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  2. Running X Plane 11.10 beta, problem seems to occur after a windows reboot but not exclusively. Sometimes reinstalling the plugin works, sometimes starting xplane without the plugin works.
  3. I have a 980ti as well - would you care to share your settings? I get smashed by DL at night at any add-on airport.
  4. The reason your GPU usage is low is because you Are not demanding that much from the GPU but more from the CPU, Add a bunch of AA and settings that are GPU specific and you will see GPU usage go up. Also limiting frames will make the GPU usage lower as well.
  5. More great shots too. Thanks
  6. I have my G-SYNC working perfectly with v4 as before with v3.
  7. I assume that he clicked on the link provided by Ray, and followed the instructions.
  8. Only seeing flight plans based in the UK - EGNX.EGLL etc, no plans show up from other areas, LFMN.LFML, etc. Any ideas?
  9. I don't think can go wrong w/ 8700K and 1080 Ti if you're coming off of what I am which is 3930K and GTX Titan. I know the sim will need retuned, and will still constantly be in a state of both cpu and gpu boundedness, but what I would expect is the ability to lean on in particular GPU related sliders much more than I can now, plus those areas that are mostly CPU bound will improve enough. I seem to be right on the edge of perfect as I run UNLIMITED frames w/ VSYNC at 30mHz vertical refresh and as long as 30 can be maintained I have perfect smoothness. Once it struggles to maintain 30 very poor smoothness ensues. I should, I believe, see roughly 30-35% increase in total performance w/ this sort of an upgrade, and that is should address very well the current shortfall I'm seeing so that I should be able to maintain 30fps which always equates to perfect liquid smooth video. My main miff is the lousy thermal performance of these newer chips. My 3930K's IHS was soldered on--as these 'enthusiast' chips should all be, just like AMD still does. I won't use anything less than 6 cores/12 threads as I see strong evidence it's very meaningful.
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  11. Claude, If I knew what it was- we would have solved it quite some time ago- and I am not prone to have a technical discussion with someone not on our team and not involved in our development process. I'm sorry that it impacts your ability to use other products- but that doesn't weigh into my workflow even remotely. This limitation has been present in our products since 2005, and if I have to choose between what is already on my agenda or trying to rebuild the entire core structure of our product lines in order to interface with something we don't even support... Well... The hard truth is that I'm going to stick to our agenda as it is.
  12. Uninstall and reinstall should do the job.
  13. John, Give the bloke a week more then sink the hook. LOL Offer to help him buy a computer (suitable of course), all the peripherals, and flight yokes etc. Help him to select some nice aircraft and sceneries etc. If you manage this well you could do as the Indonesians do. They chat up the retailer and get a commission LOL If you do you home work and get 10 percent you end up with a tidy sum AND a guilty concience. Good on you mate and keep encouraging him. He may yet be our next AVSIM member. For me, Young Riho has departed the village with his parents for a week in beautiful downtown Surabaya. Please pass on our regards if you do manage to introduce him to our forums Regards Tony
  14. P3D with AM Addons either assigned to other cores by PL or by batchfile... regards, Gerard
  15. Something is wrong with the MS Las Vegas program. While all the structures (mainly hotels) show up in the overhead view, when looking from the 2d or 3d cockpits the structures simply are not there. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Las Vegas program but it did not help. I emailed Megascenery with that inquiry but, after several days have passed, they neither acknowledged the inquiry nor responded. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  16. FSX-SE

    dont know if will help the op
  17. Doug Dawson has made a 64bit sound gauge for P3DV4 so it is certainly possible. I do not use P3D so I cannot help you. PM Rob Barendregt and ask him to make a P3DV4 version of his gauge.
  18. At least for For me if it drops below 20 its not good that's when its starts to get jumpy and not smooth at all.
  19. They have not upgraded it to a full v4 compatibility and I found some cargo ramps had the numbering all wrong compared to the charts. The surrounding scenery you can enable does not blend that great into your other general global scenery. Overall a good airport and at a sale price pick it up.
  20. Hi, when I try to Load an Airway the waypoints are not filled in the flight plan. I use the airac cycle 1711. I tried the following steps. - New Flightplan, new waypoint EDDM, new waypoint INPUD, new waypoint UPALA - open Wapoint option for UPALA and select "load airway", - then i choose airway "UL610" and to wpt "BATTY" and press "Load", neither the legs nor the waypoint "BATTY" have been inserted in the plan Then I tried another way I add the BATTY wpt by hand and choose the ariway on the UPALA wpt once more. But the legs also did not fit in the plan. Greeting Mike
  21. Yesterday this version v4 of Beech 2000 coming back in mine hangar. And I flow with this elegant machine the segment Napa to Reno (you suggested to me John).... A pleasant flight
  22. p3dv4

    Still one of my favorites! Recently used by VATSIM for CTP Eastbound 2017!
  23. Go here and rename the standard.xml file and see if that helps. user\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Controls\Standard.xml Vic
  24. Well, ask 10 simmers what they want, and you will get 5000 answers. Like I said, ATC would not likely have been at the top of my list, but whatcha' gonna do?
  25. BelGeode takes yet another look at Aerofly, this time over the Grand canyon.
  26. Issue resolved by running the MJ control panel in Admin...
  27. Just receive a answer of my follow-up :
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