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  1. It's a beautiful part of the world, and even better with the Orbx mesh. https://github.com/martymcmodding/qUINT
  2. We’re using almost the same shaders. Although as you say, your image with ReShade definitely looks more subtle.
  3. Yes I notice the red hue too. Could probably be tweaked somehow. It doesn't bother me though, but several people have mentioned it in this thread. For now I'm just happy that ReShade is working again after being without it for several months. As always - YMMV, to each their own etc. And I notice some people prefer default MSFS.
  4. I had some issues with ReShade causing the sim to freeze but I might have been able to resolve it (knock on wood!). It seems with the latest version and "Generic depth" off (addons tab), ReShade is working fine, even with frame generation and DX12. Using the following shaders: LUTTools (FinalLight's preset from flightsim.to) LumaSharpen FidelityFX sharpening off + sharpening and film grain off in usercfg.opt Lightroom (global black level 8 and global vibrance 0.05) IMO the image quality with these settings is considerably better than default. Even though setting it up is a hazzle, IMO it's worth it in the end. ReShade off: ReShade on: Off: On: (taken on a flight from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  5. Yup, same here. I had to purchase from their website. Just use it for A310 liveries.
  6. Yes that's a great flight and approach. One of my favourites! And like you mention, this is an example of ATC actually working.
  7. Great advice! I just set to to run at every startup. No more birds chirping at midnight when I'm in the middle of a flight 🍾
  8. The advantage of not buying from the marketplace is that addons can be stored anywhere e.g. on another drive, and managed through addons linker.
  9. Agree! Such an addon would be great. No need to have a TLOD of e.g. 300 when on short final or on the ground. Having the option of dynamically adjusted TLOD makes sense as TLOD has the biggest impact on performance. Yes - I used that one. Can't remember the name though.
  10. I have a lot of Orbx addons. In particular I recommend the Pyreguee airports and the mesh addons.
  11. IMO, the voices sounds more natural with the FBW version (the first FS2Crew addon for MSFS I believe).
  12. I've been using FS2Crew for FBW A320 and Fenix A320. I think it's a great product that adds to the overall immersion. I haven't bought it for the 737 though as I rarely fly it nowadays. EDIT: I like the voices for the FBW version much better than the Fenix. Not sure why they decided to change the voicepack.
  13. Just a quick heads up on ReShade. I got this tip from a fellow entusiast which seem to enable me to use ReShade again. Apparently the shader “PD80_03_Shadows_Midtones_Highlights.fx” caused MSFS to freeze up when entering the menus. Disabling PD80_03 and all seems good again. Great news for me as I haven't used ReShade in months due to the issue. The shaders I now use: FinalLight's LUT Lumasharpen Lightroom with Global Black Level = 8 and Global Vibrance = 0.050
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