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  1. Well yes, there are certainly forums around that are strictly moderated and less adversarial. What I'm saying is that Avsim appears to be no diferant than it's ever been to me. It's not the best for behaviour and not the worst. I guess I just dont see the decline in behaviour that some are reporting. I actually think the moderators do a good job considering the huge number of members. Is is still the biggest sim forum around? Think it is.
  2. I'm not sure I agree with the original premise to be honest. I was a moderator elsewhere for a number of years. Was many years ago that someone told me that they avoided Avsim because it was too much of a hot bed, too adversarial. In essence, in my opinion, nothing has changed. All forums are a bit of a mine field, opinions differ, disagreements occur, dubious individuals arrive from time to time, intellectual capacity varies. It's what you expect on any forum with so many members. My attitude is that if I dont like with a topic I dont click my mouse on it. If I dont want a debate I walk away, if someone is behaving inappropriately, report them or block them. Always worth remembering that it's not compulsory to get involved.
  3. I'm thinking the internal capsule footage was deliberately terminated during the "risky" phases. Last thing the public needs to see is a disaster from inside the cockpit.
  4. ISS docking sim to try people... https://iss-sim.spacex.com/
  5. Fantastic to actually have high definition images of the crew, in the capsule, and orbit. Now think what an amazing experience it will be when they get back to the moon in a few years. I watched the moon landing on TV with my parents. Bonkers we've had to wait this long for the next trip to the moon.
  6. The following might be helpful. As you can see, stating that there are just as many deaths from flu isn't exactly accurate. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2766121
  7. Covid deaths will be in addition to this seasons flu deaths though. We cant draw any real conclusions untill we look at all cause mortality in 12 months time.
  8. Yep, my son and I spotted it easily too. Second time I've seen it, first time for my son. Actually, looking at my tracker on my phone, my daughter would have had it right over her head in Guernsey. When you consider it's in orbit and how fast it passes over, it gives you appreciation for how fast 17000 mph is.
  9. For those with Android phones (the best phones) ISS Tracker is on the Play Store. Just downloaded a pretty good one.
  10. It's the first HUMAN payload yes. But Dragon has flown many times before. I belive this docking will be manual to test the systems. Future flights will dock automatically.
  11. Tim Peak's timings are different fro ISS. I'm getting confused now.
  12. Sorry. I'm confusing you. I was talking about the ISS being visible. See my link. I'll certainly watch out for Dragon too.
  13. Looks like 30 degrees to 11 degrees, so quite low. Wed May 27, 10:57 PM 4 min 30° 11° above W 19° above SSE
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