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Found 17 results

  1. Working on customizing texture, are these tips(?, in red circle) supposed to be metallic with alpha channel or just white texture and it's glitch?
  2. Hi There Pmdg, My name is Edward Salter and the other day purchased the pmdg 777 for FSX:SE, but to my disappointment the installer came up saying Feature Transfer Error Feature: FSX Version - Original Microsoft Distribution Component: File: Error: Catastrophic Error I also have pmdg 737 ngx and this never happened. I have searched a lot of forums and followed lots of instructions but this keeps happening! Please Help me I. Eddie (1st post let me know if i did something wrong)
  3. Name: PMDG 777 Autoland Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 03 November 2016 - 07:16 AM Submitter: davidfein Short Description: Shows the details of how autoland works so you can duplicate solid landings yourself Learning to land the PMDG 777 was a challenge so I recorded a number of views of the PMDG 777 doing an autoland. Seeing the details (speed, decent rate, engine kill, flare details, etc) makes it much easier to learn to land because you have very specific things to model and practice. View Video
  4. patrico


    Hi Guys can anybody tell me where I can get Aer Lingus livery for my PMDG 777.. I do know they do not fly this particular aircraft
  5. I am a new user: First off I love this new software. After use Radar Contact for years, which still very good, Pilot2ATC is the new generation. So far everything is perfect. I was wondering if it is compatible with PMDG 777-200? Has anyone tried it out yet? It would very interesting to hear everyone's comments. Keep up the good work. Thank you all in advance. Harry
  6. I'm sorry this topic does not directly involve the 777 but I thought this was the most appropriate place to post after not being able to find a forum for Ezdok. I am having an issue with EzDok (EZCA) in the PMDG 777 (only noticed in 777) in turns both on the ground and in the air and also when starting a steep climb. The issue is the camera moves during these times and it somehow changes my preset so if I have a camera preset looking straight out the front window from captains seat and go into a right turn the camera moves back and right. Anyone know any solutions? I have tried reconfigure and reinstall of Ezdok and also reinstall of the PMDG 777, none of the above solved the issue. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, I'm a developer and really love boeing 777. That's why I'm making a home cockpit project. Unfortunately, I recognized there is some problem with the SDK when it work with P3DV3. It's outdated and it has some wrong Event ID, wrong data struct. I want to contact to PMDG 777 developers for supporting but I can't. How can I contact them ? If I make a topic there, would they support me ? Regards, Duc Trinh PS: There is some pics about my project : Pedestal: Throttle and spoiler with motorized CDU EFIS for FO and CAPT MCP and DSP Pedestal
  8. Just Share My New Video FSX Film | Freighter Visit My Youtube Channel : NFL Aviation Hope you Like it :smile:
  9. From the album: Kattz's Album

    © K Cummins

  10. Hello, I bought the PMDG 777 Base package like one year ago. Everything was fine but last Saturday I formatted my computer (not before uninstalling every simulator and add-on) and when I reinstalled it the problem came: I think it could be that I opened the PMDG Operations Center before opening the simulator to register the installation but the problem is that I can't download the 5.1 sound package... I searched in many forums for a possible solution but no one got the same problem as me. I openned a ticket on the PMDG support page, they answered propossing me to "reinstall" the PMDG Operations Center by removing everything except the updater (the solution that everyone knows) but it didn't work. I haven't got an answer for this ticket from this Tuesday but I think it's understandable because they may be so busy with the updates for Prepar3d v4 and that's why I open this topic. I add a video of my problem to check exactly what happens and my Operations center log.(https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u7bs2iegatlmd9s/AAAhEShCIKm3FDKk-Jum8Ugja?dl=0) Thanks in advance, Jose Manuel. PD: Using Windows 10 64-bits
  11. Since FTX Orbx is having a May sale, can some of you tech savvy folks tell me if I add FTX Global Base + FTX Global Vector + FTX Open LC, will that be OK for my system. I run primarily aircraft add on's for PMDG 747 and 777 with FSX-SE, along with Active Sky 2016. My graphics card is not the latest greatest, below is my system: i7 6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHZ 32.0 GB RAM Windows 10 OS 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750TI I added the ASC 2016 recently and it is really slick, great add on that I am enjoying. I also want to start flying something lower level, like the SD3 I used to fly and maybe some other type of fun airplane and enjoy scenery a little more, will these add on's add to the experience. I know some of you have really souped up systems. Mine is primarily used as a 6 monitor system for trading options on equities and indexes and flight simulator flying.
  12. Good day all! I'm back with my second trip report, but this time I've moved it to the "Flight Sim & Aviation User Stories", for two reasons: 1) It seems more appropriate, and this sub-forum needs more activity anyway 2) I could not constrain a trip report to 20 images, nor did I wish to breach the rules on the Screenshots forum So here we are! -- Today's flight takes us from Mumbai, India, to Sunny(-ish) Singapore! We're operating SQ423 today, which is the first flight of the day to Singapore. We're expected to depart 15 minutes past midnight, and with an expected flight time of 5h20m, we should expect a traditionally pretty sunrise en-route. We're looking at some fog/haze out of Mumbai, and some moderate cloud cover, but this should be absolutely no problem for us. Weather over Malaysia (just north of Singapore) is forecasted to be a little iffy, with a line of thunderstorms forming just before our Top-Of-Descent. Should make things interesting! Our actual arrival into Singapore should be relatively bump-free, with clear-ish skies and light wind expected over the airport. We're expected to land at 08:15 Local. This flight, then, is excellent for Indian business travelers, as they arrive just in time for the day's meetings, before catching SQ424 back to Mumbai at 20:00 Local. Anyway, enough of my rambling, let's have a look at today's flight information: SQ423/SIA423 B777-200LR | 9V-SVV ETD: 20:15z - 00:15 Local EET: 5h20m ETA: 01:30z - 08:19 Local. Departure Airport: VABB (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) Arrival Airport: WSSS (Changi International Airport) There is a 4 minute delay in our calculations to allow for an average headwind component of 7 knots. We get to the flight-deck to see a nice warm cockpit, courtesy of the ground staff. The IRS isn't aligned, which is appropriate given this is the first flight of the day for the aircraft. She has a pretty flight-deck though, doesn't she? Anyway, we get a lovely shot of our 5-star caterers loading up the aircraft with all sorts of delicious meals, both Continental and Asian! Jumping back into the flightdeck, we can begin preparing the FMS for today's flight. We begin by aligning the IRS, so the aircraft knows where it is. Then we go ahead and request the route that dispatch has so kindly prepared for us. The route for today's flight is as follows: AGELA N571 LAGOG/N0491F390 N571 GUNIP R467 VKL A464 ARAMA As you can see, we have a step climb up to FL390 along the way, so we'll be watching for that past LAGOG. Once we've entered and cross-checked the route, we can go ahead and activate it! Next up, we've got to verify the performance of the aircraft. To do this, we need to go over our weight figures. We have a zero fuel weight of 203582 kilograms, or, 203.6t. This is made up of the 210 passengers + 8 crew we are carrying, and 17,898 kilograms of cargo. We're at a 89.9% Load Level, so revenue wise, this flight is fairly okay. In case anyone is interested, the distribution of PAX today is as follows: Occupied/Total 13/14 First Class 43/48 Business Class 154/172 Economy Class We must also, of course, take into consideration the fuel we will be carrying! After all, the T7 doesn't run on magic and rainbows Our fuel figures for today is as follows (All in Kilograms): FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 31474 ........ 04:44 CONT 5% 1574 ........ 00:15 ALTN WSSL 1186 ........ 00:08 FINAL RESV 3207 ........ 00:30 MIN T/O 37441 ........ 05:37 EXTRA 0 ........ 00:00 TAXI 650 ........ 00:25 RELEASE 38091 ........ 06:02 As you can see, we'll be diverting to WSSL if WSSS is unavailable for any reason. WSSL (Seletar Airport) is 21nm from WSSS (Changi International), and will take us a paltry 8 minutes to reach. We haven't been allowed to carry any extra fuel, and must take off with a fuel load greater than 37441 kilograms, else we will not meet the minimum legal requirement upon arrival. We also enter our initial cruise altitude, which is FL370, and our reserve fuel quantity of 3207 kilograms. All things considered, we will be operating with a cost index of 250 today, in lieu of the potential delays the headwind will cause, in addition to the line of thunderstorms we are expecting en-route. We're derated to 88.6% N1 today, which should leave us with a comfortable margin for take off, while still prolonging the life of the engines. Clearance, as expected, as assigned us RW32 for departure, following the VEVA1D SID out of Mumbai, and using the BIXOR transition onto our first waypoint. Of course, we have to verify the SID and Transition in the LEGS page, ensuring that there are no discontinuities. Luckily, today, everything looks spiffy. Now that clearance has given us our runway, we're good to initialize our V1, Vr, and V2 speeds. The FMS has given us the same speed for V1 and Vr, but company SOP maintains that all three speeds must be different, so we add 1 knot to the Vr, and 1 knot to the V2. This leaves us with: V1: 155 Vr: 156 V2: 157 Having completed all that, we can begin with our checklists! I love the ECL on the T7, it's immensely helpful. Skipping forward a bit, we've completed our pre-flight checklist and have moved on to our before start checklist. We've now set the MCP for departure. CHECK! Trimming her up for departure. FMS wants us at 2.5 units of trim, who am I to contend it? Another item checked off! Next up, taxi and take off briefing. We'll be taxiing from the International Terminal's Stand 55, over to RW32. Our taxi route is as follows: Tail East -> H -> N4 -> N1 -> E -> Cross 27 -> E1 -> RW32 Take-off will be mine, in event of an engine failure, we're to ascend to 3000ft, flying runway heading. We will complete all required checklists and memory items, and then return to the airport if safe. (I know I'm supposed to read SID information here too, but my lazy side has taken over!) CHECK! Doors closed, cross-checked and set to automatic. Waiting on the ground crew to close the cargo doors before we start up the APU and disconnect from ground power. All good, 9V-SVV is all sealed up! APU started! APU running, we can now disconnect from ground power. The aircraft is now self-sufficient. The big ol' gal being pushed back by a wee little tug.. Those ground crew sure are brave, operating near such gigantic machinery.. Due to the longer push back onto H, we delayed startup by a bit, but now the big beasts can shake themselves from slumber. Wakey wakey! Right engine fired good, time to throw a match into the left one! Good starts on both, bye bye Mr. GSX-Push-Guy! Before taxi checklist.. Anti-Ice - Not required, Recall - Checked, Flight Controls, checking! xD Dome lights off, time for a little mood lighting.. Gosh that's a pretty flight-deck.. Taxiing on N4 requires coming uncomfortably close to the fire station.. Oh well, at least it makes for a good photo-op! F/As ding us to let us know they're ready for take-off. Cabin ready! Crossing 27.. Flaps 5, before take-off checklist complete. We're ready too! Cleared for take-off before we get close to the holding point, so we roll on through, Landing Lights ON, Runway Turnoffs ON, Strobe ON, lined up and ready to go. Power set, keep her pointing the right direction, Cap'n! V1, Vr and V2 simply fly by, up into the air we go, 9V-SVV climbing like a homesick angel... Construction of the new international terminal on our left.. We were told to watch out for those cranes in our NOTAMs today! Say what you will about the 777, but one thing is NOT up for debate, she's a massively powerful aircraft.. Goodbye Mumbai! Moonlight glinting off the sea as we bank left for the VEVA1D SID.. Aircraft handed over to the Autopilot at 5000, Gear Up, Flaps Up, After Take-Off checklist complete! Obligatory sexy-bank shot! Climbing hard and fast, 10k whizzes by! Fast forward a bit, we're at cruise, and we're putting in our expected STAR and RW based on the predicted winds. So here you see that we're expecting RW20R via the LELI2B STAR, vectors onto final. Checking the STAR on the ND with the Plan mode.. Looks good! First light of dawn, very pretty at FL370! More dawn goodness! Even more.. She's such a pretty bird! More more MORE! Flex! Do you even lift bro? (I'm running out of captions at this point. Help!) Finally, something to say! Here we're stepping up the FL390. Yay for fuel efficiency! More dawn shots from the cockpit, REX4 and Shade has done a good job for FSX's visuals! More dawny-ness. So, fast forward more! 20 minutes into the future, all the pretty dawn scenes are gone and we've got huge thunder clouds instead. Bad. Time for WX deviations, and we don't even have extra fuel, drat! Menacing looking clouds.. Done dodging and weaving, we're going direct to GUNIP, looks moderately clear. Clouds in our path, again. At 39k, imagine that! Time for more dodging and weaving, I guess.. Cutting in between 2 huge cloud walls, time to clench a little! Seat Belt Signs ON. Made it through the narrow gap, clear on the left so we go direct BATAR. God, I can't wait for the SP1 WXR! Within 80nm of T/D, so we can go ahead and start the Before Descent Checklist.. We're about to begin descent, and there doesn't appear any visual way around this line of clouds, so we're gonna punch straight through. F/As instructed to take their seats, PAX told to buckle in. Turbulence penetration speed set on the MCP, but the aircraft is experiencing so many violent wind-shifts that the A/P is having a tough time.. Out of a cloud briefly before diving straight into another, still being shaken around like Beyonce's butt! Rain/Snow? Good thing Anti-Ice is on Auto. Still gotta monitor the systems though! The turbulence is getting worse, bordering on slightly dangerous now, so we begin getting with the program and extend the speed brakes. We can't climb over this mess, so we're gonna get down and out! Saw the VSI touch -6k at one point. In between two cloud layers, turbulence is far less down here, alas, we have to continue our descent.. Nearing the bottom of this mess, the weather is clearing out a little.. Finally.. 7k, entering the STAR pattern. Weather has almost completely vanished.. Almost.. Beginning flap extension prior to turning onto base.. RW in sight, glideslope captured, localiser captured.. 1500ft, A/P disconnected, time for some good old stick and rudder! Drifting right a bit, better correct quickly! All well as we cross the threshold.. Touchdown right in the TDZ, sweet! Time to disengage reverse, brake manually and turn left at the next high-speed. We're to dock at bay A16.. We turned off on W6, the route to our gate is: W6 -> WP -> V7 -> WA After cleaning up the aircraft and taking the above mentioned taxi route, we find ourselves at A16! Turning into the bay, we see the SafeDock system AND a marshaller, who is SO afraid of the aircraft that he's hiding behind a pole! Cloooooooooser... Crawling forward... Docked, nice and pretty! Time to shut down the engines, turn off the seat belt signs and let these terrified PAX out! Engines off, doors opened, PAX are free! Ground power hooked up to the aircraft, APU can be shut down.. She's back on the proverbial umbilical cord! Parked up, we're ready to leave the aircraft so she can continue on with another crew.. Unloading baggage and cargo! Belly of the beast! Our last shot before leaving her.. -- The brings an end to the pictures of today's flight. We arrived early by about 15 minutes, which is probably due to leaving Mumbai 14 minutes early. Either way, the flight was good fun, the WX en-route was amazing, and we kept within a reasonable time-frame, and our fuel burn was spot on! Well done PFPX! I hope you guys enjoyed following along as much as I did compiling this for you! -- Addons Used: PMDG 777 Thai Creations VABB ImagineSim WSSS Mogwaisoft Shade PFPX FTX;Global ActiveSky Next REX4 Texture Direct -- Note: None of these screenshots were edited in any form.
  13. It's been a few years since the Alienware died, and to be quite honest, it feels great to be back up and running! i7-6700K MSI Z170A Gaming M7 EVGA GeForce GTX1070 FTW G. Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GBx2 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Corsair Hydro Series H115i
  14. Hi, i downloaded the pmdg 777-300er and wanted to land at Eddf (Frankfurt). As i were in the Cockpit, i saw all Instruments working, but i coudnt see the Speed gauge and Altitude Gauge... The yellow blue egg was there but the Speed gauge wasnt. Im German, so my English isnt very good.
  15. Hi, I'm a week into P3D, I've been on FSX for 2 years. I bought a beefed up machine (6700k, gtx 1080 etc) with the intention of bringing my love of FSX to P3D. After reinstalling everything from my AI traffic (WoAi), PMDG 777, to Orbx Global and Vector and about 50+ Airports, I have yet to complete a long haul, 8hr plus in my case, something I was so used to in FSX. For those with a similar configuration and experience in P3D, what should I be doing differently? An example of my last long-haul failure: Imagine Sim's WSSS to FlyTampa EHAM with PMDG 777, about a 13-hour flight (A flight I somehow pulled off in FSX). I took off with 27% VAS remaining, about 3 Hours into the flight VAS had jumped to 14% remaining, 7.5 hours in over Turkmenistan at the break of dawn I get an OOM error and eventual CTD. Any help would be really appreciated. Best, Leon
  16. Hello Oldprop team, Looks like you people missed a one major immersion effect for PMDG (though PMDG should have added it by themselves) which is the Engine and APU shimmering effect specially in high temperatures. It will be great if they added very soon to the 777 immersion. Thanks and regards, Behroz Baloch
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