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Found 29 results

  1. Start making your home cockpit see below for available panels. Cessna 152 Cessna 172 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 172 Gauges Cessna 182 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 182 Steam Baron G58 G1000 Beechcraft C90 Boeing 737 MIP + Overhead Panel + Center DA62 F/A-18C Hornet MIP + Side Panels Huey UH-1 P28R Warthog A-10 TBM 930 + Overhead Panel For any questions or interest you can send me a PM. Files are in ESP - AI - PDF format.
  2. It is our new bulit A320 flight cockpit,the device was from iFSim, we were flying in it and choose the beautiful airport to make a video. iFSim.FTD.A320.Took off in the early morning at SH Pudong intel Airport-flight cockpit
  3. Flight Simulator FSX - Extreme Night Landing DX10 Ultra Graphics [HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l-EMZiCcy0
  4. Join our exciting virtual airline - Pacific Airways. We offer a fun, realistic and family-like environment. The entire flight system is fully automated - no need to request a flight. Fly what you want when you want. From cargo, to passenger operations to prop aircraft to float planes - we have it all! One of the best parts of our virtual airline is our active presence in the online world. Every week 15 to 20 of our pilots show up at our events: Friday Night Operations, Hub Tuesday Hub and VATSIM Sunday. I guarantee you will love flying with us - join us now: http://www.pacificairways.net. Our official promotional video produced by the media team: Please post your questions here and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm posting to get a piece of advise about this error : C++ Runtime Error R6025: Pure Virtual Function Call . So, when I came home after my holidays, I wanted to do a flight with the 777 but "Oh Surprise" SP1 was out, I started download it and install it. And then, I wanted to start a flight. But after 10minutes of flying I had this error. I said to myself okay, don't panic, do it with another aircraft, I tried the 747. Same thing, after 15-20 minutes, Runtime error... I had NEVER get this error before installing the SP1 777 PMDG, and now, I can take every add-on I want, it will make it. But that's not all, I tried for sure to search for a solution, and I found a topic where a man said that it's only a missing memory error and to help your comuter, you had to run CCleaner, QuickSys RegDefrag to defrag your Registry and to defrag your computer ( I used Auslogics Disk Defrag). Then, it went well for a week. And after that week of non buggy flying, I started a flight and then BAM C++ Runtime Error Pure virtual function call... And we are today, and I'm very sad because I can't make a flight when I'm 100% sure it won't bug... My question is, do you think this bug may have been caused by the installation of the 777 SP1 (and after SP1b) ? And Second question, do you think that if I uninstall and re-install the 777 it will go fine ? I thank so much in advance the man that can help me. Kindest Regards, Julien Wilkin *Sorry for multi-posting, I had an error in my browser :s *
  6. Hello everyone! I have 3D modeling skills and I would like to create addons for flight simulator or get any other job related to modeling for aviation. If someone needs my help, please, feel free to contact me. My works are attached. These models weren't created for flight simulator and so they have different levels of detail. Thanks.
  7. Very happy about PMDG finally release the Boeing 777, I'm very excited with my new plane, so I invited my friends join my multiplayer session after duty, then I found a very big problem! Host's 777 is normal, but players who join his session (like i'm join my friend's session), any display、any buttoms all can't work in my cockpit, both engines' fans are gone, landing gears aren't down.... Is the some kind of bug in this new T7? sorry for my poor English Hasegawa Kobato from Japan
  8. I thought I'd share my current project with you guys to both share my excitement and to also perhaps get some input from others of you who have ventured down the same path. I've decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of building my own home cockpit. I'm not going off of any plans whatsoever, this has been the product of years of looking at other folk's simulation setups and months of talking over designs with a friend of mine who's lending me a hand in the construction of this. I like going the "no plan" route because it gives me the opportunity to customize the thing to exactly what I am desiring. So, here' goes. Our first decision was that this thing needed to be modular and relatively easy to disassemble in the event that I should move. I was finally building this thing, I sure as heck wasn't going to want to leave it behind if we ever had to move. So, we came up with a plan that would include essentially 7 components. The 4'x8' base (on castors to make it easy to move around the floor should I need to do that), the back section which is structural, but also doubles as a convenient shelf, the seat box to which the seats will be bolted, the "desk" who's only real job is to support the instrument panel, but also double as a surface for keyboard/mouse when I need to do real work, the instrument panel console, the display assembly (which will also double as the front wall of the simulator, and finally the ceiling to help enclose the whole thing. All of these things will be bolted together with a few bolts which should give it strength but also allow for simple dissasembly. on of my concept drawings (I'm certainly no artist!): The base: The back framed in, and seat box built: a temporary "desk" to figure out spacing and measurements: desk is built, and front display wall is framed in: and this is where I'm currently at. My friend is working on the instrument console panel using MDF to built up a glare shield and the curved panel where the instruments will go. This is going to be made in such a way that it is easily removed from the cockpit so the thing can be used for other gaming or work purposes. I am planning on using a monitor behind the yoke, built into the instrument panel, to display the actual instruments. I've got a saitek radio panel and am considering other saitek panels, just haven't decided what I really need yet. Thanks for having a look! Jeremy
  9. Hello fellas! Few days ago I begun to have this error, Any solution? Regards
  10. May 11th, 2015 – A new flight simulator community website has been completed and is now officially open. www.nexgenflightsim.com The website, dubbed “the Next Generation Flight Simulator SIM-Posium opens its doors to all flight simulator enthusiasts and the general public for the purpose of discussing the future of consumer oriented flight simulation and the probability of creating a community driven next generation flight simulator. It is the goal of the SIM-Posium to move the community towards establishing the criteria of a next generation flight simulator, the discovery of an appropriate 3D platform for development, the gathering of talented individuals whose expertise (whether through education or experience) can be utilized for the creation and development of a next generation flight simulator, as well as establishing the general consensus of the community towards using a CrowdFunding Campaign for the purposes of raising the necessary funds. The use of traditional forum settings as well as member submitted articles, comments, surveys, polls, voting and other website features will be used to obtain a consensus as to the overall direction that should be taken when considering the development of a next generation flight simulator. In addition members will have access to tools providing the ability to collaborate on a Group / Team basis. The NGFS SIM-Posium organizer, Stephen Borick - a long time flight simulator enthusiast - has set a time frame for the SIM-Posium as a minimal period of six months, which he hopes will be sufficient time to determine the "WILL" of the flight simulator community and their commitment towards achieving the goal of creating a next generation flight simulator. Everyone is invited to participate in this 1st online Next Generation Flight Simulator SIM-Posium. Your input will be invaluable. You can visit the site and read all of the information available, but if you want to be an active participant your registration is required. You can visit and register by visiting the site at www.nexgenflightsim.com As a protective measure against spammers, the site uses an aggressive program called “Stop Spammers”. Occasionally a legitimate user may be blocked. If this happens to you, please fill out the Allow Request form. This process can take up to 24 hours. For those who may run into this problem, our sincere apologies and thank you for your patience.
  11. Hey Pilots & Controllers We have just opened our registration pages to new pilots. We opened at the start of February and believe we have something for everybody. Flying anything from Cessna Caravan up to the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. We have for areas of the airline. The main passenger section where the planes are locked by rank. The Cargo section where you can fly any plane you like (booking allowing). Executive section where you fly our corporate virtual customers in our executive fleet. and finally our charter division flying our any of our planes to places the main airline doesn't cover. We have based the airline on fantastic payware scenery and awesome freeware scenery so where ever you go your sure to find somewhere to fly. We also have a pilot shop for you to spend your hard earned virtual money. We don't believe that your virtual airline should come before your home life so we DO allow you to pause your flights, leave the cockpit (as long as your not online) and if you really want fly over night whilst your sleeping in your bed. we also only require you to fly once every 60days, and if you cant fly within that time just let us know and we'll keep your account open. We have a teamspeak where we hope once we're fully up and running will be a place of great community and a little bit of banter. we currently use the free version of Kacars as our tracker but are on the waiting list for a custom package. We are also partnered with aerosoft, FS2Crew, Simbrief with others in the pipeline. Which means we have discounts available for you after a while of service. I'm sure I've probably forgotten some stuff so come take a look at our airline at http://www.wegoairwaysva.co.uk read our SOP and we look forward to seeing you. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you guys and gals Mark VCEO WeGo Airways P.S any questions please don't hesitate to ask :-)
  12. Flying the Alabeo Piper Tomahawk around CZST Stewart BC. I love FSX, but I'm enjoying X-plane as there are some really great addons becoming available.
  13. The download version of the A320 Jetliner can be purchased for just £7.49 / €9.45 / $10.99 for this weekend. Deal ends 2pm UK time Monday 23rd June. The A320 Jetliner can be found here: http://www.justflight.com/product/a320-jetliner-download
  14. Name: DC-8 Jetliner 10 to 40 Series Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 16 January 2014 - 09:04 AM Submitter: JustFlightScott Short Description: Promo video of DC-8 Jetliner 10 to 40 Series View Video
  15. Hi, We are redeveloping an Virtual Airline, which we need 2 key staff members to assist with the initial start up. Corporate Communications Director will be responsible for all outgoing communications, including press releases with the new VA. Flight Operations Director who will be responsible for the initial start up with the airline and flight operations. If you are interested, please contact Robert Sayles at rtsayles@gmail.com. Thanks
  16. Since I have to be away from home for a week due to work issues, and taking my laptop is a no-go (please don't ask why), I'm thinking about installing a flight simulator in my tablet (Samsung GalaxyTab 7 GT-P3100). I've heard of both Infinite Flight and X-Plane, but I'm not sure on which one should I go. At home, I love to fly airliners (iFly 737 and 747, Wilco Airbus and E-jets and PSS 757/777, usually) from A to B in FS9. Any suggestions? I almost forgot it, I'm running Android 4.1 in my tablet.
  17. Who are we? Palmer Virtual Airways is a new and growing Virtual Airline that simulates the real world operations of the airline industry. We operate over 100 aircraft and have over 70,000 schedules to choose from. We use a Virtual Airline Tracking system called PVACARS, this acars tracker is custom designed, new, fresh and only made for our virtual airline. We also give you the option like very few airlines out there a chance to fly charter giving you an endless corridor of routes to fly. What do we offer? We offer an experience like no other, it is not run by the staff or the CEO it is run by YOU! the pilots of Palmer. It is your airline which means we offer you the chance to speak and use your voice to give us ideas and also help run the VA you want to see it. We also offer over 17000 routes for you to choose from, giving you an endless path of flight sim for you to choose from. Why should I join Palmer? If you have previous experience in flying for a virtual airline or VATSIM, Palmer Virtual wants you! By joining Palmer Virtual you will become a valued member of one of the most pioneering and rapidly growing and expanding virtual airline there is on the planet. Where do I sign up? You can apply for a position at Palmer Virtual Airways by visiting our website: www.skyteamv.org Hope to see you soon in the blue Palmer skies Many Thanks Jack King Director of Human resources dhr@skyteamv.org
  18. Hey, So I just got a new computer today with my main goal to run FSX as smooth as i can. I have done alot of research about hardware requirements and have learned that installing FSX on a separate SSD can help performance. My computer has a 1TB Western Digital hard drive, and also a 120GB Crucial M500 SSD. I was planning on dedicating the SSD to FSX with all of my add-ons and everything, but the SSD seems to be my main C drive and my 1TB WD hard drive is the D drive. My windows 7 is installed on the SSD (C Drive) and it seems to be my default drive at the moment where everything gets downloaded to. Does anyone know how to move everything to my 1TB WD hard drive and make that my default drive so I can dedicate my SSD 100% to FSX? Any help is much appreciated, Tyler
  19. Hey, I want to know if there is a safe way to store aircraft outside of flght simulator x without deleting it entirely or doing something that may cause my computer to crash. Recently, I was told by a computer professional that deleting aircraft from flight simulator x is not a good idea; I was told that my system is fragile and many of the addons I download may rely on my computer's ability to function properly. But that's only one side of the problem. The other side is I currently have over 500 planes installed on flight simultaor x that I use infrequently or not at all. Is there a way that I can put them in temporary storage without doing anything that could crash my system? (Please note: I currently have this folder on my desktop marked: temporary aircraft storage, in which I store unused fsx aircraft. I simply drag any aircraft I'm not using into that folder, and since I've been doing it for years and it hasn't caused any problems, I can only assume it's safe to do it that way, but that's only my opinion, and I prefer not to take chances.) I would appreciate any advice that can be given. Regards, Evan
  20. Winter training is now well underway and progress is being made on our new show for 2017! FB : https://www.facebook.com/VRedArrows/ Website: www.virtualredarrows.com
  21. I've read many forum posts regarding the topic and did not find one that solved the issue. I am using FS2004 with SB4 and WOAI models on VATSIM. The gear is not shown with the aircraft floating above the ground. I am aware that VATSIM does not transmit gear state. That is why I want the gear to be locked down (like in VIP models).I used the SMS generator mentioned here. Those that used the generator should be aware of the FIX_GEAR_DOWN option in the script. This changes the contact points to trick SB into believing the aircraft is fixed gear.However, this does not work for me. Apparently this works in FSX (WOAI users that have FSX can confirm this). The gear is locked down offline, however when flying online the gear remains retracted.Anyone know if I can edit the .air or where the data is transmitted on whether the aircraft has fixed or retractable gear in Squawkbox?
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