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Found 24 results

  1. Slt all FR :smile: depuis 8 ans je fais des tutos pour les Français car il y en trop peu sur PMDG voir pas du tout. Je sais que beaucoup de personnes ici n'en noront pas besoin mais d'autre si alors comme le 737 et le 777 je reprends les bases, comme bien connaitre son environnement de vol avant de faire un call and dark 100% des Youtubeurs ne le font pas et encore moins en FR... Alors voilà PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II - P3DV3 - Premières impressions - Patie 1 PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II - P3DV3 Bien connaitre sont environement de vol - Patie 2 PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II - P3DV3 Call and Dark Procedure Air France - Patie 3 Bientôt Alors je me trompe 3 / 4 fois dans mes paroles comme 7284 milles Nautiques et je dis 7284 Nautiques ou comme la partie Fire suppression qui ne n'éteint pas les moteurs mais l’incendie moteur, j'ai mal formulé j'espère que ça va aider les petits nouveaux Si vous avez des questions ou réclamations, je suis la Bonne Vision a+ Jean Baptiste
  2. Hello Simmers, Requesting livery for PIA in 80s and 90s livery plus Saudia in 80s livery for PMDG 744 V3.
  3. I am buying a new graphics card. My current graphics card is an AMD RADEON HD 7520 which is decent but can't run more than 1 and a half hours on FSX. I am planning to buy a better GPU so when the PMDG 777-300 comes out I can FINALLY do long hauls. I want a graphics card that can last for more than 17 hours on ultra settings fsx but I dont want to spend to much on it. Will the GTX 660TI do the job or should I get a GTX 760? Still wondering... And what kind of GTX 660 or 760 should I get? TI? Superclocked? 2GB? Thanks, Andrej
  4. Hi, I download demo version of FsCaptain for FS9. I already have FSpassengers I like it too. But I think FsCaptain have better realism. So if I purchase FsCaptain, Fspassengers is going where all other deleted bytes go. :biggrin: But I have some questions for FsCaptain users. I have been searhing for two days then I decide to join the Avsim. I like to plan my own flights but I can't figure out how to do it with FsCaptain. Is it possible ? When I using Fspassengers I can fly 2-3 flights in a row without ending flight. Fspassengers can change flight id without ending flight or using aircraft selection menu. While Aircraft parked on appron with APU running I plan my flight with FsCommander, load the new plan to FS9 then takeoff. It's good thing not start cold and dark for every flight. :smile: Can I do it with FsCaptain ? And above all I use 3 aircraft in FS9. QWSim Avro/RJ, iFly 737 and PMDG 747. Can I use them with FsCaptain ? I can't find cfg's. And they are complex addons. Are there any issues with FsCaptain ? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have been researching this issue using google for a while now with no luck.It seems a lot of people had this problem but I couldn't find a solution. The navigation display s stuck on app mode, which renders it usleless. How can I fix this this?
  6. I recently purchased PMDG 747-400 for my FSX. It is working beautifully but there is one problem I cannot find an answer to and I hope someone can assist. When I have the AP engaged (with Heading and Altitude) and I select a new Heading (via Heading Select knob), most of the time the aircraft banks immediately and rapidly to the new heading as selected. However, it has now happened a few times where after selecting the new heading, the aircraft banks very slowly and will not go beyond 5 degree angle when normally it goes about 20-25 degrees. The first time this happened is when I inadvertently pushed the Heading Hold button so I am trying to refrain from pushing this. But it has happened again even when not pushing this button. Why it this happening and if this reoccurs, what steps can I take? Thks for any help.
  7. Hey guys- Will the PMDG 747 V2.0 be a free update for current owners of the PMDG 747-400X? Thanks, Bobby Loesch
  8. Good evening everyone, I have been a member of this website for years, but this is my first or close to it post. I purchased the PMDG 747-400 for FSX and am trying to do a flight with it. However, anytime I try to get the flight underway, setting up the FMC, the simulator freezes. I am able to switch between views if I right click and select a specific view but I cannot use the keyboard commands (e.g. F9, F10, F11, and F12). They do absolutely nothing. I can, however, set the throttle to full and retard them back to idle. Are there any suggestions on how to solve this problem? I have just completed my english class and am eager to get back to the skies. Thanks for any and all help!
  9. hello to all i don t like complain but here twice flight and twice problem during arrival this morning, arrival at eham from west, pass over spl for an arrival R36C, just before spl plane turn right and follow a south path, not programmed path into the fmc, i had to correct the heading via hdg mode until i was align with LOC arrival this afternoon, another flight and another arrival problem at moscou, i had programm the arrival into the fmc, the plane follow it until it lost the path, need to correct by hdg mode, and finish on manual mode for landing So the Vnav mode seems to have a problem with approach in my case, i don't have any problem with 737 or 777 just with the 747, maybe someone can help me?
  10. Hi everyone. Make sure you check out the Avsim news. Comments and suggestions for future updates welcome. It's not just added support for PMDG 747. This build has a few refinements here and there. Slightly better PTT (Push To Talk) functionality Better handling of TTS voices (these have been neglected since we moved to using recorded audio a while ago). Better flows execution. Thank you. The FS++ team
  11. Hi Guys I have been flying the pmdg 747 for a while but it stopped working so I tried to reinstall it, when I installed it again. I validated it and then it gave me a pop-up message that said 'Feature transfer error, Component: DLLs, File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\ Error: Access is denied Please Help me, I have to fly the plane soon
  12. I'm trying to do a 10 hour flight, created a flight plan in fsbuild, and imported it into the fms of the PMDG 747. after about 30 minutes the 747 started veering off the flight plan and making random s curves. I thought it might be because of sharp tight curves fsbuild had put in it, so I deleted the departure waypoints, and it soon had a nice long line and was following it fine. about 30 minutes later, it started making s curves again on either side of the acars map. What gives? I would presume that the 747 would be like every other aircraft, and simply follow a straight line. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a known issue? 10 hours is a long time to sit here and baby a 747 with the heading indicator... Everything else is working just fine, so it's not an FSPasengers failure. Any ideas?
  13. Hello all. Like many of you I guess, there's been loads of long haul flying in the simulator since PMDG released the new and f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c Queen of the Skies II. Here are some images from my latest flight between Tampa, FLA and Leipzig-Halle in Germany. Fictional flight number with Polar Air Cargo livery. ------------------------------------------------- Simulator: P3D 3.4.22 Add-ons: PMDG 747-400 AS16 FTX Global ORBX LC Europe Toposim Mesh REX textures (a real hodge podge) ENVTEX skytextures PTA 2.10 with Thopat config PFPX flight planning On with the pics: 1) Climbing out of SID BAYPO7 2) Fast forward, just passed 54N20W after 06hr05min in the air. 3) Dawn is upon us 4) Nice atmosphere on the flight deck 5) Beautiful morning over western Europe 6) I know there have been issues with performance with this bird. But I must say she performs superb on my rig. (much better than the T7) 7) Almost there. Runway 08L was the assigned rwy today (allright I must confess. I have the default AFCAD for EDDP and the 744 didn't pick up the ILS for 08R since it's missing ) 8) Touching down after 09hr05min in the air. We beat the ETA from PFPX by roughly 10 min. That's all for now. Thanks for looking
  14. When input the next waypoint in the FMC after flying vectors it is accepted and executed, but the solid track in ND only appears after that waypoint. No track is indicated to the waypoint and LNAV will not track. If I arrive at the waypoint using the Heading Select and am on the solid track as per the ND it still will not track the course when LNAV is selected? If I fly the same flight with the 737 NGX there is no problem at all. The flight is the Loop 6 departure from KLAX where you fly outbound to the 15 DME from LAX and then turn left and climb to 10,000A over LAX. LAX is the waypoint I input and execute.
  15. Hi, all, I have been flying the PMDG 747-400 for quite a while, and the last time I had flown it fine was just 2-3 days ago. When I chose the PMDG 747 to fly today, I got the following error: ================================================================================ Windows has found a problem with this file: PMDG_747400_Main.DLL Publisher: Unknown Publisher This file was blocked because it does not have a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher. ================================================================================ The only addons I have installed recently was KEWR scenery from Drzewiecki Design and the E190 engines from Turbine Sound Solutions. The file itself doesn't show a recent modified date. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm a bit perplexed at how something that worked just two days ago suddenly got this error. Thanks in advance to anyone who figures this one out.
  16. hello guyzz, i have just brought PMDG 747 and my problem is that that how to use use the CO-ROUTE in FMC .. i use fs2004(fs9). when i create a flight for example Charled -de -gaule to berlin (i forgot the airport) , i use IFR and when the simulation begins when i put the departure and arrival airport in FMC and the co-route, it shows the data is not valid ... or something like that ... can u pls help and i am a amatuer in these things pls help me guyzzzzzzz
  17. hello guys, since i am new to the forum and also to the pmdg community i may be asking a silly question which just cannot get out of my mind since im about to buy the pmdg 777. i use pmdg 747 for fs9 and just recently matered its fmc and will soon be converting to fsx. so what i had in my mind was that whether the fmc programming on the 777 is broadly similar to the 747 or completely diffenrent in all aspects.
  18. Do someone know where i can find a good tutorial or user manual for the repaint kit of the pmdg 747 ? Am surprised that the Precision Manuals Development Group have not done this after all this time.
  19. I want to change the "snap-to" position in the "Cockpit View: Virtual Cockpit" view when I hit the CTL-Spacebar key combo. Right now the default setting for CTL-Spacebar is level with the windscreen and leaves most of the instrument panel out of sight below the view. I'd like the CTL-Spacebar position to pitch lower so that it shows me the instrument panel and less of an out front view. I can do this easily by adding a new, modified virtual camera view to the aircraft.cfg, but then I have one more panel view in the set of available virtual cockpit views to cycle through. Instead, I'd rather do this for the default virtual panel view, but I don't know where the configuration settings are. There's not a default virtual cockpit view camera configuration in the aircraft.cfg file; instead there are camera settings for "MCP View", "FMC", "FO Seat", "Radio Stack", "Overhead Panel", just not one for the pilot's "Virtual Cockpit" view. Attached are two pictures. The first shows the default view I see when I hit CTL-Spacebar key combo. The second picture is the view I want to see. Sorry if this is real confusing, but I appreciate any help locating where to affect the change to the default Virtual Cockpit camera configuration settings Default 'Snap-To' Virtual Cockpit View When Hitting CTL-Spacebar The View I Desire to See When I Hit CTL-Spacebar Thanks, Doug
  20. Hi guys, Love your button control version of the NGX, do you have one for the PMDG 747? http://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-FSX-PMDG-747-Edition.html That the one?
  21. Hello all, This is my first post in Avsim, so please let me know if I do anything wrong. I'm having a problem with the 747-400 which I just got last week. The FMC will show the distance in nautical miles counting down (under the VNAV section in the FMC) to the step climb. Suddenly the count will stop at some random mileage, usually around 70nm or so. I can keep flying and flying and the distance will remain the same for the remainder of the flight. Any ideas? FYI I usually use a cost index of 25 or 30, which translates to mach .830 cruising speed. I also use the odd/even rule for flight levels when traveling east/west respectively, which honestly doesn't seem to matter in the 737NGX and MD11. Any help? Ryan Dewey
  22. Hi, I wanted to know how to manually install liveries on the V3. I know it can be done via the ops Center, but I would like to do it myself. Thanks,
  23. Well, I've been looking through every flight sim website's repaint folders but I havent come up successful with finding any of the British Airways world tails anymore. The only successful world tail was the Chelsea Rose. I remember before buying the PMDG 747 that AVSIM carried them in the FSX repaints section. After getting hacked, they all dissappeared. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to bring back these beautiful repaints to the scenery library for all of us to use . I would once again love to have these in my hanger so far I've only been successful with Chelsea Rose. I would love to have the Scottish looking tail in my hanger too
  24. hey guyzz i have using the PMDG 747 simulator for a long time ... now i have encountered a problem .... when i start a flight with engines on ...the main displays and the eicas work fine but after a short period of time the EICAS AND the MAIN displays go off... what to do guyzzz... pls hel me out
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