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Found 17 results

  1. DAL1350 from KATL to KCHS. Really loving the scenery from my old stomping grounds when I was based there.
  2. Updated October 7, 2017 Updated Shared Cockpit Airliner List Below There are many terrific aircraft in flight sim, but as far as many experienced flight simmers are concerned the two best aircraft (fidelity, realism, performance) ever developed for desktop flight simulation are the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Professional and the Leonardo Fly the Maddog MD-80 Professional. The guys at Leonardo did things with the MD-80 back with FS2004 that nobody else did until Majestic released the Dash 8, but even the Dash was developed under FSX (and then P3D) and Leonardo did these things under FS2004! Of course both these aircraft are Shared Cockpit capable! The Maddog was ported over to FSX, meaning that there was no way it could be ported again into P3DV1/2/3, and certainly not into P3DV4. I'd communicated with Davide (owner of Leonardo Software) several times over the years about updating the Maddog, and even tried to get other developers including Aerosoft interested in purchasing the rights or working with Leonardo to re-develope the Maddog for FSX and P3D, but nobody was interested. I then opened talks with Davide about purchasing the rights to the Maddog software, but that too didn't work out. This aircraft is so terrific that several friends and I have kept FSX installed for the sole purpose of flying her and one other aircraft (MD-11), but overall it seemed that the flight sim community would loose this amazing aircraft. UPDATE: Last week it was announced that Leonardo has already begin work on re-writing the Maddog software for P3DV4! I've spoken with Davide and my primary Shared Cockpit test partner (Grant) from the Dash 8 Q400 Professional project will be helping with the new Maddog. Regarding the Dash 8 Q400... if you're not aware, Majestic changed their mind about the development timeline for making the Dash 8 compatible with P3DV4, so we'll have this, the other of the two best aircraft ever developed for desktop flight sim, back in our hanger as well! For those who haven't experienced flying either of these two STELLAR aircraft - especially in Shared Cockpit, you'll be in for a MAGNIFICENT EXPERIENCE. With that, I'm EXCITED to update the Airliner Shared Cockpit list. It's going to be a GREAT 2017/2018 for shared cockpit flying!!! Best wishes to everyone.
  3. I've seen some questions about why some 3rd party repaints have opaque windows. Since there was no documentation included with the paintkit, painters had to figure out what was controlling the opacity of the windows. After some investigation, I discovered that the opacity of the windows is controlled on the Alpha layer as shown below on the FWD_T texture. The paintkit made no mention of this (there was no readme or instructions), and the all white, BMP files included for the texture maps did not even contain an alpha layer of any sort. The best thing to do is refer to an existing paint and review its alpha layer for guidance.
  4. Hey guys I just uploaded her to the library and our great library admin Brian Neuman got her posted in a jiffy! Here is the release photo...instead of posting screens of her, just go grab her if you have the great Maddog and see for yourself. I still have some work to do on her and it may be a while, but she's flyable as is I think. Click the link in my sig to get to her in the library.
  5. Continuing work on the wing...AA (at least on the specific airframe I'm painting) does not have the red "No Step Beyond the Line" paint on her wings...so, I should just use the eraser to take it off right? Oh....let me show you what you have to do.... First, understanding how your paint tools work is crucial to make it look right and not go insane trying to get it right because you don't know what kind of tools your paint program offers you, hehe. Lets just erase the line using the eraser tool: Below is Paintshop Pro (sorry all you Photoshop users, it's just as good and...err.. a magnitude less expensive). You'll see I'm performing these edits on the Base Layer. Not a good strategy if you've done this long enough to know that you will mess up, and if it's already auto-saved, you'll need to start over from scratch..that will start you into your first session of hair pulling...LOL. One tip for any aspiring painter: Before working on any layer, duplicate it and turn off the original layer. This way if you royally mess up (which everybody does), you can erase the copied layer and you'll still have your original. Oooooh....that didn't turn out right just erasing the line! Let's try one of my favorite brushes, the PUSH brush (an amazing tool and one many photo-retouch experts use to remove blemishes from supermodels) Again, not a good outcome...however I did use it irresponsibly and could do a decent job with it if I worked loooong and hard...but it would be working harder, not smarter. The tool that gets the job done efficiently and correctly is the CLONE brush. The result speaks for itself. Also, you see I've created a duplicate layer, named it "No Red Stripes"...so when I mess up I can easily start again..also...if I do a paint that needs those red lines, I just turn off the layer and I have the original ready in a snap. You can see the outcome is exactly what I was going for, and it looks like the red stripes were never there. This is a very simplified example and explanation, there was a lot of highly detailed work to get it to look that good. Using the Clone brush, there is an infinite number of settings you can use to get the effect you're looking for, and its just a matter of knowing the capability of your painting app and it's many, exquisite tools. I can tell you though...seeing the outcome of your hard work in the sim for the 1st time is a rush that is just as large as the one you get when you stick a landing, or successfully complete a really hard approach is lousy weather, seeing the lead-on strobe lights at the end of the runway in the center of your windscreen when you breakout of the overcast a few feet below the cloud base. Painting can be a hobby all unto itself, and when you do it long enough, you start to see that you've gained some skills that will benefit you in the real world if you ever chose a career in photography and/or supermodel touch-ups . (Still waiting for that callback from Christie Brinkley, Elle McPhearson, etc to hire me to do their photo touch-up work..LOL)
  6. Dear Pals I installed FlyMaddog 64 version on my WIn10 with i7 and 16 gb RAM, using P3d v4.1 but when I load it (normally cold and dark) as soon as I start following the procedures I receive a windows message: you run out of memory and this application will close. What am I to do? Thanks in advance Reynaldo
  7. I made the assumption that the new Leonardo Maddog would use, if not the same code, at least the same variable names as their earlier version. On this basis, I tested out the old module. Obviously it needs the 'ident' entry changing to 'simfolder="Maddogx"', so that the binding will occur. It works, although to what extent I'm not sure yet, because I'm in the middle of testing as I write, but I've got it working on some AP buttons, rotaries, and external lights. I'd be interested in the experience of others.
  8. Hey Guys, Here is an excellent paint from a new painter in our community, Brian Neuman! His skills are improving at an exponential rate, and he's painted the beloved Widget livery on the Maddog. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find it in the library here: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204663
  9. Hey guys, Back from a trip and had a little time to work on the AA MD....Here are 2 glam shots....more detail is being added and she should be a very detailed and accurate paint when I get her done. Some of the added details are I've matched the metal color on the cockpit frame, adjusted the size of the OneWorld logo, finalized the door details (exactly like the real plane), fixed the AOA vane (no red circle), little yellow dot size and position adjusted. Also added placards by the cargo doors that are from the actual aircraft and finalized the passenger window frames (that was a job I tell ya!) No ETA but she gets closer with every never version. :)
  10. Forgive me for not posting this question on the Leonardo forums. What is required to get the Cabin Crew Comms configured so I don't see the "INT/PA SYSTEM NOT SET CORRECTLY" message. You know: when right clicking on the Attendant Call button. I've punched around on the audio panel with no luck. I searched the Google and found nothing. Inconceivable!
  11. Hey guys...just a little progress shot on my AA paint. Spent the entire night working on corrections to the paintkit, just on the wings (Don't really like to call out other painter's work, but you will not find a painter who's painting this plane that doesn't agree the paintkit is terrible, full of mistakes, and just about all details were removed from it before it was released it to the freeware painters...makes me ill when I see how much time I've been spending fixing issues that I shouldn't have to, especially on an $80 payware product..ok..rant off...done). So..after I got all the fixes done ...I did some work on the reflective surfaces (read: creating and adjusting a custom alpha layer), especially on AA planes. This pic below shows the result. You can't really appreciate how cool the reflective metal looks in a still pic...but as I was letting the plane complete this turn and keeping this view...the reflections just floored me as they gleamed off the polished areas! If you notice on the right wing, I accidentally added alpha to the aileron area where I should not have...and the dark area surrounding the spoilers and aileron should be reflective, as it is on the left wing. BTW I'll be sharing my wings with my painter friends so they'll have accurate wings and won't have to spend the time I did fixing them.
  12. Here are some recent captures from some Maddog and 717 flights! That's all. The pictures encompass a few flights. KMSP-KDEN (Maddog) KLAX-KSFO (Boeing 717) KSFO-KSLC (Maddog) KATL-KMDW (Maddog)
  13. I'm working on another metal paint for the Leonardo MD....I know EAL sadly went under before she could start flying the MD, but she had the long DC's (-50s I believe) that are close enough if you're a fan of the airline. Personally it is one of my all time favorites and I'm trying to do her justice in our simming world. ๐Ÿ˜Š Still a work in progress (obviously), but I just got done laying on the initial alpha layer to bring the shine out on her, and these pics just took my breath away when I panned around her in the sim and the morning sun hit her juuuuuuuuuuuuust right. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll post a release announcement when I get her done and uploaded. Hmmmm....been too long since I've posted here but I thought the images used to also preserve the link to the original photo. Click these links to see the pics in their original size and not destroyed by the filtered compression here: https://imageshack.com/a/img924/1053/g13mya.jpg https://imageshack.com/a/img924/1792/LYxahn.jpg
  14. Hey guys, just a progress report on my AA paint. Actually, its a group of talented testers beta testing the paint (I know crazy right? But I want this one to be verified to be accurate by folks who really know this plane)....and I also added a painter to the project. You guys may have seen some of his work that I've showcased in the past ...here for example: @thibodba57 (Brian) is handling some of the dirt and detail layers on this paint, and I've very glad (and relieved) to have him on board! Before I get to the glam shots, here is another small detail I added to the paint. Some may know that the American Airlines MD80's used to have "Super 80" on the sides. Wanting to accuratley recreate an oddity of that logo that is still "haunting" birds today is a ghost outline of that logo. An AA ramp agent has told me its leftover glue from the logo that just wont seem to come off. Anyway, here is what I did to add it: First, I created the actual Super 80 logo, which I'll include as a version to this paint for anyone who wants to fly her when she wore them. (this is how it appears when painting in the paintkit...the metal look is quite dull and lifeless....it comes alive in the sim when the crucial Alpha layer does it magic) Next I added the "glue" layer which looks like dirt over top (Done so I can align the old "glue" layer correctly. And now with the logo layer off and how it will display in the sim: Here is the main nose section texture map and that custom alpha layer in front of it (You can see I white'd out the super 80 so it would not reflect)...with a metal paint you're basically doing 2 paints in one (if you're doing it right)...you paint almost as much on the alpha layer as you do on the master texture). Here is the finished product in the sim: I still have some adjusting to do to make it look exactly how it does on the real plane..but I think it's worth the extra effort. Here is another little detail I'm adding...straight off photos provided to me by one of my beta team members: The nose cone latch It needs some serious work as the yellow arrows show where the latch is on the fuse and the hinge point is on the cone. They should meet...and be way further down on the fuse...like I said...so much to do but these little details will just make you go wow if you happen to pan around the aircraft. Finally, the glam shots I promised you at the beginning of this post. I just wanted to show you the level of detail me and my team are putting into this paint...I already know the effort will be worth it. And this one guys is probably becoming my desktop background...I can't remember when a shot moved me as much as this one did when I snapped it..... I'm going to be just like our payware dev friends and answer the "when will she be ready?" question....When she's done guys...let me and the team bring you the best AA MD80 we can, ok?
  15. Hello guys, I am just doing my first ever flight in the Maddog from cold and dark using the tutorials on ther YT channel. While I was taxiing, suddenly I lost power and the whole FMC was erased. The autopilot seemed to reboot but the data didn't come back. All other instruments kept working though. The warnings it gave me were 'no autoland' 'no windshear alert'. Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong? Cheers guys.
  16. I think she's close.... https://imageshack.com/a/img924/2153/hA9m8d.jpg https://imageshack.com/a/img922/2807/usNsYF.jpg
  17. Released her late last night and headed to bed...1st time I've been able to post the release announcement (with pic) She's already in the library...just click the link in my sig to get her. https://imageshack.com/a/img924/7245/eAHqzS.jpg What's next from Steve's paint hangar? Trying to finish this one and push her out... Heck this AirCal is pretty close too..... And to be honest, I only have a few more tweaks on this Tylenol TWA one too Pretty sure this TWA-AA merger is 99% done...just need that 1% push and upload her (which is a chore in itself)...most folks would probably not even notice the 1% I'm missing. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I WAS doing Wings of Pride before corruption took my master for her ๐Ÿ˜ž Kinda' lost interest in her. And another painter is doing her as well. So that's all I've been doing...not much at all....LOL...and as usual...there are a few more on the books that I have not even started yet. Its a sickness...I'm in therapy. ๐Ÿ™„ And I've been helping our own Avsim Library Manager Brian Neuman get his brushes wet in this sub-hobby of our simming hobby...this is his work: You can grab it here: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=&Author=neuman&CatID=p3dacrp If you like the Maddog and vintage airline liveries....there are a lot of other painting her too....fun for all Maddog fans!
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