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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys, I have installed Prepar3d 4.5HF3 on my Thinkpad P1 Gen 3 (it has Nvidia Quadro T2000 4GB VRam, i9, 32GB Ram) - surprisingly P3D4.5HF3 is working real well on it as VRam is managed well vs p3dV5. I am getting very good FPS. Much better than MSFS. I dunno why? but regardless of the sim. I am very confused which controllers to use with the sim. I can't pack my joysticks/rudder pedals when I am travelling but I need a joystick which will help me with my wireless mouse when Simming in hotels etc. These have to be bluetooth that way I can play with iOS if I need to. How are these controllers? Standard Xbox Wireless Controller https://www.xbox.com/en-us/accessories/controllers/xbox-wireless-controller-usb-c vs Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 https://www.xbox.com/en-us/accessories/controllers/elite-wireless-controller-series-2 Are those extra buttons at the bottom of the Elite controller? I am checking online but everyone mentions fps lock etc....will it help in flightsim? Guidance is appreciated. Thanks
  2. In joystick profile form you see two column : first column is for joystick button assigned but for what is the second one ?
  3. similar to how it was in prepar3d ctr+y(on\off) is it possible in the new sim?
  4. Hello guys, I ask the experts .... my request is not aircraft specific, even if this case relates to MD11; I'm trying to assing to a joystick button a spoiler detent to increase/decrease speedbtrakes without success. I can only assign "Spoiler ON / OFF" but not incremental notches like for flaps to understand; I see in FSUIPC "Button and Keypresses/FS Control" there is the Spoiler Incr and Decr command but it seems to have no effect, at least on PMDG MD11. Does anyone know where I am wrong or suggest me the correct configuration in FSUIPC? Thanks in advance, Riccardo
  5. Anyone in here using Logitech G940 with X-plane? I'm an FSX user and just recently tried the latest Demo verison of X-Plane 11 but my G940 is not recognized. When I go into the settings to calibrate, the only thing I'm aloud to do is configure pitch and roll for my joystick. Throttle and rudder equipment's are not recognized. Furthermore, the axis for roll does what the pitch is supposed to do and vice versa. Any ideas or fixes?
  6. I downloaded the new PMDG 747-400 V3 (Order # [order # removed]) and installed it. Everything went smooth. To test it I started with the plane lined up on a runway, flap down, full power and take off, it lifted all right, I cleaned up and turned for a go around. Halfway in the turn I had a CRASH ON DESKTOP. I started again and this time from a gate. It would not take my usual pushback button so I fiddled with the FMC, but to no avail. Also it would not recognize the joystick for power and ailerons/elevators anymore. I tried with other planes I have in my FSX; default, aerosoft A320 and PMDG 777, 737 and the 747-400X that I still had installed. Only the default planes would work, both pushback and joystick. (I unistalled the leveld 767 because I got a warning that there was something in conflict and anyway I was not using it anymore). I also, in the meantime unistalled also the new PMDG 747-400V3 because it had all started with it. At this point the defaults and aerosoft A320 are working OK; I mean they recognize the jostick and all the buttons as usual. But all the PMDG planes: 737-747X-777 do not recognize the joystick (throttle, elevators, rudder), the front gear does not turn but it seems that they recognize the buttons. The fact is that this problem concerns ONLY THE PMDG planes) so it must be something affecting the PMSG controls. It’s a mess and I do not know what to do. I would like FIRST to have the old planes working as usual and SECOND to install again the 747-400V3 for which I paid 90 $ and that I want to have. Do you have any idea what happened and how to solve thr problem ? Riccardo Papi
  7. Having had a gamepad with only vibration effects, I found that fsx doesnt allow you to set the force feedback levels. The driver that came along with the gamepad also didnt support any level setting. This was unplayable as it kept vibrating at max rate all the time. I have created a somconnect addon that creates the vibration effect based on the following : (developed for Airbus A321 , should also do well with Boeing's ) {Not sure fsx looks into these states for ff calculation } 1. Indicated airspeed 2. Engine rpm 3. Acceleration around 3 axes 4. GroundSpeed ( if on ground ) Other factors with vibration 1. Flaps increment decrement ( step wise ) 2. Spoiler toggle ( fully extended/fully retracted ) 3. Landing gear up/down 4. Stalling 5. Overspeed 6. Landing force Those who only have vibration effects in their gamepads, do try it out.. How to install ? 1. As usual with all addons, download the dll to a path and if on Vista or above and modify dll.xml at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ as follows: {For XP, this file is in a different folder, need to figure it out.} Add the following section towards the end of the dll.xml just before </SimBase.Document> <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>True</ManualLoad> <Name>ForceEffects.dll</Name> <Path>D:\Path\ForceEffects.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> 2. This will ask permission to load the dll when you start fsx. Click 'ok' or 'yes' wherever needed. 3. Also, remember to DISABLE forcefeedback from fsx settings and do not connect more than one ff enabled controllers while trying this out. Dll information on AVSIM Library: UploadID: 317632 Name: ForceEffects Size: 8 kb MD5 sum: aa5cf40064a859269c6a8f2142bb97f8
  8. If you've been tearing your hair out over Win 8.1 or 10 joystick and throttle disconnects in P3D, especially with Saitek products, this could be for you. I stumbled across a cure that, so far, has been absolutely, 100-percent effective. This works when disabling selective suspend in device manager does not. It works when changing power settings in Control Panel does not. It works when the problem presents itself in Windows 8.1 OR 10. Here goes. Search the registry for this string, EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled=1, where the device it refers to corresponds to a joystick, pedals, throttle quadrant and so on. Change it to read EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled=0 Reboot. Smile. Bear in mind, though, this needs to be redone every single frickin' time you upgrade Windows, as the Windows install stomps on those Registry keys. Sorry "resets them to the 'proper' values." Hope this settles it once and for all
  9. Hey everyone, I believe I have solved the joystick woes with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I have done 2 days of stress testing FSX and P3D with multiple installs of the program and OS, and I haven't had a disconnect yet. Before I go further - I want to give my thanks to certain individuals who have helped me and inspired me to solve this joystick annoyance. 1) Word Not Allowed for having his awesome guides 2) AVSIM's staff/team for creating the amazing Hardware/Software Guide to FSX/P3D 3) Peter Dowson's FSUIPC utility (it got me through the periods when no joystick fix was avialable) 4) Orbx Team - Thank you Global and your Tips and Tricks Forum section 5) NickN's - FSX Computer System Guide 6) Ranak Jones of "Rogue's Guide to Acquisition: Principles of Final Frontier" for sending me a spare XFX 6970 for my system and pointing me to Windows 8 Registry to search for USB Device GUIDs potential errors 7) Microsoft MSDN for having Windows 8.1 Pro for testing/evaluation purposes only. 8) LM Prepar3d Developer Network Testing: 1) FullScreen FSX in Eyefinity Mode (5760x1200) for 3 hours+ 2) Windowed FSX in triple screen mode and 1920x1200 for 4 hours+ 3) Multiple active windows on top of FSX Windowed in background for 4 hours+ 4) Testing was done with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports FSX testing was in Win 8.1 and 8, and P3D 1.4 was in Win 8. My System Cpu: i5-750 (intel 1156 cpu) overclocked to 4.1Ghz Memory: 8GB DDR3 Storage: 1xSamsung 830 SSD at Sata III (Main drive), Intel 80GB SSD at Sata II speeds, 1 TB hitachi mechanical HDD at sata II <- all connected to PCIEx4 Sata III controller) Motherboard: MSI Fuzion p55A - has native usb 2.0 and Renesas USB 3.0 controller Video: New XFX 6970 2GB with latest ATI drivers OS - Windows 8 Pro Clean install / Windows 8.1 Clean Install Joystick: Thurstmaster Hotas X Windows 8 Solution - (FSX / Prepar3d 1.4) 1) Make sure power management features are off or set to high 2) Most important setting is USB Selective Suspend Setting is Disabled (we all knew this) Honestly, that setting does not disable USB selective suspend in Windows 8 (this is for Windows 8 only), like it promises. The power management on USB devices is set to Selective Suspend Please see your HID Devices, USB Input Device and USB Root Hub Devices - They are STILL set to Suspend. You have to turn OFF the manual power savings one by one to all USB Devices/Compositive Devices and the all the USB Root Hubs (this is v.important). If it says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and is checked then please UNCHECK it For example like this This was discovered when I was searching for Joystick UID's in Windows 8 based on Ranak's suggestion. This is where stuff gets weird for both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I am no registry expert, but GUID's for my joystick is half correct and half backwards as compared to one listed in FSUIPC's ini file See Pic - Windows Registry And my Joystick GUID in FSUIPC So for some reason half of the GUID is backwards in Registry - I do not know if that is normal or not but that led me to search all the usb devices/ports in Device Manager. Here I found all the power saving features were somehow enabled when Windows Power Management is explicitly set to disable. Recap So for Windows 8 Pro ONLY - Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and make sure Windows Power management also has Selective Suspend set to Disabled. Prepar3d 1.4 - Please have JOYSTICKS=1 in [CONTROLS] in P3D.cfg (more on this later) Windows 8.1 Pro (RTM Version) - FSX TEST No joystick disconnects with 1 Setting change Only - Joystick works in Windows 8.1 Pro I am seeing that all devices still have the USB Power Management check in windows 8.1 but in FSX with PNW, and Bowerman addon, Carenado B200 - Joystick did not disconnect. The only crash I got was from latest FSUIPC 4.92. If in Windows 8.1 you have joystick disconnects, then just turn off all those power management features as listed in for Windows 8. Miscellaneous Info FSUIPC I have it installed but it Zero Joystick Configuration in all tests. I hope this helps everyone - as Windows 8.1 Pro definitely works fantastic with no joysticks issues so far. And Windows 8 works with all power management features individually turned off in all those sections listed. Have a great day, Skywolf
  10. This problem has really been bothering me for a long time. I have tried basically everything in the book to solve it. When I switch tasks in flight, say to check vpilot or go to chrome, my controller resets and causes fsx not to read it anymore. I tried porting it through FSUIPC and the same problem occured. I've gone through device manager(making sure it doesn't cut off for power saving), and did the same thing in control panel. I have run fsx in compatability mode, still no luck. When I check fsuipc anything to do with the yoke disappears. I've updated the drivers on saitek, and the problem is still there. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with vas because whenever I go into a high end scenery area or I use a heavy payware aircraft it tends to happen more often. It's literally making it impossible to fly because I can't seem to go through a flight without this problem occuring. Sometimes I don't even need to do a task switch to get this to trigger, the yoke itself will just blip on and off and fsx will stop reading the yoke. This also happens with almost all my other joysticks as well. The only way I know about fixing it is by switching between fullscreen and windowed mode a ton of times, but that only works to a point. I am completely at a loss of what to do next. I've heard its a common problem with windows 8, but I still have no idea how to solve it.
  11. I have a Saitek Yoke with Chase Plane and, as such, have assigned various keys to control my views in Chase Plane. But when I attempt to delete those same buttons assigned to P3D, it doesn’t work. Any assistance will be much appreciated… Regards,
  12. Hi All, I am loving the new SIM it's not perfect I am sure it will be in time. I am using a joystick and throttle just a budget on, worked fine in FSX and FS9 but in MS2020 having spent allot of time adjusting sensitivity and trying to get it working correctly it is still really sensitive. What are your recommendations based in what your using at the moment please for the best user experience. Thank you very much and happy flying. Daz
  13. I am in the midst of setting up my yoke and throttle quadrant in P3D v4, and I am trying to do it without the need to purchase FSUIPC 5. There's a decent chance I'll cave. FSUIPC 4 has a default Delta value of 256 in the Axis Assignment tab, which I believe reduced my CH throttle quadrant levers from any noticeable jitter. P3D v4, on the other hand, is picking up the slightest bit joystick jitter as if the Delta was significantly lower. The in-sim effect is causing my cockpit levers to jitter quite noticeably. Changing the axis sensitivity in P3D doesn't seem to affect this Delta. So, my question is how do I adjust the Delta that Prepar3D reads in without needing to install FSUIPC 5?
  14. I am sure this has been discussed somewhere in the years since Aerosoft's Airbus simulations came out. A quick search for "Aerosoft A320 Airbus Joystick Setup" did not help. I saw a few websites talking about this but my head nearly exploded from the overly complicated hoops to jump through. I own Aerosoft's Airbus Extended A319/A320/A321 aircraft and cannot configure my joystick and throttles for use with them. The control surfaces are dead in the simulator and FSUIPC is no help in getting around this. Aerosoft has their own installer operations center kind of like PMDG does and there is a Joystick Advance menu feature in there where it warns you to only use this if you can't get your controls to function in the simulator normally. Setting up the axes in this did not help either. Of course it didn't help that the Installer only looks for the FSX Control file, rather P3D's. Long story short. You guys who fly the Bus in P3D, how did you setup your joystick and throttle? Why is it even this complicated to start with? Aerosoft decided to be different? If anyone has a lamens term guide on setting controls for the Aerosoft Airbus I would appreciate seeing it. Thanks.
  15. Since updating to P3D 3.3.5, 777 CTD on final approach and landing whenever A/T or A/P are disabled and inputs are made on the joystick or throttle. 737NGX works correctly and 777 autoland works as well. Manual inputs from takeoff up to final approach are not a problem. All software and drivers are the latest available. System: i7-5930K 4.1GHz, 32 G memory, 2x GTX 980 in single GPU mode on two monitors WIn10 14905 (although this problem does not seem to be Win10 version specific - has occurred on all Win10 versions from release of P3D). Saitek X52Pro with drivers AS16 MyTraffic 6.0A ProATCX on separate computer AppCrash shows the fault modules as being either StackHash_e70a or PMDG_777X.dll. I have the detailed AppCrash dumps and a saved approach that reliably crashes during final. Thanks, Dave P.S. Can someone help me with how to paste text, etc. on AvSim? I cannot make it work. I'm using IE11.1. Must be a setting I'm missing.
  16. Hi, After a 2 year break from FSX, 5/6 months ago I decided to get back in again. I purchased FSX:SE, but soon found that my Saitek Cyborg X was well and truly broken (Constant spiking of nearly every axis). I was somewhat unimpressed with how my Saitek product lasted, and as an avid racing fan and owning the Logitech G27 as well as various other Logitech products, and with their reputation for quality I brought the Extreme 3D Pro, to tie me over. Whilst I am incredibly impressed by the Logitech - the only thing I dislike is the little throttle, I feel as though this is not realistic, and I struggle to get a full grasp of what my aircraft is doing. I mainly fly the PMDG NGX and the A2A C172, both of which are amazing aircraft, and they both use a yoke. So I'd like to know what is the best controller I can get ? I am currently learning to be a private pilot, so realism is key, but what is the best? My budget isn't huge, but I'm willing to pay for quality. I see saitek are the front runners, but with my previous experiences I'm not overly confident. I look forward to your help! Kind Regards George Hunt
  17. Hi I'd like to bind button 2 on my joystick to toggle between cockpit and exterior views, which on the keyboard is the END key. I've tried binding this button in the setup to "Toggle Cockpit View" and "Toggle Exterior View" with the same result; the button will switch from cockpit to exterior view, but will not switch back again. Am I perhaps missing something when setting this up? I have an old, but great, MS Precision Pro Joystick. But am not convinced it's a problem with the Joystick, since all the other buttons bind to other functions correctly. Thanks for your advice.
  18. Good morning. I have flown the 747 just a few times without problem. I set up for a flight this morning and discovered that I have no primary control joystick input. I do have throttle control (set up and calibrated through FSUIPC) and tiller control (likewise) ... but no other controls. Strange. These controls work perfectly in other aircraft (NGX/A320/default cub etc). I have tried recalibrating through P3D. I have tried calibrating through FSUIPC instead. I have tried allowing FSUIPC to regenerate a new .ini I have the latest FSUIPC. I've checked the drivers, calibration and operation in Windows and re-booting/reconnecting the USB devices. Interestingly, if I operate the rudders when the airplane initially loads, the rudder pedals are operating ... but as the "systems initialisation" process occurs, it seems to inhibit joystick operation when the counter gets to about 3 leading me to think that it is something in that initialisation process that is causing the issue. I should stress that loading any other aircraft, including the NGX causes no problem. Any thoughts? I hate to simply reinstall things .. I'd sooner learn what the issue is and fix it if possible. Kind regards Nick Kidd
  19. Hi, Unable to assigning any "functions" to buttons of my joystick/panels in new Linda, my P3Dv4 is totally new installed no addons except fsuipc. To info: my MCP1 worked right out of the "box", no setup needed :-) My sw: - win64b - P3D v4 -FSUIPC v5.103 Any advise please :-) Brgds SO
  20. Hi, I hope someone may be able to help. My X55 joystick has been getting very noisy recently and quite stiff to operate. Has anyone any tips on the best way of lubricating the mechanics and what to use? I haven't tried opening it up yet in the hope that I can get some advice from someone here who may know the the best way of going about it. Baz
  21. Q1) My choices for HOTAS under about £150, any thoughts on these? £40 Games Power JS285 Flight Control System £90 Thrustmaster T.160000M FCS HOTAS £120 Logitech X52 H.O.T.A.S. £150 Logitech X52 Pro H.O.T.A.S. Q2) What is your own favourite stick and throttle?
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