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  1. Repaint Tutorial

    That is a huge ask ... my suggestion would be to learn the basics of Photoshop first, including how to manage layers. Read the manual, look for some online tutorials dedicated to Photoshop. Only with that basic understanding would you be able to make good use of any paint kit, let alone the PMDG 747 V3.
  2. Random sound cutouts?

    I have been having the same problem - but I don't think it is aircraft-related. When it happens on my system, it appears the computer is switching (usually temporarily) to another task running in the background (I haven't worked out what though, because no window comes to the foreground!) ... the FSX window header ghosts out until sound returns. Alternatively if I click in the FSX window, the window header returns to normal colours and the FSX sound returns immediately. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has a solution too!
  3. I need to paint a legacy B747-400 V2 freighter for a client and have discovered that the paint kits for the V2 models can no longer be downloaded from the PMDG website. I have the models and can therefore test the livery when done, but I only retained the passenger model paint kits from my original purchase. If anyone can direct me to where I can download the freighter paint kit for V2 I would be very grateful! Many thanks! Brian
  4. My oldest flight in simming

    I used to do that same flight quite often in the original subLOGIC sim for Commodore 64! While I am Australian, at the time I lived in southern Michigan, so it was 'local' flying at the time! I have not done it in 30+ years now, so you have inspired me to do it again - only this time I will do it in Carenado's Rockwell Aero Commander 690B with the best Garmin GPS system installed!
  5. paint kit for ground vehicles

    Anyone at PMDG got an answer to these questions? We have been waiting several months now!
  6. Error message with PMDGsounds.dll

    Thanks for your assistance gentlemen - all working fine now!
  7. Can anyone please help? I am using FSX Acceleration with Windows 7 Enterprise, PMDG 737s, 747 QOTS II, and 777 packages. For no apparent reason I am now getting an error message on startup saying the Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software package (addon), citing the PMDGsounds.dll as the problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/txiqvbpif4dxco1/ErrorMessage.jpg?dl=0 I have tried replacing that file from a working version of FSX, and reinstalling my QOTS II and 777 packages, without success. Has anyone else sen this problem, or have a solution to it? Regards, Brian
  8. Mu-Repaints?

    Send me a personal message indicating what you would like done and I will look at it. I don't have the model but the paint kit looks OK to work with.

    Thanks for your info guys ... I used the standard PMDG fuel loading in the FS ACTIONS / FUEL menu, and when loaded, the fuel is balanced as you suggested. I guess I need to learn the fuel management system better, as it is quite different from the craft I have been flying!

    I get the FUEL IMBALANCE >FUEL TANK/ENGINE warning, seemingly when I have taken off on a short leg with low % fuel on board. The message appeared after about 1 hour flying. In this flight I took off with about 30% fuel on a short 2.5 hour leg. Yet, as can be seen in the screen shot, the fuel appears to be perfectly balanced. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mlsjzg3lchl4fv/FuelWarning.jpg?dl=0 I do not seem to get this problem when on long haul flights, departing with nearly full tanks. Any suggestions?
  11. I am wanting to paint the tractor and ground equipment in airline colours but have only been able to find the power unit textures. However, painting that file and placing it in the aircraft textures folder doesn't work anyway. Can anyone help me solve this question?
  12. The paint kit for this aircraft, as for the Shrike and the Cessna that I have from Carenado, is a nightmare to work with except for the most basic of designs. Can someone at Carenado please have a look at what PMDG do with their paint kits??!! Having said that, I enjoy their aircraft and have done a few liveries for the Shrike, and this fictional Commander 690B with an update to Ansett Australia's last livery circa 2001. I use it for flying regional routes in Australia or to and from nearby islands. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjrmm3ww1qzer20/TurbCommander690B.bmp?dl=0 Fictional Ansett Australia livery for Commander 690B
  13. Where can I find it, backstop?
  14. Thanks backstop - that would be great!
  15. 690B & GTN 750

    My HOME button works as it should without a CTD. Maybe you could try a reinstallation?