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  1. I just installed 802... Is 802b different? Edit: the Index.html file in the docs folder actually shows 802b, so it would appear that I'm up to date..
  2. I have made a new version of Cloud Shadows available for download - version 1.3. To Update simply use the URL that you were sent when you purchased to get the new version. Note that this version is delivered as a zip containing the installer, manual and installation notes. It addresses the two outstanding issues: Shadows on water will move if you change altitude at dusk. Hard edged shadowline on hillsides It also adds a new features METAR Option - when shadows cannot be shown (e.g below 1000ft) then the cloud coverage is used for lighting to avoid for example a transition when landing from overcast to full sunlight. (This is optional and disabled by default) Autogen was meant to be shaded but it didn't work in 1.3. However I have now created a new build 1.4 in which it does work, so please download it.
  3. Gentlemen, How to install: 1. Version 3.0 is built into the main installer. There is NO stand-alone updater. (It's pointless to have one anyway since all files were changed). 2. Log into your FS2Crew account and click "Completed Orders". Re download and re-install FS2Crew Airbus. 3. There is no need to uninstall FS2Crew first. 4. If you purchased from a 3rd party vendor, they may or may not have the latest version on their server. We sent them the new files. Most of them do it right away. Others are slower. That's it! Change Log: Version 3.1 (VOICE and BUTTON CONTROL) Released: 5 May 2017 NEW AND UPDATED: 1. Internal changes to supporting upcoming Dovetail version. 2. Green Bar no longer displays when speech detected with Hard or Soft Mute enabled. 3. New available FMA callout: "MANUAL FLEX SRS RUNWAY AUTO THRUST BLUE". Version 3.0 (VOICE and BUTTON CONTROL) Released: 25 August 2016 NEW AND UPDATED: 1. Support for the Airbus Global FO Voice Set! 2. Ability to pause the FO audio. FSX/P3D Key Command: WING FOLD. 3. Improved support for Dolby 7.1 and 5.1 systems. You should no longer need to set your speakers to 'Stereo' in the Windows Control Panel. 4. Reduced probability of FS not shutting down cleanly if Headset selected on the Main Panel. 5. Text code updated so if your window display setting is set to greater than 100 percent, the FS2Crew text on the panels should no longer enlarge. Version 2.3 Released: 13 November 201 NEW: 1. P3D V3 Support. IMPORTANT: If using P3D V3, you must use the official P3D V3 versions of FS2Crew and the Aerosoft Airbus. Do NOT try migrating a a non official P3D V3 version into P3D V3 either manually or using a migrator tool. 2. Minor bug fixes. Version 2.2 Released: 12 November 2014 NEW: 1. Fixed issue with Before Takeoff Checklist (TAKEOFF NO BLUE) with respect to spoiler position. 2. Minor bug fixes. Version 2.1 Released: 25 Sept 2014 NEW: 1. Minor bug fixes. Version 2.0 Released: 23 Sept 2014 NEW: 1. Support for the new Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 models. The new A320/A321 models should also work out of the box too when they are released. 2. P3D 2+ Support (There is a new option in the installer menu). 3. Minor bug fixes. Version 1.4 Released: 18 October 2013 FIXED: 1. CVR Speech Recognition Log. You can view the log at: C:\Users\*****YOUR USER NAME******\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\AirbusX\CVR You can open the Log file with Notepad. Version 1.3 Released: 28 Sept 2013 FIXED: 1. Select Briefing options. 2. Asian engineer at gate arrival. 3. General bug fixes and improvements. Version 1.2 Released: 16 Aug 2013 FIXED: 1. Micro pause removed during Packs Off Takeoff when packs restored. 2. APP/LOC Arm logic. 3. Config 3 takeoff flaps option (Before Takeoff Checklist). 4. Crew Language Selection limited to US, UK, EU. Version 1.1 Released: 15 Aug 2013 FIXED: 1. Landing Checklist - removed possibility FO could think the "Speed" voice response to the ECAM Memo challenge could be interpreted as an FMA announcement, and reply "Checked" accordingly. 2. Wipers will now physically move on the windscreen when the FO moves the wiper knob on the overhead. 3. When FO sets EFIS to CSTR, all other EFIS buttons will de-illuminate. 4. 'Raw Data' Voice Command fixed. 5. Packs Off Takeoffs fixed. 6. FO no longer turns the Probe/Window heat on. 7. FO spoken altimeter values should no longer sometimes by off by 0.1. 8. Ground Crew will now correctly disconnect the GPU when so commanded. NEW: 1. New gate agent load sheet dialogue if flying in Asia. You will now hear a nice Asian woman handing you the loadsheet. 2. Runway Turnoff Lights, Landing Lights and Nose Light Voice Commands. See manual for exact phraseology. 3. You now have the option to say "FLAPS UP" instead of "FLAPS ZERO". Some German users had problems with 'FLAPS ZERO' due to their accent. 4. With the mode in PARKING, you can now speak: "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST" during the taxi-in after landing. The FO will perform the After Landing Checklist silently, and then speak "AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST COMPLETE". This is purely optional. If you don't do this, nothing will happen.
  4. Just a heads up for all PMDG NGX drivers: NGX Reboot was updated to Version 3.1 today. The Change Log is available in the FS2Crew: NGX Reboot forum. Best,
  5. Dear FS2Crew PMDG J41 users: 24 April 2013 Version 2.2 is ready for Download! Download link: VERY IMPORTANT: VERSION 2.2 IS "NOT" BUILT INTO THE FS2CREW JETSTREAM MAIN INSTALLER! YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL THIS UPDATE EVERY TIME YOU INSTALL OR RE-INSTALL FS2CREW FOR THE J41. The Update 2.2 Installer includes options to install either the Button or Voice Control 2.2 Update for FS2Crew J41. To install the Voice Control version update, you must have the Voice Control version of FS2Crew J41 pre-installed. To install the Button Control version update, you must have the Button Control version of FS2Crew J41 pre-installed. Do not, for example, try to install the Button Control update if you only have the Voice Control version. Remember that, in the J41 Version, you can only have one version of FS2Crew J41 installed at a time. (In other words, unlike the NGX version of FS2Crew, you cannot have Button Control and Voice Control installed at the same time.) Change Log Version 2.2 1. Cabin announcements restored. 2. Left Window heat during after landing and shutdown flows now positioned correctly. Change Log Version 2.1 1. Button Control version: XWB sound file unable to initialize fixed. 2. Other minor bug fixes. Change Log Version 2.0 1. You can now view yourself on FS2Crew's on-line Map: 2. Video Marshaller now works in Windows 8. 3. The product should now function in Prepar 3D. Note that the FS2Crew installer does not support P3D. You will need to manually move the FS2Crew files and folder to P3D. 4. Numerous code improvements. You should no longer experience any volume changes when you switch views. 5. For "VOICE CONTROL" users, new "Soft Mute" assignment system. You now need to assign a key or joystick button to "PROP SYNC" for Soft Mute (same assignment as used in the NGX). SOFT MUTE: PROPELLER SYNC ON/OFF 6. For "Button Control" users, the key assignments for the Main and Secondary Button have been updated to match those used in FS2Crew NGX: MAIN BUTTON: ALTERNATE STATIC SOURCE ON/OFF SECONDARY BUTTON: PROPELLER SYNC ON/OFF 7. You can now toggle open/close the FS2Crew Main Panel using this assignment: AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF
  6. Attention FS2Crew iFly 737 users: NOTAM: 22 January 2014 Version 2+ of FS2Crew for the iFly 737 NGX is ready! Important: THIS UPDATE IS NOT BUILT INTO THE MAIN INSTALLER. THE INFORMATION IN THIS THREAD SUPERCEDES ANY ASSOCIATED INFORMATION IN THE MAIN OPS PDF MANUAL (ESPECIALLY WITH RESPECT TO 'BUTTON VERSION' JOYSTICK AND KEYBOARD ASSIGNMENTS). Download link: Change Log Version 2.4 (FSX Button Control Only): 1. Updates the FSX Button Control only. Corrects problem associated with pre-flight sounds playing during Securing flow. Change Log Version 2.3: 1. Updates the FSX version only. The FS9 version does not require updating. 2. On-line Google MAP functionality removed since it interfered with the BBJ models and caused erratic behavior. 3. Countdown timer display now visible again on the Main Panel. Change Log Version 2.2A: 1. Updates the FSX/FS9 Button Control versions only. Fixes an issue associated with below Sea Level Airports which would produce a CTD when the Descent Checklist was read back. Change Log Version 2.2: 1. FA Cabin announcements restored. Change Log Version 2.1: 1. The Green Bar in the FSX Voice version control is now working again. 2. A couple other minor bug fixes. Change Log Version 2.0: 1. FS2Crew iFly is now compatible with the iFly Features Pack (RTO during After Takeoff Flow and the Trans Alt/Level button on the FO's side). 2. FSX Voice Control Version only: You can now view yourself on FS2Crew's on-line Map: 3. Video Marshaller now works in Windows 8. 4. The product should now function in Prepar 3D. Note that the FS2Crew installer does not support P3D. You will need to manually move the FS2Crew files and folder to P3D. 5. Numerous code improvements. You should no longer experience any volume changes when you switch views. 6. BBJ Models: After Landing flow will no longer trigger the TCAS test. 7. After Landing flow: FO will turn on taxi light prior to turning off landing lights. 8. New "Soft Mute" assignment system. You now need to assign a key or joystick button to "PROP SYNC" for Soft Mute (same assignment as used in the NGX). 9. For "Button Control" users, the key assignments for the Main and Secondary Button have been updated to match those used in FS2Crew NGX: MAIN BUTTON: ALTERNATE STATIC SOURCE ON/OFF SECONDARY BUTTON: PROPELLER SYNC ON/OFF 10. You can now toggle open/close the FS2Crew Main Panel using this assignment: AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF
  7. Hi, I'm pleased to announce the official GNS v2.2 release! Most of you regular forum visitors mostly know what is new, but let me try to wrap it up in one place! Here are the release notes: New: Configuration Panel GUI. New: Import flight plans (Garmin .fpl format). New: Export flight plans (Garmin .fpl format). New: Use stock X-Plane GPS buttons and knobs. New: Tutorial: Upgrade X-Plane 11 Baron 58 GPS Enhanced: User's manual new sections and corrections. Enhanced: Bug corrections and stability enhancements. A little bit more information: The GTN menu has completely changed now that we have the configuration panel GUI. We've also deactivated automatic updates and added a manual "Check Updates..." menu option instead. The configuration panel GUI is a great addition to the product. With its modern interface it makes editing the INI file a thing of the past. Import flight plan and Export flight plan is very handy especially when using external flight planning tools. This works with the native Garmin .fpl format. The GNS installs a sample pack to get you started, along with a dedicated chapter in the user's manual. Use stock X-Plane GPS buttons and knobs is a great step toward better panel integration and shines with the GNS V2. Simply put: this feature alone is the killer app to integrating the GNS V2 to any XP11 and XP10 panels using the stock GPS 500 and GPS 400. To put this in action, the user's manual now includes a complete tutorial to guide you through replacing the XP11 Baron 58 GPS with the GNS 530W V2. Here is what the end result looks like, with fully working knobs and keys: User's Manual: we've put additional efforts to the user's manual with more explanations, better pagination and proper sections. We encourage all of you to take the time to review and re-read the manual, not only to discover the new features listed above, but also to discover some of the features you might have missed! As always, you just need to download the e-commerce installers from our website, or use the downloaded file from the auto-update panel, and then re-install over your existing installation. [uPDATE] FEB21/18:00Z: The installers has been re-uploaded to fix the missing folder causing the GNS blank screen.
  8. Aerosoft Night Environment British Isles been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX,
  9. Attention: FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 has been updated to V1.5. Major changes include a new French voice set and some bug fixes. See the 777 sub-forum below for details!
  10. ASN SP4 has been officially released! This new update is available free to all Active Sky Next users, for both FSX and Prepar3D. Highlights include numerous fixes and adjustments, improved icing depiction, and new Prepar3D v3.x compatibility! SP4 is recommended for all ASN users and can be downloaded from our downloads page at *Please note that this service pack does not apply to Active Sky Next: Steam Edition DLC purchased through Steam (Steam updates are managed independently through Steam). SP4 Revision Log: ASN for FSX Service Pack 4: – Fixed issue with date handling when loading saved weather file – Fixed issue related to BR, FG plus RA or SN in a METAR resulting in no precipitation – Icing depiction adjustments for more consistent and expected results both in and below clouds (i.e. freezing rain) – Fixed an issue regarding surface temperature interpolation – Additional RVR/Runway Conditions handling adjustment – Fixed issue regarding 9999+ meters decoding when vis close to threshold (5.6SM) – Fixed issue with radar API leading to excessive intensity levels in lighter rain for areas close to the aircraft – Adjusted invalid simconnect version message warning from ASConnect to specify that the simconnect.msi file is located in REDIST or SDK folders (it depends on which Simulator type/version) – Adjusted “Ambients error” message to be more accurate, descriptive and refer to a special URL ( which goes directly to our knowledgebase article – Adjusted documentation regarding ambients error and SimConnect and networked configurations – Fixed issue with METAR visibility parsing related to RVR and “Runway Conditions” elements being mis-identified, resulting in improper visibility ASN for P3D Service Pack 4: – Fixed issue with date handling when loading saved weather file – Fixed issue related to BR, FG plus RA or SN in a METAR resulting in no precipitation – Icing depiction adjustments for more consistent and expected results both in and below clouds (i.e. freezing rain) – Fixed an issue regarding surface temperature interpolation – Additional RVR/Runway Conditions handling adjustment – Fixed issue regarding 9999+ meters decoding when vis close to threshold (5.6SM) – Adjusted documentation regarding ambients error and SimConnect and networked configurations – Fixed issue with METAR visibility parsing related to RVR and “Runway Conditions” elements being mis-identified, resulting in improper visibility – Disabled Visual Fix: Cloud Pop Fix feature from P3D version as it is no longer supported or needed in P3D v3, and could potentially cause issues with P3Dv2.5 – Adjusted invalid simconnect version message warning from ASConnect to specify that the simconnect.msi file is located in REDIST or SDK folders (it depends on which Simulator type/version) – Adjusted “Ambients error” message to be more accurate, descriptive and refer to a special URL ( which goes directly to our knowledgebase article – Adjusted ASConnect default install path search order to P3D v3 vs V2 – Miscellenous installer fixes and adjustments related to P3Dv3 – Added detection of new P3Dv3 install + P3Dv2 paths set in ASN = Notification message that paths should be checked/set to the intended P3D version – Added new v3 variant of xgauge.dll for new path/registry locations – Added new ASN client handling to support installation of proper xgauge.dll variant NOTE: P3Dv3 users should uninstall/reinstall XGauge via the XGauge Installation Wizard (TOOLS menu) to ensure that gauge files are properly updated – Added compatibility with P3D * Important Notes: * You will need to set your paths appropriately in ASN for P3D (simulator installation and simulator appdata path) and restart ASN. * It is recommended to run P3Dv3 “As administrator” or you may experience logging/ambient errors. * P3D v3 base install no longer includes legacy simconnect interface. You will need to install the simconnect client from here: [P3Dv3 folder]\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi * ASNext utilizes traditional FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2 add-on configuration and file/folder locations – P3Dv3 recommends that add-ons use a brand new system with add-on content and files located outside of the P3Dv3 installation location in order to avoid potential issues during updates. * Until such time that Active Sky is redesigned for specific P3Dv3 recommended locations, we recommend uninstalling ASN before applying P3Dv3 updates, in order to avoid any potential update issues.
  11. Active Sky Next Service Pack 4.1 has been officially released by HiFi and is now available for download! SP4.1 includes multiple fixes and adjustments as well as enhancements for more realistic icing simulation. This service pack is offered free of charge to all Active Sky Next users. Those using the Steam FSX:SE DLC version of ASN should wait for the update available directly through Steam. Those using the standard non-DLC version (for FSX or P3D) can update now at Active Sky Next is a full-featured weather simulation engine with a special emphasis on realism, compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v2.5 and Prepar3D v3.x. For more information and to find out why Active Sky Next is the #1 weather engine for desktop flight sim, please visit today!
  12. Amidst of the ongoing work on the PRO Edition we took some time to address some of the lingering issues in the PILOT Edition. Please find this "Release Candidate_1" in the USER AREA under our Support Section. Please Note!!!!!! This patch must be installed over the MJC8Q400 version 1.014 PILOT edition (BE SURE TO BACK UP ANY FILES THAT MAY BE CHANGED IN CASE YOU WANT TO REVERT TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION) Place the file into SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\panel replacing the original file 20150630 MJC8Q400 PILOT edition patch Release Candidate 1 Changelist: FMS + TUNE PAGE: Fixed the COM frequency range + FMS VNAV vwpt sel: fixed 10 wpts shown instead of 9 + APManager: Fixed OBS heading inconsistency on switch to approach + Fixed the (FD) path INSTRUMENTS + STBY VHF: Fixed the COM frequency range + Fixed the problem with elevator deflection during full sensitivity (ELEVATOR_EFFECTIVENESS = 1.0) operations SYSTEMS + Added Windows XP compatibility + Added FSX Steam version 3 (10.0.62613.0) compatibility TURBOPROPS RULE!!!!! The Majestic Software Team -Simeon
  13. Wales and Scotland now updated wth V3 installers and a switch option for frozen water in winter. Now here's a funny thing: I had England already installed and use UTX Europe for Landclass and vector features, not FTX Vector. Flying out of Bellegarde (LFBL) in France, with no changes whatsoever to scenery library or sequencing I now see many more cultivated fields, far less scrub, and better definition of townscapes and cities with Wales and Scotland added. My guess is that Wales and Scotland added those textures, which are then picked up by the landclass UTX Europe uses. It's simply stunning ! If you are going to install these, and already have FTX Global and/or Europe (England) already installed, it might be worth taking a VFR check flight around your known patch in Europe, observe the landscape, then install Wales and Scotland, then take the same flight again and see if you also see changed landclass (textures).
  14. FSlikerX

    Airbus Voice - P3D v3

    Dear FS2Crew-Team, since P3D v3 is now avalible for about a week: Will you publish an update to support the FS2Crew Airbus Voice Controll for this P3D version? Thanks in advance, FSlikerX
  15. FS2Crew NGX Captains, 9 May 2013: Emergency NGX! has been updated to Version 2.3E. The Update is built into the Main Installer. There is no stand-alone update file. You will need to login to your FS2Crew account and click "Completed Orders". Re-download and Re-install the software. You do not need to uninstall the previous version. Version 2.3 Change Log: FIXED - If you had an engine failure, you could possibly re-trigger the Engine Failure Checklist during the Shutdown Checklist. FIXED - Other minor bugs. Version 2.2 Change Log: FIXED - Probe Heat Failures (FO's confirmation audio did not previously match the actual affected probe heat). FIXED - "You can disconnect the external air and GPU now" will now work properly on a 2nd leg. NEW - Pushback Distance as selected on the FS2Crew Config Panel will now auto save. NEW - Autothrottle disengaged added to speech grammar. NEW - Voice commmand to set Transponder. SYNTAX: "SET XXXX ON THE TRANSPONDER". Version 2.1 Change Log: New Voice Commands: "CONFIGURE FOR A BLEEDS OFF LANDING" - Would be used during an engine failure/fire shortly after takeoff and you need to return to the departure airport on a hot day or at a high altitude airport and go around performance is an issue. FS2Crew always modeled bleeds off landings as an option, but the trigger altitude for the PM to setup for a bleeds off landing was descending through 10,000 feet. This new call allows you to setup for a bleeds off landing should you decide to turn around before climbing through 10,000 feet. "RECYCLE FLIGHT DIRECTORS" - Note the new syntax: "Recycle" instead of "Cycle". Logic also fixed. FO will now shut off both FD's before turning them back on. "N1 TOGA" - New FMA announcement. General Fixes: FIXED - Possible CTDs when "Exiting" or "Closing Down" FSX. FIXED - User settings not saved. FIXED - Video Marshaller in Windows 8 now operational. FIXED - On a one-engine landing, the deferred items will now be read after the Descent Checklist has been completed. ADJUSTED - 'C'est Bon' removed from a few of the French sound files as per user request. Updated Procedures: ONE ENGINE INOPERATIVE LANDING CHECKLIST - After calling for the checklist, the PM will ask you if you want to use Flaps 15 or Flaps 30 for landing. You must answer. The PM will then complete the checklist based on your respond. Please note the updated phraseology.Procedure: 1.PF ONE ENGINE INOPERATIVE LANDING CHECKLIST 2.PM FLAPS 15 OR LANDING WITH FLAPS 30? 3. PF FLAPS 15 or FLAPS 30 4.PM Will complete the checklist. 5.PF Brief for a Flaps 15 Landing if required via the FS2Crew Briefing Panel Version 2.0 Change Log: New Voice Commands: "VISUAL" - Use it when you are switching to a visual approach. The FO/PM will alter his approach callouts accordingly. "RESET MASTER CAUTION" - Used to extinguish nuisance Master Cautions. "CYCLE FLIGHT DIRECTORS" - Used to cycle both FD's off. "VNAV ALT" - New FMA announcement. New Calls: "THRUST SET" - The FO will call Thrust Set after Takeoff power is reached. New functions on FS2Crew Panels: AUDIO TEST BUTTON - Used to test the FS2Crew sound. New Features: TIMER - FO/PM now starts his timer on takeoff, and turns off of when exiting the runway. General Fixes: FIXED - Some users experienced FSX 'hanging' on shut-down. FIXED - In certain situations, the wheel chocks would be placed, and then removed, at gate arrival. FIXED - GPWS Inhibt Switches FIXED - UK Voice Set 'Hydraulic Panel' made singular. MODIFIED - The looping passenger boarding sound was edited slightly as per some user requests. FIXED - If calling "SELECT RAW DATA ON YOUR SIDE" while shooting a VOR approach, the FO will now select the VOR ROSE instead of APP. For Button Control Only: NEW OPTION - Skip Flaps 10. By default, FS2Crew will now skip the Flaps 10 call on approach. However if you want Flaps 10 again, go to this folder (you will need to enable 'show hidden folders' first): Users\**** Your user Name **** \AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\PMDG737NGX\SavedData Open this file with Notepad: FS2CrewData.ini Change: FLAPS=0 to FLAPS=1 Then Save.
  16. Legendary gauges update v2.1 is now available to download! Here are the release notes: New: GPS satellite reception failure (waas/no-waas/failed). Enhanced: Screen brightness light source setting. Enhanced: Keys brightness (integral lighting) source setting. Fixed: X-Plane 11 installer option saving to XP10 folder. GNS Failure Annunciations We've decided to delay the release for 24H and include the new GPS satellite reception failure as in the GTN update. You can now practice degraded approaches (WAAS failure) and simulate what-if loosing GPS reception entirely! For those not wanting to read the whole manual again, here is the new chapter about the failures. The GNS plugin uses the following datarefs as failures sources "sim/operation/failures/rel_gps", "sim/operation/failures/rel_g430_gps1" Satellite reception failure, displays "No GPS Position" "sim/operation/failures/rel_gp" Differential GPS failure, reduces location accuracy. Satellite reception mode switches to 3D instead of 3D-Diff." Light Sources Because not all aircraft are the same and we want the best out-the-box experience, the integral lighting settings (keys and screen) now default to fixed values (75% and 100% respectively). The RealityXP.GNS.ini file gives you the choice to override the default and connect the X-Plane rheostats sources per-aircraft. Installer There was a bug that passed unnoticed since release and only discovered with the GTN v2.3 update, which made it copy the plugin files to the XP10 folder. For related reasons, a key shared data file was not copied at all with XP11 only option and prevented the plugin to display any artwork. It is now fixed.
  17. Captains, Informing you that Version 3 of FS2Crew for the Majestic Dash 8 has been released! The Change Log is in FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 sub-forum (1st post).
  18. Attention PMDG 777 users, Version 3.1 of FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 is now current. Change Log: Best,
  19. Hi, Finally, after a long wait, William, one of our first officers will be able to handle RC4 ATC, negating the need to put up with an intruder in the cockpit. Non-MCE users are free to use it with Radar Contact if they wish. Instructions are enclosed in the downloadable package Hopefully some of the other FOs will follow suit. I think a big thank you to William Reynolds is in order. So, I start first Thanks Will
  20. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps been updated to v1.71 Released!!! which now includes the latest Quad installer with support for Prepar3D v3.x, Prepar3D v2.x, FSE-SE, and FSX,
  21. I'm pleased to officially announce the anticipated update v2.2.1 to: RXP GTN 750 Touch and RXP GTN 650 Touch: - Designed for X-Plane 10 in 64 bits. - Runs on Windows 10. - compatible with XP10-32, XP9 They really are the most advanced 64 bits GPS simulation available to the flight simulation community. And there is more! It now comes with a free bonus: Ryan 9900BX TCAD simulation on-board! It is Internally powered by a complete TCAS II Mark 7 simulation passing the 250 TSIM tests, and comes integrated to the RXP GTN 750 Touch and the RXP GTN 650 Touch. You can take full control of the TCAD detection shields, view nearby traffic and take actions upon visual and aural TA advisories directly on the GTN touchscreen. Mind you, it is not just a TCAD gimmick showing up traffic nearby, it is an authentic TCAS simulation configured in TA only mode, doing the correct math and the correct alerting! These are exciting times for X-Plane simmers and this is just the beginning: there is more to come this year!
  22. Gents, The Airbus Global FO voice set has been released! The Airbus version has been updated to V3.0! More info:
  23. Captains, 6 March 2017: RAAS updated to V2.6.14.3! How to Install: Please visit the RAAS Downloads Page on the FS2Crew website for information. 1. If you're not sure if you have the latest version, just run the "Update Checker" in RAAS. 2. You can install this version of RAAS over the old version without uninstalling first. 3. If updating, you do NOT need to run MakeRunways again (but it's good practice to run it anyway to ensure your runways database is current!) 4. If you're doing a brand new install in FSX: Steam, then you will need run MakeRunways inside of the FSX: Steam folder. CHANGE LOG: VERSION 1-Fixes issue associated with saving the Master Volume slider. VERSION 1-Locked version support for the Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG 747 V2. VERSION 1-New feature added. The RAAS Master Switch can now be controlled via a keypress or joystick button connected to the WATER RUDDER (UP/DOWN) command. This feature was based on requests from home cockpit users who wanted to be able to control the RAAS Master switch via their hardware rather than the main RAAS menu. For this function to work, there is a new option on the RAAS menu. ENABLE KEY EVENT API must be ticked. VERSION 1- Fixes issue with the FSX Steam version of RAAS not being able to connect to the Flight Simulator under certain circumstances. VERSION 1- Fixes crash when attempting to host a multiplayer session in Steam FSX. 2- Installer updated to correct an issue that resulted in the installer not being able to detect the location of Steam FSX if the "stand-alone" Steam FSX option was selected. VERSION 1- Fixes potential issue associated with the Steam version of FSX and Simconnect. VERSION 1- Adds FSX: Steam support. VERSION 1- Fixes P3D 2.4 crash 2- Adds new option to route RAAS audio to any audio device on your system (this is great for Home Cockpit builders). VERSION 1- Installer supports P3D Version 2+ 2- Unlocked version supports the new Aerosoft Airbus X Models (A318 and A319) 3- New option to disable the automatic internet version check. (In some rare cases, we believe this update check may have been a factor in causing RAAS not to load under select circumstances, especially with PMDG 777 users.) VERSION 1- SDK RELEASED. The RAAS SDK allows third party developer to integrate RAAS directly into their aircraft. Important: This document is for experienced flight simulator programmers only. If you are a commercial 3rd party aircraft developer, and you wish to license RAAS, please PM me. 2- RAAS code updated to function with SDK. 3- Fixed an issue where RAAS could make improper calls on complex, multiple runway airports such as SFO. VERSION 1- Fixed an issue whereby the excessive approach speed call was incorrectly using ground speed, not indicated air speed. 2- Updated the logic so that an 'unstable' call will not play during approach unless a previous warning (like 'flaps', 'excessive speed' or 'approach angle' ) was played first. 3- Removed the Scenery.CFG check as it caused hangs for some users. Users must remember to run 'Make Runways' anything they update their scenery. 4- Updated the installer so that RAAS Professional users cannot accidently installed the 'locked' version of RAAS that ships with the Airbus Extended X. 5- Updated the uninstaller so as to preserve users' other 3rd party DLL.XML entries created after RAAS was installed. 6- 'On Runway' call will no longer play if unchecked. VERSION 1- Fixed an issue preventing the Master Switch from being saved properly. VERSION 1- Fixed a potential issue that would prevent users from being able to input minimum flap settings with select aircraft. SERVICE UPDATE 1: 1- To some users RAASPRO.DLL couldnt be loaded by FS9, the reason is that a single line of code was causing RAASPRO.DLL to ALWAYS depend on SIMCONNECT.DLL even if it's a FS9 ONLY installation or FSX/P3D. So if you have FS9/FSX installed in a single machine, with previous versions there were NO problems due to the fact that SIMCONNECT.DLL was always present, but on FS9 ONLY machines, SIMCONNECT.DLL is missing and RAASPRO.DLL could not find that DLL, as a result FS9 will ALWAYS say: "flight Simulator couldn't load aircraft or software...". 2- When NO LINKED/ASSOCIATED profile is found for the CURRENT aircraft, RAASPRO will be AUTOMATICALLY *TURN OFF*, otherwise if an ASSOCIATED/LINKED profile is found RAASPRO will be AUTOMATICALLY *TURN ON*. This fixes the issue of having any other plane like a cessana NOT associated with ANY profile and RAASPRO ON. 3- Fixes EDDF RUNWAY 18 issue, the fact that RUNWAY 18 has a SINGLE RUNWAY DESIGNATOR, as there is NO RUNWAY 36, that caused RAASPRO to NOT recognizing that runway, NOW RAASPRO detects runways having a SINGLE runway designator and CREATES (virtually) a FAKE runway ID, which for RUNWAY 18 would be RUNWAY 36. This would happen with EVERY RUNWAY having a SINGLE designator, so NO NEED TO CHANGE/MODIFY R4.CSV database file. 4- Fixes Altimeter Call associated with the Transition Altitude. 5- Other small fixes. Best,
  24. Hi Captains, We just posted on the Beta release 2.23.1 supporting the new 747-400 Queen of the Skies II from PMDG. Please note this is a Beta release, so some issues still can be found. Compatible Products : MCP737-R All functions supported. CMD center button is mapped to CWS A. THR button is mapped to N1. Some buttons are present on 737 and not present on 747, in this case they have no function on 747. EFIS737 PRO All functions supported Virtual CDU 747 We are changing Apple Store and Google Play product details to reflect the support to PMDG 747. Anyway it is already working. Users that will or have already purchased Virtual CDU 747 can enjoy it. Google Play version is v1.1 iTunes version is v1.0 Rgds, Amauri.
  25. 26 NOV 2015: FS2Crew for the Majestic Dash 8 has been updated to Version 1.6. Please see the FS2Crew Dash 8 sub-forum for the full change log. Note: We are currently working on a much requested "Button Control" version for the Dash 8. This version will be built into the Voice Control version as a FREE upgrade. However, Button Control will likely only include 1 voice set.