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  2. FSDT airports all use the xml add-on method as prescribed by LM. Are you confused or a troll?
  3. That sounds very promising then. I have a 360mm AIO, hopefully that will allow me to run at 5.0 - 5.2GHz all core with decent temps. With my current 8 yr old setup, I am running an i7-3770k OC to 4.5GHz at 1.26V and when using P3D I notice my max temp gets to about 85-86C. with it averaging around 70C.
  4. have exact same setting as in v4.5 and VRAM doesn't reach 8Gb at all. I have MSI Rx 480 8GB.
  5. That’s what she said, so she did 😋 sorry....sorry...
  6. I use P3DV5 HF1 and Chaseplane V1.1.8.7 S. I have problems with Logitech Throttle Quadrant interfering with Chaseplane. I have my controll assigments connected to the Xbox. Static camera is connected to the XB-B button in the Xbox. Sometimes the staic camera works but usually the image quickly switches back to the cockpit. If I manage to get the chaseplane to stay in static camera mode, the chaseplane immediately switches back to the cockpits when I touch any Throttle Quadrant slider. I have the Throttle Quadrant assigned in FSUISP. In P3D options controlls there is no inlet for the Throttle Quadrant. If I unplug the USB to the Throttle, all problems disappear. Anyone who can help? /Thomas
  7. Works fine although looks a bit dated since they pre-date v5.
  8. @JRBarrett, names change for a variety of reasons I suppose. UPGAS formerly south of Cardiff, Sth Wales is now in the North Sea. I suppose after Concorde ops ended it was not relevant. Another waypoint south of EGCC with a SID named from it - CONGA - was probably named after the nearby town of Congleton. And MALBY (Wiltshire, England) is named after the nearby town of Malmesbury. 👍
  9. Hi! In fact, the entire flight replay system in CP is just a beautiful wrapper for the built-in replay system in Prepar3/4. This only works with default aircraft. Therefore, we have never included this system in the EZCA, although it was developed by 10 years ago. What can't work 100% should never be part of a completed program. Although there is still a status beta, it gives hope for the development and implementation of unrealistic functions. Just my opinion. Kevin Menard, no offense. It is not realistic to make a full-featured replay function with complex aircraft.
  10. I put V5 on another drive (D) and have less of the above problem...1080ti does everything else just fine but not this new V5 version.
  11. I'm with the OP on this one - beyond just an amazing sim, this is absolutely a technology demonstrator for Microsoft (the amount of press this is getting outside of sim community is astounding). As others have noted, the tech to generate realistic intonations and even accents is already there, and owned by Microsoft, so it would be much better if integrated into the core. It would be a real shame if every youtube video showcasing the sim was jarringly brought back to 2006 once the ATC kicked in... Why this discussion is great is because we know Asobo is listening - so it's a pretty unique time to get long-standing wishlist items addressed, be it ATC voices, or the realistic size of a Japanese maple...🙃
  12. Coming from XP ATC I thought the latest episode ATC shown was very nice and advanced, and I don't think there is anything to worry about the voices - it can be replaced. Greazer.
  13. W10 updated to 2004 yesterday and today Pilot2ATC no longer works with my mic. My microphone works just fine in W10 and passed the speech setup in W10 and Cortana. It is just Pilot2ATC that now seems broken.
  14. So the current Hawaiian Islands set is not compatible with V5?
  15. The etymology of waypoint names is an interesting topic of its own. There are several airway intersections in our local airspace that have been in existence for over 50 years. Those all spell out actual words: THINK, BEEPS, WOMAN, BIPOD etc. Newer ones are just collections of consonants and vowels: WUDUL, VILCU, XUCCO (I have heard the last one pronounced “Ex Zoo Ko” by ATC). I suppose there are only so many 5-letter combinations that have at least one vowel - I wonder if they will eventually run out? For 50 years, the NDB/LOM on the ILS 32 approach at nearby KITH had the waypoint name VARNA, which is over a small village with that exact name. Last year, the name was “stolen” by the FAA and reassigned to a waypoint in Puerto Rico near TJSJ, so the NDB is now named VRNAH
  16. I've got to agree. It's the reason I've bought other developers over FSDT. KORD and KLAS as example.
  17. Just to add to this suggestion, I believe but I havent tried myself, that if you use Notepad ++, you can actually define a bookmark at a certain line in the .cfg file and save it as a bookmark. Then you can search and select the bookmark at a subsequent time based on what you previously saved. If you find you are altering some of the sections in the aircraft.cfg on a regular basis you could set up the bookmarks in this way to find a certain sim section. Just a thought... Regards
  18. The situation with P3D and VRAM absolutely sucks right now, and I'm impressed that LM has convinced so many users that it's perfectly normal for DX12 games to crash because you kissed the VRAM limit. Anyway, more practical advice... make sure you've updated to Windows 10 2004. Turn off TrueSky. Lower textures to 1024 (yep, it'll look like garbage). With a 2080Ti you could probably get away with a combo of TrueSky off and 2048 textures. Those two settings will make or break whether you crash at PBR airports like LVFR's FLL, MIA, MAD, etc.
  19. I believe in previous versions that was due to settings being too high.
  20. So we are back again at the OOM nightmare of the 32bit era? I have a 2080 Ti, I get fine FPS but can't leave the gate on complex airports before I a get a VRAM out of memory forced exit. Does anyone knows if HF2 is going to address that? Also is there any "magic" setting that can greatly reduce VRAM usage in order to do a flight? At any complex airport/aircraft I start at 8.8/9.2 GB of VRAM.
  21. Firstly, I would go with the pre-built system. Its RAM kit and GPU are quite a bit better than the build you were looking at, and the simulator is looking to be very GPU-bound so that's where you should be focusing on. The RX 590 and RX 5500 XT do not represent great value, and the low-end space has been extremely stagnant for several years. The SSD is really good, but its capacity is low. Unfortunately the motherboard only comes with one M.2 slot, so your only upgrade path is a SATA SSD without removing that one. However, for gaming the difference between SATA and NVME is rather insignificant, and I guess you could wait until the simulator is released and benchmarks are in so you can make the best decision. As for the motherboard itself, it's pretty much bottom-tier when it comes to the VRMs, and ASUS have been doing a pretty bad job at providing BIOS updates for several years. It should do you well enough as long as you do not overclock or upgrade the CPU. In that case, I would suggest waiting for a good deal on an X570 or B550 motherboard. The PSU is also rather weak (typical of pre-build systems unfortunately), not just the build quality, but also the wattage is being stretched to its limit with that configuration. It should last you well for the system's first few years, but as soon as you decide to add more stuff or upgrade a component, that would be the first thing I'd replace. The tier list that Nooch posted is very good and is being updated frequently.
  22. They are aware that the ground and skies in XP are outdated... I suppose something will be done for V12 world engine but the XP engine requires deep refactoring to match the power of Asobo's... Then the result of the refactoring + budget will tell what next gen means. Perhaps refactoring is too expensive and it would be better to port the sim to another engine but then they already said they don't consider this... But I heard them multiple times teasing the users with hints of a "next gen" scenery.
  23. I agree with the op to an extent. I will probably never use the online ‘real’ versions as, personally, I feel it’s a step to far and it’d feel a bit sad. Definitely a bit of the immersion pie that’s been missing for ever though.
  24. Hey Virtuali, I am just reacting to the comments here and the linked post on FS Elite by giving my opinion. The link says: "Simultech has shared on their Facebook page two previews of their upcoming Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) under Prepar3D V5. The first screenshot shows an overview of the airport, showcasing the blending with the surrounding terrain as well as a nice transparent seabed." As it is claimed that this is "showcasing the blending with the surrounding terrain" and the water around the airport is also mentioned as a feature, I have specifically commented on these, and I'm not impressed by either. Seeing we're talking, here's another piece of feedback from a perennially prolific purchaser of prepar3d products - it's time to move on from Coautl. Modern addons for Prepar3d should be in accordance to best practice, which is using the .xml add-on method. I don't want a bloated P3D v5 install, but if I want to use an FSDT airport for an occasional flight I am stuck with couatl running in the background every time I run the sim. Does it matter? Well, I weakened and installed GSX2 last week, and my sim is less stable now than it was. I can't prove that there's a causal link, but my experience has been similar in the past, and conceptually I don't want any addons that introduce unnecessary complexities into a sim that isn't perfect in terms of stability in the first place. I don't think I'm the only one who would be much more likely to buy an FSDT product like the new PHNL if you did what Flightbeam did and ditch couatl for a stand-alone addon manager that doesn't interfere with the running of the core sim. Cheers!
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