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  1. I had never flown IFR in MSFS (did it lots in FSX) so I thought I'd try a short flight, from LaGuardia to Kennedy, about 10 miles. ATC had me bouncing around like crazy, including having me climb all the way up to 18,000 feet! At times the instructions to change altitudes were coming so fast (up, down, up down, up, up, down down down down, whatever) that I couldn't begin to react to one before the next came in! Very different than trying to fly IFR in FSX where they gave you instructions what to do, I was largely left hanging.
  2. I'm still trying to learn how to fly the MSFS airliners (I have yet to make even one successful flight+landing, though I came close yesterday) and I have a question re the IAS hold in the 787. How does it work? I have it so the button is lit up, but still had to control it manually. I was in the middle of writing this post where I noticed that, it had come to life by itself. Then it stopped, but the button is still lit up the whole time...I don't get it! UPDATE - How Cow! Somehow I got the plane to descend and hold a level altitude around the final section of the plan, then actually descend again toward the runway (though not exactly as I expected) and as I got close I just shut the AP off and landed for the first time in an airliner.
  3. If you take a screenshot, unlike in FSX where it just generated a file, you will need a program you can use to paste it.
  4. I downloaded the original with no issues, though it took a long time with the slow connection I had at the time. I have since upgraded to a faster connection and today's update (1/2 a Gig) took only a few minutes to come down. I don't think Microsoft is to blame.
  5. Am I correct in understanding the CRJ allows you to set an airspeed but there is no way of turning that function on?
  6. You rotate the needle until the middle section centers, then you turn to that heading. So if it centers when at 90 degrees, then you turn to 90 degrees, and adjust as required to keep the needle centered.
  7. A mod for sim rate? That's a default part of the program...
  8. Obviously, live traffic is supposed to have aircraft everywhere but when I have live traffic turned on I usually don't see much. So which setting do you find gives more, live traffic or AI?
  9. Err...there was an FS-5, which was then followed by FS-5.1 (the first version I had) before FS95.
  10. Oh that's too bad, I still can't get into the forums.
  11. *Sigh* I must be a glutten for punishment. Tried again today to get the 747 to do something. Started ok, then completely lost the altitude and in the middle of the night in a storm, crashed.
  12. I wouldn't say completely useless. Some people have figured it out to some degree, I'm certainly not one of them.
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