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  1. I'm not at home right now, but on my regular PC I have a screenshot from flight of the Icon parked next to a little stream.
  2. We did things like this back in the day with the flightsim.com multiplayers adventure group. Like for example, flying to an area with a known golf course, then loading up a golf game where we all played multiplayer together.
  3. I know over the history of the sim, every second one was bumpy, the others were really good FS5 - good FsW95 - Not so much FS98 - good FS2000 - Not so much (for those who don't remember it, a patch came out so quickly that they must have known on release that there were things they had to fix. Without patching it, the program was almost unusable.) FS-2002 - good FS-2004 - excellent (bucked the trend) FSX - we love it now but at the beginning there were a lot of complaints. As such, 2020 should be pretty enjoyable.
  4. I can't speak for others, but I have zero interest in seeing the product before it's ready. I have no interest in chasing bugs, I just want to be able to use it. I'm still on Win8 on my home machine as well, so that doesn't help.
  5. "I don't like it, so *NO ONE* should have it!"
  6. Perhaps you're correct and I'm not. It does happen from time to time I guess it seems a little odd to me, but time will tell, and we'll hope for the best in the meantime!
  7. Piracy wouldn't be that big a deal if it came on 277,000+ disks and you needed every one to get it to install properly
  8. I recently completed a flight which would be a perfect mission. I flew IFR with complete directions from the controllers from Van Nuys all the way to Burbank
  9. An interesting take. I look at things and I'm surprised at the number of comments saying they think things will be added to the program post-release. Why would devs do that? Unless they create add-on packages which they sell for an additional price, it's fair to say (IMO) that anything we don't see right away won't have much of a chance of showing up before fs2024.
  10. That aggravates you? Taking things a little too seriously?
  11. The fact that all the confirmed aircraft are GA.
  12. If they make it all GA, no matter how pretty, it'll be as big a flop as Flight or FSW.
  13. I hate to say it, but there is a real chance that OrbX et al are going to experience the same thing I did. I used to make freeware sceneries that were hugely popular because they added buildings to the otherwise flat FS world. Then FS2002 came along with autogen and what I was doing was rendered irrelevant.
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