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  1. " Launched from mobile platforms, the missile had a maximum range of about 200 miles and a one-ton warhead." - Smithsonian Institute exhibit plaque of a World War II German V2 rocket bomb. Perhaps the great English fantasy writer before Tolkien was Mervyn Peake. He also wrote poetry. The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb. ... “And a ton came down on a coloured road, And a ton came down on a gaol, And a ton came down on a freckled girl, And a ton on the black canal, And a ton came down on a hospital, And a ton on a manuscript, And a ton shot up through the dome of a church, And a ton roared down to the crypt. And a ton danced over the Thames and filled A thousand panes with stars, And the splinters leapt on the Surrey shore To the tune of a thousand scars.” ...
  2. We can rule out they want us to see them, because then they would have already made their presence here obvious. Anyone or anything out there who/that wants to know what our civilization is like, can easily monitor our entertainment and news broadcasts. Their first communication to us may be something like: "Stop with all these reruns"! or "Bring back Captain Kirk!" Or whispered among themselves, "Let us wait a few centuries for evidence of greater intelligence".
  3. Older editions of MSFS had: simpler AI plane routing less detailed and deep interactive ATC more primitive instrumentation in the cockpit no detailed photorealistic buildings by Blacksharp And they did not require constant updates. Instead just a purchase of an all new MSFS in 98, 2000, 2002, 2004, FSX/ 2006.
  4. If anyone is upgrading drives, and you only are going to have one drive, then a 2TB drive is a much better purchase choice than a 1TB drive. And the prices on drives are much cheaper than 2 years ago. With all the updates from MSFS, my MSFS is over 800 GB (official + community).
  5. They cost a little over $100 for two. https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Bezel-Free-ABF01-Multi-Monitor-Micro-structures/dp/B082XZG3HM/
  6. $449 (regularly $599). 30 day returns at HP's postage expense on returns. So $150 off. https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/pdp/hp-reverb-g2-virtual-reality-headset ================================ this opinion on the G2,was posted 3 hours ago. it also tells about HP getting out of VR at the end of 2023.
  7. What was the issue? Too many players on a side?
  8. I'm trying to find this story on my local news channel ? Were these 'smiling' spacemen friendly after landing or hostile?
  9. Balmer at 35" "Give it up for me".. LOL !!
  10. I wonder if MS should copy Nvidia's presentations. I mean for their MSFS Developer Q&A streams. Jorg, Seb and Martial could jump around the stage and wave signs, instead of just sitting there. Because of how very young and hip most flightsim users really are!
  11. Yeah, that's true, it doesn't.
  12. Words have meaning. My post contained this sentence and an elaboration upon it. "Neumann then showed it to Phil Spencer...". That presentation was when Spencer began to see the viability of MSFS which changed flight simulation forever.
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