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  1. After a huge amount of frustration, time and effort, I eventually got a message from FSS about the above problem. Uninstalling, reinstalling, starting as administrator did not work, but simply deleting one file is their temporary fix for the problem - it worked, but it apparently affects the use of the keypad, which is not regarded as a big deal! So if there is anyone else out there struggling with the same issues in this newly released aircraft here is the fix: 1. REMOVE the file fss-aircraft-tecnam-p2012\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSS_Tecnam_P2012\panel\FMSPlugin.js 2. YOU MAY ALSO NEED TO edit the layout.json file in the root folder to delete the entry for the FMSPlugin.js file. 3. WAIT FOR FSS - you will find the avionics work after doing 1 and 2, and FSS said they are working on permanent a fix.
  2. There's much more to it than that - new updated modelling to remove mirroring is one major improvement for painters and others wanting more accurate liveries. And there are other things he has done too ... check out his modifications log.
  3. That method of creating liveries is extremely complicated and time-consuming and therefore only makes real sense if you are going to sell or distributed hundreds or thousands of them. However, for most users wanting to create custom liveries it is simply uneconomical in time and effort. Commercial publishers have created models which can be painted with quality liveries much more easily, and I believe Asobo could do that too if they chose.
  4. There are still some mirroring issues with the model, including the Kuro 787-8 - an Asobo legacy from the 787-10 which they will need to fix, I assume. However it is possible to adapt some liveries to accommodate those, and I am particularly pleased with the China Southern livery I have done for the 787-8!
  5. Thanks Mace - I had just done that (remove the compatibility mod) and it did fix the problem!
  6. For no apparent reason, my Caribou Garmin instrument is blank - even when starting the aircraft on the runway with engines running! I have not flown the aircraft before, and yet have seen online videos where the instrument is live and operating when pilots have commenced with engines running. I have both the 430/530 WT instrument as well as the 430/530 Compatibility fix installed from the Content Manager - could one or both of these be the problem? If anyone has a solution, I'd be glad of your help! TIA!
  7. I have the same problem with my updated file from Marketplace. Do others have this problem with aircraft purchased from other places? UPDATE - this mod at flightsim.to seems to have fixed the problem for me: Search for '[HJet] V1.1 - External LED Lights Improvement'
  8. I liked one of dwendel's liveries for the Longitude so much that I adapted it and use these colours to fly it every time it is taken out of the hangar! https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4bzk0qdosmy5nj/Jet6 Citation Longitude.jpg?dl=0
  9. Certainly the (AAU) avionics update is a great step forward, but to say it is study level on a par with PMDG (or Fenix) is something of a stretch! Its cockpit now demands greater knowledge and interaction, and it flies much better than in the past, but it still lacks some of the refinement in modelling and texturing of the better add-on aircraft (far too much mirroring and not even a tiny bit of wing flex, just to name two important things). Having said all of that, it is still a fun aircraft to fly, along with the C208 and the TBM930 (with their respective improvement mods) and some of the other modded default aircraft. Cheers!
  10. SOLVED - made the three prop blur textures more transparent ... I can't explain how the textures got to be so opaque, but they had lost all their transparency, hence the problem with pilot visuals.
  11. I have just begun flying the Beaver, and found that the prop is so opaque that I cannot see through - which makes it pretty near impossible to see the runway or make a decent landing. I have restarted the sim, but the problem exists for default aircraft as well as add-on liveries. Has anyone else seen this problem, or found a solution to it? Any suggestions will be welcome! TIA
  12. The PMS50 version of the GTN750 mod is designed for be compatible with the PC12 among other aircraft, and has been working in the past. However, recently it stopped working - the on-screen buttons are now almost all unresponsive. I have removed all other mods from my Community Folder (except for liveries and scenery) but the problem remains, so it is not a conflict with other aircraft modifications. I have also tried removing and then reinstalling both the GTN750 (which works in other aircraft) and the PC12. Does anyone else using the PC12 find the same thing? Has anyone found a solution? I find that responses from Carenado and almost always slow coming, and unhelpful when they do come, so I am hoping someone in the simming community has found a good solution. TIA!
  13. I'm enjoying flying Alaska in the amphibian - especially since installing some of the remote cannery docks and other docks along the waterways and sounds of the west coast!
  14. I was wrong about Carendo appearing to have fixed the failing displays of the NAV2 and transponder on long flights; they just failed on the flight I am currently flying.
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