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  1. Having seen the trailer... I'll pass on that one.
  2. I walked past my toaster and said good morning and later, said thank you for the toast.
  3. I only quickly viewed the video, but we Brits have definitely not thrown away the word flapjack. I nearly bought one this very morning in my favorite coffee shop.
  4. Nor me. Could go either way. In the mean time I'm being as polite as possible to Alexa. 🤔
  5. He's been on News Nation a few times recently. Yeah, he seems utterly certain.
  6. I recall it was in regard to significant events. Considering the huge number of flights each year, 790 is a rare occurrence, so yes, I think they were referring to severe events.
  7. Clear air turbulence is encountered 790 times per year, from what I've read.
  8. No, it was 6000 feet in 3 minutes, and that was a controlled decent by the pilots to get down to stable air. The media are reporting all manner of nonsense.
  9. You can't predict clear air turbulence though, can you? So couldn't be predicted or avoided.
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