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  1. Hello sim pilots .. before 3 days I posted FINALLY, NO MORE FPS DROPS !! SU9 and from this time I was testing every single settings to get the best quality and performance and here is an update about what I found but before moving to the settings take a look how about 35 FPS solid with ULTRA settings ! here is some photos looks great !! then here you go after reading the previous post then do this settings Everything is ULTRA except TLOD set it to 25 (yes 25) and guess what ! you well not notice any change in graphics and details (as shown in the photos above) enjoy flying .. let me know if you are satisfied with that !!😎
  2. NZA Simulations is excited to announce we have taken on two more developers.A name that needs no introduction from Milan, Italy, is Sergio Del Rosso who bought you amazing freeware such as the very popular NZMF Milford Sound and LSZS Saint Mortiz to name a few.From Hamburg Germany, Lukas Christiansen also joins the ranks of the NZA development powerhouse bringing a vast work of experience in 3d modeling and 3d scanning technology.We cant wait to show you what both have been cooking up for you.Sergio has been working up a storm and NZA will be releasing NZMC - Mt Cook under the proline banner.More Development screenshots to come!!
  3. HI all. Don't know if I'm just unlucky but I've had quite a few problems with msfs 2020. My present problem, which I am sure one of you knowledgeable guys might be familiar with is that since I did the recent upgrade for msfs every time I fire up the computer I get error messages. Two are the same and they say "OmenCommandCenterBackground.exe - Application Error. Application Started Incorrectly (0xc0000135)". The third one says "Yolk_Profiler.exe - Application Error. The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000135) I'm running an Omen computer BTW . If you can help me with this one I'll tell you why I spent 6 hours on the telephone talking to Cairo and Nigeria about msfs problems! Thanks in advance. Fred
  4. Hello sim pilots Here is what happened to me after ~ 2 hours flight, in reason I chose to fly across the north pole (no terrain at all) just to test how msfs su9 works after mid stress the CPU and GPU, so I started the flight with 146 professional, and the FPS was around 50 to 60 then the FPS begins to decrease. after 2 hours reached approximately 28 FPS(GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60) after a while, FPS drop to 22 (GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60). NO terrains should be not a lot of stress then FPS 11 (GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60) then to 9 and 8 FPS While I press ESC and go to the menu, FPS increases immediately to 99 FPS This is my MSFS settings Hope you got solution. I tried it with overclocking and default settings nothings change.
  5. Hello sim Pilots As we know, a lot of users facing issues after updating to MSFS Su9 so here is a new one 😞 after engaging the AP, ONLY the airplane cant hold its HDG strait it angled!! And it can fly the whole route in this position! after disengaged the AP the airplane start to fly correctly again and when I have a closed lock, I found the issue is the partial span tab I also tried to solve it by using rudder trim and wing left, but nothing was fixed. I also tried the default and custom livery still the same. the issue only with this Airplane all other works great! one more thing I uninstall it and reinstall it again still the same. Thanks
  6. I took this screenshots and i would like to share it with you. No photo edit or photoshop fixes [url=https://postimg.cc/ppd0cVbG][img=https://i.postimg.cc/ppd0cVbG/20220502225003-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/Yhyd5ctp][img=https://i.postimg.cc/Yhyd5ctp/20220502225332-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/zybx5dfT][img=https://i.postimg.cc/zybx5dfT/20220502225521-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/v15XxcfB][img=https://i.postimg.cc/v15XxcfB/20220502230019-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/zb57C8Fk][img=https://i.postimg.cc/zb57C8Fk/20220502230032-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/yDMvNFJt][img=https://i.postimg.cc/yDMvNFJt/20220502230043-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/vDYXD8BY][img=https://i.postimg.cc/vDYXD8BY/20220502230128-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/XG88xm26][img=https://i.postimg.cc/XG88xm26/20220502230304-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/QKdqzmP9][img=https://i.postimg.cc/QKdqzmP9/20220502230414-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/c6Fh3qgQ][img=https://i.postimg.cc/c6Fh3qgQ/20220502231515-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/Vd5RB7n2][img=https://i.postimg.cc/Vd5RB7n2/20220502231852-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/sMh4bvnc][img=https://i.postimg.cc/sMh4bvnc/20220502232139-1.jpg][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/56GmPwmy][img=https://i.postimg.cc/56GmPwmy/20220502232309-1.jpg][/url]
  7. To all of you enjoying our B314 in P3D and those of you wanting to fly her in MSFS, we are actively working on making this beautiful flying boat available in MSFS, here an early shot:
  8. Having worked through the troubleshooting guide, I cannot launch any FS2CREW applications (I have the A320NX, Pushback Express and RAAS packs for MSFS) from the toolbar. I get a message informing me that the applications cannot be launched and that the EXE.xml file may be corrupt. So far I have deleted the EXE.xml file, uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling (obviously with MSFS closed). I have checked the Firewall settings for FS2CREW. I have made sure that HTML option is ticked I have made sure that I have run MSFS as administrator I can run the software from the shortcut icons on the desktop. These show a BLUE nose icon in the taskbar (not a Red one as suggested by the troublshotting guide... I assume that this guide needs updating). Running the software this way does allow me to bring up a limited tab on the MSFS FS2CREW toolbar option but I cannot access any windowed option in VR (I ONLY fly in VR) such as the settings menu. I would be most grateful if someone here could clarify what funbctionality is available in VR and what I am doing wrong.... I have spent days trying to get this all working properly.
  9. I've been trying for a few days to solve this now. I believe that this probably isn't so much a Pilot2Atc bug as a security/permissions problem with the SQL software, but I'd like some input. So far when I try to use pilot2atc with msfs, this is the message I've been getting: Unable to initialize database the underlying provider failed to open. a network-related or instance specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that the SQL server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network interfaces, error: 50 - Local Database Runtime error occurred. Error occurred during LocalDB instance startup: SQL Server process failed to start.) after I click okay, pilot2atc starts up but is unable to connect to msfs.
  10. I have used the Navigraph Navdata Center to update the database in MSFS to 2203. However, I find that the information shown in MSFS is different from what I see in Navigraph (even in the in-game charts, which is updated). E.g., in Barcelona (LEBL), the runways in Navigraph are shown as 26L, 26R,06L and 06R. In the World Map in MSFS, they are shown as 25L, 25R, 07L and 07R. Am I missing some step(s) in updating the MSFS database? Thanks, RE
  11. This release provides initial compatibility for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 and the formal release of FSUIPC7 7.2.16 or later. NOTE: FSUIPC7 7.3.0 is now available. This delays when ipcready.lua is called to start LINDA LUA until the MSFS Lvars and Hvars are ready. This can add a delay on initial start to over a minute. Users are recommended to click Reload LUA Engine after READY appears. This release adds the following changes: Removes rogue file directory in /LINDA/System (4.1.4a). Fixed issue with listing all Add-on aircraft in New Aircraft Module form (4.1.4). Added LINDA LUA "READY" indication below Sync-to-Sim (4.1.4). Fixed issue with Event File GUI/LUA transfer (4.1.4). Fixed issue with VRi MCP2 SPD and HDG display (4.1.4). Fixed VRi Panel status logic and updating of FSUIPC7.INI [VRINSIGHT] entries (4.1.3). Added more space for function assignments for MCP devices (4.1.3). Fixed issue with .EVT files not loading in Tracer (developer only)(4.1.3). Fixed issue with missing Event Files in Tracer (4.1.3). Fixes issue with selecting MSFS Default aircraft profile (4.1.2). Fixes issue with rogue hidden files in Libs directory (4.1.1). Added compatibility for FBW A320NX aircraft (4.1.0). Added Tracer Event functionality (developer only)(4.1.0). Added VRI CDU functionality (4.1.0). Fixed issue with MCP User Modes and Unlock (4.0.9). Fixed format of FSUIPC version number (4.0.9). Added check for available Custom Events files (4.0.8). Changes to support A32NX module (4.0.8). Fixed issue with FSX Control in Tracer (developer only)(4.0.8). Fixed issue with Tracer Lvars List (developer only) (4.0.7). Added check for registered copy of FSUIPC (4.0.6). Fixed readme.txt being overwritten when Edit Aircraft Module opened (4.0.6). It is not compatible with other flight simulators (FSX or P3D) or earlier versions of FSUIPC. This version provides most functionality with MSFS 2020 and FSUIPC7. Those aircraft that use the WASM interface providing access to Lvars and Hvars, most notably the FlyByWire A32NX. For most other aircraft only LINDA default MSFS library functions can be used. Most original FSX Controls and FSUIPC offsets are available. The Tracer can be used to monitor and modify Lvars values as with previous releases. This version offers ability to trigger Hvars and Events as well as FSUIPC Controls. A new indication has been added to show when LINDA has completed reloading the LUA engine. This appears below the Sync-to-Sim - WAIT while reloading and READY when done. No buttons should be operated until READY is displayed. Previously this was shown on screen but this causes complications with MSFS. Ensure that MSFS 2020 is updated to latest release ( or later) and FSUIPC7 (7.2.16 or later). LINDA provides full compatibility with all variants of the VRInsight Combo panel: the original MCP1, the Combo II MPC (Boeing) and Combo FCU (Airbus), the VRInsight CDU2/CDU3, and the Logitech/Saitek Flight Panels. Please download and read the Release Notes below. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR VRINSIGHT USERS LINDA 4.0.x now starts with the MCP Display Mode set by the new Mode option on the Setup MCP Combo page. It defaults to Autopilot display mode (AP values for SPD/HDG/ALT/VS are displayed). The Information display mode displays the aircraft current speed, heading, altitude and vertical speed. You need to assign one of the VRInsight library DSPmode functions to switch between INFO and AP (autopilot) modes. All bug and issues should be reported on the project thread on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Installation Unzip the file. Install FSUIPC7 in a root directory and copy the LINDA files and folders into that folder. The correct installation should look like: /FSUIPC7 /linda /linda-cfg FSUIPC7.exe FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7.key ipcReady.lua linda.exe linda.lua Starting MSFS, FSUIPC7 and LINDA I have found that the order users start the applications is important to get everything working correctly. Note there is a delay after starting MSFS before the Lvars and Hvars are accessible. Users are referred to the FSUIPC7 for Advanced Users documentation regarding the use of LvarScanDelay= entry for FSUIPC_WASM.INI file. A delay of 45-60 seconds is recommended. It may be necessary to Reload LUA Engine after a couple of minutes. Start MSFS and LINDA first in any order. Once MSFS is running in cockpit mode then start FSUIPC7 ensuring that it displays the title 'FSUIPC7: Simulator is available: Connected". If not Connected, either click on Start/Connect or Options/Auto-connect to FS. LINDA should be Sync-ed to Sim and displaying *MSFS Default" outline in orange. The LINDA LUA engine will automatically restart when the connection is established. FSUIPC7 runs initially in the System Tray. You need to right-click on icon and click Show for the window to be displayed. After you close the FSUIPC7 window you need to Exit the application in the System Tray. Downloads Download LINDA Release Notes for LINDA 4.1.0 FSUIPC7 7.2.15 formal release
  12. Someone has had their nasty paws all over my windows:
  13. If want something to spice up VFR flights, you might consider worth adding this scenery to your list! We had powerlines pylons, but the wires/cables were missing...now we have them! And solar farms, too, because we need to green if we want to save the Planet Have fun, link below! https://flightsim.to/file/26186/powerlines-and-solar-farms
  14. Hi I brought the H145 from HPG for MSFS one week ago and I am really happy about it! Now I am trying to understand all the systems… My Question is about the CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE In the manual they are writing: "Cyclic Trim Release is a button that should be held down whenever the pilot wishes to manually direct the aircraft or to update the stored AFCS references. When cyclic inputs are issued without holding down trim release, the AFCS will attempt to fly back to the previous references after the cyclic is released to the neutral position" I found 2 videos on YouTube wich describe it bit differently: Real life pilot and a simmer for a H135 Version for X Plane They describe it in a way, that if I have to push the Joystick in one direction constantly, to fly manually (white out autopilot) in one direction, I can push the CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE button to recenter the joystick, than release the button an fly more "comfortable for the wrist". The manual describes that (even when the Upper Mode or Hoover Modus is off) there is always some kind of stabilisation that avoids the course changes that need to be overwritten. Just like a lens with image stabilisation, which doesn't know if you are still shaking or already doing a deliberate pan when you are panning, where there is sometimes jerkiness. How do you understand this? Thanks for help! Erik
  15. Hi guys, for the past few days, I have not been able to get onto MSFS. After the checking for updates page, the screen goes black (however still shows the blue bar at the bottom) and then my game crashes to desktop. I have tried everything to fix it and was wondering what Nvidia driver I should downgrade to to try and get it working again. Also, any other tips would be appreciated. Cheers, ViperNB
  16. Hello. Ever since the new update came out I have been unable to update my game. I'm using the Steam version, premium deluxe. I have cleaned up my community folder, tried fully reinstalling the entire game twice, but during the installation one archive would always roll the installation progress back several gigabytes.That archive is "fs-base 0.1.211.fspatch.zip". It goes to decompressing it and resets back to downloading it again over and over again. It's an endless cycle. I would highly appreciate any help.
  17. Hi, A couple days ago i bought the kodiak 100 from simworksstudios, however there is a little issue: Most of the buttons i keybinded are working, except the starter, fuel pump landing light and fuel selectors. As an example when i press the fuel pump you will hear it start twice before it actually runs, the button in the cockpit doesnt move either. Both my fuel slectors dont work, they do work when i use my mouse. If i turn the fuel selectors on with my mouse and i turn them off with the button on the honeycomb bravo, the warning light on the dashboard starts blinking. But it doesnt move the selectors in the off position.I am using the honeycomb alpha and bravo in my sim. Does anyone know what is going wrong here? I did check if i keybinded buttons twice but that isnt the case. Do i need to download extra software? Thanks for your help! -Rens
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