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  1. It's difficult to compete against MSFS, IMO. The last several weeks where the Maddog, BAe 146, Milviz 310, and PMDG 737 were released, have done a number on MSFS's competition, IMO. Now the Fenix A320 is coming. I see more and more people that were using the competition of MSFS, switching over to MSFS now. Seems like MSFS has reached critical mass in the last few weeks.
  2. All these XP streamers who are IRL airline pilots like FilghtDeck2Sim and V1 are loving MSFS more and more! It's great that MSFS are winning over these high profile streamers!
  3. Thanks @lwt1971! You are so detailed as usual! Great information!
  4. II see this get quoted a lot, in US dollars. I wonder why this price gets quoted so much in US dollars? The original post by Aamir clearly had the pounds sign beside it. That makes 49.99 pounds around $61 USD, according to today’s exchange rate. How do so many people come away thinking it’s $50 USD? You aren’t the first I have seen who thought it was $50 USD. Also, a lot of other people think the PMDG 737 is way more expensive than the Fenix A320, when it’s only about $9 more expensive - they also probably thought the Fenix A320 was $50 USD. Is it Americans that see this? Just asking, because I am Canadian, and when buying stuff on the Internet, Euro, Pounds, Yen, US dollars, etc, is very obvious to me.
  5. No they don't. Where is your source that license fees are required to be paid to Microsoft outside the MSFS marketplace? I have never heard of a 3rd party developer mentioning they have to pay license fees to Microsoft. The only thing I have heard of is that Microsoft gets a cut on products sold in the MSFS marketplace. Do you have a source on license fees needed to be paid to Microsoft outside the MSFS marketplace?
  6. Not only that, but as of right now, technically, Microsoft/Asobo gets zero dollars from all those PMDG 737 sales. And when the Fenix A320 releases, Microsoft/Asobo will get zero dollars from the Fenix A320 sales as well. Neither add-on is being sold in the MSFS marketplace, so Microsoft/Asobo don't make a single penny from the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 sales. Now when the PMDG 737 arrives in the MSFS marketplace, then Microsoft/Asobo will benefit from the PMDG 737 sales. As for the Fenix A320, my understanding is that it will never be released in the MSFS marketplace (because the Fenix A320 runs an external process, as Chewwy showed in his Task Manager on his stream). So Fenix A320 sales will never benefit Microsoft/Asobo directly. Where PMDG 737 sales and Fenix A320 sales can benefit Microsoft/Asobo directly is to convince people who don't have MSFS, to buy MSFS. I don't think the percentage of people who bought the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 and didn't buy MSFS before, is that high. The other way Microsoft/Asobo benefit from the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 indirectly is people that buy the PMDG 737 and Fenix A320, then spend money in the MSFS marketplace. TLDR: Microsoft/Asobo currently gets zero dollars, directly, from the PMDG 737 sales and Fenix A320 sales.
  7. I agree, MSFS really gained momentum over the last 2 weeks and hit critical mass when the PMDG 737, BAe 146, Leonardo Maddog, and Milviz 310 were released. I see so many streamers using XP and P3D that are now streaming MSFS. And the number of XP users switching over to MSFS in the last few weeks is frightening, in streams, Reddit, etc. And this all happened without the Fenix A320. The Fenix A320 is just icing on the cake. After the Fenix A320 is released, the critical mass will turn into a black hole 🤣.
  8. FlightDeck2Sim also said the systems for the MSFS PMDG 737 was better than the Zibo. Overall, FlightDeck2Sim said he has no preference between the PMDG 737 for MSFS and Zibo.
  9. Wow. JavaScript is a pain to work with. KatiePilot did an awesome job!
  10. sh3ed is streaming the Fenix A320 right now: https://www.twitch.tv/sh3ed I believe sh3ed is another real life A320 pilot (at least a mod in his chat confirmed he is a real life A320 pilot)
  11. The amazing part is, I think @KatiePilot had a big role in programming the EFB for the Fenix A320. Not only does KatiePilot fly the A320 in real life, she somehow knows how to program and write code too!
  12. Exactly. I don't understand why @F737NG expects a safe space in the MSFS forum, when people compare P3D to MSFS. If you want a safe space, maybe stick to the P3D forum. If you're here in the MSFS forum, and you say something outrageous, expect pushback. If I go to the P3D forum and say something outrageous, I would get pushback too.
  13. Hi. Do you know roughly what time in the video he said this? I think this is a very strong point from flightdeck2sim, if he said this. The Hot Start 650 is the best plane available in XP. If it's true that flightdeck2sim said this, he is saying MSFS has a plane that rivals the best plane in XP (also you have to consider the textures and sounds, not just the level of simulation, which may put the Fenix A320 over the Hot Start 650). I would like to know where in the video he said this. Thank you.
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