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  1. I'm back from a quick expedition to Antarctica, and I've got some interesting findings to share. Departed from SAYB (Base Belgrano II) in the Cessna 172 with skis. I used weather preset "clear skies" and set the temperature to -20 degrees (temperature right now actually according to windy.com). At this time of the year the sun is down all day, so even though I set time for noon, it would have been pitch-black if it wasn't for the full moon. So definitely NO CONVECTION. Not really used to using capital letters (it may come across as shouting), but for the sake of it I will use Robert's own words for clarification: STILL AIR conditions with NO WIND and NO HEAT and NO CONVECTION over FLAT land with FEW NO trees. The result? There is ABSOLUTELY NO TURBULENCE AT ALL. Yes, the Cessna is completely stable in the air - not even a slight bounce. No need for air sickness bags on that flight! UNLESS you fly over some rough terrain (yes Antarctica is not completely flat) - THEN the aircraft starts to bounce around. A little. I set surface wind to 20kts and the bouncing around over terrain increased significantly. I further increased surface wind to 30kts - time to find those puke bags! For me this makes sense. Orographic turbulence due to surface roughness. IMO MSFS simulates this quite well. But I'm no meteorologist.
  2. Well, it wouldn't be the first time when some users are experiencing some things and others something completely different. But I agree it is a bit strange that the opinions on this are so varied. For me I relate the increase in turbulence to previous RW flying in light aircraft. And it does seem more believable now than before SU9. On the other hand, I'm curious as to whether they (Asobo) introduced some baseline layer of turbulence, like @robert young mentions. And to test that would be, like Robert says, "in STILL AIR conditions with NO WIND and NO HEAT and NO CONVECTION over FLAT land". Which is what I'm about to do now 😉 Some flat airport in Antarctica perhaps, clear day no winds. Perhaps I'll just add that, yes I have certainly noticed that turbulence has increased significantly with SU9. I just don't find it excessive - and like others have put it here, in fact it can seem more realistic. And btw I'm always flying with real weather.
  3. Just to point out that this issue with FPS on the ground is probably not related to WU9 but is a SU9 issue. It persists after the hotfix. I just became more aware of it today as I had to troubleshoot for CTDs. Also - main thread being hammered has nothing whatsoever to do with CPU cores getting hammered, it seems. Just took a screenshot of HWiNFO CPU core usage. Image below shows on the left side stats for 46 minutes of flight in the default 172 around Naples. On the right side is after landing, about 6 mins on the ground at LIRN. Looking through the average values for each core usage the numbers are pretty much the same. I'm running hyperthreading on a 10 core CPU, so that's 20 virtual cores/threads. BTW: I should probably take all this to another thread - I know there's several on this issue. Now I have to figure out which of my 224 addons cause a CTD with WU9...
  4. My interpretation of this is that you haven't downloaded the world update. You just downloaded the mandatory 600mb update when starting the sim.
  5. Well. The FPS falls significantly on the ground due to a rise in main thread frame times. Or to put it simply: it's getting hammered. I'm at 1500ft above LIRN in the 172 at the first screenshot. Second one I "landed" the drone camera on the apron below. Bit strange to put it the least, since LIRN is a very basic airport. No advanced 3d modelling here to explain the reduction in FPS from 40 (could be higher without v-sync) to 27.6. This by the way is with all settings maxed out; TLOD and OLOD 400 and 200 respectively. Also there's quite some funky stuff going on around LIRN Naples. Lol! EDIT: On the upside though, no new CTD 🎉 Neither any "your bandwidth is too low" or other connectivity issues.
  6. Running some diagnostics in terms of the CTDs. All addons removed, turned TLOD down from 400 to 300, OLOD from 200 to 150. Fps vsync'd to 40. No CTDs yet (around 10 mins only), default 172, very smooth, GPU limited (4K, all ultra), GPU temp average 48, CPU cores 45-50. Just reinstalled all the WU PG files to see if the fps issue on ground re-appears.
  7. Hmm. There's no code changes with this update, so getting CTDs doesn't make sense. I'll remove all addons and try again. Don't know what's reported here https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/discussion-poll-world-update-ix-italy-1-25-9-0/518393/10, takes a while to read through all 252 replies.
  8. Initially I got required disk space 13gb. Then:
  9. The sim is acting up here, throwing CTDs left right and center. Been flying GA only since WU9 - default Cessna, modded TBM... don't know what's going on 😐
  10. No that's just the initial mandatory update that installs automatically as you load the sim. World update IX is many gigabytes... install from the marketplace.
  11. Flying around Naples in the 172. I switched over to REX Accuseason where it's possible to reduce tree height. The coastline looks absolutely stunning!
  12. I used his guides for the 737NG. Highly recommended!
  13. Didn't believe this at first so I had to go check for myself. And you're absolutely right! What happened? It wasn't like this the last time I visited Rome in the sim - which is quite a while ago I guess. Was it like this before the WU? Just can't understand how they let this slip through... It looks nice and lush and green yes, if you fancy that. But you can barely see the buildings for all the trees! Good luck finding the Pantheon now... 😲 I'd get a screenshot of this just to be able to show the madness here. But TBH I've forgotten how to after I uninstalled Geforce Experience...
  14. Ah yes, PMDG. That's the one. Just briefly forgot the name. Funny about that 🙄 Nah, I'd better be quick to admit that I've enjoyed that one heaps since release. But it does seem that Fenix is about to raise that bar even higher.
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