulator add-on development company, having released many best-selling products. At the beginning of 2017, we decided to expand our business by launching our own store named “FSPS Store”, which besides our own products also offers products from other manufacturers. Our store operated since then with zero downtime and unlimited, never expiring downloads per ordered product. Our only connection to FSPilotShop is that for many years we used to sell our own products through their store. Unfortunately, after the above-mentioned issues with their store arose, we didn’t manage to get any response from them. By closing this letter, let us once more mention and clarify that no connection exists between FSPS Store and FSPilotShop. Thank you & best regards, The FSPS Store Team
  6. Please see the Rules at the top of this Forum which shows how to show a Prefix in your Title. The instruction for placing a Prefix has been changed so please review the new instruction. We have received recommendations from the community asking that our members be required to indicate the simulator used for the images in the topic title. This sounds like an excellent recommendation. Effective immediately, please indicate the simulator used (XP-11, P3DvX, FSX, FSX-SE, or DTG FSW) in your topic title or properly tagged with the name of the simulator. Topics without the name of the simulator in the title and/or tagged with the name of the simulator may be removed by a moderator or will be edited to reflect the name of the simulator. Members are reminded that they can view the first page of any topic by holding their cursor over the topic title and reviewed before opening. We appreciate the outstanding images members have posted! Awesome stuff!
  7. that version has a serious bug. I have disabled the download until the matter is resolved. If you have already used it and it wiped your CLI based addons, you can get them back by reverting the following file to it's previous state: replace "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\add-ons.cfg" with "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\add-ons.cfg.PSSCBAK". Sorry about this, I am not exactly sure how that could happen. It worked OK in testing. Fix is on its way. And - just as a reminder - before using any new version of P4AO, make sure to first create a backup of your current configuration on the "Backup/Restore" tab. Best regards
  8. Hey guys, yesterday evening I bought the PMDG 747 for my FSX, but when I wan't to activate the product, it says "Error". Already deactivated my KasperSky, restarted my PC, nothing works. Any ideas, why it's not working? http://prntscr.com/gsmwx5 Greetings
  9. Hello. I put this Thread together with some Basic Hints and Tips All Information is Prepar3D related Only. ------ INDEX ------ (1) Running Prepar3D as Administrator (2) Ticking the box for "Show hidden files, folders and drives" (3) Disabling UAC, User Account Settings (4) Antivirus Software and Firewall (5) Turning Off AI Traffic (Default Traffic) (6) Where is my Prepar3D.cfg + Cameras.cfg located (7) Where is my SimObjects.cfg + scenery.cfg + terrain.cfg + dll.xml + exe.xml file located (8) Where is my Simconnect.msi files located ================================================================================= (1) Running Prepar3D as Administrator. To set up Prepar3D to run as Administrator follow the steps below 1 Right Click on your Prepar3D v3 Icon and Click Properties. 2 Click into Compatibility, tick the box Run as administrator, Click Apply and Ok. ====================================================================================== (2) Ticking the box for "Show hidden files, folders and drives" Depending on your system configuration the 3 Prepar3D v3 folders may be hidden, If this is the case please follow the easy steps below. ----------------------- ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ---------------------- For windows 7 and 8 and 10 users, open your Control Panel and follow the path. 1 Control Panel ► Appearances and Personalisation ► 2 Show hidden files and folders. 3 Tick the circle "Show hidden files folders and drives" Click Apply and Ok ==================================================================================== (3) Disabling UAC, User Account Settings You can disable your User account Control by typing uac in your windows search bar. Click Never notify and Click Ok ======================================================================================= (4) Antivirus Software and Firewall When your Installing 3rd Party Software (Add On's) from a Trusted source it is recommended to add the Installer to your Exclusions Zone of your Anti virus Software to stop the Install process being disrupted I use Bitdefender. Before i Install Software/Add On, i will always add the Installer exe into my Excluded Processes. After i install, i will add the complete folder (Installed folder) into my Excluded files and folders I'm using the Active Sky Next installer as an example. As you can see from the image below. 1 I will find my Exclusions zone and navigate through my C Drive and Add the Active Sky Next installer. 2 and 3 shows that the Active Sky Next Installer has now been automatically added to my Exclusions Zone and has been automatically added to my Firewall. ======================================================================================= (5) Turning Off AI Traffic (Default Traffic) Follow the path ► Your Install Location ► Prepar3D v3 ► Scenery ► World ► scenery Follow the steps. 1 Right Click on trafficAircraft.bgl, Click Rename. 2 Just add off to the end, make sure you don't delete the Full Spot. 3 What it should look like. ======================================================================================== (6) Where is my Prepar3D.cfg located. Where is my Cameras.cfg located Follow the path ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ============================================================================================= (7) Where is my SimObjects.cfg + scenery.cfg + terrain.cfg + dll.xml + exe.xml file located Follow the path below ► Computer ► Local Disk (C:) ►ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 ============================================================================================ (8) Where is my Simconnect.msi files located Follow the path below ► Computer ► YOUR install Location ►Prepar3D ► redist ► Interface
  10. Hello @ll, the issue introduced in version 1.40 b02 has been resolved. Nevertheless: before you use a new version of P4AO, please create a backup of your config files with the old one (on the tab "Backup/Restore" in P4AO) Best regards
  11. In some of the AVSIM forums it is required to add a Prefix to your Topic. Creating a Prefix is done by selecting one of the previously created Tags to become a Prefix. NOTE: Only after you create a Tag, new option to select a Prefix will appear below. So basically, this is done in two simple steps: Create a Tag, then select it for a Prefix. Step 1: Create a Tag - Just type it in "Tags" box. Then press enter to save it. It will now appear in blue. In the example below, i created a Tag with the name of "FSX-SE". Step 2: Select a Tag as a Prefix - The next line located under "Tags" is "item prefix: None". Click on it, and it will expand and show you the list with all Tags you have previously created. Select the Tag you want to become a Prefix. In the example in picture below, i have created a Tag "FSX-SE", and then selected it as a item Prefix. It should look like this now: Once your topic is created and you click on "Submit Topic", your Prefix will appear in red.
  12. Hello guys, hope u can solve my problem... I use tomato shade on p3d v4, and works fine but my relection maker not. when i put a airplane profile my aircraft goes white and i dont know how to solve it, i already search and i cant find anything to solve it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/559326313001910272/563737958121734154/unknown.png
  13. Good afternoon library users, I have returned from Las Vegas and have processed all files from the weekend, thank you for your patience. A few notes I want to pass on. Generally speaking, I upload files once a day. If you don't see your file available within 48 hours of posting, please check your e-mail (including your junk mail folder) to see if I sent you an e-mail explaining why your file has not been processed. (This is usually due to missing information in your readme.txt file or the file missing all together). Change of e-mail and/or password reset. If you have requested through the automated password reset function and you have not received the e-mail with instructions on how to change your password, please check your junk mail folder to see if it is in there. If it is not in there, you may send an e-mail to library@avsim.com or bneuman@avsim.com. Please include your e-mail address and username so I can find you easily to expedite the process. Also if you are changing your e-mail address, this must be done via e-mail. Send an e-mail to library@avsim.com and please include your username, old e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to. Let me know if you have any questions.
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