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  1. Some images I had saved on my computer. YSSY/NGXu Leaving Sydney/NGXu Santiago/FSLabs A3XX Enroute to Puerto Montt/FSLabs A3XX Buenos Aires/NGXu Mendoza/NGXu Leaving Mendoza/NGXu Approaching Lisbon/FSLabs A3XX Somewhere/NGXu EHAM/NGXu LPPD/MJC Q400 LFPG/MJC Q400 ELLX/MJC Q400 Somewhere/MJC Q400 Somewhere/MJC Q400 Somewhere/MJC Q400 Somewhere/MJC Q400 Somewhere/MJC Q400 Luxemburg/MJC Q400
  2. Just want to share a few screenshots of my first two flights with the PMDG 737. It really is an incredible addon!
  3. My first flight in the new 737-700. KDAL-KABQ.
  4. https://pmdg.com/pmdg-737-700-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ it's happening ENJOY!
  5. I normally don't do fictionals...but a friend on the beta team lives in New Zealand and really loves this livery. They did fly the 2/3/400s but never the -700. In flightsim, she can be a -700! I think she looks rather dashing in this livery. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Testing how she does in multiplayer...she does just fine! 1st time in history that I've seen 3 of my paints in the sim at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Hey Guys, It's been a long, hard, enjoyable, frustrating (for everyone...Devs, testers, patiently waiting simmers, hehe), rewarding, and incredible experience beta testing this phenominal aircraft! I have bitten a hole clean thru my bottom lip watching all the speculative posts in many forums, knowing answers to questions you guys had but had to remain in the cone of silence.....until toady! You guys know me as a long-time contributor of freeware paints, and I'm pleased to announce that I will continue that tradition with the release of this epic aircraft. I plan to bring over all my previous paints for the 737-700, in addition to a few that I've created by request by members of the beta team. Before I paste in the pic of all the paints I'm converting, let me show you a few of what you've all been waiting for (all have been recreated and depict the latest beta build of the aircraft.) Speaking of disclaimers: DISCLAIMER: All screens are of the product in its latest beta iteration, some things shown may change before release. I wanted to make my very 1st public screen one that hits several cools things that max out Steve's geek meter. ๐Ÿ™‚ I echo Rob's excitement about the DD Renton scenery. Being a "virtual" painter, I see the completion of my "virtual paint hangar" come to life in this scenery! Here is my completed Germania paint getting ready to roll out of the Renton Paint Hangar. ๐Ÿ™‚ The lighting and atmospherics in MSFS, the scenery and the plane are something to behold in this pic. Look at the lights on the paint scaffolds reflecting off the plane...just awesome! And who can guess the next paint I'm working on? This is the 1st repaint from scratch I did for a fellow beta tester. This is a new-ish airline in South America. I like it. Its an odd livery from a painter's standpoint because the winglets when looking from the left are blue and looking from the right, orange. Guys, unfortunately I'm on a laptop traveling this week (figures)...and converting these screens to the latest beta build has been a challenge to say the least. But regardless, I'll do the best I can getting you guys some more screens as even with a small screen, this palne is so photogenitc! In addition, the beta team is still extremely busy testing and trying to get her done for you guys, so I know that any lack of screens or communication in the near future won't be met with "OMG why are they not posting screens and answering every detailed question we ask?? I want my screens and answeres....and I want them NOW! LOL. Honestly, I think what you guys REALLY want is the plane...so let us focus on making that happen....deal? Here are a few more randoms...
  8. A couple of (fictional) liveries I painted for the PMDG B777 a few months back...one a fictional Air Canada Pax and the other a fictional Air France Cargo...posted tonight to the Avsim library...
  9. Last week, Westjet took delivery of their first of four 737-800 BCF conversions. The aircraft arrived in Calgary with a temporary registration. Has not flown again since arrival and no info yet on the new Canadian registration. So far, there are only 4 photos online to work from...and none depicting the inside of the winglets. This one is still very much a "work in progress"....cool livery though!
  10. So i recently got the PMDG 737 800 pack for my FSX but when I install the addon and try to launch FSX, the game shows this: "Product Activation Error: An error occurred while attempting to activate the product. The problem may be due to an incomplete installation of the application. Reinstalling the application may resolve the problem. Otherwise, please contact product support for assistance." What to do to fix this as it isnt even showing where to put the activation code in. Due to this I only get to play 30m of free flight. (Note that the above image is not mine, its a google image but I get the same result too)
  11. 20FEB22[ Put this on your calendar for 26FEB22 Today, 03:26 Captains, As we near product releases, I generally receive a number of interview requests from various streamers/pod-casters/organizations that I eschew in part because I have traditionally been a very private person, and in part because I am certain there are many folks who are far more interesting to listen to than me. For a good portion of the years in which I have run PMDG, I have also been involved in or otherwise held official capacities that were important to keep separate from my "PMDG Hobby" as they wouldn't appreciate me generating any sort of interest from social/online channels. As a result I have become quite accustomed to keeping to myself, except for my presence here at PMDG. With the advent of MSFS, the role played by streamers, pod-casters and content creators has fundamentally changed the landscape of how we all see and learn about products in the simming marketplace- and that has me subtly finding ways to participate a bit more frequently in ways OTHER than posts here. I have long been perfectly content to show up in the chat stream on Chewwy's channel, for example, harass him with a bit of good natured ribbing and then move on to whatever I else was doing in my day. (Chewwy is actually a friend, not sure you guys knew that?) Such drive-by-shootings have long been my way to have some fun without actually having to be part of the discussion. Over the past few months I've done a few appearances with folks we know and like. Fabio (TheFlyingFabio on Twitch) and I have been friends for (word not allowed) twenty years or so now? He is a great guy whom I admire personally and professionally so when he asked if I'd jump on his stream with him- I agreed because at least with a stream present, it might give us a reason to limit our conversation to less than three hours. This coming weekend, 26FEB22 at 2000Z, PMDG is participating in a live event hosted by the Flight Simulation Association that I am hoping you will find time to join. The panel discussion will be lead by Laura Laban of Infinite Flight, and will include Kieth Smith of Pilot Edge, Fabio Miguez (the aforementioned TheFlyingFabio of twitch fame) and some guy from PMDG who claims not to enjoy doing such things but always has plenty to say once the mic is hot... I have a running bet with Fabio that Laura doesn't stand a chance of keeping us on time or on-topic, so I promise the event will be entertaining at the very least. PMDG have contributed two products to be awarded to active participants. You will have your pick of of any product currently available in the PMDG catalog, to include the soon-to-be-released PMDG 737-700 for MSFS if you win. There are a number of other prizes as well. Come on out on Saturday and join us on the stream. Bring popcorn because when you get me and Fabio on the same stream it almost always goes to unexpected places. You can join the event right from the PMDG Simulations Official YouTubeChannel, the link is at the bottom of the first page: You can also find the links included in the official announcement from FSA is included here below. I hope to "see" you on Saturday! >>>>>>>>>>>>>=================================== == ============= =======<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Can Flight Sim Impact Real-World Aviation? Win a Thrustmaster Airbus Officer Pack in FSA's Cross-Community Panel Discussion! Join the livestream at 2000 GMT on February 26 for Flight Simulation Association's third Cross-Community Panel Discussion. Panelists include Robert S. Randazzo (PMDG), Fabio Miguez (TheFlyingFabio), Keith Smith (PilotEdge), and Laura Laban (Infinite Flight). In an emergency, could a flight simmer land an airliner if they had to? How is home flight simulation impacting real-world training today? And what more should we be doing? This Saturday, panelists from PMDG, PilotEdge, Infinite Flight, and 'TheFlyingFabio' will be joined by developers from around the community in a discussion about how consumer flight simulation can impact real flight training. The 90-minute livestream is available to everyone, free. All live participants will have multiple opportunities to win more than 20 prizes donated by organizations like Aerobask, Infinite Flight, Laminar Research, PilotEdge, PMDG, SoFly, Thrustmaster and more. The grand prize, drawn at the end of the live event, is a Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition! The panel will discuss topics like: What does home flight simulation do well? And what are its limitations compared to full-motion simulators used in real training? How might home flight simulation change real-world aviation training over the next 10 years? What more, if anything, should our community be doing to advance home flight simulation's role as a solution to the industry-wide pilot shortage? Everyone is welcome to participate. We encourage pilots and flight simmers to watch the stream live on February 26 at 2000 GMT via Flight Simulation Association, on YouTube, or with any of the participating content creators. If you are a flight simulation developer or a content creator, please reach out to FSA for information on getting involved. Win great prizes. Everyone participating live will have the chance to win prizes! There will be multiple prize draws conducted live during the stream. Watch with your favorite content creators. We've invited content creators from across the community to host "watch parties'' on their channels. You'll be able to catch the livestream on multiple Twitch and YouTube channels, including with AviationLads, Chewwy94, FSElite, and HeliSimmer.com, and you can listen live on Sky Blue Radio. Several developers will also be hosting a "simulcast" on their social channels. Flight Simulation Association: www.flightsimassociation.com Stream Link on FSA: https://bit.ly/FebruaryCCP Stream Link on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7Bs1qUIiXpg https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/162506-20feb22-put-this-on-your-calendar-for-26feb22
  12. Same thing with FSX:SE
  13. 20% off FSiPanel 2020 for P3D and MSFS. Valid until Dec 31st, 2021 Happy Holidays! See FSiPanel 2020 in action below: FSiPanel 2020 with iFly 737 Advanced FSiPanel 2020 with PMDG 737 NGXu FSiPanel 2020 with FSLabs A320 FSiPanel 2020 for MSFS https://www.fsipanel.com
  14. https://fselite.net/content/new-pmdg-737-for-msfs-cockpit-screenshots/
  15. Rollercoaster of emotions here, but I hope they take their time. Captains, Tonight's update is going to be a bit more wide ranging than the last few. I have been keeping MSFS topics and non-MSFS topics separated during the past couple of update cycles primarily because most of our activity is focused on the MSFS side of the house. Some of the information I have for you today on non-MSFS topics will be new, but some of it is repetitive and is brought in here simply to "re-state latest" on the slow moving agenda items: In no particular order of importance, here are the bits of information: PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies getting LNAV and Flight Director Updates to Testing: This has been a slow process of late, because MSFS development is necessarily consuming development resources like a wildfire in a stiff wind. Dr. Vaos has been time sharing between the 747 and 737 development process and if there is one thing that slows a developer down it is having to constantly shift between topics while working with complexities. The last update we handed our betas was a few months back, and after collecting feedback, consulting with our technical experts and implementing changes, we have also been working to update the flight director logic as it is responsible for guiding the airplane along the path defined, so this needed sprucing up as well. We had originally envisioned pushing this update to 747 out prior to moving Dr. Vaos to the 737 full time, but a combination of factors upset this plan so he gets the unbridled joy of splitting his time and serving two projects at once. We have increased the nicotine dose on his favorite brand of gum to keep him going. The current plan is still to push this update out to 747 users on P3D, but the timeline for that update is not yet clear. If the build we give to the betas works perfectly- you'll have it pretty much right away. Reminder: We are no longer maintaining or updating 32bit platforms, so the 747 update will be only for P3D v4 and P3D v5 users. Updates for 777, 737, DC-6, J-41 on P3D Platform: Given that the vast majority of our development resources are currently focused on the 737 in MSFS, we are not currently at work on any updates in this category. We have a number of items planned and on the agenda such as LNAV, Navdata and Flight Director updates for the 777 and 737, a platforming update for J-41 and DC-6 and some harmonization between P3D DC-6 functionality and MSFS DC-6 but we are not actively moving on any of those items and due to the workload currently being experienced by the team there is no new information or timeline to give you. Future P3D Development Thoughts: Some folks have expressed concern that we might never return to development in the P3D environment. I think such a decision would be premature at this point and hasn't really been discussed internally. There is also the "wildcard" factor that the MSFS development environment for C++ based development doesn't really exist- so a good portion of our testing still takes place in P3D and any *new* feature development is absolutely taking place in P3D... So while we might not be talking much about P3D, this is the foundation of the process still. NAVDATA Source Update: We have been talking or some time about moving all of our airliners away from a legacy data format that has been in use in all PMDG products since 2002, moving instead to a modern format deployed by Navigraph a few years ago now. That work has been done in a branch of the P3D 737NGXu and the plan was to move this capability tot he 747 in concert with the LNAV update. That plan has changed and the NAVDATA source improvements will be moved to the PMDG 737 for MSFS initially and tested in that product line in order to keep our development team as centralized on the 737 as possible for the near term. Once implemented we do intend to roll it out across all MSFS and P3D product lines. This change will bring in improved use of navigation capabilities that largely didn't exist when we first built our structure twenty years ago and we are looking forward to that. For 99% of users the change will be practically invisible. PMDG DC-6 for MSFS: We have a couple of small items that we are going to roll out to users in an update for the DC-6, but we want to wait until Microsoft has gotten the Xbox version un-stuck before we do so- as an update might potentially obscure problems that aren't anticipated with the XBox fix. (That sentence is a mess... I have re-written it four times and **I** know what i mean...) We have now rolled out our beloved DC-6 to MS Marketplace and thus far we are mostly happy with how that transition has gone. We are struggling with some commonality issues with the PMDG Operations Center that we had hoped to have resolved last week, but now it is looking more like next week? (that is a big question mark.) Normally we like to have these things worked out for users ahead of time- but the Marketplace is a closed environment that doesn't give us an opportunity to test the user experience and adequately prepare for it ahead of time. Given the encapsulated nature of how MSFS installs content- we had to wait until the DC-6 was live in Marketplace before being able to test Operations Center's ability to install liveries for Marketplace users- and we found that some of the assumptions we made were incorrect and required a re-factor that is taking some time. Fortunately, Marketplace users have some liveries preinstalled and the wait won't be too much longer. PMDG DC-6 for Xbox Rollout Issues: We are still waiting on further updates from Microsoft or Asobo on this topic. Last update we had gave some very high level information that leads us to conclude that there is a conflict between MSFS and the Xbox itself that appeared for the first time with the DC-6 release. I am being very careful not to offer any conjecture here because I think it is important not to share information that may be incorrect or incomplete. Once we have specifics that we are specifically cleared to share with you, we will- including whatever information we can obtain on the timeline for the fix that will unblock Xbox users from enjoying our DC-6 masterpiece! PMDG Global Flight Operations: Global Flight Operations has also been victimized by the amount of developer resources the 737 has been taking up- and that has slowed down our progress along the roadmap to Early Access for this new product. In spite of this we have managed to add in some interesting new features that I am not quite ready to share- and we are also working on a few others that will really make the product pop for users in the way we want. As always- I am using a lot of words to say something without saying anything- but suffice to say that we are looking forward to opening up the Global Flight Operations environment to users. Pulling PMDG 737 for MSFS Release Timeline: This is a complicated topic that some folks will understand, and others will not. We have been planning for some time to release the long awaited PMDG 737 for MSFS prior to year end. We have made the difficult decision to remove the 737 release timeline from discussion temporarily. Tl;Dr: There are some changes and fixes needed on the MSFS platform that without, we cannot release the 737. We do not currently know when to expect those changes/fixes so we aren't comfortable putting a mark on the calendar until we have that information in our hands. That is an oddly shaped turn of phrase- and I want to explain a bit further what we are trying to convey: We are not just announcing a delay, or that we are moving the release timeline 30 days or 60 days or 120 days or 365. We are not saying the 737 won't release in January, February, or any other month in 2022. What we **are** saying is that we are putting a temporary hold on giving you any expectation as to when the release might happen because the release is going to be dependent upon some changes that we have requested from Asobo and we do not currently have any clarity as to when we might expect those changes to be made, if at all. If the changes will not be made, then we will be faced with removing some core functionality that we feel is important to the full enjoyment of the 737, no matter what platform you sim on. For that reason, we are hoping that our requests will be acted upon and we want to give the requests time to be digested, researched and understood by Asobo. Even if the changes we request are acted upon today- we will need to wait for them to wend their way through the testing and release process for MSFS, and such action and a timeline is unclear and thus we want to clarify that information before we simply move the 737 to a new date and hope things work out for the best. Additionally, we have hit a few key areas of the 737 that we did not anticipate would give us this much trouble because the code for the 737 is very mature, well vetted and thoroughly tested. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate debugging tools, combined with a series of problems that were introduced to the developer tools with the release of SU7 caused extensive build-times and CTDs when working in the developer environment and this brought all 737 development to a stop for a few weeks unexpectedly. Asobo has provided us with access to some changes based upon the problems we were reporting and these changes have helped to eliminate some of the issues that appeared with SU7 and we are slowly ramping back up to our previously glacial speed. I must be honest though and say that we are very concerned about continued disruptions to forward progress because of problems introduced by updates in this manner. The worst that might happen is that all development stops while we wait for the next update cycle to roll around so that we can get a fix for a breaking change- and that truly is a worst-case-scenario that I didn't worry about until this last update cycle. Once we have a bit more clarity on the things we have requested- we will be able to give you updated guidance on when we think the release will happen. I shall keep you posted as this unfolds. PMDG 737 for MSFS: In spite of the release timeline woes, the 737 development continues slowly along it's agenda. There are still some risk technology areas that we are feeling our way through and a few key components that are finally being connected and tested, such as panel back-lighting, flood and wash lighting, etc. Work on the EFB has begun in earnest and we are in the process of finally evaluating functionality areas that might need adaptation to live within the highly restrictive confines of the MSFS environment. The airport map display in the EFB, for example- is driven by technology that MSFS has specifically locked us out of, so we are evaluating how we might retain that functionality while living within the restrictions. These sorts of things are part treasure hunt, part innovation, part sheer willpower exercise- but we will get through them. At risk of sounding all doom and gloom- there are some fantastic areas of progress! The flight model is being dialed in, as are cockpit and model animations. We are adapting our aero and engine models to the new environment (literally!) and in-house testing of the airplane is taking place throughout the day and night. Visually it is coming along magnificently, with Vin deep into the detail work and cleanup now- bringing an entirely new look to the cockpit using lighting and detail that heretofore we have only dreamed about. In this image, you can see that the reflection of the MCP LEDs on the panel diffuse lighting cover, for example, and the ambient reflected lighting from other surfaces in the cockpit makes for very interesting and convincing lighting play on the top left corner of the MCP. You are in for a real treat when we do finally deliver this magnificent simulation to you- and we cannot wait for that day to arrive. Meanwhile- I have a gaggle of other images that I want to sort through before letting you see them. A friend of mine is going to help out in showing them to you- and that will make it a bit of fun. More on that at around 1700Z today... I'll give you a recap when I get back to the office. Robert S. Randazzo PMDG Simulations http://www.pmdg.com https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/154537-08dec21-a-quick-round-of-updates-on-various-topics-across-pmdg-p3d-msfs-dc-6-737
  16. Hehe.....the paint is hard to look at in bright sunlight...but is somehow "appealing" to me. ๐Ÿคฃ (Full-on Banana pun) I'm actually enjoying painting this one ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. BrzI


    From the album: Brzl's Album

    Morning departure from Melbourne..
  18. Folks, I have Active Sky and REX SkyForce currently, and thinking about adding Environment Force as well. Is there currently a decent tutorial to make all these add-ons work well together? I'm concerned about getting the WX Radar to work on PMDG/FS-Labs and no clue how to set all that up, plus the visuals, shaders, etc... Do I need PTA as well? Grateful for any advice on how to config all this! -Bill
  19. Hey guys...I uploaded the Cargolux Joe Sutter....she's in the library now! Click the link in my sig to get her.
  20. First flight - P3D v4.3, ASP4, REX SF SP1, PMDG B748. No shaders or PTA mods. Sunset as we approach AA, SPECI on ATIS Rollout complete, getting off the active
  21. I have installed the ,,PMDG 737 6700 NGX Expansion FSX,, . After extracting the File on the Desktop I started the Instalation. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Unbenannt.PNG After that their is comming an Error: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=PMDG+ERROR.PNG I dont know what to do! Who can Help?
  22. Hello guys, I guess this question has been asked many times before but I can't find it in the forums anymore. My question is whether there is an option to upgrade any PMDG product from FSX to P3D(v4) or is the only way to buy it full price? Thank you in advance :)
  23. 1. EPR+N1+EGT 2. ENG+AIR+FUEL Information I never see EPR+N1+EGT configuration on EICAS in PMDG 777. I can manage to configure like the second one, but only when EICAS presents in INBOARD display(MFD). Can either of this be forced to show on normal(default) state in EICAS display?
  24. Hey guys, I just downloaded the new installer for the 773 and when I install it I get : Installation cannot continue, your registry does not show a valid Prepar3d installation location. I had no issues with installing the 772. my p3d installation is on J: win 10 pro p3d v4 anyone have a solution for this ?
  25. Hello all, Basically I've been away from the simming scene for about 3 years. I just rejoined today and purchased the FSX Steam edition. Previously I had purchased the 737 and 777 sims from PMDG. I simply accessed my account there and tried to re-download them. My query is how do I get them to work for FSX Steam. They were purchased for FSX ... surely there's a method to get them to work on steam? I did find a forum on the steam gaming site about how to do it for the 777 but it presumed i had already made some changes to files in my pc which I hadn't, and i couldn't find out exactly what they required to be done. I searched the PMDG ops centre but couldn't find any downloads relating to updates for my purchases to work on steam. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it Thanks
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