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Found 1,021 results

  1. I just finished reinstalling and updating my entire PMDG suite (737,747,777) and have noticed a weird visual 'glitch'. When I look over the nose in the VC from the captain side, there is a weird greyish texture anomaly in the bottom left side of the glass that looks like a clip or something. Can anyone confirm they have this too? What is that?
  2. Hey guys! Is it a known issue that when loading a flight having already opened 777 in another flight earlier but not closing the game in between the flights will bug the planes fuel system? If i enter 10000 in the scratchpad and put that in, this happens:!AuPgpnKVCnMhxnatLYZGa3tJ3xZ1 I get 10 000kg in the plane, like i should. However, my fuel options tell me that i actually put in about 77000, and it also thinks that means 100%. If i put in 20 000, i will get 13700 in the plane and fuel window shows 145500. No matter how much i put in, it only gives me 13700. Now this causes fuel disagree warning after a while, and is also a bit problematic because i really dont know how much fuel i _really_ have in this case since the fueling system seems like its gone totally haywire.
  3. Hi, I've been messing around with the NGX between both FSX:SE and P3Dv4, and couldn't help but notice the huge difference in the aircraft's external light textures (particularly NAV and Strobe lights). I did some reading and it appears that the lights are actually baked into the aircraft model and hence cannot be modified simply by replacing texture files. FSX Daytime Screenshot P3Dv4 Daytime Screenshot FSX Nighttime Screenshot P3Dv4 Nighttime Screenshot I do also believe that the a majority of the lighting is now handled by P3Dv4 itself (vs FSX where the lighting was managed by the aircraft model - could be wrong though), but why the drastic change in texture assets? My personal opinion is that P3Dv4's version of the navigation lights actually look more UNrealistic than that from real life. If i could figure out a way to change them to look more like FSX's, I would. Is this a lost cause? Thanks! JJ Ma
  4. My pmgd737ngx performance maanger in operation senter is not working... only error masage... What can I do?? An exception has occured! Please contact PMDG support by submitting a ticket at for help with resolving this issue. Press "Copy to clipboard" below and then paste the information into your support ticket. Additionally, a log file has been created at: c:\users\choww\appdata\roaming\pmdg\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.log Please attach this file to better help us fix this issue. The application will now exit. 10/14/17 12:33:40 Exception: Access Violation at 0x65A4E55C 65A40000 c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX.dll +0000E55C (1, 1, 65A4EF50) 65A40000 c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX.dll +0000F2F6 (1, 1, 65A4EF50) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +000162FA (F05BE, 110, F05BE) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0003F9FF (65A4EF50, F05BE, 110) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0003F7A4 (0, 65A4EF50, F05BE) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0002AFBC (16F3260, 0, 110) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +000162FA (F05BE, 110, F05BE) 76420000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +00016D3A (7644AF93, F05BE, 110) This is error message.
  5. why pmdg737ngx engine display not notice about approach and landing N1?? I know desent thrust is idle thrust...
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I'm having a little issue installing liveries into FSX i will tell you what happens I have the liveries that I want for FSX i click on pmdg 800NGX then i select United airlines from the list. Then I go to the right and select the green button (ADD). Thats were the issue happens it opens up to select a folder but I dont know where Im supposed to go from there. can someone explain what to do maybe with a picture. Thank You
  7. Many people really wants to fly the 747 pmdg in X-Plane 11, many people are tired of this.... Please PMDG help us !!!! we need you in x-plane !!!!
  8. Hello! I am just getting into Flight Simming and so far it is amazing! For the PMDG Autoland feature for the 737 do I need to have digital standby instruments or can I have analog standby instruments? Personally I like the analog standby more, but I haven’t been able to complete an Autoland with them, and in every video I have seen they have had digital standby instruments, however the digital standby instruments are the default for PMDG, so I was thinking they might not have changed it from the default. Sorry, I know this was kind of a stupid question... Any help is appreciated! Sincerely, Jelly
  9. Hello, I have just bought PMDG 737NGS and installed. It seemed without troubles but no windows appeared to put in the licence key number as declared at manual. When I go FSX SE and chose a new aircrat the following error message appears: Initialization of licence library failed I execuded my antivir as proposed but no positive respond. Can you help me Dezi Pusztay
  10. Hello all, Would anyone consider creating a livery for the PMDG 737-700? The new Alaska Air Cargo livery specifically. 737-700BSDF. Thank you! Clayton Kibler
  11. Attention PMDG 747 Drivers - Your Official PMDG Endorsed Flight Crew expansion for the 747 is available! We're pleased to announce that FS2Crew for the PMDG 747 QOTS II has been released and is ready for download! Click here to visit the product page! Like before, we're offering 5 Euros off to anyone who has ever owned a FS2Crew product before. Coupon Code is: 747 So what's it all about? Like with the other FS2Crew's, this product was designed in close consultation with a pilot who is current on type. In this case, he's 747-400 FO, and we think he knows his stuff We're not just making up procedures off the top of our heads; everything you see in the program is based off a real 747 pilot's experience. That said, our goal is to make your PMDG 747 experience more immersive and more realistic by allowing you to fly the 747-400 from the vantage point of the Captain and Pilot Flying using realistic airline procedures, callouts and checklists, and we think we've achieved that goal Indeed, the PMDG 747 is a great plane, but with FS2Crew for the PMDG 747, you're not flying your PMDG 747 like it's a little Cessna 152 -which would be realistic, or legal. You're flying it as part of a team, in a multi crew environment, the same way the real 747 is flown. In terms of expectations, the vast majority of you probably already own FS2Crew NGX Reboot. NGX Reboot was one of our most successful products ever! People loved it. It sold very well. If you liked NGX Reboot, then you'll love FS2Crew for the PMDG 747 QOTS II! Indeed, the learning curve for you will be low since you'll already be familiar with the interface system. In terms of SOP Sets, we're offering two this time. SOP Set 1 is based on Boeing SOPs. We found while researching the 747 that the majority of the world's airlines are going back to the stock Boeing SOPs - at least for their 747 fleets. However, we've included a large number of customization options so you custom configure the SOP to match your specific needs. SOP 2 is based on a British airline, who we can't name. It's different from the generic Boeing SOP, and it gives you a chance to try something different. Passenger and Freighter models are fully supported. Some of you noticed that we charged a bit more for the 747 than older versions of FS2Crew. This is because we're supporting FSX and P3D out of the box, including the 64 bit version of P3D. There's a new version of P3D every year, and we'll releasing free updates every year to match them well into the foreseeable future. We could easily be looking at 10 plus years of updates so long as Lockheed Martin keeps supporting P3D. The product also ships with two female pilots, one German, one American. And one male FO, who is British. A lot of you asked for female FOs, and we delivered! You now have some female companionship while you're over the ocean somewhere Enough talking from me! Go download the 747, spread the word that FS2Crew for the 747 has been released to all your friends and fellow simmers (we appreciate the support!), and fly safe! And thank you for supporting indie Flight Sim developers like FS2Crew! We couldn't ask for a more awesome user base!
  12. Hello all, Today I hopped on to VATSIM and was ready to fly from Sydney down to Melbourne in a PMDG 737-800. However, as soon as i jumped into the air, the wind began to change from a crosswind from the left at 15 knots to a crosswind from the right at 8 knots, complete polar opposites. As a result, my autopilot wobbled all over the place and could barely fly in a straight line. My speed barely went over 160 knots even with gear down, flaps up and full throttle resulting in an underspeed alert. I'd say the wind changed direction twice in a second, back and forth from as soon as I lifted off. I use the freeware FSXWX weather engine version 1.6.1 for FSX and honestly have no idea what the cause is. It has happened only once before although that was offline. Could it have anything to do with the default FSX weather messing with FSXWX? It changed itself to 'User Defined Weather', should this be the case? My only guess would be that FSX and FSXWX were fighting over control of the weather. I'm completely stumped on this one and would sincerely appreciate a response. Thanks in advance, Luke
  13. One weird error i have came across a few days ago. I took a break from P3Dv3.4 for 1 month it was working perfectly, expect i could not start in the UK. I come back after a month and then i cant start at Elgin AFB the default airport even with the default aircraft, it crashes when it reaches 100% on "Loading Air Traffic Control" i've done nothing to the simulator at all this just happened it self. I've tried other airports that don't seem to contain much scenery, still i get the same error. So far i haven't found a solution to it. Not only that but i can't even change aircraft (PMDG aircraft 777 and 747), i press select then the screen goes black then i comes up with a error message. I have tried uninstalling p3dv3 and trying again but still no hope, there are no errors on my P3DV4. But i prefer V3 as i have many addons rather then V4. Here is my error report. Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x588f7cbf Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc000041d Fault offset: 0x2290eef0 Faulting process ID: 0x1b64 Faulting application start time: 0x01d33ed688c71208 Faulting application path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: unknown Report ID: 891dd634-7b00-41f9-818b-965bdc6749d6 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: i have had this error message alot. People have said its the Windows kb4038788 update but i dont have that installed. I have also found people getting the g2d.dll but i don't Any help will be appreciated.
  14. After buying this wonderful program, I could not wait to see it. The real pain in the butt is that I won't see it at all! All because the installation together with VFXCentral just deleted my installation of the PMDG B737NGX! I had to re-install it but then I got an error that the aircraft.cfg was corrupted. Regarding this issue, I am stuck in a loop of de-installation and re-installation of both products which were extremely expensive! It would be highly appreciated if maybe one of the developers can help me out over here, Thanks!
  15. Hello! Can somebody please make a repaint of the PMDG 737-700 from this photo? And make the winglets rainbow? Thank you! P.S. I have more livery variants if you are willing.
  16. Hey guys, request following livery: MetroJet Livery, some examples or file "" for the following type: PMDG Boeing 737-700 (non WL) NGX (Prepar3Dv4) aircraft Registration N279AU Aerosoft CRJ900 aircraft Registration N253AU perhaps with some impurities from rain. The airline: These two liveries would be a great wish of mine. Greetings from autumn Germany.
  17. i recently bought the PMDG 737. Everything works fine except for the HUD/HGS What can i do for fixing it? i already tried reinstalling but still happening
  18. PMDG JS41 quick review (Aircraft currently in Beta)
  19. I did the reinstall. Then the updates for the 737 model first. It loads fine fly's fine, as long as I don't touch the key board. If I hit any key it throws out the whole flight program. This has never happen before and I've had your software a long time. I've been tiring for the last week to work through this problem, no resolve.
  20. Hello, I have a problem with the PMDG 747-400 QOTS II since they released the update that includes the locked RAASPro for the airplane. Whenever the plane finishes the alignment process for the IRS the sim will crash ~30 secs later. When I disable the loading for the RAASPro.dll in dll.xml of the sim the problem disappears. I already talked to the PMDG support and they referred me to you for troubleshooting. Operating System: Win10 64bit SimVersion: P3D v4 with most recent update Plane: PMDG 747-400 QOTS II with most recent updates The location in the sim does not matter, it happens on any airport regardless if its stock or an addon airport. Addons running in the Sim: GSX, Active Sky, ChasePlane (tried deactivating all off them for testing, but none had any effect) I used the most recent makerwys.exe to create the date for the addon, but that didn't affect the behaviour. When the sim crashes the event in the eventviewer always points kernelbase.dll being the broken module.
  21. PMDG777-300ER Cathay Pacific Airways FSX, edited by Photoshop
  22. Hello guys, I guess this question has been asked many times before but I can't find it in the forums anymore. My question is whether there is an option to upgrade any PMDG product from FSX to P3D(v4) or is the only way to buy it full price? Thank you in advance :)
  23. FAQs and Quick Help: Question: I have FS2Crew NGX Reboot. What will the learning curve be like? Answer: Low. The Reboot NGX interface style was very popular and people found it easy to use, so we decided to keep the same user interface system. For the 747, you'll mainly need to learn the 747 flows. There are also some other differences described in the manual, such as how the FA can be contacted via the interphone. Question: In the 737, I heard a passenger boarding sound during preflight, but I can't in the 747. Answer: According to our real-world 747 pilot, in a 747 cockpit you can't hear any passengers. Remember: The 747 is not a 737. Question: I have P3D V4, and the FO is not moving any of the switches or pressing buttons. Answer: You need to have the latest P3D V4 version. To know what version of P3D V4 you have, right click on the Prepar3D.exe located in your main P3D folder. Look at the "details" section / tab. Look at the "file version". You need to have or later installed. More info here: Question: How do I turn on the night lighting for the FS2Crew panel? Answer: This is in the manual, but remember to move the outter knob shown here on the Captain's side to the full on position (two right clicks with your mouse). Question: The localizer and glideslope alive calls play at the wrong time. Answer: We can't, with total accuracy, read the position of the loc and glideslope needles the same way you can see them on the instrument panel with your own eyes. It should be accurate most of the time, but if you don't like them, you can always disable them via the Config Options if you don't like them. Question: I have general problems. Answer: Make sure your anti-v*rus program is excluding the FS/P3D folder. Some anti v*rus programs are aggressive and will quarantine critical files causing problems. For additional diagnostic help, Please run the "SYSTEM CHECK" located via the FS2Crew 747 Config Manager located on your desktop. Question: I'm using FSX. The PS button does not work. I click it but nothing happens. But it works fine in P3D. Answer: The PS button opens our new Panel Switcher panel that allows users to easily skip direct to different camera views around the cockpit. It's a very handy tool. It's like EZDOK in a way. The FSX Version of the PMDG 747 uses up all the available panel windows slots, so there's no room for the Panel Switcher. This problem is not an issue in P3D. The (optional) solution is this: 1. Open the "panel.cfg" file located here with NotePad (it's a good idea to make a backup first). SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 747-400\panel\ 2. Put forward slashes in front of these two lines: Change this: window11=Zoomed Right Inboard DU window12=Zoomed Right Outboard DU To this: //window11=Zoomed Right Inboard DU //window12=Zoomed Right Outboard DU 3. Finally, remove the two slashes from the Panel Switcher line. Change this: //window18=FS2Crew Panel Switcher To this: window18=FS2Crew Panel Switcher That's it! Your panel switcher will now load in FSX! Question: Radar Contact or other 3rd party addons are no longer working properly. Answer: Apply the same fixed used for the PS (Panel Switcher) button described above as the source of the problem is the same (panel window limit). Question: The 747 Config Manager will not load. Answer: 1. Delete and Reinstall the Riva Tuner Statistics Service. That worked for one user. Question: My panel FS2Crew Main Panel is black. Answer: This means the FS2Crew gauge did not load. 1. Re-install the PMDG 747 aircraft. Ensure it's the latest version. Manually delete any left over PMDG 747 folders in the SimObjects folder after the uninstall, then re-install. That will restore the 747's panel.cfg to its original, clean state. Then re-enable FS2Crew. This will ensure everything is in the right place. 2. Do not use Saved Situation files. If using FSX, default aircraft on the Free Flight screen should be the Trike. P3D: Default aircraft on load-up should not be the 747. 3. Run the "SYSTEM CHECK" in the Config Manager. 4. Try this solution as a last resort. This is a very rare situation, but it solved the problem for one user: Question: Where did the VOICE button go? Answer: To minimize screen real-estate, we moved it to the SECONDARY PANEL. When you first load the 747, FS2Crew is in BUTTON CONTROL mode by default. If you want to enable VOICE CONTROL, open the SECONDARY PANEL and go to the SETUP PAGE. We're using the same system found in NGX Reboot! Question: Where are the manuals? Answer: START - ALL PROGRAMS - FS2CREW2017 and also at: Question: I'm getting the SDK Error. Answer: Consult the MAIN OPS MANUAL Trouble Shooting sections. Odds are you're using Saved Situation files, and those are a no-no. The Trike should always be the default aircraft on the Free Flight screen in FSX. Also run the SYSTEM CHECK via the FS2Crew 747 Config Manager. Question: I get an error message when I try to enable FS2Crew in the 747 Configurator. Answer: You have a write permission problem. From another user: In the upper window of the "safety-tab" proprieties of the FSX folder I had to add (it wasn't in the previous menu) "everyone" than in the lower window I had to select the authorizations for "everyone" and I selected also "scrittura" enabled ("writing" enabled) and than Windows updated all the files of this folder with the new authorizations... Question: I get no headset audio, or I'm losing my audio. Answer: In Windows Sound options, uncheck the option that allows programs to take "exclusive" control of your audio device. Update your audio drivers. Open the Windows "Volume Mixer". Ensure the "Applications" slider is not muted. Question: How do I install the English - US language pack in Windows 10? I tried, but English - US is not visible in the 'Language' drop down menu. Answer: 1. Go to Settings > Time & language > Region & language. 2. Select "ADD A LANGUAGE TO THIS DEVICE". 3. Select the language you want to use from the list (ENGLISH) 4. Choose which region's version you want to use (ENGLISH - US). 5. Left click on the English US language set, and a new menu should appear. Then you must click 'OPTIONS' and then click 'DOWNLOAD' under the 'SPEECH ' category. 6. Go to the 'ADVANCED SPEECH OPTIONS' page in the Control panel. 7. English - US should now be visible in the Language drop down menu. 8. Don't forget to train your voice! Question: I'm running Windows 10. The system is not hearing my voice. Answer: Uninstall Asus Sonic Studio if you have it installed. That solved it for one user. Another user had an audio program called Nahimic running on his laptop. Exiting that software prior to loading FS solved the issue for him. If using a laptop, you may need to disable your built in mic on the laptop in order for your headset mic to be detected.
  24. Hi everyone! I go a problem of the liveries downloader of PMDG 737NGX. I was downloading a livery but the downloader had alredy "sending request" for about one hour and there is still no respond. Could someone please help me out here? Thanks. James·P·Liu