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  2. PMDG 777- 300 ER Night Cockpit Landing (Istanbul LTBA, RW24)
  3. Your job is equally important as that of the flight crew.
  4. The cargo shift took out the hydraulics in the tail side (bulkhead) (and Flight Recorders). That's the main cause of the elevator control. Unfortunately recorder power supply lost due to the tail section damage.
  5. Michael Moe

    747-8 HYD PR Flickering on STAT

    Can you help with that ? Learning is always fun 😎 Thanks Michael Moe
  6. Hi, Just completed two flights in the amazing 747-8 and on both occasions i was getting the above and was wondering if its me rotating to quick or simple a glitch with two situations close to each other making the call "positive climb call" played first. ? Thanks Michael Moe
  7. Chock

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    I know what you mean, the Boeing ethos is a bit more pilot-oriented and the linked yokes are a better and more transparent control system in terms of CRM and crew awareness than a sidestick in my opinion, but the A320 and its sisters, is still an amazing aeroplane all the same and the FSL 'Bus is a great rendition of it. If you can get hold of a genuine A320 SOP manual and have a very good look at it, you'll find that the FSL's accuracy compared to the real thing will constantly amaze you.
  8. That's the one where some armored personnel carriers broke loose on the take off roll and smashed the elevator controls isn't it? A combination of a lot of weight on the rear and no elevator control after rotation, causing a stall and a mush in, caught on the dashboard cam of a car if I recall correctly. Apparently the crew were not correctly trained on securing the load. Yup, it's very important to load things up properly and secure things too. In the case of this set of pics, the cargo was a couple of invalid carriages (big battery powered wheelchairs which weigh a lot). We have to do a couple of checks and such with those, first up, the batteries have to be of a type which the aircraft is allowed to carry and they have to be disconnected and the battery secured in such a way so that the terminals cannot arc, then of course we also have to make sure the whole thing is securely in place with either ropes or cargo straps so it can't shift about in the hold. The cargo nets are intended to stop the things moving a very long way away from the position they've been loaded into, but the straps which we secure them with are an additional safeguard. There is usually paperwork attached as a tag with very visible red and white diagonal stripes on it so it can't be missed, which we have to check and sign off with things such as this. We normally secure items such as these right at the front of the cargo hold unless there is no weight in the rear hold, in which case we might put them further back into the wing to maintain a safe CoG. The reason they tend to get loaded last (and often late), and on their own as opposed to with the main baggage, is so that their user is not long without them for long when boarding and upon arrival they can be quickly unloaded so the passenger is not left hanging about without their wheelchair at the destination.
  9. GSalden

    PTA doing weird ****

    Did you check that you are using a P3Dv4.3 compatible Preset ? Reinstall the default Shaders and see if it looks good. Make sure that you have installed default Sky and Cloud textures too. Try my Preset : 4_2 v13 All Months.rar If that looks ok then you will know that your P3D Config is good. If it doesn’t look ok there are some 3rd party textures installed that cause it. With my Preset + TE NL it should look like this : Good luck !
  10. Peter Webber

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Bought the "FSL bird" yesterday. Beautiful to hand fly.....but I remain a "Boeing" guy!😁
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  12. Great pics. Thanks for sharing and your input to our community! Very important work...Remember Bagram 747-400? 2013 I think.
  13. A few pics from this morning taken from my phone whilst waiting for some late cargo to load into the front hold of A321 Echo Delta on Stand 26 at EGCC. The first one is from my viewpoint sitting on the cargo conveyor driven up to the front hold. Echo Delta (LY-VED) is leased by Thomas Cook, but still wears her old Aeroflot main paint scheme with a few temporary Thomas Cook stickers covering the Aeroflot markings. You can see she has the tug and bar connected and the ground power is still plugged in. She also still has the chocks on the nose wheel because the air bridge has not yet been retracted. The hole you can see on the red cheat line of her livery, just above and to the right of her ED code on the landing gear door, is the avionics heat vent. since the avionics get hot, this pumps out warm air and is handy when the weather is cold because you can stand there and get nice and warm from it. To the right of that you can see a hatch is a slightly lighter grey colour. This is the access door for the avionics bay. The red lined box to the left with the red oval shape which has white inside it and two black dots is the area which must be kept clean around the static ports for the pitot tubes, the static ports are the two black dots: When I could see the cargo we were waiting for being brought up to the stand, I went into the forward hold, ready to load and secure it because she was due out at 05.25 and it was about 05.15 when I took this pic with still no sign of the cargo arriving, so she ended up departing about ten minutes late. Below is the empty hold which goes all the way back to the bulkhead for the centre fuel tank which I climbed into to secure that cargo. Because ED is configured for ULD loads, she has metal plates laid over the cargo lugs which secure the ULDs, this was done so she can load loose baggage and loose cargo instead of using ULD cans. You can see the circular holes in those metal plates which allow you to connect tie down straps and rings for cargo nets to fittings on the floor of the aeroplane. The holes also serve as places where you could grab the plates to lift them out if you wanted to convert her back to using ULDs, since they are simply laid on the floor and their weight holds them in place. As you can see, those holes collect rubbish such as luggage tags, bottles and all the other stuff which you find in cargo holds which has fallen off suitcases. Those holes are also annoying when you slide bags down the hold toward the bulkhead as they snag the bags all the time. The panels in the roof with the grill pattern on them are pressure relief blow out panels, the middle panel is a fire suppressant outlet. When I'd secured the cargo, I fastened up the net across the cargo door entrance and backed the elevator off the aeroplane. Since we were rushing to avoid any further delay at this point, whilst I was doing securing the cargo with straps and rings, someone performed the walkaround check and commenced the headset comms for the pushback, so when I got out of the hold and closed the hatch, we checked that quickly then I grabbed the marshaling light wands and hurried to the road which separates the stand from the taxiway. These wands are used to halt traffic so the aeroplane can be pushed out across the roadway onto the taxiway. You'll notice they have two little buttons (visible on the left one). One of these buttons makes the wand emit an extremely loud whistle, which is for getting people's attention although it's difficult to hear it on a noisy ramp, so we don't really use it, the other button does three things, if you press it once, the wands light up and flashes red on and off repeatedly, if you press it again, it lights up a steady red (this is the setting we use for a pushback), and if you press it again, the red light goes out and a white torch light on the end of it illuminates so you can use the wand as a torch to check things whilst doing a walkaround at night, one more press turns the lights off completely. You can just about make out that these ones have Thomson (aka TUI airlines) written on them:
  14. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

  15. Not sure if anyone has seen it but i'm running a poll at the Hangar Chat forum on people's choice of sim. The XP numbers seem light, so if you haven't partaken, head over and add your vote to whichever sim you use.
  16. mikegame1978

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Hi all, i love flying with atc. but the voices have no radio effect. i have tried with "apo equalizer" and "Virtual Audio Cable" to apply the effect only to pilot2atc. but it doesn't work. If that could be set in pilot2atc, i would be the happiest man in the world!!! Does anyone know how I could do that? Sorry for my bad english :-)
  17. lidorx7

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

    and thats why i told to read the manual.. its only 2 pages 😪
  18. Hey guys, I got a problem, with my planes from carenado. When i used them with my homecockpit i get reflection from the sun on the cowling and it bright the screen. Is there a way to disable it ? Cause in my settings i dont have reflection on.
  19. DC-8 is one of my favorite planes. DC-8 had multiple series types (DC-10 through DC-70), and many sub-types within each series. Aerosoft has released a DC8-50 series SIM, and I wish to acquire it soon, but, the purpose of this post is to exhibit the numerous variants within the DC-8 family. Launched after B707, the DC8 went toe-to-toe with the legendary 707, and kept its presence until eventually superseded by the likes of B747, DC10, and L1011. Although, it was actually the De Havilland company that first introduced the jet airliner (Comet) in 1949, Comet suffered several fatal crashes...(the price to pay for being the Pioneer!). However, the resultant lessons-learned of rapid-metal-fatigue failure will later play a vital role in the enhanced safety records of aircraft such as DC-8. In 1955, Pan Am was bold enough (and first of the pack) to order 25 DC8s and 20 B707s. This opened up the chain of orders and the final tally (by 1958) was 133 DC8s vs. 150 B707s. Another interesting milestone to note for DC8: On August 21, 1961, a DC-8 broke the sound barrier at Mach 1.012 while in a controlled dive through 41,000 feet and maintained that speed for 16 seconds. While doing so, the DC-8 became the first civilian jet airliner to make a supersonic flight. The aircraft had taken off from Edwards AFB, and was accompanied to altitude by an F-104 chase aircraft flown by Chuck Yeager. The aircraft images below belong to JF (10-40), and HJG (50-70). So, please find (collected together) vintage liveries from the DC-8 family, with shots (#1 thru #8) of DC8-10 through DC8-40 on-the-ground (2 images per model - in the order), then 2 VC shots (JF DC-40), then for DC8-50/60 (2 images per model - also on the ground), and finally the last 5 aerial shots of the longest DC8 variant (DC8-73) in the Minerve Airline livery. Minerve was a French Charter Airline that operated flights to the US using the DC8 first and B747 later. All images are taken in and around UUEE (Sheremetyevo) airport (AS). Thanks for viewing.
  20. I expected P3D to be more popular, but I did expect a more even spread across XP and P3D on Avsim. I've run the same poll on a Facebook group (5000 group members for P3D, XP and FSX) and in that poll, FSX is in the lead I posted on the Xplane forum asking for people who hasn't already voted to do so. The numbers for XP have doubled so far.
  21. HighTowers

    Upgrading Cpu

    Whats probably helping to achieve the higher OCs is the solder used to the IHS instead of lousy thermal paste from intel. Of course also depends on having a good 12 power phase and high quality construction VRMs on the MB. Makes for an expensive upgrade but if the benchmarks prove anything, it may well be worth it for prepar3d finally.
  22. yayayilbx


    I have same issue with -8 both on ZBAA by WFSS or KMEM by FSDT when I takeoff,I try to delete ARPT_RWY.dat but have no luck....
  23. Malcolm Wright

    Help with Simconnect Please

    Jim, Thanks for your comments and moving this to the correct forum. The version of FSX installed is the "FSX DeLuxeEdition" on CD. I don't know is this is important! I certainly have SP1 and SP2 installed but I am not sure about acceleration as I can't actually put my hands on the CD at the moment. I can sort the problem, to a large extent, by rebooting the computer before starting FSX. Sometimes if fails the first time but works the second time! All the best Malcolm Wright
  24. MatthewS

    Upgrading Cpu

    Wont be long before the water cooled OC results start coming in... If people are getting 5.5Ghz on all 8 cores on water then the I9-9900K is a bargain IMO.
  25. ph-cxz

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Orbx doesn’t change airports unless they mention it on the product page. I suspect you have orbx North America land class this only change the surrounding area in a particular region. You might want to actually look at you airport on the ground and see if you have three runways visible.
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