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  2. Note I carefully use the term apron link, because we are not adding taxiways or aprons. Only adding paths that the aircraft follow, a path is a link with a node on each end. Yes, refer to the GSX manual for details. The only thing it should mention that can cause problem is that GSX only accepts the node coordinates in degree decimal format (32.7855412), it ignores degree minute decimal which is the native format of simulators (32 58.23). Other than that you are in control.
  3. This is what I see too: View from above is very good but the sides of buildings is strange -- gray and much too dark. DTG is still tweaking the lighting and I think it's improved a great deal since day one but still some work to do.
  4. Any negative sides with it, like some performance hit o VAS usage? Thanks,
  5. I think my original purchase of v1 was at PC aviator which is primarily why I was curious. I assume the upgrade version would be honored even if I didn't but v1 directly from Justflight. Thank you for your prompt and thorough replies, I appreciate the insight from someone who has clearly spent some time with the product. I think you have me sold.
  6. I'll using this program. It works for FSX and P3D. Edit: You may not be able to get to the task bar without going out of the pseudo mode.
  7. I will look into the mesh setting then. ORBX is the only thing I got. No other Mesh add-ons. P.S. Rob, I read somewhere you've got an Octa core 5960X CPU. How does the cpu perform in P3D V4 for you? I am running an i7 6700K at 4,5ghz with no affinity mask set. When I fly over KJFK I get lag graces, though majority of the time I get good fps. When I look at Process Lasso and everytime I see a moment of 100% CPU usage (on all 4 cores and 4 threads), I clearly see a moment of lag (2 seconds or so). Do you happen to know what is causing this load moment of 100% every 8 seconds or so? I am thinking to get a 6-core CPU or even 8 or Deca core for P3D V4. My worries are that such an upgrade is going to be in vain and that even with a 10 core all cores will be 100% filled at full load. My reasoning is that such a scenario is highly unlikely as logic says more cores is more load a cpu can take? That's why I would like to know your experience with the OCto core 5960X and P3D. Is it much better than a QC i7? Thanks, Peter
  8. Hello I am a new member and i and quite interested in using a virtual airline
  9. Just as an heads up: V1.0.1 is alive. Reason for the update: it brought back again the roads on the island (before my initial release I made some minor updates in WED, during reexport it seemed that the roads were lost). Please download again, if the roads are important for you (if not - no need for redownload ).
  10. I'm not sure that I understand the question. VOXATC 7.3 does not have either of those utilities. To set your SIDs and STARs, all one needs to do is create a flight plan with the correct transition waypoint for the SID and STAR (not all the waypoints in each SID and STAR) for the departure and arrival airports, respectively. VOXATC's ATC will figure it out and vector you correctly to the active runway. As it states on There is a Flight Plan Extras Utility, but that allows alternate flight plans, enroute holds and eliminating vectors to the approach.
  11. I am interested in a hexa-core as well. Do you think P3D V4 will benefit more from 6 cores than from 4? I am using i7 6700K now at 4.5 ghz. I guess this is easily achieveable with a 6-core, to get 4,5ghz speed? The downside is, more cores is more heat generated at OC so less headspace to overclock. That makes a 6-core a useless upgrade if it is true... I should also mention that with ORBX, FSDT KJFK, Ultimate Live traffic, ASP4, I get 100% CPU usage on all 4 cores at moments. Causes many lag graces when flying near New York.
  12. Novawing24: FlightSimCon: Interview with Stephen Hood of Dovetail Games:
  13. Well, here we go again, guys. Hackers launched blistering attacks Tuesday against companies and agencies across the world. Major global firms are reporting they're under attack, including British advertising agency WPP(WPPGY), Russian oil and gas giant Rosneft and Danish shipping firm Maersk. "IT systems in several WPP companies have been affected by a suspected cyber attack," said WPP on its official Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) account. Maersk issued a similar statement, saying its IT systems "are down across multiple sites and business units due to a cyber attack." The U.S.-based pharmaceutical firm Merck (MRK) also said it's been hit. "We confirm our company's computer network was compromised today as part of global hack," it said on Twitter. The source of the attack is not yet clear, but it is similar to WannaCry, which spread globally in May, but there are differences. Both asked victims to pay Bitcoin to get their files back, and both use a similar flaw to spread through networks. The Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Group IB estimates that a virus has affected about 80 companies in Russia and Ukraine. Group IB said the ransomware infects and locks a computer, and then demands a $300 ransom to be paid in Bitcoins. Many firms, including Symantec, have suggested the ransomware is a variant of Petya, a known ransomware. But according to security firm Kaspersky Lab, preliminary findings indicate the attacks are from a new ransomware which it's calling "NotPetya." Either way, researchers say Tuesday's attacks use a Windows flaw called EternalBlue to spread through corporate networks. WannaCry also leveraged the EternalBlue exploit, which was leaked as part of a trove of hacking tools believed to belong to the NSA. Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) issued a patch for the exploit in March. Microsoft said it is aware of the reports and is investigating. The Department of Homeland Security is also monitoring reports of cyberattacks. Spokesman Scott McConnell said DHS is "coordinating with our international and domestic cyber partners. We stand ready to support any requests for assistance." Europol said it is aware and investigating the attack as well. Ukrainian companies and government agencies seem to have been hit particularly hard. Ukraine's central bank is warning financial firms across the country that an unknown virus has hit the sector, creating problems for banks and customer service. Officials at that country's postal service and metro system in Kiev were also reporting hacking problems. Ukraine's vice prime minister, Pavlo Rozenko, tweeted a screenshot of his malfunctioning computer saying computers at the Cabinet of Ministers have been affected. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was also hit by the cyber attack, according to a Ukrainian federal agency. In a statement, it said that "in connection with the cyber attack, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant website is not working." Its Microsoft Windows systems were temporarily disconnected, and radiation monitoring in the area of the industrial site is being carried out manually, it said. --CNN's Marilia Brocchetto, Mary Ilyushina, David Shortell and Victoria Butenko contributed to this report.
  14. "Faster" applies when it's 0.5% faster, right? Sure. Actually 3930K is 2nd generation I-7. Of course that's only Passmark. If someone has objective evidence that this 8% is woefully under representing single core performance AS IT APPLIES to P3D, please direct me to a source. Everyone can agree CPU performance as it related to P3D is LARGELY, not completely, single-core performance dependent. So that matters a whole lot! It appears i9-7900X and I7-7700 are neck and neck for single core. I do want to have at least 6 cores as I am a staunch believer in it having enjoyed 3930K for these 4.3y and performance has been real good.
  15. Citation needed.
  16. Thanks Bert Just to clarify - is moved from FSx or V3.4 Gauges to v4 Gauges folder? Thanks T45
  17. Try adjusting your mesh setting, 1m works better for runway contact in most cases, but it does have a tendency to cause water to merge upwards on terrain. I believe Orbx recommend 5m for their products. Are you running any other Mesh add-on like PILOT's Next Gen? I believe PILOTs are working on a FTX Global Mesh edition for 2017. There is also the possibility Orbx just need to correct that location, often if you provide Orbx with a screenshot including coordinates, they'll take note and adjust for future update. Cheers, Rob.
  18. In the the technology field, at least the hardware, the supply has dragged the demand along by simply refusing to produce outdated technology after a few production cycles.
  19. I think the changes due for 11.10 are only propwash / slipstream and ground physics related. It appears to me Austin has finished the Pt-6 / jet / turbofan engines updates ( ? )
  20. Nothing was promised. They had an expected release time-frame. That is not a promise. They also stated that they would port the 747 and 777 first. The 777-300 port was dependant on the hotfix for P3D which came out yesterday. So now they can continue to work on the 300ER and then they will concentrate on the NGX.
  21. Hello guys, Thanks for the hard work. Looks like we lost CPT Chrono function in version 0.7a.
  22. I think I remember I came across some settings whereas the P3D window opened with the bottom taskbar visible and fixed there but still it was a full screen mode. I can't find it in Prepar3D.cfg nor in SIMstarter. Is it possilbe at all? Thanks,
  23. Over due as far as I am concerned... it was promised by 25th
  24. I only got the 'excess' over the strived for 30 FPS, in this latest RC release. I own a Dell XPS 730x tower, with: CPU: i7-975 Extreme running at 4.3 Ghz GPU: EVGA 1070 F(or) T(he) W(in) Memory: 12 GB's of 1600 Mhz from Crucial. (Max System Memory) for this board. I also run/flashed a custom Alienware BIOS, so not the stock BIOS) Monitor: Dell U3415 W Ultra-Wide running at 3440x1440 (native resolution and just under 4K). All my system usage and screen shots, with the FPS reading displayed, are at this native resolution. Since Laminar has stated repeatedly, that anything over 30 FPS is actually wasted CPU cycles in XP11, I just kept creeping up all my sliders in different combinations, until I got the max slider setting for each one, but combined, lets me generate hovering near 30 FPS for most scenes. I do drop (flutter actually) to 27 FPS, but in the next second, pop back up to 30 FPS, or in fact greater to infinity. That is what I was attempting to achieve, and have done so. I don't mess anymore with my sliders. They are 'hard-baked' as of now. :)
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