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Found 57 results

  1. In order to help everyone, I'm starting this thread for you to share your panel integration modifications. In order to make it simpler to browse as a repository, please make sure to only post final results, ready to be consumed by others. Thank you in advance for sharing with the community! NB: For panel mod questions, please create a new topic instead! PS: You can try many other mods at X-Plane.org too: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/search/&q=realityxp&quick=1&type=downloads_file
  2. Questions for the participants in this topic, as I see your posts contain answers. 1) how are you getting single spacing in your posts? Each time I hit the <enter> key I get double spaced lines. 2) how creating the hidden content to shorten the initial appearance of long posts, such as when posting a long .cfg or .ini file? Thanks...
  3. Hi, I was preparing RC2 updates and making some test flights with the latest XP11.1 RC1, when I realized: The GTN updates live from the external view! No impact on the FPS! XP11 is really a slick piece of software!
  4. I followed Nirgal's instructions for the 182 and ended up with a system that displays correctly; however, the autopilot in the 182 fails to follow the GPS guidance. It just turns the plane north to a track of ~005 and locks it there. I've tried this at several locations and I get the same results.
  5. Last week I saw a screenshot of the GTN 750 being integrated into the tiny display window of the GNS 530 and decided to try and fully integrate Reality XP's fantastic GTN 750 into the actual VC. Before: After: I still need to create some kind of decent looking cover for the space below the GTN 750, but after many hours of frustration and trial and error, the Reality XP GTN 750 is now fully integrated in the Carenado PC-12 VC, complete with 3D bezel and direct in-VC click functionality. Cheers, Jerome
  6. A nice pair of cities to fly between in Xplane11. Gotta love Reality XP, I love the way you can program the flight from takeoff to vectors for final then you can hand fly the approach once lined up, as I end up for Midway 4R. I have landed and taken off from Midway just once, in an American Trans Air 757 on my way from Phoenix to La Guardia in '99, flew a 727 from Midway to La Guardia and had a beautiful approach into La Guardia, with downtown Manhattan off to my left. It was a funny flight my office travel agent scheduled, because I was going to JFK to train the staff at the then JFK Hilton which was converting to a Best Western. My two week trip ended up extending to four weeks so I could do additional accounting training, sales and marketing training, and housekeeping report programming for the hotel using Crystal Reports, which could mine our proprietary database. I was surprised at how small the CIO's flat was in Queens, much smaller than my Phoenix apartment, but he loved the city lifestyle. I became close friends with the Front Office manager, a man from the Middle East though I forget what country, and after 9/11 almost two years after my visit, we stayed in touch until he moved back to the Middle East with his family. Sadly the hotel I trained went out of business for a while, but friends have told me it is back in business. I ate dinner with Alan Alda in our small restaurant back in '99, but did not bother him--but in tribute I have the last episode of MASH in high def video. Also, a former bike shop owner from Napa where I used to live visited the hotel while I was there and ate the same day Alan Alda was there, he gave me the oddest look, recognizing me but not recognizing me. His shop did repairs on my bike way back when, in the 80's. Last I have mentioned before, Jet Blue was starting up and their flight attendants and pilots were at the hotel, and we'd have one or two beers together, they would buy me beer, they were just a great bunch and a predictor of the success of the airline. From my hotel room, it was adjacent to runway 13L, and I heard a roar and looked out the hotel room window just in time to see the Concorde come roaring past just before touchdown. The hotel put me in the runway facing room at my request so I could traffic spot during my time off. Bless that hotel, they upgraded my ticket home on America West to First Class, since I was flying home on Christmas Eve and only had Christmas Day at home before doing a Y2K cutover at the Best Western Space Needle in Seattle, so I did a coast to coast trip during that December in '99 and saw the Seattle Y2K celebration with the Best Western's owners on the hotel roof. John
  7. This mod causes Dreamengine to operate in a 10 minute Demo mode. Is there anything that can be done to address this issue? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. Hi folks! Could anyone make the Carenado B200 and C90B panel with the GTN 750?
  9. Hi guys! Does anyone have the GTN 750 mod for Embraer EMB-110? Greetings!
  10. Hello folks, i trying install Reality XP, after key, server not responding. Problem with servers: when i try to install the software, they server didn't respond, if possible see a solution to this? Reality XP 530 V1!
  11. Hi all, The newest update (which is great since we can pop out the gauge now) of the Reality XP GNS 430 won't couple with the autopilot in GPS mode but does couple in VLOC mode. So if I fly a GPS approach to an airport and hit the "Nav" button on the Saitek autopilot, the "NAV" button blinks and the annunciator shows that its armed but not coupled. If I continue to the Final Approach Fix and hit the "APR" (Approach) button then both the "NAV" and "APR" lights blink and the annunciator shows that the approach is armed but not coupled. Interestingly the simulator responds as if it was properly coupled. When I fly an ILS and I switch from "GPS" mode to "VLOC" mode, and press the "APR" button, then both "APR" and "NAV" lights come on solid and the annunciator shows that the approach is coupled, and the simulator responds as expected. I've included a link to a video that shows the situation for both the GPS approach and VLOC ILS approach. Just click here;http://marhar98.100webspace.net/forum_pics/RXP_Issue.mp4 Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi! Does anyone have mods of the Embraer 110 (Dreamfoil) and of C208 (Carrenado) to X-Plane11? Hello, GeeForge! How can I obtain yours mod for Alabeo Diamond DA-42 Twin Star? For GTN750.
  13. Hi, The GTN is nearly ready for release, and in the meantime, I've decided to open the curtain on different aspects, while at the same time, debunking some myth about FS and performance! Here is a modest screenshot of 4 GTN unit1 at 2560x1418 pixels in P3D3. NB: It is slightly reduced to save bandwidth (75%), but it illustrates a couple points nonetheless. First myth: to save performance, display 1 gauge at a time only. Most often than not, you read you can't have a popup gauge displaying the same content as the VC at the same time, and this is a 'design' decision to 'save frame rate'... Why end up with half of your gauge, instead of getting the complete picture all around? This screenshot shows one GTN 750 Unit1 (1 gauge, not 2) displaying 4 different instances of the gauge in different sizes at the same at the same time, at 60 FPS locked. This is massive amount of gauge pixels to refresh, and believe me, using the mouse wheel on the screen (which simulate screen pinch in/out) there is no stutter at all and this refreshes at native GTN speed. Second myth: you can't display images with gradients because of colour banding... Well, I'm sorry to prove this is wrong (see the area within the yellow circle), but thanks to our unique technology capable of rendering 32bits images in FS gauges, in real time, you really get THE complete GTN screen picture only with the Reality XP GTN Touch. Third myth: this is just a gauge which bridge the Garmin trainer, what's so special about this? Can't everyone do the same frankly? It might look the same on the surface, but it is more than just 'bridging' flight sim and the Garmin trainer. Suffice to say, if this was easy, there would be a lot of Garmin trainer based products on the market! First, once done the bezel, the screen, and start/stop the Garmin trainer in the background, which a lot of developers could manage to do, there are key differences in how you put and how you get data to/from the sim and the trainer. Implementing the technology to grab the screen in a highly efficient way, and then displaying it in FS in a highly efficient way, and in 32 bits colours, it something which is much harder to do than it may seem. Then, the scope of input/output to the trainer is paramount to a sound simulation, especially for our professional customers using our technologies everyday for training. For example, our TAWS-A implementation in the GTN takes in account the actual flaps and gear position, which have a dramatic impact on the TAWS algorithm, and the alerts it returns. Speaking of this, I've recently read on avsim someone saying there is no way to 'inhibit' the TAWS because, well... In fact, not all GTN are born equal and the Reality XP GTN Touch offers the 'TAWS Inhibit' input, in addition to the OBS and the CDI toggle inputs. I could write a lot more about all this, but enough said for now, time for the screenshot: NB: this is running on an old 3.4Ghz Intel I5 (2013) and an Nvidia GTX 775M with 2GB, more specifically a Late 2013 iMac in bootcamp, which is our average test reference computer.
  14. ..how do I eliminate the Bezel on the popup G530, I dropped it of in 5" LCD Display and no need for the Bezel Cheers
  15. Hi, not having any luck with the product. Please help. NEW Computer with Win 10 - Prepar3d Ver 3.4, FSX All work perfectly without Reality XP. With Reality XP Ver installed, I get NO 'add-ons' dropdown menu. There is no evidence in Panel.cfg that a backup of the original panel.cfg file has been made. There is no RXPGNS2.dll shown in gauges. Reality XP is located in drive C:\RealityXP When I run the rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe, it recognises the location of P3D in Program files (X86)/Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3 and shows that the destination location as C:\Program Files (X86)Reality XP\GNS Simulation\FLTSim. I have checked and all the above files are located as declared. The Garmin GNS Trainer is located in C:\Program Files (x86)Garmin\GNS Trainer There are no error messages. I have re-installed and updated Win 10, P3D and RXP. Can I physically install the .dll files etc? Everything seems to be in the correct place but it just does not work. What should I do next
  16. In order to help everyone, I'm starting this thread for you to share your panel.cfg modifications. In order to make it simpler to browse as a repository, please make sure to only post final results, ready to be consumed by others. Thank you in advance for sharing with the community! NB: For panel mod questions, please create a new topic instead!
  17. I'm pleased to announce the Reality XP GNS V2 for Flight Sim is now available! We're proud to offer you the same level of quality for the entire Prepar3d, Flight Simulator and X-Plane platforms! The products come with unique graphics technologies: HDPI 32bits RGBA bitmaps for unmatched visuals*, highly optimized code for near zero impact to the FPS, and in-sim live settings: no aircraft or sim reload! Both products also come super-charged with tons of customization options for panel integration, hardware interface and keyboard shortcuts. They also now offer custom variables to help integration with third party XML gauges with our GPS. I also know we are at a simulation turning point, which I'll best illustrate with the following questions we all ask ourselves: do I keep my 32bits FSX investment, or do I take the plunge and go for P3D4 64bits now? Do I purchase my needed hardware update before changing simulators, or after? What about my add-ons? We've decided to help you take the pro-simmer choice, in offering our Flight Simulator version compatible with the entire flight simulator family for a unique price: P3D 4, P3D 3, P3D 2, P3D 1, FSX-SE, FSX, FS9* Whenever you decide to migrate from an older sim (say FSX-SE) to the latest P3D4, your Reality XP product gets your back: you don't have to purchase the product because you are changing simulator! A single license has got you covered from FS9 to P3D4: - Want to migrate to P3D4 later and keep flying P3D3 a little bit longer? No problem! - Flying half on P3D3 for this great scenery, and half on P3D4 for VAS-free worry? No problem either! And one last thing: To further thank you for your continuing support for the last 15 years, we're offering additional 10% discount to all Reality XP customers until September 30th, 2017!* Fly Yours Today! As a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is, in P3D V4 64bits: Stay tuned for GTN Touch coming up soon! * FS-SDK limits: 15bits colours aka 'colour banding' / FSX (Acc/Sp2) and FS9 (Sp1) * Coupon available at reality-xp.com front page.
  18. Hi, Last time I've unveiled a number of details about our upcoming Garmin GNS V2 and GTN Touch for FS9, FSX, FSX-SE, P3D1, P3D2, P3D3, and P3D4, in 64/32 bits (what I usually call FS-SEX3D). I've also hinted further down the discussion about how the user experience is paramount to the total experience of a Reality XP product. Today, I'm pleased to illustrate our vision about aircraft panel configuration and what is to become your first-hand experience with our product. We want you to feel confortable from the get go. Obviously I know the most advanced users among you will feel at-home opening the panel.cfg file in notepad, nevertheless, there are times you just want to click-click-fly and there is no better way that leaving this task to the hand of your Reality XP assistant! First things first: there is no longer a separate programs to run, nor a simulator to close prior changing your aircraft panel. Your key entry to the assistant is this entry in the add-ons menu*. Right from the loaded aircraft cockpit, just select the menu to open the assistant: This opens a task-oriented assistant presenting contextual options: The next step usually consists in choosing what to do next: Finally, the assistant reviews the proposed changes before you 'Accept': When you click Accept, it saves the changes to your aircraft panel.cfg file, and automatically reloads your aircraft, ready to fly with your brand new Reality XP GNS V2 and Reality XP GTN Touch! I thank you all for the warm welcome and support! * with FS9, the menu appears in the popup menu when you right-click a window.
  19. I am interested in purchasing the new Reality XP Garmin GTN 650 for X-Plane 11, but I am a little concerned about the installation process. Could somebody briefly describe how the GTN 650 installation process works? Is the documentation that comes with the software adequate even for people that do not have much experience in this type of issues? Also, could the Reality XP Garmin GTN 650 be installed on more than one of the aircrafts available in X-Plane 11?T Thanks
  20. When I implement this mod, all works well except for Dreamengine which runs in demo mode for 10 minutes and then shuts down. Any ideas?
  21. [moved from the official panel discussion] This is a very necessary topic. Thanks RXP. I now choose between the Reality XP GTN750 and the F1. RealityXP is certainly better, on several counts and cheaper. It is important. But I do not know how to integrate it into my VK panels. It's all very complicated (((I'm a simple user. Not a programmer.) All files for different crafts in one place, I'm not buying a cheap software and I'm looking for a convenient installer, according to the INSTALL-NEXT-NEXT-FINISH scheme. I spend a lot of time on forums in search of a way of using my purchase. It's not right.
  22. I am sure there is other threads here describing this, but I have failed to find them. What I would like to do is move my Reality XP GNS530 WAAS V2 from one PC to another. I keep seeing comments on how easy it is to do, but can't find the right program links or blow by blow instructions on exactly what to do complete with working links to the required software. Can some kind soul point me in the right direction??? Pete D.
  23. Just a quick question for the more advanced panel editors on here. Have any off you guys taken on the challenge of using these new V2 Rxp 530 units with the Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 'Katana' 4X? I fell in love with that aircraft when I first purchased it so many years ago for FSX, having it in P3D with a working RXP 530 would be a blessing... However it's coding is far to complicated for my rookie panel editing "skills". Any thoughts?
  24. Garmin Flyer, Nice work. During the install of the GTN-750 trainer, there are options for running with different control displays. Can any of those other displays be used for the primary in front of the pilot?
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