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  1. I am not seeing performance improvements either. More stutters.
  2. Does this mean we should turn on hyperthreading in the BIOS?
  3. Pilot2ATC is really good. Your co-pilot manages a lot of coms.
  4. It does make them look good to see so many significant updates.
  5. I don’t think it is a matter of not liking feedback, but some people just take it too far. They act differently behind a keyboard. I can promise you that if Marc had brought that issue up to RSR in person he wouldn’t have mentioned “embarrassing” in that exchange. Those type comments just come off as being immature. I think PMDG has brought so much to the community and their products are among the best available, so being constructive without being disrespectful is warranted. They’ve earned that imo.
  6. Yeah, one of the reasons i won’t be upgrading to 2024 when released. So many things will most likely be broken. Hey, this is a very big and complex application, so i get it. I am just not willing to do a rerun of 2020 again.
  7. So I take it you aren't buying any of their products? And if that is the case, why complain here about it?
  8. And I believe there is a good reason for it not being fixed. Priorities, resources, technical issues, etc. And with everything they are working on calling this issue embarrassing is just an unnecessary slam imo.
  9. I think that entire exchange with RSR and Marc went south when Marc called the lack of a feature "embarrassing." If you don't like the company or the products they make then move on. No need to be a troll.
  10. I got a higher quality usb-c cable and now Quest 3 recognizes it. I turned back on Air Link to test. Visuals in Alyx were a little better but stability is still an issue. MSFS would not load consistently and was just a mess. VD seems to be the best solution for my system. With VD i did get MSFS to load up and although my system cannot handle ultra settings i can see how immersive this could be. At this point i think a 4090 as part of a new build is the direction i will eventually go. I have never rebooted my pc so often due to crashes in VR that cannot be resolved except via a reboot. There’s some amazing gameplay locked in here but I think we’ve got a ways to go before this resembles anything close to plug and play.
  11. Thanks. I was able to tweak the settings of Virtual Desktop and it is a lot better. And MSFS likes VD a lot better than Air Link. Looking for the OpenXR toolkit now!
  12. I downloaded Virtual Desktop today and it was pretty seamless. For the first time I was able to get MSFS loaded and I was able to successfully load the cockpit. I am not going to say the graphics quality was great but I can see how with a better system it could be amazing. But with AirLInk or Steam Link it would not load. I gave up on the cable option, which is a bummer. It would have helped with charging and performance. No idea why it wouldn't work. I hear you on the cable. I think it is a software problem, like many of these issues. Air Link works fine with Alyx but all goes for a toss with MSFS. But VD works way better with MSFS. But the visual quality is not there. But that is my hardware, and not VD's fault. Yeah, no kidding. I did get Virtual Desktop. Much more reliable from my limited testing.
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