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Found 110 results

  1. So I just finished making a Royal Air Philippines A320 livery for FSX, but there's one problem. While I'm done at almost everything, all I need to do is to paint the winglets in the wing texture. But the psd file has just 2 layers, the whole wing and the wireframe. You see, the details of the wings and the background of it supposed to be seperated, just like the master fuselage paint kit, but it isn't. Instead, the detail of the winglets and the background is just in a single layer. So I need anyone to find a A320 Paint Kit with the details of the winglets and the white paint in the winglets seperated. I'm sorry if my english and grammar is bad. Thanks!!
  2. So I'm almost finished making my livery for Saudia Retro B777 for POSKY B777, but there's a problem I kept seeing when making a livery. Why is the livery always blurry depending on your camera view? Like in the left/right side it's normal, but in the front/back it looks very blurry. Can anyone give me tips or what to do to make it not that blurry? I wish I could put the comparison image from my folder, but this forum only takes images from URL. I used paint.net to paint the planes, used DXTBMP to make it work in the game (I always put it DXT5) and I downloaded the paint kit from the official project opensky archive via wayback machine
  3. Does anyone know any program similar to the AivlaSoft EFB v2 that show you the airport charts that is taken directly from the Flight Simulator airport files. AivlaSoft EFB v2 is to complex and heavy but I just simply want to view the airport layout and taxiways. I know Navipragh does provide one but it is based on scanned or real world charts from Jeppesen charts. Thank you guys
  4. Not sure if Hong Kong Airlines cargo actually visit East Midlands, but it could happen and the a330 freighter certainly has the non-stop range, if only with about 25 metric tons or so. I rather like UK2000's products, they do seem rather fps friendly. When one of the configuration options is choosing to add 4000 cars or not, it shows the developer has thought about such things! Ratcliffe power station at work! I'll circle over those cylindrical chemtrail dispensers until the intake fed collector tanks are full enough for me to spread the chemtrails over the eastern half of England... Ahem. Enjoy.
  5. Hi Steve, Here's a screenshot - I believe the effect is subtle but can be seen underneath the Cessna, near the end of Manchester's runway using VFR Real scenery and the free EGCC version from UK2000. I have not tuned the addon yet. It certainly doesn't appear to harm my FSX (thank you!). I do have the METAR option ticked as I usually fly around with FSOpen Clouds enabled which injects current METARS into stock FSX (it doesn't alter any cloud shaders). However, seeing as Manchester is currently overcast I decided to use the default building storms option to get some strong clouds. Not quite the result I expected Any tips please, just so I can see a better display on my system? Summer with fair weather perhaps? Darken the intensity setting? I did note that VC cockpit shadows did disappear if there was no direct sunlight through the cockpit windows - the VC just became a little darker which suggests to me that the addon is indeed working as advertised. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have searched the forum/google and found that many people having problem displaying ground lights(taxi,landing,runway lights) when using PMDG aircrafts. I want to open a topic to discuss about it, since it probably not an issue with the aircraft because it does show...sometimes. At some airports all the lights show normally inside and outside (PACSIM Taipei), some airports it only show runway and landing lights but not taxi light (Flightbeam KSFO), and others does not show at all (Flytampa EHAM-totally dark in and outside of the aircraft). It happens to me like that. I'm using FSX:SE with DX10Fixers,preview DX10. I install FSLabs spotlight software to use their A320X so it should not affect other aircrafts? Using the default spotlight.bmp (I do not have REX and have not touch it since day 1 so I think it is still default) People seems to have solved it in different ways, I tried them all but fail to make it works. Anybody having the same issue? Hoang Le
  7. Sorry if the question's been brought up before, my search-fu is not strong & didn't appear to give me the answer. So, single monitor setup, no additional screens to run. If I was to stick another GTX960 in my PC (the MB supports two gfx cards) would FSX notice the benefit? Would it just be bragging rights to me? Would it make FSX worse? FYI the card would be FREE. :wink: i7 950 CPU at 3GHz 24Gb RAM 2Gb GTX 960 Win7 64bit Ultimate. Cheers.
  8. To date I haven't used any real VATSIM people or any addon ATC packages for FSX:SE so I bumble along using the default ATC which as we all know has limitations I do inject real world METARs via FSOpen Clouds though, but the sim usually integrates that in quite well - ATIS gives an appropriate runway use based on the wind. I was flying back from Chambery to Leeds Bradford (Freemium 757). The weather was foggy over parts of England. ATC told me to expect vectors for visual RWY14. OK fair enough, it might be clear When I got the last vector telling me how far I was from the airport and to report runway in sight.... there was just a blanket of fog around and below me.. When reporting runway not in site, all the scripted ATC did was to re-iterate my position in relation to the airport. When I opted to select another approach, the only other option I got from the ATC menu were Visual approaches to the disused 9/27 runways. (closed in 2005 I believe). No ILS for 14 or 32 were given. The only other option was to generate an IFR plan to another destination. Perhaps the program doesn't take account of the enhanced fog generated by FSOpen Clouds to combat the stock fog appearing out of nowhere? I declared missed, got vectored back around and let the ILS do its job - I lied to ATC, said I could see the runway and carried on the approach...the runway appeared out of the murk much nearer to the minimums It seems ILS is not always a valid option in sim as far as ATC is concerned when it thinks the airport is visible for miles. No one said the ILS was inoperative that day.... All good sim fun!
  9. This trip was loosely (very loosely!) based on a report of an EMERCOM IL-76 mission. The plane delivered 40 tons of supplies to Simferopol (I believe the max.payload is 100000 lb - 50 tons). The return trip flew 52 refugees to Voronezh. http://www.airmedandrescue.com/story/russia-flies-ukrainian-refugees876 This is the return trip. The tough transport plane is ready. Waiting for passengers. Taxying out. Getting her cleaned up. Goodbye Simferopol (need to get FTX Vectors or something to sort out airfield elevations! :( ) Approaching the Sea of Azov. Descending towards Voronezh. Visual for RWY12. A little high... however, we'll soon sort that out.... Told you we'd sort it! Not too many screams; not that many windows in the back! :Shame On You: Perfect 3-point landing! ON THE NOSE GEAR!! Everybody out. Preliminary inspection of the nose gear indicates it is fine. It's Russian. It can go off road. Not a problem! Thanks for viewing.
  10. It's good to fly the Avanti IMHO. even better when sometimes the stock FSX clouds as tweaked with fsopen clouds look great (OK, no REX etc. etc. but still...) Nasty weather about 2 o'clock... low, high, just everywhere really. Sunset over the Isle of Lewis (vectored for visual approach to RWY18, Stornoway) Thanks for viewing.
  11. Decided to take my favourite exec turbo twin from La Palma to Lanzarote. Cleared for taxi Off we go Climb condition set on the autopilot Tenerife Gran Canaria Passing over Las Palmas and the port (Global Ships in effect!) Passing Fuerteventura Descending towards Lanzarote Visual approach for 03 Touchdown Shutdown! Thanks for viewing!
  12. Finally returning to her country of origin, Odin's handmaiden prepares to flex her mighty wings. An early start from Rio. 6 turning & burning. Goodbye Rio De Janeiro. Thanks for the hospitality. There's a large ship below the murk. Early morning sun Flying over MMFJ (miles & miles of f.... jungle) Hello Venezuela! Bye bye South America Hello Cuba! Don't worry Pres. Castro. Nothing to see here! Imagine back in the day an XB-70 over Cuba - Fidel would have had kittens! Descending to Florida Down, dirty & (relatively!) slow over MM... well, you get the picture. Getting vectored around somewhere over the Everglades. On approach to KMIA rwy 12 Down... & down. Another great white bird, although she is known as the Queen of the Skies. Shutdown. Thanks for viewing.
  13. One of the guys at the glider club who's also a flightsimmer suggested I try flying to Chambery then taking the little WT9 Dynamic to Courchevel. So..here goes. I only have the default 737 and A321, but I do like the 757 & have the Freemium version so my decision was made. I took off from my local - Manchester mid-morning. Out over the Channel Not much to see on the short trip, but then the stock ATC told me to expect a visual approach for RWY 36 !! Interesting... there's quite a bit of terrain coming in from that direction. In reality I believe that approaches are made initially to RWY 18 then broken off with a circling approach to RWY 36. Typical FSX ATC vectored me more or less straight in over the mountains!! However, the ATC did not vector me into the side of a mountain.. LFLB is about 30 degrees off to port. Capt. Speaking:, "Ah, Hoskins, this reminds me of my RAF days!", "Hoskins?? Are you alright man?", "Calm down and let the pax know we'll be landing VERY SOON, there's a good chap!" Easy does it. Trees may need a little pruning.. Down she goes. You have control Hoskins.. A nice day for it! Thanks for viewing.
  14. Hello fellow flight fans, Firstly, I'm new around here, and please let me know if I am in breach of any rules which I may have missed. Also, I do apologise if this is the wrong section. Now, I recently bought FSX on Steam to re-ignite my love of aviation, but I have ran into a problem. I've installed a few freeware mods, and installed the REX 4 DLC. I also have a joystick set up, with drivers installed. However, after about a week since purchase/12 hours of gameplay, I can now longer start up a flight. I can start FSX, use the menu and what not, but as soon as I start a flight I incur a CTD, and a beefy 'fatal issue' message. Can I note that I'd been running the game in the exact same state, nothing changed for the last couple of days, not installing anything. I have also updated a lot of my drivers. After searching through a few things, it revealed that the kernelbase.dll file was to blame. However, after trying multiple different fixes, including the UIAutomationCore.dll fix, and the AMD Gaming Evolved fix, I am left at square one. I'd like to try avoiding a complete re-install, as that would be painstaking, but I'll do whatever it takes. On a final note, I've run a Windows install check, and it revealed no issues, so it shouldn't be an issue with the OS itself. Thankyou in advance for your time and assistance, -Jacob Specs are as follows: i7 4790 3.4GHz AMD R9 380 4GB 16GB RAM (Samsung) 512GB Samsung 850 Pro (for OS and Steam itself) 2TB HDD (for Steam games, notably FSX)
  15. Hello! My wheel on the ground is not working since I cannot turn at all. Weard thing is that my rudder is workin. Aircraft effected are those that were bought, namely Lear 36a and freeware C47 (the awesome one ofc!). No issues with default aircraft. This issue affects FSX as well.
  16. Yes, they do go there (including a DASH 7 at least once), but maybe not THIS type of twin turboprop. I don't think it could in real life: I've just spent the last hour "flight testing" Mario Noriega's work of art. I had thought to fly INTO Courchevel in an Avanti - a bit more impressive than a WT9- Dynamic. However, I thought I'd see if you can actually get OUT of LFLJ. Makes sense. No point going there if unable to take off again (unless it was an absolute dire emergency!) The solution I arrived at was only 4 pax. not 6. 100lb of cargo, not 300+ (I think the stock amount is 357lb). 10% fuel load, about half the available up trim and full flap. Despite the short run to the steep slope, I still had to push full forward on the stick to lessen the ballooning effect as the runway drops away. Without that you end up stalling and smashing the nose gear into the floor. Oh, and trying to rotate whilst still on the tarmac results in a tail strike once you get to the end of the runway. On to the technique: Once the aircraft has made contact with the runway and is now barrelling down the slope, stick neutral and let her get to the end of the tarmac. Once the wheels have left the runway, pull hard back on the stick and get the nose up (about 20 degrees) to alleviate the sink. I didn't get a stall warning whereas trying out other methods, she did stall. It does the job of missing the trees so you can relax the back pressure on the stick and clean her up as she starts climbing. The Avanti still falls off the end of the runway, but she's doing just about 100 knots, the up trim has just begun to take effect and she still makes it over the trees at the end (hope they don't grow another few feet!). So, a highly dangerous not to mention quite unrealistic, departure, but still with a useable load to fly to Chambery for instance. Should be even less of a problem with just the pilot to fly her out of there. Anyhow it kept me quiet and out of mischief for a bit - sometimes that's why we sim I guess! Sorry I don't know how to make a video, but feel free to discuss. Could the real thing do this and do it safely?
  17. So I finally overclocked my CPU, and still, my frames are still quite low. Especially with addon airports and high-end addons like PMDG. In the VC of PMDG aircraft I'm getting 17 to 20 FPS. Outside it's more like 20 to 40. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I used NVIDIA inspector, i use Steve's DX10 fixer, and I've applied the standard FPS-increasing tweaks to my CFG file. I don't know what to do. Please help! :( SPECS: i7-7700k OC'ed to 5.0GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC'ed via MSI Afterburner 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM 80GB HDD + 1TB External HDD (My FSX drive) My FSX.cfg: [LANGUAGE] DLL=E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\language.dll [GRAPHICS] SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693751040 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693751040 D3D10=1 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=1 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=1 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 Text_Scroll=1 HIGHMEMFIX=1 ForceFullScreenVSync=1 ForceWindowedVSync=1 MultiSamplesPerPixel=4 MultiSampleQuality=8 [SOUND] AmbientUIMusicVolume=-6.000000 PrimaryDevice={DEF00000-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} VoiceDevice={DEF00002-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} SOUND=1 SOUND_QUALITY=2 SOUND_LOD=1 UISound=1 AmbientUI=1 SOUND_FADER1=0.000000 SOUND_FADER2=0.500000 SOUND_FADER3=0.800000 SOUND_FADER4=0.000010 AmbientUIMusic=FSX01 [Display] ChangeTime=4.000000 TransitionTime=4.000000 ActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 ActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=0,28,140,64 NonActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 NonActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=24,33,87,64 InfoUpperRightTextColor=255,0,0 InfoUpperRightBackGroundColor=0,0,0,0 InfoLowerLeftTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerLeftBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoLowerRightTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerRightBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoBrakesEnable=True InfoParkingBrakesEnable=True InfoPauseEnable=True InfoSlewEnable=True InfoStallEnable=True InfoOverspeedEnable=False BLOOM_EFFECTS=0 SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=65 WideViewAspect=False TextureMaxLoad=27 [Main] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc ProcSpeed=6675 PerfBucket=7 HideMenuNormal=0 HideMenuFullscreen=0 Maximized=2 Location=280,39,1320,818,\\.\DISPLAY1 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 SimObjectPaths.6=E:\Addon Manager\Simobjects\Misc [PANELS] IMAGE_QUALITY=1 DEFAULT_VIEW=0 QUICKTIPS=1 PANEL_OPACITY=100 PANEL_MASKING=1 PANEL_STRETCHING=1 UNITS_OF_MEASURE=0 [Weather] WindshieldPrecipitationEffects=1 MinGustTime=10 MaxGustTime=500 MinGustRampSpeed=1 MaxGustRampSpeed=200 MinVarTime=5 MaxVarTime=50 MinVarRampSpeed=10 MaxVarRampSpeed=75 TurbulenceScale=1.000000 WeatherServerAddress=fs2k.zone.com WeatherServerPort=80 WeatherGraphDataInDialog=0 AdjustForMagVarInDialog=1 DynamicWeather=0 DownloadWindsAloft=0 DisableTurbulence=0 CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=8 DETAILED_CLOUDS=1 CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 THERMAL_VISUALS=0 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.0] Mode=1024x768x32 AntiAlias=1 [AccelerationPack] ControlsFirstRun=0 HomePageFirstRun=0 [CONTROLS] Controls_Default=Standard Controls_Current=Standard JOYSTICKS=1 KBDAIL=64 KBDELEV=64 KBDRUD=64 [TextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 GForce=1,3 FuelPercentage=1,4 [TextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 GForce=2,3 FuelPercentage=2,4 [SlewTextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 [SlewTextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 [SlewTextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 [Trusted] E:\Addon Manager\couatl\couatl.exe.wbretqonlzkuhzterwzahheibhwtlakzabzkuwuo=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe.zrbqcrbnzhhotrcrwkurctoiizttkekirutikkoh=1 Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.rwwhoikoztzzriubhnwtwltiiqrhletilzbuckno=1 bglmanx.dll.zrzbakunbbnhrthbqcuochceqrhwwohqaaoaztna=1 E:\Addon Manager\bglmanx.dll.octurrtnabbhiwkaceohlrikzecilqiblteubzll=1 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll.wwlcobzoiqllbwuirkiohzniqotkeektwazuunnk=1 PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_interface.dll.cnlnzanqhkhrketuzwonhcuncrzobowntkaoozck=1 PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_Interface.dll.kizbtizitulnloukbalruhrailbrtqktoeteoqtt=1 RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll.ciqqzaretloubqhriqtnhezeabhcbacewakrthun=1 FSLabs\DLLs\FSLOptions.dll.lttrobbuworbazitthuiwrhwhutzqllhqnbttotz=1 FSLabs\DLLs\FSLEvents.dll.iqiihlewqehhiqukuihhlttqwzltquizekwonhcw=1 FSLabs\DLLs\FSLSounds.dll.oennqucuinkkeereeqrtaknwuuhaaztccetahcti=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.botkwquzznwblebqknbhrhhnbculwhkchlbcwirr=1 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\Qw757.gau.hzzwltlozeblakthrqlnahbbnhqtkkuaanztzabu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\Qw757_TCAS.gau.hoknhhquzonhooewbwqnureerohhqaehutnutzaa=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\PMDG_747QOTSII.dll.eiaaqwerzlbrhrhuuqioqiltulcqwztlhbhreewu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Aerosoft\AirportController\APController.exe.abnkouklcttnqlwzwczkoocqnriblzwkkewozqhw=1 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\PMDG_737NGX.dll.hhlnbounhrtculqaeqheqhzcbunhawtkaaibrqre=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\PMDG_737NGX_3.dll.eknhnzzienbinturnqkhzclbzriiqzaekkkcwlnb=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs_BAe-Concorde\Panel.CPT.1920\FSL_Config.dll.ceqhleorbtotwazrwnuzlnotnroocweboncoorau=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs_BAe-Concorde\FSL_ConcX.dll.wbahwlcwcitiakclouzqueoqecbobzuciocnbuui=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Civa\civac.gau.qwqwtliaazaitawleekbiuozwtubqwqkzbieezbu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\PMDG_777X.dll.iwcaiccihwlooqbuoubrbwcucrhkqhkqzwcontqz=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\PMDG_777X.dll.uoibhebeicrkbrernechkzuutrrtwizwwaoulcan=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B737-200\panel\Captain_Sim.x737.sys.dll.beeclzzctnkloalrqniuronrzzrcozawhwibecub=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B737-200\panel\Captain_Sim.x737.sound.gau.qeqiwhqkolezuiwzrzbbtrtzbrcabkltuhqbzebb=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\737-400.dll.ieeqhrwtalhttnteakuzqziaackailtztcczeuzq=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B737-200\panel\Captain_Sim.x737.wxr.dll.hkahbnqwucuoctkbrqbbnowurookuwowwlinchce=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B707-300\panel\Captain_Sim.x707.sys.gau.hbizkewzhabcnzkzioonuaiccllwzwuuczkzzour=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B707-300\panel\Captain_Sim.x707.sound.gau.caqhanknwnebnuqbklrbtzzuzhrinkwtqkzenzzb=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Civa\INS.GAU.wbwknlztwcaqabquoealcachnrckathnnothulrk=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B707-300\panel\Captain_Sim.x707.WXR.dll.irtuetkklrzuerzicuakazihhezcebcktqkwcewe=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B707-300\panel\Captain_Sim.x707.menu.dll.qbehieqtehhuikbbeebuahnaqibbbhrnluqthneu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B707-300\panel\Captain_Sim.x707.dns.gau.ukccakubnhhkouthcbhezukhzhhautiwwowqootu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\EH101.dll.tablkwuatatiqiaorikrluwltanzlrietorwrnnr=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\Cessna172.dll.hbwtnutbtwiknohcqeboobaklaoboekzocwttruk=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\Cessna.dll.bzwabazctuwzbueqnubkwllwztuubllozhtzczla=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CessnaWAlpha.dll.eiwhkboiictnrreuuhituqoezroilnelkbelbtza=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CLS_FSX_CONFIG.dll.kouwarzbitaehkbtlbcbcuanrlnnnatliektebuu=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CLS_FSX_SOUND.dll.luzelnzkrnzttankzbbliwcuwouaakbhanrczont=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CLS_FSX_TCAS.dll.rahbreaikltqwciewkrhnwzitnbcoqntrlzqqukt=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\LeonardoSH.dll.riqrqurtcairwociqtluqbcklkqiwliulbulozti=1 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\MADDOG2008\Panel\maddog.gau.chzrkazeolhbuhkootchokcarhhilzcewewuqckz=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\LeonardoSH.dll.keiekibklzabczhlwbebrtulierwzholucawquzh=1 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\Super80Pro.dll.ihraaoualiobrichqnthathziccltzuuhtebhnit=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CARSR22T_G1000.dll.zlzhukhqiihtbezziwthnqklwtnrirouttliubqa=2 E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\gauges\CarSound_SR22T.dll.zrehbtihlknqqlzalklnkuktwqiqkctkeolhzklw=2 [DynamicHeadMovement] LonAccelOnHeadLon=-0.020000 LonAccelOnHeadPitch=-0.010000 RollAccelOnHeadLat=0.010000 YawAccelOnHeadLat=-0.100000 RollAccelOnHeadRoll=0.100000 MaxHeadAngle=5.000000 MaxHeadOffset=0.300000 HeadMoveTimeConstant=1.000000 [VirtualCopilot] VirtualCopilotActive=0 [USERINTERFACE] PageID=1 OpenATCOnCreate=0 SHOW_MISSION_CAPTIONS=0 PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 PROMPT_ON_EXIT=1 SITUATION=C:\Users\Fredric Greenblott\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\test Map_Orientation=2 ShowAllACPaintSchemes=1 SelectAircraftManufacturer=All SelectAircraftPublisher=PMDG SelectAircraftType=All DisplayFuelAsWeight=0 [ATC] ShowATCText=1 COMM_MSG_NONE_COLOR=FFFFFFFF COMM_MSG_ATC_USER_COLOR=FFB6FFB6 COMM_MSG_USER_ATC_COLOR=FFFFD21B COMM_MSG_ATC_AI_COLOR=FF00FF00 COMM_MSG_AI_ATC_COLOR=FFFF7840 AutoOpenAirTrafficWindow=1 UsePilotVoice=1 PilotVoice=0 [PointOfInterestSystem] CycleSetting=0 [SCENERY] LENSFLARE=1 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=4 SmallPartRejectRadius=2 [TrafficManager] AirlineDensity=0 GADensity=0 FreewayDensity=20 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=40 LeisureBoatsDensity=40 IFROnly=0 AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=0 [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=6.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=65 MESH_RESOLUTION=21 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=27 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=3 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=4 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=4500 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=3000 SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 [AContain] ShowLabels=0 ShowUserLabel=0 ShowLabelManufacturer=1 ShowLabelModel=1 ShowLabelTailNumber=0 ShowLabelDistance=1 ShowLabelAltitude=1 ShowLabelAirline=0 ShowLabelAirlineAndFlightNumber=0 ShowLabelFlightPlan=0 ShowLabelContainerId=0 ShowLabelAirspeed=0 ShowLabelHeading=0 LabelDelay=1000 LabelColor=FFFF0000 [INTERNATIONAL] ASLAT=2 ASLON=1 MEASURE=0 [REALISM] PFactor=0.000000 Torque=0.000000 GyroEffect=0.000000 CrashTolerance=0.000000 General=0.000000 UnlimitedFuel=True AllowEngineDamage=False TrueAirspeed=False AutoCoord=True RealMixture=False StressDamage=False GEffect=False ManualLights=False GyroDrift=False CrashWithDyn=False CrashDetection=False AutoTrim=False [SIM] SYSCLOCK=1 [STARTUP] DEMO=0 SHOW_OPENING_SCREEN=1 STARTUP_DEMO= LoadWindow=1 [FACILITIES] COUNTRY= STATE= CITY= GTL_BUTTON=1239 [Misc] Com_Rate=7 [BUFFERPOOLS] UsePools=1 PoolSize=39000000 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 [FSDREAMTEAM] AntiPopUp=1 ViewOptimization=0 AltitudeCull=0 GroundTraffic=0 [MAPVIEW_MAP] SHOW_AIRPORTS=1 SHOW_VORS=1 SHOW_NDBS=1 SHOW_APPROACHES=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_AIRSPACE=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 show_flight_history=1 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.0.0] AntiAlias=1 Mode=1280x720x32 [FlightPlanMap] LineWidth=2 SHOW_AIRPORTS=1 SHOW_VORS=1 SHOW_NDBS=1 SHOW_APPROACHES=1 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=1 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_AIRSPACE=1 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 show_waypoints=1 show_airways=1 show_markers=1 show_volume_boundaries=1 show_ac_twr=1 [MULTIPLAYER] condAccoutPassword=0 VoiceVolume=0.000000
  18. Hi everyone, I believe I found a problem in Scenery Configuration Editor Version 1.1.2. On a system with a dual installation of FSX:MS and FSX:SE, when it is set to point to the scenery.cfg file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE , it generates error messages because it still looks for the scenery path in FSX:MS. So if the same scenery with the same path is not installed in both versions of FSX, it generates a "Path does not exist" error. It does this even though the path does exist and the scenery is installed in FSX:SE. Please see my post, #9, in the following thread for more details: http://www.avsim.com/topic/474293-fsx-scenery-config-editor/#entry3291626 I would guess that this problem does not exist if you only have FSX:SE installed, but I don't know for sure. Mike
  19. Hello Folks, About two weeks ago, I uninstalled the FSX DVD Edition to make room for the Steam Edition. I made sure to erase all traces of the old version in order to avoid potential conflicts before installing FSX:SE. I installed all of the Add-Ons that I knew should work with the Steam Edition, including ORBX Global, Vector and OpenLC, GSX, Level-D 767 and others. A few days later I attempted a medium-range flight from LOWW to OMDB with the Level-D 767. First time it happened that while I went to have dinner, ATC terminated my IFR flight plan, since I didn't respond to a handoff to another controller. Not a problem in general, since it's possible to simply reopen a flight flan en route and request another IFR clearance. However, when I selected the flight plan and clicked OK, the flight simulator crashed. On my second attempt, I made sure I would not miss a handoff, so I didn't have to request another IFR clearance. However, I wanted to change views from virtual cockpit to first class right seat (after having changed views many time already), and opening the view menu by right-clicking triggered another crash to desktop. The error log didn't state anything informative - it was an unknown error with an unknown module. Today, on my third attempt, I missed another handoff two and a half hours after takeoff while being absent for dinner, and I again requested an IFR clearance after coming back. Guess what: The same thing as first time happened again: Upon loading and confirming the flight plan, I got another crash. This time it was the dreaded uiautomationcore.dll module fault. Even though the causes of the first two crashes were "unknown", I highly suspect that they are menu related, since I opened it in one way or another. That is quite disappointing, because I thought that the Steam Edition had this issue fixed by default. With the DVD version, I never had a menu crash again since I downloaded and pasted the appropriate file to the FSX root folder. With FSX:SE, however, I made no changes at all, and the installation is quite fresh without any modifications. Did anyone experience menu-related uiautomationcore.dll crashed? What should I do? Should I delete the culprit dll-file from the FSX root foldel altogether? I would be grateful if anyone could chime in and report their experience.
  20. So, a morning start from Dubai, outside temperature's still about 30 degrees C though! I know the Burgh wasn't there in 72, but the apron could have been at almost any airport... & I'm recreating a flight using modern scenery. Some countries weren't as friendly to the RAF back then, so the flight had to be routed north over Bandar Abbas into Iran, then up through Iran, close to Tehran, into Turkey over Lake Van, south of Ankara turning south to go over the Med & Nicosia before landing at Akrotiri. NOTE - online flight planner (my quick and easy go-to) doesn't appear to have much in the way of picking your waypoints and/or VORs so I used the stock FSX flight planner to construct the route. Dubai is rather big, isn't it? There may be trouble ahead..... Nope, over the tops and weather getting better. Lake Van in the background - not the tiny lake below the nose! Feet wet, over the Med Descending over Nicosia Cleared to land! A bit floaty, but the brakes are rather powerful! Off to Marham next! Enjoy!
  21. Hi, With the Steam version of FSX on sale for a song now, I'm starting to wonder if it is time to retire my good old box edition. I'm one of the few who never had any real problems with FSX box, it seemed to always work well, and ran smoothly, even with add-on aircraft and Active Sky Next. But the reviews I'm reading say that the Steam edition is even better than the box version, and that P3D is amazing as well. If it was just a matter of switching base programs there would be no issue at all, but I have a lot of money in add-on aircraft. I don't know if all of them work with Steam edition for example, and I know that most will not work with P3D. Some of my fleet are very very ancient and I hate to see them go, but I understand if they must, like the Flight1 ATR and the Level D-767. I guess I'm asking for advice on what I should do as far as upgrading, keeping in mind all of payware aircraft (I have learned that ASN will work no matter what sim). Or should I just stay with my old dinosaur of FSX BOX edition? Or maybe say forget all my payware and just go to P3D (licensing arguments aside for now). How has your luck been with FSX BOX add-ons on Steam edition? I also have heard that if you can get a clean install of the steam edition on a PC that never had, or looks like it never had, a FSX install at all, that it will look exactly like the FSX Box version to installers, thereby making it easier for installers to work. I've also heard horror stories of having to trudge through registries and weird file locations to get all the FSX remnants out. So IF I do go to the Steam edition, is there a good guide somewhere that will tell me how to completely obliterate FSX Box? My Payware list (if it helps) ASN FSPassengers (this is almost a no go, if this don't work, it will be hard to convince me to buy it) A2A C-182 (pretty sure this one will work) Carenado F33A Carenado Baron B58 PMDG Beech 1900 PMDG J41 IRIS T-6A Texan 2 Flight1 ATR-72 IRIS f-15 IRIS EAP FeelThere E145, e135and the e-jets (175 and 195) Level D 767 Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. Just cruising. Job done! FSX on a budget: Stock FSX:SE FSOpen Clouds POSKY 777 freighter
  23. Checked it out by stooging around in a default Cessna. I was expecting problems seeing as the airport looked so detailed in the screenshots. All good so far on my rig! Seriously impressed!
  24. Hi to all, I can't download anymore PDFKneeboard for FSX here: https://github.com/nmeier/fscode/wiki/PDFKneeboard Again, when I downloaded some time ago I remember it works only in windowed mode on Steam Edition. Is there any chanche to have it working in full screen mode on FSX:SE? Thanks in advance
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