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  2. From the looks of it, the order of Updates seems to be (Standard version, but every other version should be similar apart from the amount of data) 307 MB Installation Manager on MSFS start 1,17GB Update WU III - Content Manager 10,5 GB - WU XVII - Marketplace (max. 23 GB, Premium version?)
  3. Really? I'm sure I am seeing the TIN cities everywhere else. Can anyone else confirm this to be the case please? Haha. I thought you were from Newquay 🙂
  4. If I recall they also had issues with Fenix based on the Livery. Perhaps Livery issues?
  5. Thank all of you for the responses. Here is why I asked. Over the past almost four years now I have posted three different requests on the official site requesting a feature change. I asked that the World screen drop downs be organized so that the most recent Arrival is subsequently listed as a choice for the Departure point for the next flight. Unsure if it has been a language issue or something else, but the brief responses I have received from Asobo indicate the question is not understood correctly. My three most recent flights, each in different aircraft, have been from KMKC to KDAL (Bksq Turbine Duke); KTYQ to CYYZ (Hondajet); and an out-and-back flight from KBWI (Bksq Analog Baron). My Turbine Duke is currently sitting at KDAL, my Hondajet at CYYZ, and Analog Baron at KBWI. Those respectively are the points I will fly each from this week. Note as always, the Departures only list the three most recent Departures, and likewise on the Arrival side the three most recent destinations. All I have requested is that the World Map flight planner have the most recent Arrival airport be listed as an option on the Departure side for the following flight. I had also requested that an option to designate a "home" airport be provided, or even a short list of Favorties, and if so, that those also be listed. Perhaps two dropdowns on the From side, the current global, and Favorites. Any agreement? I would like to see MSFS 2024 show some realistic enhancements to this screen.
  6. Just flying up the Thames now. Hopefully the area around my house is now finally up to date.
  7. Not to mention you will not see any of the TIN cities if you use any 3rd Party Map addon.
  8. Yep. It's now live. Just a further thought. If you, like me, are using the updated Bing Maps addon, you might want to turn it off to be able to see if ASOBO are using more recent sat images.
  9. In addition to the WU17 release, there's a 1.17 GB patch for WU III (the first UK & Ireland update) available in the Content Manager.
  10. I installed the update yesterday, enabled the PMDG 738 pax loading option, then this morning set out to fly the plane and now get this. Someone on PMDG forum mentioned this happened to him and disabling the feature in GSX resolves the issue thankfully:
  11. I do so routinely with sim updates but not likely necessary with world updates. Never witnessed them change anything in Community.
  12. Steve @ Polly Pot has updated the GIT for MSFS2020...works great...I have a GF-MCP Pro
  13. yes, site is online again and gizmo connects
  14. I like how Inibuilds found a nice compromise between quality and development time: the sceneries are good enough (to my taste) and they can produce many airport during a one year period. Add to this, that they have many huge sales during the year so if you are a little bit patient, you can buy a nice collection of nice airports at a fair price.
  15. daily reminder that Gaya had to give people Kos for free in p3d as they made such a mess of EGPH, (which they never finished).
  16. for crying out loud. when will these devs stop chasing after the same buck. thats 3 versions of DBV now. The Davor Puljevic is very good. it baffles why these devs all just do the same stuff over and over again
  17. I believe so. Has Gaya released any standalone products for 2020? Or are they living off Microsoft’s contract?
  18. I tried the default helicopters and both can be brought into VRS (the relevant dataref is helpful to monitor how deep the VRS is; be sure to use the X-Plane "data output" function, which shows 2 VRS datarefs, I presume one is for the main rotor and the other for the tail rotor). The VRS datarefs can go well past beyond 1, I think up to 2 or so, which presumably indicates a very deep VRS. In this case, the vertical speed increases and the collective is less effective in decreasing the vertical rate of descent. In my flight tests, the altitude lost for recovery certainly increases, potentially significantly, compared to a normal flight condition. Although, using full collective usually seem to stop the descent eventually. This might be the main alleged discrepancy compared to real life behaviour. Neverthless, I think XP12 is doing an excellent job anyway: we're talking about a very complex situation to model accurately (unstable turbulent flow!), and the fact that XP is designed to try to model it in a general way for every virtual helicopter, is already a big achievement. As everything else, maybe there's room for further refinements, but I already appreciate how XP12 is modeling it. For the record, during my flight tests, I encountered a VRS situation in the default S-76 where it could not be recovered using only collective (and I crashed). Apparently it is more prone to unrecoverable VRS than the default R22.
  19. Who developed the hand crafted airports? Gaya? Looks pretty good!
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  21. These are the airports included in the update EGPB - Sumburgh EGSS - Stanstead EGFF - Cardiff EGLF - Farnborough EICK - Cork
  22. https://inibuilds.com/products/inibuilds-dubrovnik-lddu-msfs
  23. Forgot, I also have an Ally Pally although I doubt that will be included in the update. I'd better see what else I have!
  24. MSFS slogan is literally "as REAL as it gets" 🤔😳
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