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Found 8 results

  1. FSXFlyer123

    Operations Center

    Hi everyone, Last time I'm having troubles with PMDG737NGX, but now it is almost fixed, I think. My CD-rom didn't work, that's fixed. But for some reason, my Operations Center appeared. I can't find it anymore, and I need that to download PMDG737 again. Can I download the operations center again? If yes, please send the download link, thanks :)
  2. Hi I purchased the 777 for P3D 6 weeks ago. On 8th March, using the Operations Center "buy now" button, which opened the PMDG store page, I purchased the 737NGX. The problem is when I log into my account it only shows the 777 purchased not the 737. The 737 is registered to a different email address. They are both the same email account, both apple icloud emails, and both mine. How can I get both purchases to show up using my one single email address and show up simultaneously on Ops Center? I think the problem was when I purchased via the buy now button I was not logged into my existing PMDG account. I stupidly thought it would recognise I already had one, given the fact I was buying it from within the PMDG Operations Center "buy now" button link to the PMDG Store. I thought it would all sync up. Alas it hasn't, so I have the messy situation of two PMDG aircraft sitting associated with 2 different email accounts. Any help to resolve this mess would be much appreciated. John John Crosby
  3. I keep on getting a message in my OC asking me to update my PMDG 777's with the new SE editions, but as was stated here by PMDG there is no need if you don t have FSX:SE so i tend to ignore it and tell oc to do the same, but each time i launch oc, messages appear again.. so, nothing really serious, but just a little thing to think about for developers on the other side, i read on FS2Crew website that a new update of RAAS is incuded in SP1d... true? then it would actually make sense to update to SP1d? a bit confused ....
  4. Hi, I have an issue whereby none of my PMDG products can be updated using the Operations Center. Whenever I click "OK" on the notifications center, a command prompt flashes open then closes immediately, without actually updating anything. I've done some digging and the log file shows the below: I have only included the section of the Log related to the 747v3, but I'm having the same problem for all the products I own (747v3, 777-200LRF+300ER, 737NGX). Any ideas? Many thanks Jean-Pierre Chabert
  5. bomarcus

    Operations Center

    Hello. Not being used to post in forums, I'm not all certain on what procedures to follow. I'll do my best to comply anyway. I can't get Operations Center to function with my 737NGX & 777LRF. (Prepar3d 2.5 using Windows 10) Done a reinstallation of P3D after having to format and fully reinstall Windows. P3D and Windows are located on separate harddrives. Both products installed without issues - including the Operations Center. When selecting the two purchased & registered Products mentioned above - the Operations Center won't let me do anything other than purchase the selected Product. Having tried to find a solution by browsing forums and googling the issue - I evetually submitted a Ticket in PMDG's support system (3/8 2016) About a week gone without response I try this way of getting some input on what to do. I have tried uninstalling both planes and manually removing the Operations Center folders (in both "Program Files (x86)" and "AppData/Roaming/PMDG"). Then reinstalled planes again without issues as mentioned. I'll try to attach: "PMDG Operations Center.txt" In short, one line stand out to me saying: Prepar3D SetupPath registry key was located but could not be read. Kind regards and thankful for input. /Marcus Jonsson Can't figure out how to attach the text file. I suppose I'll simply copy paste its contents instead. ===================== PMDG Operations Center v1.16.01 ===================== 12:47:45.490 12:47:45.490 Starting Ops Center 12:47:45.490 12:47:45.490 Loading Settings 12:47:45.490 Finding FSX 12:47:45.505 Failed to open FSX-Retail AppPath registry key: 2 12:47:45.505 Finding FSX:SE 12:47:45.505 Failed to open FSX-SE Install_Path registry key: 2 12:47:45.505 Failed to find co-existence registry key. (Note: Key is not present in registry): 2 12:47:45.505 Finding P3D 12:47:45.505 Prepar3D SetupPath registry key was located but could not be read. 12:47:45.505 Checking if FSX is in Program Files 12:47:45.521 Checking if FSXSE is in Program Files 12:47:45.521 Checking if P3D is in Program Files 12:47:45.521 12:47:45.537 Loading GDI+ 12:47:45.537 12:47:45.537 Command line: 12:47:45.537 12:47:45.537 Initializing 12:47:45.537 12:47:45.537 Displaying Ops Center 12:47:45.537 12:47:45.552 Window initializing 12:47:45.552 12:47:45.653 Loading Settings Module 12:47:45.653 12:47:45.657 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Settings.dat 12:47:45.657 Loading Module 12:47:45.697 12:47:45.701 Settings - Product Module Loading 12:47:45.701 12:47:45.701 Settings - Checking product version 12:47:45.701 No GUID found! 12:47:45.717 12:47:45.721 Finding product modules 12:47:45.721 12:47:45.721 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX P3D.dll 12:47:45.721 Loading Module 12:47:45.773 12:47:45.781 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Product Module Loading 12:47:45.781 12:47:45.781 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Checking product version 12:47:45.781 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{0EA92925-36E7-40CB-A714-118AB046099B} 12:47:45.785 Installed version: 1.10.6461 12:47:45.789 12:47:45.789 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Product Module Initializing 12:47:45.789 12:47:45.793 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Finding installed variants 12:47:45.793 Variants: 8 12:47:45.793 Variant 1: PMDG 737-800NGX 12:47:45.797 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.797 Variant 2: PMDG 737-800NGX WL 12:47:45.801 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX WL\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.805 Variant 3: PMDG 737-900NGX 12:47:45.805 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-900NGX\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.809 Variant 4: PMDG 737-900NGX WL 12:47:45.809 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-900NGX WL\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.813 Variant 5: PMDG P-8A Poseidon 12:47:45.817 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG P8A Poseidon\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.817 Variant 6: PMDG 737-600NGX 12:47:45.821 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-600NGX\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.821 Variant 7: PMDG 737-700NGX 12:47:45.825 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-700NGX\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.829 Variant 8: PMDG 737-700NGX WL 12:47:45.829 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-700NGX WL\aircraft.cfg 12:47:45.833 12:47:45.837 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Checking expansion versions 12:47:45.837 Expansions: 1 12:47:45.845 Expansion 1: PMDG 737-600700 NGX P3D 12:47:45.845 Opening registry key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{51CE3C56-7069-4055-AC02-FDCA5A0C0D0C} 12:47:45.849 Error opening key: 2 12:47:45.853 12:47:45.853 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX XSE.dll 12:47:45.853 Loading Module 12:47:45.913 12:47:45.917 PMDG 737NGX XSE - Product Module Loading 12:47:45.917 12:47:45.921 PMDG 737NGX XSE - Checking product version 12:47:45.921 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{20708FD5-E94D-4097-A21E-E28564CDBC06} 12:47:45.933 Error opening key: 2 12:47:45.933 12:47:45.937 PMDG 737NGX XSE - Product Module Initializing 12:47:45.937 12:47:45.941 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX.dll 12:47:45.941 Loading Module 12:47:46.001 12:47:46.005 PMDG 737NGX - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.005 12:47:46.005 PMDG 737NGX - Checking product version 12:47:46.005 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{20708FD5-E94D-4097-A21E-E28564CDBC06} 12:47:46.009 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.013 12:47:46.013 PMDG 737NGX - Product Module Initializing 12:47:46.013 12:47:46.017 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777 P3D.dll 12:47:46.017 Loading Module 12:47:46.081 12:47:46.085 PMDG 777 P3D - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.085 12:47:46.089 PMDG 777 P3D - Checking product version 12:47:46.089 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{C1CB0E26-CE1A-4789-8EEA-919C4CD491C1} 12:47:46.089 Installed version: 1.10.7025 12:47:46.093 12:47:46.097 PMDG 777 P3D - InitializeProduct 12:47:46.097 12:47:46.101 PMDG 777 P3D - Finding installed variants 12:47:46.101 Variants: 3 12:47:46.101 Variant 1: PMDG 777-200LR 12:47:46.105 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR\aircraft.cfg 12:47:46.109 Variant 2: PMDG 777F 12:47:46.109 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777F\aircraft.cfg 12:47:46.113 Variant 3: PMDG 777-300ER 12:47:46.117 Path: SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-300ER\aircraft.cfg 12:47:46.117 12:47:46.121 PMDG 777 P3D - Checking expansion versions 12:47:46.121 Expansions: 1 12:47:46.121 Expansion 1: PMDG 777-300ER P3D 12:47:46.125 Opening registry key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{BD6E3AEC-7746-494A-B055-75D6D56A82BB} 12:47:46.129 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.129 12:47:46.133 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777 XSE.dll 12:47:46.133 Loading Module 12:47:46.197 12:47:46.201 PMDG 777 XSE - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.201 12:47:46.205 PMDG 777 XSE - Checking product version 12:47:46.205 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{0F16340B-5B5B-4531-8D87-4952E3BCA6E6} 12:47:46.205 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.209 12:47:46.213 PMDG 777 XSE - InitializeProduct 12:47:46.213 12:47:46.213 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777.dll 12:47:46.213 Loading Module 12:47:46.273 12:47:46.277 PMDG 777X - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.277 12:47:46.277 PMDG 777X - Checking product version 12:47:46.277 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{0F16340B-5B5B-4531-8D87-4952E3BCA6E6} 12:47:46.281 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.285 12:47:46.285 PMDG 777X - InitializeProduct 12:47:46.285 12:47:46.289 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module J41 XSE.dll 12:47:46.289 Loading Module 12:47:46.357 12:47:46.361 PMDG J41 XSE - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.361 12:47:46.361 PMDG J41 XSE - Checking product version 12:47:46.361 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FB647DBE-2231-405D-AC36-C73246CBE305} 12:47:46.365 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.369 12:47:46.369 Loading Module from file: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module J41.dll 12:47:46.369 Loading Module 12:47:46.429 12:47:46.433 PMDG J41 - Product Module Loading 12:47:46.433 12:47:46.437 PMDG J41 - Checking product version 12:47:46.437 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FB647DBE-2231-405D-AC36-C73246CBE305} 12:47:46.441 Error opening key: 2 12:47:46.441 12:47:46.445 Finished loading product modules. 12:47:46.445 Sorting product modules 12:47:46.445 Done. 12:47:46.449 12:47:46.485 Settings - Showing product 12:47:46.485 12:47:46.493 Settings - Showing page 0 12:47:46.493 12:47:46.505 Checking for Ops Center updates 12:47:46.505 Temp path: C:\Users\Marcus\AppData\Local\Temp\PMDG_OC0000\ 12:47:46.509 Update URL: 12:47:46.513 Update file: C:\Users\Marcus\AppData\Local\Temp\PMDG_OC0000\update.cfg 12:47:47.129 File 0 12:47:47.133 Name: PMDG Operations Center.exe 12:47:47.137 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.exe 12:47:47.141 File 1 12:47:47.145 Name: Changelog.txt 12:47:47.149 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Changelog.txt 12:47:47.153 File 2 12:47:47.153 Name: OpsCenterUpdater.exe 12:47:47.157 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\OpsCenterUpdater.exe 12:47:47.161 File 3 12:47:47.165 Name: Settings.dat 12:47:47.169 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Settings.dat 12:47:47.173 File 4 12:47:47.177 Name: Product Module 737NGX P3D.dll 12:47:47.181 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX P3D.dll 12:47:47.185 File 5 12:47:47.185 Name: Product Module 737NGX XSE.dll 12:47:47.189 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX XSE.dll 12:47:47.193 File 6 12:47:47.197 Name: Product Module 737NGX.dll 12:47:47.201 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 737NGX.dll 12:47:47.205 File 7 12:47:47.209 Name: Product Module 777 P3D.dll 12:47:47.213 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777 P3D.dll 12:47:47.217 File 8 12:47:47.217 Name: Product Module 777 XSE.dll 12:47:47.221 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777 XSE.dll 12:47:47.225 File 9 12:47:47.229 Name: Product Module 777.dll 12:47:47.233 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 777.dll 12:47:47.237 File 10 12:47:47.241 Name: Product Module J41 XSE.dll 12:47:47.245 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module J41 XSE.dll 12:47:47.245 File 11 12:47:47.249 Name: Product Module J41.dll 12:47:47.253 Local path: c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module J41.dll 12:47:47.257 File 12 12:47:47.261 Update Available: 0 12:47:47.289 12:47:47.293 Checking for product updates 12:47:47.293 Temp path: C:\Users\Marcus\AppData\Local\Temp\PMDG_OC0000\ 12:47:47.297 12:47:47.749 Done with product updates 12:47:47.749 12:47:47.764 12:47:47.764 12:47:47.764 Load complete. Running PMDG Operations Center 12:47:47.764 12:47:47.764 12:47:47.764 12:47:51.695 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Showing product 12:47:51.695 12:47:51.711 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Showing page 0 12:47:51.711 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{0EA92925-36E7-40CB-A714-118AB046099B} 12:47:51.711 12:47:51.727 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Creating menu tree 12:47:51.727 Product Installed: 0 12:47:51.727 12:47:53.586 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Menu changed to page 0 12:47:53.586 12:47:53.586 PMDG 737NGX P3D - Showing page 0 12:47:53.586 Checking key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{0EA92925-36E7-40CB-A714-118AB046099B} 12:47:53.602 12:51:16.499 PMDG 777 P3D - Showing product 12:51:16.499 12:51:16.519 PMDG 777 P3D - Showing page 0 12:51:16.519 12:51:16.535 PMDG 777 P3D - Creating menu tree 12:51:16.535 Product Installed: 0 12:51:16.543 12:58:48.770 12:58:48.770 Unloading product modules 12:58:48.770 12:58:48.778 12:58:48.778 PMDG 737NGX P3D 12:58:48.778 12:58:48.782 12:58:48.782 PMDG 737NGX XSE 12:58:48.782 12:58:48.786 12:58:48.786 PMDG 737NGX 12:58:48.786 12:58:48.790 12:58:48.790 PMDG 777 P3D 12:58:48.790 12:58:48.794 12:58:48.794 PMDG 777 XSE 12:58:48.794 12:58:48.798 12:58:48.798 PMDG 777X 12:58:48.798 12:58:48.802 12:58:48.802 PMDG J41 XSE 12:58:48.802 12:58:48.806 12:58:48.806 PMDG J41 12:58:48.806 12:58:48.810 12:58:48.810 Done unloading product modules 12:58:48.818 12:58:48.818 12:58:48.818 Cleaning Up 12:58:48.818 12:58:48.819 12:58:48.819 Goodbye! 12:58:48.819
  6. I downloaded the latest PMDG Operations Center in preparation for buying the 747 release. I've now noticed that my JS41 which originally was shown as FSX-SE enabled now only shows as FSX in the drop down menu. I know that the aircraft works ok in Steam, but where have all the livery options gone?? I hope that another Operations Center update will follow soon rectify this. Has anyone else come across this problem?? OK cancel that question! Just remembered that all the old pre Operations Center liveries are available for download direct from the PMDG website duh!
  7. Hi, I bought the J-41 about two years ago. Should I have received a copy of the operations center with this aircraft? if so where would it be? How do I access it? Thank You (oh will the 747 ever come back lol)
  8. I paint liveries and have had no issue creating PTP packages in the past under FSX but the new Livery Manager in the new and improved Operations Center is not functioning for me correctly in P3D. When I right click on my custom painted livery and tell it to export it asks me for the name of the livery I want to create. I do so and it says that the export is completed. It creates a completely useless PTP file that has no textures or the custom INI file or anything. In the old version you could see it working its magic and compressing the livery and prepping it for PTP formatting. This is not the case now in the the new Ops center with P3D. Am I going to have to fool the ops center into thinking I have FSX installed or something to get it to find the path to the texture folder in the Simobjects library for the liveries I am painting? Your insight on this is helpful. I did not see any info in the new ops center manual regarding the functionality of this. EDIT: I just turned on Flight 1's migration tool and enabled it, making a virtual FSX and the export function is working now. Are there plans for us non-FSX users to be able to use the Export functionality without the need of fooling the ops center? We have 737/777 officially licensed now for P3D. It would be nice if the Ops center could scan for the P3D install folder and simobjects folder if FSX is not found. Thanks for your response to this inquiry.