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  1. patrice_bambou

    Chaseplane impact on performance

    Sorry Vinod, I did what you say: I toggle Chaseplane On or Off and this has strictly nothing noticeable on fps, no change. Scenery: ORBX Ireland, IEDW airport, Aerosoft A320 Professional, Active sky and ready to take off, some traffic: with or without ChasePlane, I have 28-31 fps for a max set of 60. Regarding process lasso data, Chaseplane uses almost 0.5 % CPU power. I set Chaseplane affinity on core 0 only, and P3D on cores 1 to 5 (core i7_8700K processor, no HT) Patrice.
  2. patrice_bambou

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    This is a web site, no need for a specific mobile version...
  3. patrice_bambou

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    I agree. If you fly above the sea, nothing to generate regarding the scenery apart the clouds and in these conditions you will get the limited framerate. But this is not the case in general. Flying above a complex terrain with a lot of autogen will surely affect your framerate and you cannot get the limit you defined in the settings.
  4. patrice_bambou

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    Could you develop; please? I have made several tests and read also several topics on this site that demonstrate this clearly.
  5. patrice_bambou

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    The FFTF (Fiber Frames Time Fraction) enters in action when you limit frame-rates. The standard value is 33% (0.33) (if not defined in p3D.cfg, you may set it to a lower value at the expense of scene and autogen generation) So, with the standard value, limiting to 30 fps (for instance) gives you an effective 20 fps (10 fps are lost due to scene and autogen generation) FFTF is not active when setting unlimited framerates, but the time passing, the scenery becomes blurry and autogen loads in batches or even disappear completely Patrice.
  6. patrice_bambou

    Blacked out & Messy ground textures P3DV4.3

    Bad URL. 404 error Patrice
  7. patrice_bambou

    Good to go with 4.3?

    MT6 works perfectly with P3D V43 Patrice
  8. patrice_bambou

    Promenade next to the clouds

    Very impressive and greats shots. What simulator? And what are your specs regarding clouds? Patrice.
  9. patrice_bambou

    Upgrading from W7 to W10.

    After installing W10, I checked on the MB manufacturer web site, for the latest drivers related to the MB and W10 and installed them (SATA, USB, ME, even the BIOS etc.), but this is not mandatory. For example, If you install a NVME SSD from Samsung, it is better to install the Samsung drivers, as W10 will install some drivers (that run OK), but not the optimal ones.
  10. patrice_bambou

    Upgrading from W7 to W10.

    Hi, I personally made the transition from W7 to W10 in January 2018 and I am very happy. W10 rocks and I made it look like W7 using some customization tools from StarDock. I made a new fresh install and reinstalled all my programs afterwards (Finally it is not so difficult, just to make this carefully and provided you have all your software install files with keys ready to be installed). Doing that, I installed a NVME SSD for the system and it was very simple with W10. So, I suggest making a fresh install instead of an update. You will have all things properly installed with no problems and all programs will also be in a very good state. And if you are not sure, you can make a backup of your existing W7 system (using free Macrium Reflect backup software for instance) Regarding drivers, W10 installation normally makes all things automatically, but if you want the latest drivers, you can make updates after that (specially the display driver) About performance, I did not see any difference with w7. Patrice.
  11. patrice_bambou

    FSL back at it again

    So, FSL put some files inside Windows directory. And what? Is it forbidden? I don't think so. Does my system crash? no. Does P3D crash? no. Do they spy me? no. A storm in a glass of water. I surely will buy the A319 when it comes on the market. FSL rocks. Patrice.
  12. patrice_bambou

    Severe lag spikes, using Process Lasso

    Don't use high priority, it will stuck your system (all system services behavior will be problematic) . Let P3D at normal priority and even low priority, and things will go better, far better. Patrice.
  13. patrice_bambou

    i7-8700 System Stutter Still, Setting needed

    Disable hyper threading. It is useless with this number of cores and you can go higher in overclocking with moderate temps. And also, don't think that more threads means better performance in such a case. Affinity mask may be useful to reserve one core for the system and services.
  14. patrice_bambou

    I chose to fly in a real world.

    Hi Filou, Nice shot, as usual. For your next shots, could you indicate where the shot was taken? Patrice.
  15. patrice_bambou


    Hi Holdit, You say :(Update: Forgot to add a link: ) Does this tool (GLV2000) work on P3D V4? They say P3D, but V4? Yes or No? Patrice.