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  2. Flysimware

    Coast to coast test flight (FA50)

    Fuel needs to burn from the feeders first until they get to 600 pounds and then the feeders will draw fuel from the wing tanks. So they work as they should.
  3. This is interesting. I'm looking into this and I'll let you know.
  4. jabloomf1230

    Active Sky for XPX Released!

    There's a degree of turmoil in the XP weather add-on community. I just got an an email that not only is Skymaxx Pro 4.7 available as a free upgrade, but also FSGRW is on sale for 30% off. There's still no release date for xEnviro 1.10, but I suspect they are working feverishly on that. Competition is a good thing.
  5. Zdenek

    Prepar3DV4.3 2D Panel

    Totally agree. Regards.
  6. shivers9

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Good point about doing most things from the PDF. I had not really thought about that since I have not spend much time looking at the previous G1000 releases because they were such resource hogs and not very complete. This looks to be very nice. I will be looking forward to Friday and thanks for all the videos and information. I am sure you are getting pretty tired now and are very busy.
  7. jabloomf1230

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Is this thread still going? Vulkan is the successor to Open GL and only provides an advantage to a developer if the game is designed for both Linux and Windows. That's why there are hardly any Vulkan-based games 3 years after its initial release. Almost all game developers are focused on consoles and smartphones. Games are also ported to Windows. But rarely is Linux a target OS. That's why if a game is being ported to the desktop, it will most likely be designed solely for Windows. Unless LM is thinking of a Linux version of P3d, there is no performance advantage of Vulkan over DX12.
  8. I noticed the same and was scratching my head, thanks for posting; turning off "Cloud shadows depth" seemed to resolve it.
  9. Hi Bruce - Recently most people will say it happened less often on 4.3 than 4.4. That is my case. My suggestion is do the simplest things first. Don't start debugging hardware yet. Don't start reinstalling software yet. A lot of people report doing this but it might be a waste of time and effort. They might get an improvement but the bug is random and unless the cause is found you can never know when it will hit again even with brand new GPU like I have. The lowest hanging fruit for me in testing is to close of all the addons run the sim without addons and see how you go adding them back one by one. For me the bug happens when the simulator looses window focus mostly when I am doing something on the desktop while the sim is running and heavily loaded - similar to your observation when you switched to EZDOCK external view. Cheers
  10. When you run makerwys it creates several files in your P3dxx folder. When you do the scenery update from rcv4 it copies several r5.csv to your rcv4/data folder renaming rcv5 data file to rcv4 in the process. you can check the datetime stamp in the r5.csv file in your p3d main folder with the stamp of r4csv in rcv4/data to insure it matches to verify the copy. There is a readme file created in your P3D folder for r4.csv and f4.csv that explains the formats of those. f4.csv is the frequency for comm operations That is a fixed database file in your rcv4/data folder. There is an updated one in your p3d folder that does not get copied to your rc4/data folder. That has to be copied manually very carefully if you choose to use the f4 frequencies obtained from the scenery data. The procedure is a in a posting in this forum somewhere. Be sure you have given the correct paths during the scenery update procedure and in the special procedures for p3d.
  11. jabloomf1230

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    AI traffic is different in 7.41 and 7.42. 7.41 used a snapshot at a fixed time of day for all schedules. It also did not use the flight numbers contained in the BGL traffic files. 7.42 supposedly uses the actual schedules and flight numbers.
  12. johnnycrockett

    Strange night airport ground textures Fsdreamteam

    Umberto chimed in on this a while back but if you play around with your AA settings you can make it go away. It is meant to be there I believe but the texture used can't account for all the different types of AA in combination with resolution that people use. I noticed it at KCLT and changed to 8xSSAA and the effect went away (much better look) however this has performance implications of course.
  13. ark

    Falcon 50 - AP Mode Indicators - FOV

    The above is incorrect -- I was looking at the wrong flag. The ATT flag is on the left side of the ADI. The ALT flag on the right side of the ADI comes out if the Radio Altimeter ALTitude data is invalid for some reason. Al
  14. Nigel000

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    They do work well. Thanks
  15. Today
  16. Paul Deluca

    total newbie

    Welcome to the forum Roadheader. I have XP11. I am in my 60's Terry. I know the feeling. Loads of practice, and you will do fine. Happy Flying!!!!!!
  17. Is this bug a 4.4 thing? Because with 4.3 and and earlier I never had a Device Hung error but having just installed 4.4 (client only because I have a system rebuild planned) I have had my first - at KSEA at the gate about to push back seemed to be precipitated by changing to an external view (EZDOCK). Reset the scenario with the same settings and addons P3D4.4, LittleNav, AS, GSX2, EZDOK and the usual hi end Pacific NW scenery/airports but couldn't reproduce the error and my flight to KSFO proceeded without incident. However if this keeps happening it is back to 4.3. My current system is 4770 @ 4.4/980ti based. Bruceb
  18. himmelhorse

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    Chock, May I PM you please? Regards Tony
  19. Yesterday
  20. downscc

    Reverse Thrust Key Not Working for Both Engines

    The 9 key? I didn't know you could use the 9 key for reverse thrust. All these decades I've been using the F2 key. If only one engine responds to key commands then most common problem is using the E key, even accidentally. I delete the default E key assignment from my controls configurations.
  21. dmiannay

    Error on P3D4.4

    If you just updated the client and kept all your addons from v4.3, then it is likely because you have the FSLabs A320/319 installed. If this is correct, go ahead and uninstall the FSL A3XX, then download and install the new v2.0.1.266b version they released to make the aircraft compatible with P3Dv4.4 Edit: Oops, cross posted with Simbol...
  22. simbol

    Error on P3D4.4

    Do you have FSLABS A320? If so you need to update it so it is compatible with 4.4. Regards Simbol
  23. Mace

    Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

    I thought 1/2 refresh NI setting didn't work, because P3D is a windowed app, even when it's full screen? Can someone clarify?
  24. rudi0310

    Vertx DA-62 News

    I do not want to say anything which is wrong. At the moment, today, there is no popup. But these things can change very fast. At the latest at release time it will be clear. And Sean also promised to add features in the future. Please do not consider this as "promise". I am not an "official" from Vertx. Sean decides and nobody else. And I have no clue how much people request this and how difficult this is to implement. The Vertx G1000 displays are NO common 2D gauges, see website so it can not be done the usual way and I have no clue how that would hit fps. I use only one monitor, always want the most beautiful landscape at reasonable fps. So I can nothing say about that. I understand what you want, but remember my videos, many important info (Map, flightplan, engine parameters...) you can display on both PFD and MFD, I personally (not Vertx!) call the DA62 some sort of a "Mini Airbus" (guys, please forgive me this comparison). It has a FMA (AFCS Status Box), in my videos "part 4 A"- "part 4 C" I demonstrate some sort of "managed descend" (AFCS VPTH mode). There are so many things I could not demonstrate yet, as I mentioned several times, although I provide about 110 minutes preview video at time of writing this. For example, the CWS (Control wheel steering) autopilot feature. You can (in autopilot mode!) command a new bank angle, pitch and more using the stick, release the stick/CWS button (see below) and the aircraft holds this attitude, only ONE simplified example! Question: Which aircraft family reminds you of that? It makes sense to take over features reliable since decades from others imo. Remember, the real thing (Diamond) was "published" 2015, in contrast to these "old Cessna soapboxes"! What I write here is no secret. See the Garmin G1000 manual for the DA62 you have access to, search there for "CWS" and later the Vertx DA62 user guide for details and limitations, consider, regarding what I said above, is simplified, I am not an official from Vertx. See my video "part 2". You can config it as "Auto CWS" or assign a CWS button (Prepar3D: "Cabin alert - no smoking on/off") like the real thing. There seem to be "not much" "Vertx-limits" regarding this, because Sean, after a very interesting introduction, points to the Garmin docs in his user guide. Believe me, regarding this user guide, for some people it might be the first user guide they read from first to last page... Good night for now. Hope there are not so much typos...
  25. Ryan Lorefice

    Error on P3D4.4

    I get this error when starting up P3D4.4 initcontactpointsoffset
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