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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. Michael, Thanks for your VR comments mate. I agree totally with you that VR is the next big think and I am very cautiously going to enter this particular market. Most comments I hear(read) are that whilst resolutions leave a lot to be desired, the feeling of immersion outweighs all of the "cons" I can't wait to get into it but I am waiting for some hands on comments with the upcoming Pimax 8k. At the moment it looks like a "toss up" with the Pimax and the Oddyssy. Magic Leap might also bear watching. I have some very old memories (I cannot believe I can go back that far LOL) of growing up on Magnetic Island (North Queensland, Australia) and the previously mentioned Schmitt boys were a big part of that. I guess that was a big leap in the wrong direction but I was hoping. Cheers and I enjoyed your eclipse post too Tony
  2. Michael, Incredibly great shots mate. I wonder if it will ever be possible, in my lifetime, to get graphics (distance and close up) like this using VR? Can I ask if you are Venezualan, have a older brother (Henry) and ever live on Magnetic Island? Cheers Tony Chilcott
  3. Hello all, Thiago, thanks for your reply, please keep these observations coming. These are the the only VR/Flight sim related comments I have seen so far. Now for something completely different LOL The new Vive Pro has just noted to have two cameras similar to the Oddyssy. No prices have been mentioned but in simming terms it ain't gunna be cheap I don't think. I am still waiting for Pimax to "bring it on" but it certainly just keeps getting more difficult to make an HDM or VR system decision. I wonder how many people are playing the "wait and see" game just like me. I hope I do not miss the boat LOL It is all very interesting and I cannot wait for all the incoming news (particularly from Pimax) Magic Leap, I think is going to be another one to keep an eye on. Cheers to all Tony
  4. FSX/FSX-SE?

    barry, I am really glad that we were able to sort that out for you. If you want to persist with default ATC you have no further options. However, despite the fact that I do not yet use an addon ATC, I would sincerely recommend some further research into an ATC add on. They are really good and add immeasurably to the immersion factor. I am only holding off with ATC because I am researching the VR aspect of flight simming. Good luck with any further decisions and the way forward is a steep way up. Regards Tony
  5. MikeT707, I thought I had alluded to the fact that I did not think it possible for FS2004. I was aware that Flyinside did not support my ancient platform and was actually doing some research for anything else that may work. Again, this was only ever going to be a stopgap measure anyway. Regardless, I now have to decide which platform to go with because I cannot afford addons for both P3d and XPlane and I have not even considered FSX or FSX-se. I am also looking at overclocking my CPU to about 4.0ghz and I have already been advised that my GPU should be sufficient. So much work still to be done prior to making a decision re the Samsung Oddyssy. I am also very keen to look at the Pimax8k which is still largely an unknown. With out regard to Pimax I believe the Oddyssy wins on comfort, convenience and resolution and at the same price as the Rift it is probably a bargain. I do want, though, to look at the Pimax before I make my final decision. Thiago ( a chap I am chatting with on this forum) says that the Oddyssy is close to maxing out his 1080ti and he also has a far more modern and faster CPU than I. I desperately want to avoid a disappoing first look at VR by using ancient hardware. Thanks again for your input. Regards Tony
  6. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Barry, Sorry, I also wanted to mention that there is quite simply no need to file a flight plan through FSX if you use my method. If you are indeed silly enough (LOL) to file and then input you plan to the FMC and include a SID or Star, default ATC will vector you away from your SID as soon as your wheels leave the ground and before they stop spinning, simply because they do not recognize them. I think, that, about the only way you can utilize a filed flight plan is to do so in the air (after leaving the SID) and then cancelling before descent as they will step you down to their height requirements without regard to your FMC programming. This is very simply frustrating in the extreme to my mind anyway. Also, because they do not recognize the Star they will ignore that too. So, with due deference to Pete, you have not two but three choices but they are to use ATC but not the FMC, or dont use default ATC and just go with your FMC, or use it like I do and NONE of these options are really satisfying nor remotely realistic. Cheers mate Tony
  7. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Barry, I think you are pretty much aware of the extreme limitations of default ATC. Pete is probablyt right in that you should be going to an ATC add on if you want good ATC. However, I am not reading your request this way. If I am correct, the informatio0n you seek is that, due to the above mentioned bad default ATC, you will rarely get the tower until you get within about 30NM from your intended landing strip. As I do with my version, I stay off air until range then call the tower (using Nearest airport) for a full stop landing. They will then give you a landing pattern and eventually clearance to land. I alsways (on descent) change wind direction and speed from the "World" taskbar, so I know what Runway they will give me. (generally that is) I have been given a rwy for takeoff with a 16 knot tailwind and the same applies to some landings) Again all this is due to our never, ever updated, or not even thought about, default ATC I use default ATC through sheer laziness and only use it for taxi for take off, take off then fly my route until the required 30NM and call them up again. If you get them to flight follow after take off you will spend more time changing frequencies than you will flying. Is this the information you were chasing. Regards Tony
  8. Ian, I actually saw tis many years ago which led me to buying the digital triplehead2go and setting up a similar cockpit set up. I moved on from there quite a while ago and now settle for a 60inch led 1080p TV to replace the triple screen set up. I combine that with 2 x 32inch screens which are the side cockpit views ie looking out he left and right side windows. I then added a 40inch ledt v 1080p (portrait mode) for a display of the aft and fwd overhead instrument panels. Added to that is a 22 inch 1650x 1040 monitor which displays my throttle set up and also in conjunction my 2 x FMC and lower DU displays. My last screen is the aft electrical pedestal display and this is a 1200 x 1980 (portrait mode) 24 inch Dell monitor. I find this set up absolutely brilliant and it can be adapted to virtually any aircraft and each aircraft is set up and saved as a cold and dark cockpit. I very seriously considered a cockpit design simiar to the video in your link but eventually rejected it on the basis that is was far too restrictive regarding aircraft and basically limited me to GA. Incidently, I found that using the triplehead to go made no difference to frame rates at all in any of my sim platforms. My oft stated problem is that this set up using 6 monitors brings every sim (other than FS2004) to its knees and they are unusable. Again, oft stated, is the fact that I find this level of immersion impossible to replace with any less than four screens (deleting the side cockpit views) and even that, for me, is not satisfying. So I am now looking at VR or Mixed Reality (Samsung Oddyssy) to try to reach a new level of immersion. I must add that the only reason for this is an attempt to move up to the 64bit platforms and this is only because of better scenery, aircraft and utilities. Further development of FS2004 unfortunately exists only as a frustrated figment of my disturbed imagination and in reality, "just ain't never gunna happen" I do not believe that VR and or MR for FS2004 is going to happen for me and as my limited (very) finances allow, I will go the route of the MR Oddyssy, hardware upgrade (MB, CPU, RAM) and then invest in some addons to which ever platform I adopt. This is going to be a slow and financially restricting process and in reality will probably take a couple of years (I am actively seeking a sugar daddy LOL) By this time, of course, all the VR MR and AR systems and specs will have been upgraded and changed. The concept of using FS2004 was simply a desire to get better VR/MR performance as a stopgap prior to hardware upgrade. Sadly, I do not think this is going to be possible. Thanks for your link and post. It actually brought many happy memories. Regards Tony
  9. Thiago, A man of your word and great to see. Thanks for your imparted wisdom. I think this is one to keep an eye on, but I am still waiting on the Pimax8k hands on reviews. I was interested to note your point regarding comfort. Whilst this will always be a personal preference thing, most of the limited comments I have seen are to the effect that it is indeed heavier but better balanced (weight is on the forehead) and therefore more comfortable. All comments say resolution and field of view is better and your comments are the only ones I have seen that are specifically Flightsimming related. Also, I noted that XPlane handled it better than P3D and DCS but, I think XPlane is the only platform which specifically stated that it supported WMR and the Oddyssy. I stand to be corrected here if that statement is incorrect. However, whilst on that subject, other than performance and lack of gliches, is XPlane, in your opinion, the best platform for VR and/or MR and if so, can you tell us why you think that. Again this is always going to be a personal opinion, but if you can give us that information, it may well help a lot of VR and MR novices to make a decision. Thanks again Thiago for that report. Regards Tony
  10. I agree wholeheartedly with this. Rafikihd, However, I believe that Win 7 is better for particularly FS2004 and elderly hardware. In your case, whilst your hardware was recently superceded with the last round of Intel CPUs, it is still more than competent to handle P3Dv4 and I think Win 10 would be a better choice ... think DX11/12 at least, which I believe is not available for Win7. There are lots of divided opinions on this subject on this and other forums and I think each side of the argument/debate has its merits. Generally, as a personal opinion, I would go with "old OS with old Hardware and new OS with newer hardware" Whichever OS you opt for, PLEASE follow Scott613s advice and do a clean install preferably with a re-format prior if that is convenient. (I have a dedicated 256gb SSD for the OS/Antivirus only and reformat with any change of OS of which I have done a few in the last couple of months) Regards Tony
  11. Humpty Dumpty, WMR = Windows Mixed Reality. From what I can see it is a different (newer technology) version of VR ... ie Same dog ... different leg action. Check oput the videos posted by Devon .... very informative. Regards Tony
  12. Thiago, I, for one, would really appreciate an in-depth assessment/comparison specifically related to Flight sim. I watched the above videos (Thank you so much Devon) and it is very informative. However, very few of these comparisons (if any) are FlightSim specific. Also I note that the Oddyssy is only USD399 direct from Samsung at the moment. Of course by the time I add a second round of taxes and freight (also taxed here) it is going to be up around the USD7-800 mark. But for US buyers it would appear to be great value, particularly if better for flight sim than the Rift. Please stay in touch mate and let us all know. Also, can you please let us know which sim actually is better with the Samsung as I think that is extremely interesting. I genuinely hope you are going to be very happy with your purchase. Congrats Tony
  13. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Bazza, I do not know if you want to follow this procedure or not, but this is the way I fly (jets) Generally, I use the IFly Boeings with default ATC in FS2004 but the ATC system in FSXi s pretty similar. First of all, during the preflight, I align the IRS and programme the FMC. I do NOT have the flight in MS flight planning system, so I cannot request an IFR clearance or departure. When ready to taxi, I call ATC requesting a VFR taxi for the relevant departure (north south etc) which is given. If I am at an unknown airport this gives me access to progressive taxi although I prefer to use airport charts. When I arrive at the hold postition for the runway, I then change to Tower and request take off. This avoids aircraft conflicts etc. Once cleared I am able to take off and immediately after rotation I am handed off to another frequency. I now have two choices ....request flight following (this demands almost constant frequency changes ie flying from Brisbane to Townsville (Queensland, Australia) a distance iof about 700 NM I was given 52 frequency changes. This drives me crazy so I opt for just going to 1200 and no flight following until I get close to destination. I then access "Nearest" in default ATC and when in range I click on the relevant airport, change to that frequency, and request a full stop landing. ATC then follows me in to landing and then give me taxi to gate instructions. The added benefit here is that if you flight plan through a payware or a good freeware flight planner, this provides altitude and flight level restrictions which go into the FMC. Using Vnav gives you an automatic descent point which is ignored if you are in VFR mode. I know that this is far from adequate but I feel it is a better system than filing a flight plan and then largely ignoring it because it is not going to fully follow your FMC programming, or having to choose between the two. Please bear in mind also, that to my knowledge, all flight sims and excellent default ATC suffer a mutual exclusivity. If you want good ATC AND FSX, you only have one alternative and that is any one of quite a few good addon ATC programmes, none of which I am going to recommend, because they are a very personal preference and you have quite a bit of research in front of you. Another big advantage for the addons is that you can actually talk to the programme in lieu of clicking the ATC screen or pushing the relevant number on the keyboard. They also provide ATC services in a far more professional and realistic manner. I probably have not helped you much with this response but, it is an alternative if you are going to persist with a substandard default ATC Cheers mate. Tony
  14. Hello again to you all, Fascinating videos to say the least. A couple of questions if I may. 1. I have the Saitek control setup ie yoke and connected quadrant, pedals, USB trim wheel and an USB quadrant which is set up for either twin or four engine jets through FSUIPC. Because of this, I want to use this in conjunction with a mouse rather than the controllers. Controllers are fine except that I perceive a problem dropping controllers to grab the yoke or quadrants and not being able to find them again without removing the HMD. Is this relevant? In any case, I have a fair amount of keyboard input as well and I see a potential problem with this too. Can somebody talk me through that. 2. I have decided to wait for the reviews of the expected Pimax 8k but I am expecting to buy either the Samsung MR or the new (upgraded by that time) Rift, which I guess, reflects my expectations of the Pimax. But getting back to Samsung MR(or similar) Can anyone tell me just how much better the resolution is over the current Rift and whether or not the MR vs VR experience is very much different. I am finding this topic incredibly interesting and informative and seeing it eventually playing a huge part in me making a VR?MR decision in the near future. Thanks guys. Tony
  15. Ian, Thanks for your response. I am in a position where I would realy like to update to XPlane 11 or P3Dv4. I see the only way forward is to go VR as my level of immersion with 6 monitors is brilliant. However, as stated many times previously, this is simply not possible with any other sim and nor is it likely to be in the future. I firmly believe that MAYBE VR can replace this sense of immersion. Because my hardware is now fairly ancient, I arrived at the conclusion that, if at all possible, I could upgrade to VR with FS2004 using my hardware and all my FS2004 addons. Despite repeated requests for information on this specific move to VR, I remain in the dark. I live in Indonesia where it is impossible to get local support or information regarding VR. I am assuming that, IF, using VR with FS2004, I would require Flyinside at least. I do not even know if this software is compatible with FS2004. I do not know what other peripherals I would require either, so in essence, I am completely in the dark. I know I can get a minimum of 40FPS from P3Dv4 using a single screen, but I somehow doubt whether this is sufficient to run it in VR and the same largely applies to XPlane11. In any case, I have decided to wait for the reviews of the Pimax 8k which promises to be the be all and end all of the current gen of VR HMD. In reality, I am assuming I will settle for the Rift or Vive which says a lot for my expectations for Pimax. I live in hope though. I am also looking into a little research on the Samsung Oddessy MR set up which apparently has better resolution than the current Rift or the new Vive. Regardless of all this however, is the fact that I am fully aware that it is going to require a big hardware upgrade to get the ultimate (or close) benefits of any VR experience. So, in the meantime I patiently and frustratingly await on any information which says I can(or cannot) use VR with FS2004 and what I am going to require in the way of software and hardware (all specifically related to FS2004. Thanks mate Tony