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  2. Here are some things I noticed on my first flight with the newest MCE-Version 0. It is just magic hearing the MCE-FO talking to PF3! Well done! Thank you! 1. Talking simultaneously with AI chatter. Two different situations here: a) FO talks to ATC, then an AI transmission (or ATC to AI) starts: this can be avoided by sending the PF3 PTT hotkey just before the FO transmission. b) FO starts talking into a playing AI transmission. This cannot be avoided by the PF3 PTT hotkey. MCE should find a way to detect wether an AI transmission is playing and wait until it is finished - and only then send the PF3 PTT hotkey and start talking. 2. IFR clearance, Startup Clearance, Pushback and Startup clearance MCE seems not to differentiate between these three, though they are (optional – can be chosen before connecting PF3) different requests in PF3. Subsequently the FO says „Clearance Delivery...“ when requesting Pushback and Startup even though already on Ground frequency. 3. Name of destination airport Very nice to have the FO say the name and not just the ICAO code! In my case it was „Vienna / Schwechat“. Apart from his problems pronouncing „Schwechat“ correctly ;-) he (TTS voice) said „Vienna slash Schwechat“. I don't want the „slash“, so: Where does MCE take the airport names from? Can I just delete the „/“ there? Or is it an internal list in MCE? Can MCE perhaps automatically replace the „/“ (or „-“ etc.) with a "space" when pronouncing the name? 4. Timing of responses I have set the „PerCharSpeedDuration“ settings so that the timing works quite well for me in most situations. PfePerCharSpeedDuration=55 //45 MceFOPerCharSpeedDuration=120 //30 There are some special situations though where a significantly longer PfePerCharSpeedDuration would be needed. These are the taxi clearances as well as the departure and approach clearances. This apparently is because PF3 gives these clearances in a quite low speed (probably to make them understandable better). It is particularly noticeable with very long taxi clearances. So the PfePerCharSpeedDuration should be automatically increased (maybe by 50 %) for these clearances, if possible. 5. Readback of takeoff clearance The FO did not automatically („you have ATC“ was set) readback the takeoff clearance. When I asked „reply to ATC“ he repeated the taxi clearance again. That might have to do with the fact that I did not wait for PF3 to hand me off to Tower but switched to Tower manually before asking the FO „request takeoff clearance“. 6. „Dialing ...“ after handoff Is there a way to make the the FO dial in the new frequency silently? Without saying „dialing ...“? This phrase sometimes seems like a part of the readback of the handoff and is a little annoying to me. 7. Check-in with new facility I am not sure if „as cleared“ is the correct phraseology here. The original PF3 phraseology is: „<callsign> (is with you) at Flightlevel … / out of Flightlevel … for Flightlevel ...“ 8. Handoff to Tower for landing The switching to Tower (immediately after "contact Tower on ... when on final") comes too early. It should be automatically postponed until established on final, if that is possible. If not possible it should be left to a request by the user „switch to Tower and request landing clearance“. 9. Requesting taxi to gate The FO did not automatically contact Ground for taxi to gate. He had dialed in the Ground frequency correctly though after handoff from Tower. I couldn't not make him do it neither because when asking „request taxi clearance“ MCE apparently sent hotkey 0 (taxi to runway) and not hotkey 5. I finally manually pressed hotkey 5 which worked, but leads to: 10. MCE-FO voice when manually pressing a hotkey Would it be possible to have the MCE-FO voice when manually pressing a hotkey? There might be the need to do that should anything go wrong or for some special requests. 11. Picking up a similar callsign While taxiing to the gate the FO picked up a „Lufthansa 234 is clear of the runway“ and responded to that. We were Lufthansa 134 and Lufthansa 234 landed shortly after us (coincidentally!). This might also be a consequence of 9. of course, because the FO was still waiting for the „clear of the runway“ announcement and the similarity of the callsigns was just a coincidence.
  3. Huge thank you for commenting! HLJAMES
  4. Thanks for the follow-up Tom. Always amazes me the way different things can interact! Bill
  5. Pete Dowson say A future 64-bit Prepar3D may be the better target to concentrate on. We'll see. i reckon if he want carry on working on it - that is what will work for.
  6. Hi Eric! So, you don't think release is today. I'm kind of believing the same. However then, it just seems unlike what I've seen from give access to someone to show it off without releasing it at the same time. I don't recall seeing that in the previous releases. So, I hope even if I don't give many chances, that P3D v4 release will come along with his stream.
  7. Well, while laughing at our self-generated hype, I am also genuinely excited (which is why I'm here I guess!). I will absolutely, always be a day 1 purchaser for a new core sim update. IMHO, you guys with your 'lets wait two months until it's stable/practical' have some sort of 'newsim under-appreciation disorder', I'm pretty sure that's in DSM V and you can likely get therapy for it. shiny toy.
  8. Are the two P3D versions installed on the same computer? Did you run the ASN installer again for P3D v3.4? So it's able to install properly the correct asconnect version
  9. Okay thanks to you I found the sound. The file name is pusher. Have no idea what sound it or better situation it connects to though. Any ideas? It may be very well something I did or not. But if it is I'd like to know so I don't do it again. Thanks!
  10. I been getting habitual 'apphangb1' freezes. I posted on the AVSIM CTD forum, no fix. I read the CTD guide, versions 1 & 2, no fix. I've google searched all over the fix, no one has an answer. I've been told it's not and FSX problem...HOWEVER, FSX is the ONLY program of many I get this error, and most notably I only get it in the NGX, 99% of the time during the 20-second countdown aircraft initialization. Started the PMDG 747 QOTS II several times, no issue. No issue with the 777. No issue with Majestic Dash 8, nor any Carenado aircraft. No problem with FSLabs A320. But my preferred flagship; the NGX, is Apphangb1 city. I can get it going about 1 out of every 7-10 attempts. My OS: Windows 7 64, Intel 4790 @ 4.9ghz, 16gb DDR3, 1080GTX in SLI, using an SSD, FSX in DX10 preview with Steves DX10 fixer, NVI Inspector profile. All drivers updated, directx libraries up to date, correct uiautomationcore.dll in main FSX directory, highmemfix=1 in FSX.cfg, memory tested/passed, Windows scanned for errors/missing .dlls, no errors. Due to not having any other program, app, or aircraft with the same error, I'm thinking either a repair or reinstallation of the NGX? Any thoughts or suggestions? Who's had this problem in the past, doesn't have it anymore, and what did you do to repair it? Thanks!
  11. Thank's Ralf, good to read from you, very! Mitch
  12. Sorry for the delay. Latest version that improves XP 11 interfacing now ready for download from this link
  13. Yes, it's a separate paid for license.
  14. Didn't know that. I'll give another look. Thanks.
  15. It is highly unlikely that he'd be livestreaming about it (and confirming in the header that it is 64 bit) without some prior official notice that the NDA has been lifted or pending imminent release. It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to realise that might be the case.
  16. Hi Folks, LOL... I don't know if this is even applicable anymore - I did some model work in FS9 - we had the ability to convert a model into "ASM" code - make modifications - then recompile the model again... It seemed that "ASM" was far easier to work with and understand than hex - - - would this still have any relevance in FSX/P3D in regards to these mods ??? Regards, Scott
  17. I honestly can't see myself purchasing any 64bit version of P3D on release day. Compatibility with my aircraft and scenery addons is extremely important to me, and expecting this to be 100% perfect on Day 1 of the v4 era is just fantasy. I am looking forward to seeing any improvements and upgrades that will be included, and also reading the comments from new users. I am sure that they will be interesting
  18. Hello , It was my mistake . In the Top Down Sight you can see the PTA Settings . I switch to 3D Cockpit view and then i see the different. Do you now where i can take Settings to become the Ground a little bit darker ? Thanks
  19. Well I am using it mostly for the radio chatter, but it extremely loud
  20. Asking FO to request push on your behalf isn't in yet. Will be in next update. Here is the entire range of requests you can make to FO <At least one item from the following list> (Required) could you please let me know could you please tell me could you please give me could you please get me could you please get could you please confirm would you please let me know would you please tell me would you please give me would you please get me would you please get would you please confirm can you please let me know can you please tell me can you please give me can you please get me can you please get can you please confirm do you mind to confirm do you mind confirm do you mind to get what's the matter with what's the deal with can you tell me can you tell us could you tell me could you tell us where the hell are where the hell is do you happen to know do you happen know can i ask you for can i ask you can i ask what can i ask may i ask you for may i ask you may i ask what may i ask any information about any chance you get any chance grab any chance for any luck with please tell me about please remind me about please find out about please get the current please get current please look up please look for please get me current please get us current please get me please get us please remind us please remind me please work out please find out tell me about remind me about would you know do you remember find out about is it possible could you confirm mind to confirm whatts up with any news about any idea about any idea what for what reason do you have where the hell have you got have we got did you do do you know do we have do we know in what way mind to read mind to get look up for look up look for is there get current mind confirm please confirm do confirm remind us remind me what is what about what are what was what's on remind me please get mind read please read mind get get us tell me tell us get me get us are you are we any chance how is how are how much how many where is where are why is why are will you did you did we did I do we have we confirm request current latest what's read get who how where when who is <End choice list> the (optional word "the") <At least one item from the following list> (Required) distance and track to the airport distance and track to airport distance and heading to the airport distance and heading to airport heading to the airport heading to the airfield heading to airport heading to airfield direction to airport direction to airfield airport direction airport location our call sign my call sign callsign call sign flight number ATC identifier aircraft registration ATC registration zero fuel weight zero fuel percentage of CG CG percentage centre of gravity percentage centre gravity percentage centre of gravity centre gravity V speeds V one decision speed VR rotation speed V two transition altitude altitude for transition altitude transition flaps setting for takeoff flaps setting takeoff takeoff flaps setting runway in use active runway takeoff runway landing runway flex temp flex temperature flexible temperature de-rating temperature power saving temperature approach speed reference speed v ref transition level transition flight level flight level for transition flight level transition level for transition level transition takeoff weight gross weight takeoff mass speed airspeed indicated speed indicated airspeed altitude altimeter reading heading magnetic heading compass reading vertical speed variometer rate of climb rate of descent latest assigned atc clearance assigned atc clearance latest atc clearance our atc clearance the atc clearance atc clearance atc assigned departure frequency atc assigned altitude atc assigned heading atc assigned squawk code atc assigned transponder code atc assigned squawk atc assigned transponder atc assigned code assigned departure frequency assigned atc altitude assigned atc heading assigned atc squawk code assigned atc transponder code assigned atc squawk assigned atc transponder assigned atc code cleared to heading cleared heading cleared to altitude cleared to flight level cleared altitude assigned flight level assigned level assigned altitude assigned heading assigned speed restriction assigned speed limit assigned speed departure frequency assigned squawk code assigned transponder code assigned squawk assigned transponder assigned code transponder code squawk code speed restriction speed limit taxiway instructions taxiway guidance taxi instructions taxi guidance transponder squawk ATC menu choice ATC options ATC choice ATC menu can i say to ATC can i say ATC displayed on ATC window zfw cg <End choice list> Optionally, may utter something here, like the FO name or whatever. As you can see, the grammar is built with the idea that users don't need to read lengthy manuals. Don't forget, if you happen to be speaking a command that doesn't seem to be recognized (after speaking it a couple of times, you can make that same improvised speech work. Go to Voxscript interface and create a flow with a single command. Just include one of the above built-in commands, and your custom command will alias the it. The custom command can be anything you like. For instance if you want to teach FO that when you say "The boys are leaving" you meant "request atc clearance", just alias it to the built-in one (request atc clearance) and it will be an additional way to request the same thing. Using that less advertised part of VoxScript, you could interact with FO on your terms, and never be short of vocabulary, since you'd be speaking your Lingo.
  21. Looks like I'm not the only one...I been getting habitual 'apphangb1' freezes. I posted on the AVSIM CTD forum, no fix. I read the CTD guide, versions 1 & 2, no fix. I've google searched all over the fix. I've been told it's not and FSX problem...HOWEVER FSX is the only program of many I get this error, and most notably I only get it in the NGX, 99% of the time during the 20-second countdown aircraft initialization. Started the PMDG 747 QOTS II several times, no issue. No issue with the 777. No issue with Majestic Dash 8, nor any Carenado aircraft. No problem with FSLabs A320. But my preferred flagship; the NGX, is Apphangb1 city. I can get it going about 1 out of every 7-10 attempts. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  22. I'm also happy with my 3.4 setup at the moment, but I'm also getting bored with the bottleneck in the addon development pipeline. Maybe it's just me, but I think there hasn't been a lot of new airports or updates to existing sceneries lately. My suspicion is that devs are waiting until post v4 release. While there are plenty of payware airports I can fly in and out of, the rate at which new ones are showing up seems to be slowing. Meanwhile, I am also looking forward to the day that I don't need to restart the sim before descent to release all that VAS memory in order to land at a detailed airport. It's a tradeoff I've accepted in order to have my settings where I like them, but it's time to move ahead with 64bit. How D'Andre got word of an imminent release before other devs or beta testers released any information makes me suspicious that it's just clickbait. We shall see. Hoepfully I'm wrong. John
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  24. Copy. Thank you, sir.
  25. Works :) Many thanks to the author!
  26. Hey Bob, make sure you don't call the one you used the last time
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