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AVSIM Forum: Signature Rules


Updated March 19, 2016

Signatures placed at the end of our messages set us apart from other members of the community and provide an opportunity to tell your fellow members something about yourself.  They are important parts of our "persona" within the AVSIM Community.  We encourage you to create a unique and informative signature for your account.  However before you do, we have some policies that you need to abide by.  Since 1996, we have learned (and are continuously learning) important lessons about signatures and user implementation of them. Please abide by these requirements.




rarrow.gifPlace up to two images in your signature. These images must not exceed 500 pixels wide by 125 pixels high.


rarrow.gifPlace up to five lines of text.



Note: Depending upon the severity of any non-conformance, user's signature feature may be disabled.


rarrow.gifDo not violate any copyright or trademark.  All material uploaded to or shown on AVSIM must be the property of the uploader. If the material does not belong to you, or you do not have the owner's permission to use it, you are violating someone's copyright. That is a violation of AVSIM's Terms of Service.


rarrow.gifDo not advertise! Signatures that in the judgement of AVSIM Staff violate this requirement will be removed. Members may have up to five links to their personal website or blog or to other member’s personal website or blog containing, for instance, personal Flight Simulator images and videos. Links to any commercial website or other flight simulator related websites will not be allowed. You may have signature banners included in your signature that shows your favorite product such as, for example, a PMDG, Aerosoft or REX banner but the banners must not contain active links to any website.

rarrow.gifDo not infringe on our family safe environment.  Signatures, that in the judgement of the AVSIM Staff, are distasteful or offensive, will be removed. 

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