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  1. Warmer weather. Maybe something is overheating?
  2. Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Milford Sound and the Bay of Islands are all worth a visit. Addon scenery is available for all of them.
  3. The sim loads addon scenery in alphabetical order. I therefore use prefixes like AA, AB, ZA, ZZ, etc. to ensure my scenery loads in the order I want it to.
  4. Good luck with it David. Look forward to your return very soon.
  5. Ive been using this mod since it was launched and Derek has done a great job updating it regularly. I don't use it all of the time, just like to see the different textures from time to time if i get bored with bing. I have noticed a few more bandwidth error issues when using it though lately
  6. I suspect that asobo placed satellite imagery there because there was something not great with the original. Sometimes this can change if you fly at different altitudes. Sometimes areas can look odd like this when you are flying low and sometimes the textures can begin to look odd as you ascend. Either that or you have downloaded an addon for that particular area.
  7. Too many to list, though a few that spring to mind that I like with addons where available: Southwest England (home territory) New York London Barcelona and the Spanish coastline Naples and the Italian coastline Snowdonia Scottish Highlands Switzerland & Austria in general I've also enjoyed a fair bit of flying in France (mainly the northwest and south) When asobo produce a world update, I will spend some time rxploring the new areas (until the next one comes along).
  8. Looking forward to this one, but whilst you are waiting there is an acceptable freeware offering over at flightsim.to by flyboyrez (and I believe aviationteh).
  9. All of the above would help improve the sim for me but moving trains would be nice too. I guess that lenticular clouds and mountain wave would be out of the question. Is it only me who finds that all planes still seem to skid a bit when turning whilst taxi ing a little too fast?
  10. One of the worst places I have seen this is the Isle of Man where purple heather textures turn to green as you climb and back to purple as you descend (or maybe the other way around).
  11. Running DX12 and DLSS, I've had some random CTDs with the last couple of drivers. Switched back to the latest of the earlier drivers as per this thread and everything seems a bit smoother with no more CTD so far. I'm sure ASOBO and Nvidia will sort it out between them before long, though they do seem to be searching for a needle in haystack from what I can tell.
  12. I have the latest version of FSLTL and have noticed no GA traffic flying in the sim to date. I do have some GA traffic at airports but not sure if they are generated by FSLTL or are a part of the addon airports I am using.
  13. Hundreds of sceneries on flightsim.to but the freeware Gatwick EGKK has to be one of the best.
  14. Those look quite useful, but if I copy and paste any of those lines into my BAT file, FSLTL fails to start. Would you mind inserting into my example BAT above to show how it should look. Thanks
  15. I think this is a bug introduced in the last sim update. A few have mentioned it and it has sometimes happened to me (I noticed it ocurred after speeding up the sim rate for a while).
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