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    Approach and landing big scenery processing areas as the object aircraft is moving at high speed through very detailed scenery. Dick
  3. Which one to choose?

    The PMDG Boeing 747-400 does have a weather radar, but in order for it to work, you need to have ActiveSky, which is a separate program. I don't have an EFB, although as far as I'm aware, PMDG will be including it in their upcoming Boeing 747-8, and I think it might be built into the -400 at a later point in time. As for the AI traffic, you'd have to download it from somewhere, but I can't really help you there, as I personally don't use AI traffic. I just don't have time to sit and wait in traffic anymore, given work and all, I'd rather spend that time flying. I also lately have been spending more time on VATSIM, so AI traffic would be useless anyhow. As for the flight deck, nowadays, I won't fly without the 3D cockpit, and I actually don't use Track IR or anything of the sorts. I just use the hat switch on my yoke to pan around.
  4. Sunday

    Flight Simulator X - AI Flight Plans Chalair Aviation Summer 2018 FP by Christian Muenier Flight Simulator X - Scenery KCID, Eastern Iowa Airport, USA by Tim van Ringen Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications Airbus A380-800 Qantas (VH-OQF) *update* by H.Tagorti Colombian Air Force Boeing 737-700 by Danny Cummings Flight Simulator 2004 - AFCAD Files ADE9 (AFCAD / AFX) for Vienna LOWW for AEROSOFT - MEGA AIRPORT Vienna by Vladislav Polovinka Prepar3D - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications European Aircharter Boeing 737-200 (G-CEAG) by Neo Leung Compass Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD82 (VH-LNI) by Alex Farmer Prepar3D - Scenery KBNA - Nashville Tennessee USA International Airport by Patrick Finch Prepar3D - Utilities Ground Services Soundpack for GSX by Nick Kidd
  5. Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    Alcohol should not be served on airlines nor sporting events. The former is a potential hazard and the latter there are families and children present.
  6. NavStax has developed a suite of avionics gauge addons for release in spring 2018. The units are designed to be easy for developers to integrate into their aircraft, and we supply a free SDK that includes high definition frame textures and 3D models for all of our product range. The NavStaX KingNav Radio Navigation Suite consists of 6 highly accurate and carefully replicated navigation and communication units for use as individual 3D or 2D gauges. All units feature advanced programming and custom functionality to closely match their real life counterparts, as well as detailed animation and lifelike textures. KingNav includes the following gauges, in one package, fully compatible with Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D: KMA 30 Audio Panel The KingNav KMA 30 Audio Panel is an accurate replacement audio panel which closely recreates the original, adding volume control and highly accurate functionality throughout. (Note: Bluetooth emulation and music playback are unavailable.) KR 165A NAV/COMM The KX 165A combined Navigation/Communication radio recreates the functionality of the actual unit, complete with programmable comm channels and multiple operating modes including CDI, Bearing, and Radial VOR functionality. KX 165 NAV/COMM The KX 165 combined Navigation/Communication radio recreates the specifications of the real radio, with nav/comm frequency pre-select and multiple operating modes including Radial VOR functionality KN 62A DME The KN 62A Distance Measuring Equipment features greatly expanded replication of the real life device, with frequency selection being able to be tuned directly or remotely through a NAV receiver, emulating a functional DME Hold Mode. KR 87 ADF The KR 87 Automatic Direction Finder features by-the-book functionality, with a flip-flop frequency display that allows you to switch between pre-selected standby and active frequencies with the touch of a button, as well as integrated flight and stopwatch timers. KT 74 Transponder The KT 74 is a fully featured mode S transponder which includes advanced functionality such as a stopwatch and timer, altitude monitor, flight ID entry and display, and an emulated ADS-B monitor with latitude and longitude display. FAQ Why did you develop this suite? We saw a void in the aftermarket addons market for this type of higher end nav unit. We've aimed it at flyers who wish to use non-GTN methods for getting to and from places. Most real life AC don't have the higher end stuff as it's VERY expensive. How do you use it with standard and add on airplanes in FS X and P3D? The KingNav will work as a 2D popup in any FSX / P3D aircraft. We hope that more devs will come on board to allow us to integrate our stacks in their 3D virtual cockpits. What current aircraft have the KingNav fully integrated in the 3D VC So far only the MilViz 310R. Since we have made 3d integration so easy for a developer, we hope more will come on board in the near future. K. Michaelson Visit the NavStaX KingNav Radio Navigation Suite Homepage fpr further details
  7. San Carlos to Lake Tahoe

    Thanks very much for the big thundering radial sound! HLJAMES
  8. Nils-D BK-117 works in XP-11??

    Thanks Paraffin. On the Bell 429 I have the 412 drop down menu with throttle set to control both engines & observing in the cockpit , that is working. However, I don't have the Collective hooked up anywhere, so I'm spinning blades with no pitch.. If I can figure out the Collective I think it will work. Is there a 'lock' in the 429 that could affect the Collective? (The 'hand brake" type control goes up & down & the 'twist grip" on it, [throttles], twist ok], but there is no rotor 'bite' T45
  9. Actual 737 Pilots helped to tweak the sounds in the new Immersion pack, but, what do they know......
  10. guess that the devs from pmdg didnt know what they were doing when they were actually recording the sounds from inside the cockpit which is completely different from being a passenger
  11. My 4770 is clocked at 4.4 and I've a new 1080ti. Everything works fine. Mark
  12. Help with the Fslabs a320 in P3D V3

    The AVSIM CTD Guide, page 35, has several probable solutions to the infamous ntdll.dll error.
  13. If you’re an aviator, you should have bought one if these a year ago! No excuses now. As you fly boeings, id suggest x-plane 11.20 rc1 with the freeware Zibo 737, using native vr and orthoscenery. Make sure you have the hand controllers. A great VR flight experience. if you prefer p3d, native 4.2 VR with the PMDG 737/747/777 is good fun, but the x-plane experience is currently better overall (smoother, looks more realistic, and lets you use hand controllers)
  14. NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion - anyone tried it out yet?

    It's really the new engine sounds for the PMDG 737 .just under 12 euros ,can't go wrong steve
  15. Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    The only thing that actually works is a change of the human heart. On prohibition my theory is the reason it didn't work is the same reason the war on drugs is a failure. There is too much money trickling up to people in high places on the national state and local levels. Politicians, judges,and lawyers don't want to see the cash cow dry up in spite of lofty platitudes spoken for public consumption.
  16. 1st DCS P51 fright

    Fantastic Shot!! At least you landed right side up.
  17. Today
  18. incredible landscape
  19. Countering the Shimmering

    @lownslo is there a need to set the AA also via the inspector? What is the advantage in doing so?
  20. First of all the new sound set is around $9, not exactly a king's ransom. Secondly, apparently the developer spent many hours, and from my hundreds of hours flying in a 737, has pretty much nailed the sounds, leaps and bounds more immersive than the original NGX sounds. But, whatever floats your boat.
  21. PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    For all those of you still having the CTD issues upon loading a saved Scenario / flight with the QOTS II, - before loading Prepar3D - go to Panel State Folder within your PMDG installation path - cut (NOT copy) the respective *.FXML.SAV file and paste it to a temporary Location. Then start Prepar 3D, load your saved flight, and once the Cockpit initialises, paste the *.FXML.SAV back into the Panel State Folder. You should now be able to load the saved Panel State via your FMC without a CTD. All previously discussed solutions have not solved the issue for me, the only thing that helps is actually removing the *FXML.SAV file from the Panel State Folder until the QOTS II has fully initialised. Thanks, Joerg Uebelhart
  22. Ops. I was referring to the new engine package.
  23. That 4790k is still one helluva processor, especially a bit overclocked like you have. Latest benchmarks still show it in the top echelon. Upgrading your graphics card will make a noticeable difference. I upgraded from a 770 2Gb to 1080, and especially on P3D V4 I had a substantial improvement. I would also suggest going for minimum 16Gb Ram. I upgraded from 16 to 32Gb ram, but did not perceive any difference, 16Gb should do it. And, always keep your drivers updated to the latest, especially chipset, graphics and sound. I found outdated sound drivers can lead to stuttering, especially on the later versions of Windows 10. Intel also launched chipset drivers to be more compatible with Win 10 16299 and later, download and install their chipset version and later. (The latest version is, but I could only find it on Asus's website, see driver downloads for their Z370 motherboards).
  24. Razbam Metroliner Released

    That's close enough for me, thanks!
  25. Super real looking sunset flight

    X11 is the best for atmospheric simulation if you want reality.
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