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  2. You shouldn't have to use the trim on initial climb out. If TO trim is set correctly for the CG then you will be in trim at about V2+10. Overuse of trim could lead to an unstable pitch cycle such as you describe. Try enabling the FBW speed bug (CDU options) which will show you what airspeed the aircraft is trimmed for and climb at that airspeed. Alternatively trim until the FBW bug is at your current airspeed. It's not a realistic feature (the real aircraft doesn't have it) but some people find it useful.
  3. This version being the true successor is something I've read before and with so many people saying the same thing it appears LM really nailed it this time.
  4. Really cant beat honesty can you , Thats what i like the most about my sim friends . The Scandinavian build of trust Dont worry , step up Thanks Michael Moe
  5. Welcome to the PMDG forums, please note their rules require our full names on all our posts. Are you using a custom cursor or any 3d party program that might change the cursor? It's been a few days and I cannot recall if the trim tool tip provides a value. I'm not sure it does because it's certainly not necessary. As for other knobs and switches I cannot guess.
  6. The issue where the integrated panel backlighting turned off way too early at sunrise and came on too late at sunset. It was very difficult to see anything on the overhead panel, etc during these times and overall it was too dim even at night. There were numerous discussions on your forums about it and how it would be hard to fix. Are you saying that we should use the dome light during these times instead? Just tying to clarify. If the panel light issue has already been apologies.
  7. ..just a minor but annoying issue, for some reason I can't lock the Parking brakes, pulling them is okay but they do not stay in the locking position Any idea Tnx in advance Yair
  8. Check your DC6 product version, current is 1.20.8418 and if required download update from your account at PMDG. You can check the version in the OC or you can look in the windows control panel programs list.
  9. I always use windowed mode so that's not a problem for me plus I thought there's always been a full-screen mode by pressing ALT+ENTER. As for the water I'm quite happy with what I have right now in version 3 and using ENVTEX. So what is your current platform of choice, XP11?
  10. Ever since the debacle with Volkswagen cheating the emissions testing, I'm not surprised that the Volkswagen Audi Group acronym is a dirty word....
  11. Thanks Wilbury. I'll give that a try. Noel
  12. Well, thanks for the clarification. As I'm not interested in "ground" and "airport" enhancements, mostly in clouds and stuff, I presumed that there will no changes and it appears that I was correct. I have both SC and TD separate products, which were adapted for V4 (again, thank you), but I didn't noticed anything drastically new. Perhaps I'm wrong
  13. I have done it that way too, but I find v/s easier to manage. Same in the Q400
  14. First, I want to explain that I'm truly trying to help, it's not my intention to be confrontational, but I remain committed to ensuring accurate information gets out to the community whether it's good or bad. For the record, I've hammered developers before, but when I do it, it's with specifics. I just want to understand the issues by getting some clarification. See, I do tech support for a few devs, and I deal with user opinions day in and day out and I've found that a little education or explanations almost always result in the customer changing their minds about a flight sim product (at least the ones I'm involved with). So okay, "I think it's merely a re-packing of old stuff". Well, what old stuff? We need to be specific if we want out comments to carry any weight. Are you saying that REX had a product like this out before? They didn't. So may be you're accusing them of using someone else material? Highly doubtful, I'd say that it's absolutely untrue. I just can't fathom any other possible explanation, but I'll be happy to listen if there is one. As I mentioned before, I've dealt one-on-one with a few people who didn't enjoy WWA HD, and after speaking with them and explaning to them how scenery works in ESP diveritives each one of of them turned their opinion around. Each and every single one of them. I think the problem is A) expetations, and B) not understanding how scenery works and what devs can actually do with it. A Quick Explanation There are 40 "Enhanced" Airports in ESP derivatives which use custom textures. All the other 25,000+ airports use the same textures, thus the only why to change those textures is to replace each airport with custom textures (anyone want to pay $650,000.00???), or you can provide custom replacements for the default textures used in those airports. The latter is what REX did, and they created numerous textures to choose from for different parts of airports - allowing the user to create a great many customized texture packages to choose from. Now basically airport scenery falls into two parts (payware developers would rightfully argue this, but I'm talking default airports). Those parts are the AFCADs which make up the layout of the airport grounds, runways, taxiways, buildings and various objects which can be added as well; and the textures. Redoing the AFCADs for 25,000+ airports would also fall into the "you want to pay $650,000.00", and obviously isn't realistic. Finally, I think if anyone looks at what they actually get for the price of less than one payware scenery... then World Wide Airports HD is a SLAM DUNK decision for those who fly between a select few payware airports. For instance, I fly on VATSIM 100% of the time, and I often fly VATSIM events. Why I have payware scenery for the majority of large/popular airports in the US and Europe, we often have events into airports that I don't have payware for - and more importantly they're airports that I likely won't fly to/from again so it doesn't make sense for me to purchase a payware scenery for them, even if it existed. My friends, it's all in how we use the tools we have. WWA HD will not only save me money, but it will give me far better looking airports for those which I don't already have payware for. Honestly, I think it's too easy of a decision brothers, and I absolutely love the product. Best wishes.
  15. .FYI I'm using the GFT TPM, it's nice, but not fully depict the real one, it luck the option to turn the knobs only pull / push
  16. Then I would need a 4th screen. I have barely enough space for 3..
  17. Yes i'm happy ...great performance.. PC Specs: Base: GYGABYTE GA-Z170X G1 Gaming | Memory RAM: 8GB (4GBX2) 3000MHz DDR4 | Hard Drive: 2TB SATA-III 7200RPM HDD | Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Superclocked 6GB GDDR5 | Processor: I7-6700 CPU 4.00GHz | Windows 10 Creator 64 bit Operating System | Operating three Monitor add ons: ASP4,FS Real Time , Navigraph, My Traffic Professional,PMDG 777x , FSUIPC5,Super Traffic Board!
  18. fs9

    That would be very strange. I have a new legal version of win10. I cant imagine something is missing. I will give it a try though.
  19. I'm absolutely happy with it. I left v3 installed just in case, but haven't used it once since v4 was released. I feel like this is the true successor to FSX we were all waiting for.
  20. Can you post a link to the Saitek unit you'd like to trade. I have the TPM model,.
  21. Whatever they do I just hope they hurry up! I'm missing EGLL and EDDF a lot in v4.
  22. Fact is I never been much of an autogen guy. Since it's still not what is down there IRL but just autogen I rather keep my performance up by keeping autogen down and then enjoy detailed and more realistic airports instead. Sounds great and especially what you say about a better "feeling" which to a certain degree has been lacking in previous versions IMO. As for visuals that isn't the most important thing to me to be honest. I think already in P3Dv3 most of the stuff looks really nice. What I'm more interested in is not having to think of VAS issues etc of course but even more so the improved "feeling" mentioned by some and also seen in the clip above. One thing about the new lighting system I was slightly disappointed with was how the sun will still cause objects to cast shadows even in overcast conditions. That says pretty much everything I guess 😊
  23. Looking for KLAS and KMCO as well
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