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  1. similar to how it was in prepar3d ctr+y(on\off) is it possible in the new sim?
  2. This looks like a great deal!! 50% off Iris Dynamics DragonflyVR Flight Yoke and Handle (October 24th through November 2, 2016) - https://vs3.irisdynamics.com/product/idl-20004-dragonflyvr-flight-yoke/ Best regards, Jim
  3. This is not a full fledged how-to, but I did want to relay my success with this mod to my Saitek Pro Yoke. Basically, I mounted the yoke into a cabinet on a platform running on ball-bearing drawer rails. I imagine this has already been done, but I haven't seen it. It has been a great upgrade to get smooth elevator action with no sticky points and no detents in the elevator. The idea here is to have the whole base move rather than the yoke rod, and fix a connection from the elevator pot to the cabinet. This makes the elevator control run on ball bearings of the drawer glides. I removed the elevator springs from the original yoke and pulled the yoke all the way back. To make it "fixed" in this position, I blocked it off with a piece of scrap wood attached to the plastic housing with screws. I put some packing tape on the front to keep it slippery against the plastic end cap of the yoke rod. I also have some blue tape there to give the wires a bit of abrasion resistance but it's a temporary solution. I made a base from 1/4" plywood, added 1x2 rails, attached ball-bearing drawer slides, and built a small particle board cabinet to support it all. Make a template and drill holes out for the screws that hold the original Saitek housing together, then you can screw down one half of the housing to the base, and access the screws to close it back up. To control the elevator potentiometer, I drilled a small hole in the armature and fitted it with a piece of push-rod used for RC aircraft. A hole is then drilled out the back of the original Saitek housing and attach the other end using an L-bracket and a wingnut. You'll need to make sure you have physical stops to keep the base from moving back and forth beyond the control range, else you'll put stress on the push rod and probably break the armature connected to the potentiometer. The range of travel of the Saitek yoke is about 3.5". There is about 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch between the bottom of the platform and the bottom of the cabinet sides, so you can fit springs or a bungee there for centering. I did not yet make a front panel, so there is only a plywood strip acting as a stop from the front. I will cover the front with two strips of 1/4" plywood and drill a 2" hole for the yoke rod using a forstner bit. Add some rubber feet to the base, and you can use some of that kitchen drawer lining as bumper material to soften the contact with the range stops. Of course you'll probably sand, maybe router the edges and paint it too... The weight depends on what you build the cabinet with. 5/8" particle board is pretty heavy but I may end up securing it with a clamp or screws system. This also depends on how stiff the springs or bungee centering system you come up with. If you're interested in getting a ball-bearing smooth elevator control, you might give this a try. I used 14" drawer rails from the big orange home store. The tolerances are decent in that there is no up-down play so when you're turning the yoke, there is no discernible bumping, etc. The original Saitek design also has the flaw of binding when you both turning and pulling/pushing the yoke..the drawer rails have bearings top and bottom so when you're turning, you're still rolling smooth. If you give it a try, let me know - I'm sure there are improvements to be made. It has made a world of difference for me especially on climb out and landing. Clear skies, Robert KPDX
  4. in the yoke of of saitek I noticed that three keys that move right left / top down They have a guide or you can / need to define what will be using them? It's possible to put elevator TRIM? And flaps? And one of them will control the rudder? It could be that I get it Can possibly (if you can not define offsets In The Yoke) fly without elevator trim? That it will not be comfortable keyboard every second click, same thing with flaps and rudder, How do I set you in the yoke of? Or should I buy the elevator trim separate pedals and Table AP? Thanks for helpers
  5. Hi I know that you get the plus sign on window to fly with the mouse, but if you have a joy/yoke I can't get this option. Is there a way to fly with the mouse, even with hardware plugged. Thank's
  6. Just a quick question for you guys: With current day airbus addons (and the ones coming in the near future), do you think it will be unproblematic to use a CH yoke as the input controller in an Airbus? What are your experiences? I ask this because airbus is obviously different from other manufacturers as they use a joystick and not a yoke.
  7. Hello Everyone. I am a M.Engineering student from a University in Canada. Our team is currently designing and building a fixed based flight simulator to be used for educational and research purposes. We are almost done building the rig, so now we need to choose a control equipment (yoke, throttle and rudder for now). For our test-bed, we used CH's FlightSim Yoke, throttle quadrant and pro pedals. But the built quality and the feel of the control did not meet on par with our standards. So researches were done, and we found some better quality devices, price ranging from $200 ~ $1350. Yoke One of the most important equipment we need to purchase. Here is the list of the ones we found so far. Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System $210 VRInsight Flight Master Yoke $400 Precision Flight Controls Cirrus Beech Yoke $620 GOFLIGHT GF-Pro Yoke System $750 Throttle There weren't as many choices as yokes, so we simply went with the concept of our simulator, which is mainly for general aviation Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Prop Mixture Module $150 Rudder Same for the throttle, I haven't found many variants, so decided to stick with this Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder $210 So.. finally, my question is, of the four yokes above, which one do you recommend? Remember, it needs to feel and look as professional (real) as possible. Thank you in advance for your help!
  8. Anyone out there with the Cessna Pro Flight yoke have slight wiggle on their roll axis. I like the yoke but the wiggle or deadzone moves about 3mm which can be a bit distracting. The pitch is tight but their isn't any movement without firm pressure. Is this a defective yoke? Common and are there any fixes?
  9. Hey guys so I looking to build my own homemade yoke and returning the Saitek yoke that I bought last week. I like the saitek but I feel like for that price and maybe even just under $200 I could build a fully fuctional yoke. My only problem now is that where am I supposed to buy just the yoke? Maybe a real one or is that a distrubuter out there that sells just yokes? I am using this guide (with a few of my own mods) to make this work. Or atleast I would like to! Let me know if any of you guys have any ideas and maybe would like to help me! If I can do this, I will start a nice thread that will guide my entire progress. Thanks guys. Cheers, Vanka EDIT: Here is the link! Look on that guy's website. GREAT guides. http://www.737ng.co.uk/Boeing_B737_Control_Column.pdf
  10. Hey guys, quick question, sorry if it's been asked before did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. Anyways, I've been using my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke velcro'd (sp?) to my desk now for about 3 years but am switching desks and need to use the clamp. Unfortunately I've misplaced the clamp and can't seem to find it. Really don't want to use velcro again as it becomes weak after moving the yoke on and off and crap and dirt gets under it easily. Was just wondering if Saitek sold the yoke clamp/screw as an OEM item or if anyone else has improvised clamps for the yoke. I made a ticket at the Saitek website a few days back asking if they sold/would send me a new one and haven't heard anything. Weston
  11. Just wondering.....my co-pilot yoke just sits there and bounces around. Right now it sitting in a full left turn or pointing to 9 o'clock position. I can move my yoke and then center it and yoke returns to 9 o'clock. Is this a sound driver issues.. Any ideas, Thanks, Bob M.
  12. Hello! I need a controller for FSX and stuff to fly the things I always and usually only fly (Boeings and Cessnas)... Please tell me what I should get for the controller. As for addons, I already know I want --- FTX ORBX Global REX 4 texture Direct Active Sky Next Thats 179 dollars right there....If I get the X55 Hotas, I wont have a problem with getting that and those 3 addons, Or, I can get Saitek pro flight yoke + throttle (the one it comes with) Saitek Pro flight Rudder Pedals FTX REX 4 ASN That will cost around 450$ I have 290, But in like One month I will have ATLEAST 390...EITHER way I have to wait til the end of this month to get anything. So what makes more sense for me? A yoke or a joystick? is the saitek yoke nice, no lag, good quality, feel real? I can just get the Yoke, Rudder, EXTRA throttle to have two and a swtich panel but no addons so FSX wont look good....Should I just do that? So lets count that.... What should i get??? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am having problems with my Saitek throttle quadrants ; the throttle levers are not synchronised at the same positions. For Example, I could have them In the exact same position (physically) on the quadrant, but on the simulator I get different output, It may only be 3-4% of a difference in throttle but asymmetrical thrust Is actually quite a problem in the simulator. The two throttle levers that aren't synchronised are both on the same quadrant which makes it even more strange. I have FSUIPC installed and I have tried mapping the throttle controls into there to see if It makes a difference, but it remains the same. If someone has a workaround for this in FSUIPC to calibrate the throttle positions to be the same I would be very appreciative if you could help me, Thanks in advance! Kriss
  14. Hello guys, I just got the Cessna Saitek pro flight yoke. The right handle of the yoke has two buttons top one is vertical and bottom one horizontal. I noticed that the vertical one is kinda loose and can turn left to become horizontal as well! Is this how it supposed to be or should I return/replace the yoke? Thanks for your input!!!
  15. This problem has really been bothering me for a long time. I have tried basically everything in the book to solve it. When I switch tasks in flight, say to check vpilot or go to chrome, my controller resets and causes fsx not to read it anymore. I tried porting it through FSUIPC and the same problem occured. I've gone through device manager(making sure it doesn't cut off for power saving), and did the same thing in control panel. I have run fsx in compatability mode, still no luck. When I check fsuipc anything to do with the yoke disappears. I've updated the drivers on saitek, and the problem is still there. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with vas because whenever I go into a high end scenery area or I use a heavy payware aircraft it tends to happen more often. It's literally making it impossible to fly because I can't seem to go through a flight without this problem occuring. Sometimes I don't even need to do a task switch to get this to trigger, the yoke itself will just blip on and off and fsx will stop reading the yoke. This also happens with almost all my other joysticks as well. The only way I know about fixing it is by switching between fullscreen and windowed mode a ton of times, but that only works to a point. I am completely at a loss of what to do next. I've heard its a common problem with windows 8, but I still have no idea how to solve it.
  16. When i do quick rudder movement/casting, my game drops from 25-35 fps to 8-12. ONLY when i move my yoke. Here is gif were i move my rudders compared to when i dont. You can see the fps counter either in the top left corner (default fsx fps counter). The first part of the gif i dont move the yoke, the last part i move all my rudders at once (it really ######s up everything): https://gyazo.com/1c269b5895aba35e6ac2f09f1ef554e3 Please help ;-;. Best regards: ´Tor Edit: i have tried all the different types of 737s, they all do it Even more edits: Just found out it does the same on the 777, its does not do it on any other aircrafts, nor the JS41. These are my specs: I7 4720HQ GTX 980M 8GB 1600 MHz ram FSX installed on SSD All drivers are up to date, including BIOS and chipset, everything...
  17. Hello everyone, First let me introduce myslef. I have in the past been a very avid simmer. These past 5 years I have been employed in Montreal as a pilot, flying Pilatus pc-12, King air B100 and now captain on the Jetstream 32. My father is in the aircraft parts business and has taken apart an Embraer 120 in flying condition for parts sales. Now, here are components that I wanted to post here as I know some of you could benefit the most from having these components, aviation and simming being close to my heart. First, the full center console with all engine management controls. These move and work as installed on the aircraft! Smooth and crisp and strong. The console is AS REMOVED. All pushrods, electrical cables, lighting and switches are there! Nothing was removed from inside the console. All trims move freely and so do their indicators. (right side trim wheel not shown but comes with it). These components are far more rugged, smooth and easy to hadle than the ones in my Jetstream 32's that I fly!!! Next are both captain and FO's control columns, complete from floor plate up! All pushrods and chains are still present and lubricated for installation! Every button and switch works perfectly and is wired up. Also, the stick shaker motor is installed and servicable!! If you are interrested or want to see more pictures or have inquireies, please email me at: max@skymaxaviation.com I could also video the operation of all the systems if you wish. Max
  18. Hello i have the saitek pro flight yoke. after using it for a short while it turns off randomly when i press a button or move the throttle ( sometimes randomly ) and i cannot get it to turn back on ( yes i tried different usb ports ) then all of a sudden it will turn back on 30 minutes later. I am using windows 7 and have used the drivers that came with the product (CD). Is there any way i can fix this issue?. oh and the display shuts off too. Eventualy it turns back on but then later it shuts off again. Adn yes i did turn the power saving mode off. I NEED HELP!!!
  19. Hi all ! I went to the product pages for most yoke manufacturers, but I miss important informations: - What's the technology for capturing the movements ? Optical sensors ? Magnetic sensors ? Or potentiometers ? - What's the resolution for all the axes ? - What's the latency ? http://www.chproducts.com/13-28677-Simulation-Products.php?prid=124 http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/yoke.html http://flypfc.com/?/products/yokes/cirrus-beech-yoke1/ http://vrinsight.com/public_html/index.php?module=Board&action=SiteBoard_1&iBrdNo=27&sMode=SELECT_FORM Would you buy hardware without knowing what's the technology inside ? Would you compare products like a mouse, a monitor, or a PC only by describing the case ? Why are all yoke manufacturers only describing the case and not what's inside ? Well I'm still searching for a good, sustainable and precise yoke system, without potentiometers I'll have to replace every 6 months. Where can I find this ? Thank you and happy flying.
  20. Hello, i have an anoying problem: Everytime i click on the HDG Button to change the HDG Value, the aircraft starts ´´shaking´´ or juddering. If i´m in the VNAV and LNAV the curves a smooth!!! I hope you understand what i mean^^. What is the reason for this problem? Maybe a Bug? My System (it´s not really bad!!!)?Is there someone how can help me, please? Greetings from germany, maukro_1990
  21. Hello, I have been using the saitek evo for years. And now I think it might be a good time to upgrade it as the PMDG NGX has came out and the saitek evo just doesn't conrol like a 737 or any Boeing...So, can anybody tell me anything about their Yoke, whether it's worth or not? Are they well made? Is it currently the best yoke?(I know there are more expensive one, but I can't afford them!) Cheers,Frank
  22. Hi ; I just installed the honeycomb flight yoke in msfs2020 and calibrated it in Windows. Then started the sim and when i use the yoke the yoke actions for pitch roll are going opposite of what the yoke shows in the cockpit. In order to correct this, I have had to reverse the axis for the elevator and aileron in the control primary flight instruments section. I have seen posts saying that this is not correct and should be left at the default setting. Anyone know how I can correct this problem? I've tried disconnecting the yoke cables and re connecting Them, but the problem is still there. Thanks in advance. Al Skorich
  23. Hello, I have been using a joystick with my sim but I would like to switch to a yoke / pedals / throttle set up. The PMDG 737 is the only aircraft that I use on my sim so I would like to get some opinions on which yokes are best for the PMDG? Thank you!
  24. Hi folks, totally new to flight sim and have been given a yoke, rudder pedals, quadrant, 3 instrument panels, switch panel, radio panel, and a multi panel. All Saitek from some time ago. I think I have set them up properly but that may not be the case as I can take off in the Cessna 152 and climb to 5500ft but then the plane turns left and basically goes crazy. Any ideas from the experts? Ta!
  25. This is my first forum post, and after a while of searching I felt like Avsim is the place to ask. Does anyone know where I could aqquire a desk clamp for the Saitek Cessna yoke system? I recently have purchased this yoke used from a guy online who didn't have the clamp. Any help is appreciated.
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