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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. Hello Jim et al Thanks so much for your responses and here is an update. I did eventually get a response from SimMarket and all has been resolved. BDO Aviation has also chipped in to help so a BIG "Thank you" to them too. I eventually solved this by logging out (many times) then attempting a log in with a wrong password ... forgot password... Sim Market sent a new log in password reset. I then reset my password ... went to support ... resubmitted the ticket which was accepted. Approximately 1 hour later I had a ticket update email with all activations reset. I have now reloaded and installed my sceneries and all is well. Thanks again to you all for your support and advice thorough what was, a fairly frustrating time for me. I appreciated it all Cheers Tony Chilcott
  2. Jim, I think you may be on the right track there. I have already contacted them but as yet no reply. However ths is Indonesia and the pace is very slow here. The only thing that happens rapidly is the slowing up process LOL. I think I shall have to follow this up very shortly. Thanks for your advice Cheers Tony
  3. Hello all, Thanks for your suggestions. I already have a Delta UPS 1500w It, frankly, has not helped much. but undoubtedly has saved me some dollars. My problem however, remains, in that I need to be able to submit a ticket to SimMarket so that I can re install my BDO scenery. Unfortunately I cannot get in touch with them and it appears that BDOAviation itself is unresponsive as well. Thanks for your comments though guys. Cheers Tony Chilcott
  4. Hello all, I may well be in the wrong forum here, so Moderators please feel free to move it if necessary. I have an unusual (I think) problem with the Sim Market site and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have run out of activations for my BDO Aviation sceneries (all) This is due mainly to my constant need for re-installs due to an incredible number and consistency of power failures corrupting my system. I have been trying for at least a week now to raise a ticket to reset my activations but each and every time, I do so I cannot find the ticket. The only response I get is a re-direction to my ticket history (all closed) which does not include my current issue. I am also getting no response whatsoever from SimMarket, which is not surprising if the ticket is not being registered. In utter desperation I tried the Contact Us method which took me straight back to the ticket page. There is also a mention here of the fact that this is NOT a product support page. OK, that is fair enough, but I believe that activation is a Sales area. However, as a result I went to the product support (BDOAviation) but they have not yet replied and it has been a week since I sent that request. I am at a loss concerning what I can do next. I really would like to be able to install a product which has been fairly paid for and is now unusable. ANY help here would be appreciated
  5. Smoke Diddy, You misunderstand what I meant to say LOL I only have FSW and FSX-SE installed on my flight sim computer(see my new avatar) My reference to the laptop was in reference to accessing steam site for help. It automatically assumes that I have changed my computer and thus generates the new codes to verify me and my equipment. In actual fact my laptop is older and less wiser than my flight sim computer, the only advantage is that it is touch screen. Not used in any way for Flying. I do understand where you are coming from though and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thanks for your input Regards Tony
  6. Thanks Sascha, I will pursue that with gratitude. It may well be time to talk to some Mods to see if the sysem can be improved. Cheers mate Tony
  7. Vortex 681, May i start this post with a "congratulations" for your very imminent 1000 posts. Been around fer a while eh? Well done anyway. I have onsidered the above on many occasions. However, and this may sound a little strange, I am an aged pensioner and the regularity with which we have power fails here, (generally two per day and I had one day where we had 7 in a 12 hour period and another where we had 17 power fails in four days) it actually gives me an opportunity to keep my mind active and also gives me something to do. Another aspect is that I have rarely (as is the same with most simmers LOL) achieved perfection in any sim. When I do, its time for another upgrade or I make my annual trip to OZ and it has all gone pear shaped while I am away. In essence, it is not really a bother to me. I do concede however, that this is extremely sound advice for everyone, and I should probably actually get round to doing it. In the meantime, I continue with my strugges whilst actually learning a lot, but all in all, I am a happy little vegemite. Thanks for your advice mate ... appreciated. Cheers Tony
  8. Sascha, Thanks you so much for that advice and as you may note, I now have a photo of my cockpit Not the worlds greatest and probably not the worlds most functional but It works in FS2004 at 50FPS. However, as fast as that is in FS2004, in real life it took a fair while to grasp and manage to put that photo there. With that same alacrity, dexterity and reckless abandon, I am struggling still with the signature photos. When i click on insert other media, I get the usual two choices. Because the photo I want is in my computer I can not see the point in selecting the lower option "Insert image from URL" and I do not know how to do that anyway. The other option "Insert existing attachment" simply takes me to a page which tells me that I have no attachments. Is it possible to copy/paste the photos into this area and where is it??? I apologise for this repeated request but I really am struggling. Thanks again for your help so far. Regards Tony
  9. Ray, I have never made a secret of this fact. I have spent years (Close to 10) trying to achieve the workable/flyable configuration that FS9 provides me. I have spent literally thousands of dollars upgrading hardware to duplicate what I have in FS9 Never have I whinged or complained about this and have merely asked hundreds of questions on lots and lots of forums, chasing the dream.You are quite right when you mentioned the sims above. You did however, leave out FSX-SE, Aeroflyfs2 and DCS I have them all and I am still (STILL) chasing the dream. The only slightly derogatory post I made was an observation that it was probably going to take a couple of Kray super computers to run these programmes well. I have even mentioned that I am bidding for the current American Defence departments' computer system to run my Flight sim with 6 monitors. I currently have a post going exploring VR, trackir etc as options for 6 monitors. I don't really know, and I give you the benefit of the doubt, whether the heads up was actually a subtle warning that I was trolling or simply to the fact that I may just be a crackpot. Neither is the case. My biggest problem is the lack of people with 6 monitor experience who can help me and those who are operating this many monitors who do not come forward with help.I mean no disrespect to anybody with this statement, nor in fact with this post, which incidently has absolutely nothing to do with multi monitor problems. . As a further update, I have had a further catestrophic power fail here and have had to reinstall Windows 10 again. This is a process which obviously will involve re installing my FS9, FSW, XPlane and P3dv4. This is probab;y at my internet speeds going to take a week or so and I will chase up this and all my other posts as and when I can. Who knows the reinstall may well sort out my FSW problems too. Cheers to all Tony Chilcott
  10. Vortex, Hello mate and thanks for your reply. In a word, no. To be honest I have not had a great track record with DTG or Steam. I spent two months trying to get past the fly now button and never ever succeeded. It did exactly what I am experiencing now at least twice. Also,because I have two computers ...One is my desktop computer,dedicated only to flight sim and a laptop. This is the ultimate challenge to Steam and confuses the hell out of it if you swap back and forth. and there was an constant stream of codes sent to me to verify that it was me and it was, indeed my computer. So I eventually abandoned FSX-SE without a flight and have not even tried to access it in the last twelve months. I most definately have not moved FSW. It is in fact installed on a FSW dedicated 250gb SSD and it is the only software on that SSD. As previously stated, I am still trying to resolve the repeat function on my hat switch and on engine reversers. I can allocate the buttons but just cannot activate the repeat function. I have managed to "fly" though for about two hours. Apart from not being able to recognize the environs of my home airport (YBBN) I was reasonably impressed. Now I click on the FSW desktop icon and all I get is the need to install the product. This to me is extremely frustrating and I have come cose to putting a brick through my computer screen LOL It has, however made me wonder why I bothered to attempt to repeat the FSX-SE experience. Something has got be wrong somewhere. I just do not know where to start looking. Regards Tony
  11. Sascha, I have actually found a programme and after many attempts I have managed to reduced the jpegs to 225 x 125 These seem to be ok. It is the process of applying these to my signature and profile photo that I am having the problems with. I really don't know where to go to from here,and understandably am tired of going round and round, achieving nothing. The resizing of the photos is no longer a problem though. The resized JPEGS i have in a folder on the desktop but I cannot get them into either my profile photo or into my signature. The one really sad thing is that this is all driven by an oversized ego and is really about showing off my cockpit and the new repaint.The repaint, especially is something that I am inordinately proud of because it is my own creation (albeit actually done by someone else) and probably of no interest to anybody else, but I would really like to show it off. If you, or anybody else could just guide me (step by step) through the process of getting these photos into the system I would be incredibly happy. Thank you for your interest and help Regards Tony
  12. oemlegoem I am a little mystified by this post. Obviously, you are new to the game and if you are not trolling I think you need to think about what aircraft you are flying. For instance jets I find, require a TO/GA switch and I find an autopilot cutout is very handy I also have my Saitek yoke set up for the fs2crew copilot and outside comms. Not really necessary for GA and/or light aircraft. I believe that, if you have the skills and equipment for this task, you may well be looking at jets in the future. However, as long as all your buttons and switches are programmable, all of the above is irrelevant. all you need is the required amount of switches and, if possible, maybe two hat switches would be handy. I would personally give it a great deal of thought because I believe it would probably be impractical to upgrade if you wanted to add more switches. This however, is beyond my area of expertise. This then leads to my mystification and befuddlement. My first thought was "is this a yoke ..... err Joke?" I mean no disrespect LOL Regards Tony
  13. To all This is/has been an incredibly frustrating experience. As stated I want to change the blank white face profile and insert two photos into my signature. When I click on my name, I get into the signature page and am/was able to edit the text. Great. I now want to add two photos (allowable) so I click on "insert other media" which is the only way I can see to do this. I get two options. As the photos I want to add are actually on my desktop I thought "insert existing attachment" was the way to go. I click on that and it tells me that I have no existing attachment. The other is demanding a URL which is totally irrelevant. I am losing the plot here and just going round and round achieving three fifths of five eights of sweet F.A. This has to be an incredibly simple process that I am complicating the word not allowed out of. Can somebody please give an old man a step by step guide to this. Profile photo. Again, I click on my name, Profile (edit profile is text only as far as I can see so is not relevant) so I click on cover photo .. and follow that process. I am able to import the photo I want and I am given the option to position it. I click on the area of the Profile photo ... save .. and the bloody thing fills the whole background. I thought that was a tad unusual but no problems. I got out of that, into forums and there is absolutely no change. OH, So I logged out of AVSIM and then logged back in again. Yep, that achieved nothing too. So I rebooted the computer back into AVSIM and.... No change. Again this is probably a simple error that I continue to make but I cannot find it. All I really want to do is show off my cockpit and my beautiful repainted 737. Can somebody help with either of these problems or perhaps even both. This is a requirement before I lose what existing hair I have left. Regards Tony
  14. Hello guys I had this same problem with FSX-SE but as I could never actually get past the fly now button i did not over worry about it. I have had this installed now for about a week partially set up my controls (see previous posts - still not resolved) flown for 2 hours. Click on the Desktop icon just now and it wants me to install it. 39gb ... about 12 hours download (from experience) Is this normal for Steam products???? How can I stop this and just "play" this Simulator. Cheers Tony
  15. Sir Simon and all, I am too am looking at purchasing the IFly 737 for P3Dv4. At this stage FS2Crew (which is a co-pilot application, however they do have cabin announcements) do not look as if they are going to support it (that is SUPPOSITION) and further, IF they do, it may be quite a long time coming. I think most of their support is being thrown at PMDG and probably quite rightly. Having said that, I wonder why a pilot, sitting in the cockpit would want to listen to the cabin announcements. I personally find them annoying but that is my personal preference. In the real world though, I would seriously doubt that the pilots would hear the announcements anyway so I would question the immersion factor. I wonder if FSPassengers would cover this area. I do not have that programme but it would make sense for it to do so I guess. Multi Crew Experience I think also have the co-pilot function as well as cabin announcements. So those two are my suggestions. Sorry I cannot help you further Regards Tony