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  2. Good morning everyone, Just a quick question. My observation is that AI Traffic always flies at an altitude "in between". For example on my last flight i was cruising at FL400 and every other traffic was shown like "-54", "+24", "-74". The other day its the same with "-52" and so on. So they were flying at FL346 for example and so on... Is AI traffic really flying at those altitudes or is it some kind of display issue? If it is, is their altitude based on a different altimeter setting or what might be the cause here? Any light on this would be appreciated. Best regards Tom
  3. Maybe this might help from the GSX manual. You have to configure 3rd party gates, otherwise they won't work. FsDreamTeam GSX Pro - Ground Services for MSFS - page 7 Configuring Jetway replacement in airports GSX comes with a set of Jetway replacement .BGLs that are designed to replace jetways at all airports that comes with default Jetways, based on their positions in the default scenery. There’s a separate .BGL for each ICAO code that has at least one Jetway in the default scenery. Jetway Replacements and 3rd party airports Since GSX doesn’t change the default Asobo model, it won’t affect 3rd party airports, regardless if they use the default model or a custom model. HOWEVER, the Jetway replacement .BGL from FSDT will likely get an higher priority over other sceneries, so if you want to prevent GSX Jetways to show at 3rd party airports, the Config option in the FSDT Installer has a page that allows you to Exclude specific airports from the replacement set. The page presents two lists, “Enabled” on the left, and “Disabled” on the right, showing which airports are active for Jetway replacement and which are Disabled, showing the Jetway the airport originally came with. By default, when installing GSX, it will recognize any FSDT scenery you already had installed, and will place them in the “Disabled” list automatically. You can scroll the list, or just search for an ICAO, by typing something in the “Search Pattern” text field, to quickly find a specific airport in the list of 900+ that have Jetways in the default database. To disable an airport, double-click on its name in the “Enabled” list, which will move it to the “Disabled” list, or click the button with the > sign. To enable an airport for jetway replacement, double-click on its name in the “Disabled” list, which will move it to the “Enabled” list, or click the button with the < sign. The >>> button will place ALL airports in the Disabled list. This will effectively disable Jetway replacement altogether, reverting the whole world to the single default model. The <<< button will place ALL airports in the Enabled list. This will replace Jetways at every airport, worldwide. This is equivalent to the “Reset Defaults” button. The “Exclude 3rd party” button will automatically move all the installed 3rd party airport in the “Disabled” list, it’s typically used after installing a new scenery. In order to be successfully recognized, airport packages must use the standard MSFS naming convention developer-airport-icao-name. Also, please note that airports from Asobo and Microsoft won’t be automatically disabled, because considering they all use the default Jetway model, we assumed you’d want to have those Jetways replaced by GSX, so Asobo/Microsoft airports are not automatically added for Jetway replacement, but they be selected manually. Jetway replacements and Encrypted Airports Airports belonging to the Premium packages are Encrypted, which means GSX can’t read those, and since the Jetway replacement .BGL supplied with GSX is based on the Jetway positions from the default airport (the standard non-encrypted version), it’s possible, depending on the airport, that positioning of GSX replacement jetways might not look as good as it could be, if we could read the Premium encrypted version of the airport. This might be another reason why you might want to exclude an airport from Jetway replacement, even if it’s not 3rd party. Airport Services In addition to about 900 airport .BGLs that replace Jetways, GS
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  5. Does anyone know how to change the style of the flight director on the CJ4? Right now I have the cross hair lines but would like the arrow.
  6. My concern with LM attending the expo is how the anti-P3D crowd is going to react. Hope I'm all wrong.
  7. I use the TDS GTN750, and the C414 autopilot with that GPS certainly will fly the GP on LNAV/VNAV, LNAV+V and LPV approaches. EDIT: Just tried the C414 with a PMS50+WT livery and it also flew the GP during an LPV approach. Al
  8. Uh, guys, I got it anyway. Yes there doesn't seem to be an efficient skip ahead feature. But who cares? It must be one of the most awesome addons I've ever seen. It also has alot of little things streamlined so you get to do the actions without the um, "realism" (time wasting). For instance, INS setup,loading and perf calcs. I find the startup from cold very straightforward. My first flight was perfect except I was stymied by the ESS power for a bit. Mind you, I learned all this in the RFP in FS 2004. Yes I'm bragging. 🙂 But none of the RFP bugs lol. It needs some kind of skip ahead so you can enjoy fuel operations without spending 8 hours at the computer. I haven't used the center tank yet which is a bummer.
  9. I fly in the Pacific Northwest and know what voxels are and these clouds definitaly don't need them. If I have to pay any more attention to them then the really don't need help IMO. sp
  10. IMHO the "ultra" clouds look too grey and have too much of an ash effect. "high" is the best you currently can get. Are cirrus on the wishlist btw?
  11. Mark (FSW) is actively working on bringing the Lear into MSFS -- he is currently updating the textures, etc. The Falcon50 may follow at some point, I'm just not sure about that at this time.
  12. Thank you very much for your help (again). Very much appreciated. It's hard to let go of those two Flysimware planes when they are not available in other flightsims. I'll continue to keep them like an old piece of art. I just hope they don't run into compatibily issues in newer versions of Windows.
  13. Do you ever pay close attention to clouds, and particulary at altitude? What is your locaton in the world?
  14. Some further signs the engine can produce something cirrusesque, but the current meteoblue data may be insufficient or just not integrated well (about the 6:00 mark, as the plane breaks through the clouds).
  15. How do you get DLSS swapper to detect MSFS installation? I have it installed via the MS store.
  16. Yes, seems to. Maybe no longer needed with later versions of the WX radar. Just don't know anymore, it has been too long since I've worked with P3D. Glad all is now working! Al
  17. I never had this issue until yesterday when it happened twice. I also had upgraded to the latest driver, but oddly enough..........it happened while I was taking off from KDFW, Runway 35L and during takeoff roll I hit some invisible object and CRASH. I have taken off from this runway countless times since this is my home airport, and never had this issue. I wonder if it's an Asobo server / scenery loading issue?? My specs are below - I never had an issue until now. Dennis
  18. Yes I have noticed that traffic especially air traffic causes slow downs after a certain amount of time. Instead of FStraffic I think I will just use FSLTL as static traffic to populate airports.
  19. The autopilot indicates that it is off, but it does act like it is on. I will check all the bindings on my devices plus any assignments on FSUIPC. Thanks, Dale
  20. I was wondering where I could have gotten an old copy of the MV_WX.dll file. There's one possibility. I just remembered that I installed and subsequently deleted a freeware P3D Milviz plane a couple of weeks ago. That might have installed the outdated MV_WX.dll file and overwritten the one I had (the working copy one I had in my disk image).
  21. I used to program a lot of if/next/else nextskip routines in GIT until Steve added the commands switch/case/case/endswitch which makes programming so much easier and simpler, and is perfect for 'TOGGLE' actions. So, to rewrite your function using switch/case it would look like: switch SALTY_FPV_ON case 0 SALTY_FPV_ON = 1 case 1 SALTY_FPV_ON = 0 endswitch You can add multiple lines of code after each case test, as many as you need for that condition, and you dont have to use goto and labels which makes it much easier to read. The switch statement examines the contents of the LVAR. Each case statement checks for a match of the LVAR against the value for each case, and only executes the commands under that case UNTIL the next case check command or endswitch is found. Regards David
  22. Yes. They are both installed in C:\P3D which is on an NVMe drive with about 1TB of free disk space.
  23. Here's their discord link https://discord.gg/FPpdCVv5
  24. Problem solved. The date of your MV_WX.DLL file is later than mine (which is 3/22/2018), AND, that is the culprit in the issue I was having. How I got that old dated file I'd probably never know since I was able to retrieve a file with the same date as yours from one of my disk image backups. I'm just glad I have these two Flysimware planes working again. I'll do some more test to make sure I have fully functional copies before doing a disk image again. I checked my ../modules folder. I don't have an MV_WXM.dll file there. Does your P3Dv4.5 still work if you temporarily delete the MV_WXM.dll file from your modules folder?
  25. Is your P3Dv4, the Lear, and the Falcon all on the same drive?
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