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  1. Witch window resolution is that? I think that your P3D is in 640x480 resolution... or something like that.
  2. We wanted to share some recent captures from the iFly 737 MAX for Prepar3D v5. While MSFS is amazing, for raw simulation of true aircraft systems, we believe P3Dv5 allows for the highest level of system simulations using raw C++. P3Dv5 may not have the eye candy of MSFS, but for true immersion, CAT III approaches, and more, we believe the iFly MAX on Prepar3D v5 can barely be beat. Before questions are posted about the MAX for MSFS, iFly is proceeding well on this project, yet they are still some time away as it is a major new development. The simulator platforms are so entirely different, time-to-market for a study-level simulator takes longer compared with the FSX/P3D lineage. For P3Dv6, iFly is not looking at it at this time due to other projects in progress. https://www.facebook.com/flight1software
  3. ....or that the PC loses priority in relation to the console.
  4. That's why no matter how good Prepar3D is, it's impossible to compete against a console and an ecosystem (Xbox and PC). On the other hand, perhaps the priority will shift to the gamepad instead of the joystick....
  5. But are volumetric clouds represented on the airplanes' weather radar? I have the impression that they are not...
  6. Is compatible with the weather radars of PMDG and FSLabs? PS: But if Volumetric Clouds isn't compatible, there's not much point...
  7. MAX hasn't been updated anymore. Is it already that perfect?
  8. Scenery reading error. It must be an issue with makerunways and LorbySceneryExport files. I'll try to fix it myself because the default ATC is terrible..." I think I don't have any weather-related problems.
  9. I think I'm going to have to buy FSHud. My previous ATC program, Pro ATC-X, is no longer supported in v5*. And since I have a problem that I don't know how to solve, I simply can't use it anymore. And that's how they treat old customers and supporters... No problem: the list of banned developers is growing. When I switch to MSFS, they won't see a cent from me! * the saddest thing is that it was working fine! and it always worked in v5. for the first time in years i have a problem and they simply won't help me.
  10. Global is.... Global. Prepar3D profile is specific for Prepar3D. Same thing aaaaaaaaallll the other programs/games.
  11. Some time ago I found NPI redundant and stopped using it. Apparently I was wrong...
  12. @jcomm Are you using the stock AMD cooler?
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