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  1. Hm. My very first try (!) to show you one of my pictures ... 😅 And now I start to sweat.. I understand that for best results we use something like Google Drive, flickr, et cetera et cetera . Until today, I don't own something like that. But I've tried to create a link, so that you only click on it to open my picture. Let's see if this link works. Due to hardware changes, this is a rather old picture, 7 or 8 months old, and I only begin to set up the simulator completely new. But nevertheless imho there's a certain beauty in this picture. From EDDF to PANC nonstop with Randazzos B744 PS: Now you ask me for the location of that picture. Somewhere in Canada I'd say. Because even with my last waypoint before that picture, and the info '643.8 nm NorthWest of xyz', it wouldn't help you much. It was winter on the Northern Hemisphere, so much is for sure. So even if I tried to exactly recreate this picture, I had to set the simulator to 'winter' although I very much like the late summer temperatures here at my home airport. 😎
  2. For a while now I've been in a constant pursuit of the "best" sky textures for P3D, from REX Skyforce to freeware packages from Pascal and Lucas Cavatoni, however I've always ended up being somewhat dissatisfied with the result as I personally feel none of them are 'perfect' for me. They're all just very close. At the minute my sky textures are Google Earth Sky Textures V2 from Lucas Cavatoni, and they're pretty good on the ground! But once you get to cruising altitude that's where the imperfections begin to seep in for me. Mostly about the grey band at the horizon which just feels too dark compared to the clouds, and more often than not ends up contrasting too much between each other and spoiling what would be a good image, as can be seen here - Exhibit A: Sure, it looks good to most people looking at it for the first time. But to me, I've seen this kind of picture so many times that a tiny thing like the colour of the horizon sets me off, and I just get a feeling of discontent with my sim, and it's these kinds of things that make it harder for me to start up and use nowadays. Perhaps the worst offender is my clouds. Holy s**t I cannot figure out how to get them the way I want, sure ASCA can look great but in my experience that's only under specific conditions. Take this for example; Exhibit B: You can also see that 'grey horizon band' which I was talking about far more prominently here, but the clouds really put me off sometimes. Why are there just random ugly grey clouds littered throughout the overcast layer? Why aren't the clouds far off in the distance blending with the horizon properly? (to be fair, that's probably the sky textures problem, but my point stands). "Okay then Chris, what other sky textures have you tried then? Surely there are some textures out there". Oh I've tried many, namely the entire set provided by REX Skyforce before deciding that there were only about 3 presets in there which I would consider using, and all of them have one glaring issue (colour doesn't blend as it goes up the sky to the zenith, looks too washed out, doesn't look good at cruising altitude/on the ground) but the biggest problem I have with RSF is how it has blue shadows and not gray shadows, like Pascal's Real Atmospherics or GE sky textures (although GE shadows are slightly lighter) Photoreal Sky Project by Pascal! It's like Real Atmospherics but it has different sunrise & sunset textures, and the daytime is a little bit darker. Should've been exactly what I wanted when I was looking for textures which were a fairly deep blue at cruising altitude, but not comically dark on the ground compared to real life images. Looks almost the same as GE? I don't blame you. Most people I've spoke to don't really see much of a difference, but I personally see it instantly because I spent hours at a time switching between presets to see which ones I like best in a number of scenarios, and basically choosing them based off of "which ones are good in the scenarios where i like to take pictures" or "which ones look good in most scenarios, and not in just certain scenarios" Look at that deep blue. Now photoreal looks great at cruising altitude, I think it's the best I have found for cruise. Granted these pictures will look different to you because of your monitor being different from mine. However, photoreal basically only looks great in this part of the flight - cruise. On the ground it's a different story. Yeah it looks alright, but the problem for me is that washed out blue at the horizon. I can't explain precisely why it ticks me off, but it just does. Enough to send me straight into my downloads folder looking for the next preset to try. You can't see it because of the angle of the picture, but another issue I have with photoreal sky project is how the blue sky when you're down on the ground gets too dark too quickly, normally the sky isn't that dark when you look up. At least not when I'm looking outside during the daytime. TL;DR - I'm upset with my simulator because of my sky textures never being perfect, and my clouds sometimes looking out of place or too dark. So, what would I do here? Don't get me wrong, I do want to fly, but every time I load up my sim to get ready for a flight, I'm looking out the window and I always feel like the sky textures can be better, and that "this picture could look a lot better than it does right now", or maybe just "my sim doesn't look great" which can on it's own make me too annoyed to fly! I've been through so many sky textures and I've never found ones which I truly like, and it's waning my interest in my sim because I know I'll get word not allowed off with my sky textures somehow. I feel like I'm not flying because I like to fly anymore, and more that I'm flying just because I have nothing else to do. Or maybe this is just a crazy rant which nobody would understand, but anyways. It's out there now. Perhaps I'm doomed to switch around sky textures and scour the caverns of the web (a.k.a forums) for another set which looks promising. Although, at least it would only need the daytime textures to look good, my sunrise and sunset ones are perfect at the moment, it's just daytime for me.
  3. I've noticed this problem for a while but its never really bothered me, and after fixing a missing autogen issue (thanks 29palms skiathos!!) i couldn't help but notice that this peculiar issue was happening near Heathrow. It only happens at EGLL, and i did a test and it only happens when i have UK2000 EGLL enabled. Turning it off and reloading fixes the issue. Perhaps a bugged autogen.xml in P3D? Maybe something happened in UK2K EGLL itself? I can't find any forum posts on their website about this issue (they're pretty dead anyways)
  4. I was just sitting on the ground at KMSP, tweaking my PTA and ReShade. Figured it needed a beauty shot.
  5. 2019-4-12_16-11-35-932 (2) by Chris DeGroat, on Flickr
  6. Well, it had to happen, came down pretty ill, lots of thowing up with the shakes and temp etc. Went to the local quack's office, no joy - no can see Drs. until a Covid-19 test has been passed...🤔 Fortunatelly the Covid clinic is right next door, but of course after being tested you gotta isolate for a couple of days while awaiting the test results. So took that time to work from home and not having to commute meant time for installing and a bit of flying of a few more Covid-19 specials. Turns out by the time I got the results I was feeling much better, no need to see Drs. and didn't have Covid-19 anyway. 😀 Cheers The Carenado Beechcraft King Air 350i - I watched an MSFS king Air 350 video today and turns out the Carenado 350i has at least 70% more working switchs and performs closer to the real thing, well according to an actual King Air 350 pilot that is. No doubt the Milviz release tops them all though. Notice the left prop is not spinning? That's because I broke the engine on my first flight and had to turn back to the airport. The Embraer 120 Brasilia. I haven't really ever flown any of these twin regionals previously, never had a workstation with enough power or enough $$ to afford such gear, but nowdays the gear is so much more powerful and this one flys quite nicely. The Alabeo C421C (with a few mods). Nice plane. The Alabeo Piper Sport, a fun little Czech aircraft that was sold under the Piper brand for a short time before reverting away from Piper. Reminds me of flying in FSW. The venerable C208B EX HD, the glass gauge version. Bought to complete the collection (the HD steam gauge and cargomaster). This one comes with cockpit immersive sounds, unlike the HD Steam Gauge release where I had to create and add my own. The Socata TBM 850. This one I cleaned up the GPS 1000 XML code as it was just littered with issues pumping out a constent steam of errors into the ContentErrers.txt file. You'd think devs would use such a logging option to review their code, but nooo, although some must do because some planes don't have errors. And finally the C195 Business Liner, they don't make them like that anymore, fun fact, they used one on the TV show "Project Blue Book" (a show based on the USAF's UFO investigation team, stars that LittleFinger guy from GOT) The End ! Cheers
  7. Hi Team, Been having an issue with CTD when I switch airports. It takes me three or four times to get the sim to start working. I have tried building a new CFG and deleted new sceneries. I have tried other tips I've seen over the forums but nothing is working. I figure I would ask in this forum before I completely uninstall sceneries, aircraft, and other tools. Specs: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K Processor (8x 3.60GHz/12MB L3 Cache) Motherboard:MSI Z390-A PRO - USB 3.2 Ports (1 Type-C, 3 Type-A), M.2 Slot (2) Memory:16 GB [8 GB X2] DDR4-3000 Memory Module - Certified Major Brand Gaming Memory [Free Upgrade to 16GB DDR4-3200 XPG D41 RGB] Video Card: Radeon RX 6700XT Memory: 12GB GDDR6 Thank you.
  8. The repeating landclass textures in Asia had made me give up flying in the region (apart from Australia to Hong Kong, for which I have good photo scenery). Then I discovered Gibson Sceneries' North East China and China - Hong Kong to Shanghai v2 payware. The product is described as "economical real scenery for en-route flying above medium altitudes", so above FL100 is where it starts to look good. Now, it might only be LOD12, however, for ~25 GB of disk space (I deleted the duplicate LOD 11 that came with it), I now have the whole eastern part of China. It's made a big enough difference to me that I'm now interested in buying some mainland China payware airports. Climbing out over Bao'an (Pearl River Delta) and ZGSZ Guangzhou Somewhere over Inner Mongolia Somewhere over Jiangxi Province Shanghai Beijing Coverage area It's not for low and slow VFR, but I like how it looks on the climb, in the cruise and on descent. Water masking is good if you like the default water to show. I prefer the real water version. For the cost of a good payware airport in P3D you can have a lot of photo scenery.
  9. Some screenshots from my recent flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas with the QW787. With the start of the summer season KLM operates 4 weekly direct flights from Amsterdam to Las Vegas.
  10. Hope someone might be able to help. I recently installed the PMDG 747 QTS II with recent update, however now my P3D will load through the splash screen then run in the background with no scenario screen options. When I go to the Task Manager it shows it running but no icon or anything. I also have done the following: Uninstalled PMDG, including Operations Center Uninstalled and reinstalled the client. Deleted the P3D.cfg file and let the system generate a new one. All above have been done to no avail. Please help! I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall everything! Nate
  11. I am wishfully hoping the system my son is passing on to me will be able to run P3Dv4.5 and PMDG 737NGu without being a slideshow. Anyone with first hand knowledge, your input will be greatly appreciated. Note: I have been doing a lot of reading and don't know 100% for certain, so I am inquiring herein. I have P3Dv3 & v4.3 on my old desktop that has a corrupt C drive. My flightsim installs are on a separate 1tb hard drive with 4 partitioned drives assigned. I don't know how much in the my documents p3d subfolders of the c drive will be salvageable, so I anticipate complete reinstalls of all (a multitude!) of my collected addons (a/c & scenery). Here are the specs for the desktop my son is giving me a soon as his new gaming system arrives: Intel i5-4690k 3.5gHz OC to 4.4gHz 18 gb (2x8) DDR3 @ 2400mHz Gigabyte r9 290 factory oc to 1040mHz w/ 4gb vram (AMD Radion R9 290) 1 tb HDD 256gb SSD My old system is just a little weaker than this one and has a GTX 760 ti 4gb vram video card that ran PMDG 737 & 777 series very well with active sky and Pro-ATCx or PF3 running together. Will I be able to continue using the older versions of the PMDG 737 series a/c, I don't see where they are available to reinstall/reactivate? If not, will this newer pc handle the 737NGu a/c? I believe the weak area is only having 4gb vram on the graphics card. Is this just wishful thinking on my part or is there a chance I can return to flying the virtual skies with a beloved PMDG 737? Thanks & kindest regards, Glenn (beechcaptain)
  12. So all my aircraft have loaded for example PMDG and the 787 that are in the base folder, however after searching, re installing everything the correct way(I have to use my D drive as my C drive is full) I am having issues with any aircraft including the Aerosoft Airbuses not loading in P3D V4.5 and im about to pull my hair out.. Deleted the folders, did a complete reinstall according to each Developer and Lockheed's posts. I am still stuck with only aircraft in the P3D SimObjects folder. I would really appreciate if someone could help. I would greatly Appreciate it. Steve
  13. Default models from FSX to P3Dv4.5. ORBX NZ, PTA, Photoshop
  14. Hello, Since I cannot find any of their support forums, I'd like to ask for an opinion of those who own the product already whether it's CTD-free or not.I own both 737 and 747, and have zero issues. Hope that the T7 is reliable in the same manner Thanks
  15. Next stage of my Ant Tecnam Seasky Canada flight - Pender Harbour by Orbx. Enjoying flying the ANT Tecnam Seasky float plane, this time some screenies from the freeware Orbx Pender Harbour Seaplane Base (CAG8). Truely some developers go for an amazing level of detail above and beyond that needed just for flying over an area and I just had to showcase a portion of it. (Note the bike riding avatar is part of a non-Orbx scenery package). Cheers
  16. Sent a support ticket and heard nothing back? The immersion is not working, no lights, no vapor.. nothing... it shows correct in the immersion manager window but fails to work after i close it.?
  17. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some support here, as I'm honestly quite lost right now. Up until a few days ago, I was flying around without any issues in P3D v4.5, all of my settings being unchanged for months and using all sorts of add-on planes, scenery, weather, shaders, textures, etc. Everything was looking beautiful and I was enjoying it a lot. Without changing anything in the sim, I suddenly experienced a massive drop in FPS (to < 15) and blurry textures in scenarios that were no problem before. This issue unfortunately still persists, despite my desparate attempts to narrow it down. This is what I've done since the problem appeared (in the following order and with reboots/tests in between): Disabled VolFog and AA Disabled all add-on scenery Disabled all other add-ons (weather, GSX, SODE, FSUIPC, etc.) Restored P3D's default shaders Restored the default P3D.cfg Removed all user generated files (as per LM's general debugging steps) Reset all NVidiaProfileInspector settings to default Installed a legacy P3D v4.4 client Updated my graphics card driver Installed an older graphics card driver again Disabled my CPU and GPU overclocking None of this solved my issue or caused even the slightest improvement. The only way I could get back to my old FPS performance was to dramatically reduce scenery complexity, LoD radius and draw distance through the settings (complexity sliders at "sparse" instead of "dense" or even "very dense", the latter of which I used for VFR flying without any issues a few days ago). So, I decided to completely uninstall P3D and all of my add-ons, as I thought one of my many add-ons might have messed up the sim. Afterwards I set the CPU and GPU overclocking back on. Today, I started testing with my fresh P3D v4.5 installation which I had downloaded again. P3D default scenario, all settings unchanged = all fine (as expected due to low settings) P3D default scenario, all settings back up to the low range of what I was using before = bad performance again (stuttering, low FPS) This is with no add-ons enabled and a complete clean installation. I locked my FPS to 30 via RivaTuner which took some load off the GPU, but the problems are still there, no matter if the GPU is working at 70% or 100%. Currently I am experiencing stutters again with GPU load at approx. 80% and the CPU at approx. 70%. This is flying from KVPS (P3D default) in the default F-22, using settings that would normally be fine for flying an add-on airliner out of Frankfurt with a complex weather scenario. Of course I was used to FPS going down in other cases before too, but not to the current level that really makes the Sim impossible to use, unless I fly virtually without any objects in the scenery. I tried to rule out a hardware issue. So I performed a test via userbenchmark.com, which resulted in all of my components performing "as expected" or "way above expectations". Not sure if this is enough to rule out any issues here? Right now, I'm completely lost and don't know what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Let me know if I should post any further information and I'll gladly do so. Best regards, Daniel tl;dr: My P3D v4.5 has become a complete FPS and stutter desaster out of nothing, even after a clean reinstall, with no changes made to the settings My system specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K OC@4.4 GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB SSD: Intel SSD 256GB HDD: Seagate ST1000 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 3000 C15 4x4GB MBD: Asrock Z270 Pro4 OS: Win 10 Home 64 Bit Sim: P3D v4.5
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