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  1. hychewright

    First Milviz plane for X-plane

    I have purchased several AC from Milviz and have been very satisfied. The 310 looks like another good GA aircraft.
  2. hychewright

    Downloading x Plane 11

    Thanks for the information penguin and Ed it is nice to see another simmer going to x plane.
  3. Hello fliers, I have decided to buy and download xp 11. Instructions say it is best to download to the desktop. I have a dedicated drive I won't to install the sim on so would it be safe to direct the download to that drive? Anyone had any trouble downloading sim to a dedicated drive? thanks
  4. hychewright

    1950 Ryan Navion

    Very nice GA aircraft Nils, thanks so much. Nice addition to the hanger
  5. hychewright

    settings menu

    WOW, did not know this trick for older eyes like mine also. Thanks!
  6. hychewright

    Ultra Weather XP

    Hi Michelh, have you heard anything that they may be doing for XP 11?
  7. Has anyone tried this new updated weather software? If so, what is your take on it?
  8. WOW!! Stunning. Scenery is so realistic, thanks for sharing.
  9. hychewright

    X Europe in one word...

    Very nice indeed. Would like to see other countries in Europe. Thanks for sharing.
  10. hychewright

    DCS is amazing!

    Beautiful Shots!!
  11. hychewright

    Just got to love this sim.....

    Fantastic video David. Thanks for sharing.
  12. +1 Same here, I'm looking at XP 11.
  13. hychewright

    X-Plane 11 b14 is out

    Beautiful screen shot!
  14. Hi Gregg, A2A has some nice GA aircraft. Great company, very realistic aircraft IMHO.
  15. hychewright

    1070 Impressions

    Probably better than a single 980ti ?