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Found 27 results

  1. I am getting better at getting this bird into a stable orbit, it takes just the right amount of fuel, about twice what is needed for orbit. It makes the spacecraft light enough to take off from a runway, light enough to turn towards Dakar to take advantage of the earth's orbital spin and fly a good orbital path. I recorded the takeoff to orbit so I can just enjoy drifting thru space after the recording ends. I love my 4th pic, high over Africa, with just the lights shining of the Spacecraft in the darkness... Although this aircraft has no cockpit whatsoever, I just use the GPS to track my heading and groundspeed so I can make a stable orbit. Once in orbit, in the absence of the atmosphere, the spacecraft slowly spins just like a real spacecraft would. Like the Space Shuttle or practically any rocket, it gets to orbit in about eight to nine minutes, but just on a single stage. Once it is in orbit, it is well away from Florida and passes Puerto Rico which one can just make out in one of the shots. I did not cut off the thrust at orbital speed, so the orbit is highly elliptical, as one can see, I end up high over Africa, roughly over Dakar, which was my aiming point. John
  2. The inspiration for the Disney castles and real life location shots for the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a song me and my semi pro school touring choir would sing in concert when the movie was possible, and the song is on our first record album recorded in 1971 that I performed on, on the now defunct Astrolog record label. But that album and two others paid for our tours which covered more than ten thousand miles of the US and Canada. This marvelous scenery can be found here and for final perspective I have included a shot from one of my several visits to this castle. The forests are enhanced by Simheaven and the framerate is much better than the author predicted, even with autogen at its max... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50359-neuschwanstein-castle/ John
  3. Being raised in the Napa Valley, I always like to say that Sedona is to Arizona as what the Napa Valley is to California.... A nice day trip from Phoenix... John
  4. I enjoyed a long and relaxing realtime flight from Catalina to Phoenix today. Had something odd happen though, I noticed my two compass gauges did not agree, so the gps guided me in the wrong direction. I do not know how I did that to Xplane11 but I will have to make a preflight check, to make sure they agree, leaning to the magnetic compass. Edit: I forgot to mention, my Catalina airport, and Sky Harbor Airport, are among the several airports I have from MisterX6. I have his LAX, SAN, SNA and a couple of other scenery gems from him as well. His airports have better performance, at greater detail, than the Xplane11 defaults. John
  5. Sometimes I like to take the edge off of my screenshots, and do something different with them. In these shots I just wanted the golden glow of flight in my theme, out of Quebec City Canada, which I visited almost 30 years ago... John
  6. I love flying over the crop circles, and chopper flights over Vegas.... The all red AS350 livery is my own with an N number, modified from an original livery... John
  7. Nice desert takeoff, then buzzing Rocky Point resort on my way to Glendale AZ for a short 50 min flight in the BD5-J. Using my overlays for a change to enhance my Photo Scenery.... John
  8. Propstrike Studio's free Machmell Fisheries scenery for Xplane11, along with the fine payware Icon A5 amphibian that can enjoy the great white north and the beautiful fjord like setting, and campfire smells I can just imagine for real life bush pilots. I have only flown along this coast at 35,000 feet on my way to Japan, my parents had the pleasure of cruising it with Royal Caribbean, and took a heli glacier ride as well along the inside passage. Their pics were beautiful, and if I were to take one cruise, it would be an Alaskan one, in the summer, so I could enjoy as much light as I can and also be near my Russian roots, since some of my family had such roots way way back. I am a smidgen Russian but a mongrel really, mostly Latin and Scotch-Irish, with a hint of Lithuanian, like the captain of the Hunt for Red October, a movie I helped make in a very small way back in '89 when I just before I went to Paramount to see it staged on the invitation of one of its writer's Larry Ferguson. The movie was as much about me, and my hopes for peace with Russia some day and China as well, and Larry put a message at the end of the movie, just for me, which is too long a story to tell. My contribution to Hollywood, and to keeping Russia in the forefront of trade in our world. John Start new topic
  9. Just one, a night flight just out of Fairbanks AK in the Icon A5 with the shimmering Aurora overhead to cast an eerie green glow atop the wings. The Aurora is not in Xplane11 as a default option, but it and shooting stars can be added by editing X-Plane.prf in the output, preferences folder and editing these lines from a zero to a one at the end, to read: renopt_aurora 1 renopt_fire_ball 1 The aurora will appear above 60 degrees north or higher--Fairbanks for example is at 64 degrees north The shooting stars are brief, but watch for them.... John
  10. Wonderful pair of airports, from Torrey Utah up to Provo, for great VFR scenery at 12,000 feet over the canyonlands and mountains of Utah... My photoscenery has autogen overlays to add depth and interest... John
  11. Having flown the rudder pedal absent Ercoupe in real life, I can vouch for its taste of nostalgia and this freeware Xplane11.x model is one of the best, flies like the real thing. So they did not get one in every garage, but they sure are interesting to fly sans rudder pedals. You turn it on the ground like a car, by turning the yoke, which steers the aircraft. With any crosswind you come in crabbed, but too much of a crosswind component can make one nervous. I took up trike flying thinking I was going to purchase an Ercoupe some day, but decided not to because at that time the 1320# LSA STC had not happened yet, limiting its gross weight to two 170# pilots and less than a full tank of gas. Although I am a 170# pilot today, back then I weighed 230# and the poor Ercoupe knew that, and the CFI I flew with was heavier than I was, still we could climb in a hot Texas density altitude. I thought Washington DC, one of the more beautiful planned capitals in the world, would make a good backdrop for these shots. John
  12. I usually add one payware title a month to either P3D or Xplane, but I've been enjoying Xplane11 so much lately that I am moving my momentum in add-ons to that sim. P3DV4 is alright, but I just feel I see better things when I fly in Xplane11, each aircraft that I buy feels like I expect it would, and even though Xplane11 does not have seasons, it just "looks" to me like what I see when I fly in real life, at any altitude, and whether it is default scenery or photo scenery I fly over, it just looks fine. RealityXP works in it, like it does in the P3D world, and I like that presence of information and flight planning, that makes this hobby and my learning how to fly different from one day to the next. I will keep P3DV4, the Lockheed Vega I have flown this past week is amazing to fly, as are many other add ons I have there. But my preference is about two thirds Xplane11, and one third P3DV4, maybe because Laminar is the Little Engine that could, if you know that children's story, Laminar kept our hobby alive during the void when Microsoft dropped the MSFS series and before Lockheed Martin saved our memories for us, which I owe them greatly for, because of all the add ons I was able to freely move from MSFS to P3DV4, saving me a small fortune. Since I am in forced retirement from a terrible car accident, I was almost ready to return to the workforce, then I got run over by an errant driver who did not stop or care about a pedestrian in a crosswalk, I am flying these sims several hours a day, just so I have some connection to the life I almost lost and distraction from the horrendous, remembered pain. Like Frodo in Lord of the Rings who was stabbed by a Morgul Blade, I will always remember being hurt. But for me, Xplane11, and P3DV4, are my Gray Havens to enjoy, thanks to the courage of those like Jim Young and Tom who have kept our forums up for so long, for free, just because they love what we loved. John
  13. I flew this flight in realtime today over my Photo Scenery made with Ortho4XP using SimHeaven's trees. The aircraft is available for download at Xplane.org, I converted it from the original author as is but it certainly flies like a STOL aircraft would and can climb well, even at the Grand Canyon's altitude. It does not move fast, about 80KIAS at 7500 feet, but it flies well, and is a very good hand flyer that can practically parachute in for a landing with its STOL characteristics. John
  14. I last crossed the channel and back from the Dover ferry, the busiest waterway in the world.... John
  15. Just enjoying various views as I climb out towards the crossing of the Big Pond.... John
  16. Carenado has just updated the PC12 for Xplane11, I am flying the new update here from Reno-Stead down the Sierra crest, to Owens Valley. Views of Tahoe, Virginia City, and Mono Lake along the way. I used my overlays over my photo scenery to add some depth, and ground auto traffic. John
  17. This is a wonderful pair of cities to fly between, and the Premier 1A makes it a short flight at FL400. I love the transition of scenery, from the North SF Bay, to farmland, to the High Sierra and finally a shot of Death Valley, and the pristine desert around and into Vegas, then the strip with its resorts all lined up. John
  18. This is a nice one hour or so flight between a good pair of cities, with scenery transitioning from Texas farmland to high desert, then to the Valley of the Sun. John
  19. Nostalgic touches to today's sim with a nice freeware B17 on a solo flight from Gatwick across the channel, then over Holland... John
  20. Love the way the cloud shadows play over the desert photo scenery and California's Inland Empire near Ontario and towards LAX. RealityXP guided me on vectors to my final approach, I love the automation in the busy LAX airspace. John
  21. Simheaven's forests add free depth and dimension to already great autogen in Xplane11.34. Out of Valdez Alaska, rarely shared here in the screenshots forum with Alabeo's beautiful Cardinal, which I still think looks contemporary 50 years after its birth into the General Aviation world. John
  22. Enjoying PropStrikeStudio's fishery scenery again, with the Mini 500 from VSkylabs, personal transportation in and out of Bush Country, would be great for a commuter if there were more of 'em around... John
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