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  2. Hi all, just purchased the Maddog X P3dv3 32bit today. I read in the doc's that at teh end of the installation proces i will be asked fot the path to P3d. But this screen does not appear? I am sure I am doing something wrong here. I read that it should be instllalled in the C:\user\myname\MyDocuments\Prepar3D v3 add-ons folder. Is it necessary to create a Maddog folder within the ...\Prepar3D v3 add-ons folder before installation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Norbert
  3. Please delete
  4. Never mind. I had a look and the fan is working perfectly. I would just try another PSU regardless but I obviously haven’t got a spare one and with all the money I’ve pumped into P3D in the last four weeks, if I were to buy a new PSU and it didn’t solve it then I would be devastated.
  5. Thank you Jdoe. Just grabbed a copy for myself as I had the same questions as you it seems. -Braun
  6. Air Berlin doesn’t exist anymore.
  7. Hello, If the issue occurs with the cold and dark panel state and not with the default panel, then I would suggest that you delete the cold and dark panel and create a new one from the default panel. Sometimes the panel states provided get corrupted and the only fix is to create new ones from the default one. Only the default panel state seems to remain unaffected. Edit: be advised that PMDG requires users to sign all their posts will full names on their forum.
  8. Maybe you should also consider the aerosoft a320 family which should be released very soon for v4!? Well it is not as deeply simulated(and it does not want to be) like the pmdg, but with normal procedure and work flow it gets the job done to make you feel like beeing in the cockpit. Also the price will be around 50€ for the whole family which i think is a bargain. They also mentioned on their forum that they are considering to give a rebate on the (in the future released) a330 for owners of the A320 family
  9. Hello Leonardo (maddogx).......... I am mad at Maddogx......I bought the aircraft on Wednesday; because I like study level sims and supporting developers; but today (Saturday) when I was planning to fly the MD80 during my weekend off, the brakes are stuck!!!!!. I feel a little disappointed, anyway, is there a solution that doesn't affect other aircrafts in my FSX hangar? Thanks in Advance. Alvaro A.
  10. FSX-MS

    Thank you Jim, I was totally confused where to best place it.
  11. Makes me long for the upcoming Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator!
  12. I haven’t seen it in 2D flying but I have noticed it in VR flying particularly if I extend my head position out of the cockpit in front of the aircraft looking down. Joe
  13. Just watched those videos from FSMania; very useful! I have also messaged Bert Pieke requesting his mod for this aircraft. Thanks for the YouTube recommendation tamsini
  14. And all other aircraft/developers you personally have something against.
  15. Yep, it appears to be default scenery. However, as I own Aerosoft US Cities X - Boston, I'm glad that FlyTampa's textures end at the airfield's perimeter as this area is already covered. On some occasions I've found textures from the airfield developer mismatch, clash or be of a much lower quality compared with existing ORBX or photo scenery outside of the airport which looks terrible on the approach. Or worse still, doesn't work at all. Fingers crossed now that US Cities X - Boston is compatible with FT's KBOS.
  16. Yeah, it's been all over the news when they did. Were you hibernating ? Lol
  17. Hard to guess why it would be fine before, then out of the blue stop again. Try re-installing FS2Crew again since that worked for you before.
  18. Thanks Roland. Ill try that next time...
  19. Hi have you activated the airports? If they are not activated the buildings will disappear.
  20. @FuriousBird, Could you list your main hardware (PC and video) and then your OS build. Maybe there are a few of us trying to see what is different about your system. As far as your P3Dv4.2 config, what addons do you have. Have you tried any default aircraft - you say that strobe/nav/papi lights are showing. Wonder what would happen if you didn't have any aircraft addons? I realize that you are having success without single pass - so the general install is fine. Have you logged this problem on the prepar3d forum? ( ) Good luck Dave W.
  21. Going to fly Air Berlin with PMDG livery, looking for call-sign. Web page says AB gone into bankruptcy. Is that so ?? Dave Hinson
  22. I have recently replaced the original cockpit of the built-in Beech Baron B58 with the G1000 glass cockpit from the built-in C172. It's not overly pretty, but it works well. Now I am trying to do the same with my Alabeo DA40 to make it more similar to the DA40D which I am flying in real life. I need this for my IR rating. However, the G1000 which I copied over the original cockpit just shines through at some places. It seems to be in the background somehow. Does anyone here know how to work around this? I am new to X-Plane and PlaneMaker. Maybe it's just a simple mistake I made. Some help?
  23. Welcome to the party. some bench marks: cb15: cpu1280 3dmark06: 49,000 Aida64:mem 48000 read/write, latency 43 Real becnh: 142,000 cpuID 602/3241 Real Temp : 2248 The above bench marks are with the "24/7, 5.0, manual, xmp" overclock profile ....<------I didn't change anything (I'm on bios 802) Will try some benchmark profiles today you have a favorite? Question: What fan header should I use for the H110? I'm currently on the "cpu fan" 3 pin. I ask cuz it doesn't seem to be monitored.
  24. I've decided to give you guys a little insight into dial a flap and FLEX. The beauty of the system is that it gives you the capability squeeze every ounce of performance from a runway and given conditions. In essence, its a comparison of runway limiting weight and climb gradient limiting weight. Where ever these weights meet, you attain maximum takeoff weight and optimum flap settings for these conditions. Lets look at the 0 to 13 chart and follow the example. Hopefully you can read the charts.They start with a runway available of 10900ft. After correcting the runway for a down hill slope and headwinds, the runway has effectively increased to 11700ft. Down slopes help acceleration and headwinds gets you to rotate quicker/shorten distance required. Next, you enter the top left with outside temp and correct over to pressure altitude. You then correct down to your corrected runway and exit to the right for a runway limiting weight. Next, you enter the bottom right with outside temp and intersect pressure altitude. You then correct left through the engine bleeds and anit ice section to get the second segment climb gradient weight. The example has 137 for runway and 140 for the segment weight. You enter and follow the guidelines until they meet. The point at which they meet is your max takeoff weight and optimum flap setting. In the example we have 4 degrees flaps and 154,000 pounds. You would use page 2 for your speeds and adjustments. Now lets look at flex. Once you have found the max weight and flap setting, you utilize the flap setting. Take the example of 4 degrees. Lets say that your actual weight is 140,000 pounds. You would take flaps 4 from your max weight and slide down to 140,000 pounds. Work backwards and follow the guidelines. You will have 125 for the left side and 127 for the right. Continue backwards until you end up with temperatures. The lowest of the 2 temperatures will be your flex/assumed temperature. In the scenario, you can't intersect the pressure altitude on each side so you will have 50 for both. This means you can flex down to 50 degrees. If the numbers had been 30 and 35, you would use 30 for your temp. That's it in a nut shell. Runway distance and climb will drive you to one chart or the other. If the runway is short, low flap settings will kill your weight capability. For short runways, more flaps will get you off the runway quicker but hinders your climb. High climb gradients will require less flaps. Lower flaps makes the aircraft clean, but requires more runway. So there is a compromise as you work through and decide what works best for your conditions. Cheers
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