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Found 29 results

  1. Welcome to the new FS2Crew PMDG 777 Forum! Status: April 27 2013 Still waiting on PMDG to release the 777! I have no idea when that will be, so do not ask, speculate or threaten to water board me to find out when! I don't know B) As for what you can expect with the 777 version of FS2Crew: It will be very similar to the NGX version in terms of features and functionality, except modified to match 777 specific procedures. There will be two versions like there was for the NGX: Voice Control and Button Control. While you're waiting, you can start using our new 777 specific forum signature: Here's a direct link you can use for the above Forum Signature:
  2. Gentlement, I have been told (by alexnadein from that the Majestic Q400 is fully compatible with Prepar3D v2. You just need to uncheck "Mipmap VC panels" in "view and panel settings" Folks here tried this and it works. Thanks !
  3. Visors are now dark green and transparent...
  4. The HiFi team would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in our Active Sky 2016 SP1 Screenshot Contest! As always picking the winners was not easy this time around! There were many great contenders, but in the end we had to narrow it down. We picked 5 winners to showcase them in our forums. For prize details and contest results, please visit the screenshot contest winners thread. Thanks again to everyone for your participation! Stay tuned for future contests, giveaways and events!
  5. These screenshots were taken in Prepar3D v2.5 with HDR off: My fav setup FULL ON Shots taken by ryanbatcund
  6. I'm pleased to officially announce the release of our new simulation product: GNS 530W/430W V2 for X-Plane Legendary Gauges Redefined! Our new offering builds on our unique expertise with Garmin GNS simulation since 2002. Now packing more value for the money with TCAD and TAWS bundled in standard, we are also offering CROSSFILL at no additional cost! And there is more: to also thank our loyal customers for so many years of flight simulation excitement, we are adding a 10% discount coupon on top, valid until January 19th 2017, for customers of any of our products! Time has never been better to experience modern 64 bits simulation: X-Plane! Grab you copy and your coupon:
  7. Hi, like you might have noticed a few customers have been having problems with the latest GTN update, and a few with the latest GNS update. Problems are mostly on XP11 Beta 9, and XP10 is working fine. It goes as far as I've just read a customer cannot start the simulator with the GTN unless he releases the Saitek toe brakes... go figure this one, this is a XP11 beta. Nevertheless, we've been following and testing about 3 different builds with about 5 different customers directly, until we've reached enough stability, and we've now managed to get there. Because of this, the next updates were delayed a little, but since we are almost done, I wanted to let you know about what's coming up! For the GTN, next update will include flight plan import (native .gpl text format), user waypoints import, and per-aircraft checklists (native .ace format). For the GNS, next update will include flight plan import (native .fpl xml format) AND flight plan export (native .fpl xml fomat) For both the GTN and the GNS, next update will also come with a GUI for setting up the devices in-sim. This will make it easier to configure most if not all options, and there is no need to exit the simulator: it is a native popup window! Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:
  8. I'm pleased to officially announce the release of our new simulation product: GNS 530W/430W V2 for X-Plane Legendary Gauges Redefined! Our new offering builds on our unique expertise with Garmin GNS simulation since 2002. Now packing more value for the money with TCAD and TAWS bundled in standard, we are also offering CROSSFILL at no additional cost! But there is more: to also thank our loyal customers for so many years of flight simulation excitement, we are adding a 10% discount coupon on top, valid until January 19th 2017, for customers of any of our products! Time has never been better to experience modern 64 bits simulation: X-Plane! Grab you copy from our website at: and don't forget to also download your coupon once there!
  9. Folks....from the flight deck again, We know its been a few weeks since we have been able to give a quick rundown of what's been happening behind the scenes. The developers have been putting in many many hours as we work on the PRO Edition, and the "Beta Team" has just been sent a new beta of the upcoming version 1.008 for further testing. As for the PILOT Edition, we have not not been neglecting this project either. We have been working on getting most of the bugs that have been reported fixed and tested. When the Beta team is satisfied with the changes/fixes an installer will be released. Here are some of the chenages/fixes that have been accomplished thus far: FDE: +Fixed the SAT indication reverting to ISA on repositions +Replaced the turbulence model, added ground layer turbulence with strong winds SYSTEMS: +Fixed the VOR/DME/NDB ranges and the terminal/high altitude range switch +Fixed the landing spoilers extension timing on touchdown +Replaced the NAV/ILS type detection function GAUGES: +Fixed the clocks logic EFIS: +Drawing optimization by using a faster screens clearing function +ND: No FMS flight plan will be present when ND in the ILS/VOR mode +ND: DATA airports and nav will not be present when interlap with flight plan waypoints APPS: +cpan: W&B page will remember the last values entered OTHER: +Installer: Replaced the directX updater +FSX Connector: Correcting the FSX AP Vertical Speed reversion when alt selected crosses current altitude +Setting fuel flows via fsuipc (for XAcars)
  10. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX,
  11. For our Dutch Users! Best,
  12. As SP1 has just been released and we have reset all trial licenses for ASN. Even if you've tried ASN before, you can now try ASN SP1 for FSX or P3D FREE for 7-days! See for details!
  13. Pilots! We’re excited to announce that we’re holding a screenshot contest for Active Sky! Share your screenshots with the community and you’ll have a chance to score some prices! For more info visit :
  14. Tom Allensworth

    AVSIM to Provide Wrapper System for Developers

    We are pleased to reveal that early next week AVSIM will be releasing its Product Wrapper System (PWS) for Add-On Developers. The PWS offers add-on developers the opportunity to securely provide their products to their customers, using a key and machine code system to protect their products and IP from pirating. The system uses AVSIM's secure servers to provide global key look up and activation. The system allows flexibility in number of activations allowed, MAC binding, duration of activation, activation on one or more machines, and so on. There is a considerable degree of flexibility for the developer and we will document all of that prior to our bringing the PWS online. In a nut shell, here is how it works; you provide us your product, we wrap it according to your PWS feature choices, and we then send it back to you with a separate file containing the keys for your product. The wrapper contains YOUR license, YOUR web site address, YOUR support links, and more. We anticipate that turn around times will be less than 3 days for most products. The most important part of the AVSIM PWS is that it reduces your costs to implement a secure key system for your product and allows you a greater return on your investment. Here is just a short list of features for you to consider: Setup Costs: If you were to do this on your own, it would costs thousands invested in a variety of software packages, servers, PHP / MySQL implementation and more. Initial cost - Using a third party system as an alternative: Available wrapper systems can cost you a 10% commission or more for each product sold. AVSIM's PWS is tied to the number of Keys you purchase: as an example, we will offer a 500 KEY package that costs you a one time fee of $50.00. If you sell all 500 keys, that's $0.10 per product sale. When we launch the PWS, we will offer a number of attractive pricing packages. If you need more keys resulting from popular product sales? No problem, we will sell you a second or third or fourth batch for your product. Product sales: You can sell your product anywhere. Users are not constrained to any one web site to acquire your product. You could even sell the product directly if you have a Single User License Key System (SULK) in place. Alternatively, you could sell directly and provide keys via email to your confirmed customers. We hope you will choose to sell your product in the AVSIM Market Place, but you are not required to do so. Commerce Systems: Using the AVSIM PWS, you are free to choose the commerce system you want. You are not tied to a vendor's system and you don't have to pay additional commissions or processing fees if you chose to go your own way. We will be announcing more about the PWS next week and will start signing up developers on Monday. If you are interested, please contact us at You can discuss and ask questions in our forum thread dedicated to this subject here.
  15. For those who missed the Avsim announcement, make sure you don't Download your copy here Thank you
  16. Some news from the Majestic Software Hangar (Originally posted by Samdim in our forum), 1. The problem of simulator crashing when opening up an ARCDU window and on exit has been fixed. 2. No displays on mipmap vc panels option remains still unfixed (but who needs this option?). 3. From the systems/panels point of view, the Q400 should now work exactly the same way in P3D than in FSX. The visuals will be updated too. Light points (strobes, nav lights) have been reduced to their normal size (appeared oversized in P3D). Light splashes on ground made less agressive. Removed dynamic reflections from displays since they becomes redundant with VC shadows. All those fixes will be released as a separate package after we release the 1.008 Pilot update. The P3D version will be available to our customers at "NO ADDITIONAL COST". *****Addition by Kroswynd***** While we are not open supporting the Q400's operation in P3D at this time as we are still deep in the PRO development, please feel free to post in this thread any other anomolies that you may notice/encounter. Cheers
  17. Tom Allensworth

    Lockheed Answers Community Questions

    Below you will find the questions that we passed on to Wes Bard, Program Lead for Lockheed's P3D. These questions were culled from those submitted by the community over the last week. Enjoy the read! What new features will third party add-on developers be able to take advantage of in P3D v2? Hi Tom. Thanks again for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers at AVSIM Online today. I really appreciate it. This question is one I would hope you would ask. While v2 does feature a new rendering engine, a new license for military training in Professional Plus, a new user interface, and a new suite of mission creation tools in SimDirector, some of the most exciting and most involved changes involve the SDK and new features for developers. We’ve added a countless number of new calls to the legacy SimConnect interface, mostly all of which were requested by Prepar3D registered developers on our forums. We are committed to our registered developers, and when they request a piece of information or access to something in the simulation we try our best to accommodate them. That being said, there were requests that we had gotten that were not technically able to be done through SimConnect. Because of this, we created two brand new interfaces for developers. The first is the SimObject API where developers are no longer limited by the internal system when creating SimObjects – Airplanes, Vehicles, Helicopters, etc. They can use their own flight models, dynamics, physics systems, etc, and plug them into the rest of the Prepar3D simulation. The second is the Prepar3D Development Kit – or PDK – and that provides realtime hooks into the windows, panel, gauges, and rendering engine. Developers can access custom rendered images, and apply their own custom post processes to the rendered image. Examples of post processes that developers can write are HDR lighting, FXAA anti-aliasing, motion blur, distortion for better rendering across multiple screens, etc. They can apply these across the main Prepar3D image, or in custom cameras that can be rendered in the virtual cockpit or outside scene. This enables custom rendering for mirrors in the virtual cockpit, HUDs, custom panels and gauges, or even custom billboards and airport features in addon airports. We’ve really given developers access to everything we could in Prepar3D. And as always, if developers need new or different APIs we are happy to partner with them. We’ve also lifted the legacy polygon limits on models so that 3D modelers can build higher fidelity models for Prepar3D v2 than are possible in previous versions. Is there a 64-bit 'conversion' or recompilation projected anytime in the future? We’ve put a lot of thought and research into a 64-bit version of Prepar3D. It is in the roadmap, but I can’t promise you when it will be released. 64-bit will require all addons with 32-bit code to be recompiled, so users opening up a 64-bit Prepar3D will not be able to use any of their addons or solutions they’ve developed for 32-bit, so there are pros and cons to this. While most addon scenery should work, planes and vehicles likely would require some work on the developers part. I know your users have discussed in great depth the pros, which there are many, but it is not a simple re-compilation and would be a very involved effort to release a 64-bit version of Prepar3D. Have any additional weather effects been added, namely regarding turbulence and wind variation? What about interaction of wind with relief and thermals - are they the same as in FSX? And related, is there any form of fetching Real World Weather implemented into V2? We’ve greatly improved the appearance of flying into and through clouds, and have added volumetric fog to greatly increase the immersion of fog. You can see some of the 3rd party developers already posting images with volumetric fog and it really adds to the training and learning immersion of Prepar3D v2. The core weather engine has not changed, but we are partnering with 3rd party developers, and are excited to open up the weather system to them to help develop more immersive weather addons for Prepar3D. The same holds true for real world weather, if that is a requirement for your training or adds to your learning experience, there are a couple 3rd party addons that can deliver that experience for you. What modifications did the World mesh and land class get for V2? And regarding Maps and Navaids, has any update to the World navigation and airport databases been included? The world mesh and land class for the Prepar3D world has not been updated. Our customers with geo-specific training requirements can add their own via the free Prepar3D SDK, or leverage the multitude of beautiful 3rd party addons that are available. Does P3DV2 have superior memory management to FSX? The latter seems to struggle to remove scenery from memory that is no longer required, and we would like to know if this significant cause of OOMs has been resolved. We’ve greatly increased the memory management in Prepar3D v2 compared to Prepar3D v1.4. With an entire new rendering engine, we have greater control on what is rendered and what memory is freed, and finding and resolving memory leaks is exponentially easier in the new engine. That being said, it seems that almost every 3rd party addon developer has found a way to extend the legacy engine and do complicated things a few different ways, so finding the edge cases where memory leaks may happen is challenging. With that being said, we’ve worked very hard on memory management in v2, and if customers find memory leaks in v2 we really encourage them to post them to our support forums with reproducible steps and you have our commitment we will resolve them. Can you please speak about multiple monitor and multi-PC setup for Home cockpits? What is the maximum number of screens we could have? Currently in FSX. its 3+1. We’ve delivered training solutions with up to 12 screens. With a lot of the advancements of Prepar3D v2 multiple monitors and screens have less of a performance impact, and we’ve also worked to resolve the ‘fisheye’ effect for wide view screens or views spread across multiple screens. If you have a custom setup like this, we also now let you define the horizontal and vertical FOV yourself in your camera.cfg files, so you can now custom-tune and hand-define your FOV to exactly what you want it to be. This was never possible before in a previous product. We invite folks to look over the v2 learning center in any license of Prepar3D v2 to see just how much customization we have added to Prepar3D. There are rumors of an advanced set of tools for both aircraft developers and scenery makers. Is there, or will there be a set of advanced tools made available? We only have one set of tools, and that is available to anyone, free, on our website. Does hyper-threading benefit P3Dv2? We’ve made Prepar3D v2 more multi-thread aware, and the legacy affinity mask tweaks still can apply if you have other cores to help the simulation. Will runways follow the contours of the real world runway; i.e., sloped and gradients? Not in the core product in v2 1.0. It is on our roadmap however, and is something we are looking into. I know addon developers have created addons with sloped runways, but there is work we need to do in the core platform to enable AI traffic, etc, to function. Finally, can you give us a high level view of where you intend to advance P3D in future releases – a high level product roadmap? That is a great question. We cannot comment too much on or promise unreleased features or plans, but we are committed to Prepar3D v2. With our new patching system, we can release patches more frequently than before and customers won’t have to do a full re-install with each new version of Prepar3D v2. As far as potential for future features go, we are currently looking into cloud shadows, radar modes, oculus integration, exposing more information to addon developers, true SLI and Crossfire support for multiple graphics cards, additional performance across multiple views, as well as a very robust memory management system that helps give users the control over their memory in the simulation that they need. Thanks again Tom and the AVSIM community for all your support and interest in Prepar3D. We really enjoyed this opportunity to answer the questions you wanted ask about Prepar3D v2, and look forward to your feedback on Prepar3D v2, we are extremely proud of it and it’s new set of capabilities and features. Wesley L. Bard You can read this Q&A and the community's responses in the P3D forum here.
  18. This post confirms that the next aeroflyFS version will include the ability to fly anywhere in the entire world, and that the flight physics will be improved. All aircraft from the first version will be included as well, but the Facebook posts also show plenty of new aircraft including jets and a helicopter. I'm very excited about this.
  19. I've posted this teaser in our general forum:
  20. Hello Saitek funs and users! There where many requests about LINDA to support Saitek Pro Flight panels. The first step is accomplished - Saitek Pro Flight Switch panel is now fully supported. You can assign anything you need to every switch on the panel. Gears state indication is also avialable. Actually this was not too hard. Next day I've got the panel it was already working with LINDA. Other Saitek panels could be supported also, but as usual I need my hands on them to make them work. I don't need them myself, as I'm using VRi MCP Combo for most operations, so I'm not going to buy other Saitek devices myself. But if anyone and/or Saitek want and could sponsor this development, this will be done as soon, as I'll get the hardware, And as usual with all the flexibility LINDA offers. Saitek Gauges panels are special case - I'm not sure yet, if I could make them work with LINDA. Latest release and common information about LINDA is here:
  21. Gentlemen, In case any of you aren't aware, I'm building an FS2Crew for the mighty Majestic Dash 8 Q400. It's nearly done in terms of code. Recording the voice sets will take some time though. We always need more voice talents, especially females, and preferably ones who are real world FAs. If you can help, please sign up here: This is a very complex simulation, and Brendan R is our consultant. He used to be a training Captain over at Colgan, so you can probably guess the SOPs we're modelling. This is going to be 'as real as it gets' when it comes to turbo props! The integration is direct, SDK style, and we owe a big thanks to Oleksiy over at Majestic for being very helpful interfacing this very complex aircraft. We're giving away 5 copies on release day if you sign up to our newsletter via the link below: Best,
  22. We’re excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s FlightSimCon at the New England Air Museum on June 11th and 12th. Come visit us and see what we’ve been working on! Visit:
  23. Active Sky Next is now 25% off through Feb 29th GMT! Don't miss out on this great sale. Visit:
  24. Captains, In case you missed it... The 777 has been updated to V2, and the Global FO 777 voice set has been released: Best,
  25. Attention all MCE users You are kindly invited to download and install the latest version from our website There is no separate Demo and registered package anymore. What’s new in this version... MCE now officially Prepar3D V2 ready, not just installer. ATC and GSX which were broken earlier have now been restored. It adds full support for CS 707 classic, with simulated flight engineer. Has improved ATC PTT functionality which indirectly improves the ATC feature. Improved interaction with ground mechanic. Fixes a few bugs reported on this forum Adds 2 new ramp agents, Jane and Ray (let’s welcome them). And the icing on the cake, MCE now displays the remaining FS virtual memory on-screen alongside the spoken command. And without hurting performance, since remaining VAS is only computed once when you speak something and not constantly at pre-set intervals. It will help you decide what to do should that value dip under 250 MB, and better understand the impact of various add-ons and FS settings. “Control speedbird 123 request deviation right of track to avoid built-up area” (no, not the usual Cumulo-nimbus) Let the VAS games begin... PS: Note to registered users. When done with installation, run the application wizard to ensure the CS707 new files are copied to the relevant folders.