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Found 233 results

  1. Hi guys I am interested in buying a Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog flight stick system but i need to know if the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog is compatible with FSX and where can i find ready profiles (mappings) for it? Also can users of this system inform me about the + & - points of this stick. It looks great in the stores but will i be able to use it as an all rounder joystick setup with FSX, H.A.W.S and similar simulators? If not what would be a good stick with quality materials? kind regards
  2. hi there, i know it's not a new add-on but i was wondering if anyone could tell me the 'requirements' in order to get VNAV working on the feelthere e-jets v2 (175 and 195). I've tried following the manual but i must be missing something as VNAV just will not arm or select for me after take-off. i was hoping someone with experience of this addon might be able to give a list of things that must be satisfied in order for VNAV to work in this unusual bird. eg.... - A/T on and armed - Speed controller set to FMS - Climb power set ? - etc - etc thanks in advance if anyone can help james
  3. Good morning, who is ready for this years 2013 FSX Thunderbird Flight Demonstration Squadron! I am Michael Evans, Left Wing for the FSX Thunderbirds. We are a new flight demonstration team and are looking to get our name out there. We were created about a month ago. We all share a passion for formation flying. We aim to emulate the realism, pride, and precision of the United States Air Force Demonstration Squadron. There have been a couple of Thunderbird Teams in the past, but we hope to stay around here for a while. We currently only have 4 pilots and are hoping to expand and gain that fan base that we are looking for. Our website is completed, but our forums are still getting all of that necessary Thunderbird information to keep this team as realistic as we can get. Any hints and tips are appreciated, and I hope we get good enough to participate in a few shows coming this next season. Now that ground month is over, we can get up in the air and give you all that performance that you can only get from this years FSX Thunderbirds. Our Website Our Facebook Current positions available #3 #4 MO Public Affairs Officer FSX Thunderbird FDS FSXTB#2 Michael "Lite-Brite" Evans
  4. Name: Big Budget Blockbuster (part 1) Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 20 November 2013 - 05:27 PM Submitter: Short Description: None Provided Big Budget Blockbuster Welcome to the film business! We have a series of adventures in store for you, all related to the next Big Budget Blockbuster. First up is a visit to Hawaii where the filming is just wrapping up. In parts 2 and 3 the action is … to be continued! Each add-on mission for FSX includes: Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog Part 1: Welcome to Hawaii! Your old buddy from school, who is now a big shot movie producer, has invited you to Hawaii to check out the set of his latest action movie and to attend the wrap party with the cast and crew. You’re meeting up with him at the film’s makeshift production office at the Lihue Airport on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Today’s early morning flight will take you from Lihue, around the island, through the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, along the Na Pali Coast to the film’s dramatic shooting location, and finally to Princeville Airport for the wrap party. Chris Klein - Vertical Studios View Video
  5. Here's my new movie, I hope that you like it !! Regards
  6. Name: MFiS (part 1) Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 20 November 2013 - 05:51 PM Submitter: Short Description: None Provided Mountain Flying in Switzerland Welcome to beautiful Geneva, Switzerland. Today is a gorgeous day to be taking your first mountain flight in the Swiss Alps. Your round trip will take you over two mountain passes, an airport in the middle of a steep sided canyon and another airport in the heart of the Alps. Each add-on mission for FSX includes: Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog Part 1: Col de Coux This first leg takes you from the grass runway in Geneva up and over a mountain pass named Col de Coux and down to an airport in a canyon. Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery, including incredible views of the snow covered Alps and Lake Geneva, with its world famous jet d’eau. The chief flight instructor from the Aeroclub de Genève will help you navigate and also handle all the radio communications, but it will be up to you to safely arrive at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command! Chris Klein - Vertical Studios View Video
  7. sergantbilko

    FS Global 2010

    Hi there, This is my first post so hope i have done it correctly. I'm fairly new to simming, i have FSX and some of the FTX global products but i'm really stuggling with FS Global 2010. Is there a step by step proceedure anywhere, this is the most difficult product i've come across so far. Many thanks Sergantbilko
  8. Hello Avsim-Community, I am new to the forums and actually quite new to flight siming aswell. I have some questions regarding scenery addons and two specific addon planes. I guess you get those kind of questions a lot but I wanted to hear specific answers on my questions, because all the research I did confuses me, because there are many many oppinions of course - in the end it'll still be up to me though I know So a few months back I installed my FSX again after probably 3 years and really started to get interested into flight siming. I got the PMDG 737NGX for my birthday and quite liked the depth of it. I did both tutorials, but I am struggling to really learn more about the plane. That biggest hinderance for me is the flight planning, it seams to me that you have to get PFPX and Topcat to really plan your flights properly, those tools are expensive though, and I don't know if it's worth it. Aren't there other ways to plan your flight for free. I know of "rfinder" but that doesn't tell you certain things like takeoff data and so on. To summarize my first "topic" so to say: - How did you learn how to fly the PMDG 737NGX? - How do you plan your flights properly? I also realized that I'd enjoy some GA aircrafts aswell (VFR flying), such as the A2A products: Cessna 172 or the new Cherokee 180. I really like there walk arround and "taking care" system. So the first question is: - Would you get the Cessna or the Cherokee from A2A? Coming to my last question. I thought, I'd like a nice scenery to fly a GA aircraft in. I am thinking of a ORBX scenery. I just wanted to here your oppinion about the different regions they offer and which one you'd recommend the most for GA flying. I had an eye on the PNW scenery, but the Australian, New Zealand and also the Northern California scenery are looking very great! My only concern was that ORBX offers payware airports in those regions, so you'd have to spend even more money, or are the airports in the scenery packs modeled better non the less? Okey enough text for now. I hope I posted that in the right section of the forum. Thank you for your help in advance. Greetings, Tim (Voxelfox)
  9. Call me mad (?) but now that I have FSX running sweetly under DX10 I was thinking that it's time to remove FSX from my old 1TB HDD and put it on my brand new 240GB solid state drive! I already have a 60GB SSD for the Windows 7 OS but there's not enough room for FSX on there and would rather keep FSX away from the OS and program file folder/s. As far as I'm aware SSD's are significantly faster than an older HD? It certainly boots my OS much more quickly than previously. Are many of you running FSX from an SSD? Did you see much of an performance improvement? Any tips what/what not to do? Cheers Adam
  10. BIGAL79

    Please HELP sweetfx issue

    Ok I have a gaming rig that can do just about anything. The problem I have is I use sweetfx to adjust the graphics in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and in windowed mode the graphics are perfect. Exactly what I want my simulator to look like. I use a 3 monitor set up. Here's the problem. When I put this is full screen mode the graphics are the same but the fps makes the game unplayable. When I take out the sweetfx files out of fsx directory the full screen works but graphics are obviously default. How can I make fsx with sweetfx work in full screen mode? I've spent hours and hours on forums but no real answers. Please I know someone out there has the answer. Thanks for the replies on this. I'm running 16gb ram gtx670 4gb AMD 8750 8 core trust me it can run anything.
  11. My first attempt at a blog. I had much to talk about so the video runs in two parts at a total time of about 2 hours. My second flight blog talking about the joys of MegaSceneryEarth and a rant about the cursor bug. Run-time about 60 minutes. Of note in these videos is that there are no tricks or gimmicks used to trick the viewer into believing frame rates are something other than what they really are. This was filmed exclusively with FRAPS running and nothing else. There is no video time compression tricks and on FS Recorder post render video. This is raw live FSX at it's best. Enjoy!
  12. 1st post on a forum - should say that I know just enough re: computers to get myself into real trouble, to whit: I have Windows 7 X 64 O/S and have installed FSX gold edition. when I went to install the acceleration disc, window popped up saying "setup failed to initialize". I had Acceleration installed once before, but due to my lack of knowledge managed to corrupt FSX and had to start over. I am trying to "uninstall" acceleration, have gone through the: Control panel/pgms & features\acceleration\uninstall. it did not completely uninstall it. then went through reg.edit\find, and deleted any references to acceleration, or fsx acceleration. that evidently did not do it. When trying to re-install FSX SP2 (it has what I need) I got another window saying that SP2 cannot be installed because "Microsoft Flight Simulator X acceleration is already installed and has SP2 as part of the program. I'm thinking there is a "marker"(?) in the registry, if there is, I do not know how to find it. Could use any and all suggestions. Bests; NickN
  13. Hello there everybody. About Me Glad to have found this place! Just registered so I thought I might as well throw out an introductory thread here. My name is Jan, I'm from Germany, 27 years old. I live in the city of Trier (right in-between Germany and Luxembourg) and have recently received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Currently, the Master program is draining a lot of my time BUT when I do find some free hours I enjoy studying aviation. How I got interested in flying is sorta interesting and unconventional I guess. As a kid, my family and me did a lot of travelling. A *lot* of flying from Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt in the early 90s - mostly to Tenerife, Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands. I was a bit of a nervous flyer as a kid (but what do you expect at 7-12 years old haha). At 14 I travelled from Frankfurt to Costa Rica for vacation, at 16 it was Frankfurt to Bakersfield, CA and, my last flight so far, from Frankfurt to Shanghai (over Dubai with Emirates, best cabin experience ever I have to say, great airline) in 2009. But even though as a kid and teenager I was interested in all things technological (and I distinctly remember drawing a lot of 'blueprints' of my own cabin layouts for 737s as a kid during vacations, impressed by the flight there), I never quite got into aviation. This changed - and the reason for that change was probably as weird as it gets. It was the tragic crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. For some reason I couldn't help but read up on all the details of the incident as soon as they were released. The horrible tragic details, the reasons - as much as we know at this point -, everything hit really close to home for some reason. Maybe it's literally because - in aviation terms - it did hit close to home. After all there's not exactly a lot of serious incidents over Germany and/or with German airlines. Then I looked into other aviation incidents. I stumbled over the docu-tainment series Mayday and soon found myself sitting through entire nights, struggling to go to bed at 5 in the morning after who-knows-how-many hours of watching episodes. As much as I understand that it's dramatized, as many details as they may mess up, I strongly believe the series is well-made and does a great job introducing basic aviation concepts. The unbelievable neglect of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 pilots (looking at a broken landing gear indicator light, not realizing they're hitting terrain) or Aeroflot Flight 593 (children in the cockpit, disabling autopilot, stalling), the incredible events aboard Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (fuselage blown off) or British Airways Flight 5390 (cockpit windshield blown out, pilot semi-ejected) and many other fascinated me and still do to this day. Then FSX:SE went on sale and, even though I'm a poor student, for 5 bucks I couldn't resist. I was lucky enough to have a fellow student, who was equally engaged by aviation (and who had actually actively attempted to become a Lufthansa pilot at age 18-19 before enrolling in the same Computer Science program as me) and we both got FSX. Learning, studying and exchanging what we've learned over Skype or, occasionally, at local bars. It's really, really cool to have someone in real-life, who you can talk to about a passion. I won't forget the evenings and nights that we've spend drinking and talking about new things we found out: how to approach (switching off the autopilot during an ILS landing in a 757 at 2000 ft above terrain and touching down with the flight director was a big challenge), when to retard throttle and flare during a landing, the difference between LNAV and VNAV, level change and vertical speed. There were thousands of intricate little details we discovered through trial-and-error or research and were eager to exchange. One time we even went as far as testing each other on the aviation alphabet at the bar (alpha bravo charlie, not sure what the exact English term actually is haha). Giving hints until we had it memorized. Lots of fun (really)! Anyways, he's already had flight experience at a local small airfield with a flight school. We've decided to get our pilot's licenses when we have jobs and can spare the dough! Questions So, that's the introduction out of the way! In preparation for my personal first actual flying experience I would like to ask a couple very basic question (I love the 172 and the flight school at the airfield does offer flight training in it, so the current plan is to choose that aircraft for learning how to fly): #1: They say: "Don't use trim to fly the plane. Fly the plane and then trim." I understand what that means. Sometimes it's tempting to make any change in nose-height with trim. Obviously that's not the idea. But I'm wondering how pilots 'transition' if you will. Say you're flying at 0deg pitch angle. Now you want to descend and lower the nose to -5deg. You do this with the yoke and not the trim to follow the rule I put above. Now you're holding the yoke at this position and want to trim the aircraft so that it stays in this attitude. Now you'll have to roll the trim wheel up and at the same time, with one hand, let the yoke push back into neutral. Is that really how it's done? Trading yoke input for trim like that? You can really tell that I have zero actual cockpit experience here, it seems very weird in theory. #2: Flying turns Again, with zero actual non-simulator experience, I'm trying to prepare for basic maneuvers in the air when it comes to that (of course you don't get thrown into those situations without preparations from the flight school but I like to do as much work as I can on my own before). When I make a turn in FSX, I think (and keep an eye on) four things at the same time: Bank Angle (don't exceed, don't undershoot, 30-35deg I think it is for standard turn? Not sure at all though?) Vertical speed (the aircraft will tend to lose altitude during a turn, counteract with subtle pull-back on yoke, keep vertical speed at +/-0) Heading (where am I turning? start leveling wings early so as not to overshoot the intended new heading The Ball (stepping on the ball, left rudder for left turns and right for right, keeping the turn coordinated, don't slip) Is that list correct and comprehensive? Are there factors I'm not seeing? Am I trying to keep tabs on too many things at one time? I'd be interested where your eyes are during a turn maneuver. I honestly struggle with all four factors - especially when you're assuming VFR and still try to actually mostly have your eyes on the 'scenery'. Any tricks, tips? Or just practice? And that's it for now. Thanks for answers ahead of time and cheers! (Also, bonus points to anybody who recognizes my username here )
  14. Hi I am a new member to Avsim and look forward to reading all the valuable information in the forums. I have been having a number of problem with FSX which has caused my system to crash with fatal errors for a number of months. Today I found a video on you tube which I think has solved my problem and I would like to share with anyone who is having the same problems as I had. My problem was that I had to do a factory reset due to other problems and when I reloaded FSX certain keys on my keyboard caused a fatal error and took me out back to the desktop. I tried everything to fix the problem but nothing worked until I saw in the video that SP! had to be reloaded before reinstalling FSX. SP2 would be automatically reinstalled when the acceleration expansion pack was reinstalled. I followed these instruction and Bingo everything now works perfect. If anyone else is having this problem I hope this explanation will be of some help
  15. Hey, I am very apprecitative of Pete Dowson's FSUIPC, as it is the lifesaver for many things in FSX/Prepar3d. I only used it for the Joystick support as it helped me (and so many countless fsx/p3d users) to avoid the dreadful joystick disconnects. While I was in the process of updating my P3D optimization doc (old version is on the Prepar3d section), I decided to take a one more look at the joystick issue, and I may have found a very elegant solution. Windows 8 is super fast in desktop mode (with classic shell as start button) and I do like the SSD optimization by default in it. There are some quirks in it, but for the most part everything works great in desktop mode. Anyway long story short - I have not had a Joystick disconnect in P3D (with Orbx/Rex/Opusfsx/Mytraffic 5.4C) for 3 hours (running in full screen windowed triple screen mode). I also decided to install clean FSX for testing. My FSX is running in windowed mode minimized, while I type this post and it was running in full screen mode for 3 hours with zero joystick disconnect earlier on. I am still testing so please stay tuned for further updates, I do not want to raise hopes and expectations. It is still in testing and if everything is successful on my end, I will post instructions with pictures etc on my website (Estimated time: after stock market closes at 4pm EST). My question to you all is - do you want me to install Windows 8.1 and confirm on it too? I am just suprised that Microsoft released it few days early for MSDN/Technet subscribers. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. Skywolf
  16. madddawg44

    Help please

    Where can I get a program that will help me change some of my AI aircraft (air file) from normal to AI. I've looked through here but cannot seem to remember the program and where I can find it.
  17. After months of flying FSX, I started to miss my FS9 Avenger so last week I installed my Avenger and 45 repaints into FSX. Beautiful, just beautiful. I didn't realize how much I missed the ol' turkey. The only thing I would add would be some camera views, primarily for the external views. So I was wondering if anyone has created any?? Thanks --WH
  18. Hi After many years without FSX I thought I was ready to come back?? things change very fast these days and I did not give the make of my GPU much thought .I had read that ATI was not recomended for FSX win7 64 Bit So this silly old fella bought :excl: AMD :blush: and I think I am paying the Price Should I sell it and get a nVidia and loose 250pounds or is there now a way ATI will work with FSX.The real problem is on landing be it over a UK airport or on a lake in the centre of Australia the grafics go haywire and I loose all sight outside the cockpit just big flashes of coloured blocks and streaks. I have just read as far as graphic cards here THE FSX COMPUTER SYSTEM: THE BIBLE - BY: NickN Please Help me decide. Should I sell my AMD GPU and buy a new nVida one Or is it posible to get the ATI one to work with FSX. My full spec is in my Profile But at my age now I dont think I have time left to try to sort it out myself, Before the GrimReaper becomes my Co Pilot. Regards Rex
  19. I'm coming to present you my problem with FSX these last days which causes me some headaches... This happen with all my addons and only in Virtual Cockpit. Here we go: When the weather is good (no fog): Everything is OK. When the weather is bad (with fog): Everything goes wrong. If anyone has a solution.... Bruno.
  20. Hi to all I am a new comer to the forum and really need some help I am also new to running PMDG 737ngx I am really bowled over by to me this wonderful product every thing was running fine until early today when my curser just stopped doing anything it would not work anything on any of my PMDG aircraft but is fine on all the FSX aircraft also I seemed to have lost the ability to drag & drop if there is any one with any sort of help or advice I will be most grateful many thanks for reading this post lonewlf45
  21. Hi guys, so I recently bought a new pc for maxing out graphics on fsx. Some of my PC specs are: Intel Core i7 4790k at 4.6GHZ cooled by a Corsair H100i EVGA Superclocked GTX 770 It is more than capable of producing ultra graphics, however it isn't. I have REX 4 with all of the textures at 4096, I am running Orbx Global and Vector, FTX England, REX essentials Plus Overdrive and Aerosoft airports. It is running very smoothly however, it looks nothing like the ones on YouTube. The water and the clouds don't seem to HD even though they are on max settings. Some of the videos on Youtube have been produced by computers with slower CPUs and graphics cards and they still look better than mine. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Josh.
  22. Bonjour, I looking for an addon or scenery (FSX) which most reliable for VFR flying in Québec (Canada). In the other words I need an addon or scenery which is most relative for VFR navigation chart. It means that FSX should include at least all objects according VFR charts. Recently I tested Flight1 - Ultimate Terrain X: Canada (Scene) in general it is OK, according lakes, rivers it great. But surprisely, for example, during flight I didn't find wind farm fields according my waypoints. Also in comparing with Google earth the Ultimate Terrain X somethimes includes an small villages, objects (homes, buildings). In some cases the Ultimate Terrain has not big objects like bid schools with several baseball, soccer, football fields. May be I need to add something to Ultimate Terrain? Any suggestions are wellcome!
  23. lonewolf45

    PMDG aircraft

    Hi can anyone advice me as to what to do ? I have the PMDG 737 600 through to the 900 and all was well until my desktop had a really bad day I thought that I had sorted everything out but now when I am running FSX or though the PMDG aircraft seem to be in the flight sim aircraft file they don't show up in the list of aircraft in the choice of aircraft when you want to change from say the default 737 to the PMDG 737ng they just don't show up in the list . can some one please tell me what I have done wrong or messed up my most sincere thanks to all who read my post and even more to those that try to help me many thanks
  24. I need to get another copy of TileProxy. But the only place I can find to download it is at But the site does not work. Any other place to get it? Thanks for your help.