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  1. Hi Gerard, Ok, thank you. There are a lot of textures here! Patrice.
  2. Hi Gerard, Where do you fine the "Kiwi’s Sun set"? is it a theme from Envtex? Thanks. Patrice
  3. Hi Christopher, Below 2 screenshots of the Howth Island and also MkStudios EIDW For the island, it is covered partially (Some buildings and trees are missing) For the airport, I is integrated OK with the scenery. Personally I use ORBX Ireland so I cannot say about compatibility with PlayHorizon. I had version 1 of the Prealsoft scenery and Yesterday I bought the version 2 of the scenery and am a bit disappointed. Some parts of the scenery still contain no buildings, as this one (area Edenmore,Kilbarrack) (I thought this was fixed, but no): So, globally, it is a not so bad scenery, but we have no choice as it is the only one on the market. Patrice.
  4. Hi Keven So, I made the migration from OldProp to ORBX //42. CP works OK with no problem. The only concern I have is that CP does not restore some key presses for navigation (mainly key presses allowing several views using the same key press) It is not a big problem, but I have to restore these for every airplane. Thank you for your good products and support. Patrice.
  5. Hi Ed, Why do you write this? Keven is no more following this forum? Patrice.
  6. Hi, Last week I updated CP by migrating to ORBX // 42 site. Being unsatisfied and seeing many problems (Importing all presets, keys navigation ,not functioning), I reinstalled the old CP from OldProp that works well. My question now: Are the issues with ORBX installation solved (Importing OldProp presets, navigation between views, with same key for several views)? Thanks Patrice.
  7. Well, I went back to old version of Chaseplane and it works. I will do the same for other products I own (Immersion packages) So, will keep this until problems are solved. Please fully test huge modifications like this one before asking for people for migration. Patrice.
  8. Hi, After transfer and re installation, my chase plane installation is broken. I use a Microsoft XBbox One Controller to manage my views. What works: Left and right joysticks, Bumper, Trigger, Dpad, Keys on joysticks and Home key What is broken: I use the Y key to navigate in several views and it does not change views now I use keys A and B for previous/next view navigation and it does not work any more. I reassigned these keys and no chance, it does not work either. Thanks for guiding me about what to do now. Patrice.
  9. Hi, As ORBX central makes use of the discovery feature, I ask a small question about discovery folder with add-ons inside: Will P3D activate automatically all add-ons it finds here when discovering them or do we have to answer a question from P3D for each add-on about its activation (this will be annoying in case of many add-ons)? And after that, will the add-ons keep this activation status? By the way, what add-ons.cfg file will be updated (the one under program-data or the one under App Data/Roaming)? Thanks. Patrice.
  10. Yes, Q8Pilot has made a presentation of this program on youtube and this seems a fantastic tool.
  11. Ok, found it at the very bottom of the web page.
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