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  1. Another great read, with stunning pictures! I did Bodø-Leknes and my first single-engine landing at rwy 20. Such a beautiful area, and perfect for the Dukes!
  2. It does, and that's what I'm using right now, with g-sync (bye bye for now lossless)
  3. Since you're the first to express any interest, I'll ship it to you from Norway! How's 5¼ floppy disks? You have to cover the shipping costs though.
  4. Forgot to test that. But then I would've ran into problems with screen tearing again, unless I found some elaborate way of matching fps to refresh rate. I'm gonna take a break from this, too much tweaking (even for me!) 🙂 Currently at locked 50fps without the app and back to g-sync. 50fps lets me run slightly crazy TLOD and traffic settings - which was my reason for trying out lossless in the first place. I think x3 native FG is not impossible - RTX50 series perhaps?
  5. Level D 767! I flew it all the time in FSX (I think). Great addon!
  6. I'm seeing stutters every few seconds with lossless x3 (120fps) whereas with native FG (40fps) it's smooth. Test situation: holding pattern in the piston Duke at 2000ft AGL over LOWG. EDIT: Tried with many different settings (scaling on/off, DXGI/WGC, multi-monitor on/off) - still stutters. RTSS-locked FG-FPS at 40 = silky smooth. So now I'm even more conflicted about this app... 🤷‍♂️
  7. This problem disappeared for me when enabling "multi-display mode". It's the same with native FG - only works when sim is in focus.
  8. Guess I'm not alone. Always tend to get a bit worried when there's an update I don't expect. First thing I did was to close the window, then check Avsim 😅
  9. MSFS 20fps 4090 FG 40fps (locked with RTSS) Lossless x3 = 120fps … Yeah, you could try with 60 to match monitor Hz.
  10. That’s what I’ve done. Or actually I tripled from 40 to 120 to match my TV’s refresh rate to avoid tearing.
  11. Amazing that you were able to extract that information from a post that I regretted, thus edited. Thanks for the links (not sarcasm). My original post did include sarcasm though, as I thought your “simple Google search” completely missed the point I was trying to make. Which is that I appreciate having an extremely comprehensive and well-written manual included.
  12. I was hesitant to post as I was not sure what this thread was about. But now that it seems more plausible that it is actually about missing grass - then that’s something I’ve noticed recently. Can’t remember exactly when, but it seems at some stage grass got a much shorter draw distance. I’ve also noticed that airport objects seem to have changed (i.e. much shorter).
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