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  1. The TBM is one fast lady....but sadly she can't beat a jet. 😞 You can see in the RXP GTN 750 I set one of my user fields to ground speed (love the customizable user fact love everything about the RXP GTN!) so you can see I'm trackin' 283 kts over the ground even with almost a direct 24kt headwind. You can also see the traffic diamond of that sneaky jet 2000 ft above that pulled up behind me on the same basic route to KDAL. She overtook me...but I was sippin' fuel vs her hungry jet engines! I'm replicating one of Steve'o's latest YouTube vids from Miami to Dallas. In this video, even though it was crappy weather, he flew over Addison Airport, then directly over my house...sadly you can't see it though due to the clouds. Here is a link to the video. I did my own weather and time of day because I like flying in those conditions. And...Here is why I love flying at dusk with the weather set just right. You see this in the video at about 22:35. (but with that horrible weather) And at 23:37 in the video, you see almost this exact shot...except for the weather and time of day of course....that is Addison airport, I live about 4 miles east of it. Here we are on final, with the lovely Dallas skyline in the distance. I work in one of those buildings. Finally home, all tucked in for the evening. It was a great flight, need to start flying this great bird more. 🙂
  2. Having fun creating my own lighting for my GA fleet....The CJ got a new cockpit lighting makeover.... I turned the lighting up for the pic...I fly with it much darker...really adds to the immersion at night. And while I was at it...I really disliked that Carenado didn't offer a vanity light (I call it...some call it a logo light, hehe). So....I added one (took 4 bulbs but I think the effect is awesome when you switch to external view at night). 2 bulbs to simulate the light source in the horz. stab. Just need to paint in the lights on the texture map and it'll look even more realistic. Probably do the cabin lighting next. 🙂
  3. Hey guys, in my last post I noted how I was routing to TOJAM in a previous flight. Well now I'm creating a flight and dropping the route into the GTN 750, and when I get to the leg on UJ24 where I need to hop off (sadly its TEQ and not the top selection) is what I'm presented with... Flying from Puerto Vallarta to San Salvador using SimBrief routing, it gave me this route and when you load airways in the GTN 750, it lists all the waypoints along that airway. Had I been flying an airliner (like I normally do) I would have never seen this interesting waypoint...strange coincidence. 🙂 Here is the routing in case you're interested in recreating the flight: PVR UJ14S VOLAT UPN UJ24 TEQ UL423 IZT J13 TAP UL423 PIXEN OBRAS This hobby can be so interesting, LoL.
  4. Still painting this girl, but thought she needed a flight (ok...I really wanted to fly her, hehe) Climbing out, the Golden Gate peaking through the clouds In the climb....over 10,000 and climbing to cruise Letting down into Anchorage...flaps coming down and nice puffy clouds to ride through.... At the Cargo depot....DHL getting loaded next to me as I crack open the nose door for unloading. Not sure when she'll be done as there is a lot of metal and detail work to do...but she just so looks nice in flight as she is I had to take her on a trip. I know...."Spend more time painting and less time flying Steve"...Hehe....I used to do that, trying to balance my flying/painting time now.
  5. Hi! I am using F1 GTN 750 for a long time, but last black Friday I bought RXP GTN 750 an I would like that somebody helps me integrate with Milviz c310 redux. Could someone help me? Thanks,
  6. Just another couple of days at the office...... but getting out nonetheless you didn't think I'd stay in one place did you?...This is P3d...get out there
  7. Following on from my previous post, we're approaching Europe from the Middle East on our way to Barcelona. Still AI sightseeing, a rattle of Bulgarian Air Charter MD80s (I don't know what the collective noun for MD80s is). Out over the Med now A Siberian A321 making it's way to Barcelona just to the north of us. A sureal out-of-body under wing view of the French coast Being vectored out over the sea for the ILS to 25R, look at that lovely long beach... As ever in BCN, they've kept us high and now demanding speed and alt restrictions that are right on the limits of the aircraft. I'm doing my best here with the speedbrakes out desperately trying to kill energy... That marina is Arenys de Mar... I think. Being joined by a LATAM 767 from South America Managed to get the energy back to manageable levels and now nicely stable approaching 1000ft RA. Slight crosswind from the left, AP out and ready to finish her off by hand... Wing view of the rollout, about to exit the runway. Parked at the gate. The next A346 flights are going to be with Lufthansa but I thought I'd make a little detour via a Mauritius A340-300. I'm going to pick that up in ZSPD so now need to get there from LEBL. Obviously, I'm going via South America Avianca 788, AVA19 from LEBL to SKBO. Has dodgy RR engines so down to 140min ETOPS. Harvesting a flight plan off Flightaware gives the following, looks like 140 mins being used in real life here; 140 mins just doable... Parked at the gate. Just after take off. There are some fairly large turns early on on the 25L SIDs out of LEBL, here we are in one of them. Looking out of my window as we climb out, the three marinas/ports you can see are Cala Vallcarca, Garraf and Ginesta. Making our way out over the Atlantic, next stop, The Azores... Over the Azores we come across this German P3 Orion. After the Azores the sun sets and as we pass over the Caribbean we catch this InterCaribbean Jetstream descending towards it idyllic destination. Very dark by the time we reach Bogota, just one last on of us on the approach. Getting out to China from here will involve a flight down to Santiago, I initially planned to do it in the 788 (Avianca again) but they run that at night, the day flights are done in a single aisle Airbus... and Aerosoft had just released the A318/319 for P3Dv4. The temptation was too much so next up, a daytime flight from SKBO to SCEL in an A319...
  8. Now to the meat of it, the ageing A340, not many left, certainly not the pride of many fleets but solid workhorses. The latest A340, the 600, reached airlines (Virgin Atlantic being the first) in the early naughties (2002) as an enlarged A340-300. About 10 years behind the 300 and 200 series, it offered about 50 more seats (dependant on airline fit of course) but over 100t increase in MTOW. It provided airlines with similar passenger capacity to the 747 Classics but with about 25% more cargo volume. There were 2 versions of the 600, 642 and 643, the latter of the two being the HGW (High Gross Weight) version. Initial reactions to the aircraft weren't as great as hoped, fuel economy was not quite as advertised and airlines started asking questions. Airbus investigated and found the First/Business class cabins were heavier than they had anticipated which was bringing the cruise CofG forward, thus requiring a larger downward force from the elevator to keep it level and hence the aircraft acting heavier than it actually was. Fuel economy suffered. In 2007 Airbus started recommending a 5t reduction in the forward holds to compensate for this but the airlines weren't happy and the aircraft aquired an inefficient reputation which wasn't entirely true. Nevertheless, the A346 was the 2nd best selling A340 (after the A343) with 97 aircraft delivered (against 218 for the 300). Here we have one of Qatar's 4 A340-642's, A7-AGD parked up in Bangkok for the flight back to Doha. Taxiing out and looking back at the terminal. Similar view after take off and looking out over Bangkok. Many hours of darkness later (well, not that many) the sun starts rising behind us, we can't quite outrun it. Finally the same wingview coming into Doha, not many photos for this flight as it was dark for most of it. Sticking with the A340-600 theme, we'll be QTR654, the daylight flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Parked at the gate with the city behind us on a fine summer morning (probably nut sweatingly hot) Lining up behind a company A380 with a company B777 behind us. Shortly after take off... Despite being a day flight, after flying over the desert we then spent hours over the sea and there really wasn't much to see. Therefore, the last photo of this leg is us landing at Bandaranaike Int'l Airport. What we're actually looking at is the military apron, I've been in the process of converting all my Military AI over from my FS9 installation. It's not all complete, there're still plenty of models not converted (I know they'll work in FSX but my P3Dv4 and FSX(SE) setups all share AI so they need to be FSX models). The return flight is, unsurprisingly, QTR655 and is a night flight back to Doha. Shortly after take off... If there wasn't much to see on the way out, on the way home at night there was even less, so here we are parked up out in the boon docks of Doha airport. The last of the Qatar A346 flights is from Doha to Barcelona, QTR145. It's now an A359 flight but in the Summer season Qatar used an A340-600. At 9am there's still some morning fog to burn off, there's a definite haze in the air as we load up at the gate. A view from the main gear as we're being pushed back. The Wilco model is far from perfect in every regard but they've managed to make it look good enough to suspend your belief just long enough to enjoy it (providing you're not being too fussy). Here's a basic view of the main gear, somehow detailed with hydraulic lines and brakes but equally messy and disjointed (that back inside wheel is about to roll away for sure!) with dubious texturing in places. Of course, in real life, if you had this view you would be about to be squished. Taking off into the murk... We took off on the westerly of the two runways on the grounds we were going west(ish). FS AI traffic possesses less forethought so here we see an aircraft taking off on the easterly runway and then turning across me (in IMC). I decided to intervene (as ATC) and limit my climb to the initial SID altitude to ensure we stayed apart. I kept a beady eye on him and in the end we didn't come into conflict, TCAS remained silent. Our route took us firstly into Iran and along the mountain range along the western border with Iraq. Since I made this flight, they've started flying through Iraq again, probably about 100nm west of my track and up the eastern side of the country, over such infamous places as Basra, Baghdad and Mosul. As we make our way up and out of the desert we spy a few other aircraft, firstly a FlyDubai 737 going to Uytash, in Russia on the Caspian Sea. A trusty ol' BA Triple making it's way back to London. And finally a Mahan Air A310 parked up... somewhere... I'm all out of photos now so next time, some flying over Europe and into Barcelona, then figuring out where to go next to fly more A346 flights. Spoiler: we end up hitting South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa in 78's and a cheeky 319 before trying out an A343 and then flying with the largest named operator of A340's on the planet...
  9. Flying over Wyoming scenery I made with FSEarthtiles, in the RealAir piston Duke....
  10. Early Morning Blues...darkness turning into dawn. Check it out, comments would be appeciated...Darryl
  11. Fantastic light at FL370 in the FF752 in my VA Cargo livery. As much as I enjoy P3D it can't match XP's tonal subtleties.
  12. How do I make the side of autogen buildings facing the sun darker? Regards Dave.
  13. Always looking for those moments created by the scenery addons Cheers
  14. If ya want to go to Disneyland, the 850 is a nice relaxing ride..... She flies right on the numbers, 190 KIAS @ 28000 feet. I know, because I watched a Youtube video of a ferry flight across the Atlantic into the states, so I decided to climb to FL280 to see where the airspeed would settle at. She's a fast mover, fits perfectly between jet and piston pressurized aircraft. John
  15. Hi gents! Since i was in the market for a new GA,i decided to surf the world wide web and stumbled upon this nice little Piper Archer III.Paperwork and frame seemed A-O-K but the downside is that it is located in Sweden,Göteborg-Landvetter Airport.Nevertheless,i head out there and not soon after,i get to see her in real and it's love at first sight! With a glimpse inside,we see that she is well equiped and well maintained. So no need to further tackle the price,get that VISA out and pay the man!Now we only need to bring her to Belgium to get her Belgian registration and colors.The plan is to depart ESGG to Billund,Denmark,then head out to Hamburg,Lelystad and Midden Zeeland to get her repainted.Afterwards,we'll deliver her to the first aeroclub needing her service in Belgium.So time to head out! After turning West,we soon hit the Swedish coast And are over the sea Heading to Denmark, Luckily i got my GoPro with me to capture the journey at the tip of the nose ;). After a nice and soothing cruize,time to get back to work.Since the weather at Billund was OK,I decided to test out the AP and let it fly the APP.She handled well and i took over at short final to set her down on Danish soil. Since we are not familiar with this airport,we asked for the follow me car to guide us to our parking spot for the next couple of hours. All tied up and ready for the night,just need to get my bag out and head for the pub! Hope you join me next time on the leg from Billund to Hamburg. Kind regards, Steven PS:If anyone has any experience repainting this bird,please contact me as i would like to request 2 paints for this one to use in Belgium ;).
  16. earthdog

    747-8 & 787

    Some recents from the new 747-8 and the updated 787...
  17. 1. Start with an unmodified panel.cfg file. This is the original panel.cfg that installs with the aircraft: 2. Run F1GTN750PA42.exe. 3. Launch sim. Panel before installing RXP GTN750: http:// 4. Goto menu | add-ons | Reality XP GTN Setup Aircraft. http:// Check on No Bezel http:// http:// http:// 9. Review Reality XP GTN Touch FltSim.pdf.
  18. The highly-awaited A2A Bonanza V-Tail has been released for Prepar3D v4 and FSX. The release early this morning follows a fifteen-minute promo video posted on the A2A Facebook page last night. Infamous for its high performance and unforgiving flight characteristics, the Bonanza V-Tail is one of the most recognisable General Aviation aircraft in the world. The A2A rendition promises faithful flight modelling alongside many of the features A2A customers will be familiar with from their previous products, including an immersive pre-flight 'walkaround' process, an authentic engine simulation model which responds to actual ambient conditions and usage and realistic gauge physics to provide a highly realistic cockpit environment.
  19. After replying to a QW post in the P3d Forum, I realized I handn't flown her in a took her on a short hop from KMSP to KDEN. This is at the end of the flight where I got out and took a walk around the big girl. Tried to capture some interesting vantage points where I could also showoff FlightBeam's excellent scenery....the best of all the devs in my opinion! Here is the nose, with my weathered GPUs giving her ground power. Love the detail of the AC unit under the jetway, the small placards you'd normally never see from the cockpit, but are there nonetheless. Caught a flight's contrails flying high above Denver's sky in this pic. Another shot, with a highly detailed baggage cart in the foreground. Most devs would not add the bolt detail you see on the jetway stanchion, plus the wear...just looks good! fine modeling job by QW, the exterior is just superb! Captured a little CRJ on departure in this screen. Perspective shot showing how tall the tower is at KDEN.
  20. Aerosoft have released an 'experimental' update for their Airbus A318/A319 Professional for Prepar3D v4. Changes include the addition of "HA" and "HF"-type ARINC course reversal and racetrack pattern legs, as well as a range of MCDU tweaks and texture fixes. Customers will be able to download the update using the Aerosoft updater software. A full changelog is available on the Aerosoft forums.
  21. Hi All Hoping someone can help me out. I have just purchased and installed the PMDG 737 800 NGX Base Package. The Sim is P3D V4 1. After installation I checked the start menu for the Operations Centre and it doesn't exist? 2. When I start the sim with the 737 sat at a gate, after about a minute. it looks like the aircraft has suddenly sank into the floor, and from an out side view, an illustration of sparks are emerging from the engines the sim then resets it;s self back to the saved scenario. I have re downloaded the program, and re installed, but hasn't made any difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Tom Tom Wildbore
  22. Hey guys, as you may know, the 767-300ER has gone into retirement but got something to sit in place and take their position which is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which AmeriCay have Inquired 2 for the time being, not sure if more will be in but here are my shots on the first Inaugural flight to Paris my favourite route if I do say so myself. On Climb out from Miami Airspace. Some weather below but smooth ride on the climb. Gotta love Active Sky In Bermuda Airspace in the Dusk Setting. Pretty Flight Deck eh? Sky Interior Lights in action Descending into France Airspace at Dawn time. Lots of clouds, had to check in the metar, metat did say it was clear and calm The countryside can be seen below. Speed was a bit high so had to depend on speed brakes to slow me a bit down. On final. No backtracking shots since had traffic on Approach for the same runway and went through the After-Landing Checklist. Here we are at Terminal C (C8) Ground Crew offloading Luggage Containers. Them RR's look really intimidating.
  23. Starting the IFR World Tour @IVAO 2018 Leg#1 Tolouse-Palermo
  24. After having finished my route a few minutes ago (go and watch it on PFY) i found it would be interesting to post the best pics of it. So today we're at EGPH, or edimborophh for the ones who know it better. I've been there twice, once with the q400 and once with the SF34. It's now a complete other story. I'm captain of flight AF 1687 (real BTW) left @ gate 2. Not a busy day, clouds are not too bad and there isn't much wind. Catering is coming in. Meanwhile, in the flight deck, i'm inserting the route, sid, star, perf and all others. I still kept some knowledge of the FSL that i got rid of during the malware thingy, but some of it is different. It feels 100 times more lively. Of course it isn't finished, and systems are on some ways basic but it looks neat. Briefing says it'll be a 1:49 h flight. Time to pushback. the integrated checklist is a bit bugged and needs assistance a lot of times but it works well. The FO today is Marion Chatilleard. Signs on, bleed on, GPU disconnect, clearance obtained, getting straight to the pushback. No issues, no bugs, a perfect day. As the plane is pushed back i do the annoncement to the pax: 100 souls and 4 crew members. Meanwhile, pushback stopped, and tow truck is disconnected. Same routine; pins removed, surrondings clear. I start engine 2. Gets stabilized quickly. Starting N°1 is the most interesting. You get the PTU sound (aka "barking" dog), and things come alive. After the routine of cheks and sets, we taxi to the active, in this flight RWY 24. RAAS comes with this beast. It makes things sound so realistic! Love the fact devs use it more and more. after hearing "ON RWY 24" and having set chronos, it's time to set T/O power. SRS flex 62, rotate comes quickly. Then you have to set thrust to climb in order to get autothrottle. CLIMB was one of the BEST i've gotten on the last year of which i've been simming intensively. I've even set it as my desktop wallpaper LOL Note I dont have AS or even REX. i'm only using a free thing called FSXWX that works in V4 and needs FSUIPC. It's the only free way i know to get active weather. And also these birds don't need AS, because of their integrated radar. It works on ANY weather engine. A little gadget that I think looks suuper cool is the printer and the coffee. As I said, I don't have AS so atis is useless, but nontherless it's great-looking. The coffee "fills" me of more excitation about this plane. Cruise was quite boring. Switched from the active frequency to the best local radio LOL, cuz P3Ds vanilla radio is a true pain in the butt. Did you see the coffee smiling at me? That's why i drank it LMAO. After a not so boring cruise filled with coffee, crackers and BBC2 it was time to prepare for the descent. Marion Chatilleard helped me with the checklists (not talking about CFD, but ICL) It was nighttime and it was getting colder. Finally switched to the Paris approach frequency and got my clearance for 27L. Again, after some Checks and sets, we were on the last turn. Flaps1, spoilers armed, and the LOC and GS came alive. But actually because I'm dumb and thought I knew 27R I went into a closed taxiway after my landing. Rating was @ 194fpm, nice. So yea, thx no collisions enabled, otherwise I wouldn't be here lol. Since there was 0 damage I continued like if nothing happened(never did that one before) and moved along to the gate. Pier F, gate 70, the exact same one I went to only two weeks ago . I finally parked the baby, and let the 100 souls and their belongings deboard. The final check and set went quickly. I then opened both windows to feel the fresh air and the smell of the vehicles going by. Turned everything off and let the baby have a good night. And this was the end of a successful and exciting journey. More seriously If I had to say anything about the plane it looks nice, flys well and is easy to learn on (unlike the maddog or SF34 Hehe) and the gadgets just make it feel good. I think it's worth it, even if it's not complete YET. Also the ones who know me know my PC is a bottleneck and the fps I get on it aren't great. But the most important thing is HOW much FUN it gives you, no matter the FPS. So that guys, was a review, a flight and my opinion, all in one topic. Best regards ever, Charly