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Found 26 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I'm trying do get my UT2 traffic a bit better. So I installed the AI TFS A380 which is beautiful. Till now I installed the Emirates and the Singapore Airlines Livery in FSX. The Emirates livery is showing perfectly But to have the Singapore Airlines displayed I need to uncheck the "aircraft shadows" option. Anybody have the same problem or maybe know what happen ? I think it should be something with the texture file which are not treated in the same way ? Thanks in advance for your help. BR Basile
  2. Genuine Simulations is at it again. They have posted a "sales" notice regarding "their" A380. This is not just a scam, it is total fraud by a group of Iranians. If you purchase this product you are taken to a fraudulant PayPal page and if you are using Norton's Internet Security System, it will report back as being unsafe and not PayPal. The "Sale" is for 89.99 Euros which is reduced from 339.00 Euros and is explained by them; "Due to prevent pirate of our product we release the A380 Professional limited sales. For this reason the A380 Professional will release only within 48 Hour (ends 3PM friday 28 february) and after this date price will €339.99." Folks, please hit every flight sim site that you know of and spread the word on this scam. Community members who fall for it will be giving their credit card detail, PayPal detail and who knows what else for a pirated, incomplete product. This post has been promoted to an article
  3. Did some plane spotting yesterday at KDFW. Caught a Qantas A380 coming in on final 18L.
  4. The A380 just minutes after takeoff from Christchurch.
  5. hey there hows it going i have a few questions about this product i just bought, wilco airbus a380 v2 when i tell it to do cold and dark on the config panel and when i load the airplane its still on. when i manully turn the plane off the engine sounds are still on ?? any ideas thx
  6. Hello everyone, I need some help with Project Airbus A380. PROBLEMS: - BLACK TEXTURE on autopilot, - Black screen on MCDU - Black buttons on MCDU (NO KEYS on every button) I am running FSX Gold Edition, but Project Airbus A380 is only for FS2004 users. And I didn't have this problems on Standart FSX. PHOTOS AUTOPILOT PROBLEM http://s13.postimage.org/yfl88o7rb/2012_10_23_18_44_25_96.png MCDU AND BUTTONS PROBLEM http://s15.postimage.org/hx5r4ognv/2012_10_23_18_48_5_581.png Thanks for reply,
  7. Genuine Simulations is at it again. They have posted a "sales" notice regarding "their" A380. This is not just a scam, it is total fraud by a group of Iranians. If you purchase this product you are taken to a fraudulant PayPal page and if you are using Norton's Internet Security System, it will report back as being unsafe and not PayPal. The "Sale" is for 89.99 Euros which is reduced from 339.00 Euros and is explained by them; "Due to prevent pirate of our product we release the A380 Professional limited sales. For this reason the A380 Professional will release only within 48 Hour (ends 3PM friday 28 february) and after this date price will €339.99." Folks, please hit every flight sim site that you know of and spread the word on this scam. Community members who fall for it will be giving their credit card detail, PayPal detail and who knows what else for a pirated, incomplete product. View attachment: ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 26 11.32.jpg
  8. Hi there, Our Discord event Outside the Hangar (OTH) is scheduled for 1900Z July 10th, 2021. We will be using Discord's new Stages feature for this event. All you have to do is to look for the green broadcast icon at the top of the left sidebar when the event goes live and join the channel! Do note that you have to raise your hand and wait for your turn to ask a question. Come join us for our first informal Q&A. We hope to give everyone a chance to ask a question live! Discord: https://discord.gg/flybywire
  9. From the album: Hangar 1

    A Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (That's KLM's full name - did you know?) A380 landing at Princess Juliana Airport.
  10. Jean-Paul


    From the album: Jean-Paul's Album

    Le Bourget Air Show (2007). Weather was lousy but this shot made my day
  11. Hello. For now I've been only using fsx for simulation but it seem quite unrealistic when it comes to physics. This year I am going to make something like an airbus sim (I prefer a340 or even a350 but I don't mind if it is a320)with oculus rift because it's the cheapest way to make a sim. For now I have saitek pro flight system and a pc which specs are: -amd athlon 5800+ 2.8ghz duo -ati radeon 4830hd 512 mb -4gb ram And this is not enough for x-plane 10 which supports jardesign a320. So can you please give me a suggestion and tell me which of the two softwares (fsx-x-plane9) I should use. Thank you and sorry for my bad English!
  12. Project Airbus Wilco merge A380-800_v1.2.1 for FSX by David Chen (Dec. 2011)Notice:1. You MUST have Wilco A380 v2 installed first or this will not work properly.2. This merge is for FSX only. FSX SP2 or Acceleration pack is recommended.3. Wilco's load manager does NOT work, but configuration tool and key config tool work pefectly.4. Read the description below to know more about fuel planning (IMPORTANT).What is included in this package?1. A380 merge (Wilco panel + Wilco VC + Project Airbus model)2. GPWS sounds update3. FSBuild performance data (for those who uses FSBuild for fuel calculation)4. Performance data for those who uses Wilco tool for fuel planning5. Some useful documents of A380 (read description below).What's new?1. Autobrake problem fixed.2. Engine data modified.Fuel planning:Some people use Wilco planning tool to calculate the fuel they need. However, the Wilco's data are not realistic since the real world A380-800s consume more fuel than Wilco's calculation. So, it is recommended to use FSBuild (payware) for fuel planning. FSBuild performance data is offered for you. If you use Wilco's tool for fuel calculation, you MUST use another aircraft.cfg (follow item "D" in the part of "Installation").Documents description:There are some docs in this package, including:1. A380_Totorial_UK: An official tutorial from Wilco's website.2. AC_A380_20101101: Aircraft data from airbus.com. From page 106 to 136, you can find some useful performance data. For example, in page 116 you can find a chart to calculate takeoff distance. In page 129 is a chart of landing distance.3. spec_imperial and spec_metric: Aircraft limitation and information about weight and balance, fuel capability, etc.Installation:A. Aircraft merge1. Copy the .fx files (in "Effects" folder) to \Flight Simulator X\Effects.2. Copy "Project Airbus Wilco merge A380-800" folder to \Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes.3. Only Airbus livery is included in the package. Download more repaints from http://www.pairbus.com/B. GPWS sounds updateCopy all files in "sounds" folder to Flight Simulator X\Wilco\A380v2\Sounds and overwrite all existing ones.C. FSBuild performance data1. Open folder "FSBuild performance data"2. Copy A380.PRF to \Program Files\FSBuild\Aircraft3. Add following text into \Program Files\FSBuild\fsb_Aircraft.cfg.[A380-800 w/ Trent 972/B] --- (David Chen) ---WeightUnit=KGSOperEmptyWeight=276940PayloadWeight=80000ReserveFuel=:45AlternateFuel=HoldFuel=93/minTaxiFuel=25/minExtraFuel=ApproachFuel=330MaxTakeoffWeight=560000MaxZeroFuelWeight=361000MaxLandingWeight=386000MaxFuelWeight=257336ImageFile=PerformanceData=A380.prf;ToldData=;DefaultTOFlaps=;climb 250/300/m85;crz LR;dsc m82/300/250D. Performance data for Wilco fuel planning tool1. Open folder "Performance data for Wilco fuel planning tool"2. Copy the aircraft.cfg to \Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Project Airbus Wilco merge A380-800/ and overwrite.Known issue:ZFWCG cannot be calculated be FMGC. Instead, it remains 25%. But this would not matter in virtual flight simulation.Why not merge with Project Airbus A380's VC?Since PA's VC version is originally for FS2004, there are some problems when it is used in FSX. For example, some textures are black and some are loaded without correct position. Even some lights are not properly operating in either virtual cockpit or 2D panel. Due to these issues, I decided not to merge PA's VC now.Special thanks to:Project Airbus Develop TeamFor any problem, please contact me via davidchen9568@gmail.comHope you have a nice flight!
  13. All flight simulation enthusiasts should be aware that there is a significant attempt to scam you out of your hard earned income. This is the "Genuine Simulation's" Airbus 380 that they are attempting to sell. This product, if there is one, is a knock off of an incomplete product actually being done by Next Level Simulations (NLS). You can view the attempted scam at Genuine Simulation's web site here. We can assure you that this is a scam from one simple fact. The awards listed on that page from AVSIM are entirely bogus. We have never heard of this group until recently, and certainly have never given them an award for anything, let alone the Bravo Zulu award that is only awarded once a year, and which has not been awarded yet this year. We are pretty well convinced that there is no real product, but that this group is simply harvesting your credit card information. Protect yourself; do not provide these people any information at all. Efforts are underway to shut the site down, so if the link above does not work after a day or two, you will know that those efforts were successful.
  14. Hi all, Me and a friend are planning a spotting trip to manchester. Can someone please let me know the arrival and departure times for 3rd june please :) I'll looked up the timetable on Emirates but it doesn't say what the time listed is (i.e. the zone). Thank you in advance :)
  15. Half a dozen shots just checking to see if my XP11 A380 works ok in XP12. Seems to be fine for my use (no idea if any of the systems actually work, of course) This is the default EGLL. I bought the TaiModels version, and it looks great, but I think it might be causing a weird ground tile problem out east and I've stopped using it till I can figure it out. Coming up over Southend I (mis)spent my youth in Southend, from age 5 to 20, and it sort of disturbs me to look down on a shot like this and think that my entire formative years were spent in a patch of the planet pretty much covered by one smallish cloud shadow. That WAS my world for all that time. But now the world's my lobster, as Del would say
  16. Seems it will be released an "professional" Airbus A380, of a producer called "Genuine Simulation". Does anyone know anything else? Site: http://www.genuinesimulation.com/
  17. Hi Guys, Genuine Simulations just released their new A380. I have been waiting long for a decent Airbus addon. If someone on AVSIM can review this product for the simmers, that would be great. Thanks http://www.genuinesimulation.com/ Ammar
  18. Hey all! I am a long haul flyer and I have a major question for the Wilco A330/340/380 panels. I love flying for Korean Airlines which operates the A330 as well as the A380. Situation: I takeoff with fully made and correct flight plan from LAX (los Angeles International Airport) enroute to Seoul Incheon International on a Korean A380. I climb the aircraft, cruise, wait, and wait. After a while I go out some where (for a few hours) and the plane magically stopped about 100 NM from where I left it! The flight sim was paused! I got this error on both the 330 and the 380! Is there any fix for it? I fly the 777-3B5ER enroute from Atlanta to Seoul and there is no problems! I am using the JB777 panel for that! No pauses! Why only the wilco? What I have running: PA A380 with wilco a380 panel in place of stock panel. POSKY A330 with wilco A330 panel in place of stock panel. FSX Acceleration w/ service pack 2 Question: Why is the wilco panels causing the plane to pause? What other factors may cause the sim to pause? Thanks VERY much for you time! ~Rohan Patel. I flew Air Canada's A330 from Vancouver to Seoul and still, there is a pause!
  19. Hi, I have P3D V3.2, and I have the PA A380 installed. It works great, except for the main panel. When I press shift+1, P3D pops up with a fatal error message and shuts down. This happens as well, when I press A in the cockpit to see the panel. I need this panel to switch from nav, to GPS. Any ideas? Thanks a lot Harry Karmel
  20. Showing off my custom made sky textures which I've worked hard on to reproduce the most realistic skies. It is important to note that this screenshot has not been edited in any way after the capture. I use custom tweaked Mogwaisoft Shade and also Reshade (instead of ENB) for bloom and colour/brightness adjustments which really enhance the overall visual depiction and complementing the sky textures, are essential for the realism.
  21. Hi guys , I just downloaded the PA A380 and vasfmc, also I bought an new AIRAC, I installed everything, but when I select the PA A380 with vasfmc gauges and go to the VC all screens except the FMC Screen are black. So no PDF, no ND,... just the vasfmc works. Could anyone out there help me , because I really want to the fly this bird. :(
  22. Hi guys, I bought the Wilco A380 and I am finding some problems regarding the autopilot. Once I set the FMC with all the data and I take off, the plane does not even reach the altitude I insert in the main panel (let's say 12000 feet), but stops at 10000 about and then it starts descending (very slow, 500 feet/min), despite having both the autopilot and the autothrottle correctly inserted. Does anyone of you guys know why it doesn't reach the set altitude or maybe have you had the same problem? Thank you very much in advance to all of you guys, keep enjoying FSX! Mirko
  23. Hi there, in the Hangar 7 is scheduled for today, September 4 at 1800Z! Directly after this, our 2nd Outside the Hangar Discord stage where users can field questions! Come join us for updates on the A32NX & A380X! Set your reminders using the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfkWuXcdjz8
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