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    Finally abandoned FS2004, but still use it occasionally. I have also reverted to only two screens in anticipation of adopting Virtual reality. I cannot wait for MSFS. Still living in Indonesia but cannot work out why LOL. I Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 15 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to permanently and copntinuously thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past on this incredible forum.

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  1. I have progressed from there. What confuses me is that she says that I can download games etc from here, but I do not have the steam games and what I want to access is already installed on various drives of my computer. Nowhere can I find where I can go to to actually start those sims in the page she is referring to. Mate, I have to go now to attend a medical appointment some 200kms away and wont be back until about 2.00pm my time. You may well have gone to bed by that time depending on where you may be. I shall respond when I return. Thanks again Tony
  2. HiFlyer, I have also seen that one prior to purchase. I re-watched it a couple of days ago and as I have version 28. none of it was really relevant particularly the latter part of the video. (graphics settings etc) Tony
  3. HiFlyer, I have seen that video before I even purchased the Quest, and followed it after I received it. I agree with your other comments too, some of them are really hard to follow. My big problem started with the 5 digit number which took me ages to find and activate. However, I have admittedly taken some missteps along the way but have got to the stage where I am trying to find and follow your third screenshot. I also find that in a lot of these videos they just bring up screens without telling us what they are doing and I struggle to find what they have done to get that screen up. ie most of these guys and girls assume that you know exactly what you are doing as they progress. Before I go any further, please let me acknowledge both your incredible help with this and your patience. I am incredibly graeeful. Tony
  4. Hello, Fortunately for all of us silly enough to forgo hard earned sleep for 19-20 hours, there is available to all of us, an aerial fuel tanker during any stage of your flight. This is available even if you do not have a fuel probe built in to your aircraft. It is in your pull down menu. I would advise taking only small sips though as it tends to upset the balance of your aircraft I believe. Also, regarding your stepped heights, I have been told that this is due to waiting for fuel burn off in order to achieve some semblance of climb performance up to the higher altitudes. Further, I think this is fairly common practice especially on long haul routes. Tony
  5. I beg to differ mate. I can not find it anywhere. I am getting the impression that I am the worlds dimmest VR enthusiast. This has been the most frustrating experience for me. I know the end result, if I ever get there, is going to be awesome, but that does not take away the present frustration, Regards Tony
  6. HiFlyer, Mate, I have it set up and working as far as I know but in your first screenshot in lieu of the green (active) i have a red X but active showing. I am at least able to go to your next screen and allow. All good so far but I cannot find your last screen. Regards Tony
  7. HiFlyer, Thanks again for your reply mate. Yes mate, I most certainly have. I have however made some progress and have managed to pair the headset successfully. My problem now is that when I get into the virtual desktop it only points to the steam library, which I do not have. I own no steam products. I have looked at some of the incredible promo videos in absolute awe but I cannot link to XPlane P3D or MSFS. I did manage to start XPlane from my desktop but it was only looking at XPlane through the headset and was not in VR. How can I access these programmes without going through the steam library. Regards Tony
  8. I have scored an Android phone temporarily. I have downloaded the occulus app. The phone looks for a headset ... finds it and then tells me to look into the headset for a 5 digit number. All I see is the now very familiar 100% I am connected to the computer by cable link. but there is no numbers there. I tried to disconnect the cable link but the same thing happens. Any further ideas on that. Tony
  9. I do have it installed on the computer. No problems there. How does the android phone interface with the headset? Tony
  10. No mate, I do not have an android or apple phone I have a Nokia windows 10 phone. Tony
  11. HiFlyer, Thanks for your response. You have just described stuff that I have not yet been able to reach. After receipt of the Quest, I set it up to charge after which I ran the Occulus set up programme. I do have a AUD40.00 cable link which is currently connected and has been, since I fully charged the Head unit. As I said, all I am getting is the 100% and three green dots. I have purchased Virtual Desktop but not yet downloaded it because I cannot find a download link. I have downloaded and installed the streamer app but when I run that all I get (on the PC) is a list of stuff I can download and none of that content is what I am interested in. I have downloaded and installed sideQuest and again, running that just points to stuff I am not really interested in. I figure (after three days) that I am not going to get anywhere further until I can download the Virtual desktop and then be able to access it with my Quest 2. But that is the sum total of my three day venture into my long awaited VR experience. What I need is a step by step guide to get this set up. Tony
  12. Hello all, I received my quest 2 three days ago. After watching about 30 "how to" videos, I have reached the stage where I get "100%" for about 2 seconds then I get a black screen. Three days of complete and utter confusion and frustration. I have worked out that I needed to purchase Virtual Desktop @ AUD31.00. I purchased that but can find absolutely nowhere where I can download it. I then downloaded and installed the streamer app. I cannot see why I need this as I only want to use Occulus Quest 2 in flight sim. I have no idea of how to proceed from here and I am being increasingly frustrated by every video which tells me that this process is so simple. I need HELP in a big way here. After receipt of my Quest I put it on charge. I am guessing that is where the "100%" is coming from. Is it possible that someone can give me a step by step list of what I have to do and please assume that I am not in possession of the nerdiest brain. After saving funds for approximately 2 years and then get stuck as I am with no results is extremely frustrating, as you may well imagine. I just want to fly. Regards Tony
  13. Looking at all the responses here and in other topics regarding bugs, issues and problems, it would be easy to surmise that we are talking about 30 different flight sim platforms. There are so many differing problems affecting so many different consumers in so many different ways, that the only consistent thing about MSFS is its inconsistency. Like most people here, when it works, I am enjoying it immensely, when it doesn't, I hate it with a passion. I do believe that in the long term we will have something even more special, but that inconsistency must be driving other people into unwanted passions and that includes MS and Asobo. Tony
  14. scotchegg, I turned on FS2020 today and got both a CTD (first time) and a 30 sec "pause" I do not know what is wrong with this sim but the above combined with intermittent performance issues is driving me nuts. The only excitement in my life lately is turning on MSFS2020 to find out what is programmed to go wrong for that day.. Thank someone above for P3D and XPlane. I think I would be wearing a straight jacket if it were'nt for them. I really feel for the people who have allegedly uninstalled both platforms in favour of MSFS. They must have very little hair left. Tony
  15. Hiflyer, I have just got home from picking up my Quest2 with link cable. I bought that chiefly because of hand tracking and then was advised via this forum that no sim platform supports hand tracking. In your opinion, is it likely to have this support in the near future or is it something to dream about for the next five years? Tony
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