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  1. Strange the movies on Turner Classic Movie channel watched during the shutdown. This one (Flying High) is about a helicopter pilot in 1931 setting 50,000 feet altitude record. Staring Bert Lahr (who played the Lion in Wizard of Oz).
  2. Byrd. Hawks. Lindy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv_keCq9l0g
  3. I'm not sure but will start with scenic places from my FSX experience, such as around telerude, colorado. If it doesn't look good I usually don't go there. Just that I buy add-on scenery. And I want to see what I paid for which I can't do at altitude. So I use GA and warbirds and fly low and enjoy the show. Besides, it is usually more fun for me to land without navaids using manual skills instead of mental kills. More challenging. We grew up around a small airport that had no navaids, no comms. But for hoeing weeds, there were free rides from the pilots (most of those planes there had no radio, I don't remember any with VOR). We did not yet have an automobile drivers license (too young). None of the airports we flew to had comms nor navaids. Everything was VFR, it's all I ever knew in real life. We knew how to follow roads and rivers and avoided potential bad weather days. Nothing was serious, there was no purpose to our flights besides recreation.
  4. They say it might take quite awhile before they try to land. Will be difficult probably. I pray there's no fireball.
  5. Air Canada. No landing gear deployment. Youtube live.
  6. Mexico can't sell their equivalent of AirForce1, so apparently they will auction it off for $25 a ticket. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/29/800938104/mexicos-president-will-raffle-off-his-presidential-plane
  7. I can read both of the original post links in English because I use the Firefox browser with the addon named "Page Translate". I just click their icon on the browser bar... and poof, it's all in English instantly. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-translate-toolbar-en-ru/?src=search
  8. Yes I use a candlestick dial phone made in the 1920's. Works just fine on a landline or over voip adapter. It is so much cooler than the modern stuff. Carry the same type of phone you all do, but when not in a hurry its the old for me. Looks just like this: (and the sound send and receive is very good too, just like the originals, limited freq response but flat curve).
  9. LOL, I still have to get a Windows 10 system, my old rig is Win 7 and I doubt it will upgrade to win 10.
  10. I bought it last year, it was good. I like the old 727 better because of the cool vintage gauges and autopilot: the old stuff is way cool to me. The L-1011 is old too, but Lockheed's jet used more modern looking gauges back in it's day.
  11. PAY no attention to the big Captain Sim sale ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivRKfwmgrHY Actually, I'm joking, totally worth it! for last minute buyers trying to see what you bought there in the past/ or download the files again... You need to know your captainsim website email address and captain sim password, then logon to captainsim website, go to your account/orders. There you will need to know your past order numbers... if you don't know the order numbers, .. ... then just click the boxes and Captain sim will email all your past order numbers associated with that email account to your email. (once it took 5 seconds for the email to arrive, another time it took 15 minutes to arrive) Then open the email and you can see what you bought and see what the order numbers were. Now from your CS website account/orders you can see when you bought what and what sim it was for, and you can download it again (even if you bought it years ago).
  12. Gonna wait until someone does a hardware test benchmark tool vs. fs2020 fps thread, and I see how cheap a machine I can away with. Won't somebody build one using fs2020 and thereby do most of the shopping work for me? I'm lazy😁
  13. Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich... gone! gotta pay the Game Pass....
  14. She was not just randomly pulling levers and switches to be able start those turboprops.
  15. The teenager lost, but not without putting up a fight. I don't mess with property that doesn't belong to me. Not that I would have started the engines if I tried.... https://twitter.com/troycpope/status/1207419231068925953 https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/18/us/teenager-steals-plane-trnd/index.html
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