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  1. New Member Forums

    1. Welcome New Members!

      This forum and other forums found in this category are here to help you get involved in this community and comfortable with its layout and your participation. We encourage you to participate, and here is a great place for you to start. There are very knowledgeable users in the AVSIM Community willing and able to answer the most basic of questions. This is a welcoming place to ask those. Please join in!

    2. Help Using the AVSIM Forums

      Registered users may post here seeking assistance on the various functions of the AVSIM forums and its related features. However, this forum is NOT intended to provide assistance for products. See the respective product forums for help with your product problems.

    3. Help Creating an AVSIM Account and Logging on to AVSIM

      Having issues creating an account at AVSIM? Problems signing on to AVSIM? Problems changing your e-mail? Check this forum for the latest problems/issues relating to getting onto AVSIM to participate in our Forums and access our Library.

  2. AVSIM Fixed Based Operations (FBO)!

    1. Hangar Chat

      This forum is for the discussion of things you might discuss when going into an airport hangar.  Please make sure that your topic isn't covered in another forum before posting here.  Please refrain from controversial topics...politics, religion, conspiracy theories, climate change, COVID etc.  Topics that elicit or are deemed by staff likely to elicit heated argument, contention, or otherwise objectionable banter will be removed from view.  We allow some latitude, but please remember that, first and foremost, this is a flight-simulator oriented site frequented by people from all walks of life.

    2. Flight Planning

      Planning your VFR or IFR flight? Study the science of flight planning here.

    3. Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware and Games

      Interested in Virtual Reality hardware and how they interact with flight simulation? Looking for the best hardware and games? This is the place for these discussions.


    4. Letters to the Editorial Staff of AVSIM

      Have an opinion on some aspect of our hobby that you would like to write the Editors about? Have an opinion on an AVSIM Review, Editorial, or article? Here's the place to put your thoughts down.

    5. All About Us

      Meet your fellow FS enthusiasts; our background, ages, other interests. Break out of the simmimg threads for a moment or two, and learn about your fellow sim enthusiasts!

    6. Crash To Desktop (CTD) Forum

      CTD's are a simmer's nightmare. This subforum is established to specifically discuss CTD's. Please do not place CTD messages in the main FSX, FS9, or P3D forums. If you do, they will most likely be moved to this forum.

    7. The Bargain Hunter's Shack

      Found a good Bargain? Post it here.

    8. Classified Ads | Want Ads | Swap Meet

      Consider this the classified advertising section of your local newspaper or your favorite magazine. Have something to sell? Is there something that you are looking to buy? Is there a swap you would consider or would like to offer? Here is your place to do that. In order to post a classified ad here, you must be a member in good standing and have posted 15 or more messages elsewhere in the forums (this can be fixed by an Admin if you do not have more than 15 posts.  Just complete a Contact Form for Help with the AVSIM Forums).

    9. AVSIM's Round the World Race Forum

      Every spring AVSIM team members compete in one of the most exciting events in flight simulation; the Around the World Race. This forum is for those who are interested in the annual event, would like to participate, for the team members to stary in touch with each other throughout the year.

    10. AVSIM Reviews Feedback

      Have you read a review that you would like to comment on? Do you have an opinion about a review that would be beneficial to your fellow aviation simmers? This is the place to make those comments of praise or constructive criticism.

      AVSIM Reviews - https://www.avsim.com/home/reviews/

    11. Flight Sim & Aviation User Stories

      A forum for those creative writers in the community to post their stories of flight, both simulated and real.

    12. In Memoriam of Tom Allensworth

      This forum is dedicated to preserving the memories of our founder, our friend, and a pioneer of the flight simulation community, Tom Allensworth. All are welcome to share their memories and anecdotes. May this forum share with the world the many ways Tom left an impression on us.

      Tom's Obituary

    13. In Memoriam

      As a community we have had the privilege of having fantastic contributors to our hobby who have passed. This is a special forum on AVSIM where we record the passing of those contributors to our hobby and provide, if we can, a small obituary to them.

  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

    1. 583,637
    2. 823,318
    3. 68,700
    4. 156,781
    5. Flight Simulator Tips and Tricks

      In this forum you will find user submitted tips and tricks for all versions of MicroSoft's Flight Simulator family of products. If you are new, or perplexed, user of MSFS, we encourage you to search through these posts, looking for a solution to issue.  This forum is closed for additional input.  If you have a tip or trick please post in the FSX, Flight, or FS2004 forum.  If the tip or trick is new, the topic will be moved to this forum. 

    6. Shared Cockpits | Multi-Player Forum for FSX | FSX-SE | P3D

      Flight Simulator X, Steam Edition and Prepar3D Shared Cockpit/Multiplayer Forum. Have a multiplayer session to announce, interested in sharing cockpits, questions about multiplayer or shared cockpits? This forum is for you!!

    7. MS FSX | FSX=SE | P3D Simconnect Forum

      This forum is provided to enable the sharing of experience, insight and expertise on the Simconnect functionality.

    8. FSX | P3D Missions Forum - How To

      The community has the ability to create and share missions for the sim. This forum is for learning the in's and out's of creating missions, sharing them and the ideas and experience of the community in building an extensive catalog of missions for FSX | P3D.

    9. FSX/FSX-SE Aircraft and Panel Design Forum - How To

      Designing panels or aircraft for FSX? Want to learn? Here is THE place to get together with fellow designers or to ask questions.

      IMPORTANT - If you are not designing panels or aircraft or asking how to design panels or aircraft, please post your questions in the FSX | FSX-SE Forum.

    10. FSX | FSX-SE Scenery Design Forum - How To

      A designer of scenery for FSX /FSX-SE?  Have questions?  Look here for answers or discuss with your fellow scenery designers.  AVSIM has many experts in scenery design.

    11. The Paint Shop - The Aircraft Painter's Forum - How To

      Interested in learning how to do re-paints of aircraft? Interested in sharing your techniques and talent? This forum is for re-painters of all interests and skill levels!

    12. Mesh Scenery Design - How To

      Mesh scenery design forum for the FSX | FSX-SE series. Want to learn how to render mesh at 10m or less?  Here's the place.

      For information on mesh that has been published, please post in the FSX | FSX-SE Forum

    13. TTools for MSFS Forum

      A user of TTools for MSFS? Want to know more? Want to help advance the add-on or expand your knowledge on the subject? Here the forum to do so!

    14. Add On Developer's Forum

      The Add On Developer's Forum is for add-on's to flight simulator that do not fall into the category of a/c, scenery, repaints or mesh. This forum is established to provide authors an area to gather, share ideas, code, and get feedback from users. If you are a developer of other add-ons to MSFS, this forum is for you.

    15. DX-10 Discussions, Hints and Help

      Interested in getting DX10 Technology working properly in FSX | FSX-SE?  This forum is for general discussion of how to get DX10 working properly and settings.

  4. The Prepar3D Forums

    1. The Prepar3d Forum

      The Prepar3d Forum is a forum for Lockheed's Prepar3d simulation software. Quoting Lockheed Martin; "Prepar3D furthers the development of Microsoft® ESP while maintaining compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, allowing many thousands of add-ons to be used within Prepar3D."  This forum is for general user-to-user discussions.  Official support for this product can be obtained at Lockheed Martin.  Website - https://www.prepar3d.com/

    2. Prepar3D Tips, Tricks and How To's

      A forum for collecting tips and tricks on getting the best out of P3D. If you think you have a tip, trick, or can tell users how to do something within P3D that will assist your fellow P3D users, please post it here.

  5. The X-Plane Forums

    1. The X-Plane General Discussions Forum

      General discussions focusing on the X-Plane Simulator. Help and user to user guidance on this simulator is available here. If you are an X-Plane user, please contribute to this unofficial support forum for X-Plane.

    2. X-Plane Tips and Tricks

      A forum for the collection of tips and tricks for X-Plane users.

  6. The IPACS Aerofly Forums

    1. IPACS AeroFly FS2

      Forum for the IPACS Aerofly flight simulator.  Website:  https://www.aerofly.com/

  7. Helicopter and Rotor Head Forum

    1. Rotor Head Archive

      An archive of messages in the Rotor Head forum that existed prior to January 1st, 2012.

    2. Rotary Winged & Helicopter Flying

      Learning how to fly rotary winged and helicopters is a challenging undertaking. Discuss the fine art of doing so here.

  8. Simulator Screen Shots, Real Aviation Photos, & Videos

    1. The AVSIM Screen Shots Forum

      Have a favorite screen shot of your simulator that you would like to share? You can by posting it here.  Please follow image posting rules (below).  Images must be hosted on an image hosting website. Please use prefixes to identify the simulator you are using (see pinned topic for guidance). Please include information about the screenshot(s) such as location (flight plan?), the aircraft, weather engine, scenery (i.e., Orbx/FTX, GEX, FSDT, FlightBeam, FlyTampa, etc.).

    2. Real Aviation Photos

      Real aviation photos and related images.  Images must be hosted on another storage site (see Image Posting Rules in Rules Below).

    3. Aviation and Flight Sim Video Forum

      Have a real world or simulator video that you would like to show to the community?  Here is the place you can do so.  Please, no links to monetized content on other sites e.g. YouTube, Rumble, etc.  "Monetized" means you or someone else is being paid for views and/or the video solicits people to subscribe to a channel where the content provider(s) is/are being paid for views.  See the pinned topic at top of forum for additional guidance.  Videos must be embedded in your topic.  We want to be able to just click the start video arrow.


  9. Hardware & Operating Systems Discussions

    1. WIN11 OS Forum

      Windows 11 is the newest OS release coming from Microsoft, first available to the public on 5 Oct 2021. We have opened this forum as a community venue to discuss the new OS and how it relates to use as a platform for our flight simulators. You can also post questions if you are having problems with WIN11.

    2. WIN10 OS Forum

      WIN10 is the next OS release coming from MS. We are sure there are many questions regarding the use of FSX, P3D, FSX-SE, X-Plane and other sims in this new system. We have opened this forum for the community to focus on that OS and the impact of FS use within it. You can also post questions if you are having problems with WIN10.

    3. WIN8 OS Forum

      As simmers experiment with and adopt WIN8, we are sure there are going to be numerous questions regarding the use of FS and other sims in this new system. We have opened this forum for the community to focus on that OS and the impact of FS use within it.

    4. The Win7 OS Forum

      As simmers migrate to Win 7, we are sure there are going to be numerous questions regarding the use of FS and other sims in this new system. We have opened this forum for the community to focus on that OS and the impact of FS use within it.

    5. System Hardware: PC | MOBO | RAM | CPU | HDD | SSD | PSU etc

      For discussion of issues with Motherboards, RAM, CPU's, hard disks (HDD) and solid state (SSD) and respective drivers, best desktops/laptops, and other general hardware discussions. See the Video and Drivers forum and Hardware Controller Forums for discussion related to Video Cards and Driver, and Joysticks, Pedals, Yokes, etc.

    6. Video Hardware: Monitors | Multi-Monitors | Video Cards | Drivers etc

      Discussion forum for Video Cards and Drivers - all things related to the video system of your computer.

    7. Hardware Controllers: Joysticks/Yokes | Throttle Quads | Rudder Pedals | Drivers etc

      This is a forum to discuss issues with Joysticks, pedals, yokes, other interface hardware like panels, etc.

    8. Networks | WIFI | Routers | Ethernet | DSL | Cable Modems

      Discussion forum for the Networks, WIFI, Routers, their I/O boards, DSL, Ethernet, Cable Modems, etc. Sim Connect Networking is discussed in the Sim Connect Forum.

  10. Commercial Support Forums (Hosted by AVSIM)

    1. 62,939
    2. Mindstar Aviation Support Forum

      This forum is the official support forum for Mindstar Aviation’s avionics products for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator as well as Microsoft’s ESP and Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D.  Website:  http://www.mindstaraviation.com/

    3. The RealityXP Support Forum

      Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Reality XP users from around the world. Website: www.reality-xp.com

    4. The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum

      DX10 Scenery Fixer Forum for official support for this product.

    5. The Multi-Crew Experience (MCE) Support Forum

      Official support forum for the MCE program and its users. Own the MCE? Have questions about it before registering? Want to learn the in's and out's of MCE? Here's the forum for you.

      Website - http://www.multicrewxp.com/index.html

    6. Lorby-SI Support Forum

      This is the Official Support Forum for Lorby-SI Products.
      Website: http://lorby-si.weebly.com/

    7. Pilot2ATC Users Forum

      The place to get information, announcements and official support for Pilot2ATC and share experiences with other users. Website: www.P2ATC.com

    8. The Carenado Support Forum

      The Carenado Support forum is a user-to-user support forum for members to use for the various Carenado products. Carenado relies on a ticket system to provide official support.

      Website:  https://www.carenado.com/sitecarenado/

    9. 4,074
    10. Aviasoft Remote CDU for Phone / Tablet Official Support Forum

      Have you ever wanted to use your tablet / phone as a remote CDU? Well now you can! This free-to-view server will allow you to use your favorite mobile device (Android tablet / phone, iPhone / iPad, Windows tablet / phone) to interact with the CDU in a variety of P3D and MSFS aircraft. This is the official forum for support.

    11. Airline2Sim Support Forum

      Official support forum for Airline2Sim's flight training tutorials for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 and PMDG 777, plus preview content and your questions for a real pilot answered.
      Website: www.airline2sim.com

    12. SX Airport Design Forum

      Official Scenery Design and Expansions for FSX and P3D! This is the official support and user-to-user discussion forum for SX Airport Designs.

    13. SimSettingsManager Official Support Forum

      The OFFICIAL Support Forum for SimSettingsManager. If you have a problem or need to ask the developer about this product, post your questions here.

    14. simFDR General Support Forum

      Welcome to official Flight Simulator Flight Data Recorder and Cloud Logbook Forum. Here you can receive general support and discussions with the developer of this product.

    15. Blue Sky Star Simulations Support Forum

      This forum is the official support forum for Blue Sky Star Simulations who provide super detailed sound packages for X-Plane, FSX, and P3D. Here you can obtain support directly from the developer regarding any of his products and receive the latest news.

    16. Capt. PERO Support Forum

      Support forum for software projects of Capt. PERO. Feel free to post your questions and support requests. English and German language is welcome.

    17. Flysimware Forum

      Product information on upcoming projects and some user-to-user information. This is the official support forum for FlySimware products but developer support is provided via their official website using a contact system located on their website. Website:  http://flysimware.com/

    18. Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations Support

      Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Simulations (MAAM-SIM) Support Forum. Here is where you can get support for the B-25 "Briefing Time" and other releases from the MAAM-SIM team!

      Website:  http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.html

    19. Desk Pilot - Shared Cockpits

      Discussion and official support forum for the Desk Pilot that allows you to share cockpits operations between users.

      Website:  http://www.desk-pilot.com/

    20. PhotoSim Labs - Bahamas sceneries

      This forum is the official support forum for PhotoSim Labs. Founded in 2017, PhotoSim Labs has become a leading developer for Flight Simulation in FSX and Prepard3D. We are a small team of professional developers who envision a simulation experience that closely resembles what a real pilot would encounter, whether you are a small general aviation enthusiast or a commercial pilot. We promise to keep surprising our audience by producing the next best thing in flight simulation scenery time and time again. At PhotoSim Labs, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we go the extra mile to make sure each and every one of our flight simulation simmers has a memorable experience. Check out our site and see what makes PhotoSim Labs so special.  Website:  https://photosimlabs.wixsite.com/website

    21. Fulcrum Simulator Controls

      This is the official support forum for Fulcrum Simulator Controls hardware. Support issues and questions relating to our flight simulator controls can be asked here.

    22. The PILOT'S Support Forum

      This is the official support forum for Pilot's add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and X-Plane.

    23. Stick and Rudder Studios

      This is the official support forum for Stick and Rudder Studios

    24. Honeycomb Aeronautical

      Official support forum for Honeycomb Aeronautical's line of flight sim hardware controls

    25. SimFly Pad Support Forum

      SimFly Pad is a mobile application featuring interactive checklists, in-game photography and video capture, as well as cockpit control functionalities. This is the official support forum for SimFly Pad.

  11. User-to-User Support Forums

    1. Photo Scenery Support Forum

      Are you a Photo Scenery enthusiast? This forum is a user-to-user support forum for freeware/commercial photo-real scenery such as the scenery published by MegaSceneryX.

    2. The PMDG User-to-User Forum

      Own any of the PMDG products? Here you will get tips and help from your fellow users. If you have specific issues with your product, trouble tickets can be set up at the following website: www.support.precisionmanuals.com.


    3. The AS16 and ASCA | Active Sky | Active Sky Next | XPAX Support Forum

      Official Support can be obtained at http://support.hifitechinc.com/ . This forum is an unofficial support forum for HiFi's Active Sky products. Any support provided here will be from your fellow flight sim product owners and most likely not from HiFi themselves.
      Website: http://hifisimtech.com/

    4. The VOXATC Support Forum

      This is an unofficial support forum for VoxATC where users of this add-on and those interested in it can seek community support and input.

    5. The MILVIZ Support Forum

      Military Visualization's unofficial support and update forum where owners of the MILVIZ products can get support and feedback from their fellow MILVIZ product owners. Official support can be obtained at MILVIZ. Website: http://www.milviz.com//

    6. The Level D 767 | Wilco PIC 767 Forum

      Do you own the Level D 767 add-on for FS9 or FSX? Do you own the Wilco published 767PIC add-on? This is an UNOFFICIAL forum for both. Please do not expect the publishers to assist you here. This forum is established for owners to share hints and help and for non-owners to ask questions of the owners on performance, techniques and guidance.

    7. 16,718
    8. FSReborn Series user-to-user Forum

      Unofficial member-to-member support forum for FSReborn products.

    9. The simPlugins Support Forum

      This was the official support forum for simPlugins products like Panel Builder, Phidget Plugins and any other future products by simPlugins.

      It has been redesignated a user-to-user support forum due to abandonment of the forum by the developer.

  12. Freeware Support Forums

    1. General Freeware Discussions

      This General Freeware Forum is for discussions of freeware not listed in the Freeware Support Forum and to post information about new freeware just released or pending release.  If you want to review a piece of freeware in our Library, please post it in the Focus on Freeware Forum.

    2. Radar Contact Support Forum

      Official freeware support forum for the users of Radar Contact.
      Website: www.jdtllc.com

    3. Little Navmap | Little Navconnect | Little Logbook Support Forum

      The official support and update forum for Little Navmap, Little Navconnect and Little Logbook where users can get support, news, and discuss and exchange information about these programs. Website: https://albar965.github.io

    4. The Sweet FX Support Forum

      Configurations of Sweet FX and Anti-Aliasing your FS9, FSX and P3D sims. Ask questions and seek support here.

    5. The TinMouse Support Forum

      This is the support forum for the TinMouse II Boeing 737-200 add-on located in the AVSIM Library - TinMouse II Boeing 737-200

    6. The VATSIM | vPilot | FSInn Unofficial Support Forum

      This is an unofficial user-to-user support forum for VATSIM and the software used with VATSIM - vPilot, and FSInn. The VATSIM organization's official support forum is located on the VATSIM website - https://www.vatsim.net/

    7. The TileProxy Project Forum

      Please post all support questions and feedback related to the TileProxy Project in this forum. TileProxy is a realtime Interface between online satellite map services and Microsoft Flight Simulator X and was first published on AVSIM.

    8. LINDA

      Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning forum.

    9. Mario Noriega Designs

      This is the official support forum for Mario's add-on's to Flight Simulator.

      Website:  http://www.mariopilot.heliohost.org/

    10. SimLauncherX

      Are you a user of the freeware SimLauncherX utility? Here you will get support from the author and tips and help from your fellow users

    11. FreeMeshX Global Support Forum

      Interested in a free global terrain mesh replacement for the stock terrain mesh with coverage for almost the entire world? Then this forum is for you!

    12. FSLaunchPad

      If your Flight Simulator is slow to start it's maybe because you have a lot of sceneries. FsLaunchpad (FSL) allows to Select your Sceneries rapidly and Load your prefered Addons and Launch your Flight Simulator in same time in few minutes. FSL is also a Sceneries Manager and is compatible with FSX, FSX Steam Edition and P3D, the user Interface is available in English, French and Spanish.

    13. PSXseeconTraffic for FSX | P3D | MSFS

      This is a freeware support forum for PSXseeconTraffic.  PSXseeconTraffic is an add-on for the Aerowinx PSX and any user aircraft in Prepar3D, FSX and MSFS.  Flying with live traffic gives you an awesome immersion.  You can position your aircraft in the queue for landing or departure at your favourite airport and really see all these familiar airlines and aircraft around you. The traffic information at the TCAS in your aircraft is making the flight experience much more real; see all these heavies around you when crossing the Atlantic!

    14. Terminal Procedures Forum

      This forum is dedicated to user-to-user discussion and publication of terminal procedures.  More information at - https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/dtpp/search/ and other sites that publish Terminal Procedures

    15. The FS9 Evolution Forum

      Dedicated to the development of the FS9 Evo global texture project for FS2004. Note: Though this is in the Freeware Section, this is actually a donation-ware product.

  13. Virtual Airlines News and Discussion

    1. VA News and Announcements

      A forum for news releases and announcements from Virtual Airlines.

    2. VA World!

      Forum for the Virtual Airlines section of the AVSIM website. General discussions related to Virtual Airlines.

  14. Home Cockpit Builders

    1. The Home Cockpit Support Forum

      Interested in building your own home grown cockpit? Here you can seek advice, help and assistance from those that have "been there - done that". A great learning experience you can share.

    2. The DreamFlight Home Cockpit Project

      Welcome to an ongoing project to build a home cockpit!

  15. Other Aviation Simulators

    1. 38,083
    2. Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) Forums

      Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game.

      DCS is a true "sandbox" simulation that is also designed to cover multiple time periods of interest such as WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War and others. Current regions to battle include the Caucasus, Nevada Test and Training Range, and Normandy 1944. New maps in development include the Persian gulf, Syria and others.

      DCS World is fundamentally a deep, authentic and realistic simulation designed also to offer a more relaxed game play to suit the user and his particular level of experience and training. The ambition is to hand hold users from novice pilot all the way to the most advanced and sophisticated operator of such complex weapons systems as the A-10C Warthog or the F/A-18C Hornet. The only next step is the real thing!

      Website - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/world/

    3. The Outerra 3D Planetary Engine

      An unofficial forum for the Outerra 3D planetary engine.  Website - http://www.outerra.com/

    4. The Flight Unlimited Series

      A forum for the Flight Unlimited series of simulators from Looking Glass Software. If you are an FU enthusiast, here is the largest and most active forum on the Internet for your simulator!

    5. The FlightGear Forum

      Join us in discussion about this free aviation simulator and keep up with developments, get assistance from your fellow FlightGear enthusiasts, and the latest news.

    6. Other Flight Simulation Software

      Other flight simulation software forums.

  16. International Language Forums

    1. Deutsches Forum fuer die Flusi Gemeinde

      Die online Gemeinde fuer deutschsprechende Flusianer.

    2. Türkler için Flight Sim forumu

      Türkce konuşanlar için bir Online Flight simülasyon forumu.

    3. Forum de la Communauté francophone de Simulateur de vol

      Communauté en ligne pour les passionnés francophones de Simulation de vol.

    4. Foro de vuelo virtual en español

      Comunidad online de simulacion de vuelo para aficionados de habla hispana.

    5. Forum della Comunità Italiana di Flight Sim

      Comunità online per gli appassionati italiani di simulazione di volo.

    6. O fórum em português

      Aqui você vai encontrar um fórum em português para seus interesses sobre o Flight Simulator.

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