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  1. Almost none of the issues I've had since the "update" are on the list to be addressed.
  2. I just fixed everything, and today it's all gone Again!
  3. I don't appear to have this, so I don't know what happened. I went and thought I'd set everything to reasonable values, only to find I'd missed the crash detection. It's always something!
  4. Went to make a flight tonight, all my settings have reverted even though it doesn't show any different in the options screen. I was getting the odd cockpit interaction, so had to turn legacy off and back on. Then as I tried to take off, I got a thing saying my objective was to apply full throttle. Halfway down the runway, the aircraft decided to turn on the emergency brake and drag me to a halt. What's going on?! EDIT - trying to advance the throttle, it resets to idle. Went and tried to drag the throttle levers, they instantly reset to idle. Also, my place/airport indicators are back on.
  5. I'm getting this Canada. Went ahead and made a flight, which i was still able to do, and that message stayed the whole time. Even after I closed it, it would come back. After a while I just gave up and let it sit there.
  6. Yes, when someone created a carrier at one point, I asked if they could place one there. That carrier goes a lot further back than FSX, at least to FS5.
  7. I miss how it used to be nice and easy to change aircraft and location without having to end the flight (or use dev mode.) I seldom used the replay, so to me that's not a big deal. Oh, the ability to set failures mid-flight was nice, and especially the expanded failure options that came with P3D (yes, I know it wasn't a MS product so we can't really compare. FSPax had even more options.) There were so many quality pay and free aircraft.
  8. I've never seen this, you can easily move the camera around. I must be misunderstanding.
  9. My first was FS 5.1, and despite the graphics, I probably had more fun in the old versions.
  10. I'm not in front of in right now, but there is a way to specify your altitude when creating the plan.
  11. Flying into the LA area today, had my first CTD in a while. Using default aircraft and scenery and everything.
  12. Ah ok, it was all default stuff, no mods. Coming into NYC it was in the 787, and I think the same in St Louis, though not quite sure.
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