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  2. Yeah, it's a pain that the hyberfil file has to reside on the boot drive. I've stopped using it recently as I'm utilising my 3070 for crypto mining when I'm not simming.
  3. not to my knowledge. I did a search in the controls for "jetway" without success so you have to request it via ATC ground
  4. One brick at a time..... I like the trajectory of where this sim is going. Great work
  5. pretty vague, I mean you should be able to upload it e.g. at flightsim.to or do you mean the MSFS marketplace?
  6. At the moment I'm not getting DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG issues in P3D v5, although with some manual modification to the Prpar3D.cfg to force extra intense shadows (beyond that which can be set via the simulator display settings pages) I can push the memory limits of the GPU and get the error. One idea might be to decrease the graphics settings on certain machines experiencing the error. On a similar note, however, since the last few Nvidia driver versions, I am getting DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG in P3D v4 when going into the simulator scenario selection screen - the error appears when the model view window is initialised. I can stop this by putting a non-existent aircraft into the default flight file Sim value: ..\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D_Default.fxml - (Property Name="Sim" Value="F-22 Raptor - 525th Fighter Squadron") so that a model is not showable in the view window. I can also stop this by rolling back to an earlier driver (example 451.67) With either simulator experiencing the error an idea might be to try earlier driver versions in case that helps.
  7. You are welcome. I agree that configuring VR can be quite confusing. If you've followed the Oculus related steps below, you shouldn't need to run steam VR with MSFS as the sim should be able to talk to the Oculus App directly. If SteamVR has been set to use "Steam OpenXR" then both will need to be running if I remember correctly. If the game was purchased via Steam, the general Steam App may still need to run in the background regardless of what has been configured. For my system, I found the Oculus OpenXR option resulted in better performance. Somewhere between 18fps and 30fps seems to be the expected performance at the moment for most users. The info below came from this link. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018555179-How-to-install-OpenXR- • Oculus users please opt-in to the Oculus Rift Public Test Channel to enable support: https://support.oculus.com/200468603765391 Before using VR in Flight Simulator with an Oculus headset, the computer needs to know the location of the OpenXR runtime to use. Please follow the steps below to set this location in the registry: 1. Right-click on your Start menu and select Run. 2. Type in “regedit” (without quotations) and hit Enter. This will launch the Registry Editor. 3. Locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1 4. For ActiveRuntime change its value to the one that matches your platform (note: default path is shown below): C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\oculus_openxr_64.json 5. Close the Registry Editor. You are now ready to enter VR with your Oculus headset.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-55699262 Virgin Orbit launch their satalites from under the wing of a 747 of course and there are plans, well under way, to build a spaceport in Newquay Cornwall. And of course, one advantage Virgin Orbit has is that they can launch satalites from anywhere in the world at low cost.
  9. Not harsh at all. I forgot to mention I hadn't added dynamic tooltops yet because I ran out of my (self-imposed) time. I had some in there, but removed them when I realised I couldn't get them all done before my deadline. Better none than just some. They will be added. Of those flood events, I'm guilty of not stopping the following: Magnetos ADF Ident The AP stuff Fuel events need to flood because there's constant switching going on between the tanks to mimic the Clipper system. Spoilers are a bit of a problem. There is a feedback loop going on to provide on-water drag and also to provide cowl flaps drag as the sim doesn't do it very well. I can probably reduce that when in the air, but not when on water. PANEL_LIGHTS is being abused to force screen updates when I want them and not when the sim wants them, although they should not be flooding like that because there is a code trap in place to stop it. Thank you for catching those.
  10. Hi all, yesterday i was piloting a sheduled flight for Lufthansa from EDDF to LSGG and return. At LSGG, after the aircraft was ready boarded and we made the last preperations in the cockpit for departure, there was a very bright light, which looked like a star, overflying the airport at a fairly high speed. At first sight it looked like very bright landing lights from an aircraft, but once it was nealy direct above the apron the was no aircraft. It was just this very bright light and then it disapeared into the clouds. At that moment i was a little bit confused, but have had to laugh out loud for this "easteregg". My question is, if anyone of you have ever seen this kind of U.F.O. within P3D v5.1. At this point i´am not sure if this kind of joke is coming from the LM, or the devs of Aerosofts LSGG?. May someone can puit some light on it. Or do i need to get in contact with Erich von Daenicken maybe? Cheers
  11. I like the Aeroflot livery aswell mutch , just don't realy ask me why, but i do. By the way you can find a lot of fine freeware Airports in/from Russia at flightsim.to. I have DL around 4 Airports and they are looking just pretty good IMO. If you interessted look for Airports from this Creator: X-FLIGHT.SU cheers 😉
  12. Very nice work and impressive project! Do you have an ETA for release yet? (Nasty question, I know 🙂)
  13. Hi Daniel, I have emailed you now, we will take now via email as we might require to interact with special versions of AILRP, etc. Closing this ticket in the meantime. S.
  14. Hi Mike, The windows is normal.. if you do not want to see it you can hide it via the tick box there or the main configuration tab inside AIRLP. All the best, S.
  15. As I explained before if you see vehicles or boats reported as Airplanes, it is because these objects have the "wrong category" under the general section. Please contact ImagineSim for support so they correct their vehicles to have the correct category. Simobject categories have clearly a classification for vehicles and boats and these should be used for such models instead of declaring them as airplanes. Regarding the detection of AI Models, AILRP requires AI models to be installed outside of the base simulator. We do not touch any default AI Models or anything inside the sim in order to ensure 100% full stability of your system. You clearly stated your FLAI installation didn't work and you attempted to do this manually. The way you have done it is by probably copying the models inside the default SimObject folders or some other means not supported by AILRP as we require all AI Models to be installed using the add-on .XML method. AIGM-OCI, FLAI, UTL, UTL2 and Traffic Global installers all uses the required procedure to install their AI Models. If you wish to install manually you will need to copy these outside the simulator using the Add-on.xml method (instructions below), or find a way to make your FLAI installer work correctly which would make all the required configurations correctly. Regards, Simbol
  16. @HiFlyer, so it would appear to be a grey area. Given it's such an important aspect of flight simulation I would expect MS / ASOBO to make a definitive announcement about it. Expecting users / developers to work it out for themselves without assistance is not realistic.
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  18. Very weird. I had an issue with FSTramp last week (not importing Simbrief flight plans) and the answer was immediate. Anyway, if you don't get assistance from the dev, don't hesitate to ask me, Ed. I'll be glad to help, if I can.
  19. I have the latest Win 10. I have MSFS on my Windows drive. My pagefile is automatically managed by Windows. I have had MSFS since it was released and use it pretty much daily. My pagefile is 2.4GB. I suspect the problems above are not down to MSFS. CJ
  20. Thanks for the replies and advice. I couldn't find the GTX 960 Ti on ebay but there are a few 2GB GTX 960, is that up to the job? If so it could be a quick way to get me up and running. Interesting to see your spec Chock, I had a look at a couple of your videos and would be very happy to have FS2020 running like you have it. I'll do a bit of research on your components. Also I didn't realise FS2020 has gliders, I've done a bit of real life glider flying so would be very interested in that.
  21. You load your flight plan zoom the view in till you see the runway lay out and the "dots" this should show you the lay out of the gates. Your should then be able to match a "dot" with the gate you want with the chart, if the airport your using gates does not match the charts gate numbers. Roll mouse over the "dot" gate that matchers the one you want even if its a different number to the chart, then use the drop down window to choose that gate. Done.
  22. The application is available for Windows and Android, we are working at the moment on the iOS version!
  23. You can find more information on our website https://www.ivy-sm.com/planeassist/ or you can check our videos on YouTube
  24. The application lets you connect to your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 game and displays in real time information about altitude, attitude, heading, speed etc. It also gives you access to a detailed street map, so you can easily determine your current location and allows you to teleport to another place anywhere in the world just for a few seconds. Another useful feature is the ability to change the throttle, flaps, trim, gears or parking break directly from the app.
  25. I didn't see a recommended mesh setting for Buffalo, but I do have the P3D mesh resolution slider option at the highest setting.
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