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Found 9 results

  1. As Scott is no longer developing LINDA I wonder if there is any solution to fixing the radio tuning panel part of the VRInsight MCP Combo (I have v1) to support VATSIM's new 8.33 kHz spacing of the radio frequencies? Can it be found and fixed in the lua files somewhere? I'll try and look myself, but just wondering if other people have already done that... I love my MCP Combo - it's just too bad the software support for it is so bad...! 😧 UPDATE: I found something in for example LINDA\system\common.lua around line 2710 (Default_NAVCOM_plus) but I don't really know what to do with it...
  2. Hi I recently install p3d5 (on a separate location from C, "D" like for p3d4), then installed fsuipc 6 (full version, in D) and linda following instructions I have the main p3d5 folder located on D, and the fsuipc 6 with linda folders in C (documents, user,...) i keeped my p3d4, and everything is fine with it (linda, the mcp etc) on the other hand , for p3d5: on the main screen from linda, everything looks goods (green), but: - linda doesnt launch whith sim - the mcp combo 2 does not respond to anything i tried to re edit the ini fsuipc files , made some copy of my previously working ini files... but nothing happened someone may help ? :) i upgraded to v5 for the ifly 737max best [General] UpdatedByVersion=6200e History=OOS3PYPVUXS77ONQHNG1Z InitDelayDevicesToo=No PMDG737offsets=Auto PMDG747offsets=Auto PMDG777offsets=Auto Annotate=Yes UseSystemTime=No UseMidMouseBtn=Yes MouseWheelMove=No MouseWheelTrim=No MouseWheelTrimSpeed=1 JoystickTimeout=20 RestoreSimcWindows=No FixMachSpeedBug=No AutoScanDevices=Yes DisconnTrimForAP=No ZeroElevForAPAlt=No ThrottleSyncAll=No WhiteMessages=No ShowPMcontrols=No SpoilerIncrement=512 MagicBattery=Yes RudderSpikeRemoval=No ElevatorSpikeRemoval=No AileronSpikeRemoval=No ReversedElevatorTrim=No ClockSync=No ClockSyncMins=5 ClearWeatherDynamics=No TimeForSelect=4 LoadFlightMenu=No LoadPlanMenu=No PauseAfterCrash=No BrakeReleaseThreshold=75 SaveDataWithFlights=No ZapSound=firework ZapAirRange=1.50 ZapGroundRange=0.25 ZapCylinderAltDiff=0 ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring UseProfiles=Yes EnableMouseLook=No DelayedMouseLookZoom=No WideLuaGlobals=Yes AxesWrongRange=No TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40,3 AxisCalibration=No DirectAxesToCalibs=No ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No AxisIntercepts=No DontResetAxes=No ThreadAffinityMask=x0 LuaAffinityMask=x0 InitDelay=0 GetNearestAirports=Yes LogOptionProtect=No TimeForLuaClosing=2 WeatherReadFactor=2 WeatherRewriteSeconds=1 TrafficStallTime=1 InitialStallTime=10 NormalStallTime=1 LuaRerunDelay=66 ComReadLoopTime=20 Console=No ConsoleWindowTopMost=No EnableExtraButtons=Yes TimeToDelayTexts=100 FSVersionUsed="Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5", SimConnectUsed= [Traffic Limiter] AirportPreference=50 PlannedAirportsPreference=50 GroundPreference=50 NearerPreference=50 TargetFrameRate=0 LoLimit=0 HiLimit=0 [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 1=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 1.GUID={5B7734E0-55C5-11EC-8001-444553540000} 2=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals 2.GUID={3DDDFF40-55C5-11EC-8005-444553540000} 3=T.A320 Pilot 3.GUID={6D14F700-D2CA-11EC-8002-444553540000} 0=TCA Q-Eng 1&2 0.GUID={6D14CFF0-D2CA-11EC-8001-444553540000} [JoystickCalibration] RudderBlendLowest=1 AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 Spoilers=0,0 [Axes] PollInterval=10 RangeRepeatRate=10 0=1X,256,F,65695,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AILERON_SET }- [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=R3,0,K88,8 -{Key press: X}- 2=R0,0,C65602,0 -{THROTTLE_DECR}- 3=P3,2,K90,8 -{Key press: Z}- 4=P1,15,C66080,0 -{GEAR_DOWN}- 5=P1,1,C65580,0 -{AP_MASTER}- 6=R1,0,K88,8 -{Key press: X}- 7=P1,14,C66079,0 -{GEAR_UP}- 8=P1,18,C65752,0 -{PARKING_BRAKES}- 9=P3,3,C65580,0 -{AP_MASTER}- 12=P0,22,C1007,0 -{autobrake set}- 13=P0,21,C1007,0 -{autobrake set}- 14=P0,2,C1061,0 -{engine 1 autostart}- 15=R1,6,C66278,0 -{RUDDER_TRIM_LEFT}- 16=R1,7,C66279,0 -{RUDDER_TRIM_RIGHT}- 18=P1,3,C1939,0 -{Fsuipc pitch hold on}- 19=P1,2,C1938,0 -{Fsuipc pitch hold off}- [AutoSave] Next=1 Interval=60 Files=10 SaveOnGround=No AutoSaveEnabled=No [GPSout] GPSoutEnabled=No Port=COM1 Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=No SimModeIndicator=No Sentences= [GPSout2] GPSoutEnabled=No Port=<none set> Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=No SimModeIndicator=No Sentences= [WideServer] WideFSenabled=Yes [Sounds] Path=D:\Sound\ Device1=Primary Sound Driver Device2=Haut-parleurs (2- JBL Quantum350 Wireless) Device3=Haut-parleurs (JBL Quantum 350 Wireless!) Device4=Haut-parleurs (2- JBL Quantum 350 Wireless!) Device5=Haut-parleurs (JBL Quantum350 Wireless!) Device6=Haut-parleurs (2- JBL Quantum350 Wireless!) Device7=HiTV (2- NVIDIA High Definition Audio) [VRInsight] 1=com3 2=com4 [Programs] RunIf1="C:\Users\val\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\linda.exe" [MacroFiles] 1=FSLA320_SL 2=FSLA320_SX 3=FSLA321_SL 4=FSLA321_SX 5=v434A320ENG1 6=v434A320ENG2 [LuaFiles] 1=ipcReady 2=linda [Profile.B200] 1=F1_Kingair_B200 [Axes.B200] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=1X,256,D,1,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Aileron }- 1=1Y,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- 3=1Z,B,0,0,65758,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_INCR }- [JoystickCalibration.B200] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 RudderBlendLowest=1 Flaps=-15359,10272/16 FlapStarts=-16384,1,16379 FlapEnds=0,1,16379 Aileron=-16380,256,256,16380 Elevator=-16380,0,128,16380 [Buttons.B200] 0=P1,14,C66079,0 -{GEAR_UP}- 1=P1,15,C66080,0 -{GEAR_DOWN}- 2=P1,18,C65752,0 -{PARKING_BRAKES}- 3=R1,19,C65602,0 -{THROTTLE_DECR}- [Profile.M20] 1=Alabeo M20R Ovation N247VD LITE 2=Alabeo M20R Ovation N247VD 3=Alabeo M20R Ovation N48MQ 4=Alabeo M20R Ovation White [Buttons.M20] 0=P1,14,C66079,0 -{GEAR_UP}- 1=P1,15,C66080,0 -{GEAR_DOWN}- 2=P1,18,C65752,0 -{PARKING_BRAKES}- 3=R1,19,C65602,0 -{THROTTLE_DECR}- [Axes.M20] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=1X,256,D,1,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Aileron }- 1=1Y,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- 3=1Z,B,0,0,65758,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_INCR }- 4=1V,256,D,6,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Mixture }- 5=2Y,256,F,65695,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AILERON_SET }- [JoystickCalibration.M20] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No FlapStarts=-16384,1,16379 FlapEnds=0,1,16379 ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 RudderBlendLowest=1 Aileron=-16380,-257,-257,16380/8 Elevator=-16380,0,128,16380 Flaps=-15359,10272/16
  3. I think it's probably something pretty simple that I configured wrong, but I can't figure it out. System configuration: Clean install of P3dV5 - no other sims installed, no legacy P3D, etc Latest Aerosoft Airbus Professional (installer 1401) FSUIPC 6.0.8 - confirmed working in P3D LINDA 3.2.5 - All setup screens show OK Airbus Module 1.8 VRi MCP-PRO on COM3 The MCP will work fine using VRInsight drivers and default FS aircraft. FSUIPC is registered and working in the sim. LINDA launches automatically as expected when simulator starts. LINDA talks to my Saitek hardware just fine (yoke,throttle,panels). LINDA is able to Sync to Sim and recognizes Airbus A3XX Pro configuration. The MCP numbers change when dials are rotated etc. However, nothing changes in the actual Airbus panels in the sim... no dials no buttons nothing.
  4. Hello LINDA Team!Love Linda! Hoping that the impending release of the PMDG 737NGX "SDK" (Software Developers' Kit) will mean some nifty additions for Linda, yes?Hoping for control of all doors via VRInsight Combo II and/or Thrustmaster Warthog Control Surfaces?Hoping the VRInsight 737 Overhead Panel might be a 'new addition' to the array of Linda-supported devices?While we're dreaming, the VRInsight CDU-II support for the PMDG 737NGX.I have already donated to Linda, and like others here, would contribute further if needed to see the PMDG 737NGX implemented across the primary lines of VRInsight hardware (if this is even possible, I don't know?)I for one can't see buying the VRI 737Overhead Panel only for the iFly 737NG. Sorry, but my airplane says PMDG all over it. This is not to 'knock' the IFly. It is simply a statement of my own personal preference. Put another way, since obtaining the PMDG, I don't fly any other aircraft. It's THAT good (in my book).So I'm 'hopeful' that Crumm and company may have some potential good news for those of us with PMDG 737NGX in our hangar?Best wishes,Robert
  5. After a rather lengthy telephone call up to Oregon (USA) speaking with GoFlight tech support, I was disappointed to learn that GF does not directly support PMDG aircraft AT ALL. GF was trying to suggest that using the iFly 737NG would be a better 'fix' for using the GoFlight MCP Boeing-type panel - but I am loyal to the NGX by PMDG.That said, I am confronted with now revisiting my initial plans about cockpit hardware and reconsidering VRInsight Combo II MCP. Question #1 is: Does the VRI unit come with all the buttons & button labels "pre-installed" onto the device or does the end-user (ME) have to install buttons and/or glue button decals onto the VRI unit?This will be a major consideration in my final decision. I am not artistically inclined and doing such would be a major PITA for me. Therefore anyone who purchased the VRInsight Combo II new... I would appreciate knowing thanks.Robert McDonald
  6. Hello, I got a VRi mcp combo 2 recently, but I am having some problems with it. I downloaded the software that was in the box(VRi sim), and it works fine when I connect it with B737NGX. All the buttons, knobs, switches work perfectly, but the mcp display is frozen. It indicates 000 for hdg, spd, vs, and alt. I couldn’t find out how to program the custom keys. The COM panel display works fine though. When I contacted the seller, they told me to download simconnect, but I’m sure I downloaded it when I installed PMDG. http://www.vrinsightshop.com/m/view.php?number=3 Also, I saw some people using Linda or FSUIPC5 with the mcp. I bought the registered version of FSUIPC5, but I don’t know what to do after that. I will very appreciate it if anyone teaches me how to solve this display problem and the whole LINDA thing. Thank you.
  7. Hello, First of all, please excuse me because my English is very basic and I use an online translator. I'm on Windows 10, FSX Steam, Fsuipc registered and Linda 3.11. I recently purchased the A320-X FsLabs. Linda works great with my VRinsight FCU Airbus Combo. I was able to program several buttons of it as well as those of my TCA pilot and my TCA quadrant of the Thrustmaster joystick. I'm now looking to use my VRinsight CDU2 and I can't! No button works. I installed the module: FSLabs Airbus A3xx-SX and SL v3.1a. Of course, I reinstalled Fsuipc and Linda. I tried several tutorials on the internet without much success. It is impossible, even with an airplane with a 2D panel, to use the function: "create a new macro". I specify that with Aerosoft A320 everything works well. To which email address can I send my log files? Thank you in advance for any help you could give me.
  8. Hello, I have a problem with variables in my PMDG 737. I use a VRInsight Combo II and it actually works very well. Now there is a file for the PMDG and the Combo II for the displays from a German guy on Flightsim.to. With the first versions he used a variable for speed, HDG and altitude, which also worked for me. Only the speed value could not be changed from knots to mach. Since the last version it uses (PMDG:MCP_IASMach) for the speed display, so that the value changes from knots to Mach and vice versa. This variable doesn't work for me. I was in contact with him and via "Observe Variables in Simulator" we tested if there is a problem. The value changes for him as soon as he turns the speed knob in MSFS with the mouse. If I turn the speed knob in my MSFS, the value remains 0. The combo display shows ".00". If I turn the speed knob on the combo, the display value in the PMDG changes. The value ".00" remains in the display of the combo What can be the cause? Even with the new values (for example (PMDG:MCP_Altitude)) the observer does not recognize any value changes. Regards Thomas from Austria
  9. I rate this product 5 stars - "Must Have" (Budget Permitting)Recently I purchased the very fine Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog control surface pair and discovered a wonderful button-programming tool here on Avsim called "Linda". After playing around a bit, I managed to configure my Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Quadrant and Joystick to handle an astounding number of tasks on my airplane of choice, the exquisite PMDG 737NGX (SP1c). Some months went by, and I realized that while the Warthog was handling a LOT of the control duties on the NGX, it still was weak in some areas, paticularly found myself constantly mouse-clicking on the VC (Virtual Cockpit) controls on screen to accomplish various tasks both before and during flight.I began considering two primary competitors for an "MCP" panel to go with my Warthog. Primary goal: Ease of installation and configuration, instant compatibility with the NGX. I looked hard at GoFlight's MCP because it is spot-on duplicate of the 737 MCP. But eventually I was won over by VRInsight, a Korean company, and went instead with their MCP Combo II (Boeing) unit because simply stated, it 'did more' for about the same money, thus was more cost-effective and a smaller footprint on my L-shaped desk.It took about 30 days start-to-finish for this item to arrive at my home, from an Internet vendor. It's a well known company here in the USA, I had read good things about them, so I decided to chance buying a $400 item (on sale) across the web. Of course I paid via PayPal rather than giving my credit card number to a faceless web store.Item arrived today, I unboxed it, things went smoothly by and large. The item arrives with a separate box of labeled buttons that you "snap onto" your MCP Combo II. This is child's play, but is a bit more touchy if you decide afterwards you want to swap a button or two for one of the others in the kit that comes with the MCP II.After struggling mightily trying to 'make do' (the only knock on my order, VRI left out the promised button-pulling tool. Solution? Trip to pharmacy, purchased CVS (brand) Travel Pick (2 pack) which are metal curved toothpicks, shaped a bit like Captain Hook's missing hand replacement. These were quite cheap about $4 or so, and work a treat you simply slide the hook in behind the button, then pop it off (the button). I was able to swap several after discovering the VRI unit is configured a certain way in the "LINDA" software that is found here on AVSIM in the FREE Software area. (Donations apparently are most-welcome by the developers of Linda though).At any rate, I unboxed the Combo II which was sturdily packed for its trip across the miles to California from Korea. Upon unboxing, I was instantly struck by the 'heavyness' of the product build - I felt the quality was good for the price. I have included several photos in this post, so those of you who are considering this item might benefit from a closer view of the buttons and displays than what is generally to be found out on the web.A driver disk is provided, and though I don't use the VRInsight software PER SE, you must install the drivers so your PC can fully recognize this hardware. I elected to install SerialFP2 which is included on the installation DVD that ships with the Combo II. Main reason was upon running the SerialFP2 program, you are told which COM PORT your Combo II lives on. It's confusing, because it is a USB device, so a Com Port sounded like the old Serial Port from days gone by. Still, LINDA needs to know the Com Port of the Combo II so Linda can automatically add 2 lines of text to your FSUIPC.ini file Linda is so smart, she even offers to do this modification FOR YOU, you only need to say what com port your Combo II is on (mine is Com Port 4).Installation sequence of events: Unbox product, locate main MCP combo unit, DC 5-Volt adapter, separate clamshell pack with all pre-printed buttons, a 225 to 110-volt adapter plug to fit on your DC adapter for use in the USA, and the driver disk. There MIGHT be a button puller in your kit, mine did not have one (see above). Run the driver install DVD, locate the SERIALFP2 folder on the DVD and install it. This loads the drivers for your system (Mine is 64-bit Win 7) Connect the included 5-volt power adapter, you will likely have to put the included step down plug-end on the end that plugs into your power outlet to step the power down to 110volt. Plug the unit into an available USB-2.0 slot on your PC or separate USB HUB. Note: This item consumes quite a bit of power, you want to use the DC adapter to power it, don't expect your USB Hub to be able to do it. Turn Unit on (power switch on back of panel). START FSX In my case, I use LINDA to interface directly between my Combo II and FSX. Linda in turn uses FSUIPC by Pete Dowson to communicate with the NGX. All of this is built-in to Linda (Linda specically suports the Combo II! Select the PMDG 737NGX for flight operations. Turn the HDG knob on the MCP Panel and the HDG on your PC screen instantly changes. Same with ALT and VS, other things are controllable too, too many for me to list here. In addition there is a shift key on the MCP panel (See center panel "Recall" button). It is actually built in to Linda to change between 3 MCP Panel modes, I figured why fight it? I chose the word "recall" because there is no button that says "SHIFT".I did a test flight from KDCA (Ronald Reagan Washington Airport) and KJFK (Kennedy Airport, New York) and it was a whole new level of immersion, several degrees beyond anything I have experienced thus far. I previously had purchased the very fine Saitek Radio Stack, which I love for its HUGE display. I thought of selling it, because the Combo II fulfills all of the functions of the Saitek, but I dearly love the huge readouts though not so crazy about how hard it is to tune in a station. The MCP II is MUCH MUCH easier to set frequencies on. If you press the NAV button on the Comms portion of the Combo II, you automatically then are able to set Nav2 as well as Nav 1 (press the button again to cycle back to Nav1) Same thing with COM (press again you get Com2, once more you are back to Com1) The swap button for the radios is at the far right to the left of the AUX button in my photos. ( opposing left and right arrows is the radio standby to active swap button ).Hightlights:Too many to cover in a short written review. I have to say being able to quickly zoom the view on your EFIS disply by rotating the 'actual' knob on the EFIS is GOLDEN. Same way when you go over 18000 feet, you press the Baro(meter) knob and you go to STD barometric pressure. I don't know if it can switch between Hecta Pascal and Inches HG though. Autopilot A and B are available instantly, as are CWS A and CWS B (see photos).Flip the F/D selector and BOTH F/Ds are activated sequentially. The pilot first, then the FO. That alone made this a MUST HAVE. LNAV and VNAV, Flight Level Change, N1 and Speed are all quite handy as is Autothrottle, and AP Disengage Bar. On the right side are 8 user-programmable buttons, which you can use the numbers (as I did) or you can use the included spare buttons for your choice of extra tasks such as Gear (up down etc), AutoBrake (including RTO option), Airbrake, Flaps, and so on.Linda allows you to access the stunning variety of commands from both the FSX and NGX palattes, including those little nicities like reverse thrusters, engine kill switches, APU on/off, and too many more to touch on.Not to take anything away from the very find FS2Crew product (soon to be released for NGX), but there's just something extra special when you yourself physically flip the switches, push the buttons, and rotate the knobs. Particularly nice when ATC asks to every 2 seonds to change headings, speed and/or altitude. Tonight there must have been trainee ATC guys at JFK, as I approched the localizer for 31R the controller suddently siwtches me to 31L and put some other airplane on final for 31R. Without the Combo II? UGLY. Just so much faster when you are trying to make last minute swaps to your Nav 1 and Nav 2 and CRSE Left and CRSE Right headings, etc.,,I think other than the Warthog, this item is probably the best addition yet to my NGX experience. Yes, I said NGX, not FSX. To me, NGX -IS- FSX defined.Here are the pics, if you have questions, please post them here so we can share the information with each other versus PM.Photos of the VRInsight MCP Combo II (Boeing) unit (configured for PMDG 737NGX via LINDA) are at the following link on Box.net. All images are JPG.http://www.box.com/s/1t7crn2atgqpsmkt8q9p
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