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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. himmelhorse

    i want move to monitor no.2

    UMI, As I see it, you simply have to disconnect your second monitor, Reboot and it will not show up in your displays (as per the image in your post) No further action required. It should not be seen in your device manager either. If it is, then simply disable or uninstall the driver. Is this your problem??? Are you unable to nopt display this second monitor?? Regards Tony
  2. himmelhorse

    i want move to monitor no.2

    UMI, My Method. 1. you can move your monitors in the mode as per your image. You can move them around to place one on top of the other or as you have them displayed. This is necessary to smoothly access with your mouse. 2. Depending on what you want to display on your second monitor, this is how I do it. a. Task bar click on "New view". (can be a panel pop up or whatever) select the one you want b. click on image and click "undock" ion the panel that is displayed. c. drag this image (and others if you need or want) to the second monitor. Bear in mind that you will have the undocked image with a border. (windowed) Another thing to bear in mind is that whatever you dock/undock will have an impact on your FPS. It also does not matter what your monitor or TV display device is. If this is not what you want, I am at a loss to advise you. It is, however, the way I have done it with FS2004 (6-8 monitors) and with P3Dv4 (2 Monitors) Hope it helps Regards Tony
  3. Philosophy ????????? Tony
  4. himmelhorse

    LH 748 Brandenburg almost ready

    Steve, May I please PM you? regards Tony
  5. himmelhorse

    request for YBTL P3dv4 scenery

    Trevor, Many apologies for my tardy reply to your response. I had actually downloaded and saved Ozx 3.5 quite a while ago. When I installed it via the installer, i could not find it again ... in fact it is still installed but YBTL remains a default (read pitiful) airport with no resemblance to the actual airport. I cannot find it in the scenery library either. I have no idea where it is or what airports are on it. So far, I so not think it has had any impact on any of my paid airport sceneries. My flight sim computer is down at the moment and I am looking for a replacement Motherboard, so I cannot do much about it anyway. When all is restored I shall pursue this further. Thanks again for your reply mate ... much appreciated. Regards Tony
  6. Hello all, I have not the faintest idea whether or not I am in the right forum here and I further, do not know whether my request is legal or not. If I am wrong in either areas please feel free to put me in my place. What I am seeking is a Townsville (Australia) scenery for P3Dv4. I have only just migrated to this platform and updating from FS2004 as most of you guys/girls will know. Before my move to P3Dv4, aussie.ex was hacked and/or suffered catastrophic problems which remain unresolved at this time. I have managed to get a lot of my Australian scenery from the library here but I cannot find a complete YBTL which would be readily available if aussie.ex was up and running. Is it possible under those conditions to PM me with an attachment of aussie.ex YBTL scenery, or, can somebody please, please, point me to the right place to download it or an alternative. I thank any good samaritan in advance. Regards Tony
  7. To insert my 2 cents I think there are quite a few aspects to this question. If you go with the saitek yoke/throttles/pedals set up, it will, in the long run, be the cheapest part of your new simming world simply because it can be used by any sim platform and for all fixed wing aircraft and even helicopters, I believe, with the total cost not exceeding about USD600.00. If money is tight these can even be picked up second hand. There are very worthwhile alternatives to Logitech, Logitech/Saitek and CH products. If you seek a joystick instead of a yoke throttle combo, then I would have to say that Logitech is better than Saitek. For the cheap alternatives, look at FSXthrottle pro and Honeycomb (although I am not sure if the yoke or throttle combination has yet been released) You will also need to buy Rudder pedals and Saitek ones are quite good and reliable. Please note that there are better rudders available, all easily found through Google. It will all depend on your budget. I also want to add my voice to the "Welcome to our World" sentiment. For me, it has been a world of wonder, frustration, expense and intense satisfaction. This, I am sure you will find, that you share with all of us in this segment of "gaming" Best of all, I guess, is the fact that there is incredible support in this community and in particular, this forum, for which ever platform you choose to fly, regardless of the problem you may be facing. I think we all wish you the best. Regards Tony Chilcott
  8. himmelhorse

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    Devon, Just as an aside, have a look at the video without sound and I think you will understand where I came from in my original statements. Regards Tony
  9. himmelhorse

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    Devon, I think and said that because of media coverage. For instance QANTAS mentions it frequently. I do not know about the media in UK or the US nor indeed America. I have seen it in print and on News coverage at least four times but no information in depth, which is why the video caught my attention in the first place. Also I never said it was not interesting ... I just found it baffling in that I could not relate to information like Fuel usage in relation to pilot shortages. A lot of it just did not make sense. Hold the boat guys....I initially played the video on my laptop and all I got was music with no voice at all. I have however just replayed it on another computer to re check an item and "found the Voice" So I retract all and I mean ALL I said and will re look at the video. I apologise unreservedly for my inadvertant stuff up. Regards Tony
  10. himmelhorse

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    hiflyer, I do not know where you dragged this video from but the perpetrator is very much preaching to a knowledgable and converted audience. I am very sure there is a message there somewhere but drawing a line from Dubai to Sydney and following it up with an aircraft landing at an unknown airport, does not really tell me why there is a pilot shortage. I have to admit that I have very little knowledge in this area but this video told me three fifths of sweet F. All. I am not criticising you in any way shape or form but it just seemed to me, to be entirely nonsensical to the unwashed and word not allowed hordes out in the real world(me included). I would have thought that if support is what he was chasing, then a little more information which related to the images might have been a little more helpful. I also feel that most of the world is aware of the pilot shortage and I was actually eager to get some more information about it with this video. Unfortunately, that simply did not happen. Did anyone else find this baffling?? Regards Tony
  11. himmelhorse


    Alan and all, I think I may wait for the Vertx version of this. Bert Pieke apparently loves it and I think we can safely bet that it will feature a/his mod for the F1GTN. Personally, I am hoping it is up there in the quality rankings with the RealAir Duke Turbine and that aircraft is aeons ahead of anything Carenado. This is a personal belief and not to be taken in an inflammatory way. None the less, though, a very, very pretty aircraft. My only problem is waiting but a recommendation from Bert is pretty well paramount in choice of aircraft for me. Regards Tony
  12. himmelhorse

    Some VR questions/concerns

    Thiago, I was wondering when you would chime in on this one LOL So you sold your Odyssey eh? There must be an interesting story on that one. I am still sitting on the fence and just waiting for the Pimax5+ prices. Lovely reviews so far and I am pretty sure my system will not take the 8K and the same probably applies to the 5K+ as well. It is going to be very interesting to look at a FlightSim specific review of the 5+ when released. Regards Tony
  13. himmelhorse

    Seeking input on moving from FSX to P3D

    Jeff, I have to agree with these responses. I have, and I believe most of us have, at some stage pondered this very question before making the move. Which ever way you choose to go, there are two certainties, one is that eventually will have to move due to a lack of further development, and, the second is that it could be marginally exensive. There is another thread runnng concurrently regarding the value for money of simming. Worth a read if you have not already done so. I said marginally expensive because I believe you can select an area (scenery/s) and an Aircraft. Realair has just updated the Beech Duke 60 and at least one other of their products, to P3Dv4 and this is a no cost update. Some other aircraft have been modded also at no cost for previous owners. You can opt to fly in those areas in those aircraft until you can afford the next scenery or aircraft. I am doing just what you are contemplating and I am doing it from FS2004, and to iterate, we all know what you are going to go through in the coming months. BUT .... in the long term, you must bite the bullet. I think we all, also wish you luck with the very worthwhile transition. Regards Tony
  14. Weeelllll, Is this a first for PMDG? The entire board taken up by them ... no other subjects/topics. This MUST be fairy boring to the two, well,possibly three people who are not interested in buying the newbie. Best of luck with this one Roberto I think it will prove to be a job well done. Regards and happy downloading to all Tony
  15. himmelhorse

    New to FS2004....

    Daz, A cuppla things.... 1. QW 146 is a great aircraft for fs2004 and not available for P3Dv4 sadly. Also edetroit is a very wise man and helped me with an upated editvoicepack for which I am very grateful. He is a splendid example of learned simmers who can and will help you. As you say, and many will agree with you, fs9 is a great place to start and you do not require a Kray computer to run it which is not the case with FSX and later derivitives. Personally, I have not found freeware aircraft nor the default aircraft very good, but there is a lot of it available and again there are simmers who will disagree with that statement. The best advice I can give you regarding aircraft is simply to suck it and see for yourself. If you scroll through the FS2004 forum you will find an incredible amount of advice and it is all worth a read. A lot of it will not mean a lot to you until you get more involved and gain more experience. So venture forth young man and enjoy yourself. Regards Tony