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  2. That's why... TRy another location, and I recommend to start on the ground at an airport.
  3. Pretty much anywhere that lists the video specs including the Xbox site... https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=xbox+series+x+supported+resolutions&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 Will support 1440p but not full UWQHD resolution.
  4. There are the currently supported computer monitor /TV resolutions About TV resolutions and Xbox | Xbox Support
  5. No-one is really whining about the Xbox, at least I'm not. I'm glad they ported it to the Xbox. The point is it should be kept as two separate issues overall. Though I understand why people are tying all the issues directly to the Xbox changes, some of it is related and some of it is not. If the Xbox market turns out like i think it will, it's going to be weak in 3PD sales, and the actual # of people that would subscribe to the MS Gamepass just to play MSFS that weren't already subscribed is also going to be weak overall. It was just such an easy port and a temporary boost in revenue that it was a NO Brainer decision. If platform viability were the biggest issue here, they'd be releasing it on more platforms. PC software and games don't have too many issues with not reaching the intended market share saturation, it's usually the opposite. They released it on console only now they want to figure out how to get it to a PC.
  6. We don't need generic models. A hyperrealistic airport with fake traffic is useless. We need FREEDOM when choosing how to inject air traffic into our simulators. When we bought them, we were free to do so, and now that they no longer receive money from us, they have closed it down and turned it into a useless product. This is like communism, little by little they make the user less free. Asobo / microsoft, have to support their customers and ensure the enjoyment of their purchases. The current MSFS traffic does not exist. It's not real. We do not have FREEDOM. He who does not realize that loses.
  7. OK, guys, let's not turn this into a Simzilla bashing session. We can celebrate what we have without pouring salt in their wounds.
  8. Your eyes might have been deceived b y the fact there have been reports that, in some situations, Ultra is not really ultra until first set Low/Medium, Apply, then switch back to Ultra. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-settings-do-not-stick-since-su5/432211
  9. Thank you bill. Unfortunately in real life we use our displays track up where it shows airplane position relative to the route of flight against a moving map background. I wished it was a way to set it that way.
  10. To be fair, compared to a lot of dev teams they are very good with communication. With all the word not allowed being talked about them since SU5 i wouldn't blame them for never talking to the "community" again.
  11. Do we really need another thread questioning this? There are plenty of comparison photos already on this forum and the official MSFS forum comparing SU4 and SU5. Clearly the degredation is real and more pronounced for some users than others. It's not a conspiracy at this stage as some on here tried very hard to frame it as. Most likely if you fly in 4K and on a expensive rig you'll notice the degredation more than if you sim in HD or 2K on a basic to mid level rig. Furthermore, it seems some HDR monitors TVs make the colours looks fine whereas those without HDR look far more cartoony and washed out. Now let's stop pretending this is fake news or some sort of crazy conspiracy theory from 'drama queens' as you put it. That's kind of old at this stage with the many threads and evidence already available on the subject.
  12. Just my guess as I've seen Walmarts website and it has a lot of "3rd Party Content" I would guess someone trying to scalp a Series X. There is no official Black version that I'm aware of. Just be careful on what you buy anywhere when it's not a normal distribution channel. Should be Series X , not a Xbox one ( Released in 2013)
  13. Sim Update 5 was a special case. We did not get any patch notes because the team were working on that update for several months (which means it would take days or even weeks to assemble a list of of what changed), and several branches got merged. This also resulted in a few minor, cosmetic fixes from Sim Update 4 getting reverted and old bugs (like the installation manager issues and the USB freezing) to make their comeback. They said several months in a Q&A that they had an exorbitant amount of active branches that they needed to cut down, so this was probably it. It's the only reason I feel we should give them time to iron out these regressions, and I expect Sim Update 6 and future patches to aggressively tackle them. In this interview he talked more about the stuff that you don't see or optimisations that have a near-invisible impact (like the new object LOD system which needs four LODs to properly work, the new art/audio formats and compression, changing allocations, unifying computations etc.), but this is essentially correct since both PC and console use the same build. However I don't think this means it can't be made more scalable in the future. For example we're getting a tree draw distance slider in 2021, which the Xbox is definitely not getting. Or ray-tracing, which they plan to utilise for lighting, shadows and reflections. There is not a whole lot that can be done on consoles, but on PC there is a lot more hardware headroom. They just need to use it, which means giving users the option to boost the LOD distances and reduce the amount of culling if their system can take it. But we don't know much about these plans yet, and I hope they will address these concerns in the next Q&A (and of course, expect them to deliver).
  14. Can you point out where you were apprised of this? Thanks! I have that resolution in front of me right now, but will be mostly using this on my 4K 60 inch flat screen, and I also have an older 1080P 27 inch monitor as back up.🙂
  15. The Steam version of Microsoft Update Simulator now allows you to run another Steam game while FS is busy grabbing the latest set of patches or content changes. So you can go slogging through the mud in Snowrunner or blow a few heads off in Deus Ex, rather than just watching the Gb count. I'll get my pilot's bag...
  16. Question for the xbox x experts wallyworld (walmart) has a “black edition “ xbox for almost 900$ what is this ????
  17. Honestly after reading this thread I have lost a little more faith in humanity, the whining is unreal. We don't deserve a next generation flight simulator and as rightly pointed out many times... Microsoft have to pay for all of this somehow!! Without the lifeblood of xbox then you can kiss it all goodbye because the model is unsustainable otherwise.
  18. Very appreciated update, times like these they need to keep us informed pretty often..
  19. Thanks, I may need to get that Orbx program. I visited Dubai two years ago, what a fantastic city. Cheers, Pete
  20. My guess is many people didn't know this, in fact I don't ever remember seeing the release notes. Going to change that tonight when I get home, Thanks.
  21. I couldn't see that post in the thread you have linked but I have spotted it in the bottom of this closed thread: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/why-the-silence-ms-and-asobo/434132/168 if anyone wanted to see the actual post.
  22. Gamestop (US) usually does a trade in thing when new consoles are released.
  23. It's their mindset because Xbox is basically Windows, so they don't have to change that much code. Keeping the code as similar as possible is not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be easy to get lazy about it and overdo it in the attempt to try to keep the changes so minimalistic between the two versions. So the developers likely partitioned one portion of the code that is absolutely needed to be maintained between the two versions. That said, gaming companies are used to having lots of branches, sometimes you have to release a game for 5 different incompatible systems. It depends on the gaming engine to how much trouble it is, some game engines are made to be somewhat more neutral between C++ ports than other. C++ is in itself somewhat portable between different operating systems and OS, but you have to maintain the portability of it actively or anything you make becomes non-portable.
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