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  1. Hmm, okay. I have set it to AI traffic. I hope that will make a difference!
  2. The constant freeze ups since the last update! I went for 2+ years before them without it happening and all of a sudden I can't go anywhere without the program locking up solid.
  3. I'm not so much concerned with performance as with the program locking up at the end of a flight. Yesterday, for the first time, the program locked up while I was in the cockpit. I had just applied throttle when I suddenly couldn't do anything else. Using a default aircraft with default scenery.
  4. Oh, missed this fly-in. I'm located in the Ottawa area and would've enjoyed participating. Oh well...
  5. I believe the answer would be something along the lines of: "wah, Wah, WAH!" It's a computer program which simulates the entire world, there are going to be a few little issues.
  6. I'm finding it to be a pain as well. I never had any problems with the sim until the most recent update, now it crashes all the time. The difference is for me I don't get CTDs but the program locks up solid. Just happened as I was flying from Burbank to San Francisco. using all default scenery in a default aircraft.
  7. As someone already said, tree is the correct pronunciation for the letter three. The letters thr can come across as garbled in a radio (where it's hard to understand what people are saying to begin with) where tr will be a lot clearer.
  8. Until recently, I couldn't get any audio from the ATC, so I never bothered with it. Then all of a sudden stating a few days ago, I can hear them. So I have begun to use the ATC here and there. It's really awful, much worse than what was available in FSX or FS-2004. It sounds so robotic! That would be less of a deal if it was accurate, but holy smokes! Just now I tried making a flight out of Meigs Field. I was cleared for takeoff, and then got screamed at for when I took off that I didn't have clearance. I'm assuming everyone has the same issues with the ATC?
  9. Just now I was flying from KDCA to KLGA and part way through, it locked up solid. All default scenery and aircraft and everything, I only have a few things in my community folder.
  10. I would, but I have tried several times to get access to their site with no success.
  11. It only seems to have started since the last update a few days ago, but I'm constantly freezing when trying to end a flight. Is anyone else having the same issue? My only choice is to use the Task Manager to kill flightsim. All the options seem to have reset as well, though I am now able to hear ATC for the first time since the program was released.
  12. The devs have done a great job so far, I would love to see more of a "living world" in the next version. For example, in some places (Gibraltar, if I'm not mistaken) you can walk right into the terminal, and it's totally empty.
  13. I put mine on to download, then forgot it was there. It was done by the time I remembered about it several hours later. I suggest others do the same, stop watching.
  14. My download speed was pretty good, then started dropping steadily until finally getting to 0.00 Mb per second. Then after a while it started again, and is now going up and down using pretty low numbers. I may be here a while...
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