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  1. I personally have a 850 seasonic PSU and it drives an Intel Core I7-12700KF at 4800 Mhz and a FE RTX 3090. Never had any problem.
  2. Hi, Where do you tune this setting? NCP says that this is not supported by MSFS. Thanks.
  3. One problem I have with this plane: if I start a flight on the runway ready for take off, I cannot adjust the fuel on board coming from simbrief and on the flypad, refuel is indicated as « unavailable ». with th A32NX I do not have this problem. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks.
  4. More stutters for me. Going back to previous driver (511.79). On a FE RTX-3090.
  5. Ok. Thank you. And congratulations for the great work made on this plane. it is better and better day after day.
  6. Does the vertical indicator in the PFD (I mean the vertical path alignment indicator in blue) work/appear with the last experimental version? This worked a long time ago, but I have not seen it on the recent experimental versions. Thanks.
  7. If your fps are too low (typically below 18), the plane behaviour becomes completely erratic.
  8. Hi Ok I see that I can delete KDEN from the lists of premium items. But one question: If I delete KDEN from Asobo airports, can I recover it later by reinstalling it from the same list with no problems? Thanks.
  9. AIG traffic does not appear on the TCAS.
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