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Found 88 results

  1. Hi all, Yesterday I installed the autogen from NL2000 ; trees, houses, buildings. I remarked that I have missing buildings in the center of all major cities. First I thought that they had not done these, but the ere ag files that cover these spots too. I have FTX Global installed and later France VFR products. France VFR makes a copy of some of the Autogen files, like default.xml , materials.spb , autogendesriptions.spb and roofdescriptions.spb. It might be possible that FTX Global has changed thoses files and the backup that FranceVFR made is not the default one. To exclude any issues with the NL2000 autogen I want to reinstall the default Autogen folder. Is there any way to reinstall them without having to reinstall P3D complete ? ( Eg renaming the current P3D folder to P3D.old and installing a new one next to it ..? ) Thanks for all suggestions. Nb : when trying freeware Netherlands autogen buidlings appear in the cities centers. And those ag files have the same name as the files in NL2000.
  2. Hi, I must admit its getting a bit hard and pretty complicated with all those add-ons and since ORBX and Scenery configurator also is not kompatibel makes things even more exciting sometimes. Lately after a Flytampa EHAM install i noticed that i did not have any Amsterdam City with SkyScrabers and football stadions . Also this Autogen folder inside P3D can change over time and after a FTX Central V3 open/close episode. I am wondering if it has something to do with this "Autogen Folder" that i am missing Autogens (Amsterdam Skyscrabers ) ? Any help is appreciated and understanding of what is exactly being changed in that folder over time is more than welcome Thanks Michael Moe
  3. Good evening, I have a problem with black clouds that i hope you guys can help me with. As you can see i have big black clouds. I am using PTA 2.0 with Pedrag's preset, ENVTEX, AS16 and REX Soft Clouds. I have searched around, and i've tried to delete the content in /AppData/LockheedMartin/Local/Prepar3d/Shaders, and i have also replaced the ShadersHLSL with the original folder wthout luck. Any suggestions? Anyone know the solution for this? Greatly appreciated!
  4. Not sure exactly when this happened but whenever I try to create a flight plan using the P3D planner the save option is greyed out if KRNO is involved. No other airports do this. Ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi all- I was wondering what the procedure is to replace just the Daedalus AC in UTII. I'm OK with the rest of the AI for now. Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi everyone. Hope you all has an amazing Xmas...... Just a little time poor in getting information on a good system to run P3D. I have a budget of $1.8K and looking to make the switch from FSX to P3D. If anyone out there can put together some specs I would greatly appreciate it. A few months ago I picked up a GTX 970 4GB so was thinking of using it in the new system to save some $$. I also intend to use my existing 27inch monitor and not looking to go into 4K just yet. I have all the ORBX range (pretty much) and run PMDG, high quality scenery addons etc....... Appreciate your help guys. Jas
  7. In the P3D controls list is one called Turbine Power Management System Toggle. I enabled it but couldn't see that it did anything. Can someone bring me up to speed on what it is and how it works? Noel
  8. Hey, First of all I wish yo a happy new year and all of luck. :smile: Now, my problem is that my sky textures look very weird. There are no smooth transitions between the colours. I don't know why this happens or what it causes. Could anyone help me ? Thanky you very much and have a nice weekend. (in the picture it does not look as bad as it actually is)
  9. Has anyone found a solution to the landing lights not working on the WOAI aircraft.
  10. I've used CP with TIR manual launch and loved this add on, with 1.5 and added native TIR support this is simply awesome!!
  11. Hello! Today i unwittingly delete worldlc.bgl file, but i have this file on my desktop. What's the location of this file? Help me please. I can't run the simulator because i'm getting message ,,The worldlc.bgl'' is missing or damaged. Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the file. Flight Simulator will now exit."
  12. Microsoft this afternoon notified us that the FS weather server will be off-line for maintenance from 0930 to 1330 PDT tomorrow. That is 1230 to 1630 EDT. This post has been promoted to an article
  13. We have updated the forum Screen Shot rules. It is important that you are familiar with these if you are a member who contributes images to the forums, whether in the Screen Shot forum or otherwise. Video rules will also be added shortly. Thank you for reading and for your cooperation. Read them here: http://forum.avsim.net/page/AVSIM%20Pages/screen_shot_rules.html
  14. Hello All, As you may be aware there has been some signature regulation changes within the past week. We need everyone to comply so I ask you to read the new regulations and change your signature accordingly. That means moving your computer specs and other information to your profile as indicated. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/378695-new-signature-rules-and-other-changes/ Please try to have this all done within 48 hours from now, or when you next sign in, whichever is sooner. If you have any questions please contact Chase or I and we will try and answer them. Thank you. Kind regards,
  15. Hello All, As you may be aware there has been some signature regulation changes within the past week. We need everyone to comply so I ask you to read the new regulations and change your signature accordingly. That means moving your computer specs and other information to your profile as indicated. http://forum.avsim.net/page/AVSIM%20Pages/sig.html Please try to have this all done within 48 hours from now, or when you next sign in, whichever is sooner. If you have any questions please contact Chase or I and we will try and answer them. Thank you. Kind regards,
  16. I don't know what I was thinking... In the original instructions on how to vote for an image in the X-Plane contest, I told everyone to click on the little green UP ARROW shown in each of the image's main display screen... Doing that only increases the participants "reputation". We are not contesting reputations, of course, so that was a wrong instruction to give. Instead, to vote on an image and have it mean anything, you need to select one of five STARS that are at the top of each image pane. The fifth star represents the highest vote. Doing that will determine whether the image wins or not. If you have done the green arrow approach, please go back and recast your rating. I suggest you continue to go back during the course of the contest to update your voting for images as they are uploaded t the gallery. Growing old is, ahm, er, ah ... I forgot.
  17. Announcement We, the management of AVSIM have permanently banned Mr. Srdan Kostic, longtime member and onetime Administrator and Moderator of the Hardware Forums. Srdan has a lot of friends that have much respect for certain aspects of his technical and organizational abilities. For many years he was a positive contributor to this institution. When Word Not Allowed was appointed the Hardware Forums Manager he asked if he could put together an FSX hardware guide. Over the course of the next short while he accumulated the various pieces most of us hardware and software orientated people had collected and stowed in files, favorites links and buried in old forum threads hither and yon. Over the next few weeks and months we began to get buffeted by the blowbacks from Srdan's human interaction skills, or I should say, the near total absence thereof. The longer he moderated the hardware forums, the firmer and harsher he became. The harder he became, the more members resisted and the more authority he was granted to enforce his methods of moderation. Srdan seemed to have a gift for finding the wrong way to say something to members that he was moderating. Complaint after complaint was filed, but we would judge his deficiency to be some kind of cultural thing and go over the same basics repeatedly. Now don't get me wrong, there are some clear advantages to a firm handshake, so to speak, and many felt the strong sense of order he brought was exactly what was needed. If that were all there was, I might have even agreed with them. One lesson he had a difficult time learning was when to remain neutral, that expressing his personal opinions on commercial products is inappropriate for AVSIM staff. The problem with that, besides often being wrong is, as a staff member, everything he said carried greater weight than the average members. This also caused problems with certain developers. The stress within the management team caused by Srdan really began to be evident with his accumulation of power, and his willingness to use it with little restraint. With Administrator power came the ability to move threads forum wide into the Hardware forums. There were no halfway measures with Srdan, so he became a hyperactive agent of motion throughout any forums that caught his interest. The most serious strain of the troubles began to grow as the information Word Not Allowed strung together was massaged and compiled into an easier to read format than what Nick Needham's various posts had attained, although a lot of Nick's work was indeed his own (as was Bojote's). That is where things became increasingly surreal. It was no longer our team's guide but Word Not Allowed's. First it was our ideas, then their ideas, then his ideas of what had been a number of different ideas into what now amounts to his guide of accumulated FSX knowledge. Word Not Allowed's blatant abuse of power, the ongoing conflicts with individual members and his embarrassing tendency towards self-aggrandizement began to effect our management relationship we had with him in a negative way. I am sure we share in the blame for not being able to help him overcome these difficulties, but as time went on it became an unmanageable work environment. Srdan began just doing what he wanted when he wanted, any way he wanted. The end had to come, and it went something like this: Srdan decided to support people in the guide on helping their FSX software to run in P3D. It was AVSIM policy that we rigorously oppose any violation of software EULA's with their licensed users. Srdan still wanted to put it in his guide, and Tom said no, Srdan went ahead and did it anyway and put "His" guide on his own domain, and Tom fired him. All members of the AVSIM senior staff agreed 100%. Although Word Not Allowed was fired as Admin, moderator, staff member and was no longer our hardware guy, nothing seemed to change. He still hangs out here, answers the enquirers the same way, still tells everyone to go to his blog which still helps people break their EULA. He is thereby still doing the things he got fired for and are drawing members out of AVSIM to his blog with impunity. After several months of this conduct and being warned repeatedly by senior staff, I officially wrote Srdan asking/ordering him to stop this activity, especially the poaching of our members. He agreed, but did and changed nothing. Last month Paul Johnson was asked by Tom to consider taking the job of running the Hardware forums. Paul agreed and amazingly was willing to write an Official AVSIM hardware and software guide for FSX. He has done an excellent job and produced, what in many people's opinion is the best and most comprehensive FSX guide in the industry. Of course Srdan was not pleased. At first his comments to Paul were almost brotherly. One day last week he let loose and didn't bother mincing words or pretending common cause or comradely rivalry. He was vicious and direct. I don't know if Srdan knew it or not, but the day the guide came out Paul's mother died. The day Word Not Allowed went on the attack was the day she was buried. Between that and a very ill wife Paul was at his ropes end. Who wouldn't be? Paul is gracious enough that he is going to keep publishing the AVSIM guide for the members of AVSIM, but will be announcing stepping down from moderating the Hardware Forum. Yesterday Word Not Allowed again began to directly pull people out of AVSIM with the same old line. He was warned by Chase who was mocked for his effort. No more. We are asking our present moderating staff to do whatever needs to be done to keep the peace and the progress going in the hardware forums. Between Jim, Zach, Chase, Tom and I, we will be fine. We are looking for a specific hardware moderator, but do not want a superstar with an eye for self promotion, but a knowledgeable moderator. In addition we ask our members to step forward and be the drivers of innovation and advancement in the hardware forums. The ordinary hardware tinkerer like myself can be helpful to others. That is our goal for present. We still have Paul helping to keep the guide updated, so we still have what it takes to be the best for those that need guidance, help, and most of all, encouragement. We are human, and this is a human organization. No one is perfect, everyone is mortal and subject to fallibilities, failures and faults. Meanwhile Srdan is not welcome to be a part of the future AVSIM, nor is his guide welcomed to be hosted, posted or linked to from here. We have a better guide in place that will be updated as needed. We have made a difficult decision, but it is made, and we move forward. Sincerely,
  18. I'd like your opinions on how to get night lighting corrected on my P3d v3.2 setup. Basically, it looks like any urban / suburban textures are a raging firestorm - way too bright and lit up everywhere. (I don't have a good place to store a photo, or I would have a link here...) My setup: - v3.2 - Orbx Global and LC NA - UTX roads - REX textures for water, sky, clouds - using PTA v2.0 I have tried every combination I can think of - Orbx night lighting on / off, UTX night lighting on / off, reduced the autogen emissive value in PTA. These things make a bit if difference, but overall it looks like a forest fire below me. The rest of my P3d world looks great. Thanks, Ron
  19. i have decided i have had enough of p3d v3 as the water sucks and the hdr sucks also my woai aircraft don't work properly the lights are all messed up so i am asking is it better to go to fsx with the dx10 fixer or p3d v2.5 thanks.
  20. Bored of waiting for FSLabs A320 and fancying a new challenge. I only enjoy very realistic systems heavy simulations which I can follow real world FCOMs and procedures with. Recently got the A300B4 FCOM so wondered about SimCheck. Does it work in P3D and does anyone have any experience of using it? Cheers Rich
  21. I imported the Microsoft FS Cessna 172 and 182, but the cockpit files are very low resolution. Has anybody got an updated high resolution version?
  22. Hi, I have lost my PD dedicated SSD, and still have reinstalled averything on a new one, P3D, A few aircrafts and tons of Orbx sceneries. But I cannot install my FS Gloabal mesh DVD upgrade (the same installer was OK the last time) When it coomes to the screen for choosing the simulaytor, the option FSX is selected, and no way to change it. And when i go on it lets me choose the installation folder, but does not accept the PD folder, it wants FSX. What can i do ?
  23. Season's greetings everyone, For those who have upgraded to the lastest client version, have you had any issues with the latest version? I have a fairly stable previous version - although I'm pretty sure it's 3.3.5 - I need to check. I think I rolled back when I developed issues with the previous 3.4. Just wondered if there were any significant reasons not up upgade. Have fun.
  24. After installing A2A Connie - I assigned several new views in Ezdok. (Probably messed up here) Ended up freeze keyboard views when hitting some keys, such as open ATC window, while Y slew was OK. HAT switch views is OK. Deleted a lot of key assignments. Did not help. Lost A2A aircraft all drop down submenu such as SHIFT 3 refuel. Uninstalled EZdok - after restore key config. Deleted SITUATION in config. Reinstalled A2A aircraft. Still no drop down submenu. Starting P3D there still a EZdok ghost somewhere. There is a folder in programfiles 486 called EZCA witn an .exe file. Tried to delete it but not allowed. Want to uninstall P3D and start from scratch. Any advice on how to get rid of all ghosts before reinstall? Can I keep ASN Weather and MyTraffic?
  25. So all this time, I have had tessellation set to off. I figured I have a good mesh for the areas I fly; and I heard it was hard on the CPU. I also have PTA v2, and the world looked pretty good - except for my weird light bluish lakes and rivers. And I could barely see any cloud shadows. Just for the heck of it, I turned tessellation 'on' tonight while experimenting, and - Christmas gift! - my lakes and rivers are darker, and while not dramatic, I can see moving cloud shadows. Does anyone have any idea why this would be?? I thought tessellation was just for the details of the physical landscape. Edit: I have v3.2, GTX970 card, and almost new driver. Tessellation is set one notch left of extreme right on all sliders. Ron
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