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  1. Yes, it is very annoying. I wish we had a utility program payware to handle the views, like we did in FSX!
  2. The mushrooms image was from the movie Caddyshack!
  3. Maybe also electric robots to run quicker security checks for passenger boarding. In order to streamline the ridiculously slow process we have now compared to the bygone era when most passengers looked forward to a flight.
  4. I was reading Project Mars: A Technical Tale by Dr. Werhner von Braun. He starts out his novel written in 1953 by charting the parameters necessary for a successful Mars landing and colonization. Something for which he was well qualified to tabulate. His novel proceeds to the future. "The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled Elon. Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet." So now, less suspense when watching live coverage of the race to Mars. 🤓 tinyurl.com/3hhfzmzu
  5. The patch notes does not mention helicopters or desert camels either. 😞
  6. Yes that is possible but it is way more expensive to upgrade to Deluxe or Premium after already owning the Regular. I can't see the price in Marketplace because they don't show prices for what you already have purchased.
  7. I know I'm off topic, but on another hobby forum I monitor, some guys are finding that prices they are offered online for their used cars is more than what they paid for it new! Although 80% for one 5 years old is more typical (but still a way up percentage compared to last year). Seems there are serious issues holding inventories of new cars down. Worth checking what you are offered online now for your seldom driven backups, because I think once the issues are resolved used car prices will tumble back down.
  8. VKB, $215, fast ship, always in stock. Lightyears ahead of say the old Saitek or CH, all metal. They don't have toebrakes which for some is deal breaker. Not for me, I have other controllers for those.
  9. I'm waiting for Elon Musk to publish a flight simulator and challenge the Microsoft empire! 😁
  10. Has anyone here got or ordered one of the new generation Corvettes?
  11. Corsair for Drunkards: pitch_stability=2 roll_stability=2 yaw_stability=4.255 pitch_gyro_stability=2 roll_gyro_stability=2 yaw_gyro_stability=2 / pitch_stability=1 / roll_stability=1 / yaw_stability=4.255 / pitch_gyro_stability=0 / roll_gyro_stability=0 / yaw_gyro_stability=0 The lines starting with / followed by a space, are the original. (The / means that line will be ignored by MSFS). The ones above it are for when you're drunk and fiddle the trim knobs any which a way, and have the flaps at some random unknown position. Then you can still probably make it down the runway without smashing. Numbers in between might be like for half drunk. You can't get to the file to change it if you buy a plane from the Marketplace. Only planes in the community folder or the basic MSFS $59 package planes can have .cfg files opened easily in notepad. C:\Users\YourOwnName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\milviz-corsair\SimObjects\Airplanes\Milviz_FG1D\flight_model.cfg To see the configuration changes effect without having to first close and reopen MSFS: Developers Mode, Tools, Aircraft Editor, File, Resync
  12. Rats, I was going to make an AI livery of my least favorite football team, and then and shoot it down! 😞
  13. Because I fly with a less sensitive stick in all planes until now with this Corsair, I have to go back and set default control sensitivities to take off. And then I choose to go back to my usual profile while cruising or flying around. (Because it takes a lot of control input to keep it level on take off, way way more than any other plane).
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