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  1. Very well said RioPilot, could not have said it better! Well said indeed.
  2. Personally, I'm a TracklR user and have been for years and will continue to use it. With that said, for those who use VR and like it, that's great. I've watched many videos of others using VR in flight simulation and right now it's just not for me..... but hey, never say never, right? Happy flying.
  3. Thanks for all reply's and opinions fliers. Very good ideas indeed! Happy flying.
  4. Hello fliers, I have read that it's best to buy the sim from a downloadable source, someone like Steam rather than buy the set of discs from an order house? Some people have problems with the discs loading correctly and other issues as well. What is your advice? Thanks.
  5. Great comments, great photos Jeff Great Photos Jeff!
  6. I have this plane on other Sims and it is a lot of fun to fly.
  7. I have purchased several AC from Milviz and have been very satisfied. The 310 looks like another good GA aircraft.
  8. Thanks for the information penguin and Ed it is nice to see another simmer going to x plane.
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