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  1. Is this livery available online? If so, please advise where?!
  2. Nice to hear something from EagleSoft - even though many of us have now moved on to MSFS. So my questions are: 1. Does EagleSoft have any plans for publishing aircraft designed for MSFS? 2. If so, roughly what time frame? 3. If so, will one of the Citations be part of those plans (I really enjoyed the one you released for FSX some years back)?
  3. Disagree - it's worth the effort to master. It's not as great as some aircraft but it's still fun to fly when you get familiar with the way to fly it.
  4. I was looking for actual click spots, as for the front door. I haven't seen the tablet, or I would have tried that. If there is a tablet, how do I activate the tablet? And I found the documentation folder, but not anything about the specifically Carenado procedures.
  5. In the absence of a pilot or owner manual - at least I haven't found it yet - I've discovered the hotspots for the main passenger door, but not yet for the large rear door. Can anyone help? TIA!
  6. Agree - bring on SWS. This aircraft is a nightmare to paint without a model LOD00. Why do they do that??
  7. The PMDG installation includes a BBJ2 with SSW in the house colours, and I've been trying to set up a new livery with that model. However, it has not been working, and I'm not sure what I've overlooked. If anyone has created such a livery, I'd be glad to hear from you!
  8. Well I wasn't so far off the mark, it seems!! Downloading now.
  9. I've just completed doing some liveries for the -700 and -800 and tried to export the ptps from the PMDG OPs Centre - without success. I am getting a notification to say that the PMDG servers cannot be reached at present - I am using the very latest update for the OPs Centre, bwt. I know the -800 has been announced for release prior to the end of August, so the question is whether anyone knows if there has been a more recent announcement that the -800 is to be released shortly? Or is there another explanation for the inability to use the PMDG servers?
  10. Hi Andy Yes the Blender package is a cow of a thing to get into but it is worth persisting - you can do some fabulous things with it! No someone else did the LAPD liveries but I did the California Highway Patrol livery, which you might also enjoy!
  11. The H135 and H145 were the two aircraft I used to learn rotary wing flying - and I am very glad I did expand my simming into helicopter flight. I agree its been a process, with many updates to install, but IMHO it was worth being part of the development program to do it. The newest update is not yet installed on my system, but the last one was such a huge step up from the previous one, I am sure there will be plenty of value-add in this one too. The new features are one thing, but the added availability of scenarios for the new variants is another thing to provide interest and challenge - and I am about to dive into those! Oh, and this was also the aircraft which motivated me to take up the massive challenge of learning Blender to produce this US Coast Guard livery (along with dozens of other liveries) - another very worthwhile bonus!
  12. As said above, I got denial from PMDG forum moderators and no suggestions to help, so I'm wondering if it is something in my system setup. But clearly there are other people seeing the same things.
  13. Hi fellow sim pilots ... I am loving the new PMDG B737, and take my hat off to the developers for the fabulous product they have given us. However, I am not getting much joy in the PMDG forum over some issues I have seen when my completed repaints are applied to the aircraft, and which I later discovered are also present in the default liveries and every other add-on I have tried. The screen shots below highlight some of those issues. The PMDG response from their paint department was that no such issues occur with the PMDG default liveries. On my system they do, as you can see. Is this a universal problem, or is there possibly something I don't have correctly set up with my system (graphics card or software)? The issues I have identified are around the engines/belly, which just happen to all be in the same texture file: * engines have shading both top and bottom that is defined by sharp boundaries rather than smooth gradients, more obvious in some lighting conditions and cowling colours than others; * engines have some shading reversed - lighter where it should be darker and vice versa; * engines have massive blurring on the fuselage side of the cowling in some lighting conditions; * engine decals are not correctly shaded and look extremely bright when that side of the engine is in shade; * belly shading also has sharply defined lines and is much darker than expected - again more evident with lighter colours and some lighting conditions; * belly textures are also very blurred in some conditions. The following images illustrate the above issues. Any suggestions would be welcomed. TIA. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yl4ha6g0tdv9nx5/1. Qantas shading.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pfgelrnixrf50yi/2. Alaska shading.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uxyqrhfh30och9/3. PMDG shading.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/52aeukp3hfv71k4/4. PMDG shading 2.jpg?dl=0
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