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  2. Adding to this how's the beta looking so far? Are you seeing meaningful improvements?
  3. It appears that the latest CP works fine with the latest patch (for a change).👍 Yeah,maybe.......however there are at least two ways of looking at this...... 1:- They are a concientious team and like to constantly improve things for their customers benefit in a timely fashion, thus giving value for money. 2:- They are not a concientious team and release any old junk without properly testing it with the result it is full of bugs and needs constant patching. The sceptic within me makes my choice fairly easy.
  4. With so many options in cities to do I hate when developers do the same areas. Leave places like Seattle, Chicago, Miami alone and do areas no other developer has touched with any level of high detail. Cities like Atlanta (they could do a better job than ATDSIM), Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Minneapolis, and San Diego to name a few would be far better options to do with no conflicts with other scenery.
  5. For those who are participating in the beta, in brief, what's this sim update all about?.
  6. It was a very sad and authoritative decision when it was made time ago by the city major.
  7. Amazing? They still couldn't fix the dark cockpits (according to this thread). I'm still happy not having bought this version.
  8. Hello Ray, I sent you a PM with the file I created a while ago for P3D v5. I don't know if it still works because I haven't flown P3D for a very long time. Let me know if it helps.
  9. Hello, I'm using the Cessna 172 G1000 and I can't get the AP engaged. In stabilized flight between 2 airports, I indicate my HDG, I press AP and HDG. The AP indicator flashes yellow and turns off a few seconds later. Same thing when I use NAV mode. The GPS indicator is displayed in white and stays that way. I am surely missing something. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.
  10. Interesting package. Anyway, since I have the Miami scenery from LatinVFR (includes downtown Miami and KMIA), I would love to see if the Miami city could be disabled from SamScene3D, or install separatedly. The Miami city from LatinVFR looks way better than the SamScene's in the video, in my opinion.
  11. Maybe they were a young couple and could not afford the extra expense of the Earth Maps upgrade to their ship's navigation system.
  12. I bought the Vancouver but its also a little hard on performance when i compare to ORBX London, Singapore and Paris. Maybe its just the area as Toronto performs better Michael Moe
  13. That says a lot about the quality. I mean, I bet I can do it faster than both of them… it just won‘t be anywhere close to the real thing and perform miserably, because precision and performance improvements take a lot of time.
  14. P3D6 Personal version patch5 KLAS elevation
  15. That could have ended very badly... for the pilot in command. That's different and I guess after a stunt like that and she still wants to marry him, their marriage may work very well.
  16. Today
  17. Now that sounds very good, and should result into a seamless transition for those moving to the new sim. It should also help, and not hinder any projects whether Aircraft/Scenery etc, have no show stopping issues, unlike when MSFS 2020 was released, being a totally new learning process. Really looking forward to what's coming in the next few years.
  18. No, no add-on, only the sidestick and the throttle
  19. Hi Doron, sorry, known issue popping up if you import more than one CSV file. It is unrelated to the content of the CSV files: Restart LNM between the different imports to workaround this. I have this already fixed here locally and importing your two files confirms it is working (thank you for the links!). But I don't really want to make a release right now since I'd like to fix a few other issues and add some more features I planned. About ignoring duplicates on import: I might consider this for a future version but for now you can run the cleanup function from the context menu in the userpoints search result table: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/latest/en/USERPOINT.html#cleanup-userpoints This has a few options where you can define if you want to delete duplicates, empty userpoints and other after import. Alex
  20. Hi, Found one amongst the aircrafttypes. How can I forward it? RudyB
  21. If you delete REX Accuseason and leave REX Accuseason 2023, I think that all will be well. At least, that's what I have done.
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