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  1. The first time I cloned an SSD from a HD, I kept the HD as a backup and a few minutes later found that my PC was still reading from the HD. Soon fixed that. Loading times are definitely quicker from the SSD as expected, but overall sim performance was no different. After a few years of using the SSD, I note that loading time performance is dropping again. FYI, I have 2 SSDs, one containing FSX and the other containing all of my scenery. Don't expect any real performance gain from an SSD though, but it does speed up loading which is great for FSX and also for booting Windows.
  2. EGGD Bristol, being my home town and test airport. I use UK2000 Extreme Bristol scenery along with Justflights photo scenery. I know how things perform ther, wher an occasional stutter appears and can test new aircraft knowing what my usual framerates are, etc. When testing gliders, I fly from Halesland, where I have made a small scenery of my own and Weston Super Mare, where I have some addon scenery that I have added a few objects to. I test microlights at Weston Zoyland where I also have some downloaded scenery. IAN
  3. Yeah, I remember one or two addon airports that allowed a radio frequency to control the lights, but also can't remember which ones and even forgot the frequencies fairly quickly too.
  4. Dont forget that FSX uses a number of files in your profie such as controls.cfg, scenery.cfg, FSX.cfg etc. Just copying the fsx folder to another drive might not work then if you delete your profile. Ive never done a move of the fsx folder to another drive but I did transfer fsx to a new SSD drive a couple of years ago. I did this by creating a clone of my c drive using acronis and mounting that on the new SSD, then changed the SSD to drive C. It worked flawlessly first time (which never happens to me!), but in that case, I simply wanted to clone my entire c drive, not just FSX.
  5. Have you made any tweaks to the fsx.cfg? if so try deleting it and let fsx build a new one at startup. What are your system specs? That might give us a clue as to your problem. Are you running vanilla FSX or do you use any addons? What are your CPU and GPU temperatures like? IAN
  6. i thought that you had to disable the Old card in the bios.
  7. sorry Bert, slip of the pen (finger). I meant 14.
  8. my understanding is that hyperthreading should be turned off for best results and an affinity mask of 15 should be used (binary 1110).
  9. firstly check that nobody else has already made a version.
  10. If there is nobody in your area, I'm sure that we forum members could be of help remotely. What problems are you having setting them up and what brand of controllers do you have? Windows has the drivers for most of them, so there should be no need to install them. It's usually just a question of setting them up right and a bit of trial and error with the sensitivities and null zones until you get them to your liking. If you are using Saitek pedals, here is a useful piece of information: www.Saitek.com/uk/blog/index.php/setting-up-your-pro-flight-rudder-pedals-in-fsx IAN
  11. 1. Never used SPAD but FSUIPC does the job. Personally I use neither. 2. I didn't need to install any drivers for my Saitek yoke, throttle or pedals in Windows 7 3. Whatever order you like, it makes no difference, though personally I would install FSX first, FSUIPC second (if you think you need it) and Saitek should be recognised by your OS (use the drivers on the disk only if you need to). 4. I can't remember as it's a while since I used FSUIPC. My recollection is that it is an FSX module and starts automatically with FSX. IAN
  12. Can you overclock your CPU? In my experience, a 10% overclock leads to a 10% increase in framerates and a 20% overclock a 20% increase in framerates, etc. Other than that, you just have to turn the settings down.
  13. Aerosoft's airports are very good and include options to reduce or remove certain features. However, I can never bring myself to turn the features off and sometimes accept a slightly lower framerate. I've never come across a poor Aerosoft airport to date so wouldn't expect Genoa to be any different. IAN
  14. It's a toss up between the UK2000 and Aerosoft renditions. I can say that the UK2000 version is pretty good but haven't tried the Aerosoft one. Both seem to have their advantages and a quick Google search for "FSX Heathrow" will yield much more information including videos. IAN
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