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Found 24 results

  1. To use P2A with MSFS 2020, you must install the latest FSUIPC7 beta. The process to do that has been simplified, so here are the steps that worked for me: Setting Up FSUIPC for MSFS 2020 Download FSUIPC v7 beta. This link has details and a link to the software: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90193-fsuipc7-beta-for-msfs/ Unzip the FSUIPC7 file to a folder of your choice. It does not need to go into a subfolder of MSFS. If you are a current user of FSUIPC and have customized files from release version of FSUIPC, you can copy the files like (FSUIPC.ini, .lua,.dll etc files to the new folder) You have now installed FSUIPC7 and should not have to do the above steps again. Now, each time you start MSFS and want to use P2A with it, you should do the following Start MSFS and also start FSUIPC7 Turn off ATC in MSFS so it doesn't interfere with P2A After MSFS is completely up and running, start Pilot2ATC Have Fun! Here's a video on how to set up Pilot2ATC with MSFS 2020 that Clumsy Geek made. Thanks Clumsy!
  2. New version 2.5 just uploaded to the web site. Adds Hot Key to open SayIt Plus window. Adds Conversation Text File Log function. Adds FS9 .pln Flt Plan Import and Export format. Enhances P3D .pln import/export to include procedures if desired. Improves FFA320 export and differentiates for Navigraph vs NavDataPro approach names. Improves Weather Retrieval, Display and performance impact. Adds use of ARTCC boundaries for frequency changes en-route. Enables import of ARTCC bgl file for updating boundaries. Enables editing of ARTCC Names and Frequencies. Fixes issues with AI Traffic display. Fixes other bugs in 2406. Enjoy, Dave
  3. i don't know if this is the right place for this but this seems to be the only place that is linked to pilot2atc that i can reach but yeah. So I've been trying to get on pilot2atc website for 3 days now to buy pilot2atc but all i get is service unavailable https://prnt.sc/t71fvf idk whats going on i just want to buy pilot2atc any type of help is welcomed thank you
  4. Sometimes the P2ATC moving map goes white blank with a big red "X" across it. Totally blank-no user aircraft, flight plan or AI. If I restart P2ATC, all goes well for the duration of the flight. Does this have something to do with an internet access problem? Something else? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I am on day 8 of a Pilot2ATC trial, so still very new to it, and new to X-Plane 11. Please forgive noob level questions... So I have some confusion after watching the P2A tutorial videos vs my experience so far, so I hope somebody can help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I will add that I have Orbx South England installed. My flight is a short one from Heathrow EGLL to Lydd (EGMD). I've created the flight plan in P2A, validated, connected to the sim and filed the flight plan. P2A navigates me from the parking area to the active runway (09L), and I follow the route exactly as shown on the P2A taxi map. I've performed this route twice now, and encountered the same problems on both journeys. In the tutorial video, at some point during taxiing, the pilot is instructed to contact tower, and after reaching the hold short line, is instructed to report when lined up on the runway. These are missing when I taxi to 09L. When I arrive at the hold short point, I have to make a manual call "ready for departure". ATC tells me at this point to switch to tower. My co-pilot does this, and I call again. Now ATC tells me to switch to ground, and they tell me to switch to tower. This loops around and I try to move onto the runway and back off again to trick it into working, which does seem to help, but what did I do wrong to trip it up? Also, on the tutorial video, there's another radio call from ATC , something like "expect vectors 5 minutes after departure". I do not hear this when I fly. Towards the end of the flight, I am receiving some confusing instructions. Again it's probably me doing something wrong, but the calls are like: "Cessna Four Six Maintain Flight Level Zero Seven Zero Descend and Maintain Five Thousand feet QNH is One Zero One Niner ". What does that instruction mean? I do have the P2A ATC calls that I copy and pasted into a file, but unsure how to attach it to the forum post. Everything else seemed to work fine, and I'm impressed with P2A. I'd just like to understand these issues, thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm having a small issue with KLAX's ATIS frequency. When I start Xplane 11 and P2ATC and file a local VFR flight plan at LAX, it switches the initial COM frequency to ATIS as it should. Problem lies in that I start up the sim at the gate for departure and the LAX ATIS frequency it loads is the ARRIVAL frequency of 133.80 that has no voice speaking weather just silence. It should be loading the LAX ATIS DEPARTURE frequency of 135.65 which works fine and speaks the weather if I change it manually. 1st question: Can I use taxi editor to simply change ATIS frequencies or is it only designed for ARTCC? 2nd question: Does Navigraph even list both or do they only use 1 ATIS? 3rd question: Is P2ATC designed to even differentiate between ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE ATIS frequencies (if exists in Navigraph data) and know when to use each dependent on where the aircraft is located? 4th question: Why no weather sound from the ARRIVAL's 133.80 while on the ramp, do i need to be a certain distance away from the airport for it to speak? P2ATC: Xplane: 11.41.r1 Navigraph Airac Cycles: 2005 on both Xplane and P2ATC KLAX ATIS Radio Frequencies: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=5824 Thanks, Chris
  7. I have been running Pilot2ATC on a networked machine with P3Dv4.4 about 5 weeks and everything was working fine. Both machines are still on Windows 7, but also work fine. Several days ago a sound problem arose, which I can't fix. I am using Bluetooth headphones. I check the Windows control panel and sounds work fine on my headphones, as does the microphone (2.4 ghz). When I start the P2ATC program, sometimes (but not always) there are no sounds--no voices, no sound effects (such as button pushes)--nothing. When I start the program even if all sounds are fine to start, after a few minutes all sounds go off. Sometimes If the sounds do work when P2ATC starts, as soon as I connect to the flight simulator, sounds again go off ands won't come back on.This problem only started a few days ago. I did a system recovery of the P2ATC networked computer back to when everything was working, but this did not fix it. I restarted the computer several times, but no dice. What's wrong? I really love the program--it's the best ATC out there, but it has become really frustrating. Any solutions?
  8. Hello, I am using the latest update of the GTN750. I use it in all my planes as a floating window sitting on the copilot seat. I fly always in VR with the Rift-S and the floating panel is big enough that I can see it well and manipulate it with the Touch Controllers or the mouse. Another plugin that is active is Pilot2ATC that creates the original flight plan and then scolds me if I don't follow it correctly I enter the flight plan from Pilot2ATC manually into the GTN750 when I am in the cockpit. I also use AviTAB for nav charts and a moving map. So a few days ago, I would be in the beginning of a flight and all of a sudden the GTN750 would lock up. It wouldn't respond to any click from the controllers or the mouse. But it remained active and auto-zoomed when it approached a waypoint. But I couldn't control it at all. At first, I went to the menu and closed the GTN completely. Then I launched a whole new version of it and that would work after I re-entered the flight plan. I found a better way to work around the problem, I exited VR and with the normal screen I was able to select a Popup Window. I clicked on that a few times with the mouse to be sure that it was working - which it was. I was back to normal. So then I went back into VR and the popup window disappeared, but when I was in VR there it was floating in front of me, waiting to be placed on the copilot seat. It then worked fine and I didn't have to reload the flight plan. But I seem to have found a curious connection that seems to be related. This is a whole new bug. When I am making a flight plan, I select a STAR and it inserts correctly into the plan. But when I go to select an Approach, instead of inserting BEFORE the destination airport, it inserts AFTER - so that the plane goes to the airport and then goes to the approach. I discovered that I could just delete the airport name in the plan and then the preview would show the correct line from the end of the STAR to the beginning of the Approach and down to the runway. So it didn't bother me that the airport name was no longer in the plan as long as I got to the right runway. BUT, I noticed that, in the cases where I deleted the destination airport, I had the above problem with the GTN freezing in flight. But I just made a flight and when I selected the approach, the destination airport name disappeared and the STAR connected to the Approach just like it should. When I made that flight, the GTN didn't freeze up. So sometimes the approach connects correctly and sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those mystery bugs that involves a lot of plugins, but since I can reproduce it, I report it.
  9. Dave, You get a lot of problem posts and requests for info and how-to's. I wanted to give you a Thank You post. You are hands down one of the best software developers I've ever dealt with. You're kind, courteous and will go out of your way to help out even a single customer. You know all the problems I've had with my personal system and worked closely with me to try and crush them. That Airway one was a tough bugger but you've managed to crush all those problem with your rapid update cycling. Pilot2ATC is hands down the best AI/VOX driven ATC Suite for FSX/P3D or X-Plane (the ONLY real choice for X-Plane imo) in my opinion and I appreciate your efforts and rapid version cycle times. I wouldn't fly without P2A guiding me across the virtual skies! Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to the integration of World Traffic 3.1 for X-Plane with P2A in the future!
  10. I was trying to fly from EHAM to EGLL. I was parked at D92 stand. The ATC gave me taxiway to Rw09 via A10, A13, A , A16 , B, etc. On the charts taxiway A and B there are one way. Basically the ATC told me to taxi on A the wrong way. Is there an option in Gate and Taxiway Maintenance to set the taxiways lines to one way? Or, can this option be added to the Taxiway maintenance? Thank You! Oltcit Room
  11. Has anyone tried using VR and bringing P2A up on a window inside the virtual viewer??? They say it can be done, but I'm curious if anyone has tried it???
  12. Hi Dave, i recently bought your great add on but it seems that whenever i try practise grammar i consistently get the error (green text after i press PRACTICE and the PTT button , half second delay) "Speech not Recognized. Try pressing the Replay Button to listen to your speech" IF i try to say "hello" most of times it get recognized and it is printed then i tried to say "B Zero" and it was correctly recognized then i trien "B ZERO ALtimeter" and it recognized as "the zero center",....then i tried to say "LIMA""but it was recognized as "LITTLE"...once every 10000 tries i tried to say SAY ALTIMETER for ZERO LIMA HOTEL and it worked! just once in couple of days Right now im at a loss do i have that bad of a voice to not gettin recognized even remotely..im not native english speaker Luca thanks for any i mean any idea!
  13. Hello Dave, Would it be possible to add in the configuration the possibility for a keyboard shortcut and/or a joystick button to display/no display ( toggle) the popup help window "gramar". (for the "?+" button in the main interface)
  14. Can you resize this button so that the word "Validate" is written on a single line and under the icon ?
  15. Hi Dan, I added the ATC-Chatter from X-ATC but still missing some German ATC. So I want to add files from Pro-ATC. I found another topic in which you explain how to add it - but I still don't understand: My Pro-ATC gives me different folders for each country: DE, CH, ES, FR, NL, UK, USA - in there are the aiport-codes or one global folder. So if I use the airport-setting I guess Pilot2ATC won't play chatter at an aiport that is not listed in my folder, right? So do I have to choose the country setting? Thank you! Tim
  16. Hi Dave, I have been using P2A a lot recently and have noted that, when I first load a flight plan - even before the sim is connected, that P2A puts a magenta line on the destination airport indicating the preferred approach. Fine, but after I connect the sim (and force real time weather), approach continues to recommend a runway that is not correct for the wind. Usually it is the same one as the magenta line. BTW, I have P2A set to use the sim weather. It would be nice if P2A would check the sim wind at the time when Center turns control over to Approach so that Approach recommends a runway that is appropriate. Am I missing something that I should be doing?
  17. At the moment I am trying Pilot2Atc and would really like to buy it because it has a lot of potential. However, I have encountered several problems during my testing phase, that would prevent me from making a purchase if I can't solve them. After creating an IFR-Flightplan and during the preparation for the flight, everythings looks fine. I get my flightplan clearance, the allowance to pushback and taxi to the runway works fine. The I ask for the departure and get the allowance to takeoff. My readback was correct too. A couple of seconds while taxiing onto the runway, P2A tells me, that I was NOT allowed to takeoff. Immediately after the takeoff, P2A starts to use more and more CPU, so X-Plane starts to make jerky leaps and gets eventually unflyable. Some moments later, P2A starts to freeze completely, but uses nearly all of the CPU regardlessly. Every time, i start the programm, many topics in the configuration are reset to the default values. The programm doesn't remember my settings. For example, I have to turn on the volume for every voice in Pilot2ATC every time I start the program or it doesn't remember my FlightPlan Settings . My setting: X-Plane 11 with XPUIPC and P2A V2.4.0.5_x64 with AIRAC 1802 in both, X-Plane and P2A. Any advice or advice would be very welcome. Thank you very much Ralf
  18. Would it be possible to have this feature with a joystick button ? Currently we must click in the P2A window if it does not have the focus for the keyboard shortcut to work.
  19. Beginning with AIRAC 1706, Navigraph will provide a version of their data for Pilot2ATC.
  20. Hi guys , if you have questions about pilot2atc you might find your answer in this video. Check the times under the description of the video if you wanna skip parts you already know.
  21. I have an installation with dual Saitek yokes on X plane. I use a LUA script to switch control from one yoke to the other. Hence the PTT switch number changes at that point. I am assuming that P2A cannot accomodate this? Every time I tried to assign a PTT switch to the second yoke, P2A just defaulted to the first one in the drop down list. Love it if it could. My issue is with my workaround though, I decided to keep the PTT only on one yoke on the captain side of my cockpit. However, for reasons I hope someone will be able to explain, P2A always chooses the co-pilot PTT switch and fails to recognise my captain yoke no matter what I try. I even tried deleting the co-pilot yoke from the device manager and restarting the computer with it disconnected. This allowed me to allocate the PTT to the captain, but when I reconnected the co-pilot USB and restarted the computer again it switched back to the co-pilot. Do you have any advice about how P2A allocates control devices and so how I might ensure it always chooses the captains seat for the PTT switch? Thanks
  22. Hi, I have a question concerning the transponder mode in Pilot2ATC. When I set my transponder to ALT on the default Cessna 172 Pilot2ATC shows TEST. How can i set the transponder to ALT in Pilor2ATC? Using: Windows 10 X-Plane 11.10
  23. Hi Dave-- Infinite Loop Issue I read the Bug Report from “glider1” which described an Infinite Loop issue similar to my issue and I have updated Pilot2ATC to This did not solve my loop issue. For me, just prior to the first time the loop happened, I heard a brief, unfamiliar sound in my headphones. The sound and then the loop occurred during hand-off to Departure (I took-off from KLNK bound for KOMA). I have not heard the unfamiliar sound again. However, the loop issue continues. Actions I have taken: I ended my flight and closed P2A. I started the flight again with P2A and at the same point, the loop began again. I ended my flight, closed P2A, and rebooted my PC. I started the flight again and same thing, again. Ended my flight, closed P2A. I found and read the Infinite Loop issue on the Bug Report Forum posted by “glider1” and from reading the info given, I downloaded and installed the P2A update (} and updated the Navigraph data files as well. Started flight with P2A again, no joy. I decided to try a different airport so I took off from a KOMA for KLNK using P2A and everything was OK. Started new flight from KNLK for KOMA with a wind-shift which had ATC instruct me to take-off using a different runway. No joy. I had X-Plane 11 Updater check my X-Plane 11 files. All X-Plane 11 files are OK. No joy. I have found that P2A is an essential component of my flight-sim experience. Thank you for providing P2A for the flight-sim community. moewoud
  24. Many of you have been asking where you can get good ATC Chatter Files. I am pleased to announce that Stick And Rudder Studios has just released a new product named X-ATC-Chatter. From the makers of the popular X-Camera, this new offering provides a very nice selection of coordinated short ATC clips to be used with Pilot2ATC's ATC Chatter using the Controllers option. This offering is unique in that it provides collections of clips from around the globe. While not all regions are filled out yet, there is an excellent collection for the US and a growing set for several other regions. Here's a link to their site with a description and a very nice tutorial video: https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-atc-chatter-overview/ The files are being created by a group of volunteers in the community. If you would like to contribute, you can go to the project site here: https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-atc-chatter-project/ Enjoy! Dave
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