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  1. Well, just had another one, making a short hop form CYSH to CYOW. First time having a CTD in my area.
  2. Yup, my log shows one flight since the beginning of August, even though I do a couple each day. I never use Dev Mode.
  3. I'm just running vanilla MSFS and it keeps crashing. At first they had all been using the King Air, so I thought maybe that was the problem. But this afternoon I had a CTD using the Jenny, and just not had one in the 152. I'm flying in the NYC area, but it's never been an issue before.
  4. Is it just me, or are other people experiencing a lot of CTDs lately?
  5. Just watched the trailer video for X-Plane 12 and it sure seems to have a lot of good stuff. Asobo will have to stay on their toes.
  6. Yes, it's a hardware issue. I have been using the keyboard as my controller for a long time, and may just stick with it.
  7. It's pretty odd, I still have this issue, I have to fly with my yoke turned a good way to the left.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'll have to take a look. My problem is nothing seems to be happening when I try to engage the NAV hold mode.
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for learning the A310? I'm trying to learn the autopilot (specifically how to make it follow a pre-set course/flight plan.)
  10. Yes, in reality that was one thing, but not in the sim. I've only done day flying behind the controls of real aircraft, so I don't know exactly how everything works.
  11. The 152 used to have this red colour in the interior when the lights were turned on, it was very odd. It has been replaced with a more normal light colour. I'll have to look at the other aircraft to see if they have had anything done to them. They have (in my area at least) partially gone back to the way in used to be, using textures to light up the windows. It looks much better than just the little splashes of light that were there before.
  12. I'm now able to start the download, so try again.
  13. I keep getting this message and as such can't do the update. Does this mean it's too bust to respond?
  14. I'm in Canada, and have always been impressed with the photogrammetry for my home city of Ottawa (I cab go right to my house.) It isn't on the list at the top of this post. Does that mean nothing has changed, or has it been taken out?
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