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  2. Please watch these two short videos when you have time. The lead scientist / investigator behind the DoD report (RE: 143 unexplainable reports).... has been identified, and interviewed. Look up his credentials if you like. Here, he explains the processes they used to investigate the cases, and the corroborative evidence they were working with. DB
  3. Lets just hope MS/and Asobo don't pull a P%^& on this one altering things from the EULA just like the Google Mod.
  4. The download page has hundreds of users comments to the Modder, either reporting problems or offering thanks.
  5. I don’t know about you folk, but the Turbo Arrow IV is my favourite piston single in the sim. We’ll see if it keeps that title once the A2A Comanche arrives.
  6. Seems its relative few with issues and the DC6 . i might step in again (i have it for P3dv4) but havent touch it since 2020. These NanoVG options is it only related to DC6 or is other aircrafts benefit of this also ? Performance seems also server depended sometimes as i have had really problems at same locations with the same aircraft but days between flights. Michael Moe
  7. BillW

    Big Mouths...

    Those mashed potato sandwiches were deadly.
  8. Hi Guys, Just for clarity neither the Hunter or the Rapide are port overs, they are brand new models in Blender (the design tool). As for waiting for a payware Hunter, feel free, but the payware one for FS9 and FSX had squared off wingtips, so I think you’ll find Dave’s has always been regarded as the benchmark. It always amuses me when people think because a developer is community minded enough to do something for free, it must be inferior 🙄😁
  9. True and science is aware of that and admits it. But its a good idea if we non-scientists don't believe without proper evidence, because there's a very high probability we are wrong.
  10. Report to who, the Modder, the Developer, or the Boss? You always use these programs at your own risk.
  11. Great to hear you have found the solution enjoy the virtual skies appreciated the feedback.
  12. Then I would see how many others were reporting the same, to help decide if it was the program, or something about my system.
  13. Clever pseudonym = Stearmandriver Andrew = Drew (it may grow on you) We’ve posted in the same threads over there before. I’m not OzWhitey on Reddit though. I could tell you my Reddit name(s), but then I’d have to…you know. 🙂
  14. Been using this since release. Much better than default.
  15. And if the sim crashes constantly after an update?
  16. I let this one go at the time because apparently we weren’t talking about a certain topic… But why do you think this is so incredibly funny? Are you always this easily amused? Do you just not know the difference between a trademark and copyright? Have you failed to notice that all the major gaming companies (no, PMDG is not major, they’re tiny by game dev standards) let players make mods and don’t suddenly lose their copyright. Do you know how many game mods there are out there? Or just look at flight simulation - did Microsoft/Asobo lose their IP when hundreds of mods of their aircraft appeared? No. It didn’t happen. It was never going to happen. Everyone should have noticed by now that PMDG tend towards grandiosity in their statements, this was just yet another example of that, with thousands of real-world counter-examples available to refute it.
  17. Regarding "1" You need to consider that the defence department was incapable of recognising a simple photographic effect and aircraft anti-collision lights, something any photographer and aircraft enthusiast could have told them instantly. So how much confidence does that give you in terms of the other 143 incidents? They have still failed to identify a simple de-rotation mechanisms effect and have still failed to recognize that the so called "tic tac" video did not display physics defying acceleration. How many more of those 143 UAP reports also have a simple explanation? If this is an example of their investigative expertise, I don't think we should be too confident that the other 143 cases are as mysterious as claimed. Regarding "2" Dozens of trained observers still isn't something that could be called "scientific evidence". You and I have the luxury of being impressed by such things, scientists don't. The bar for scientific evidence is set much higher, by necessity, it has to be. For example, what if those dozens of trained observers are part of a disinformation campaign? I mean there are examples in history of the UFO phenomenon being used by government to distract from the truth. I'm not saying that is happening, just that its why we cant be definitive and why science needs more than just "what observers said". We also need to understand that "trained observers" aren't infallible. For example, Chad Underwood himself who claimed the "tic tac" object accelerated off his screen rapidly, admitted in a latter article that it was ambiguous and he couldn't say definitively that it did so, and of course, we now know it didn't. He was a trained observer that was wrong. Then we have the discrepancies in the testimony of Fravor and Kevin Day, with Day claiming the tic tac did things that Fravor said it didn't. Then we have claims that the tic tac vanished in front of Fravor and reappeared at the CAP, so multi Mach speed in a instant. But it wasn't tracked all the way so we have no idea if the object at the CAP was the same object, it may not have been, so zero physics defying mega G and multi Mach, physics defying acceleration. So yes, you and I can be impressed by "trained observers" claiming things, but science needs more... with good reason. Well, no, of course I wouldn't have trouble believing the above... because its mundane, believable, and something we understand and witness all the time. Its not an extraordinary claim. Physics defying manoeuvres that suggest our physics is garbage and needs to be thrown in the bin is an extraordinary claim so it requires extraordinary evidence. No! Of course not. This "mountain of evidence" this "look at the bigger picture attitude" is a red herring, its distracting and misleading and not the way research is done. We know that 95% plus of UFO reports are mundane, natural phenomena and that only a very small percentage are truly without explanation, mysterious and potentially alien visitation. Now here's the thing, if you just lump all of that together you end up with a polluted data set with 95% of it garbage. This is why it is essential to analyse each and every report in detail, that includes things like "did the gimbal UFO really rotate" and "did the "tic tac" UFO accelerate rapidly", and "was the object filmed by the Navy really dropping into the sea or did it really just drop below the horizon". By analysing in detail each and every report and eliminating the explainable, you end up with the true mystery and decent quality data that can be analysed and conclusions drawn. Agreed. Something significant has been happening for a very long time, And we still haven't a clue what it represents.
  18. Latest versions of FSL A320, P3d v5, UGCX. After a long time with no problems, once again the aircraft rears up during pushback resulting in a tail strike. This happended quite a while ago, then stopped. Now it has started again.
  19. It's hilarious to me that the XP disciples are so obsessed with MFS. Why that should be I know not? But so it is. By the way. What's happened to Janov? I miss him.
  20. Just a reminder that this is out there, and might be of use to some unhappy with the current UI https://flightsim.to/file/22352/ms-fs-2020-modern-ui-2-0
  21. Glad to hear you will manage either way Gerald. PMDG's high and mighty opinion of themselves I don't think will aid their survival in this new refreshed community. The maker of the scripted adventure clearly has a lack of integrity, blatantly lying to me when I asked a simple question, wouldn't surprise me in the least if he has been lobbying PMDG against his more capable competitors. We are lucky to have devs like you and others around here. Long live MCE!
  22. Preferred by whom? I will pass judgement when it's released. And judgement is mine.
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