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  1. Hi Guys, (Note to Mods: This post is probably in the wrong place but a lot of guys with micro-stutter issues may not see it tucked away in other less visited forums, so maybe a couple of days grace before shifting it?) Some of you will know that I have been carping on about micro-stutters for some months now with no solution to hand. Others have also experienced them and have given up trying to find a solution. I may have discovered at least one solution to these micros-stutters and thought this might help others who have thrown their hands in the air regarding this issue. Everyone sees stutters differently and often describe them differently too which makes it quite difficult to determine whether the solution is valid in your particular situation or not. Additionally, everybody's systems are more or less unique and the combinations means something that fixes my problems for example, might not fix someone else's. So with those caveats, let's start by saying this is not a Microsoft, Asobo, MSFS or poorly optimised software addon problem. And, it's not about settings in MSFS. All of those types of stutters, are just like the shakes you get when you try to lift too many weights!! Improve your strength (better processing power) or dial down your workload (lower settings) and the problem resolves itself. But pure hardware issues may not respond to those sorts of measures and so we have to look closer at our components including BIOS, CPU loading, GPU and memory to name a few. Don't worry, I'm not going to explain that in detail here!! Firstly some definitions: Stutters: Pause's, stutters or "buffer", which are seen in games, streaming, video's etc is caused by the speed of your Internet connection and / or the processing power of your computer. Effectively, the graphics card can't display something it doesn't have and so it begins to skip frames to keep movement going or it simply pauses. Micro-stutters: As the name suggests they are very short duration (micro) drops in FPS which causes the image to very briefly stop or slow down. If you are panning around it is just a momentary glitch. If it occurs only very occasionally, it's not really noticeable. But, when happening randomly, every few seconds, these glitches become a real immersion killer. In my case, they were not just happening while flying or when panning around on the ground but even while waiting at the World Map to load a flight!! Of course if there is no movement, you cant see a micro-stutter (because the image is not changing and doesn't need to be updated anyway)...but it's still there in the Development Mode FPS counter. You can see them in this video as the long spikes and milli second drops in frames of up to 7 or 8 FPS in some cases. This video was taken while sitting at the World Map screen. So I did the things we all do in these circumstances and that is to isolate everything and reduce all the other possible influences on FPS. Disconnect internet, remove everything from community folder, lower or turn off all MSFS settings, especially live weather, AI and multiplayer (internet disconnected anyway), and then for good measure ensure the video card had the latest driver, BIOS was updated and system memory was tested. I then started MSFS and noticed Home screen micro-stutter spiking occurring in the FPS counter without even loading a flight!! I opened Task Manager to compare the 16 logical CPU performances with the spiking and while there were some similarities there did not appear to be any direct correlation. Things changed however when I looked at the drive performance in Task Manager. The C drive was spiking almost exactly at the same time as the FPS counter in MSFS. The spikes were not overly expensive on drive capacity maybe only by 25% and I thought this may be caused by a process going on in the background. So, I killed all background and startup processes, including Windows Defender but the drive still continued to spike. My C:Drive is a Crucial NVMe P2 1TB, as in this image below, so I looked up the Crucial site and downloaded an update for the drive. This helped reduce the micro-stutters but did not eliminate them. Still, that was a real positive and suggested I was looking in the right place! Then I found that the software which I was required to use to update the Crucial drive (Crucial Storage Executive), contained a product called 'Momentum Cache'. I won't go into the detail of what that is but when enabled it is designed to use a bit of system memory to help the NVMe with caching and buffering. This seems to overcome an otherwise less than stellar performance in the Crucial P2 NVMe's. The result of enabling 'Momentum Cache' is that my NVMe C:Drive is now handing data to the CPU much quicker, rather than spiking which suggested it was doing something other than sending data to the processor! Taken from the World Map screen again, here is the video of the outcome. No more micro-stutters and an improved main thread performance! The whole science behind SSD NVMe's is quite complex especially around things like 'Dramless QLC' (that's all you need to know about that). Yet, the NVMe (or any drive) is such a critical part of processing that if it is below standard (which some of these Crucial ones seem to be), then bottleneck micro-stutters start to show. The term 'under buffering' is probably more appropriate since it related to data and applications including audio and video so it might not be just our MSFS flight visuals that are affected by a hardware related micro-stutter. So if you have an NVMe, especially if it is a Crucial P2 (Crucial are usually the cheapest and a lot of computers and laptops come with it pre-installed to keep costs down) and you have micro-stutters, then this may just be the cause. I have no idea if other brand NVMe's or later model Crucial NVMe's might also cause these issues but it is a thing to research if you have other types installed on your computer and are suffering micro-stutters. So there you have it. Micro-stutters are a persistent issue for some of us and difficult to resolve. That could be because some of the origins of micro-stutter are so obscure. Anyway, I hope this helps to uncover at least one aspect of the problem. Cheers Terry
  2. United Airlines Flight 1845 Chicago O'Hare to Las Vegas Flight 1845 D- 6:50 AM (Gate B4) A- 8:40 AM (Gate D54) DEP RW 28R ARR RW 26L B-737-824 N14249 FL 340 PEKEU.PIPPN.ROTTN.GADWY.GLD.DVC.TYEGR.CHOWW2 Home 737 Cockpit setup: SimOn Solutions 737 Compact Trainer w/ Overhead, CFY 737 Max Motorized TQ, ACE Captains Pro Yoke, 737 Rudder Pedals, Prosim 737 MSFS, MSFS 2020. Scenery used FS Dreamteam ORD, FS Dreamteam GSX, and FlyTampa Las Vegas scenery. We had a go around on 1st landing attempt in Vegas.
  3. Hi, Guys & Gals 😃 FYI , For those of you who run The MSFS2020 sim with Bing-satelite imagery and the online features BUT running it *without* the Photogrametry(ie, bad performance/ dark gray apocalypse look, or simply not avaliable in country/region)?? IF you would like to see some improvement happening with BlackShark AI-Tech? I have created a wishlist-VOTE over on the official forum! I Appreciate if you could please take a look? or cast your VOTE for it? Thanks 😃 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/improvments-to-black-shark-ai/608631/1
  4. Canadian Regional...just a little flight from Montreal to Toronto. Hopefully, you enjoyed these images, your commentary is greatly appreciated...Darryl
  5. MSFS2020 Map Enhancement (GOOGLE) + Nvidia Freestyle.
  6. I updated to the latest Beta version and everytime I'm getting handed off to a new controller I'm being asked to repeat my last transmission, as it switches controllers the sentence doesn't complete but its a bit annoying! I am using text only and its happening in MSFS.
  7. The J is for Japan...the smaller Embraer ERJ-170 making the rounds with this JAL flight. Hopefully, you enjoyed these images, your commentary is always appreciated...Darryl
  8. United Airlines Flight 782 KMCO-KIAH. B-737-824 (real life this flight is operated with a Max9). Dep: 7:43A (Gate 31) Arr: 8:53A (Gate E12) B-737-824 N73299 RW 18L (DEP) RW 27 (ARR) FL 360 OSPRY1 REMIS Y280 LEV NNCEE1 SimOn Solutions 737 Compact Trainer w/ Overhead, CFY 737 Max Motorized TQ, ACE Captains Pro Yoke, 737 Rudder Pedals, Taxi 2 Gate MCO, FsDreamteam IAH, Prosim 737, MSFS 2020. Flight on Youtube
  9. I have suddenly started having an issue with the approach button not activating the glidepath when flying an LPV capable RNAV approach. Normally when pushing the APPR button just before the IAF the status on the PFD will show GP in white and, when the glideslope is captured and the diamond moves down to the center, the GP changes from white to green in the status bar and down you go. For the last couple of days, not matter how many times I push the approach button during an active RNAV LPV approach, the GP will not arm (no GP indication whatsoever on the PFD). I am using VPATH to get me to the IAF and am at the proper altitude.I have flown these approaches many times before without the issue. I have tried with different aircraft and at different airports and even with an empty community folder, but the problem persists. The APR button does still activate the glidepath when doing an ILS approach and tuned to the correct frequency for the ILS. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or if any of you can offer some suggestions for me to try and fix this. Thanks.
  10. United Airlines Flight 1573 KIAH-KLAS. B-737-824 (real life this flight is operated with a 737-924). D: 9:48A (Gate C44) A: 11:00A (Gate D54) B-737-824 N73299 RW 15R (DEP) RW 26L (ARR) FL 340 BNDTO5 CRGER ELP Q13 DRK ELLDA RKSTR3 SimOn Solutions 737 Compact Trainer w/ Overhead, CFY 737 Max Motorized TQ, ACE Captains Pro Yoke, 737 Rudder Pedals, Taxi 2 Gate MCO, FsDreamteam IAH, Prosim 737, MSFS 2020. Flight on Youtube
  11. United Airlines Island hopper Pt. 6 The final Leg of the United Airlines Island Hopper to Guam from Honolulu. B-737-824 Flight 154 657nm 1n 28m
  12. United Airlines Island hopper Pt. 5 B-737-824 Flight 154 PTNI-PTKK PTNI (PNI) Pohnpei Island, Micronesia (TKK) Weno Island (Chuuk Intl Airport) Micronesia 443 NM 1h 11m
  13. United Airlines Island hopper Pt. 4 B-737-824 Flight 154 PTSA- (TTK) Kosrae, Micronesia PTNI (PNI) Pohnpei Island, Micronesia 386 NM 0h 58m
  14. United Airlines Island hopper Pt 3 B-737-824 Flight 154 PKWA- (KWA) Kwajalein, Marshall Islands PTSA (TTK) Kosrae, Micronesia 402 NM 1h 06m
  15. United Airlines Island hopper Part 2 B-737-824 Flight 154 268 NM 0h 53m PKMJ (MAJ) -PKWA Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands (KWA) Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
  16. United Airlines 1170 LAX-HNL United Airlines Flight 1170 B-737-824 KLAX-PHNL. SUMMR2 DINTY DUETS R576 DENNS INOYI1. FL340, Vatsim, Inibuilds LAX, SimOn Solutions 737 Compact Trainer w/ Overhead, CFY 737 Max Motorized TQ, MSFS2020, Prosim737. United Airlines Island Hopper will be posted by the weekend.
  17. Hello, Could someone share a link to download the textures of the addon « Mike’s 737 cockpit mod » which is no longer available on flightsim.to? Thanks!
  18. This most excellent work (Axis and Ohs), works magnificently, providing the Asobo B747 FMC to a tablet browser for perfect two way communications/edits. It's the only soft remote FMC I've found and works 100%. My issue is that I use the Salty Mod. Is there anyone that can give advice on getting it to work with the Salty Mod? The Mod is a really good step forward from the Asobo stock 747, and once you've used it you can't go back. I'm pretty sure there are a heap of people thinking the same thing?
  19. I really like the functionality of WAMA and tried it with MSFS 2020 in the hope it would work, but no as expected it says it can't connect to the simulator. So now I'm wondering are there plans for LORBY to make a WAMA version that works with MSFS 2020?
  20. Concerns a flight plan from LSGG (Geneva) to Munich. In LSGG actually correct from RW 04. The opposite runway is correctly called 22. Two mistakes: a) In Pilot2ATC runway 05 and 23 are implemented by mistake. b) Although my flight plan is from runway 04 (or wrong 05), when pressing the INFO button only runway 23 (wrong) is displayed instead of the information for runway 04 (or wrong 05).
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