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  1. I chose to fly in a real world.

    Hi Filou, Nice shot, as usual. For your next shots, could you indicate where the shot was taken? Patrice.
  2. FsAerodata

    Hi Holdit, You say :(Update: Forgot to add a link: ) Does this tool (GLV2000) work on P3D V4? They say P3D, but V4? Yes or No? Patrice.
  3. [ORBX] How to uninstall FTXCentral V3?

    Ok, thanks for your answers. I asked this because today I had a FTXCentral crash on startup and could not make it working preperly. So, I deleted the above folder and recreated it via a reinstallation of FTXCentral and all is returned back to normal. Patrice.
  4. The topic is in the title: FTX Central V3 does not appear in Windows programs, so, how to uninstall it? Thanks. Patrice.
  5. Orbx ObjectFlow 2 is out of beta!

    Where do you check the file version (what is the file name?)? I have installed ORBX on P3DV4 and not on P3DV3. I do not see any update via FTX Central.
  6. How to disable orbx base trees?

    To disable Orbx Trees simply uninstall them from FTX Central.
  7. ORBX Germany South discount on the north

    Yes, North owners should get a discount buying South...
  8. [P3DV3] ChasePlane not connected to simulator

    Problem solved: bad folder for P3DV3 in ChasePlane
  9. Hi, This morning I wanted to make a flight with P3DV3. Being on the runway, no view control works with my joystick (ThrustMaster T-flight Hotas X). It appears that ChasePlane is not connected to the simulator (Red color in ChasePlane). I have the ChasePlane activation in my exe.xml file, as below: <Launch.Addon> <Name>ChasePlane</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\OldProp Solutions Inc\ChasePlane\ChasePlane.exe</Path> <CommandLine>P3Dv3</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> I tried normal or experimental releases of ChasePlane : same behavior: Panning is not working and all my views buttons also. I have no problem with P3D V4 ChasePlane version: 0.3.144 beta exp. If someone can help me on this... Thanks. Patrice.
  10. SLX Maps problems

    Hi Maarten, I made some complementary tests. So, the problem occurs when we exit SLX when a Mapbox map is displayed. When displaying a non Mapbox map (terrain for instance), it does not occur. I tried with the version 2 step ago (SimLauncherX_5.9.6445.2969) and same problem. Regards. Patrice.
  11. SLX Maps problems

    Hi Maarten, A reset solves the problem temporarily. So, I do a reset (Reset.bat) I restart SLX, changes the theme to dark, Restart SLX, Includes Mapbox as map provider with satellite+streets. Restart SLX. At this times all maps styles are accessible. BUT if I close again and restart, the above problem occurs again (no map style, no situation) Doing a Reset again gives the same sequence just as above in this answer. I send the log files to you via PM. Patrice.
  12. SLX Maps problems

    Hi Maarten, I use the latest version of SLX (SimLauncherX_5.9.6452.11) Now, I have 2 problems using the map (See below) In 1, no situation is indicated. In 2, when I click on the left part of the button, no maps styles are presented, contrary to previous versions. I can only change the map style via the General settings of SLX. And furthermore; OpenstreetMap style is not listed in the choices in this case. So, what is going here? Same issued with the previous version (SimLauncherX_5.9.6446.27842) Thanks. Patrice.
  13. Are you happy with P3Dv4?

    Good: No more VAS problems. Bad: Some stuttering on complex scenery with lots of textures to load, Still no Airbus.
  14. Editeur logiciel à éviter

    Alors tu pars en vacances en laissant ta carte bancaire, toi... ????
  15. 3 problems on SLX

    Very strange. But If I remember, FSFX have made changes in these aircrafts files, for effects purposes. Is it the cause of these problems? Patrice.