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Found 18 results

  1. I have been using MSFS on my new PC (7800x3D / RTX 4090) for the past few weeks with no issue. Today I suddenly encountered a CTD once I reach the 'checking for updates' screen whenever I load MSFS. It searches for updates for a few seconds, then the screen minimizes, freezes and the CTD occurs. I tried the usual things, emptied my community folder, started in safe mode, run as administrator, restarted my PC but the problem still persists. I also tried verifying and repairing the MSFS files both in the Windows 11 option to repair Apps and also in the Xbox App. It did strangely download 8kb once I hit verify but it made no difference. All my Nvidia drivers are up to date. Since the last time I had MSFS working I had installed the Aerosoft CRJ. I installed it yesterday but did not load the sim. Prior to that the sim was working. I have since removed it from my community folder but wondering could this have corrupted some other files? Following its manual removal, MSFS still won't start though. I searched the forums and internet and can't find anyone who has CTD on checking for updates. All I can find are people who have had an issue of freezing on that screen but not crashing. Any ideas on what's happening here, and importantly how I can fix it preferably without reinstalling everything again (I have been doing that since the past 3 weeks so reinstalling again would be very painful and data consuming). Cheers, Steve P.S. I am not using the Beta version.
  2. AAO: 3.20b43 - run as Administrator Latest FMC download (zzz-lorbysi-aao-b787fmc) in Community folder My WebAPI port is 9091 - Streamdeck, fippanel, knobster all working When I enter: I just get a refuse to connect error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).
  3. Does the current Webpage code support the -900 or does it need to be modified. When I use it, the buttons input to the aircraft but the display is black. Thanks, Mike
  4. Dear Sir, This is my config: Windows 10 64bit, P3D v4.5, Aerosoft A320 (318-319-320-321) professional, Fsuipc 6, Linda 3.2.6 (1111). I get "3 green" from Linda, the MCP is correctly configured by Linda. But the MCP do not drive the A320 into P3D. Rotary and buttons switches do nothing into te simulator. Only the COM freq can be adjusted....and sometimes the Baro. What files do you need to resolve this problem? Many thanks for your support! Pierre Le Guen BEL27P Brussels Airlines pilot (virtual...!)
  5. Hi all, I hope someone can help... I am building a flight model and I am seeing a problem when I start to use a real world 'dry weight' in the aircraft cfg file. The model shakes and 'trembles' when it is not running and just sitting on the tarmac. This problem goes away when I reduce the dry weight but everything else is built around that weight so I would rather use it correctly. Any ideas as to where else the fix for this might be?
  6. I’ve got Module 1.4B installed (C wouldn’t install) and I’m trying to run the honeycomb alpha and bravo-some buttons on the alpha are working-but the Bravo isn’t working at all. I can’t figure it out-it seems some of my FSL Module commands are copied over to the NGXU module and I have to delete those first. AP buttons, GEN, APU switches, TOGA/FD/AT all not working On the Alpha-the Autobrake and start/fuel cutoff switches WORK, while the lighting beacons etc. do NOT work. Soft AP disconnect works but AT disconnect doesn’t work Not sure what I’m doing wrong-my A320 module works like a charm.
  7. Hi All, I have been experiencing spikes of low framerate when at about 100kts when taking off. My regular framerate sits between 25 and 35 on the ground and 25 and 45 in the air, but as I take off, my frames drop to 17 making it look extremely stuttery. I have tried a few things, such as turning the autogen completely off which resolved the issue but when even on sparse, the same problem is there and doesn't get worse when I increase it to extremely dense and turning it completely off is not a resolution for me as without autogen, the scenery looks awful. And I have also tried reducing the LOD Radius which hasn't changed it atall either. I have also looked in the task manager during the takeoff and nothing changes, CPU remains at 98% and RAM remains at 80% so it's nothing to do with malware. I wouldn't be complaining if I knew there wasn't some sort of resolution because once I am off the ground at 500ft the framerate jumps to between 25 and 35 again and remains that way for the entire flight. So if the PC can do it for the entire flight and the entire time on the ground, surely it can also do it during the last part of the takeoff? My PC: i5 4690k OC 4.5GHz (I've already tried lowering the clock speed back and the problem remained and the overall framerate got worse) 8GB DDR3 1866MHz MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 3GB FSX is on a 1TB HDD (I have defragged as well so that's not the problem) My FSX: ORBX FTX Global, England, OpenLC Europe, Vector UK2000 Gatwick <--- the airport I was taking off from Chaseplane v1.0.9 Airosoft Airbus X A320 <----the plane I was using Ultimate Traffic Live Scenery Sliders are all on ORBX Recommended Using DX10 with SteveFX DX10 Fixer (I wont go back to DX9 as my GPU doesn't agree with it and gives me 19fps on the lowest settings) Cheers in advanced, Matthew.
  8. All of a sudden after running the GSX Live Update I can't load my sim at KEWR anymore... I've re-run live setup, was all excited to load a flight and get one airborne before work started and should have known not to update things before a flight if they aren't broken but alas... Here is the error. Anyone seen this one before? Right now I can load P3D but the COAUTL scripting engine crashes every time. couatl v4.0 (build 4612) panic log started on Fri Feb 11 06:41:17 2022 problem raised by addon <unknown> Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\GSX\__init__.py", line 919, in onSimStart File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\__init__.py", line 3868, in reset File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 276, in destroy File ".\common\criticalsection.py", line 23, in _synchronized File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baggageTrain.py", line 148, in dematerialize File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 239, in detachObjects AttributeError: IKSimObjectMover instance has no attribute 'detachObjects' {'Airport': 'KEWR', 'User Pos': (40.702545590492335, -74.16211451435255, 7.29007 m, 1.80407 m, 205.76977454342568, 0.014541729353368282, -0.0, -0.00013825851049834256, 1.8897599418640139, 1.0)} User collision geometries reloaded onExitedAirport LLBG Added Menu SubItem "Customize airport positions..." (parentId 85, id 101)
  9. With FSX and P3D you'd have the option to show basic flight parameters (speed, heading, altitude,...) in outside view. If I havent overseen it, then there's nothing simmilar in MSFS right? Do you know of a tool that can do tis? thanks!
  10. I have twice downloaded the NGX-U updated via my purchase/order page. Twice now I am getting the same error - the main file (installer, etc) is corrupt and Win-Zip cannot extract it. Any ideas? Dave Robinette
  11. I started using the GNS 530 V2 with version 2.4.20. It was installed in RealAir Duke B60 v2 using the GPS 500 variant. After some help from Bert PIeke, it has been working beautifully. This morning, I saw the notice from the update notifier that V was available so I downloaded the update, unzipped the file, and ran the .exe installer which ran to completion successfully. When I tried flying the Duke,I discovered that something was broken. It was behaving as if the panel Nav/GPS switch was no longer working - like it was stuck in NAV. Has the GNS gotten stricter on .ini parameter defaults? Reason I suspect this is that I did not have to put these into my .ini to get the Duke to work originally: ; connects GPS to Autopilot if true Link0to = true ; connects GPS to HSI if true LinkHSI=true ; connects CDI key to NAV/GPS switch if true AutoNavGPS = true I'm guessing that putting some or all of these into my .ini may solve my problem but, if this is my problem, I don't see how my original install ever worked. Suggestions for fix will be appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Bickford Addendum: Solved my own problem. Realized that I had managed to accidentally change setting for HSI Course versus GPs Course.in Duke configuration app. at some point after last flight before GNS update. Works fine with this corrected.
  12. Well, I made the upgrade to V4.5 from V4.4 and ended up with messed up graphics. A mixture of night and day graphics, just plain black graphics, water where it shouldn't be, etc. I have deleted shaders, updated computer graphics card, reloaded client and deleted p3d.cfg. No change in poor graphics. I have a Titan X graphics card. Photo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y5z39zmqatdiefw/Colors.JPG?dl=0 Should I revert back to V4.4?
  13. Anyone else having issues around Heathrow or other detailed airports. I get micro stutters, long stutters, loss of framerate and had a CTD which sucked since the sim takes about 10 minutes to load. I have an I7 10700K, nvidia 2070 8gb, and 16gb ram. I have windows on background services and v-sync off with my graphics card locked to 45 fps. The sim runs beautifully in most areas but Heathrow seems to eat it up!
  14. I have no idea what's going on here. Haven't been in the sim since initially setting it up again back in August after my new PC build. It worked fine then. Loaded it up today and it's literally unusable. I start a flight and it appears not to respond to any keyboard, mouse, or joystick controls except P for pause will pause the sound and I can hit ESC to end flight. If I end flight and choose a different airport it gets even weirder. It goes through the loading process and then I'm sitting there in the same aircraft even though I changed it with the same view out the window. Uh? I've never seen this before and have no idea what to do. Running Orbx Vector, Global, regions, and DX10 Fixer.
  15. After quite some time starting to use P2ATC again. It took some minutes to establish connection, I can contact controller an I am getting answer, but I am missing the text proposals from the speech assistant. This is also the case when I open the grammar helper. Anyone can advise ? OK, installed actual version and all seems ok
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new to LINDA but have been Flight Simming for a few years now. I'm currently on: P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.157 LINDA 3.1.1 I've downloaded the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 addon and can't seem to get it to work. I can see the macro items in FSUIPC but they don't do anything when I assign them to a button. When I start the LINDA interface, there is are entries for Module Functions and User Functions but nothing under those when expanded. As I mentioned, I'm new to this part of the FS experience and would be very grateful if someone could help me map the Dash 8 properly as the native Spad.Next commands don't seem to work for all the cockpit items. Many thanks Warwick
  17. Hi all, I have lived with the 10degree problem, expecting a fix from Asobo or Honey Comb, but I recently got the Just flight Arrow and with that I now also have to deal with all switches inoperable. I gather that they can be remapped, but find the sim menu for this a bit.... well lets say its less than intuitive. Does any one know of a guide for dummies to do this? never mind .. much easy. was tired
  18. Hi Guys. Yesterday, I installed the Win10 Securityupdate KB4043961. Since this Update, SIOC does not work anymore. In other words, I can see on the SIOC Monitor, that the Opencockpits MCP knops and Switches do take control there, but no Digits work and they do not light up. The whole MCP is dark. And the MCP does not work at all in the Flightsimulator P3D V4.1. Even an uninstall of the Update did not help. I had to recover a backup, I made before I updated the Windows System to the Securityupdate. Now it works again. But it makes no sense and it would be dangerous to ignore future updates, that are most cumulative updates. Unfortunately there is no Support from Opencockpits and their Community is down and does not work. Anyone with any ideas, what to do to solve this issue?
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