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  1. Maybe you need to reconnect to your MS account in the games services?
  2. Ok. To see hills under the Eiffel Tower is surely a big installation issue. But my remark is general. It may still remiain spikes that have not be seen until now.
  3. These spikes come from wrong elevation data issued by Bing or the original data provider (measurment fault / transcription of the original data) MS and ASOBO have cured the majority of these spikes, but as the world is very large, some may still remain in areas where few people fly. So, if you see suche anomalies, please make an issue to zendesk support.
  4. They look like real photos! And these skies! Beautiful!
  5. These shots look like real pictures. Absolutely stunning. This sim is incredible.
  6. Yes, the sky colors and the clouds in this sim are outstanding.
  7. Hi, I installed this version of the bus and made a flight from LFRN to EGKK.. It is ok in all parts of the flight. But I has some difficulties to land. The autopilot follows the speeds and altitude constraints very accurateley. On approaching the runway 8R in EGKK, I disconnected the AP and wanted to land manually. But the plane keeps flying above the runway during a long time before touchdown. And then I had a huge deviation to the left and could restore the situation, but it was not so easy. So for landing I have a problem and will try to make another test again (perhaps did I not do the flare correctly) Patrice.
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