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  1. Not sure if Hong Kong Airlines cargo actually visit East Midlands, but it could happen and the a330 freighter certainly has the non-stop range, if only with about 25 metric tons or so. I rather like UK2000's products, they do seem rather fps friendly. When one of the configuration options is choosing to add 4000 cars or not, it shows the developer has thought about such things! Ratcliffe power station at work! I'll circle over those cylindrical chemtrail dispensers until the intake fed collector tanks are full enough for me to spread the chemtrails over the eastern half of England... Ahem. Enjoy.
  2. It's good to fly the Avanti IMHO. even better when sometimes the stock FSX clouds as tweaked with fsopen clouds look great (OK, no REX etc. etc. but still...) Nasty weather about 2 o'clock... low, high, just everywhere really. Sunset over the Isle of Lewis (vectored for visual approach to RWY18, Stornoway) Thanks for viewing.
  3. No, it's not the Flysimware nor Alabeo versions, just the freeware shakey jake, hence the functional VC, but the polished metal looks great! It seems to fly OK too, but then again I'm far from an expert! A quick VFR jaunt over the Easter weekend. Cheers.
  4. One of the guys at the glider club who's also a flightsimmer suggested I try flying to Chambery then taking the little WT9 Dynamic to Courchevel. So..here goes. I only have the default 737 and A321, but I do like the 757 & have the Freemium version so my decision was made. I took off from my local - Manchester mid-morning. Out over the Channel Not much to see on the short trip, but then the stock ATC told me to expect a visual approach for RWY 36 !! Interesting... there's quite a bit of terrain coming in from that direction. In reality I believe that approaches are made initially to RWY 18 then broken off with a circling approach to RWY 36. Typical FSX ATC vectored me more or less straight in over the mountains!! However, the ATC did not vector me into the side of a mountain.. LFLB is about 30 degrees off to port. Capt. Speaking:, "Ah, Hoskins, this reminds me of my RAF days!", "Hoskins?? Are you alright man?", "Calm down and let the pax know we'll be landing VERY SOON, there's a good chap!" Easy does it. Trees may need a little pruning.. Down she goes. You have control Hoskins.. A nice day for it! Thanks for viewing.
  5. This trip was loosely (very loosely!) based on a report of an EMERCOM IL-76 mission. The plane delivered 40 tons of supplies to Simferopol (I believe the max.payload is 100000 lb - 50 tons). The return trip flew 52 refugees to Voronezh. http://www.airmedandrescue.com/story/russia-flies-ukrainian-refugees876 This is the return trip. The tough transport plane is ready. Waiting for passengers. Taxying out. Getting her cleaned up. Goodbye Simferopol (need to get FTX Vectors or something to sort out airfield elevations! :( ) Approaching the Sea of Azov. Descending towards Voronezh. Visual for RWY12. A little high... however, we'll soon sort that out.... Told you we'd sort it! Not too many screams; not that many windows in the back! :Shame On You: Perfect 3-point landing! ON THE NOSE GEAR!! Everybody out. Preliminary inspection of the nose gear indicates it is fine. It's Russian. It can go off road. Not a problem! Thanks for viewing.
  6. Finally returning to her country of origin, Odin's handmaiden prepares to flex her mighty wings. An early start from Rio. 6 turning & burning. Goodbye Rio De Janeiro. Thanks for the hospitality. There's a large ship below the murk. Early morning sun Flying over MMFJ (miles & miles of f.... jungle) Hello Venezuela! Bye bye South America Hello Cuba! Don't worry Pres. Castro. Nothing to see here! Imagine back in the day an XB-70 over Cuba - Fidel would have had kittens! Descending to Florida Down, dirty & (relatively!) slow over MM... well, you get the picture. Getting vectored around somewhere over the Everglades. On approach to KMIA rwy 12 Down... & down. Another great white bird, although she is known as the Queen of the Skies. Shutdown. Thanks for viewing.
  7. Decided to take my favourite exec turbo twin from La Palma to Lanzarote. Cleared for taxi Off we go Climb condition set on the autopilot Tenerife Gran Canaria Passing over Las Palmas and the port (Global Ships in effect!) Passing Fuerteventura Descending towards Lanzarote Visual approach for 03 Touchdown Shutdown! Thanks for viewing!
  8. So, a morning start from Dubai, outside temperature's still about 30 degrees C though! I know the Burgh wasn't there in 72, but the apron could have been at almost any airport... & I'm recreating a flight using modern scenery. Some countries weren't as friendly to the RAF back then, so the flight had to be routed north over Bandar Abbas into Iran, then up through Iran, close to Tehran, into Turkey over Lake Van, south of Ankara turning south to go over the Med & Nicosia before landing at Akrotiri. NOTE - online flight planner (my quick and easy go-to) doesn't appear to have much in the way of picking your waypoints and/or VORs so I used the stock FSX flight planner to construct the route. Dubai is rather big, isn't it? There may be trouble ahead..... Nope, over the tops and weather getting better. Lake Van in the background - not the tiny lake below the nose! Feet wet, over the Med Descending over Nicosia Cleared to land! A bit floaty, but the brakes are rather powerful! Off to Marham next! Enjoy!
  9. Touchdown & shutdown at Quito. Cheers.
  10. UPS MD-11 overnighter to ENGX (East Midlands) from KSLC. Cheers!
  11. Having taken off from BGNO in terrible weather I stopped off at Thule airbase then continued with a full cargo load to Anchorage (PANC). Just a couple of shots showing the sunrise and early morning on the apron. Thanks for viewing.
  12. The weather was good today, so time to try and take the little Dynamic up to Courchevel. Taxying out. Wonder if anyone else is going to visit LFLJ? Here we go! Bye bye Chambery. Just turn left into the valley. What a grand day for VFR in the French Alps! ...and a right turn into the next but one valley.. ..sorry about the light bloom - it does that with the sunlight to the rear of the plane, I don't think the dome light was on. Onward to Courchevel! Meribel on the nose, just follow the valley as it curves left, making sure I'm above 6500 feet at least! Looking good... ish. Is that really a runway?? :Nail Biting: Touchdown! had to apply lots of power to get the Dynamic to crest the hill! Need more practice as does me trying to land on centrelines! :Whistle: Anyway, safe & sound at the top. Time to go and enjoy the view with an expensive coffee or hot chocolate! Thanks for viewing!
  13. On a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to Station Nord, Greenland. I flew over this huge rectangular artifact in the ocean (North Atlantic?) between the two countries. Cheers!
  14. Taxying out at EDDP. Usually Lufthansa fly this route (at least on one youtube vid I watched!), but the a/c was in for C check so a loaner UPS MD-11 was tasked. (What? Could happen, maybe!). Positive Rate. Gear Up! Climbing turn on to course. Looks great in the sunlight doesn't she? (shame there's no VC/interior modelled) Hello Gibraltar! Moonlighting for Lufthansa Flying over MMFD, about 800 miles to go.. (miles & miles of f... desert Descent... Localiser capture imminent Any landing where you can re-use the aeroplane etc.. I've already done a 3-point landing (almost!)... Oh, you mean the nosewheel too! Looks a bit tight taxying down here. Like a glove! (Busy apron) Thanks for looking.
  15. Using my turbo twin of choice, the Avanti. Leaving Lanzarote. Gran Canaria. Tenerife. Reina Sofia airport off to the left, Mt. Teide off to the right.. Teide in clouds Enjoy.
  16. Mid-morning flight from Akrotiri with the Victor back to RAF Marham. She's rolling! Love the smoky climb-outs! We're all friends over Europe now, so straightforward flight over Greece and roughly diagonal to Holland. Bye bye, Holland! Hello England! Hello Marham! Weather was good enough for VFR to runway 6, despite some turbulence and thunderstorms in the distance. OOPS! "A bit late on the round-out, Hoskins!" as they say. Down! She won't fit in those hangars... Like bouncy castles gone wrong! Oh, nice formation parking from the fuel trucks. Right lads! Whose turn is it to get the brews in?... Ah, it would be mine due to the dodgy approach Thanks for viewing!
  17. Sorry if the landing's rather dark - no landing lights on the XB-70! Early morning takeoff from Christchurch for a quick sprint to Perth on the first leg of the Valkyrie's return to the USA. Climbing out into the dark blue. A last look before she outruns the sun, Valkyrie about to ride into the night. Onward into the enforced darkness, Odin's chooser of the fallen streaks to her destination. The numbers are good... VERY good! I can see our galaxy from here! Hello, Hobart.... & goodbye! Welcome to Western Australia! Descending towards Perth. Don't know why the vortices near the inlet vane are so bright... Approach looks good. Touchdown! Taxiing in. Good job the airport has lighting systems! Subsonic.... Supersonic... Thanks for viewing.
  18. Just a few shots of my latest acquisition. Love the cloud haze in front of the Moon, but I need to investigate fixing those wingtip trails! Diesel power! :wink: Plenty of glazing to let the sunlight in. Thanks for viewing.
  19. Another leg closer to getting the XB-70 back to NASA (Palmdale). Taxiing out at Perth. See you later Perth! Global AI shipping package in full effect! Plenty of featureless water until Africa and O R Tambo airport, Johannesburg. A bit high on the visual approach here, but she can (and does!) drop like a stone - a good and bad thing. Smokin'
  20. After two failed attempts (overspeed crashes!), I finally got this beautiful bird up and away to FL750. Decided to take her from NASA's place at Palmdale over to Boscombe Down, here in the UK (home of the Empire Test Pilot's School). According to a flight planner, almost 5000nm. Apparently she has a combat radius of under 4300nm, but that does include travelling at Mach 3. Set her up for a max range flight at M2.7, it's going to be close!! Taxiing out at dawn. POWER!! Turning to align with the GPS track. Into the wild blue yonder Top of the world, Ma! M2.7, ground speed of 1600kt - it'll do. Well that didn't take too long! Between me and ATC we tried getting her low and slow enough for an approach to Boscombe, but no. I had to report a missed approach - back up to 3500 feet for fresh vectors into a misty Boscombe Down. That's better! Some of the taxiways seem a little tight, better droop the wingtips... In the background we see another beautiful, fast white bird. Well this is a fantasy flight - don't think Boscombe actually has a Concorde, but this afcad file does! Shutdown. EDIT - I said it was going to be close regarding the flight distance: She only had about 14000 lbs of fuel left when I was taxiing her in! Thanks for looking.
  21. In light of recent events in Italy at the Rigopiano Hotel in the Abruzzo region, I decided to utilise the IL-76 in a mercy flight to the nearest airfield with 50 tons of replacement rescue equipment and helicopter parts. LIAP appeared to be the closest airport with enough tarmac to handle the big STOL. Manchester is well known for days like this! The spotters at the Airport Hotel don't see many of these! Typical! We'll be above all this soon. Over the Swiss Alps. Beginning the descent. All dirtied up, she's got everything hanging out in the breeze! Hopefully we won't be doing any off-roading today! Touchdown! Taxiway's a bit narrow! Time to get everything unloaded. Cheers.
  22. I liked these shots of a dawn flight from Monterrey to Toluca. Thanks for viewing
  23. In true monsters of metal style, Maiden even have lightning bolts emanating from their tour jet! Interesting wingtip contrail effect at 4X speed
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