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  1. Hi guys, Looks like I have finally achieved on what I have been wanting to do for a while with my hardware. I figured out the trick for people with 8GB video cards and having at minimum 30fps with the following addons installed - including one of the most fps hit area that has plagued almost all of us for ages. Finally pulled off Slick FPS at 30fps with 30hz 4K monitor (TL/DR - see also pics) - My VRAM stayed around 5.2GB in SoCaL area with all that autogen and flying. AT KORD area it jumped to 6gb but still tons left. with Set the following in P3Dv5 and CPU - My tweaks are even less in the second round but the addons complexity increased insanely. 1) Disable HT and No Affinity Mask - I tried them all. Let P3Dv5 do its thing. 2) MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=300000 (Default is 1000) 3) Enable HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 in Settings 3) TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 - this goes in [TERRAIN] 4) LOD_RADIUS=3.500000 (Yes, put LOD to 3.5 with Texture Size ExP to 10, and hi res textures - all 3 go hand in hand) - If these are not like this - 8GB Video Card will get vrOOM!!! 4.5 LOD will straight up OOM with that high texture exp) These settings Do the Magic with High Resolution Terrain enabled for 8GB Video Cards. I am on Windows 2004 Final Build for May 20H1 (19041.208) - this mandatory for VRAM management - See my other thread Enter The Addons 1) Orbx Socal (yes LA area) 2) FSDT KLAX 3) AIG planes 4) PMDG 747 5) FS Pilots 2020 NG Mesh 6) Chaseplane 7) AS P3D and TrueSky Enabled in P3Dv5 My hardware CPU is slightly older i7-5820K, 16GB DDR Quad Channel 2400, SSDs, Nvidia 2070 Super RTX, 3- 4k Monitors, Rift S I am flying at 2500 FT at 355 Knots (yes, b/c I can) with the PMDG 747 over Orbx SoCal and taking off from FSDT KLAX with few AIG birds. All shots are in 4K monitor with AS P3D Hotfix 2 Beta and TrueSky enabled. For some LA shots - Screen shots were taken in Time Preview Mode for dusk/dawn shots. Main flight is at late evening. This is way you all will see the graphics are super sharp - 30 fps outside and inside was ranging from 26-30fps at sometimes even more - though monitor is at 30hz 4K. Mission Accomplished - Kick A ** Graphics Finally - So slick, So smooth with Orbx Regions and PMDG Extra - Same Settings - Global+OpenLC NA+FSDT KORD+AIG+FS2020 NG Mesh Who Says the Sun doesn't move - It moves when I play in Time Preview mode Quick Recap of Settings Enjoy and be safe everyone.
  2. P3D is just looking better and better.
  3. Hey guys....been on a painting binge lately, and being part of the PMDG beta team...I was lucky to have early access to the excellent Baby Boeing they are getting ready to release (according to an official post by RSR). Anyway....here are 8 of the Baby Boeings I have ready and will start uploading now. (one may be a Baby Baby Boeing, hehe). I think you guys will like the Baby Boeing....she is sooooo cute! and SHORT! After painting all those A330-300s....this thing looks absolutely stubby compared to it! I'm tired. 😴
  4. Hehe.....the paint is hard to look at in bright sunlight...but is somehow "appealing" to me. 🤣 (Full-on Banana pun) I'm actually enjoying painting this one 🙂
  5. I have no idea when it will be released, but they released the paint kit to the Beta Team painters (and I happen to be one) 🙂 This one will be ready for your hangar when they release it (Trust me...I have no clue when that will be...I'm not on the team that has that info...and even if I were...you know I can't tell ya!) 🙂
  6. This is the 3rd time I buy this bird (FSX/P3D/P3D update) and the FD is still broken. I realy thought they would have looked into it, unfortunately nothing changed. Besides the better look and sound, the NGXu is a slight dissapointment at this time to me. I hope the MSFS variant will be better (but I doubt they will fix it).
  7. BrzI


    From the album: Brzl's Album

    Morning departure from Melbourne..
  8. Hi. Has anyone seen a repaint for the PMDG 737 NGX 800-900 variants of a factory green primer, like when they come straight out of the factory at Renton? I see some, but they're for other addon 737s, and not the NGX.
  9. Hello Avsim Community, My sounds for the PMDG 737 are broken (no vid provided). Some interior noises eg: Flap motors, fire bell, AP disengage, etc can be heard outside the aircraft & some exterior noises are heard inside (can't remember). Also, I can only hear the interior & exterior "Motor" noises throughout the flight (when the engines are running too). I also can't hear the engine noises either, even at takeoff, cruise, landing, etc I cannot hear the engine noises AT ALL during flight. I have the SP1d service pack installed. By the way, I had to re-install the aircraft when installing SP1d (This issue was present before) I really hope anyone knows how to fix it. (I hope @PMDG replies - I doubt it) TrainNutter
  10. Hi, everyone, Currently, I am running PMDG 747 -400X in FSX on a desktop in Windows 7 (64-bit), with FSUIPC used to control my CH Eclipse Yoke, a CH Throttle Quadrant and its relevant Keyboard Commands. Can anyone tell me how I can double-up the commands that I presently have available? I have been thinking about using Button 1 on the Yoke (PTT usually) as a Shift Button but I do not appear to be able to program the Shift Key in. I know that if I program button 1 as a Shift Key, I will lose its availabllity as a PTT, but this is more than compensated for by the extra number oif Commands that I would get as a result of successfully doing this. I have read Pete Dowson's 'Application Interfacing Modules for MS FSX' etc, (both the normal one and the Advanced one), but do not see how I can do this. Any useful suggestions would be most welcome, but please, please, make it so simple that a 3-year oild could understand it. I am not a geek or nerd, but I do love flying, and having recently had my PPL taken away for medical reasons, this is now my only way of feeling part of the party again! Regards and Happy Flying to everyone, Philhen1943
  11. Just a minor suggestion that I believe would make using the PMDG Previous Orders page more efficient. It would be nice to add a column containing the title of the product associated with each order number. As it is now, one must click on each of the order numbers to see what that specific purchase was for. My memory just isn't that good. Again, not a huge thing, not even a priority... just a "nice to have" to improved the customer experience on that specific page. Thanks again for all the superb simulation products!
  12. Hello everyone: I'm glad to figure out the solution with everyone. Recnetly I met this problem and have a little bit anxious to solve, because I'm a video maker in a China's online video site (just like YouTube), I do not want to drag too long time to next 777 video. Maybe my English is not good so please forgive my grammar... First here's something I want to declare: 1. My PMDG777 isn't a pirate copy, if PMDG's stuff want my order number I can give that use PM or ticket; 2. This problem didn't happened in P3Dv3, even FSX long time ago... Just in P3Dv4. Okay, now please let me tell this about it: I'm using ILS27 circle-to-land RWY24 at EHAM, and everything goes fine before touch-down, my AUTOBRAKE set to 1, of couse no PARKING BRAKE. At the moment touched down, PARKING BRAKE ON red box showed at the lower left corner of the screen, flashing. EICAS showed warning TIRE PRESS (abnormal) and BRAKE TEMP (too high). MFD's GEAR page now showed my brake's temperature is too high and main landing gear‘s tire press is ZERO! I'm sure there is no heavy landing, it was a very smooth landing. TAT is 21C and RWY surface's temp is pretty normal, can NOT be puncture. Then I checked my Parking Brake is released, because no tire pressure plane can't be moving. I also checked chorks is removed. Addtional, FMC's FAILURE page showed I have a lot wheel's failures. BUT when I clear all the failures, it's NOT WORK at all! Pressure goes down soonly. Luckily, When I reset brakes and tires in FMC's GROUND MAINTANCE page, everything goes normal. I’m wordering if it was an incident, BUT then I did a traffic partten at EHAM using ILS18C (I EVEN RESTART MY PC) , same BUG occured! When this BUG occured, although parking brake is released, plane can't move, P3D tells my parking brake still on... In my opinion it was totally a BUG and this makes normal landing impossible (OMG Parking Brake apply and can't release). So anyone knows how to solve this problem? It's better that PMDG's stuff give out a solution~ I'm pretty appreciate if there's somebody help me. Let me express my thanks first! :) Eric
  13. Hello, I've had an itch to get a Jetstream for P3d (or FSX, if necessary--no P3D available). I flew the baby Jetstream for a year back in the day. I ran across this at Aerosoft. It's a downloadable version of the PMDG Jetstream. Could anyone comment on this? Is it supported by PMDG? Does it work with FSX:SE? Etc. You know; the usual questions. I understand that PMDG is considering updating this to work with...something. FSX:SE, maybe?
  14. Hey guys, I just downloaded the new installer for the 773 and when I install it I get : Installation cannot continue, your registry does not show a valid Prepar3d installation location. I had no issues with installing the 772. my p3d installation is on J: win 10 pro p3d v4 anyone have a solution for this ?
  15. Hello all, Basically I've been away from the simming scene for about 3 years. I just rejoined today and purchased the FSX Steam edition. Previously I had purchased the 737 and 777 sims from PMDG. I simply accessed my account there and tried to re-download them. My query is how do I get them to work for FSX Steam. They were purchased for FSX ... surely there's a method to get them to work on steam? I did find a forum on the steam gaming site about how to do it for the 777 but it presumed i had already made some changes to files in my pc which I hadn't, and i couldn't find out exactly what they required to be done. I searched the PMDG ops centre but couldn't find any downloads relating to updates for my purchases to work on steam. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it Thanks
  16. I have just bought the 777-200 base package and I'm very annoyed. Not having a regular income means that this is a big price to pay for me. I am not able to press or move anything in the cockpit. The aircraft is in a cold and dark state with the throttle levers at TOGA and the yokes fully back and fully left. The only thing I can control is the brakes on the aircraft either with my toe brakes or a button on the back of the yoke. The gear isn't showing outside (yet I am at the correct height as if the gear is extended). The mouse only changes to the PMDG one over the 2 inside nobs for the Baro/Radio altitude and the altimeter. I have reinstalled the 777 many times and have overwritten my FSUIPC install. (I can't figure out how to uninstall FSUIPC and the internet doesn't seem to help much). I have reinstalled the D irect X settings and Simconnect all to on avail. Please someone help me before I explode at PMDG.
  17. Good day Everyone, I seem to be encountering a rather strange issue. Upon loading into the default LIRF (Rome) with the DC6 Olympic Airways, the cockpit with all panels black is shown for a few seconds before the sim CTD. I currently only have ORBX Vector, Global and Europe_LC installed on a fresh P3D version When loading into the default scenario at Eglin AFB and only changing the aircraft to the DC6, everything seems to start fine. In addition, when I load into LIRF with any other default aircraft, everything loads fine as well. Thus it must be the combination of the location and aircraft causing the crash. Below is the last few lines from the DC6 log 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Loading general prefs from g:\games\prepar3d v4\PMDG\PMDG DC-6\DC-6_Options.ini[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] No ini file available for SX-DAD; falling back to default.[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Loading plane prefs from g:\games\prepar3d v4\PMDG\PMDG DC-6\PlaneDefault.ini[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Presetting items for AI[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Un-muting new cockpit sounds[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Flight loaded from C:\Users\Ashton\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D_Default.fxml[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 2] Cannot load situation from file g:\games\prepar3d v4\PMDG\PMDG DC-6\PanelState\Prepar3D_Default.fxml.sav; doesn't exist / zero size?[37m 2017/08/11 20:58:15 [PMDG 1] Loading saved health-and-hours data from g:\games\prepar3d v4\PMDG\PMDG DC-6\Aircraft\SX-DAD.hours[37m 2017/08/11 20:59:03 [PMDG 1] Resuming all systems...[37m Any help would be much appreciated.
  18. Fantastic repaint of Lufthansa's 747-430M, D-ABTB "Brandenburg" by the one and only Steve Drabek. I'm a little partial to this particular aircraft. Enjoy!
  19. So is there any plans for a 737 update after this? LCD lighting, New engine ignition switches, Split Scimitar winglets, etc? IF SO GREAT!!! I CANT WAIT!!! If not what about going into a regional jet like the EMB175/190 or the ERJ145, or the CRJ200/700/900? I know the 747-8i is in production for the expansion pack obviously, but the 737 can use an update.
  20. A short tutorial video on the DC6 in P3d from cold an dark up to before engine start up, with sounds this time.
  21. Cleaning out my screenshot file today, here are some various shots while flying for SWA virtual over the past year.
  22. This is a reminder to all. I recently converted from FSX to P3Dv4 because of program failures when using more complex aircraft like PMDG (out of memory errors). I found out I could not just reload FSX PMDG A/C but had to re-purchase at full price. Everything went OK until I came to the PMDG 600/700 version. I opened the P3Dv4 web page and assumed the download would be P3Dv4 files. I was undoubtedly careless and did not carefully read the directions so I downloaded the FSX version assuming it was P3D. As yet PMDG has not offered to replace. The purpose of this listing is to remind us all to be careful and read the directions. Just because you opened the P3D version of the PMDG web page does not Guarantee the file you download is a P3d version. My mistake!
  23. Found this tutorial video in which a real-world pilot is using the PMDG NGX to explain a bit about winter operations. Very revealing.. To be quite honest, this was a bit of an eye opener for me. Never really took the time to read the Supplementary Procedures about this, but it's all there (SP 16.1, see the PMDG documentation) funny enough...somehow the word Ray-Ban is not to be found in the Boeing documents...while hugely important I think, to not being blinded by the bright white snow and low hanging sun in the winter...
  24. I cracked up at this. I was zooming around to find another camera angle and I ended up on the flight deck of the PMDG 747-400 and the FO looks like me. The little, baby alligator arms don't look like my long arms, but this guy has a resemblance to my pilot passport photo. I had a good laugh. If you have not gone on the flight deck to watch these guys in action for a couple of minutes, watch them move their heads, wipe their foreheads, and point to the overhead, it is pretty entertaining, or I am easily entertained.
  25. Folks, I have Active Sky and REX SkyForce currently, and thinking about adding Environment Force as well. Is there currently a decent tutorial to make all these add-ons work well together? I'm concerned about getting the WX Radar to work on PMDG/FS-Labs and no clue how to set all that up, plus the visuals, shaders, etc... Do I need PTA as well? Grateful for any advice on how to config all this! -Bill
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