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  1. After watching today's Developer Q&A with the MSFS team on Twitch today, I had some time to reflect on this community, and also reflect on my own contributions to making it better. As a community I believe we get exactly the product we deserve. If we choose to participate constructively by providing useful feedback to the developers, we are actually contributing to building this product. We become part of the evolution of MSFS. If, however, we decide to criticize and denigrate the product relentlessly we ultimately end up helping to tear it down. Because nothing spreads faster than negativity. Just like a fire, negativity needs fuel to sustain itself, and to grow. From today onwards I refuse to engage in negative debates about this product. My ignore list is going to grow exponentially over the coming weeks, and the time I would have spent assisting in the tearing down of this product I will spend reporting issues to the team. My time needs to be spent being part of building something special and not in any way debating those who choose to tear it down. I don't want to look back in 6 months or a year (or more) and think that I somehow didn't help this product improve because I was too busy debating someone who hated the product or just wanted to tear it down for whatever reason. We all know this product has lots of bugs and missing features. That is not up for debate. The central question is...as adults...what are we going to do about it? Are we going to argue and endlessly debate the problems, or are we going to help the team identify and reproduce the issues so they can fix them? Are we going to be positive and supportive, or are we going to attack the team for every bug or failure? And...what are you going to say about your own contribution to this product 6 months or a year from now? Did you help build MSFS up? Or did you help tear it down?
  2. Everyone needs to watch this. It was super informative and you can see that the team is trying very hard to make this sim as amazing as possible. It is clearly a HUGE task but these guys have the talent and commitment to deliver. We just need patience, and we need to support them by reporting issues in as much detail as possible over at the msfs website.
  3. How is that possible? I just used the default autopilot on the menu above when flying. This was the white arrow that appears on screen. I let the AI control the airplane then took off. Up and down trying to take off but in air it seemed ok.
  4. Like last night flying up the coast of California and seeing nothing but autogen.
  5. This sim probably needs a year. It is playable now if you can look past the bugs, and depending on the aircraft you select. I can spend the next year in a C172 just exploring the planet and still not have scratched the surface. I can dive into VATSIM and work on my skills there. I can dive more into OnAir for another year. I can become an airplane storm chaser. So many ways to go without ever running out of things to do, while experiencing our gorgeous planet. I have years of things to do without ever getting another patch. Or i can complain about all the bugs each and every day of that year. I can focus on the negative, which says more about who i am than it does about MSFS. I can engage in endless heated discussions, doing my best to win the internet on that day. It is really a choice. If this sim has you riled up to the point that your blood is boiling, see if you can get a refund. If not, wait a year and see where we are. Go back to whatever that thing is that makes you happy. Don’t let every patch trigger you over and over again. Don’t let this post trigger you. Life is better when you aren’t word not allowed off. Just a suggestion.
  6. There were so many complaints about performance in the community. I guess something had to give once you rule out magic programming. But the visuals may have degraded to my tired eyes. Need to check again.
  7. Seeing this as well. I love that plane. It did only appear to impact my takeoffs but need to test more. Update: I do not see the plane bobbing up and down. Only on takeoffs.
  8. So my update went perfectly. But I did move all my community folder content out prior to the update. In any case, it was drama free.
  9. I think if Asobo can release a hot fix for any serious regression items and this is really a solid way of patching this sim.
  10. Moving community folder items before upgrade...
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