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  1. The Citation may have been published in some screen shot, but I have not seen them - however, the default aircraft in the alpha version of the sim at present only include those two jets. Cheers, Brian
  2. Hi If you still want this livery painted, please send me a personal message - I can do it for you. Cheers!
  3. Hi I am a very experienced painter with extensive numbers of projects completed for all of those models. Most of my work involves designing and producing liveries for new virtual airlines with a number of different models painted in the same livery. I currently have about six different VA projects under way and ongoing. However, please send me a personal message if you still need this work done along with an approximate time line, and I can look at building it into my schedule. Cheers!
  4. Hi Dieter I do a lot of paint jobs for VAs all around the world, using all the payware airliners, and some of the better freeware airliners as well. I am happy to look at this project for you. Please advise what models you want painted, an approximate time line, and I can then see how I can fit it into my current schedule. I look forward to further discussion in personal messages. Cheers!
  5. Hi I am a very experienced painter with a very large number of PMDG paints completed, including the new NGXu. I am happy to do this for you - please send me a personal message if you are still needing this paint done for you. Cheers!
  6. The A380 is a fabulous aircraft to fly in, and I have enjoyed it on many long-haul trips. It is more spacious and MUCH quieter than the 747, and therefore less tiring on long flights. The pilots who fly it say it is a fantastic plane to fly, and the Qantas pilots who experienced that traumatic engine explosion out of Singapore were extremely grateful for the robust build and resilience of the aircraft in that (Rolls Royce) disaster. And as a long-term simmer, I have always wanted one - however none of the models developed to date are deep system models, and are therefore not a lot of fun to fly. Mine are mostly eye-candy. The facts are, though, that the aircraft is a relative flash-in-the-pan compared to the venerable Boeing 747 which has had a life-span of around 50 years. I suspect therefore, that no developer is going to sink the development costs of such a model into a project that may only sell in limited numbers. Having said that, if it were to be developed, I would hope that it would be done by someone other than Aerosoft, and that the resulting quality would be more akin to that of FSLabs or PMDG. Yes the cost would be in that league too, but it would be worth it.
  7. SOLVED - EVENTUALLY! The Orbx files for YPPH were clashing with those of MFSG files. I disabled those and moved MFSG to the top of the scenery list and everything worked.
  8. I have had no success in getting my MFSG YPPH Perth scenery to work with V4.5 - is anyone else having the same trouble? All other scenery so far, and all aircraft so far are no problem. I installed all the options (dynamic lighting and PBR), following all the directions in the manual carefully but have not yet had any success. Is it me, or is it a matter of an update required for compatibility? Any suggestions welcome!
  9. I have done some Xiamen repaints on other models and can do this for you - please contact me by private message to discuss?
  10. What I'd really like to do is create a different scheme altogether - and a paint kit is certainly required for that job.
  11. Yes - I've changed the registration number to one of my own already … did you change these colours using colour balance, or using hue/saturation? Its a nice combination, BTW!
  12. Welcome to Carenado "paint kits" ... they are so far below par I hate working with them.
  13. If you mean YPPH, there is a pretty good release recently published by MFSG and for sale on SimMarket. Orbx may eventually publish a better one but this is good for the meantime!
  14. Great shots, but some captions to identify locations would be fabulous!
  15. Hi everyone I have a major problem with the tail textures of the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII models in P3D ... the tail lighting is very dim compared with exactly the same livery files on the same aircraft in FSX. I have created night texture files using the common _L file and compared those files in both simulator programs. It seems there must be addition files in P3D which need alteration, perhaps to do with PBR? Any suggestions will be welcomed. Cheers, Brian
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