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  1. I would like LOD at 400 but have to settle with 200-250 otherwise I get CTD's with FPS hungry photo scenery addons. 25 sounds horrible unless you are at 30k feet.
  2. Absolutely spot on. I find medium is OK though on my system using ultra for most other settings. Rolling cache and vsync 30 also helps a lot.
  3. Did I read somewhere that some users had reported that the wakes were angled at 45° since the sim update 9 patch/fix? I've been away from my PC for a few days, so have been unable to check, though I don't recall noticing anything untoward.
  4. As a result of a post on this thread, I tried running MSFS as administrator and am now seeing a significant improvement in FPS and stability. Can any of the techies explain what running in admin mode actually does and how it might improve performance?
  5. Definitely an issue. Whilst my framerate counter is often showing 30, 40 or even 50 fps, the framerate does appear to be lower than that. The smoothness does appear to have gone.
  6. Yeah. Seb does say that he has run them through the optimiser, but even that doesn't seem to be enough. I never had a problem with photosceneries at 1080 but at 1440 there are a few I can't seem to use any more, John Lovell's really nice Plymouth for one. I hate to imagine how people are running them at 4k.
  7. Has anyone had any success with Seb's new photosceneries over at flightsim.to or is it just me? With an RTX3070, 5600X and 32 GB RAM at 1440 rez they seem to bring my system to it's knees and contain purple areas where textures do not seem to be loading even at considerably reduced settings. A shame for me as from what I have seen of them, they are visually excellent and I would love to be able to run them.
  8. On a more serious note, turning down your settings helps, some settings more than others. Don't forget that air traffic, road traffic, airport traffic and shipping can also have an impact too. If you are still getting stutters, try emptying your community folder and see if they drop away. I've certainly had more of the stutters since SU9 and am considering speech therapy.
  9. Before SU9 ATC would come up with garbled messages including things like ### every time the azure server went offline. Since SU9, I am still getting garbled messages even when the azure server is online. Surprising that this wasn't picked up during the beta as it is quite significant. TBH, ATC in general was much better before SU9. One of the most annoying things is ATC saying "good day" in a very slow and droning way.
  10. May just need to dial back on a few settings. I find LOD and render scale to be the biggest causes of stutters if they are set to high along with some addon sceneries.
  11. Whilst on the subject of memory, has anyone upgraded to faster RAM and noticed any benefit?
  12. The easiest solution would be to ship their product with a "with or without" option in the first place and whilst I can remember both adding and deleting static objects in FSX, I've not learned how to do scenery creation in MSFS so far.
  13. I upgraded from 16 gb to 32 gb RAM and really noticed no difference. Best gains come from upgrading GPU, CPU and going to an SSD or M2 drive
  14. 3 posts on the same subject might suggest that the problem might not be at your end Bob. When this has happened to me in the past, a reboot and restart has fixed it, though I note that you have already tried that.
  15. The video, whilst repeating earlier advice is interesting, but what works on one system can be very different on another. e.g. I recently upgraded from a 24 inch 1080 monitor to a 32 inch 2k monitor and found after a lot of trial and error had to apply very different settings. A lot will also depend how strong your hardware is and whether MSFS is CPU or GPU limited. My advice would be start with default settings in both GPU and sim software and work your way up until you start to encounter instability, then back off a little.
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