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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. Hello all, Well, here we are, a turbulent 6 months after the OPs original post, and with so many new airport releases in 2018. We as a community have indeed been blessed and I think it can only get better from here. However, can anyone guess how many of these new sceneries I have invested in? All of them were NOT ORBX and all of them were NOT Fly Tampa YSSY. and all of them came to fruition after 2014. Hey, you are right. None, Zip, Stuff all, Nothing, and all because I fly in Australia, a nation gifted with so many developers clamoring to make our airports and to distribute them widely. Unfortunately, all the retailers of these magnificent airport sceneries are marketing underground in the black markets around the world, and again unfortunately, they are so far underground that even the oil drillers can't get to them. Very sad really but a marketing reality I guess, with relatively few simmers wanting to visit or fly here and that probably includes Aussie simmers. I do have though, high hopes of ORBX releasing YPPH before my yet unborn grandchildren die of old age. I do not think I will live to see it though. Again, a not really tasty reality. So I wish you all well and look on with personal dismay and envy for the world you are all flying in. Heeeey, I think I just lost 20 kilos getting that off my chest LOL Regards to all Tony
  2. himmelhorse

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Ron, I take some modicum of hope with your response "we currently have no 64bit aircraft" with the emphasis, of course, on "currently". Could I therefore, timidly ask if there are any plans for the Citation 11 extreme for the 64bit platform? I, for one, would be happy to pay for it now and just wait. If I pass on in the meantime you have made a small profit LOL. Any information would be lovely. Thanks for your response Tony
  3. Medx421, I may be on the wrong track here but I am completely unaware of any twin turboprop in the A2A store. I believe you may be right in declaring them the best in the business, but, only for light singles which is their genre. For the OP though, I am with Paul with the Vertx DA62, particularly following a very positive comment from Bert Pieke. The dev is one of the original Real Air (Beech Duke 60) people. That aircraft(The Duke) is far and away the best twin Turbo anywhere but it is no longer for sale. Check out the Milviz 310 as well. Definitely wait for the Diamond DA62 though is my recommendation. Regards Tony
  4. himmelhorse

    Flight1 G500/600

    Bert, Hey, I was talking about the heart, Sir. If I had to delete any aircraft from my hangar the very last one would be the Duke. I apply the same principle to Flight sims too. I cannot see the reason for deleting or uninstalling my FS2004 even though I tend to concentrate on P3D at the moment. Even if I run out of disk space, I would tend to buy another SSD in lieu of replacing my FS2004 disk or reinstalling over the top. The only thing, I have ever replaced (in every sense of the word) was FSX Despite nearly 7 years of trying, I never completed a flight in that platform and that was mainly due to me trying to fly using 6-8 monitors. Was never going to happen. I eventually move to P3Dv2/3/4 but only ever flew v4 due again to trying to use 6 monitors. v4 became practical only because, I reduced to 2 monitors with the view of going VR. This too has yet to happen LOL. So, in reality, I guess I am a FlightSim Hoarder. Regards Tony
  5. himmelhorse

    Flight1 G500/600

    Thanks Bert. I may well have to look at the Seminole then. It will be hard to replace my beloved Duke though LOL Regards Tony
  6. Devon, Thanks for your reply. I agree with you completely regarding the use of extra cores, BUT, things are improving all the time and I am very much hoping that v5 is going to change all that. I believe Xplane is hell bent on maximising core usage and is marginally better than P3D at the moment. This is a dim memory so please do not ask where I got that information. I also agree with you on the GPU aspect. When I upgrade, I will be going from core i7 2600k and that means Motherboard, RAM, CPU and, I suspect some water cooling. I think I will stick to my GTX1080ti for the time being at least. This upgrade (when I can afford it) I would think will be a significent improvement, whichever route I take, AMD or Intel. Price will obviously also have some bearing but at my age, it will probably be my last computer upgrade. At this stage I am seriously eying off the AMD but I will be content to wait for both P3D and XPlane to adopt Vulcan before I do upgrade, unless of course something blows up in my current system. And that, is what raised my query in the first place. If P3D and Xplane both give some more love to core/thread utilisation (ensuring that all cores get the same love and treatment ... some may be boys and some may be girls and we do not want any discrimination do we? LOL) is the number of cores/threads going to top the speed aspect which is what reigns at the moment? Regards Tony
  7. himmelhorse

    Flight1 G500/600

    Hello all, I touched on this in another thread but it was largely not addressed. Looking at the G500/600 (and Synthetic Vision) I got to thinking what an incredible combination this would be in the RealAir Duke60 Turbo to replace the analog instruments. The combination of the G500/600 and the GTN750/650 would be the ants pants for me and if it can be done in the Duke, it could surely be done in other aircraft too ie the A2A 182 which has a large blank panel on the right side. Has anyone else give this any thought and is it, or could it be actually feasible in the panel config or elsewhere. If it is not, how is it to be used and in what aircraft? Looking forward to this conversion Regards Tony
  8. Devon, That was fascinating even though I understood little of it. What I would like to know is what is the difference (other than price) in the real life application with regards to P3Dv4. So many questions here. Everyone says CPU speed is the King when it comes to P3dD or Xplane 11. I believe that Xplane handles multi core better (perhaps) but P3D is improving all the time. In real terms, taking into account CPU speed and multi cores, are we going to be actually better off if we get a CPU with 16 cores and 32 threads clocked at 4.4 than with 8 cores and 16 threads clocked at 5.2 without overclocking the bejesus out of everthing. Is Vulcan going to make a difference with regard to the use of multicores. In real terms what would be the FPS difference between the 4.4 16 core 32 threads and the 5.2 8 core 16 thread and is that FPS rate really significent if more cores provide better data input/out which, in turn, should provide better smoothness. I would surmise that, in the future, at least, more cores will handle more information at better speeds than a faster CPU with few cores, IF, the Flightsims make better use of those cores/threads. Now I am an elderly chappie and have not got a vast technical data bank inserted into my brain so what I am suggesting or querying, may not make a lot of sense. I would just like some more perspective on this. It is going to be increasingly pertinent to those of us considering hardware upgrades in the next twelve months. That is of course if P3D and Xplane both go Vulcan?? Regards Tony
  9. himmelhorse

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Rick, It is very hard to disagree with your comments on a general basis. I love the term "chronic inertia" Simmarket did not reply because I never attempted to communicate with them. I have made a few attempts in the past with results very similar to yours. I was simply going on information provided in their product (BDO) page. Very simply, has anyone tried the P3Dv3 versions in P3Dv4. I do not want to buy these products if they are incompatible. I believe that quite a lot of P3Dv3 sceneries do work "out of the box" in v4 but I do not know, nor can I find any comments specific to the BDO product. Regards Tony
  10. himmelhorse

    SWAPPED F1 TO RXP GTN750 (DB discussion)

    Hello to all, I think I have somewhat hi-jacked this topic and as such this will be my last comment. The topic started by the OP is great and does not deserve to be side tracked. I would like to say that I have very much appreciated the comments by all the contributers who have responded to my comments. Thank you all regards Tony
  11. himmelhorse

    SWAPPED F1 TO RXP GTN750 (DB discussion)

    David, Yes mate, I was aware of that. What I was looking for though, was charts available through the GTN (as depicted in the promos for the GTN) Basically something that is inherent in the product without having to go into different programs to get the charts. In the same vein, I would assume that the all or most of the EFB programs would also feature the airport diagrams required, but again, that is not built in to the GTN and instantly available. I also very freely acknowledge that this is not an RXP or F1 problem and that it lies firmly in the lap of Garmin, which is in itself a great program too. In reality, I guess it is all just wishful thinking and I think everyone is aware that there are workarounds availlable. Thanks for your reply Tony
  12. himmelhorse

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Ed, Thanks mate. I only asked in view of the fact that I thought some 32bit aircraft worked in P3Dv4 satisfactorily when it first came out. I was simply wondering if anyone had been "silly or adventurous" enough to try installing that particular aircraft. I did suspect however, that your response was going to be the correct one. I guess we will jnust have to wait for Eaglesoft to modify or redevelop it for 64bit. Thanks again Regards Tony
  13. himmelhorse

    SWAPPED F1 TO RXP GTN750 (DB discussion)

    Jim, Thanks for that. I understand that one would have to know somebody in OZ or Indonesia (where I fly almost exclusively) or purchase a subscription for those areas ... again, I understand the cost would be about USD300.00 per year so definitely not worth it as a purchase. I was also aware of the Jean-Luc extraordinary performances in the support area as that is extremely well documented and I don't think much gets away from him. An outstanding erxample of what "support" should be like. As I said, I (mistakenly???) purchased the GTN on price alone, but I have to say that I am happy with my purchase and the product has so far, been performing flawlessly, so sup[port thus far, has not been an issue. Regards Tony
  14. himmelhorse

    Eaglesoft and BDO Aviation

    Hello all, Two quick queries if I may. 1. Has anyone found out if the Eaglesoft Citation II extreme is working/compatible in P3Dv4? and, 2. I am looking at buying some Indonesian scenery WADD ... (I know Aerosoft has one)... WIII WARR from BDO Aviation. Can anyone tell me if this scenery is compatible with P3Dv4 please? Enquiries to BDO have gone unanswered and Simmarket simply state for P3Dv3 FSX etc. It appears to be incredibly hard sometimes to give a developer any money or support for their product. I have these payware sceneries for FS2004 and am very happy with them, hence the P3Dv4 enquiry. Thanks Guys Tony
  15. himmelhorse


    Hello all, I am an F1 GTN user. I have to admit when I purchased I could not see a great deal of difference, other than F1 "complete" including the 650 and that combination was cheaper the RXP. So price made the difference. One thing, however, annolys the .... out of me is the fact that there are no airport charts other than North America (lucky NA I guess) and this, I believe is a Garmin problem anyway I think. I actually bought because every promo or youtube video I saw before purchase actually showed the Airport charts on screen, and this is something I saw as a bit of a scam. Does RXP suffer the same fate with airport charts? Having been critical, I am really enjoying my F1 and support has, so far, not been an issue. Another point is my reason for buying F1 in the first place, ie the 750 and 650 both being available is, in retrospect ridiculous. Having laid out the money for both GTNs, I have to confess that I have never even turned on the 650 so in reality I may well have been better off spending less on the RXP 750 and doing without the 650. I also just found out about Synthetic Vision incorporated into the G500/600 ... looks amazing and I am wondering if there is anyway to put that combo into the Realair Duke60 Turbo in lieu of the usual instruments. Now that, would be fantastic. Regards Tony