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  1. ozzieblr

    Giving the Phenom a coat.

    I could be interested - let's have a look. Can you PM me the design brief? Cheers, Brian
  2. ozzieblr

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    I agree with the above assessments - it’s the best GA aircraft by a country mile! And don’t wait for extra features, it’s great as it is and will only get better if new features are added! My only downside is that there is no paintbkit yet.
  3. Dear tmetzinger You have forgotten to change the alpha texture to match the new number. Here is a link to the corrected file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lb4r7tath7oak4k/PMDG_NGX_VC_N_Number.dds?dl=0 Good luck!
  4. Thanks Rudi. Yep - I'm having loads of fun with it, and will do for many years, I am sure - the best-presented GA model I have seen so far. It would be nice to have a few of the additional features I asked about, but non of them is a deal-breaker. I found the aux power switch and that will make ground work easier (planning the next flight, etc.), as the battery runs flat fairly quickly if anything significant is not switched off. I am surprised though, that there is no physical evidence outside the aircraft that ground power has been connected. The paint kit, however, would be really great to have, and given that the Vertx artists must have created one to paint the models included in the purchase, it should not be hard or time-consuming to prepare one for end-users. Cheers, Brian
  5. I am really enjoying the superb realism and the excellent quality of the visual model on the Diamond, though I have only done two flights to date, and have yet to explore all details of the manual (or those supplied from Diamond or Garmin!). However, I have only had this aircraft for one day and have a few questions which some longer users may be able to help with: 1. is there a feature to set chocks, tie-downs, or engine, cockpit & pitot covers for this aircraft? 2. is there a mode/setting where the pilot disappears from a cold and dark cockpit? 3. is there a feature to attach an external power supply? 4. is there a paint kit available anywhere yet? or has there been any announcement about plans for one? (I have been able to change registrations numbers, but would love to be able to do more than that). Any help would be welcomed! Cheers, Brian
  6. You need to copy your completed texture file for the fuselage in three sections, and place them into the pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_1, pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_2, pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_3 files, doing the flip and save as DDS just like you seem to have already done for the wings and tail files. The fuselage_master file has a paint regions layer which shows you where each of the three sections are located. Good luck! If you still have trouble let me know and I can possibly arrange to help you.
  7. Have you placed the textures in each of the fuselage 1, 2, and 3 files before saving them as DDS?
  8. ozzieblr

    PMDG Vehicle Liveries

    It has been a frustration to me too ... I have therefore altered my PMDG ground vehicles to a generic but fictional simulation of the Menzies ground vehicles - grey and white except for the Menzies logo and default lights, equipment, signs, etc. This image shows some of the vehicles around a fictional Ansett B744 at Kansai, Japan ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/06sr8qwcoq8hv0k/MenziesGrndVehicles.jpg?dl=0 I figured that a fictional Menzies set of vehicles looked more realistic at any airport in the world than a PMDG set, which do not exist anywhere! Cheers, Brian
  9. Done ... all my PMDG ground vehicles for both FSX QOTSII and P3D QOTSII-8 are now operated by Menzies, (though using the PMDG colours, as I have simply not yet had time to create a blank white livery or a full kit). It now looks a whole lot more plausible, even though still fictional. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8md3yamo9ceghm/MenziesServices.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2b0o3uee68f30o/MenziesServices2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gb8tjjh3w7q7y8x/MenziesServices3.jpg?dl=0 However if Captain Kevin, who fully understood what I was asking/suggesting, creates a full kit, that would be fantastic!
  10. I understand of course that airline-specific ground vehicles do not exist at all (or indeed many) airports ... however, PMDG equipment does not exist at ANY airport! How about fairly ubiquitous livery such as dnata or Menzies, then?!
  11. LOL -- love that story!! I understand of course that airline-specific ground vehicles do not exist at all (or indeed many) airports ... however, PMDG equipment does not exist at ANY airport! How about fairly ubiquitous livery such as dnata or Menzies, then?!
  12. I noticed this morning that the default Boeing Sunrise livery has the GE engine logos reversed on two of its engines. It may be worth checking other default liveries for the same fault. Cheersm Brian
  13. What a great job PMDG! This aircraft is fantastic, and I am glad to have it in my hangar! Purchase and installation went fine, as did installation of extra liveries, and creating one of my own. One question remains for me - I thought I heard some time back that there would be a paint kit for the ground vehicles, and that we would be able to create airline-specific ground vehicles for our airliners. What is the state of play in that regard? Cheers, Brian
  14. The whole website front end has been updated for the 747-8 which is now announced as "coming soon" ... which we already knew has been announced in the forums for this weekend. Clearly they have been preparing the website for release, which could now be anytime.
  15. Refresh your page, pilot ... this is what you will see - right now!