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Found 36 results

  1. So I'm trying to set up 'key commands' in the events tap for my multi panel. I cant figure out the parameters section. so for the Heading knob which I think is 'AP_HDG_VAR' what do I enter in the parameters section for turning the knob clockwise & counter clockwise ? also what is 'AP_HDG_LIM' command ?
  2. Maddog 2018

    I made the assumption that the new Leonardo Maddog would use, if not the same code, at least the same variable names as their earlier version. On this basis, I tested out the old module. Obviously it needs the 'ident' entry changing to 'simfolder="Maddogx"', so that the binding will occur. It works, although to what extent I'm not sure yet, because I'm in the middle of testing as I write, but I've got it working on some AP buttons, rotaries, and external lights. I'd be interested in the experience of others.
  3. For those users thinking of upgrading to P3D v4.2 I can confirm that LINDA 3.0.5 works fine with it provided you revert FSUIPC5 back to v5.122. The latest FSLABS A320X v231 (requires P3Dv4.2) also works as before with the latest LINDA beta module.
  4. Linda on a 4K monitor

    Thank you so very much for Linda. I've been a flight simmer since the SubLogic days (1980s) and owned my own plane when I was much younger. I recently began using Linda with P3Dv4 after I bought a USB button switch box. The Linda interface is so tiny on my 4K monitor it's difficult to read with my old eyes. I was just wondering if there is any way to enlarge the program and have larger fonts. Thank you for a fabulous program, your time and consideration. OldBob
  5. Hi all: I have a problem with the combo 1 (first version) and any version of the LINDA higher than 1.13. It always blocked the CH Yoke. It starts working well, but at the moment, just 5 or 10 seconds after.... it blocks the joke and it does not work anymore. I have the throttle quadrant also, but only the yoke is blocked. It seems that it blocks the windows driver, although I do not know if it is motivated by the fsuipc or LINDA itself. Thank you, in advance. José M. Plasencia Fuentes.
  6. Aerosoft CRJ-700/900 Module v0.6 beta This module provides initial support for the Aerosoft CRJ-700/900. It is released as a BETA version with limited functionality. Any issues or bugs found should be reported on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Download CRJ-700/900 module Functions include - see enclosed functions.txt file for a full list of functions: 0.3 beta Autopilot FCU Knobs & Buttons Flight Controls - Flaps & Elev Trim External Lights Landing Lights Electrical Power Fuel Pumps Bleed Air APU Engine Start Hydraulics Throttles ECAM 0.4 beta Heading Sync Thrust Reverser Arm LSP Bearings LSP Format/Range LSP Nav Source LSP Speed Reference LSP DH/MDA LSP Baro 0.5 N/W Steering LSP Lighting Stall Stick Pusher 0.6 Master Warning & Caution Anti Skid Arm MLG Bay Overheat Test Engine Sychronise Engine High Power Schedule GPWS Terrain/Flap Override This module is provided free-to-use. Development of this modules has required the personal purchase of copies of the Aerosoft CRJ-700/900 and use of time. Please feel free to donate via PayPal using the link on the LINDA main form.
  7. Hi all, This LINDA module was designed for the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 for FSX . Not all functions are modeled in this version. The G1000 is not completely modeled but the COM and NAV rotaries should work. Also there are no functions for the FMS as I use the FSX plight planner and have used the buttons on the FMS to operate the ATC dialog. It was modeled for use with an external cockpit and as such you may not see all of the visuals happening in the VC (although most will) The switch should still operate the aircraft systems systems though. Although not complete, I hope that it may save you some time with your own project. If you have any problems feel free to post them in the LINDA Support forum, however, I am not a programmer so may not be able to answer all questions. If I can, I will. Download here: Phenom 300 module v1.1 all the best Stinger
  8. after new installation of FSX x Lind s not connecting to the ma Side Stick Hotas Warthog and Throttel Hota warthog anymore i follwed the instruciton to disconnect both devised re-boot the computer started Linda and connected both devise. no change any support to get this solved is very much appreciated thanks werner
  9. Hello First of all, a big thank you for LINDA, great piece of software. I have a question regarding the "on repeat" speed: I have 16-indent rotary encoder that I want to use for setting my heading bug. Using "HDG plus/minus" function will not work for me because to make the full 360°, I would need to turn the encoder 22.5 times. However, "HDG plusfast/plusminus" won't give me the 1° granularity. Therefore, I intend to use "HDG plus/minus" on press and "HDG plusfast/plusminus" on repeat. After the first 1° increment, it nicely goes into "fast-mode". My problem though is that I have to wait way too long to be able to do 1° increments again. It appears that it takes repeating inputs into account that are spaced too much apart. Is there any option I can tweak to shorten the amount of time LINDA looks for a repeat input? Thanks!
  10. Hi folks Does anyone have any ideas on how to set up LINDA with the Carenado SR22 to use a knob on my throttle to toggle the fuel boost pump on and off? It's something I do natively in the real aircraft without looking at the switch so should be able to code a hardware button? Mike

    I'm just speculating or just throwing this one out there for the developers and programmers of LINDA to thinker with. For instance I know about the LINDA TRACER feature... But how can I explain this for simple clarification... But here it is? Can there be a new development In which LINDA can take the tracer feature and automatically pre-flight for you and thus prepare for you the LUA files and package for you the module for any aircraft of your choice and have it all ready in one file module. That would be awesome program. Willist it be called the LINDA MODULE EMULATOR?... Something to think about with all these requests for modules? Sorry if this is the wrong forums to post. You could move my post. Thank you for your time.
  12. Hi, I receive this pop up window during a prepar3d v4 flight. I am using Linda 3.0.1 My keyboard becomes unresponsive and sometime VRi Combo II or Seitek controls. Any advice? Thanks Dave
  13. Simgazine Interview

    We were recently invited to give an interview for the Simgazine website. For those interested in my and Guenseli's motivations for supporting and developing LINDA for our users can read the interview here. To our users, you will know that LINDA is supplied free to use. Guenseli and I give our time freely but we do need donations to purchase new aircraft releases and upgrades. Please donate via the LINDA app or the post below.
  14. LINDA donations (by PayPal)

    Hello dear LINDA fans, LINDA is freeware and will be freeware. LINDA is a community project. However, to develop LINDA and its modules we need hardware and addons. So if you like to support the LINDA project, you could think about a little donation. Free copies from developers are also very welcome ;) To donate, please use this link: Paypal donation for LINDA or use the button inside LINDA itself: Many thanks! Andrew and Günter
  15. LINDA 3.0.5 provides compatibility with the new Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) 64-bit flight simulator and all existing 32-bit flight simulators (FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv3.4). It should installed into the Flt Sim's module folder. Each adult Sim requires its own installation. This release requires a registered version FSUIPC5 5.122 or later to work with P3Dv4. FSUIPC4 4.972 or later is required for other 32-bit Flt Sims (FSX, FSX-SE or P3Dv3.4. LINDA WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF FSUIPC. This release provides full support for all existing features including VRi Combo MCP panel operation. Please read all the enclosed release notes for all details on new features. Most of the changes are under the bonnet (US hood) based on user feedback: Added prompt for Sync To Sim in LINDA Summary. Changes to Edit/New Aircraft Module to engage Sync to Sim on exit. Change to un-pause Console of LINDA Restart. Fix to Default Fuel Pump Switch operation (lib-fallback.lua). Added aircraft name and LINDA version to config-xxx.lua files. Fix to ensure only valid MCP knob fast functions automatically assigned. All issues and problems should be reported on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Known Issues: Hotkeys may not work with P3Dv4 and Win10. Download: LINDA 3.0.5 Formal Release (735) Previous Version: LINDA 3.0.4a Formal Release (728) LINDA 2.9.6c
  16. Hi all. I am struggling to get Linda to make "bigger strokes" when using the X-55 trim buttons (wheel) on the throttle, its painfully slow. I have set up FSUICP according to this thread to make the aileron Trim faster using OFFSET SWORD Increment / Decrement This works a treat, but as its a button assignment I really want Linda to do this for me not FSUIPC, can anyone help me with the required Linda code please. Many thanks Rog.
  17. A2A Spitfire module 1.9

    This is the module for the A2A Spitfire A2A_Spitfire_1_9 Tutorial: how to install a LINDA module 1.9 added Cockpit Temp readout (MCP Combo II Boeing) added Magentos 1.8 - fixed Lvars for Engine Start - Added MCP2a (Airbus) display compatibility - Standardised function naming SPIT_ (Note: there are some changes to previous function names) - Canopy and Door functions - Defrost and Cabin Ventilation functions Have fun! Previous versions: A2A Spitfire module 1.8 A2A Spitfire module 1.6
  18. Note to all VRi MCP1 Users

    I have recently answered several queries from owners of the original VRInsight MCP1 panel. They report that LINDA is not working with their MCP1 with advanced aircraft like the PMDG 737NGX and Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. The reason is twofold. First, the config-mcp.lua file has been generated from the default aircraft configuration for SPD/HDG/ALT and these are not suitable for more complicated aircraft like PDMG and Aerosoft products. You need to go through the specific module menu and assign functions specifically written for your aircraft. Second, because your MCP panel is no longer sold, neither I nor Guenselli, have this panel to create a specific config-lua.default file for MCP1 users. However, I have been working on this problem. Using 2.9.x there is now a method of copying the MCP2 configuration to work with your MCP1 panel. The procedure is as follows: Open LINDA and manually select PDMG737NGX or other aircraft from the dropdown. Go to Setup MCP. Select MCP2(Boeing) and save. Select the Combo MCP page. Click twice on the EFIS Mode 3 tick box at bottom (or make any other change) to highlight save button. Hold down CTRL key and click on SAVE. You will see a confirm message that MCP1 config-hid.lua file has been created. Go to Setup MCP and change back to MCP1 panel and save. Start your flight sim and load the above aircraft. Select FSXSync ON (orange box). You should now have functioning SPD/HDG/ALT knobs and buttons. Please note that not all LINDA aircraft modules will have a config-mcp2.default file. The default aircraft supplied with your flt sim (eg. Beechcraft 58) will work with the default functions included in the default template and the library LIB-FSX Default.
  19. LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    Hello. Will LINDA continue to work in the future? As a big fan and user of Linda, I ask myself exactly this question. Against the backdrop of a 64-bit version of the Flight Simulator Prepar3D, which is expected to be released in the future, discussions are constantly taking place that 32-bit programs such as Linda would no longer work with a 64-bit P3D version. Since it would be for me of immense importance to learn how this with LINDA and P3D 64-Bit behaves. Cheers Christian
  20. LINDA Module Flow - Understanding

    Using LINDA 2.8.6 FSX-SE FSUIPC 4 I have coded several switches to manipulate LVars in an MFD I coded for the Lear45H aircraft in FSX-SE. The functions are in the aircraft folder in user.lua. This is the file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\aircrafts\Lear45H\user.lua Other files in that folder are: actions.lua ExtPFD-Learjet.exe ident.lua Lear45H-user.lua The code in the start of the user.lua are: -- Dummy user functions file -- =========================== -- This file is loaded right after main actions.lua script loaded. -- You can use this file to: -- 1. Override any functions or settings in main script -- 2. Execute any desired startup sequence for this aircraft (i.e. your own c&d state macro) -- 3. ... use your imagination -- Just a message in console _log("[uSER] User's modifications script is loaded...") ident = ipc.get("PATH_ACFT") .. "/Lear45H-user.lua" if file_exists(ident) then _log("[sTART] Functions found: " .. dir) require(ident) else _log("[sTART] Error not found Lear45H-user.lua: ") end strProgram = '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\FSX\\Modules\\linda\\aircrafts\\Lear45H\\ExtPFD-Learjet.exe"' if file_exists(strProgram) then _log("[sTART] Lear PFD found: ") strCmd = 'start "" '..strProgram os.execute(strCmd) else _log("[sTART] Error not found Lear PFD: ") end function L45E_FMS () _L45E_FMS () end function L45E_NAV () _L45E_NAV () end function L45E_HSI () _L45E_HSI () end The Functions for example _L45E_FMS () are located in Lear45H-user.lua. These functions were assigned in the LINDA GUI and were contained in the User Functions drop-down when the Lear45H aircraft was selected. config-user.lua -- ## Jet Joystick ## (073822370) ## {NoSerNum} ############ JSTK["073822370"][1]="Brakes" JSTK["073822370"][5]="Flaps_up" JSTK["073822370"][6]="Flaps_incr" JSTK["073822370"][7]="Gears_toggle" JSTK["073822370"][301]="Trim_ELEVATOR_up" JSTK["073822370"][303]="Trim_AILERON_right" JSTK["073822370"][305]="Trim_ELEVATOR_down" JSTK["073822370"][307]="Trim_AILERON_left" -- ## DTA Pulse ## (16D004890) ## {NoSerNum} ############ JSTK["16D004890"][1]="L45E_HSI" JSTK["16D004890"][2]="L45E_TAC" JSTK["16D004890"][3]="L45M_Btn1" JSTK["16D004890"][4]="L45M_Btn2" JSTK["16D004890"][5]="L45M_Btn3" JSTK["16D004890"][6]="L45M_Btn4" JSTK["16D004890"][7]="L45M_Btn5" JSTK["16D004890"][8]="L45M_Btn6" The LINDA Lua editor showed a few errors which were corrected. When I open the aircraft in FSX-SE, everything seems normal, except I see no log messages from the user.lua file and apparently neither the Lear45H-user.lua module nor ExtPFD-Learjet.exe were loaded. I get an error when I pressed a button in the DTA Pulse HID. The LINDA Console displayed and the FSUIPC Log file contained the following: 13562 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.62615.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.62615.0) 13562 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 13562 FSUIPC Menu entry added 14640 \\DONNADAVEKITCHE\Users\DaveDonna\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Lear KAVL.FLT 14640 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Lear45H\Lear45.air 32125 Weather Mode now = Theme 36922 Aircraft="Learjet 45 CAF" 36937 System time = 19/01/2017 14:38:05, Simulator time = 14:37:59 (19:37Z) 125297 Starting everything now ... 125359 Using "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoFlight\GFDEV.DLL", version 125375 LUA.0: beginning "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 125390 LUA.0: ended "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 125640 LUA.1: *************************** STARTING LINDA ************************** 125656 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] Loading System Configuration files 125765 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] WARNING - All LUA logging switched off !!! 125781 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] Go to Setup LINDA to switch on (if required) 125797 LUA.1: LINDA:: ********************************************************************* 126062 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] System Configuration files loaded 128843 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 148125 *** LUA Error: ...\common\FSX\modules\linda/aircrafts/Lear45H/user.lua:40: attempt to call global '_L45E_HSI' (a nil value) 204265 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 83 secs = 8.5 fps Can you help me find what I am doing wrong? I cannot find in the LINDA GUI where to turn on the log but assume any _log function call would put the message on the console and in the FSUIPC log. The folder Lear45H was created using the LINDA GUI with the default FSX aircraft as a pattern. I was getting an error that the action.lua file was missing until I copied it from the FSX Default folder to the Lear45H folder. Thanks
  21. Hi I'm new on this forum. I have : -- P3D v3.4. -- LINDA 2.8.8. -- saitek radio panel -- saitek multi panel 1. I have a message error in P3d when I "reload LUA engine" --> "Saitek Multi panel is DETECTED but couldn't be opended. I don't know how to resolve this error. 2. When LINDA is open, the radio panel always show the "COM1" frenquency and erase information on the multi panel. Thanks for your help. Noel :smile:
  22. Hello, Could you help me please ? How can i use functions who are in actions.lua through FSUIPC ? actions.lua from : Example in FSUIPC : Key presses : SET : CTRL + J >>> NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle or Buttons + Switches : SET : 1 >>> NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle Thanks for help. PS : i have create a specific FSUIPC macro for the test, but i dont want do this for each function. PMDGBaseVar = 0x00011000 -- 69632 PMDG_ClkL = 0x20000000 -- 536870912 PMDG_ClkR = 0x80000000 -- -2147483648 PMDG_dec = 0x00002000 -- 8192 PMDG_inc = 0x00004000 -- 16384 PMDG_RelL = 0x00020000 -- 131072 PMDG_RelM = 0x00040000 -- 262144 PMDG_RelR = 0x00080000 -- 524288 function NGX_PUMP1_AFT_off () if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') ~= 0 then ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+37, PMDG_ClkR) DspShow("PMP1", "Aoff") end end function NGX_PUMP1_AFT_on () if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') ~= 100 then ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+37, PMDG_ClkL) DspShow("PMP1", "A on") end end if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') == 100 then NGX_PUMP1_AFT_off() else NGX_PUMP1_AFT_on() end PS : i have also test an include in lua MACRO file !? But dont still work ? require("scripts.actions") NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle() end Thanks for advance; Sky
  23. Hello All For some time now I have been using LINDA with my Saitek switch panel, Yoke & VRInsite MCP . Great tool, thank you Guenseli. But eventually I thought that it was time to add more buttons and switches. I decided to buy an Open Cockpits i/p, o/p board and build it myself, having had some experience with electronics and software, no problems except that I soldered all the diodes the wrong way round. Everything working ok, programmed most of the switches and lights with SIOC to operate via FSUIPC. But,as I a fly several different types of aircraft and it's not easy to detect in SIOC the aircraft currently in use. So, I used LINDA to write a bit to a user byte in FSUIC which I could then detect in SIOC. Each user.lua sets a different bit (Boeing, Airbus, default, ..etc). That was a bit better. But programming in SIOC is so... time consuming I though there has to be a better way. So more study and research. I thought to write LUA code to be run by FSUIPC. I looked at writing my own app and running it in LUA/FSUIPC but then I thought much of the code is already available in LINDA actions.lua but I don't want to touch that. After much trial and error and searching I found the lib-user.lua Just what I need. I don't need to write my own routines everything is available from here. So what now happens. All that SIOC does is operate one of the virtual joystick buttons in FSUIPC , e.g. # SIOC code Var 0994, name JoyStick1, Link FSUIPC_OUT, Offset $3340, Length 4 // Joystick address Var 0169, name SetJoyBtn, Link SUBRUTINE { IF &BtnSet = 1 { &JoyStick1 = SETBIT &BtnNumber } ELSE { &JoyStick1 = CLEARBIT &BtnNumber } } -- one variable for each button Var 0170, name PBtn1, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 8, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn1 &BtnNumber = 1 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0171, name PBtn2, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 6, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn2 &BtnNumber = 2 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0172, name PBtn3, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 7, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn3 &BtnNumber = 3 CALL &SetJoyBtn } These button events are caught by LINDA in lib-user.lua # LINDA lib-user.lua code function handleButtons(joynum, button, downup) -- call handler VButton_handler (joynum, button, downup) -- this fuction is in the user.lua of each airplane -- or you can handle each event separtely (globaly) here. if button == 0 then end if button == 1 then end if button == 2 then end if button == 3 then end if button == 4 then end -- etc end -- function -- events for virtual joystick buttons event.button(64,0,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,1,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,2,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,3,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,4,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,5,3,"handleButtons") -- etc and sent to the button handler which is in LINDA user.lua # LINDA user.lua function VButton_handler (joyNo,btnNo,downUp) -- switch case would be nice here -- only joy stick 64 -- FSUIPC is from 0 .. 31, Linda 1.. 32 if btnNo == 0 then VButton_1 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 1 then VButton_2 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 2 then VButton_3 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 3 then VButton_4 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 4 then VButton_5 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 5 then VButton_6 (downUp) end -- etc end -- end VButton_handler This means that each aircraft in LINDA has its own set of actions for the aircraft currently in use and has full access to all the LINDA code. BINGO!!! Also all the user.lua code can be edited in LINDA editor. lib-user.lua should not need to be changed except for generic actions. I put the default settings in the templates/users/user.lua for any new aircraft. At the moment all my encoders are working ok, but I think I might try write something to be able to control them better in lua. What would be 'icing on the cake', if it was possible to assign functions to the virtual joystick buttons from the LINDA interface, but I realize that that is not quite as simple as I first thought. :wub: My thanks to Guenseli and Peter Dowson for there dedication and great support. Hope that this will be of use to others A very happy Carliolian
  24. Hi all. I had this Splash Screen hanging problem with FSX-S stopping on the initial splash screen and never loading from there. It was resolved by deleting the "logbook.bin" file within the Flight Simulator X folder inside My Doucments. If you want to find out how I am sure this was the solution to the problem in my case, read on. If not rename the logbook.bin file and let FSX create a new one on start up, back it up before deleting it, just in case. After experiencing this hanging on the splash screen error and finding no real help on the www, I decided a complete reinstall from Windows 10 up was in order. Cunningly, I made full system images at every step of the reinstall process using the native Windows backup tool. I installed all of my office programmes etc. first then set about Steam - FSX - FSUIPC - Linda - TrackIr before next setting about the Orbx scenery addons. After I had installed Vector and 4 patches, I decided to go flying as I missed it. A simple flight across 5 miles of the Isle of Wight in the default Piper Cub. Turned off the PC, went to bed, work, home, booted the PC and went to have a quick flight again before commencing the install of Orbx Europe etc. FSX hung up on the splash screen again, Impossible I was gobsmacked! But felt reassured that my painstakingly produced system image's would solve the problem. I set about using the last image created before Vector, taking me back to the full system state just before it was installed. I was even more gobsmacked to find out that even that did not solve the freezing splash screen problem But I realised that the only files that had not been replaced by the system image was in fact the Flight Simulator X files in My Documents folder. I ahd configure the system image file to replaced only drives C - F - G (Windows - Steam - FSX) whereas the My documents folder resided on my D drive and not on the image, the only files inside the Flight Simulator X folder were the Piper Cub flight and the logbook.bin files. I deleted the logbook.bin file attempted to start FSX and all was well again, it worked a treat Game on. Promptly I used the Image of Vectors install state to quickly get back to where I was and the newly created logbook.bin file worked a treat there as well, there was no problem with anything just the logbook.bin file. Reading through some forums I found some great help and advice but none of it worked for me. I only came across 1 thread that indicated deleting the logbook.bin file was an option. But did not believe it. Now I am convinced, blow me down who would have guessed it? on a newly created install Windows 10 up. I hope this helps someone out there, knowledge of this file's corruption when all is newly installed let alone an old installation could save a lot of time and effort, hence the reason to explain how I came to realise this was right for me at least. ALWAYS backup or rename the suspect logbook.bin file before deleting it, you will loose your pilot and flight records in FSX if they are not already lost, but that a welcome exchange in my opinion. That said one could always keep a back up of it so an uncorrupt copy could be copied over, I found the recycle bin is a great place to store these back up files, right up until the time you forget and empty it. Hope this helps someone out, lets go fly. A big thank you to the person who said delete the logbook.bin file, you were right, I am sorry I did not believe you.
  25. Does someone have already a module for the amazing FMGS A320 for LINDA? I tried with the one provided 3 years ago at FMGS forum but with no luck. I can't establish any connection between my VrInsight MCP Combo II and the FMGS software. Any advises are also very welcome. Best Regards, Vic