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  2. Just posted to videos to give you a comparison
  3. I own both products. KMIAv4 brings the entire downtown area to life. DD's city depiction takes longer to draw, even on a fast system like mine. For now, I deactivated DD since Latin VFR did a great job with the city. I asked DD a while back if they would consider optimizing textures for Miami City like they did for NYC. If DD does that, I will pay for the upgrade. DD is one of my favorite developers. Here are two videos. The first shows DD Miami with LatinVFR KMIAv3, and the second is LatinVFR KMIAv4 with DD deactivated. Note that with KMIAv4, there is a defect that shows building on water in Miami Beach. I hope they can fix that. I have ORBX, Global, Vector, and OLC, and never saw that. DD Miami City and LatinVFR KMIAv3 LatinVFR KMIAv4 and city
  4. I heard back again from Carenado. Apparently the file was mislaid during a website update. They will be putting the 208 optional FDE package back up on the website later today. Good news!
  5. Tell me which instruction you would like to have translated and I will quickly do it for you, as long as it is not pages of text...
  6. Hi Urs, you will not find this in German, I have an idea why you don't contact @guenseli he is very friendly and speaks German and might be able to read Steve instructions and give you proper steps so you can get your system sorted. Regards, Simbol
  7. FSX models should work in Prepar3d v3.x without any issues. And, as long as a model does not depend on any 32bit .dll gauge or file, it should work also without any issues in Prepar3d v4.x. Simply try it, as long as you do not have to overwrite files in the Prepar3d default folders, nothing can go wrong.
  8. I came across the Group via an Avsim notice. Have had a quick look & there appears to be some really good work there, but as far as I can tell so far its only for FSX? No P3D? T45
  9. David, on page 5 of this thread SteveW wrote: With emphasis on that final sentence. Regards, Greg
  10. Great to know about this year release, thanks.

    For those of you that shop at PC Aviator, today is an extra 10% off the Carenado sale. Stack on a $5 off coupon and that is a really good deal for some of the planes.
  12. Looks great. It's nice to see the detailed depiction of the weird window-opening gizmo. For those of us with the previous version of the Maddog and still on FSX or FSX:SE, what will the new version bring in addition to better graphics, if anything?
  13. May be, according to FSElite "before the year is out" Cheers Pat
  14. Orbx HD Trees are a separate product. Look in FTX Central (global section) and see if you've purchased and installed them. Scott
  15. Since there are no SIDs or STARs in the core data, it's a moot point... however, at this time there is no intent to support what isn't there. RealNav, as well as products like Navigraph exist for this exact reason. To provide what isn't in the core data.
  16. David, you're missing the point then of what the same expert wrote in his latest post here on a 4-ore HT On. It looks like SteveW suggests to try a different affinity vs. 11 11 11 11, and we are affected ))
  17. With the maddog and pmdg's JS4100 close to release - I may have to tell the kids that santa's on strike this year.
  18. Hello Steve, there are these "instructions" then in German? Unfortunately I can not speak English, so I have to go with Googletranslator. which does not always translate well to 100% I normally google things where I do not know. But I became a father for the first time on 06.12.17 and had therefore asked for the sake of simplicity here. Where would I find the German text Many thanks for your valuable help. Best regards Urs
  19. If I come up with a solution I will let you know what it is. Don't do anymore installations as they seldom solve any issue.
  20. Hmmm ... *searching his globe* ... can't find it ...
  21. I appreciated it, honestly. We don't get a lot of this type of history in the States, unless you go looking for it on your own. Our schools are more of the variety that is best reflected by the intro to the movie Team America...
  22. No my opinion is to listen to an expert not hear say from fred blogs and mickey mouse. Or someone that posts a different one depending on the wind direction. People come here for help and not a game of chinese whispers. I state as a fact I know nothing about AM compared to Steve, but SteveW is my go to man and I personally trust him 100%. If he tells me I don't need one in v4 then I don't need one. After 20 years of doing this I know who to trust and who not to. I've used AM for years, happy to not use one and my v4.1 is running like a dream. Do I know a lot about tweaking? yes I do, but AM is best to just ask SteveW directly what is best for your CPU.
  23. FSX-SE

    I'll check that out, I See it does other games to
  24. *Makes note to leave computer off* MS is really bungling all of this up, it seems. Seems to be compounding, too.
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  26. Rob, Have you had a chance to use the new Samsung 65" yet? Terry
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