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  1. I purchased and expected the additional YCAB airport, but it was not sent, despite entering the promo code. When I went back to check, there is an error message saying the free airport is only available for purchases over AUD24.00 - the purchase I made was for only AUD19.95. So other purchasers should be warned - the freebie has TAC which were not immediately obvious! I feel quite disappointed! UPDATE - it was MY MISTAKE! I did not realise that I needed to purchase both airports before trying to apply the promo code. Even better, though, within a few minutes of sending a message on the facebook page, I got an email back telling me how to go back and obtain the freebie. Now THAT is SERVICE!!
  2. CS aircraft are generally well modelled, and look the part, but my experience is that they did not fly well from the start, had significant flaws in handling, and were often very tardy in receiving updates to fix those flaws. And they were supposed to be fully developed deep-system models! In my limited CS experience the only one that flew pretty well was the 767, though I certainly did not purchase many of their aircraft. They were not good value unless all you cared about was eye-candy. Following the liveries fiasco, I will not purchase any of their future models, let alone expansion packs. How can anyone know what stunt they will pull next? I will wait for the genuinely high-quality developers to bring their products to market.
  3. The aircraft seems to indicate you are flying MSFS ... if so, where did you get the scenery for Perth and Ayers Rock airports?
  4. I've also tried it on the TBM and found some significant problems ... 1. The two PFD MFD NAV/COM control screens to not operate properly, and most of the icons do not work at all. 2. Also, I can't find the way to turn off the inset maps on the PFD, and some of the buttons do not work there either. Has anyone else seen these problems? I've had to go back to the v0.4.2 to regain proper functions. (PS: I have removed the workingtitle_gx mods which have conflicted in the past)
  5. I've done the driver fix, which has solved the timeout errors I was getting, but the fan curve seems to be solving the temperature problem. Right now, settings for the sim are unchanged, using the same aircraft in the same scenery and weather conditions, but the fan curve changes are now giving me temps of 64C and junction temperature 78C.
  6. I have a RX5700 XT and have also noticed a large increase in temperatures since UD3. I have installed an extra fan and two higher-rated fans, but still have temps up around 80C, with Junction temperatures mid 90C. Prior to UD3, they were around 65C and 75C respectively. Many of my settings are on medium to high, none of ultra, and even when I reduce the settings, the temps remain much higher than they used to be. My card is almost new, and the best I could afford, so I am very anxious to avoid frying it. I have found that temps are much higher when taking an exterior view of the aircraft while flying, presumably because of extra calculations required, so I am severely limiting my exterior viewing as a result. I've just discovered in my software where to adjust the fan curve, so will see what changes are needed there to reduce temperatures.
  7. I'm away from home at present, so can't download the new update yet. I love MSFS for its huge leap forward from earlier sims, and applaud Microsoft and Asobo for a fabulous flight experience which makes GA flights so much more rewarding that they ever were before! I also really value the ongoing development, the public commitment as evidenced by the regularly updated development roadmaps, and I'm sure that MFSF will become an increasingly polished and complete package over time. I just wish the naysayers could be much less negative and much more grateful for what we already have. While I'm disappointed if its true the Garmin fixes have not yet been implemented, if the Working Title mods still work, I can live with that until Microsoft/Asobo get to permanently fix the Garmin shortcomings. And I'm really pleased to read that the TBM930 mod and the FBW A320 mod have already been updated to work with this latest sim update. However, as for legacy liveries - why part of a mandatory update?? I suppose for those who have nostalgia for the old sims, its a good idea to make them available, buy surely its not necessary to make them part of an update, which means you then have to delete them afterwards? I was never a fan of the default liveries in FSX anyway, and as soon as I could, I installed a third party app with real world airlines and schedules. The same is true for MSFS - the liveries are a little more varied than they were in FSX - but in my personal view, seeing them on poorly-modelled AI aircraft which have real-world call signs is a significant detraction from the immersion experience. I'm no fan of the 'special' MSFS liveries either, and wish they had also been made an optional installation. Bring on a third-party traffic app for MSFS!
  8. The best way is to obtain the UV wireframe files for the C208 from flightsim.to - these will give you a fair idea of which part of the texture files link to which parts of the aircraft. However, getting even curves or straight lines is a real challenge until you learn blender and how to paint livery designs onto a 3D model. But there are plenty of youtube video tutorials to get you started. Do you have a photo of the aircraft you fly IRL for reference?
  9. Ive never seen this problem, and I am using many varied liveries, and the latest mod. Strange.
  10. You can do action replay in MSFS - install FS Playground! Works well.
  11. Agreed - well done Tampa. They do listen to feedback, which is something I'm sure we all wish every publisher did! I just updated.
  12. I own it for P3D as well - but no problem with the MSFS installation.
  13. A good broadband connection will have it downloaded in about 8-10 minutes. I suspect your service provider, not FT.
  14. No I've not published it - I painted it mainly for personal use and the nostalgic value. But send me a DM if you would like a copy of the livery and I can set it up in DropBox for you to download. Happy New Year to you and all the readers out there! It was a very subdued (COVID) Sydney Fireworks Display last night, and absent of any crowds around the harbour and foreshores - quite spectacular, but just not the same as usual, for obvious reasons. Having said that, our problems with COVID are incredibly minor comparted with Europe, UK or USA! Here our governments get anxious if we have more than ten cases of local transmission per day!!
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