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  2. Jim Young

    New build for P3D

    I would not recommend the 8086K as it is more expensive than the 8700K and they are about the same except the 8086K can be set to 5.0GHz with the Optimal Default setting and the 8700K can only get to 4.7GHz with the Optimal Default setting. That's not much of a difference to pay about $75 more for the 8086K than the 8700K but many like the fact they can have a stable 5.0GHz system with no need to overclock (except the memory). The difference between the i7 7700K and the i7 8086 is that the 8086 is about 17% faster That's a pretty good size jump in performance but nothing to write home about. As you can see in the link, the i7 8700K superseded the i7 7700K. The i7-8086K is only about 4% faster than the i7 8700K so nothing there to say the i7 8086K is the cpu for me!
  3. I bought VFR France Paris-Ile de France (plus the accompanying aiport packs) a few days ago. I've been a long-time ORBX user but Paris in ORBX OpenLC EU just doesn't cut it for me, sorry. I was able to marry France VFR Autogen with ORBX using AutogenConfigurationMerger and this works (as I checked back and forth). However, I am underwhelmed by the performance of VFR France Paris under Prepar3d4.2. The scenery as such looks great and is extremely dense and has many nice objects, however (i) Autogen often loads pretty late, (ii) ground textures are blurry. Now this could be the result of my high settings, I have most of the sliders maxed, except autogen draw distance at "medium" to avoid autogen loading in patches (and some shadows off, water one below max, mesh at 5 m). I would agree to this statement, however, using the very same settings I get continuous 30fps in FT Amsterdam and over ORBX TrueLandscape Amsterdam (i.e. the City). Yes, continuous 30 fps, no autogen missing and ground textures at least much more clear than in Paris (let's say within what is possible with photo textures in Prepar3d4.2...) I also have great performance elsewhere (ORBX NCA..) but this is LC-based and doesn't compare directly. Even during takeoff from T2G Paris Charles De Gaulle performance is good and textures are clear yet. Issues start when I enter the city center later. I tried the France VFR forum, but that's essentially in French and doesn't have much user info on the recently released Paris-Ile de France for Prepar3d4 anyway. Does anyone - notably users of this scenery - have any tips or experience what to do? Most of the time I run unlimited with my monitor set to 30 Hz, VSync/TB on. I already tried limiting fps internally to 20 which should help fighting blurries, however does help marginally only. And 20 fps (sometimes even dropping lower) is not what I would call great, although it's still "relatively" smooth. (As a sidenote, I did not yet acivate the additional performance killers in the "Extras" directory.) Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  4. So was this a "spoiler alert"? LOL~ Glad you got it identified.
  5. Bert Pieke

    Beech Baron data

    If you are flying in FSX, Flight1 has a G1000 equipped C182 which actually has a custom programmed Flight1 G1000, instead of the default FSX G1000. Alabeo's G1000 is really a repackaged default G1000.. beware.. Edit: Just re-reading this... if you are using P3DV4, the Flight1 aircraft is not (yet) supported, so would not help you..
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  7. Ferradini

    Repaint Request Thread

    Hello Shane: The Seaborne livery is in the works right now.
  8. Jim Young

    South South America

    Hundreds, maybe thousands are flying there with no issues. You disabled Orbx SA and still got the crash so not Orbx SA fault and no reason to bother Orbx/FTX. My first recommendation is to disable your dll.xml (both of them) by renaming them to Many modules can create an unexplained crash as they do not cause a crash on every flight. For instance, I have flown w/o issues on flights and then suddenly have a crash. I disable the dll.xml's and the crashes go away. Narrowing it down, I found that the Carenado CTMeteo module (in the main P3D folder if you have any Carenado aircraft) causes many unexplained crashes, especially if you run into bad weather. I have mine disabled and have not had a crash for some time now. The thing about this module is that it works great most of the time until there's bad weather in the area. Your crash just South of Quito Ecuador is exactly like the crashes I got when I flew South of Wash Dulles (KIAD). Turned out the CTMeteo module was causing the crash. I have also seen an outdated version of the FSUIPC module causing unexplained crashes. It is important that the modules in your dll.xml are kept up to date including the Orbx ObjectFlow2. What you need to do is read the AVSIM CTD Guide, page 10 where you should bring your P3D simulator to the default settings. You do this my renaming the P3D.cfg, the dll.xml's, and the scenery.cfg and then go off flying. The dll.xml in the same folder as the scenery.cfg will be rebuilt to the default. The scenery.cfg will be rebuilt to the default. You also need to move all of the Orbx/FTX files in Scenery/World/Scenery to a temporary folder as everyone of these files load even if you disable the Orbx SA scenery. Some contain objects and elevations. If the crash continues, then you can move these files back from the temp folder.
  9. Captain Kevin

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Yeah, I'm in the same position as you with this one. I'll certainly get the 747-8 when it comes out. As for GFO, I need clarification on something first, which I asked, but never quite got that confirmation, so hard to say with this one. Unfortunately, it sounds like I might not be able to use it given the way I fly. I'm sure the presentation gives some information as to what GFO offers, but unfortunately, I don't have time to sit and watch a video that's however long it is, especially knowing that I will most likely miss something and have to go back and replay it, which eats up more time. It's far more easier for me to read an official announcement on the forum, and that way, I can read it at my own pace. I'd like to think I could find a use for GFO, but it's hard to say at this point without more information.
  10. Me too, three days, a weekend's worth of flying and no issues. In fact I haven't had issues with any NVidia driver since....never. Of course I've had CTDs but they've all been down to various cock-ups, never 'wrong driver'. I expect it'll turn out OK though.
  11. Could you clarify "before"? When did this situation start? Thanks, Greg
  12. GCRR

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    Hi Stu, in first place, i´m no expert but i´d suggest you to check your "Autogen draw distance"-slider. Just reduce it a bit and check results. In my case, doing so gave me a significant increase in performance, also those annoying stutters are gone, very noticeable especially with "heavy iron" aka FSLABS, PMDG. Obviously what i mentioned above is highly depending on your hardware and other graphic / terrain / lighting options you might run on your P3D-setup. So, long story short: experiment with different options, try to find the best balance between "eye-candy" and performance. Please, all you P3D-Gurus chime in and correct me if i´m wrong. 🙂 (You´ll find a lot of useful information, tips and tricks to get the most out of your simulator here on the avsim forum, just do a quick search). Good luck ! Lars
  13. Hello All: I recently purchased a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and would like to set up the device to utilize the Idle Cutoff and Prop Feathering detents. I'd also like to know how to set up reverse thrust, since I may try to fly turbo props in the future. I have been unable to find a definitive answer online regarding how this may be accomplished. It it noteworthy to add that I am also using CH Products Rudder Pedals, and a CH Products Flight Sim Yoke. The yoke will soon be replaced as I have just purchased a new yoke from Diagma. So far I have read suggestions that state there are three options regarding configuration: CH Manager FSUPIC Prepar3d I am fairly certain that there must be a right way and an incorrect way, so I'd like to hear from folks that have successfully setup their CH Throttle Quadrant to fly light twins. Thanks, Chris
  14. The presentation outlined what GFO offers and given a little thought it's not hard to decide whether this kind of detail suits your needs or not. I hope PMDG make a formal announcement here to back up the presentation and perhaps fill in some detail which might answer some questions. Certainly it would be good to be able to see the presentation slides properly. The big question for me is how much, if anything, of GFO will be included in the price of a PMDG aircraft addon. Will users have to purchase or subscribe to some or all of GFO? Obviously I wouldn't expect actual prices and timescales to be announced, but I think we should be given an indication of the charging model, if there is one, and whether any of GFO will be included free with OC2.
  15. Henry Street

    ORBX Rainbow Scenery (Glitch)

    Cool, I learned something new too from the Orbx post. Thanks
  16. olivermitch99

    New build for P3D

    Cheers Johnny! I'm willing to go for the 8700K as I would like this system to last a while, so cheers for that. Regarding the 1080Ti, I doubt I'd go near 4K anyway so I don't think I'd want to pay the extra money if it's not going to be fully utilised. Jim, I appeciate the advice - I'm going to look into the 8086K as you've said. Would you say the difference in FPS between the 7700K and the 8086K would be subtle, or instead a rather large leap? And the same from the 8700K to the 8086K? Thanks to all! Oliver Mitchell
  17. Copper.

    CPDLC explained

    Done daily, hundreds if not thousands of times, actually.
  18. Ron, I have been using 398.11 for two days now. All ok so far.
  19. I'm sorry, but a lot of people, like me, are unsure as to what this product will offer us for our individual simming needs. As such, they get branded as "moaners", "whiners" or whatever in expressing these thoughts and not going along with the "pack". If PMDG released a cardboard box, I'm sure there would be hoards claiming it was the best, most technologically advanced cardboard box ever made. Given that PMDG do not do refunds, it is a bit of an ask to purchase a product, unless it is a subscription product where you can easily cancel, only to find it doesn't do what an individual wants from their sim. Now, I've been a PMDG customer since, well, since they made manuals - if I recall, I reckon I have bought just about every product they have produced, including the Fly! products for those as old as me who remember that platform. This one has yet to grab me and make me say "that's a day 1 purchase". As an example, the 747-8 for me is a release day purchase. I remain to be convinced that it suits what I want. Maybe it will when I read feedback or see more information, but to brand people who have similar doubts as "moaners" or "whiners" is a bit offensive.
  20. NVidia update 398.11 gave me DXGI error...
  21. joona_

    CPDLC explained

    Dont worry, we got plenty of trees here in Finland. Besides the yearly growth is more than cuts. Trees rot in the forests (and in my understanding creates methane gas which is harmful for the atmosphere) because we cut too little. So Im actually helping the environment by printing flight plans
  22. ahsmatt7

    CPDLC explained

    Unless you plan on using a receipt printer....its not realistic at all. Stuff printed from acars is formatted in a way that fits on a nice, concise small piece of real estate. I could only chuckle at someone printing off acars stuff on a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.
  23. The Guide does not talk about Acceleration or SP2 for this error but, if you uninstalled Acceleration, you would have the basic FSX - FSX Standard or FSX Deluxe as Acceleration also includes SP1. If you uninstalled SP2, you would have FSX w/SP1.
  24. rondon9898

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Boo to the moaners, I think this sounds like a jolly good idea. Just to clarify because I can’t find the info in the forum and the video (with the greatest of respect) is a tad too long for me to sift through and the sound’s not great - is this a one-off purchase or a subscription based service?
  25. Tokitaumelie

    Terrain loading under P3DV4.2

    I'm guessing LandClass and PhotoReal, as in textures 🙂 Kind regards
  26. Jim Young

    New build for P3D

    I just got rid of a system like that - and the link shows my benchmarks (rated as UFO). The proposed system will run P3DV4.2 well and I would have kept mine except I decided to upgrade to the i7 8086K CPU as it can be set at 5.0GHz by just selecting Optimal Defaults in the BIOS. It is therefore stable. Your proposed system would only get up to 4.5GHz with Optimal Default settings but it can be overclocked to 5.0GHz but you may have some stability issues if you are not knowledgeable of overclocking. Even at 4.5GHz, it will perform well. Your video card is not the optimal but will work. The 1080ti is pretty expensive for many users. I was able to run P3Dv4.2 between 40 and 60 fps and many times it averaged in the 70's during some flights. But it all depends on the scenery and your P3D settings no matter how powerful your computer. I agree with Johnny that you could future proof your purchase by getting the i7 8700K. Looking at Google, there are prices for the i7 8700K that are very close to the price of the i7 7700K. But, if you got the 8700K, you would also have to buy the Z370 MB. But it is probably worth researching. If you can afford a couple of M.2's as shown in my benchmark above, that would be worth getting too. They might be dropping down in price. The Z270 and Z370 MB's can handle two of them.
  27. downscc

    FMC Freezes when i try to enter Cost Index

    These kinds of things have less to do with how to fly than how to operate the PMDG simulation. The Introduction document is all about how to operate the simulation. I was asking how you start the session, how do you select the aircraft? From a saved scenario? Is it your default airplane? Not load the flight plan but load the airplane into FSX/P3D?
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