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Found 19 results

  1. Start making your home cockpit see below for available panels. Cessna 152 Cessna 172 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 172 Gauges Cessna 182 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 182 Steam Baron G58 G1000 Beechcraft C90 Boeing 737 MIP + Overhead Panel + Center DA62 F/A-18C Hornet MIP + Side Panels Huey UH-1 P28R Warthog A-10 TBM 930 + Overhead Panel For any questions or interest you can send me a PM. Files are in ESP - AI - PDF format.
  2. Hi! Does anybody know where I can find a full size layout of the MCP without switches?
  3. Hi everyone, I recently build an Airbus Throttle Quadrant. I show you a preview:On my website: www.mycockpitsolution.com you will find: more photos of the finished object, constuction phase photo and guide and .dwg drawings.Greetings,Filippo
  4. Hi all, I've just pulled the trigger and ordered some parts to start building my B737 home cockpit. While waiting for parts to arrive, I have to build my main PC which will be used for P3D, add-ons and ProSim. I'm leaning towards the following hardware: Case: Cooler Master Mastercase5 M/B: Asus ROG Maximus VIII Impact CPU: i7 6700K 4 GHz RAM: G.Skill RipjawsV (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 PSU: Corsair 650 W 80+ Gold CS650M Modular Cooler: Corsair Hydro H80i GT SSD 1: Samsung 750 EVO 120 GB (for OS only) SSD 2: Samsung 750 EVO 250 GB (for P3D, add-ons, ProSim) My questions: I will overclock the CPU to 4.5 - 4.6 GHz. Is the cooler enough to handle it or should I choose a bigger one? I want to use 3 monitors 24" or 2 monitors 40" only for outside view. Will that be possible with that hardware? Will Windows 7 run ok with that configuration or should I go for Windows 10? All opinions and suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you in advance! Alex
  5. Greetings, I've been simming for a long time. My first log entry was with Charles Gulick in April of 1988. Still have the logbook. After all the teething pains of FSX, layoffs, and what seemed like the end of flight simming I nearly gave up. I took a few years away and really didn't sim all that often. The last few weeks I decided to dive into the sim again and try to resurect my passion for simming. I did the tweaking and was glad to see that I can get 30FPS easily with my rig. It was the Orbx PNW add-on that really grabbed me. I fly the PWN with KTIW as my home airport. After downloading and fying around I'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks Orbx for rekindeling my passion for flight simming. Now I can get back to my ATR-72 home cockpit project. :)
  6. Hello, I recently finished my dream project (www.737NGcockpit.com), please note that web site is not updated with most recent progress, but will soon. Everything is working great. BUT I have a few issues that need to be fixed: Before I start withe the issues, I mention an important point: I have both NGX and Prosim 737. Everything works flawless with Prosim. But Since I do not have an overhead panel yet, I want to enjoy my cockpit with the NGX plane, airfile, and panel, and outside views, lights, liveries (get the point?) 1. Flight Illussion Gauges: They look great, but with absolutely no functionality. I tried Callibrating them but with no success. A. Flap Gauge: There is no correlation between what actually goes on with flaps in NGX and the readings in the gauge. I tried callibrating but I just dont know what each flap detent value should be in the Config software. Anyone knows of a link to how to fix this? B. B737 Indicated Airspeed Gauge: This thing is hopeless!. Ever since I nfirst plugged in the gauge, the nbeedle went to the max (stopper @ 400 kt reading) and has shaked ever since. I tried but I cant get this thing to go down to 60 kt and stay there. Any help? Looks like the gauge doenst knoe that cant go over 400 kt... and keeps on trying! C. All other Flight Illusion Gauges (B737 clock, attitude, digital altimeter and yaw dampner work perfectly without any calibration needed). 2. Flight Simulator Center non-motor all metal TQ: This thing is absolutely stunning! but only if you use the default 737. Otherwise, with the NGX I can do everything (i.e. keyboard emulation keys for TO/GA, AT dissengage etc) but the flaps and speedbreake dont work. I spent soooo much time and money to AVOID using "F7", "F6", and "/" during decent and apoproach! But is not working. The FSX driver that came with TQ has a config and calibration that eworks. But I cant seem to get the axis of the TQ recognized by FSUCIP. So I dont know hoe to "tweak" this thing. Any ideas?
  7. Hi all I hope you can help a complete newbie here. I am looking to build an overhead panel for the Aerosoft Airbus A318,A319,A320,A321. I have a lot of questions to ask you all. First off, for switches like ON OFF am I right in using SPST switches? E.g. landing gear Secondly, for switches such as, ON AUTO OFF. What switches do I use? Links? Does the full version of FSUIPC come with the mouse macro function? If so does it work with the Aerosoft Airbus? Also, does anyone have any links to a useful FSUIPC video using the mouse macro and the ON AUTO OFF switches? These are all the questions I can think of at the moment, although im sure there are many more to come Thanks a lot! I'd appreciate the help!
  8. Hello, I wanted to share my actual Home Cockpit Project. I think that some of you should be interesting. I'm making a Home Cockpit of Cessna 182/206 for P3D and Xplane. The Flight Desk is made by Ruscool in New Zealand. I make the cockpit in Wood by my Carpenter. The Rudders come from TRC and the Yoke from Flight Illusion. More details in next posts... Here are some 3D views of the Cockpit : I also made a Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/LeNezenLair1/
  9. Hello dear pilots, I read a lot of threads in order to find out a little bit more about home cockpits, multimonitors etc. But after reading I become more questions as before reading ))) I like pdmg 737 model so I actually planned to use it for my home sim. Short about my plan: I have one PC with i7 3,4 Ghz, GeForce GTX 680, 8 Gb Ram and I planned connect to it 3 monitors for viewing landscape out of cockpit (tripplehead), 2 monitors for pfd/nd (pilot and f/o each one) and 2 iPads for the center up and down screens (using Airdisplay). I will also use mcp combo, cdu II, overhead (vrinsight) and saitek controlls (yoke, level quadrant and pedals). After reading some post I understood that people uses for such tasks more PC's (network linked). So my question is if I can use only one pc or is it not enough and I need more? If more please write how many, for which tasks. The other questions is - is it possible to move, place, resize and save gauges on different displays with pmdg (without project magenta). There is a choice to buy iFly737 pro edition which will make this wishes possible, but I dont really want to pay a lot of money for it and I like more PMDG Aircraft. Thanks in advance
  10. My latest (KONP OTH CEC FOT ENI KLLR). Hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for watching!
  11. Hi all, Due to we recently moved to a new flat and again due to space restrictions I am selling my Sismo Soluciones Captain side Home Cockpit for a very cheap price. My cost is over 4.000€. However my selling price is 2.000 USD!. You can watch a demo video of my cockpit from below link. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AghNAdnu_J4UgYw9__tDBqQQvHhDfg https://1drv.ms/i/s!AghNAdnu_J4UgYw-e_5vN7hdcptq-Q Included parts and their regular prices; Landing gear annunciators module (29€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/landing-gear-annunciators-module-detail Annunciator x 7 (42€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/2-2013-08-20-detail Captain Glarewing V2 (95€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/captain-glarewing-v2-detail Display Smoke Glass x 3 (27€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/57-2013-08-20-57-detail Fire warning push button (45€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/master-fire-warning-pushbutton-detail Landing Gear + Pan + Backlight (239€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/47-2013-08-20-detail Metal Display Bezel x 3 (201€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/components-parts/57-2013-08-20-detail Flaps Gauge with Backlight V2 (59€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/gauges-instruments/225-2013-08-22-detail 737NG MCP Ethernet (899€) 737NG EFIS (299€) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgtL-72RbcI&feature=youtu.be SIM CARD Ethernet without displays (119€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/electronic-boards/140-2013-08-20-detail GIC Card v3.5 x 4 (76€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/electronic-boards/gic-v4-detail SIM Card 14 Servos (35€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/electronic-boards/145-2013-08-20-detail AFDS Autopilot Flight Director System (65€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/29-2013-08-20-detail Captain Display Selector Module ( 75€)http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/26-2013-08-20-detail Captain Six Pack Module + Master Light Push Buttons (99€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/41-2013-08-20-detail F/O Six Pack Module (59€)http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/37-2013-08-20-detail EDC Engine Display Control Module (139€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/31-2013-08-20-detail NWS Nose Wheel Steering Module (34€) http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/shop/mip/mip-modules/28-2013-08-20-detail MIP SST Desktop Casing (799€) 3 x 23.6" AOC thin monitör Prosim 737 licence Prosim 737 flight model PS: I will not sell the parts seperately. Br, Hakan Sokmen Istanbul, Turkey
  12. Hi guys, I've been wanting to build an A320 home cockpit for some time now, but I'm on a very strict budget. Is it possible to build an A320 cockpit similar to a Jetmax system? This is pretty much what I would need: PFD ND ECAM Mini-overhead (http://www.fscockpit.eu/shopfsc/index.php?lange=2) EFIS + Master Caution+Master Warning Panel (Capt. Side) FCU and whatever else is on the captain's side of the MIP. How would I be able to do this? I'm not very crafty or tech-savvy when it comes to hardware. It doesn't have to be an EXACT replica, meaning I don't need the exact thrust levers or joystick (I'm using my Saitek throttles and my Logitech joystick) or any extras, like a pull out table. I just want it to be looking + working almost identically to a full size A320 sim. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I posted a topic on mycockpit.org because I would like to build a C172 home cockpit based on FSX, and the A2A C-172. I am a teenager starting flying lessons soon and would like to practice at home. The simulator would be based on the C172 but not exact. I'm probably going to base it off of Saitek panels because I have a low budget. Here's the post on mycockpit : http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28342&p=151468 Help would be much appreciated, thank you to all!
  14. Hi guys! I've been looking all over the net for some electronics tutorials for instrument building I want to build my own 737 NAVCOMM panel using an IOcard. There are so many IOcards around and each of them is slightly different What I would really like to find is a tutorial explaining how to build such instruments, You know - the basics of the instruments electronics, switches, LEDs, and so on Could you guys please help me find such tutorials? Thanks in advance! Michael
  15. Hi! I've just started a q400 project. Is it anyone else doing this who would like to share some experiences? I will soon be up an running with a webpage for the project.
  16. Hi Eveeyone! This thing says I'm a newbie, I'm not - I just forgot my log in as it's been a while since I posted here! I was hoping I could reach out to the home cockpit building community here for some advice... I am in the planning and research stages of my dream to build a 737 flight deck with a full surround shell and everything, been delving pretty deep into a lot of stuff and so far have found that I have understood everything I've read ok apart from one thing - interface boards and interface software... it's confusing me ALOT. The general vibe I'm getting is that people are using the BU086X cards or the/ and the FDS SYS1X 2X 3X cards etc. What I don't understand is do you for example have to have an interface card that comes from the same manufacturer as your hardware in order to interface it? So does for example the FDS SYS1X from flit deck solutions only interface products bought from/ branded FDS products? Or like I hope (& will make so much more sense) you can interface any hardware throughout it? - stuff from flight illusion. Cpflight etc? Can't find the answer to this anywhere.... Also - are certain cards good for certain things? Like I read somewhere that the FDS SYS1X is a good option to use to interface an overhead as it has a lot more inputs and outputs? Or is it widely known that any card can be used for any part of the cockpit? Last thing is, can anyone point me in the direction of any tutorials, videos or blogs of how to physically wire spokething into an interface card? I'd really like to see the process of taking a wire from a switch for e.g. And seeing spomeone soulder it into a card and ten interface it in a PC? What in your experience are the best value for money cards? And interface software packages? And do the software packages like FDS INTERFACE IT only work with FDS Cards? Or can the FDS software solution be used to programme any card? Thanks is much for your help! Hoping to gather as much info as I can! See you in the virtual skies! Mitch31388 😁
  17. Hello everybody... first of all sorry for my English This is my first post and I'm proud to introduce you my little project about a Learjet 45 Home Cockpit...It's not a fedel reproduction but I mapped all the functionality for this kind of plane on fsx. Here is my first flight on IVAO... http://youtu.be/8-v_QogI2OU and this is my website where I track all the progress... http://www.mylearjet45.net suggestions will be appreciated Cheers
  18. Hey everyone. I just got a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System and so far it is great. Now I have this message stuck in my subconscious: Build a 737 Home Cockpit. Just do it. Okay, sounds simple enough. Not. :( I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think of to find ways to build this that will make sense to me (YouTube, Google, Yahoo) and I just can't find any websites that give me a simple way to build the 737-800's cockpit in my basement. This is how I want to build my cockpit: I want to buy it piece by piece but I do not want to have to buy EVERY SINGLE SWITCH ONE AT A TIME. That may have been a bit confusing. Basically, I want to buy the complete front panel, then some more displays, then the complete throttle quadrant, then the complete overhead panel, then the complete pedestal. But even if I find a place to buy all those things, I may have another problem. My computer. My computer is a Mid-2010 13-inch MacBook. 2.4 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD. I play FSX on BootCamp. It runs all my add-ons (GEX, REX, UTX, PMDG 737) with decent FPS. However, I am a bit worried about connecting everything to my computer. On my computer, I have one Ethernet port, one Mini DisplayPort (display connections), two USB ports, and one headphone jack. To sum it up: 1. Where can I buy complete, plug-and-play parts of the cockpit? (e.g. buy the complete front panel, the complete throttle quadrant, the complete overhead panel etc.) 2. How would I connect everything to my computer? USB hubs may help, but what about displays? Would I be able to keep a steady frame rate? Giving me a little bit of a tutorial would be extremely helpful :lol: Sorry if that was all a little confusing. Thanks everyone! -hayhay7789 B)
  19. My new site about 737 Home Cockpit: www.home737.com FIND: Busco asientos de 737 a buen precio en España...
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