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  1. Taking the new plane for a spin...
  2. The trouble with three sims is having so many screenshot opportunities. Especially when flying out of Napa California and out and over Nevada's stark yet beautiful basin and range scenery.... John
  3. Found this great freeware Marauder at Rikoo and I would be remiss if I did not include a link to it and the free Quebec City scenery also on that site... Quebec City https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/68/484 B26 Marauder https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/52/880 I was in Quebec City first, on my second business trip ever in Montreal in 1990, the day before I flew home my client gave me the day off so I could visit Quebec City during winter carnival, a real treat to see if you have never been there, they also have one in Harbin China but I have never been there. I was in Guam in 1992 and two weeks earlier I did not know I was even going to be going there, I was more than 9000 miles away on vacation in Orlando where I went to from my home in the SF Bay Area using my Delta frequent flyer miles I accrued during my start as a business systems traveler that brought me to Quebec City in 1990. As I was at Epcot's Japan Pavilion, I made a wish "I want to see Japan some day" since I had already been to Europe several times, Canada many times, Mexico once, and South America once during my systems training jobs in 1990. And ten days later, to make a long story short, I was invited to go to Guam for a job that I decided to turn down because of their housing costs, but the prospective employer affiliated with the health giant Genentech, where I interviewed for the job, invited me to go there for free. A few days before the interview I went to Bakersfield, on an interview for another client I had worked for that wanted me to work for them, but I turned them down thinking I was going to stay in Guam. On my Guam trip, my wish to see Japan came true, because I had a long enough layover there I had to rest in a hotel near Narita Airport and like Tom Cruise in the movie "The Last Samurai" or Anjin San in Shogun, I got to see the beautiful Japanese countryside and architecture (which can be seen in Xplane11 there is freeware scenery that changes the autogen in Japan to Japanese architecture) The last set of pics, in Honolulu, I went there with my daughter to celebrate her thirteenth birthday there in October 2012 when one of my colleagues from India, who had just gone, insisted I see Hawaii just once even if it was just Oahu. We stayed at the iconic Hilton Hawaiian Village, and for my daughter's birthday present I took her the night before to Macaroni Grill, then the next morning of her birthday, on a real one hour electric sub ride, the only real sub submersion I have ever been on, although my father has sailed on a real nuke sub from Hawaii to California on a reactor refurb mission, we even have a signed photo from their crew, but I cannot post the pic here because it was a spy sub, all I can say. Sorry China and Russia, we know you are out there, lol.... End of Back Story, my life, like the famous PBS star James Burke has shown all of us about our history, has been full of the same serendipity and connection I am sure the rest of you here have had. It is called by Physicists "Quantum Entanglement", which is how our thoughts can indeed travel faster than the speed of light, in a certain way..... John
  4. "It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy....." Edit: Centauri once told Alex, "May the luck of the Seven Pillars of Gulu be with you at all times." from the movie "The Last Starfighter" a great movie to watch if you have not seen it from the 80's, a lighter type of Star Wars film with stunning special effects including some of the first CGI effects..... I have the very rare video game installed on my computer, made by someone and recreating the movie's fight scenes quite well and graphics. It is hard to find on the web though, I lost the link..... It does run even under Windows 10....
  5. The rest of my Falcon 50 flight from Napa to JFK, which was flown in real time, although I had to pause the sim last night for a mandatory crew rest, lol, and so the Langoliers would not catch up to our flight.... The flight begins over Pennsylvania with Lake Erie in the distance with views of Scranton and Manhattan on the way in to JFK on vectors for 13R. 13R is the first runway I ever landed on at JFK, on my first trip to Europe in 77, roughly 50 years after Lindburgh's crossing, well just a bit short of the 50th anniversary of that crossing, which was on my birthday about six weeks after I returned from Europe via Munich/Vienna/Shannon/Gander/JFK and Dallas on my way home to SFO and finally my home in Napa. John
  6. This set overflies Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Finally Nebraska
  7. I stumbled upon an issue and a stupid mistake I made, advice that has been given here before, but the issue wasn't a stupid mistake. I noticed after a Windows update, that Windows blew away my most recent Nvidia driver to an older one, so I went back to GeForce Experience to get the most current driver to date. I noticed all three sims I have had some stutters, AeroflyFS2, Xplane11, and P3DV4, the topic here. The process of the driver swap blew away my Nvidia inspector changes, and I only use three settings Vertical Sync: 1/2 Refresh Rate Vertical Sync Tear Control: Adaptive Threaded Optimization: On These are the only options I set in Nvidia Inspector, they are not default driver options, I believe it was Jim Young or someone who suggested these settings However I noticed stutters in P3DV4 with these settings--it is because I had a frame rate lock and Vsync checked in the sim. Well, like HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey, as was revealed in the sequel, 2010 (both good movies, I like the message at the end of the latter) I was giving my graphics card conflicting instructions--listen to P3D, or Nvidia Inspector's settings. That's why I say it was a stupid mistake, I have not listened well to advice here, so I want to repeat it--leave VSync Off in your sims, and set fps to unlimited if the option is offered. The Nvidia Inspector settings manage better stutters, etc.... My P3D experience is back to what it used to be, that is my message to simmers who suddenly see strange issues in a previously smooth sim. Go thru this mental checklist: ~Have I made a system update (Windows or another driver update) ~Are my Nvidia (assuming you are like 99 pct of the Carbon Units on our planet and have an Nvidia card) settings changed or defaulted back to their defaults ~Do my sim settings conflict with Nvidia Inspector (or your other graphics card utility, if you are the 1 pct that use other graphics cards I hope this helps, as I have said, it has been said before, you do not have to endlessly tweak your sims, you just have to eliminate conflicting setting instructions. That was why HAL failed in 2001, a Space Odyssey lol As a side note: the first system I ever programmed was a proprietary Hotel Management System made by Qantel, still in business today, some 33+ years after I worked with it, called HAL which stood for "Hospitality and Leisure" John
  8. Over the Napa Valley and the SF Bay, and over Arizona, out of Stellar Airpark in the Chandler Metro Area towards Casa Grande... John
  9. Showing off two inexpensive payware aircraft, VSkylab's Gyroplane for Xplane11, and Ant's Eaglet for P3DV4 and earlier sims. Both locations are Nirvana for me--Napa, where I was raised, and Neuschwanstein, near Fussen Germany, the inspiration for the Disney castles and also prominently featured in the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", a song of which was always a crowd pleaser during my Gospel choir's concerts when I was a young boy and teen. We were based out of Napa and included secular, as well as sacred music, for our concertgoers. I have an mp3 of a vinyl album we recorded made by Jeff Smith, our secular guitarist and always the favorite of all of us. He sang many songs in memory of the great secular guitarist, who passed way too soon, Jim Croce. Back to the Tecnam Eaglet--for 12 something (I paid ten with my justflight discount points) you cannot go wrong--you get one of the only LSA's available for P3D4.5 and same holds true for the VSkylab's Gyroplane, the only realistic flying Gyro I have ever flown, I still give Xplane11 the nod when it comes to Rotorcraft simulation. The Gyroplane has a startup procedure that must be followed--it has a clutch you must engage to prerotate the rotor blades, then just before you begin your takeoff roll, you disengage the clutch. This afternoon, when I flew it for these screenshots, I had a zero roll landing, otherwise it does STOL takeoffs. John John
  10. Although Fresno Air Terminal is the closest airport with airline service into Yosemite, for simmers, Mariposa airport is the closest. From there, one simply flies E/NE, inbound to Yosemite. I prefer flying in an aircraft like the Drifter, since once you are over Yosemite valley it is a great platform for screenshots and VFR flight, plus it has the "ooomph" to make it over the high country east of the valley. In real life I was only in the park once, in the late fall, so the tallest waterfalls were not working. I hiked there, parking my car, and remember the deer ten feet away from me looking at me, and me looking at them. Fortunately I did not get kissed by them, because wild deer tend to kick and they know where to kick. When I was visiting Rocky Mountain national park with a colleague 25 years ago, a deer came up behind him and licked him. He shouted to me in his Croatian accent "Zhon, I've been keesed by a dear!" A park ranger saw the encounter and told him to get the heck out of there, but he discretely walked, and did not run away since animals can sense that fear and sometimes frightfully strike. But I know his joy, having been kissed by deer at my favorite petting zoo. But worst are the baby goats, who would suck my fingers thinking I was "Mommy" or jump on my lap. They would suck a little too hard, with their baby needle like teeth trying to get blood out of my finger, lol. Their real mommies would then scold them, push them off my lap, then lay their heads on my lap so the mommies would get attention. That is one of the things I love best about flying--it has brought me to nature, back to family, and among the sheep and the goats, I find friends and goodness in all of the fellow travelers I meet, or those who vicariously enjoy travel since we cannot always blow our money on real trips or real flight lessons (in my case and others) all the time.
  11. Three legendary aircraft, the Citation, the Enstrom copter, and the Cessna 170 lastly shown flying over Roanoke VA..... I love the Manhattan flyover every time I do it, reminds me of my one and only visit in '99 when I was working at JFK airport installing and teaching business systems at the then JFK Hilton. On one day off, me and my business colleagues took a taxi to Manhattan, splitting the cost. Then we went to the Art Museum on central park. They wanted to go bar hopping, I wanted to visit the World Trade Center (little did I know back then its fate). I got to stand atop the WTC, on a wildly windy and clear day, I could see to JFK, to Connecticut, to Jersey, all over the place on that December day in '99. The outdoor observation deck was a gathering of nations, accents from all over the place surrounded me, I took a snapshot of a British family and they returned the favor taking my snapshot, although I hated the pic with my freezing red face from the wind chill, and my wind blown hair. I was a nervous Nellie as I descended into the WTC's subterranean Mall to catch the "A" train back towards JFK, though it did not go all the way. I had thought of all the iconic subway movies, including the seldom remembered movie of the week "Short Walk to Daylight", about an earthquake hitting Manhattan. But I made it back to the hotel I was working at (where I met Alan Alda, he stayed there, along with the Jet Blue trainees). I did not bug Alan Alda but enjoyed listening to him talking as he ate dinner near me, I moreover enjoyed the friendship of the Jet Blue Trainees--the airline was just getting ready to launch. We'd drink together, laugh together, they knew I was a frequent flyer and aviation buff. The pilots mingled easily and non arrogantly with the rest of the flight crew trainees. I knew from their vibe and warm companionship, because they knew my two colleagues had to go home to prepare for a Y2K conversion since the Hilton paid for me to spend additional training time there, that their airline launch would be a great success. And I am so so glad they saved the TWA terminal which I had gone thru on a couple of trips to Europe, it was so beautifully designed. A week later I was on the opposite coast with just a Christmas day stopover to visit my wife and newborn daughter in Phoenix. I did the Y2K conversion of a Best Western in Seattle (although I had proven during testing of the system I replaced that it was Y2K compliant, but we wanted our clients to be on Windows based systems back then). It was the Y2K conversions that trained me to be a Windows LAN/WAN installer, which helped my later career when I wanted less travel, since I could travel 40-45 weeks out of the year from 93 to early 2000. My daughter as she approached eighteen got to go atop the new WTC, I remember the early designs for it and I like the design that resulted from the architectural studies, especially because upper Manhattan now has tall towers, the new WTC has not been out landmarked by them, even though they are taller. John
  12. The last half of my Wallowa to Boise real time flight, now over Idaho and into Boise guided by my GPS flight plan which auto vectored me onto final. P3DV4.5 has now been fully transferred from my hard drive to my SSD drive, which allows for full settings in P3DV4 except for road traffic and boat traffic, which I keep at 50 percent. My SSD is a 2TB Samsung T5 which also stores my Xplane11 photo scenery. John
  13. In real life, between 1983 and 1995, I flew in and out of this airport many times, such a nice small airport, which I once even flew out of right after a heavy snowfall of a couple of feet, a winter wonderland it was. During heavy winters, when my parents or I drove up there, either together or when I was alone, the snow piled on I-80 in the last 30 miles before Donner Summit gave an eerie effect of being in a snow tunnel, with 20-30 feet of snowpack piled high on either side of I-80. It was quite a site to behold. The lakes nearby, around Truckee, would be like scenes from Dr. Zhivago and my brother and I would walk on the heavily frozen surface when I drove to visit him, playing fetch with his kleptomaniac dog Zack, who'd steal his neighbor's shoes, clothing, sometimes tools or anything else they left in their open garages and bring them home to my brother and his wife. Even worse, Zack's tail was coffee table height and when he'd get excited or happy to see me or my brother, his wagging tail would sweep everything off the coffee table. When I drove Zack to Boca lake between Reno and Truckee one winter on an outing with my brother, Zack would stick his head out of my Nissan Sentra Wagon's back seat and cause a "helicopter wind effect", quite annoying, so my brother, pretending to be stern, would say "ZACK' and Zack would move his head in for a bit, then start again. My brother, the main reason I flew to Reno so often and was married there, like my older brother, passed in '92 and my oldest brother in '2009. But I still celebrate the memory of my flights and visits to Reno, including seeing Tour De France winner Greg Lemond in the Coors Classic the year he won his first Tour De France, as they did a time trial in Reno. I also saw him come thru the Napa Valley where I lived a day earlier, as they were doing a 100 mile ride from the California Coast into the Central valley on their way to Reno. Planes, Trains and automobiles also must include mention of bicycles, and one is used in a cameo by Kevin Bacon in that funny movie, which was a prophecy of my days as a business systems instructor and traveling implementation lead.... John
  14. I love the Virginia scenery, I know why Virginia was so popular with early British settlers, it is due to similar greenery albeit a warmer and sunnier climate, it must have been heaven for the founding fathers of the US. For some years I worked out of an office in nearby Maryland, where I spent eight-ten weeks a year, the rest on the road for that office, or visiting with my folks in Napa California, when I worked for them as a LAN Hospitality Business Systems trainer. The company was named Cyntergy, its owner, still a good acquaintance today was a Penn State grad and created Cyntergy, first named "Strategic Technology Solutions" as an international outsourcing resource (meaning us) delivery program for international projects, domestic projects, and domestic US government projects (I had to be given top secret clearance in case I participated in those projects, but I never did so sigh.....never saw any secrets but my colleagues whispered their personal secrets about colleagues they had crushes on, since we worked so closely together, especially when we were sent as male and female teams). I loved a couple of my colleagues, we were so close, I still love them today, but my mantra was do not marry a co-worker, so I married outside "The Firm" to their amusement. As far as I know, none of our two person teams (occasionally we went as three or four person teams, I was always lead, when we went to bigger resorts), hooked up with each other. But I was humorously chastised by our HR director for falling in love, and leaving the company because of it, though I traveled again once my wife and I's long honeymoon was over in the two years before my daughter was born. Before that we could not be separated.... My Cyntergy days brought me so close to the core of my faith in my country, since I could go to DC every weekend. I'd visit all the sites, including the National Zoo, the National Cathedral, and the Pentagon (at least its outside). We would party in Georgetown, across from Georgetown I first stayed on my first visit to DC in Roslyn VA at a Best Western there, known for a gas station under a church and its long escalator down to the Metro. When I took the Metro from Roslyn to the Smithsonian during my first visit to DC, in 87, I was amazed to go underground among tall buildings in Virginia and twenty minutes later come above ground looking at the national mall and all of our historic buildings. I think our founding fathers did a beautiful job on designing a world city to rival any capitol in the world, using building codes to keep it quaint yet modern too. For me it has been amazing, I have been allowed inside the White House (POTUS was not home), the Senate (where I did see Ted Kennedy speak on the Iran Contra Affair), the National Archives, the Supreme Court building, and the Senate Office building, from which I took an underground subway to the Capitol building after I got a pass from my California Senator in '87 to sit in on a Senate session. Finally, going home from that first '87 trip, I was annoyed when some dude lit up a cigar which I normally like the smell of, but not after eating at Dulles airport. So in anger, I whipped my head around and gaped--it was Danny Thomas, flying home to LA while I was flying home to SFO. I bit my tongue, and listened to him talking to his agent, and I know his daughter Marlo from growing up in the 60's, from TV that is, such a beautiful woman that us young boys swooned over, and she looked very much like my closest high school friend as well, and was/is (since she is still alive) quite a beautiful spirit and rep of my "Baby Boom" generation... And with that, my long intro ends.... John
  15. Photoreal scenery can be surreal and so peaceful at times, especially at altitude.... John
  16. In one of the screenshots, ya can see where I live, but I'm not tellin' John
  17. Simwest's outstanding just released photo scenery for P3D and the Enstom copter, great lil' copter which is by far the best, easiest flying copter I ever ever flown for MSFS or P3D. The copter can be found here: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/5840/fsx-enstrom-280fx-package/ Simwest Albuquerque can be found here (the photo scenery extends all the way out to Double Eagle II, home of the Eclipse jet and where I last flew a trike in 2008: https://store.flightsim.com/product/simwest-albuquerque-for-fsx-p3d/
  18. I modified the aircraft.cfg cabin view so the viewpoint can be moved anywhere in the cabin..... Just replace the cabin camera definition with this section (the lines in bold can make any fixed camera interior viewpoint movable) [CameraDefinition.009] Title = "Entire Cabin" Guid = {a191c48f-ef1f-4784-986b-69a08f4fd1dd} Origin = Virtual Cockpit SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = FALSE AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.39 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 0.75 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=20 HeadingPanRate=60 InitialXyz=0.6, -0.10, -2.60 InitialPbh=10, 0.0, 180
  19. My modified Sky Spirit 767-300ER so I can have wing views from the external model ported into P3D.... The last pic is a real one of the same livery in Phoenix. Thomas Cook has recently expanded its non-stop 767-300ER service out of Phoenix due to its success, and the 767 is a great aircraft for long hauls in economy.... I use the 2-d panel included with another Skyspirit package found here and the Thomas Cook/Condor livery found at Avsim and modified to fit in with this package, which makes for a fine library of 13 repaints and P3D4.x compatibility. As noted in another post, I modified the aircraft by editing the internal model in the four model.cfg files to match the internal model. This removes the VC but the 2d panel I feel is better. I use the camera config from Manage Cameras in P3D to add the wing views and change the forward view to allow for the 2d panel and a good view forward. These configurations can be saved with the aircraft which is quite nice for those who like wing views. https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/55/670 John
  20. I modified this Skyspirit 767 so it could have dynamic wing views from the original model. It uses the original 2D panel, and I used P3D's camera config to save the wing view positions. For a legacy aircraft, flight dynamics are just outstanding and the takeoff and gps guided flight towards EGLL feel quite real, especially with the wing views and sunset takeoff from JFK looking towards the Empire State building and new WTC.... To get the wing views from the exterior model I just modified the model.cfg for each of the four included aircraft types so the interior model matched the exterior model. The pax perspective makes for enjoyable memories, my last European flight from JFK was on an American 767 towards Zurich in 1991.... My last European flight was on a 747-400 headed nonstop home from Heathrow to Phoenix, a BA flight in premium economy in 2017... My last three pics are from that flight, one over England just out of Heathrow, the other two over the US just to add some context to this post John
  21. Enjoying the Carenado Shorts just out of London City, and the Carenado Beech 200 over the lights of PA, just out of Pittsburgh. I love the new lights of P3DV4.5, I find them very realistic at night. Nighttime cruising, especially in the Beech, is quite nice. John
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