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  2. Is the 'million pound' MTOW simulated? You know - the record Boeing set in the Mojave a couple years back with the 748F...
  3. Seems like it. We have a sample size of "two" that weren't aware in this thread, so hardly enough information to know either way. Thus we can only go by our own experience. In my case those I have spoken to privately and posts I have seen re this. The majority, no, more than a handful, absolutely yes. Its a silly thing to be arguing about really, I expressed surprise, and somebody expressed surprise that I was surprised, and here we are debating something unimportant. 😊
  4. I just jumped into the left hand side of my Mjc Dash 8, then the Aerosoft CRJ. After not flying either for nearly a year! Normally not a good idea, even for a type rated pilot, but with MCE it's a complete joy! No fumbling around reading procedure cards, just ask the First Officer to run the flows and your up! Now I am on P3dv4.1 and Windows 7, but I am also running MCE from a year ago....! No matter, both aircraft interface wonderfully with MCE. I'd forgot how good a job Ben and the team had done with the Dash 8. Every switch works with the magic pop up panel trick, making all procedures an easy process. The Dash 8 possibly being the most significantly accurate sim to date, in P3d? It's external programming, ensuring flight physics are more accurate than standard look up tables of P3D (FSX). Both aircraft from cold and dark... Electrical power up with APU/Ground Power. Boarding flow. (GSX SERVICE) Boarding complete. Before start flow. Pushback with/without engines running. De ice if you require it (GSX) Start engine #1/#2. After start flow. Before taxi flow. Runway entry procedure. Before take off flow. Climb flow. After take off flow. Passing transition in the climb. Std pressure set. Cuise flow. (Meals and crew drinks from the cabin crew) Descent flow. Passing transition in descent....Barometric pressure set to QNH. Approach flow. Landing flow. After landing procedure. Shutdown flow. Aircraft at gate for services....invokes contact with Ground Services..Gsx...disembarkes passengers, unloads baggage and restocks catering and does a refuel to your requested fuel load for next trip, quantity in pounds, gallons, or percentage to Max. Anyone interested in these flows can grab them from Avsim Library and then amend/alter them to your own liking....sound files are included in the download. Search David Herky. Without MCE I could not jump into these complex simulations and fly. Shows how good this program is! It's still the best one out there, thanks MCE! Regards David
  5. Mitch24


    Fsdreamteam is currently very busy trying to get all the bugs out of their software. It seems the last few versions have just been an utter mess. Hopefully O'hare will be out soon once they get all of their issues resolved.
  6. HaraldG

    In Memoriam

    It was a shock when I heard about the accident. I had the opportunity to watch all three of the fleet many years ago in Dübendorf. I hope the remaining two Swiss Junkers' will keep and keep flying, as well as the other three in the world that supposedly are flying. So glad to see the German Lufthansa Ju-52 some days ago here in Dresden! Very nice pictures by the way; and... yes, John: Dolomites: Schlern, Rosengarten, Pale di San Martino. (Just back from holidays there!) Harald
  7. And what a hauler this freighter the -8F is! I compared a B744F flight KSDF - OMDB with one flying the B748F, which is what UPS uses, and the 744F was limited to about 55% payload due to TOGW limits whereas the B748F hauled about 88% of a larger payload capacity on much less fuel. I suspect the -8F is going to win the hearts of all long haul haulers for many years. Besides the increase payload and reduced fuel block burn, the center tank is rarely used because the main tanks in that fat wing carry so much... I have a trip from KPAE to ELLX in progress now. My block fuel was 218,489 lbs and that is all in the wings, the center tank is empty. Amazing.
  8. ScotFlieger

    LINDA not saving actions

    Check that LINDA is Sync to Sim (orange border) and that you are using FSX with FSUIPC 4.974 (for P3Dv4 you need FSUIPC 5.140). Is your FSUIPC fully registered (paid)? If these fail, read and follow carefully the Fault Diagnosis thread and email me the logs.
  9. BlueSwurl

    PMDG 737 NGX increasing in fuel in left tank?

    Yeah, i am filling the center tanks first. I'll give that a whirl.
  10. onebob

    Recent Updates

    Yes I think your right Stew, I posted over at the Facebook page and its in the pending tray! bob
  11. downscc

    PMDG 737 NGX increasing in fuel in left tank?

    Hi Chris... please note PMDG forum rules require our full names on all posts in their forums. Your wording "when I input specific units manually such as 1.4 reserves in wing tanks," bothers me. I cannot tell from this problem description how you are manually loading fuel but it sounds like you are filling the center tank before wing tanks are full. Wing tanks fill first, only when wing tanks are full do you add fuel to the center tanks.
  12. Bob, I just learned something recently as I was getting BSOD's and crashes randomly during a flight. The crash reports indicated an issue with memory or the GPU (I have to new ASUS GTX 1080ti). I was not overclocking (although I could) and I ran diagnostics on my memory simms, and took all of the simms out and reseated them in a different order. Still got random crashes mostly related to GPU files or functions. It got very frustrating. I was using the ASUS GPU TweakII which places the GPU into OC mode or game mode. I had mine in game mode but decided to set up my own profile with settings at the default except I moved the fans to 100%. I have not gotten a crash since. These GPU tweak programs come with almost every new GPU. I had one for my GTX 780 but did not have problems with that but then I did not use the game or OC mode back then. These tweak program manage the GPU clock, GPU voltage, fan speed, memory clock, temperature, and monitors VRAM usage if you set in OC or game mode. I believe that during the flight, the weather, the scenery, maybe the PMDG aircraft, suddenly needed more resources and the utility crashed your sim. Or, it didn't manage the voltages or GPU clock correctly. Almost all video card makers have fancy gadgets they provide with their video cards. I do know that in the past, when I used the EVGA utility, I changed a clock speed and got an instant crash. So this could be the cause of your G3D.dll crashes and the cause of everyone getting the infamous G3D.dll crash in the past. In any case, my problems were fixed and I have flown several flights without a crash or BSOD. Best regards, Jim
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  14. mattbaker

    LINDA not saving actions

    Hello, got LINDA 3.0.7 with FSUIPC 4.974. When I go to edit my joystick button functions, the actions that I select are not saved, even though I do press the save button. In the flight sim, the button press will not toggle the selected action either. Any ideas on what mistake I could have made here? Best regards
  15. Raphael_Chacon


    Worked reinstalling it😃. I also backed up the default panel states just in case and now that im flying, i can see everything seems to be normal... Looking forward for the update.... Happy Flying! 😎
  16. Bills511

    Orbx KSAN v2 update released.

    Default jetway wheels sink into the ground but these at KSAN miss the exit. All default jetways and SODE jetways dock fine. Just not at KSAN. Can anyone else can confirm if this is just me or if it is normal for KSAN? I posted this over at ORBX. Awaiting response.
  17. EDIT Some things arent' worth it. I think I'll better stop posting about AFS2 and IPACS for a while. Have fun, all. Enjoy what you've got.
  18. flyer58

    Log in

    Cant seem to log in anymore ..yes cant see reset password
  19. The choice is sort of obvious really: Above all, a flight simulator is supposed to simulate flight, i.e. the interaction of a machine with the air in order to create lift, so obviously, the atmosphere, i.e. the weather simulation, is the most important feature of something intended to simulate that activity, it can't be anything else really, although I'll put money on people voting for eye candy, because pictures sell things. ATC is important for some flight simulation, but I've made tons of flights in aeroplanes in real life where I literally never contacted ATC because of the area I was flying in and the type of aeroplane I was flying. Likewise terrain is important for some types of flights, however, I've made many flights where you could not even see the terrain, i.e. night flights and flights above a cloud layer. But as noted, the thing which is a factor of all flights, is the medium which makes it possible, i.e. the atmosphere.
  20. Bert Pieke

    Carenado S550 Autopilot

    No, I do not own the CJ2..
  21. ok thanks do I have pay for different versions then
  22. threegreen

    Engine Hydrolic Pumps

    Did you install the latest update from about 2-3 weeks ago? Some users experienced trouble with corrupt panel states which was fixed in that update. Like others said above, the hydraulic pumps don't inhibit engine start. It's normal for the engine hydraulic pumps to show the low pressure warning when the engines are off.
  23. Cactus521

    European Airspace Navigation

    Great post! I never knew about Little Navmap, I downloaded it and just love it for preflight and setting up a flight plan on longer routes. What a handy tool, and free at that. Makes me glad I contributed free software (Landclass Assistant) to MSFS/P3D so I could get free software in return and not feel too guilty about the hard work the developer put into it. John
  24. pilecan

    Orbx KSAN v2 update released.

    Yeah. Probably the correct that the wheels of jetways go underground when docked as in previous version....
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