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Found 23 results

  1. In this video I talk about how to quickly re-install MSFS. When done correctly, only a 2GB download of the core sim files is required. Topics: How to quickly do a complete re-installation of MSFS if you already have an installation. With this method there is no need to re-download all the contents again. Overview of the MSFS main folders Legacy vs modern installations Clearing shader cache Increase download speeds How to convert to modern (unencrypted) install: https://parallel42.com/blogs/wiki/converting-my-sim-install-from-legacy-to-modern UserCfg.opt location: C:\Users\frode\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache How to reboot into safe mode: https://imgur.com/gallery/O2KzyWs Proton VPN: https://www.protonvpn.com
  2. I spent the better part of today battling heroically with a hitherto unprecedented MSFS error message: This sent me on an arduous ordeal only surpassed by the best Shakespearean tragedies. After a bucketload of blood, sweat and tears, jumping through increasingly ridiculous hoops, I was finally able to “resolve” the issue. There’s been quite a few threads on similar topics lately describing various MSFS oddities and idiosyncrasies. But as I didn’t find any recent threads with the same incessant error message, I decided to start a new one. How I eventually “solved” it: I finally caved in and went for a complete MSFS reinstall after I felt that I had exhausted all other options... MSFS idiosyncrasies and increasingly incomprehensible error messages during the ordeal: I first installed the recommended "missing packages" (about 3GB). When MSFS restarted it was still not happy about the missing packages (that I apparently had just installed): It then entered a vicous cycle of restart, same message, download "missing packages", restart etc... I eventually admitted defeat and did a complete reinstall. I was hoping to avoid installing everything, so I made a backup copy of the Official folder before uninstalling. As I still got the "missing packages" error message, I could not see any other solution than downloading everything from scratch... Luckily I got some very decent download speeds courtesy of my VPN: If it had given me the "usual" 3Mbps it would have taken me 103hrs, 42mins and 13secs - that's more than 4 days 😅 But seriously - they really need to sort out the appalling download speeds without the user having to resort to "exotic methods". Hopefully I'll be able to copy the World Updates from the Official folder backup to avoid downloading them again. Highly recommended: When a large update (or a complete reinstall) is needed, I highly recommend using a VPN and trying out different servers. Doing this I've been able to increase download speeds from a puny 3Mbps to over 300Mbps. Canadian servers have worked best so far (for some reason, I live in Europe). Selecting a custom folder during MSFS installation Use FastCopy to speed up making a backup of the Official folder Before reinstalling MSFS I tried this (in vain): Signing out then in to MS Store and the Xbox app Leaving SU15 beta Several system restarts Choosing MSFS repair then reset in Windows 11 settings => Apps => Installed apps I tried various Windows repair options (PowerShell as admin): dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth sfc /scannow dism /online /cleanup-image /analyzecomponentstore dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup chkdsk /f chkdsk /r I reinstalled gaming services (PowerShell as admin): get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage -allusers start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN When everything works, MSFS is glorious. But word not allowed like this is driving me crazy 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I haven't gotten a reply yet from @RTX, but it is the holiday and a lot of people are traveling... I rebuilt me computer recently and just upgraded to XP12. So far I have not been able to get my version of the GTN650 to load. Does anyone know if I need to purchase a new version or if there is an update I can get someplace? Or is there just something I'm missing in the installation that will not let me load into XP12. Thx
  4. I just installed the setup files for OPUS v6 and ran PDKSETUP.EXE as administrator ... I get a command window that states "OpusPDK Setup Program ... Press Key to Continue". I press a key other than Enter and nothing happens. I then press the Enter key and the dialog box goes away without installing. Thanks in advance for your help. C. T. Blankenship PS: Sorry for the double post
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry for posting it here as I should have posted it on REX's support forum first, but for some reason I can't post in any of their forums (may be my memberships hasn't been approved yet). Anyway, yesterday I installed REX on my system, everything went fine until I went to fly with real wether mode with REX. On the top green text to speech window it's showed me that REX has download current weather information and the very next minute everything blacks out with an Error message: Weather file could not be located…… (can't remember the exact wordings). I haven't touched the default weather on FSX so what have I done wrong? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Ronnie.
  6. I installed Active Sky Next and now when I launch FSX, it crashes. I uninstalled ASN and FSX launched successfully and quickly. Not surew what file is causing problems but it seems associated with the installation of ASN.
  7. I have just come back to FSX after a 2 year break and have of course forgotten much of what I knew. I have been installing Playsim Gen X Scotland scenery. However, I can't find them in the scenery library and they don't show in FSX. Also I cannot find any trace of them on the computer ( not sure where to look or folders to look for) Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, I installed the Level D 767 on my FSX SE and I find the sim to hang, stop responding for a while, then responds again and so on. I also find that when I turn on the landing or taxi lights it'll begin to hang. I use Windows 10 OS, but I'm not sure if that's the reason. Any help would be appreciated ~Asif
  9. Hey guys, I've run into an issue with the installation of the NGX. I installed it successfully previously however since I re-installed FSX I have run into this message: I've uninstalled it from my FSX directory, the plane including all the other associated files but the message still remains once I try to install the NGX. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
  10. Any suggestions on correct installation order taking into account magnetic variation. Having installed FSX from scratch, should one install payware scenery/airports and pmdg + service packs before installing/updating magnetic variation updates? gura75
  11. I give up. I can't find any help anywhere. How do I install my Mindstar G1000 in P3d v3? Downloaded the latest version of Mindstar but only get the Mindstar/Flight Simulator Addons folder. Try to run "UpdateWizard.exe but get ""The server supporting the Update Wizard is temporarily offline. Please try again later." I did reactivate successfully. Can't find any help anywhere! Somebody please help, thanks.
  12. I am an old Mindstar customer both in age as well as not having reinstalled the G1000 software since 2010. I have recently rebuilt my PC with Windows 10, FSXse and Prepar3D v3.3.5 and have attempted to install the latest v2.11.0019 (migrating up from the 2.0.44 beta circa 2010). After the "installation" I first attempted to register via the online method with my last known Serial Number and License Key and it would not work. I then attempted it with every other manner available and had no luck that way either. Am I to assume I need a brand new Serial Number and License Key each time I reinstall this software because after review of my past notes this was indeed the trend for a fresh PC rebuild. This will only be the third install for me over the last 6 years as I commonly rebuild / reformat or upgrade my computer every two to three years as most people likely do. The first two installs were however within a single year from late 2009 to late 2010 when I built a brand new PC and had upgraded to Windows 7. I see in my notes that I did in fact use two different Serial Number and License Keys then when reinstalling. Again, the second set of these two is not working for me now either..leading me to believe I again need a whole new set. I sent in a support email to Mindstar earlier this afternoon but since it was sent on a Friday afternoon I assume a reply may be several days out. If anyone has some suggestions or know that new keys are required I would appreciate a reply as I was hoping to use the software this weekend and build a few new panel sets for Prepar3D. I will in turn provide these panels to other Mindstar customers for those interested. Lastly, if this software always requires new keys with PC rebuilds/reformats it would be great to know on the upfront (and thus see in a forum sticky and or on the website) so that I can preemptively get them on order in the future as this, much like a lot of software installs, turns into a big 3 hour headache. All time I can't bill anyone for It's terribly frustrating. That said, I understand the need for software security and it makes sense that I may need new keys, especially if they are perhaps time sensitive and made to expire after a few years or after multiple...multiple... installs but this is only the second attempt using the last key set so I'd really like to get a final answer on this as this time around was no easier than the second. Regards, Jeff
  13. Recently I downloaded the PMDG's 737-880/900 for America and Alaska Airlines for FS2004. When I go to install, an error message appears reading that the PMDG 737 airstair door.bmp file cannot be open. I downloaded the file for a second time from PMDG and recieved the same results. Any ideas?? :( Regards, Dale Johnson Retired FAA
  14. I was getting frustrated trying to install X Plane 10 - North America onto my new computer system. I did google X Plane Installation and found out about the install file that needs to be downloaded and used instead of the one on the DVD. So I downloaded it. But I still had this problem with the install: I don't know if you can see it very well but I could not read the words on the install menus. I tried changing resolutions. I disabled my second screen. Then I disabled the dual-graphic function in AMD's Catalyst Vision Control Centre - and that did the trick. BUT then when I tried to install X Planes it said I had already installed it - and given how long it is now taking to install it, I had not installed it, might have just started it, maybe. BUT it thought I had it installed - onto my desktop of all places. There was a install record there, but no install. I deleted the file - only to find that produced error messages. Best I could do was to select install a second copy. I attached the snipe image as an uploaded file as you can see the graphics were not working. . SO if you are experiencing installation problems with X Plane 10 and you are running a new AMD A-Series APU and have enabled the dual-graphics mode with a graphics card - you may need to disable that feature to get X Plane to load (and maybe to operate - I'll let you know if re-enabling the dual graphic feature works after the install is done. FYI - I have the A10-5800X running in turbo mode (4.2 Ghz) and a ASUS HD6670 2GB card linked in dual graphics mode. I am upgrading to a second HD6670 (on order awaiting delivery) and when it comes I will be able to run three monitors with the two HD6670's crossfired. The HD6670 I have now does not have a displayport and that is why I need the second card which is equipped with the displayport so I can use AMD's eyefinity three monitor array. Looking forward to flying with a front windscreen and two side windows. I do hope X-Plane will work with the two cards crossfired, will post an update if that too creates a problem.
  15. I finally took the plunge and upgraded my system from the AMD 965 Black Edition to the new Ivy Bridge i7-3770K with some GSkill TridentX Ram (2666!!) and the Sabertooth MB w/Z77 chipset. I did a fresh format of my FSX SSD and my System SSD. I have not done any overclocking .... yet !!! I have just reinstalled FSX, and of course my first add-on was the NGX. I haven't done any FSX tweaks, and just for kicks, I loaded up the NGX at my home base. It loaded fast as hell, but the visuals were horrific. All I can say is I really must have had the other install really dialed in. I just realized the scope of the work ahead of me (and this is after two and a half days of building a new computer, etc.). The hardest part of all this is trying to decide which steps to do in what order. Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted. P.S. For Zach ... you were right ... AMD is Cr*p P.S.S. I am getting some pmdg.dll app crashes AFTER exiting. I guess that'll all come out in the wash. I have a lot of forum searching to do. ugh!
  16. Hello, help me solve the installation problem, the program writes in the top line (the plane could not be detected, perhaps flig), the checklists do not work and how to turn on the push-button control is not clear "MFS 2020"
  17. Hello guys, I bought MegaSceneryEarth Memphis. I want to install it with the manager but I can't because it doesn't detects any simulator... How can I solve it? Thanks! Loïc
  18. Hello all, I have the boxed version of 777-200LR/F from Aerosoft which includes updates up to service pack 1c. I want to get the latest service update - SP1d - and I don't know how. Per PMDG's website instructions, the only way to get SP1d is via an electronic purchase: "You will need to log-in to your eCommerce account and redownload the 777 installer from your View previous orders page or from your original purchase email." Since I have not purchased it through eCommerce (and obviously there is no email), how can I get Service Pack 1d for my 777-200LR/F ? Thank you all in advance, Ionut (John) G. Micu
  19. Greetings, I am going to perform my first ever update, moving from Prepar3D V2.4 to V2.5, and wanted to know if there are some "best practices" for loading scenery files (and other tricks), thinking forward to V2.6. I never had to update FSX (no path possible) nor P3D V1.4 (also no path possible). However, I find myself with a lightly corrupted version of 2.4 and thought I would just with a fresh new build of 2.5. But, I am really looking upstream to the eventual 2.6 upgrade, and was wondering if there was a way to decouple the Orbx/Earth Simulations files from the main sim directory. That way, at least to my thinking, if I have to do another install I can just point the updated sim to the Orbx and Earth Simulations directory. Is there a way to decouple the Orbx and Earth Simulations directories from the main directory so that an update to V2.6 does not necessitate reloading scenery? I looked in the AVSIM guide but did not find anything about manipulating scenery files. Thanks for the guidance!
  20. Hi, I would like to test the beta release and have read several posts that say I should backup my existing 10.25 install. My question is it simply just copying the entire directory "X-Pane" to a different location and then install the beta? What is the best method to back up the current install prior to testing the beta? Thanks in advance
  21. Good morning gents. Im having difficulties installing WOAI packages into my p3d v2.2. Ive made a thread over at the vatsim forums, but im not getting replies over there. I hope by posting here that i might get some help The thread i made over at vatsim: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=64830 Thanks alot for any help!
  22. I've recently purchased PMDG 737 from Aerosoft and Installed it,but when I launched FSX and selected the PMDG 737-800 -instead of asking me for the Activation Key,it said, Failed to Initialize License. I tried reinstalling,and the problem proceeded. What Should I do to be able to put in the activation key that I received in order to activate it? Thanks!
  23. Happy new year everybody. I made up a new pc for christmas since my old one with Windows XP is going to be too much old (and XP not supported anymore in a few months). This new one is a Windows 7 64bit Home edition, and I decided to migrate from FS9 to FSX (or give it a chance, at least). I bought a FSX Gold edition package and tried to install it. Unfortunately, it remains stuck at the installshield window, and I can't go further in spite of all my attempts. I searched all around internet, tried some solutions proposed (installed MS Visual 2010, MSXML 4.0, launched setup.exe as administrator, tried to set setup.exe compatibility to XP and launched it again) but no way. Is there somewhere a complete list of operations to follow in order to be sure I tried anything possible, before I resign myself to give back the package? I can't believe I'm the only one who can't fly FSX on a W7 64bit. Thanks for the help. Francesco
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