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  1. Haha, that's what the 'slew' button is for 😀
  2. I couldn't find a way but am happy with using little navmap in full screen using alt + tab as it doesn't pause the sim. Ideally, I guess it would be better on a second screen but I don't know what the performance hit would be. I find little navmap to be very detailed and wonder if my eyes are good enough to see it clearly enough if I were able to to put it in a pop-up window. I have say that it has been one of the best additions to my simulator having tried a couple of others (albeit a bit fiddly until you get used to it).
  3. I hadn't realised that. I don't need to be careful about that then. Apart from Dave's 3 packs and Mikes pack, are there any other commonly used libraries or 'must haves'?
  4. I often rename addon scenery folders by adding a numerical prefix to keep a group of them together. One mistake not to make is to rename a scenery library such as mikes asset pack or daves people as I guess other sceneries that use them would be looking for the correctly named directory.
  5. PG turned on OK. Maybe my perception of how it looked before may be clouded though. I really think the buildings look more melted than they did. Pity I didn't take any screenshots priir to the updates. I wonder if anyone has any pictures to prove or disprove.
  6. We didn't have melted buildings at launch. I assume they melted them to give users a few more FPS. Why they are still melted on ultra settings with all the sliders up, I'm not sure. Other than that, I think most of the messes ASOBO made with their updates were patched or fixed in future updates. I really thought we would have a replay function by now as well.
  7. I'm guessing that the ability to move your head around in VR would make landing and ground handling a bit easier than a single screen in a taildragger. Thinking about my next upgrade, I don't know whether to go up to the next resolution level (that's the one under 4k) or VR. So far, the VR I've actually seen in real life seems to be pretty low rez to me.
  8. If you like to fly historical aircraft, most of them are taildraggers. Can't remember who invented the nosewheel or when. Anyone know which was the first to have a nosewheel?
  9. This happened to me a while back and the shortcut was no longer pointing to the exe. From memory, I just found the exe and ran from that after which, the shortcut seemed to point to the right place. Rebooting and logging in and out of the MS Store and XBox Live seems to be a sensible first step. The security and reliability around MSFS is crazy to the point that when you turn it on, your confidence that it will work without causing a load of ball ache is seriously diminished.
  10. Download speed does seem to go up and down a bit. Mine downloaded overnight whilst I was sleeping. What internet speed do you usually get?
  11. I have an RTX 3070 and upgrading from a 2700 to a 5600x doubled my framerates at relatively very little cost (at 1080 rez). I traded off a few FPS to max out everything to ULTRA and enable v sync. Upgraded from a 250 mb SSD to a 1 tb m.2 drive that improved loading times but I can't be precise as I forgot to do a benchmark. Upgraded from 16mb DDR4 to 32mb DDR4 and smoothness improved but I didn't notice a perceptible improvement in frame rates. My FPS is currently in the mid to high 50s over default terrain and never goes under 30 even with some pretty heavy addon photoscenery and highly detailed airports.
  12. Performance drop over an hour could be an oveeheating GPU or CPU. Could also be a memory leak. Most of my flights are less than an hour though, so it's not a problem I've had.
  13. Exeter is good with Superspuds Airport upgrade and Mark Taylors photogrammetry of the city. Are you using those?
  14. Thanks. My PC is on 24/7, so only gets an occasional reboot. I should have remembered that. Rebooted and the update downloaded automatically inside the sim. there was nothing in the Microsoft store.
  15. Still on 1.15.08 here and no update in the store or in game. Wonder why.
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