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Found 20 results

  1. I cracked up at this. I was zooming around to find another camera angle and I ended up on the flight deck of the PMDG 747-400 and the FO looks like me. The little, baby alligator arms don't look like my long arms, but this guy has a resemblance to my pilot passport photo. I had a good laugh. If you have not gone on the flight deck to watch these guys in action for a couple of minutes, watch them move their heads, wipe their foreheads, and point to the overhead, it is pretty entertaining, or I am easily entertained.
  2. Hello all, I was suffering from Crash to Desktops prior to V4.1 being released after installing new scenery, basically P3D would crash on loading a new scenario. From following some threads on the Prepar3D Support Forum it transpired to be due to the AddOn XML document. The work around suggested on the forum was to de activate the Add On XML document and add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. This is what I did and managed to get P3D working again prior to the release of V4.1. The issue was to be rectified in the release of V4.1 according to Lockheed Martin on their Support Forum. I am just wondering if anybody knows how to re activate the AddOn XML document so that when you start Prepar3D you get the box that pops up asking if you want to enable the add on. I’ve installed some scenery now I’ve updated to V4.1 and don’t appear to get asked this, I have to add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. I’ve tried at getting it back to how it was done prior to this but can’t seem to get it to work. Would uninstalling the Client & Content then re installing these components solve this? Many Thanks, Jonathan.
  3. Hello all, I am completely new to posting on these forums, as I have just recently started getting into sims--specifically Prepar3D. I will be looking to do Naval Sims, so on a side note if anybody has any useful tips on anything feel free to let me know! I am currently using a Linux machine. This is a problem knowing Prepar3D only runs on Windows. I am wondering if anybody has any experience using Prepar3D on a Virtual Machine, specifically VMWare. I would be trying to run Prepar3D on my Linux machine through VMWare. This also raises another question, which is about whether or not VMWare will use the dedicated graphics card for the machine or not. I have done some research, and I am finding many yes it will work/ no it won't work, so maybe somebody can here has some experience with it. If VMWare does not work, or you know of something other then VMWare that could work for hosting Prepar3D on a Linux machine, I encourage you to let me know, as I am not limited to VMWare. The goal is to not have to switch from my Linux machine, as I would have to basically build a new machine specifically for this (probably what most people do anyways, but I am just looking to get my toes wet and see what's up before I do that). Thank you to anybody that reads this, Jake
  4. Hi there, LM just posted a video on the twitter, check it out. They are introducing the "Air 5428 program", I don't know anything about that but obviously it has something to do with their SCIO product line. And Prepar3D is one of the SCIO Live product. So I think they might be related. What I find something interesting is, look at the video at 1:20, the scenery looks really similar to ORBX. Besides the trainer was using a Thrust Master HOTAS set.(1:04) It's USAF licensed so it may not be news. However, if you take a close look at the taskbar(1:20) you can see the icon is black. I guess it's P3D V4, just guessing. Any thought on this? Cheers, Gordon
  5. Hi all. If you want to watch some simple and light simulator's videos (not tutorials, just recordings of preparations, take-offs and landings), you are welcome to YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDlCrX1WjyrU_vW8SvRjhPIhT50Wqo-ix Thank you, enjoy!
  6. Traveler

    Prepar3D v4

    Hello, As all addon's developer I'm working to upgrade FSLaunchPad for the very good last release of Prepar3D v4. I hadn't test the v4 with a lot of sceneries to see if like the other versions of P3D and FSX becomes slow to load them. Also, Lockheed Martin added special characters into scenery.cfg file and I must check the impact about this. In two cases with or without these characters P3D v4 loads the scenery.cfg correctly but I need to check more deeply. if somebody have more information about this topic thanks in advance to share it. Good Launch ! Pierre
  7. There seems to be some confusion at Carenado about airspeed and Mach limits and the way they should be displayed. Many times I have gotten the dreaded overspeed siren only to look at the airspeed display and see my airspeed needle nowhere near the "barber pole" limit. Those limits, for purposes of the FSX/P3D aural warnings and "Overspeed" message, are contained in the aircraft.cfg file in the [Reference Speeds] section. Sometimes they are accurate and sometimes they are not. But either way, they are the limits the simulator uses internally. The problem arises in Carenado's gauge configuration files where those limits are seldom (read never) in agreement with those in the aircraft.cfg file. This is a brief tutorial on how to correct this error and have the airspeed indicator match the actual limits. I will use the Premier IA as the example. Tools required 1. A good Aviation Calculator. I like this one..... http://www.hochwarth.com/misc/AviationCalculator.html 2. The actual limits. For the Premier 1A, Ray has scrounged some good information for us.... Step 1. From Ray's data the limits on the Premier are Vmo = 320 and Mmo = 0.80. Note that these numbers aren't accurately reflected in the aircraft.cfg file. (max_indicated_speed=335 max_mach=0.82). Simply open the aircraft.cfg file and change them. Absent these numbers or if Carenado didn't produce them in their documentation, just use what's in the aircraft.cfg file. In the next step we will see how to get the proper crossover altitude with only the airspeed and Mach limit numbers. Step 2. Notice that in Ray's table the "crossover altitude" is actually given (in most of their airplanes it is not). Let's use the calculator to check it (or to find it if we don't have it). Open the Aviation Calculator from the link in another window. In the "Crossover Altitude" section enter 320 KCAS and 0.80 Mach. Press "Compute." The answer you should get is 27582 feet. From Ray's data this appears to be accurate (27,600 ft.). Step 3. Next, extract the cab file "CARPROLINE21_390IA.cab" into a new folder of the same name (minus the ".cab") and place it in your panel folder. Using "spb2xml.exe" make an .xml copy of the file "Proline_Config_390.spb" and put it in the same folder. (the freeware "spb2xml.exe" can easily be found on the internet). You should now have a file named "Proline_Config_390.xml" in the CARPROLINE21_390IA" folder. Step 4. Open "Proline_Config_390.xml" with notepad. Scroll down to the line that says..... 33730 (>L:Barber_Pole_Altitude) //Limit to use vne or barber pole max speed 337 (>L:Vne, knots) //Never exceed speed 328 (>L:Vno, knots) //Maximum structural cruising speed Change these lines to read... 27582 (>L:Barber_Pole_Altitude) //Limit to use vne or barber pole max speed 320 (>L:Vne, knots) //Never exceed speed 320 (>L:Vno, knots) //Maximum structural cruising speed ......and save the file. Step 5. Rename the file "Proline_Config_390_1.xml" and delete all other files in the folder. Step 6. Open the panel.cfg file and everywhere you see "Proline_Config_390" replace it with "Proline_Config_390_1". Save the panel.cfg file and run the simulator. You should find that the PL21 Barber Pole now matches the actual airplane limitations. Even though the Premier in v4 doesn't seem to have the blaring warning horn, you should see an accurate "Overspeed" warning on your screen should you have that option turned on.
  8. Hello Guys and Girls, Recently I upgraded to P3D Version 4.1. However, this is accompanied by some massive fps drops. They are in the VC and in the locked spot outside vieuw. They drop from 70/80+ to 7 and lower. I have an GTX1050, i7-4790 and 16Gig's of RAM. I've tried a full reinstall, also I've tried multiple PTA presets and all the sliders to the minimum settings. Nothing works. Anyone who can help me? Greetings, Erik Schlijper
  9. Hey guys so I encountered a weird issue I have never seen before. I loaded up P3D then to my disappointment, the aircraft at the gate with engines off etc, keeps inching forward. So i add breaks, and then it starts bouncing up and down. When you add throttle, it wont really do much , as if the wheels are locked, and using slew to go up into the air, its like the physics just died. I'm just testing out P3DV4 and I was super impressed until this annoying issue popped up. Ive tried addon aircraft, default aircrafts, addon scenery , default scenery, its all the same. As an added bonus I found out that I can fly aircraft during the day with no problem. But as soon as Dusk,night or dawn is set.. forget it 😕 Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  10. Hello, I have just purchased PMDG 777 for P3D after using it in FSX:SE for several months. However I can not get it to start in my P3D. I already followed the instructions here ( http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a112/important-and-nearly-foolproof-steps-to-running-your-pmdg-product-in-prepar3d-v3.aspx ). Choose PMDG 777 direct from the menu, installed all the simconnect again... By using Process Monitor I found out that my simulator stuck at loading 777X_debug_log.txt and it cannot load anything else besides it. In the log.txt it shows continuous "Update systems: 01 02 " Any idea how this could happen? I tried loading both 777-200LR and 777-300ER but they all have the same issue. Thank you, Hoang Le
  11. My P3D v4.4 just CTD'd in the middle of editing GSX2's SODE jetways, and when I restarted it all my addons except SODE and FSUIPC are gone from the addons' menu. Help?
  12. Good morning, everyone, A few images are often more telling to introduce our small team whose primary goal is to bring the history of Swiss military aviation back to life through our flight simulators: Our first success was the Morane D-3801, a French fighter built under license in Switzerland during the last World War... : Today, our team consists of four members: a "conductor" former militia pilot of the Swiss army; a technical manager, former mechanic on all Swiss army fighter aircraft; a developer for the entire aircraft modeling (myself); a developer for all the scenes of the aerodromes rebuilt as in the past. And we can also count on several enthusiasts and former Swiss military pilots for all our tests! We are currently working on the DH-100 Vampire which was the first jet aircraft in our army....: We attach great importance to details, not only visual but also technical: our aircraft have a flight model that is as close to reality as possible, controlled and tested by former Swiss military aviation professionals... And to complete the picture, our DH-100 Vampire has a functional weaponry thanks to VRS TackPack...! I hope you will enjoy our work. Best regards, and have a good flight!
  13. Okay, I'm a greedy pig and I want it all ! I use Aerofly FS2 for VR, X-Plane has been my primary sim for past few years and I was in FSX before that.. so now i'm adding P3D V4 to my sim collection mainly for widebodies (and hopefully the ATR-72-600 when it comes out).. So I have some knowledge of ESP platform and what to expect.. but absolutely no experience with P3D as such.. so lot of questions on what add-ons to get etc.. need all of your guidance and advice to get me onboard ! My system specs in my signature (i7 4.4GhZ, GTX 1070) are pretty decent.. and budget is not an issue.. so I need to know what stuff to buy to get the best eye candy.. 1. The first add-on I have set my eyes on is the QW 787.. how is the performance, esp at night w/dynamic lighting? why doesn't it have wheel chocks like PMDG 747? 2. Is dynamic lighting still a performance issue in 4.2? will 4.3 fix it? Can i turn OFF shadows, clouds etc at night to allow dynamic lighting? I absolutely need bright apron lights for my Asian airports at night.. so turning OFF dynamic lighting is not an option for me.. 3. Do i absolutely need PTA or will the new tomato mod suffice or even be better? 4. I had MyTraffic 6 in FSX.. should i reinstall that or is Just flight global a better option? if so, why? 5. I had REX in FSX.. stick with it or get AS16 + cloud art? 6. Will bring over FTX global and HD trees for sure. do i need ORBX vectors/regions/etc? I mostly fly long hauls.. 7. GSX - looking forward to level 2 expansion.. but in its current version, does it provide VDGS or only marshaller.. didn't see too many youtube videos with VDGS.. also, the parking is always misaligned with the markings.. is this something one can configure using GSX parking editor? I used to be able to do this in AES.. 8. Can i get 25-30 fps on final approach into KSFO HD on QW 787 with medium graphic settings? Just want to know where 4.2 stands on performance at this point.. 9. Will get chaseplane for camera system & FSUIPC for multiple joystick profiles. 10. any other must have add-ons for long haul wide body flights? I meant other than aircraft add-ons.. like smart utility tools that enhance the sim.. for e.g does chase plane do replays the way FSrecorder used to do?
  14. Hi ! Just a little topic to share a Landing at Nice Côte d’Azur with an awesome sunrise (Thank’s to Rex 4 !) : )
  15. When weather and/or flight conditions may provoque icing, I use to turn my carb heat on. In real life this action move the needle of my carburetor temp gauge to the right. In Prepard3D this action didn't really work, carb head temperature stays stable. My question : is there anyway to improve the carb heat efficiency in the airplane parameters air file or aircraft.cfg ? Thanks to the master mechanicians
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