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  1. I've never understood the need to make fun of obvious typo's.
  2. I'm reliable informed by my Trek expert that... the Romulans did indeed get cloaking tech, officially, from Romulans. They briefly had an alliance before they became enemies. Warp Drive was indeed taken from another species though. Klingons were invaded by a warp capable species called the Hur'q. Klingons over through them and reverse engineered their warp drive tech. The Ferengi on the other hand bought their warp drive tech from another species... typical.
  3. You can turn off Asus performance enhancements and stick to Intel power limits in the BIOS. It also asks you which you prefer when you first fire up the board. I see no auto overclocking at all on my board. I've just discovered something (hopefully). In addition to crashes and lock up's, I was also noticing my Corsair keyboard assignments going bonkers in game. My daughter had installed Citrix on my system for working at home. Uninstalled Citrix and now my keyboard behaves itself. According to Google, many have had issues with Citrix causing game crashes. I'm wondering if I had an issue with XMP and Citrix or if both issues were down to Citrix. 🤔
  4. 😲 Very interesting... "Utility scale energy storage is a hot topic right now as grid operators look for ways to economically adopt intermittent renewable sources like wind and solar into our global electrical systems. Now a team at MIT has combined and improved several existing technologies into a flexible modular solution that could be as much as 30x cheaper than existing lithium-ion technology." Thermophotovoltaic technology. TPT! Plunging photovoltaic cells into liquid metal at 2400 degrees. Yikes!
  5. So true, all we have is endless activities on the ocean, cave exploring on Sark, Alderney to explore, gorgeous Herm to explore, Navy ships visiting, entire day last Monday devoted to Liberation Day including a cavalcade of numerous WW2 vehicles, plus firework display at the castle, fascinating military museum to visit, a multitude of lovely beeches many empty, surfing, diving, bottle nose dolphins to say hello to, WW2 fortifications to explore, numerous events like hill climbs up the Val de Terres... honestly, we are bored to tears. Did the cliff walk to Fermain Bay the other week, utterly gorgeous view and a nice meal at the end of it... very boring so might need to talk about black holes. Oh no, I took that quip from Chris way too seriously. 👍 or maybe not... Passing the Imperial Hotel below. Yum, yum, lovely meals at the Imperial. Back on topic or cat points will be deducted in the hundreds.
  6. Huh... it was a joke, I was messing about and... taking the oportunity to talk about interesting stuff. Unless you really think you are a space cadet. 🙄 You see, I don't mind others adding a little humour into threads I start, I'm all for it, but let's address it in the spirit intended too... Space Cadet.
  7. Oh dear, that didn't go too well. Back to the drawing board. This is how the US Army dies it... eventually. 🙄
  8. Negative, that's a negative space cadet W2DR! It cant suck in the galaxy. In fact its not as big as some of the black holes in other galaxies. Black hole in galaxy cluster Abell 85 is the size of our solar system and has the mass of 40 billion suns!!! And it still wont suck it all in. Eventually black holes are predicted top evaporate due to Hawking Radiation.
  9. Hmm... so its basically a ground effect aircraft.
  10. Ignore the Niburu nonsense my fellow feline worshipers. Look at where the Earth is and the immense distance to Sag A*
  11. Hmm, I prefer to believe the dastardly Klingons took what they wanted because they are violent and evil and stuff. 😁
  12. I know the said black hole is huge, not just in terms of mass but dimensionally too, 40% of the size of our solar system, but that's one hell of an impressive achievement to generate an image, emphasised nicely by the image above posted by Space Cadet Fielder.
  13. Klingons too I recall. I recall warp drive was the spoils of war. And cloaking device was stolen from the Romulans.
  14. I recall the Klingons were said to have obtained their advanced tech by stealing it from other races.
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