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  1. patrice_bambou

    i7-8700K OC dilemma

    Hi, What I think: 1. Forget HT with P3D, this is totally useless in this context and brings higher temps, so many problems and more stress for the CPU. 2. I delidded myself my CPU (i7 8700k) and it surely helps containing temperature. 3. Going to 5.1, 5.2 Ghz gives a ridiculous performance improvement (2%?) at the cost of more stress, voltage and heat to the CPU, giving finally a reduced timelife for the chip. Patrice.
  2. patrice_bambou

    FSLabs A320 update for P3dv 4.4 available

    I am right: The compatibility 266b update is only a patch for the moment. The full update is still to come and not ready for now.
  3. patrice_bambou

    FSLabs A320 update for P3dv 4.4 available

    This is related only for A320X for FSX/P3DV3,. The update for P3DV4 is not ready yet.
  4. patrice_bambou

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Presently I have 177 folders in My Traffic aircraft folder. Regarding the scenery index of my traffic, it is in rank 122, just below all my ORBX scenery (on a total of 207 areas in the current scenery.cfg file) (it is always at a very low index in any case, but as I have a tool to generate my scenery.cfg file, it may be moving a little depending on the scenery files I include for the current session of simulation) Patrice.
  5. patrice_bambou

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Hi, In order to run My Traffic 6 with P3DV4, you should remove (or copy elsewhere) all the following aircraft files from My Traffic list (in aircraft folder of My Traffic): UH1MX SuperEtendardMX SuperDimonaMX SH3MX MD11MX HarrierMX F14MX DC95MX DC93MX DC91MX DC10MTM DC8-63MX DC8-62MX DC8-61MX DC8-50MX DC6MX CV440MX CRJ2MX BAe1463MX BAe1462MX BAe1461MX B763MX B762MX B742MTM B707MTM AS365MX Oh, forgotten: and also disable the "Mytrafficmil.bgl" file under My Traffic scenery (rename it as "Mytrafficmil.bgl.out" for instance) And normally, all should be fine after that. Patrice.
  6. patrice_bambou

    Error when Chaseplane loads

    If I reinstall ChasePlane, will I loose all my settings, cameras, etc.?
  7. patrice_bambou

    Error when Chaseplane loads

    How do I generate a report file? Edit: I have found how to. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Very frequently, I get an error when Chaseplane loads activated by P3D. The error is this one: When this occurs, I close chaseplane and reopen it manually and the error is gone. So, what is causing this error and how to avoid it? Thanks. Patrice
  9. patrice_bambou

    Flickering in Win10 - 1809

    Did you Delete the shaders folder?
  10. Hi Kevin, On the Oldprop site,reference is made about CP version 1.0. Where to get this one as mine is still in version. Thanks. Patrice.
  11. patrice_bambou

    Chaseplane impact on performance

    Sorry Vinod, I did what you say: I toggle Chaseplane On or Off and this has strictly nothing noticeable on fps, no change. Scenery: ORBX Ireland, IEDW airport, Aerosoft A320 Professional, Active sky and ready to take off, some traffic: with or without ChasePlane, I have 28-31 fps for a max set of 60. Regarding process lasso data, Chaseplane uses almost 0.5 % CPU power. I set Chaseplane affinity on core 0 only, and P3D on cores 1 to 5 (core i7_8700K processor, no HT) Patrice.
  12. patrice_bambou

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    This is a web site, no need for a specific mobile version...
  13. patrice_bambou

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    I agree. If you fly above the sea, nothing to generate regarding the scenery apart the clouds and in these conditions you will get the limited framerate. But this is not the case in general. Flying above a complex terrain with a lot of autogen will surely affect your framerate and you cannot get the limit you defined in the settings.
  14. patrice_bambou

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    Could you develop; please? I have made several tests and read also several topics on this site that demonstrate this clearly.