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Found 833 results

  1. Hi guys. I am new in forum and i am sorry for my bad language... This plug-in worked well for 8-9 months, but I started getting this error last week. I have PMDG 737NGX but when i tried to start this program im getting this error "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this program." So what i did? I did 4-5 times reinstall PMDG 737NGX but nothing happened. Then i found another advise which installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64), i did too but nothing happened again. What else? What can i do to solve this problem? Thank you for your help.
  2. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Hi, don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I own FSX Photographic Scenery Generation X by Horizon Vol. 8 Scotland South, Have just tried to re install but disc 2 is slightly damaged and will not install, as there is no support at Horizon or Playsims anymore would anyone know who I can contact to get a copy of disc 2, can anyone advise please?. Regards Pathfinderlad
  3. Dear Gentlemen, my name is Marco and i m new one,i have 200 hours on FSX read some books and use FSX just for fun. So please when u write to me use easy words. My issued: I ve got 747 pmdg and if i start by "cold and dark" config i m not able to set ele trim but i m able to set it if i use "default set" on fmc. Does anybody have same problems or anybody can explain me how trim elevator works. I need your help, Br, M
  4. Hi All, My name is Jon Budworth and I work as a pilot flying a Jetstream 41. I have always used FSX to practice new procedures and instrument work. I am currently flying the excellent Jetstream 41 sim from PMDG, it's very realistic! However, I've come across what appears to be a glitch and wondered if anyone could help. When flying to Stornoway from East to West the DME drops out when approx 15 miles from the airport. Has anyone had this problem and if so is there a fix? Yours in hope, Jon.
  5. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Greetings AVSIM: I am new to the forum. I am relatively new to being a flight simmer online in the "virtual" world. I am not new at all to aviation, in fact I am getting to be an old dog. I am a Captain Instructor Pilot and FAA Examiner for a major aircraft manufacturer currently. I hold type ratings on the B747-400, B747-8, B787, B757, B767, A320, and SD3. I have over 26,000 hours split between flying and teaching/checking in Level C/D simulators. I use FSX-SE and, not surprisingly, I am drawn to the airline type simulators. I have the PMDG 777 and the iFly 747-400. Looking forward to getting the PMDG 747-400 now that it is out and the -8 when that releases. I am looking forward to making a VATSIM flight now that I am a VATSIM member. Flying these airliners is not much different than the real thing believe it or not. I am also looking forward to contributing to the flight simulation community by providing informal guidance on flying the big birds. I have a website that does just that in its early stages. Anyhow, thanks for letting me poke around the hangar like I used to do when I was a kid...
  6. fsx/fsx-se?

    Hi all! My name is Connor from the United States. I've owned MSFS for many years but just recently really started getting into flight simming as a legitimate hobby. I am not a real-world pilot and most likely never will be. I am a high school band director and private music instructor as my main trade. I've always been fascinated by both trains and airplanes. When I was a kid I built model railroads with my grandpa. Eventually I want to have the space to build my own layout, but until then flight simming is a venture that will actually fit in my apartment, haha. My main focus is simming realistic passenger airline operations. I recently bought the PMDG 737NGX package along with ProATC-X, GSX, and FS2Crew. I am currently in the process of getting set up to fly with Southwest Virtual Airlines, primarily flying out of my hometown of Denver. I've been happily married for a year and a half now and my lovely wife is supportive of my hobby (there's a lot worse things you could be doing, she tells me). Looking forward to being a part of the community!
  7. Hey everyone, I believe I have solved the joystick woes with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I have done 2 days of stress testing FSX and P3D with multiple installs of the program and OS, and I haven't had a disconnect yet. Before I go further - I want to give my thanks to certain individuals who have helped me and inspired me to solve this joystick annoyance. 1) Word Not Allowed for having his awesome guides 2) AVSIM's staff/team for creating the amazing Hardware/Software Guide to FSX/P3D 3) Peter Dowson's FSUIPC utility (it got me through the periods when no joystick fix was avialable) 4) Orbx Team - Thank you Global and your Tips and Tricks Forum section 5) NickN's - FSX Computer System Guide 6) Ranak Jones of "Rogue's Guide to Acquisition: Principles of Final Frontier" for sending me a spare XFX 6970 for my system and pointing me to Windows 8 Registry to search for USB Device GUIDs potential errors 7) Microsoft MSDN for having Windows 8.1 Pro for testing/evaluation purposes only. 8) LM Prepar3d Developer Network Testing: 1) FullScreen FSX in Eyefinity Mode (5760x1200) for 3 hours+ 2) Windowed FSX in triple screen mode and 1920x1200 for 4 hours+ 3) Multiple active windows on top of FSX Windowed in background for 4 hours+ 4) Testing was done with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports FSX testing was in Win 8.1 and 8, and P3D 1.4 was in Win 8. My System Cpu: i5-750 (intel 1156 cpu) overclocked to 4.1Ghz Memory: 8GB DDR3 Storage: 1xSamsung 830 SSD at Sata III (Main drive), Intel 80GB SSD at Sata II speeds, 1 TB hitachi mechanical HDD at sata II <- all connected to PCIEx4 Sata III controller) Motherboard: MSI Fuzion p55A - has native usb 2.0 and Renesas USB 3.0 controller Video: New XFX 6970 2GB with latest ATI drivers OS - Windows 8 Pro Clean install / Windows 8.1 Clean Install Joystick: Thurstmaster Hotas X Windows 8 Solution - (FSX / Prepar3d 1.4) 1) Make sure power management features are off or set to high 2) Most important setting is USB Selective Suspend Setting is Disabled (we all knew this) Honestly, that setting does not disable USB selective suspend in Windows 8 (this is for Windows 8 only), like it promises. The power management on USB devices is set to Selective Suspend Please see your HID Devices, USB Input Device and USB Root Hub Devices - They are STILL set to Suspend. You have to turn OFF the manual power savings one by one to all USB Devices/Compositive Devices and the all the USB Root Hubs (this is v.important). If it says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and is checked then please UNCHECK it For example like this This was discovered when I was searching for Joystick UID's in Windows 8 based on Ranak's suggestion. This is where stuff gets weird for both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I am no registry expert, but GUID's for my joystick is half correct and half backwards as compared to one listed in FSUIPC's ini file See Pic - Windows Registry And my Joystick GUID in FSUIPC So for some reason half of the GUID is backwards in Registry - I do not know if that is normal or not but that led me to search all the usb devices/ports in Device Manager. Here I found all the power saving features were somehow enabled when Windows Power Management is explicitly set to disable. Recap So for Windows 8 Pro ONLY - Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and make sure Windows Power management also has Selective Suspend set to Disabled. Prepar3d 1.4 - Please have JOYSTICKS=1 in [CONTROLS] in P3D.cfg (more on this later) Windows 8.1 Pro (RTM Version) - FSX TEST No joystick disconnects with 1 Setting change Only - Joystick works in Windows 8.1 Pro I am seeing that all devices still have the USB Power Management check in windows 8.1 but in FSX with PNW, and Bowerman addon, Carenado B200 - Joystick did not disconnect. The only crash I got was from latest FSUIPC 4.92. If in Windows 8.1 you have joystick disconnects, then just turn off all those power management features as listed in for Windows 8. Miscellaneous Info FSUIPC I have it installed but it Zero Joystick Configuration in all tests. I hope this helps everyone - as Windows 8.1 Pro definitely works fantastic with no joysticks issues so far. And Windows 8 works with all power management features individually turned off in all those sections listed. Have a great day, Skywolf
  8. fsx/fsx-se?

    Hello all, been lurking for a couple days now and decided to register. I have played Flight Sims off an on for most since the 386 days but took a long time off and only recently picked it back up. Working off a copy of FSX:SE with a few of the DLCs but nothing crazy. I had purchased it a year ago for my Father-in-Law since he has a Real Cessna 150 and we got it for him for when he couldn't go out flying that day due to reasons. Recently installed it on my system at home because my 2year old loves to crawl into my lap while I'm playing other video games and the wife doesn't like it when I play violent FPS games with my daughter in my lap She is showing a real liking towards aircraft and is constantly telling me to "crash into the water!" Hey, she's two... After installing the game and starting to have more fun with it I wanted to see what stuff I could get for it and about lost my mind after a 5 minute Google search. Which lead me here as well as elsewhere on the internet. I will apologize in advance, I will have a lot of questions which may seem common sense for those of you have been here for years. First question - Do I stick with FSX:SE? This question I understand will bring out some bias, so a good quick pro/con of the various products (P3d, DTG, XP, FSX) would be good. My goal is to have a stunning but flyable simulator (The thought of OOMs scare me, because as someone who has been around computers my entire life, am an avid video gamer, and work in IT; this VAS issue just seems like something that should have been long resolved, about 15 years ago.), I enjoy taking off from one of the major US Int'l airports and flying to another one (LAX to ORD, DFW to KLGA, etc.). I would also like to do some US to Europe flights. Love the airliners, military aircraft are only fun in a multiplayer fly-shoot-kill. Current Hardware is: Core i7-2600K OC to 4+GHz 16GB RAM GeForce GTX780TI WD 500GB HDD Corsair H80 CPU cooler 23" Monitor Xbox One controller At some point Ill start collecting real aviation controls and will ask for feedback on what I should get. BTW, where I work, we have multiple Quantum3d IDX's, though we are converting them to Quantum Mantis. So I get to play with the big Flight Sims at work -Gavenger
  9. fsx/fsx-se?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I recently picked FSX again from steam. Previously I owned the boxed edition of FSX back when my computer didn't have enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding. How times have changed. Firing up FSX on my fairly newish computer gave me a pleasant surprise with decent frame rates achieved. No more chugging along at 10 fps, lol. Anyhow I am from the North Island of New Zealand so I think one of the first addons I will consider will be ORBX NI NZ - I have viewed a few youtube videos and it looks superb. I have always had an interest in aviation history and also used to do a bit of tinkering with RC helicopters and planes so I am definitely looking forward to getting back into flight simming. No doubt I will learn a lot from the members of Avsim, it looks like a great community. The upcoming development in flight simming looks fresh and exciting too with X-Plane 11 imminent and DG Flight Simulator on the horizon. Also note with interest that there are a number of other flight and air combat sims available now so does anyone have any recommendations outside of FSX and X-Plane keeping in mind my interest in aviation history. Regards to all Phil
  10. fsx/fsx-se?

    Hello all I need help! I currently have FSX X and when I go to my external views there is no aircraft showing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Andy Daigneault
  11. Greetings comrades, I have just downloaded FS2crew FO Global voice, NGX Reboot. I installed it, ran fsx in the 737-No first officer! Uninstalled it, downloaded it again re-installed it, still stony silence. Am I stupid or is there a bug? Warm Regards Bill MacLeod
  12. Hey people Since I 'm new here , I place myself in front for now. My name is Tristan and I 'm a big fan FSX and Boeing . I am Boeing models 747 and 737 fly for years on because they have taken me from the beginning in the spell. Through save a lot of free time and flexi amount invested 've even managed to earn a private pilot license PPL ( A). Now I am once at this forum account ( ask me why I nich degree long ago could have done ) to my and your share experiences with each other. This is definitely something where ye before you can create an impression and perhaps I could also already be a help to one or other of my youtube videos. Here are before 2: IFly 747-400 Cold and Dark Flight + Start and ILS landing PMDG 737-800 ILS Flight Frankfurt -Hahn ( EDFH ) to Brussels ( EBBR ) Then I 'm curious on your feet back Enjoy the show
  13. fsx/fsx-se?

    Hi all, Can anyone help please. I'm looking to change colours within the default A321 VC. The Display background to black and the autopilot numbers to orange, I have seen this before and can't get a hold of one, it looks really good and just like the real thing. Many Thanks MB
  14. Hi Guys, I recently bought the PMDG 737 and after playing with it for a few days, I got this problem. I wanted to fly from OTHH( Hamad International Airport, Doha, I use TAXI2GATE scenery ) to OMDB ( Dubai International Airport, Dubai, I use FlyTampa scenery ), I tried entering in OTHH into the pos init page, but the plane says 'Not in database', so I then googled and found out that I need to update the planes nav data and downloaded navaids (navaids link: ) and updated all regions. But, still after doing this it didn't work, it still says 'Not in database'. Please help me in this, thank you for your help.
  15. Hi Guys, How do I change my eyepoint in the PMDG 737 ( I am using FSX:steam edition ). Thank you for your help.
  16. Hi Guys, I recently bought the PMDG 737 NGX base pack after a lot of research. My first flight went perfectly fine ( my learning flight ), during my second flight( always load in long panel state ), I went to the external view and came back to the virtual cockpit view, I couldn't press any buttons, the buttons did not respond to my mouse clicks. I don't use any add-on camera software ( EZ dok...,etc ), I tried re-running the Simconnect.msi Programmes ( but still nothing worked ). This happens in the default PMDG liveries too and also my add-on liveries too. Please help me in this, I have waited so Long to fly the beautiful PMDG 737, thank you for your help:)
  17. This an issue that has been explored before but a long time ago and with no solution, ie... So, I'm using FSX SE and have the same issue in every plane. When going above about 22,000 feet using autopilot, and using any acceleration above 4X, the plane begins to violently go up and down a few thousand feet. I thought it could be the acceleration pack that steam edition comes with but I have the disk version with acceleration and have never had this problem. I'm hoping there's a simple solution solution to the nagging issue because it makes full flights impossible because of time restrictions. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello All, I've just encountered a problem with the view hotkeys in FSX after installing the Aerosoft A320 family. The F9-F11 keys no longer switch the views in other aircraft. The only functioning view hotkey is F12. I've already tried changing the key assignments in the controls tab in the settings but that did not seem to work. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?
  19. I recently installed the Flight Sim Labs Concorde X. Installation went super smoothly and I had no problems with fsx itselfs. I loaded up the plane and saw about 1-1.5 seconds of the cockpit and then FSX crashed to the desktop. I have installed CIVA INS as everyone says but I'm still getting the same issue. Can anyone help?
  20. Hello all, I've seen some FSX screenshots floating around and they have all been really nice screenshots (nice graphics, nice scenery and high resolution) (Examples: and was wondering if anyone could inform me on what they use. I have tried both the inbuilt screenshots inside FSX and free version of Fraps (can't get full version because of online credit card restrictions) so am restricted to BMP on that account. Could someone please give me a hand on this topic by recommending a application that is free or ($20 NZD or less) and will take high resolution screenshots or recommend some setting changes. Thanks in advance, Corey
  21. I had to reinstall FX Steam from the discs. Can't get a 172 with Garmin panel it shows up in sim objects airplane list , but not in the "select aircraft " inventory. HELP !
  22. Hey Guys ! So I downloaded Vox Atc for Fsx to make my experience more realistic. After starting up a flight plan and clicking the enable button in the vox atc panel, it gives me 6.52 initializing and i can here the AI voice say '' Test, test, test''. After this it stays at 6.52 initializing and never starts up. ive followed all the instructions in the user manual. I also have an issue with turning off default atc in fsx that may cause the problem with vox atc. whenever I uncheck the '' Show atc text'' and leave the page to another, such as free flight or missions, it rechecks itself automatically. Can anyone relate or please help me on this issue. Much Appreciated guys thanks !!
  23. I have a new issue after uninstalling Squakbox. I used CCleaner to uninstall Squakbox and when I re started FSX I got a message that I've never seen before... "Scenery area .115 missing". I checked the scenery.cfg file and area .115 is the default FSX Reno. I don't fly into Reno often but I would like it to fix this problem. Any ideas? Thanks!
  24. Hats Off to Linda!The finest add on since FSUIPC! If you have a set of controllers with mulitple buttons (Joysticks, Throttles, Etc) you want to TRY OUT LINDA!It's the best! Why? Simple to set up and use, easy to debug (if needed) and GREAT online support!My Thrustmaster Hotas is 2x as good because LINDA offers Assignable SHIFT controls, local and entire device. So I can "Shift" the buttons just on my Throttle and the ones on the Joystick are left undisturbed. Thus the 22 buttons on the throttle become 44.In my case I use the shifted throttle buttons to kill Engines 1 and 2 on my 737NGX. Thus I cannot 'accidentally' kill an engine while in flight!It's great to be able to assign toggle switches to put the HUGS up and down, and I use the grey slide lever on the right side of throttle plate to control the PMDG Flaps - works a treat. Other buttons allow quick set of CRSE, ALT and HEADING. Landing Lights (Main) Landing Lights (Taxi) Landing Lights (Runway Turnoff) are all on separate switches on the throttle console. Parking brake, Altimeter reset, Spoilers, and so on.What does this mean to you?The TM HOTAS Warthog can provide a level of immersion that is several notches above the plain vanilla controllers on the market, and at a lot lower price point than the upper-end hardware from PFC and GoFlight.I highly recommend you try LINDA. I am going to donate to them!
  25. Hello Bryan, don't know if you remember or not but I had a problem with RAAS crashing FSX on start up with the Aerosoft Bus. I fixed that by installing your stand alone locked version for the bus from your product page. This worked for a few weeks then happened again. I gave up trying to fix it. I bought and installed the PMDG777 last night. Had two successful flights in the 777 with RAAS locked version working great. Third flight and boom FSX has stopped working and needs to close, this happens at startup. I restarted FSX and am given an option to run the RAASpro module again but the only way I can get FSX to open is by not loading the module or FSX doesn't boot. All audio drivers are up to date which was a suggestion when it happened with the bus. FSX is on a separate drive outside program files, user account control is off and all installers and stuff run as admin. I have Microsoft Security Essentials but FSX foder is excluded from scanning and real time protection. This issue has annoyed me for months with the bus and now its hitting the 777 I really want to get to the bottom of it. I`m wondering if RAAS runs as a process is MSE is shutting it down? There is nothing quarantined or in the detected items. Yours faithfully Douglas Reid (Doogie)