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Found 28 results

  1. Hi folks, I purchased the P3DV4 version yesterday and tried to install it. During installation I get a setup mistake message: "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) - 14.0.24123 Setup mistake 0X80070666 - another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product use Add(/Romove Programs on the Control Panel." I tried to run it anyhow but I get a crash to desktop when running the program and selecting the Dash 8 Q400. When uninstalling all is functioning normally. Tks for your help. Bruno
  2. Hello @ll, the Lorby-SI addons, most notably AiTracker X, FireFighter X and CropDuster X have been tested with P3D 4.1 successfully. An update is not necessary at this point. Instead (as they are working fine with 4.1), we will keep all addons compiled with 4.0 libraries, to ensure compatibility for all customers who decide to remain with the old version. This was already done this way with P3D V3, after many customers required special installers for older sim versions. If the apps have been installed in their default locations (and not altered manually) then a reinstall is not requrired after updating from 4.0 to 4.1. Nevertheless, there will soon be incremental updates with a few new features, most notably a new dialog to automatically find all SimObjects related to your simulator (for AI creation etc.) Please don't hesitate to notify us of any issues, preferably though the "contact us" form on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards Oliver Binder Lorby-SI due to the altered way that Prepar3D 4.1 is handling control inputs, compatibility of the following apps with Prepar3D 4.1 can not be guaranteed: - AiTracker X (recording/playback and multiplayer, especially the shared cockpit feature) - FireFighter X (bambi buckets, multiplayer) - CropDuster X (multiplayer) If you are using these apps in a multiplayer environment where every player is running P3D V4.1, everything will work. But if you are using it in a mixed-platform scenario (4.1 with 4.0, 3.x, 2.x or FSX) there may be issues with the behavior of the other players' aircraft. AiTracker X shared cockpit in a mixed environment will definitely be affected, as the client cannot translate between the new range of values and the old one. Update strategy: Before this can be fixed, it has to be analyzed first, and when it is fixed eventually, it will be in yet an additional installer for 4.1 (because people may decide to remain with 4.0). Sorry about the inconvenience, but we didn't see this coming. Lorby-SI is not part of the beta program and we don't have any advance access to P3D updates. There have not been any incident reports yet, but I nevertheless feel that is necessary to alert customers now. Best regards
  3. Hey, wich plane you would like ? Me maybe the airbus 350 Xtra Wide Body...
  4. Hello forum members, I want to ask if I'm doing something wrong here with the speed... or is that normal? As in the following image you can see what I mean. Thanks in advance, I'd be glad if someone wants to help me here. MIQUEL
  5. Hello, I'm having trouble if I open the GSX menu they say this in the next image: Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance, Miguel
  6. Attention 737 Drivers, I'm happy to announce that FS2Crew NGX Reboot has been released for P3D V4! Everyone loves the PMDG 737 -it's probably the best selling FS addon ever- and now you can enjoy your crew with it in the best sim currently on the market - P3D V4! P3D V4 (64 Bits) is the future. If you're serious about simming, 64 Bits is where it's at. The performance gains are extremely good, and 64 Bits offers double the memory capacity, so OOMs should be a thing of the past if they were ever an issue for you before. So go get P3D V4! It's worth it! Important - If the FS2Crew FO is not flipping switches!!! You need to have the latest version of P3D V4 installed ( or later! If you don't, then the FS2Crew FO will not be able to slip switches or press buttons! So if you find the FS2Crew FO has his hands tied, go get the latest version of P3D V4 from Lockheed Martin! Like before, there are two versions available: A Captain's Set and a Regular Version. The only difference is the Captain's Set includes the unlocked version of RAAS for P3D V4. Free bonus! We're including the 737 Global FO Voice Set -a 20 Euro value. Note that the Global FO Voice set is built directly into the product. There is no separate installer for it. When you select your crew accent, the extra FO voice sets will automatically be available. Discount code! We're also offering a 5 Euro discount code to previous owners. Use coupon code: 73764 Have a safe flight! You can now fly two-crew in P3D V4 in your favorite 737!
  7. Gents, We've just released V3 of FS2Crew 737 Reboot for the mighty PMDG 737 NGX. The update Change Log is available below in the FS2Crew NGX Reboot Forum. We also released a new expansion pack for Reboot NGX. Get 5 Euros off this content for NGX Reboot. Coupon Code: 737CREW
  8. Capts, To make FS2Crew iFly 737 work in P3D V3, you need to do this: 1. Re-install the iFly aircraft. 2. Install this update from iFly. 3. Run the P3D V3 iFly Config Manager and enable FS2Crew. 4. Manually copy the FS2Crew .gau file from here: Main P3D Folder\FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\ And copy it to the main "Gauges" folder in the P3D V3 directory. That's it!
  9. I think most of us would agree that FlyTampa have consistently been the "gold standard" of payware scenery producers. They have now raised the bar even further. They have just released major updates for the amazing VHHX Kai Tak retro scenery and contemporary CYUL Montreal, Canada. The updates are free for all existing customers. Both of these sceneries were already top notch, and in the case of Kai Tak, absolutely groundbreaking. But now they are even better, with features I have never seen before in FS. And like all FlyTampa products, the performance hit is negligible. The Hong Kong (Kai Tak) scenery is extremely dense and complex but my older computer ran it with no discernible performance hit at all. Seriously folks, these sceneries were excellent before. With the upgrades, they are now even more amazing - and if you are a previous owner, it's free Cheers Ian
  10. Hello Can you tell me how I can use my Saitek Switch and Multipanel with the Airbus A320 from Aerosoft. I have LINDA, FSUIPC and SPAD. The Linda module for the Airbus and FSUIPC Mouse Macros don't work so can you help me please. I have no experience in SPAD so I need help there too. Thank you! Pablo
  11. Last night I purchased the Aerosoft BAC Lightning F6. I have to say it's the best $16 I've spent in years! It is an amazingly good re-creation of one of true aviation icons of the Cold War - the standard RAF interceptor from the early 1960s that remained in service for around 20 years. What is mind-blowing to me is what you get for a ridiculously low purchase price - in-depth systems modeling, a challenging but fun to fly aircraft and in addition it is TacPac compatible. I was worried that frame rates might be a problem because of its complexity, but it has been absolutely smooth. (I use FSX-SE) If you want a fascinating, fun and continually challenging addon aircraft, I highly recommend this product. I've been flight simming since the FS98 days and I can't recall ever getting so much value for so little money. I also don't recall ever endorsing a product on the forums before, but I really felt this was something that shouldn't be overlooked. You will love it Cheers Ian
  12. With the pending release of an updated version of P3D, AVSIM members who have problems installing 3rd Party Software into updated versions of P3D should contact the vendor for instructions on how to install the software. In most cases the vendor will have to release an updated installer. Please do not use these forums for discussing how to modify a 3rd Party addon to make it work in a later version of P3D. When the new version of P3D is released, it may take some time for 3rd Party vendors to create an installer for the new version. We recommend you keep the current version installed and install the next version in another folder if you would like to continue using your addons. Most likely addon vendors will have new installers or instructions for installing their product(s) soon after the release of the updated P3D version. Some 3rd Party vendors may charge a fee for providing an update to their respective software for installation into later versions of P3D. If this is the case, it could be against the vendor’s EULAs or license agreements for you to attempt to install a current version of their product(s) into a later version of P3D. Discussions regarding those vendors that require a new EULA and/or installer for V3 will be prohibited. Photos and video: Photos and videos showing 3rd Party Software whose EULA would be violated for updated versions of P3D will be removed at the discretion of our moderators. If 3rd Party vendor's software can be installed into later versions of P3D without modification then this information will be allowed and can be discussed. Otherwise it will be removed. Please use this forum to discuss the update to P3D such as installation problems, P3D configurations, display driver configurations, and issues such as those relating to FPS and Virtual Address Space (VAS). Once the 3rd Party Software products have been updated for use in later versions of P3D, you can then begin discussing the addons. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.
  13. London Elstree has been released for X-Plane by Pilot Plus. Features: Faithful Replica with HD detailed buildings High Resolution ground imagery of area Custom Night Lighting Animations, POI's & Ground Traffic Volumetric Grass Pre-rendered 'worn' atmosphere Every element of EGTR is in High Definition, so you are sure to feel like you are there! Available on the Store and Pilot Plus Store! Elstree, famous for Elstree Film Studios, is a small airport which can serve your short haul GA flights or long haul small jet flights. EGTR has been carefully modeled to perfectly match real life, including textures taken from the real aerodrome! At EGTR you can feel the worn atmosphere, with dirt and grime applied throughout and even potholes on the runway! As well as the worn atmosphere Pilot Plus's virtual Elstree has been modelled and textured up to date, this gives you a faithful replica of the real airport. When airborne around the area of Elstree you will feel immersed inside X-Plane, this is because we have hand placed thousands of trees, placing each tree according to it’s real life position. As you fly over Elstree you will spot small farms in amongst the fields outlined with trees. Stephen from X-Plane Reviews has also reviewed London Elstree! I hope you like it! Joe.
  14. Captains, Important Heads Up: The Legacy FS2Crew NGX Special Bundle Pack, Captain's set and Emergency NGX will be removed from the FS2Crew Store in 72 hours to prevent any possible confusion with the upcoming Reboot product. The legacy NGX products will no longer be available for sale anywhere (but you can still download them if you own them via your account). If you still want to purchase Legacy NGX, you have a 72 hour window remaining to do so. Link:…/categor…/Special-PMDG-737-NGX-Area/
  15. 25 OCT 2014: PMDG 777 Captains: The FS2Crew Team is happy to announce that FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 has just landed! It's been a very long wait, but we feel the wait was worth it! FS2Crew 777 is the "Official PMDG Endorsed" 777 Flight Crew simulation for the PMDG 777 aircraft! Following in the footsteps of our hugely popular PMDG 737 NGX version, this new product adds to your PMDG 777 a highly detailed and immersive airline crew who can be controlled either via Voice Control (through your microphone), or via Joystick/Keyboard buttons (Button Control). Notes: The product is available for download at The product is available as a digital download only. A 5 Euro coupon code is available for anyone who ever purchased an FS2Crew before. The code is: B777 It works with all PMDG models (Passenger and Freighter) It supports the Electronic Checklist System as well as Paper Checklists. You need to have SP1 or later installed from PMDG. It ships with four voice sets. More will be added later (for free), such as the French voice set which is almost done. OFFICIAL TRAILER:

    Progress continues in the OpusFSI development which will be released later on in the year. New Camera Management and Editing We have changed the way camera views are managed and edited, separating the Management and Editing functions in two separate dialogs. The idea being when you click on the Cameras option you will be faced with the Camera Management dialog. This dialog will allow you to view all cameras, change their listed order, restrict the list to a specific set of assigned aircraft, select a camera for editing, select a camera for cloning, or add a completely new camera. Only when you opt to edit, clone, or add a new camera will the dialog be replaced with the Camera Editing dialog. This dialog has all the usual options for defining the view mode, assigning aircraft types, setting the view options, changing the eye point, changing the zoom, configuring DHM and AHM etc. New Camera Editing We have added a Live Camera Control button, enabled whenever the LCC feature is enabled within the OpusFSI Configuration. This new feature can be used to edit the camera's eye point using the normal LCC functions, including any assigned 6-axis Gamepad controller. This option should greatly simplify camera editing. When the LCC button is pressed the Camera Edit dialog is automatically hidden and the small footprint LCC dialog is displayed. You are then able to use the LCC eye point movement functions via either the LCC dialog's arrow keys, assigned keyboard keys, or any assigned joystick controls. This includes the use of your assigned 6-axis Gamepad controller. To finish editing the camera view simply press the Set Camera button on the LCC dialog, or use your assigned Set Camera key sequence, or your assigned Gamepad control. The Set Camera button text has been highlighted in green on the LCC dialog to remind the user of this function. To abort or cancel the LCC edit simply click on the 'X' to close the small LCC dialog. Once the LCC editing has been finished the Camera Edit dialog is redisplayed showing any changes to the camera's eye point in the XYZ and PBY boxes. Click OK to accept the changes and return to the Camera Management dialog. Using the LCC editing functions in conjunction with assigned LCC control keys or better still a 6-axis Gamepad controller also allows all camera editing to be undertaken with the simulator maximised or placed in full screen mode. When finished editing simply minimise the simulator or return the simulator's display back to its windowed mode footprint. You can then complete the edit process using the Camera Edit and Management dialogs. Please note, all LCC functions are local so this new feature cannot be used to edit cameras on networked client systems. I will post the new look Camera Management, Camera Editing, and LCC dialogs below. We will be looking to post the first OpusFSI Beta soon to allow licensed OpusFSX users to try out the new Camera Management and Editing functions. Soon to be followed by the upgraded LWA weather map feature. Stephen :biggrin:
  17. We have found that some C172 airplanes that are configured with our G1000, in the configurations that use the GFC-700 autopilot (also known as AFCS) are experiencing some autopilot problems, most noticeably in heading mode. The solution involves a change to the C172 aircraft.cfg file. In the section titled [autopilot] There is a setting: flight_director_available=0 This should be set to flight_director_available=1
  18. From a post by Rob Ainscough: Here is a list of items/features FSX does NOT have: Tessellation HDR (not the same as Bloom) Special effects distance Water reflections user vehicle Water reflections SimObjects Water reflections Terrain Water reflections Vegetation Water reflections Buildings Shadow Map Count Terrain Shadow Cast Distance Cloud Shadow Cast Distance Object Shadow Cast Distance Internal Vehicle Cast/Receive shadows (partial Aircraft cast only in FSX) External Vehicle Cast/Receive shadows (partial Aircraft cast only in FSX) SimObject Cast/Receive shadows Vegetation Cast/Receive shadows Buildings Cast/Receive shadows (partial Buildings Cast only in FSX) NoShadow Flagged Content FXAA support MSAA specification Texture Filtering specification (although bug requires setting in P3D or using NI to set anything above 16X) Volumetric Fog Wave animations adjust to conditions and wind direction DX11 support Updated SDK (with VS support and more recent versions of 3DMax for better modeling) SimDirector Integrated SimConnect (now a managed part of P3D not a separate install) Continued development of the product
  19. As from 1st May our sales arrangement with Flight1 has changed slightly and the OpusFSX product (and future OpusFSI product later this year) can only be purchased directly via our downloads page, the Flight1 licensing and 30 day money back guarantee are still in place, only the sales outlet has changed.
  20. Be sure you follow the patch instructions, these next steps are critical: While the uninstaller removes all files that are created by the installer, it does not completely remove content that was generated during program execution. New versions of Prepar3D use new config file options, etc. You need to delete these 4 folders(See *** below). You might want to back up your old scenery.cfg or the contents of these folders so you can restore pieces manually if desired. %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files Now you should restart your computer. After your computer has restarted, run the patched Prepar3D v2.2 again and let the system regeneration and recompile those files. You will need to go back in one by one and re-add your add-ons to the dll.xml and exe.xml to see which one is causing problems, perhaps they have not updated their addons to work with v2.2 yet. Wes Bard Software Manager - Prepar3D® Team ==================================== *** How to use the Start button to find those four folders: Click on the windows "Start" button in the lower left corner of your screen. In the empty box at the bottom, paste in this entry: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 This should open a Windows Explorer window showing one folder named "Shaders" Click on this folder and hit the "Delete" key. Done! Repeat the above steps for the other three folders listed above!
  21. ******************************************************* **********IMMINENT PATCH RELEASE********** ******************************************************* Fellow Aviators, lend me your ears!!! We will be releasing a patch to coincide with highly anticipated, much talked about soon to be released Ultimate Turbo Prop Crew Simulation by FS2Crew - The Majestic Software Q400 Voice Control add-on. The 1.00801-2-3 patch was released in order to replace the previous hot-fixes, and to provide compatibility with the upcoming Fs2Crew (link package. The items that have been addressed are: + CNavSystem: Fixed the bug of VOR/ILS mix up when frequency only differs by 50 kHz + CNavSystem: Fixed "tuned" flag of the nav sources stuck + CNavDataSystem: Fixed airway legs do not show for length of airway >100 wpts *****PLEASE NOTE***** This patch has to be installed over the MJC8 Q400 PILOT edition versions 1.008, 1.00801 or 1.00802 We'd like to thank Bryan York and his crew for helping to intensify the immersion factor for the Majestic Software Q400. The Majestic Software Team
  22. Sign up here! Winners will be announced on release day!
  23. Hi guys, Just doing my daily sweep of forums over at aerosoft and found this. Aerosoft Sky Tools Free is a sky enhancement tool that allows the user to change the way the sky, clouds, sun and moon looks in X-Plane 10. It basically allows the user to tweak the sky to match the conditions. There is after all a big difference between the sky on a hot humid August day and a clear frosty January day. Sky Tools was developed by AWG Simulations as a commercial product but we decided to buy the full rights from them and to send it out as a free gift to the X-Plane users. We have done the same for FSX products and it was time to do the same for X-Plane. After all, X-Plane is one finest products and we support that simulator with many add-ons. Available for free at Aerosoft's forum, it looks great. Best wishes, Jess B
  24. Gentlemen, I'll keep this short! The "Button Control" version of FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus has been released! 5 Euro Limited Time Coupon Code: AIRBUSX Button Control is ideal for people who do not meet the requirements for Voice Control, or for people who simply don't like talking to their computers for whatever reason! Click here to visit the Product Info Page! Trailer:
  25. Gentlemen, The long wait is over! FS2Crew "Voice Control" for the Aerosoft Airbus X has finally landed! Click here to visit the Sales Page! This is our best FS2Crew ever and it is worth the wait! If you liked the PMDG 737 NGX version of FS2Crew, then you'll love the Airbus version as well! If you've always wanted a realistic Airbus flight crew simulation, then this is it! RELEASE NOTES: 1. The product works in FSX and P3D (Installer supports both options). 2. You need to own the Aerosoft Airbus X (formally known as Extended). This is the latest airbus released by Aerosoft. If you don't own the Airbus, it's available at Aerosoft. 3. You need install the HOTFIX 17 from Aerosoft if it's not already built into your Airbus. It updates the Aerosoft Configurator with the entries needs to add/remove FS2Crew to or from the aircraft. 4. Since this is "Voice Control", you need to able able to set your Windows Speech Recognizer to ENGLISH - US. If you're not sure about that, please ask here. 5. The PDF manual is located in Start - All Programs - FS2Crew2013 6. If you have any questions/issues, please do not suffer in silence. Contact us asap on the support forum. We're here to help!