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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. Hello all, Australia, Australia and some more of Australia. DEVs ORBX or anybody Did I mention some Australian airports would be nice. In all fairness, ORBX does a great job but decent Adelaide, Perth (allegedly coming) Darwin, Townsville is sadly missing from all developers. A wonderful country but ignored by all but ORBX to my knowledge. I live in hope but am running out of time. Tony
  2. himmelhorse

    Trim wheel problem P3Dv4 only

    Mark, Sorry about the very tardy response to your input. I am indeed using the Saitek Trim Wheel. and to date it has been faultless. I also found that it was slightly tardy using it normally for the first time and was inactive until the aforementioned "USB connect/Disconnect" sound. Howevere, that was never a problem. My eventual problem was that in the settings/controls/axis settings, the mouse yoke and the mouse look both had elevator trim axis selected and active. They obviously took precedence but my problem was solved when I deactivated all the axis(es) ticked in the mouse yoke and mouse look. What was throwing me was the fact that I had never had to do this before and thus I never even initially thought to look there. I think good advice when and if anybody has controller problems is to check and recheck ALL the controllers used and ensure there are no conflicts ie two different controllers trying to control the same axis. I have much the same problem when reinstalling FS2004. I always find that I have to delete all the axis for all controllers and start again. Even then with FS2004 when I set up the yoke/keyboard assignments, I find that landing gear, cowl flaps and the hatswitch is assigned to the yoke. As I only use the hatswitch for panning (normal) I delete the other two. Then I check the trim wheel and find that it too has (non existant) buttons assigned to the landing gear, cowl flaps and hatswitch. Try as I might, I cannot find a button 17 on the trim wheel but it is assigned. So I delete those assignments and move to the rudder pedals. Same thing occurs so I have to delete those assignments too. Moving on to the throttle quadrant I find it also, has landing gear, cowl flaps and hatswitch assignments which have to be deleted. Only then are all controllers rendered useful and if those deletions do not get done I have all sorts of problems which, I guess, is only to be expected. I have no idea what causes these aberattions but it is now a very familiar procedure. Good luck in the future and I hope this has been somewhat of a help to you (and others) Regards Tony
  3. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, Thanks matey. I apologise for giving you so much work today. I will head of to the Forum if I need further help. You have been wonderful and I cannot thank you enough. I was nearly in tears just thinking about the uninstall and reinstall dramas AGAIN. regards Tony
  4. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Great Thanks mate. I apologise for give you so muych work today. Tony
  5. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, Last (hopefully) question mate. Do you want to clear the scenery index I am very unsure of what that is actually going to clear and I dont want to get rid of everything in the library. I also clicked on scenery config as opposed to the xml ... is this the right thing to do? Cheers Tony
  6. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, I am at a loss as to why "word not allowed" cropped up in that last item of mine. What I actually said was that it does not make a lot of sense as yet, in that I have not been back to the organiser and I cannot relate to it. Beats me but please do not think It was me who did that> Is it automatic?? Tony
  7. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, I am still editing mate so I have not been back in to the organiser aand lot of that does not make much sense word not allowed yet in that I cannot relate to it. You have obviously been around a little longer and been a lot more serious than I have been and I commend you for that. Incredibly helpful information. Cheers again mate I shall look further into your other downloads as well Tony
  8. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, Thanks for that information mate. I am just so happy that I can use this program (P3D) again. At the moment I am editing in my sceneries folder (different drive) to make sure all my sceneries have just the scenery and/or Scenery and texture folders with nothing else in the folder. I will then try to work out how to install them using your programme. At first glance, it looks a little complicated (read ... I don't know what I am doing) so I may get back to you if I haved any further problems. Oliver, you have been an Angel sent from heaven. My gratitude is unlimited. Cheers mate Tony
  9. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, yeeee effin haaaaaaa LOL I am in now and I had two sceneries ... YPAD in red and YBWW in pink which I deleted ... I am sure the docs will tell me how or why this is, but MAAAATE thank you so much ... this is a gift from GOD. Regards Tony
  10. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Aha. That makes it much clearer now. Thanks again mate. Regards Tony
  11. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver. I guess that makes sense although it works well for FS2004 and FSX. I have always thought that the HDD or SSD was the limiting factor rather than the folder. I am just reading through your instructions as we speak and hopefully will be better armed with knowledge on the morrow. Thanks mate Tony
  12. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Oliver, Thanks mate, Apologies for delay, I have just downloaded your organiser and am about to install it. From the looks of it, I may well leave it all up to your organiser and see what happens. I am and in fact, have played around with the cameras config in order to slow the pan rate down, but I was blissfully unaware of the use of notepad ++ as opposed to just Notepad which is what I normally use. You may have save some major embarrassment on my part and I thank you for that. I am just amazed that there is not a folder in which the add-on scenery abides that is accessable and easily edited. I wonder why it is so (thank you Professor Julius Somner Miller) I will try and sort this mess out and advise. That will probably be tomorrow. Cheers all and thanks again Tony
  13. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Steve, Thanks again to you for your response. As stated in my previous response, I will be looking seriously at the Lorby-si kprogramme. However, and again, my immediate problem is to get into and run P3D in order to edit anything. a restart only gives me the initial opening screen and goes no further. This is obviously (to me) just looping and getting nowhere. So my problem remains. Is there, in actual fact, an "Add on scenery" folder and/or where is the add-on scenery library to be found? Thanks mate Tony
  14. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Jean Claude, Thank you so very much for your response. I will download the freeware tool, it does indeed sound very handy. I do not think however, that it will solve my immediate problem. That is I cannot get into the programme. It is locked up and despite closing it through "control, alt, delete" the Prepared3 D logo is still on the screen. it has disappeared from the task bar but the Logo remains on the desktop. If i cannot start the programme, how is it possible to edit it to remove the scenery problem? I do not have a problem with ORBX other than very slow download and install times (hence the all day uninstall and reinstall routine) Thanks yhou so much for your links too Regards Tony
  15. himmelhorse

    Adding airports to P3Dv4

    Hello guys n Girls I have just locked up my P3Dv4.3 for the third time. I have added a freeware airport (YBWW) through the Add Scenery in the Scenery Library, restarted P3D and it locks up on restart. ie I just get the initial opening screen. I cannot figure out where the Scenery Library is, in order to delete the offending item. Previously I have uninstalled and then reinstalled P3Dv4.3 including all my ORBX stuff and one Payware aircraft This basically takes me a whole day. I am trying to work out just what the problem is and I have no bloody idea. (give me back FS2004) lol Everything I have read says most FSX scenery is compatible with P3Dv4 but it all says to add it to the Add on scenery folder. I have not got an "Addon scenery" folder in my installation and for the life of me, even though (when it is not locked up) I can find the scenery library either in the task bar or even prior to that in the start up menu, I cannot find it to edit it in my P3Dv4 folder. Also is there a list of safe P3Dv4 compatible OZ scenery? I believe, if the programme is locked up the only way to fix this problem (without uninstalling/reinstalling) is through the P3Dv4 folder on my dedicated SSD. I am desperately trying to update from FS2004 but I am finding this so very very frustrating and am close to abandoning it forever. This would be a pity because I feel the "fix" is simple ... I just cannot find it. I am quite prepared to only fly between ORBX airports in the future if I cannot find a solution to this, however that is going to take a lot of the fun out of P3D and make it a very expensive proposition (for a pensioner) if I wish to expand to flying out of Australia. In the meantime I have locked myself in a room with the computer and removed all sharp objects and knives LOL Cheers and please help me if you can. Regards Tony