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  1. Fielder

    Train Sim World: Long Island Railroad

    I've ran a bunch of trainsimulators over the years and all of them I drove with my CH HOTAS setup. Never with the keyboard. Keyboard is too hard to give tiny inputs to the throttle and reverser on steam engines, compared to using a programmable stick. You can make hit each notch with a flightstick button whereas the keyboard will keep cycling the notches on the throttle or reverser way too fast no matter how slow you set the keyboard repeats in Windows Control panel. Everything is so much easier using flight controllers to run trains!! Including looking around with a hat switch instead of scrolling a mouse.
  2. too late to edit. (the picture I showed was for the racing stand which is $250 for stand only. the actual stand is the flight stand which is $300 for stand only). Here's the flight stand sales page (stand only). Notice the difference in the picture on the bottom as the flight stand bottom platform is more level as for rudder pedals instead of sloped as for driving pedals.
  3. ATTENTION: DELL BLACK FRIDAY HAS THE SAME PRICE FOR THRUSTMASTER WARTHOG: $349!!! or $424 including a stand to put them on. the picture is for the stand, that's the stand in the package. The control will be the Warthog stick and throttle, not the racing wheel.
  4. Fielder

    Canadian fatal wingwalk stunt.

    He practiced for months, so should have known about how far out on the wing was ok to go. "However, as Jon got further out onto the wing of the plane, it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral..."
  5. Fielder

    Be nice to your spouse!

    Avoid making that person disgruntled! Scene 1: " Police arrested Duane Youd about 7:30 p.m. Sunday following a domestic dispute in American Fork Canyon. Scene 2: " Duane Youd was released from the Utah County Jail on bail, then followed procedure in requesting a police escort to retrieve belongings at the home at 584 E. Canyon Road about midnight. " Scene 3: "A short time later, Duane Youd flew a Cessna 525 citation jet belonging to a company he had worked for from the Spanish Fork airport and crashed it into his home about 2:30 a.m."
  6. So lets say someone has been using a very modest monitor with 1920x1080 pixel resolution. And so now you buy one of these... Samsung 49" Class QLED gaming monitor 3840 X 1080 It's sort of like two 24" monitors side by side, only no partition down the middle and it's curved. It seems to me that's not a lot of pixels, not real dense, sort of a coarse picture. But in my experience big is better nevertheless. And is Spades! Framerates in FSX would be about exactly cut in half?
  7. ..oops, harrrrr, I mean pilot! But we WILL be landing. And soon I hope, he he! How kind of you all to come... Sorry, a little coughy throat hak kaf...
  8. $203.45.
  9. Fielder

    Budget controls stand $30.

    I clamp the driving wheel to the top of stand. But for the Thrustmaster HOTAS I just use strong Industrial Strength Velcro on the bottom of the controllers (stick, throttle).
  10. Second half of video shows the RIDGID Flip Top Portable Work Support used here as a racing wheel controller stand. Based on the video I bought one (for a wheel in the living room in front of PS4 console). It works well. Also I'm using for a cheap Thrustmaster HOTAS, namely the Tflight in the living room for a laptop running FSX. I have better permanently mounted controllers and stands in the PC desktop room but use this for casual living room game playing. The Rigid stand is only $30. Weighs 8.6 pounds is 7.5 x21 inches on the top shelf. It folds for storage and the top shelf locks vertically for storage. There are 2 hooks on the side of the stand from which you can hang weights (e.g. barbell weights) to make it more stable, that's what the hooks were designed for. Or the four feet have slightly tapered rubber feet, tops of the rubber feet will fit part way into 1" holes in barbell weights. Or the whole rubber feet into a 2" hole barbell weight. Or just remove the rubber feet caps and the metal legs will fit all the way down 1" holes. However, the stand is reasonably stable without using any weight at all and most people would not use weights. Not the best but cheap and it stores away easily. Home Depot number Model # AC9934 Internet #100618242 Store SKU #379422 ============= Budget pedal modification (for car racing brakes and flying pedal footbrakes). LOWES HARDWARE CHAINSTORE ONLINE: (right now MemoricalDay Holliday Lowes is shipping free all orders. no matter how small). Item # 310995 Model # 4118395L Waxman Heavy Duty Gripper Anti-Skid 4-Pack 1-1/2-in Brown Plastic Pads $3.78 for four. Amazon 3/4 inch brown pyramid squares furniture protectors (you want the 3/4"-19mm not the 1/2"-12mm size). $3.50 for 12. Shepherd Hardware 9564 3/4-Inch SurfaceGard Brown Adhesive Bumper Pads, 12-Pack Also True Value Hardware sells the same type of squares #52728.
  11. I have used FSX from 2010 and it always froze on 68 to 69% from the very first time and every other time. All I had to do was wait. By changing to an SSD hardrive the wait was about 6 times shorter. And booting up the computer was about 15 times faster. A small SSD (say 256 GB) is under $60 and will be a better upgrade than any other component, in my opinion. A 500 GB (for Windows folder, FSX folders) about $110 which is what you need for booting the system and for FSX. All the other programs on the computer can be left on the old hardrive. A hybrid drive is even much cheaper, and is faster than a regular HDD but slower than an SSD.
  12. Fielder

    Orbx May Sale - 47% Off Map of all the Orbx airport add-ons (payware and freeware). Please be good to your pocketbook.... or not ! Map of the regional scenery areas (with the airports inside them).
  13. Fielder

    Orbx May Sale - 47% Off

    Yaaay! hehehehehe hah hah hah uhhhh hmmmmmmm, uh uh uh, boo hooo hooo hooo, my poor pocketbook :(
  14. a list of PC Aviator sales, before the 10%, so double discount. There is no code necessary for the 10%, it's automatic in the cart. 30% OFF ALL MEGASCENERYEARTH V3 (51 Products) 50% OFF ALL FSCENE (4 Products) 33% OFF JUSTFLIGHT TITLES (118 Products) 40% OFF ULTIMATEDEFRAG 5 (1 Products) 30% OFF DRZEWIECKI DESIGN (25 Products) 30% OFF ALL FSXSCENERY AIRPORTS (65 Products) 30% OFF SSELECT LATINVFR TITLES (18 Products) 30% OFF SIMWORKS STUDIOS (1 Products) 40% OFF LIONHEART TITLES (24 Products) 40% OFF PERFECTFLIGHT TITLES (75 Products) AEROSOFT - X-PLANE AIRPORT SALE (9 Products) 45% OFF ROLLING CUMULUS SOFTWARE (45 Products) JUSTFLIGHT PRICE DROPS (12 Products) 50% OFF VIRTAVIA TITLES (67 Products) 25% OFF ALL CERASIM TITLES (5 Products) 50% OFF ALL ABACUS DOWNLOAD TITLES (40 Products) SALE ON SELECT ANTS AIRPLANES (2 Products) 25% OFF GLOWING HEAT (4 Products) $15 RAZBAM TITLES (16 Products) 30% OFF ALL FEELTHERE TITLES (38 Products) 50% OFF DAVE CHAPMAN SOFTWARE (2 Products) 50% OFF CANADASIM TITLES (1 Products) WILCO PUBLISHING SALE (1 Products) 50% OFF NXGN SIMULATIONS TITLES (6 Products) 40% OFF ALL DBS STUDIOS TITLES (10 Products) 50% OFF SELECT MEX HIGH FLIGHT (6 Products) 10% OFF SAMSCENE (8 Products) 50% OFF ALL FSGENESIS TITLES (8 Products) 40% OFF ALL AVIATION TUTORIALS (8 Products) 30% OFF ALL REALWORLD SCENERY (12 Products) 50% OFF ALL AREA 51 SIMULATIONS (2 Products) 50% OFF WEFLY WORKS TEAM PRODUCTS (4 Products) 50% OFF FRAT BROS DESIGN (2 Products) SAVE UP TO 50% OFF NYERGES DESIGN TITLES (24 Products) 20% OFF ALL SIM720 TITLES (8 Products) 50% OFF AEROG PRODUCTS (1 Products)
  15. As an old school GA fan, this Piper Pacer 180 Super Pack has a bazillian iterations: old gauges and panels, modern, floats, tundra, wheel dragger, tricycle. 'Dissapearing' gauges on the vintage panels (you can bring up modern radios and gauges with a keystroke). Regular Price:$24.95 Price:$14.97 and then take 10% more off. =============== or the even bigger package (four $24.95 packages) for $27.57. And then take the 10% more off. (this is a 1 gigabyte total download, broadband suggested).