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    FlightSim FS2004, Cannot fly FSX,FSX-SE, P3D or XPlane10 with my six monitors, but have them all. Working on it though. Cannot wait for 64bit. Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 11 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. himmelhorse

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Clive6354, I do not believe you would achieve anything with the proposed upgrade. My advice, if you really, really have to spend that 500 pounds is to wait for the next gen 2080ti which, I believe, is going to be a significant upgrade. Even that however, is unlikely to make your eyes pop. Seriously, I think you would be well advised to spend your money elsewhere. Regards Tony Chilcott
  2. himmelhorse

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Rtodepart, Have a look at the Eaglesoft Citation and also the beenfeltupthere, (aka Feelthere) Embraer line up. I have them for FS9 but do not know if they have been upgraded in their P3Dv4 line up. If anyone can comment on this aspect, I for one would appreciate the feedback. Cheers Tony Chilcott
  3. himmelhorse

    FS9 TAS Readout

    Carob, I think we have to be realistic here mate. FS9 is slowly but surely dying and simply because there is very little further development being undertaken. I am one of a fairlly select few who remain "faithful" and wildly optomistic for the future of our platform. We lack some/most of the excellent aircraft, sceneries and airports now available for P3Dv4 and XPlane 11. The same applies to FSX and FSX-SE although not to the same extent. So again, I wish you well with your search and for your sake someone can help you out with new software. (I cannot imagine that it would be significantly difficult to develop) My final advice (on a lighter note) is to take an alternate route and take a coffee break in lieu of Carob. LOL Cheers Tony
  4. himmelhorse

    FS9 TAS Readout

    Carob, Hello mate. As far as I am aware there is no such thing but it is not a requirement for me and I have never sought one out. I can only suggest a "Google" probe (if youhaven't aready)and I would think all will be revealed. I wish you good luck with the search and I apologise for not being more helpful. Regards Tony Chilcott
  5. himmelhorse

    FS9 IFly B737 VH-CAC

    Hello again to you all, Many apologies, that repaint was on the Flight1 IFly 737 (FS9) site and not the IFly site. Cheers again Tony
  6. himmelhorse

    FS9 IFly B737 VH-CAC

    Hello all, I have just visited the Ifly 737 (FS9) repaint forum and noticed that there have been 300 downloads of my design (BBJ3 VH-CAC) which was very well painted by Karzol Air Designs (Bartek or "Holo") I would just love to see some screenies from anyone flying the aircraft and maybe even some comments on whether you like the design and/or the repaint. Given that Bartek very generously painted the aircraft for nothing, and, in my opinion, did such a good job of it, I would again like to publicly thank him for his work and generosity. Regards to all and can we please have some screenies. Tony Chilcott
  7. himmelhorse

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Vortex681, and all, I was specifically referring to his last video just after FSW closure, which drew a fair amount of critisism. I am/was aware that he was very vocal in his critisism after the release of FSW and wasjust one among many detractors. However, in the closure video he did, in fact, praise the creative staff and most of his vitriol was aimed very directly at the management and marketing practices. Again, that is my view and if others disagree, then so be it. It was not my intention to denigrate any opinions and I really was just stating my own. Torium answered the second part of your query. That statement also obligated the word "inferred" in my initial response. Regardless though, of who said what and why, I am not trying, and was not trying, to apportion blame. My hope remains, that someone or some company, can turn this fiasco into a sim platform that was initially touted by FSW. It still has "potential" but, for the life of me, I still cannot understand why DTG released what it did and not actually do what LM did with just a 64 bit version of FSX. I cannot see why they needed to strip FSX in order to redo the whole platform. At least with the full 64bit FSX they had a fully functional sim platform which, I believe, could have been gutted and modified in sections, ie WX, ATC, Traffic etc. It may well be impossible (I really do not know) but even an explanation would have worked wonders in my opinion. I also thought, and criticised DTG for what I perceived as their initial poor communications skills. Again, regardless of the actual or inferred or just guessed reasons for the failure, the fact remains that it has gone belly up and not a lot will ever change that. In moving forward, if that is possible the problem or or outstanding solution, lies in positivity and not negativity. I believe very strongly that the platform is revivable although it will take deep pockets, and if the right approach can be found now, there is a chance that it will be competitive with the other biggies. I think we have reached the stage where we can do without the "I told you so" statements and all other negativitity and to really start to think creatively to achieve a state where a "rescue mission" is possible. There are volumes of wants and desires for the new FSW platform in the early stages of its development in the Avsim forums. If someone can re-read those and, most importantly actually do something, other than listen, we coulod have a new and fully functional new platform. I live in hope. Regards to all Tony
  8. himmelhorse

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Hello all, I found it hard to get past thefirst paragraph of the "ACES" submission, particularly because of the way Froogle was interpreted. I am not a genius nor a rocket scientist but I never saw the view that he attacked the creative staff. My view was that he praised that part of DTG and did so several times. His negativity was actually aimed at the management and its practices in my view. Why FSW was released in its initial state is beyond the aged and feeble neurons circulating in my brain. Did they really have to decimate the original FSX/FSX-SE (and release it) in order to start on a completely new path for flight simming. Again, in my view, they were selling a "potential" and that potential never came close to fruition. I was one of the early adopters despite the same reservations that Froogle expressed very early on. I played with it but was never really happy with what I had been sold but was madly passionate with the promises and potential. I fwere at faultelt that progress was slow but kept my version of what was possible held high on the proverbial pedestal. My biggest disappointment was in the way that DTG (Management) inferred that it was their customers, or lack of, who were at fault. I do not think I blame the customers who to this day, still have little more than a quarter of the original FSX, 64 bit, slightly ramped up and now dead. I agree that there was a huge amount of initial negativity but was that not justified. I think that most of it was originated by potential customers and indeed, early adopters, whowere initially slightly disappointed by what was released and trying to put DTG (who supposedly were listening) on the right track. The apparently hamstrung creative staff, I believe were, but the marketing and management sections were apparently not. I would further like to add that some of the early critisisms were not really justified and a few people seemed to voice "me too" observations without trying the product. However, that does not change the fact that the early negatives could have been changed to positives. I still believe in the "potential" of this sim and genuinely hope that someone or some company with deep pockets can pick it up and run with it. If not, we still have the potential of at least, "Truesky" being adopted by the other platforms. My last hope is that we can end the nit picking and finding someone to blame aspect, to try to be creative as a community and find an alternative positive out of this fiasco. There really is a lot that could yet, be done with this platform. Regards Tony Chilcott
  9. himmelhorse

    You hesitate to ask me more?

    I think a more correct title for this would have been "Rortified by a kerfumpleflanger" or Kerfumpleflangered by a Rortis" which everyone just has to admit is just as good or even better than the one submitted and possibly even more relevant to the subject matter. Regards Tony
  10. himmelhorse

    Farewell FSW

    Good day to you all. Just had to enter the fray here and I will do so with my warped sense of humor. I wanted to say that I predicted (to myself) the day FSW was announced, that FSW would fail on the 24th of May 2018 I was slightly wrong in that I nailed it down to 0300z on the 24th May. I also predicted why and how this would fail and I will release those details the day after FSW or DTG announce the details. A couple of things in all seriousness though. Firstly, my heart goes out to the staff (and at this stage it strangely appears to be only the ones who actually did the creating and the hard work and NOT the managerial or accounting staff) who appear to have been let go. I genuinely thank the former for their efforts and wish them well in the future. It has been said (many times here) that nobody appeared to be listening to the flightsim community but I believe that most of these creative decisions were generated by dollars and indeed a management that was firmly ensconsed in the routine of maximising dollar income regardless of circumstances. It has to be said that most of the creative staff did indeed, do a fine job with at least one hand tied behind their backs. So I say, "Well done you" and what a pity Management did not do the same. I would also like to say that at the outset, the community and Developers decried the lack of input avenues for 3rd party Devs to become involved, and many people on the forums predcicted this outcome. I joined that chorus at the beginning and rejoin now with the observation that I think the lack of Developer input into this sim, at the very least, contributed to its downfall and lack of support from the community at large was the end result. Their business model also garnered huge amounts of criticism and it appears that management of DTG did not listen to that either. It may appear odd that flight simmers, with their incredible diversity of backgrounds and experience are largely ignored. It also appears rather strange that flight simmers may indeed know what they want in a sim (after all, they are the ones flying) and some developers are prepared to sacrifice this vast arena of knowledge and stick to the "Dollar is supreme' concept. The has to be a balance and it has to be very carefully weighed and processed before announcing a whole new world is about to unfold. I guess all of this implies at the very least, that very, very few new sims, will ever succeed without third party support AND ignoring the pleas of the actual users. So ultimately, FSW was, in very real terms, doomed from the start by management and their combined decisions. It is very rarely the people at the coal face who bring a company down, and in this scenerio, I think that the coalface people have done a remarkable job under fairly restrictive conditions. I further think this failure is one that in the long term will be just another historic flight sim event that will be rejoiced or sadly remembered by the masses. I am one buyer who bought and hoped for the best. It did have (despite the ancient ESP engine) a considerable potential. I looked at it many times and actually flew it twice. My thought at the time was that it could be used as a very nice stand alone GA platform only and leave the tubes etc to the big boys who do it so well (ie P3D, Xplane, with DCS and Aerofly thrown into the mix) I now shed an unnecessary tear for the silliness and folly of those who ignore the community. DTG will undoubtedly not be the last to do so and certainly will not be the last to fail for this reason. In the meantime, Long live the remaining sims, all of which still have a huge potential to progress and thrive in their efforts to actually fulfil the community wishes. Thank you so much for listening and please bear in mind that these are personal thoughts and are largely driven by the information I have been able to glean. I may well be very off the right track and have no intention of upsetting anyone with these views. Regards to all Tony
  11. Warning23, My first impression and comment if you are successfully using 7 monitors is, "where did you find the KRAY super computer and just how much did it cost LOL" Ever since I got into simming in the 1980s I have attempted to run FSX with multiple monitors when it came out in 2006 approximately. I found that any more than 3 monitors in use created an unsatisfactory slideshow. I found FS2004 absolutely great using 6 monitors to the point that I am still using FS2004 using 6 monitors. I have tried using a triplehead2go and a combination of GPUs over the years but nothing has worked for me. I really do know the immersion factor involved using a multi monitor set up and nothing else really cuts the mustard does it? So whilst, I cannot help you technically with your problem, I do, indeed, understand what you are going through. Personally, I am looking into VR or MR for the future. I have no idea, other than through on line research, what that experience is going to be like but it is drawing me irresistably, and mainly due to the lack of any further meaningful development in FS2004. The same situation is rapidly approaching for FSX and FSX-SE. I am not saying, however, that you are wasting your time with FSX, contrary to the adivce I have been given many many times over the last 5 years at least. There are still a lot of good reasons to stick with both FS9 and FSX. From the point of view of the lack of further development, sceneries and aircraft which are not as complex and looking decidedly outdated, I am looking at P3dv4 and Xplane11, both of which are delving fairly prominently into the Virtual Reality world. My steps are tentative mainly because I am an aged pensioner, money is extremely tight, and my current FS2004 set up is comprehensive and adequate to say the least. So I wish you luck with the resolution of your problem. and would love to know if you manage to actually solve it. Regards Tony Chilcott
  12. himmelhorse

    ORBX Reinstall and Log In

    Geoffrey, YEEEHAAAA Your pointer to Install options appears to be my solution. I am installing FTX Global on my flight sim PC as I am typing on my laptop. Thank you so much for your advice. I was just thinking however, about my inability to access the ORBX Forum. Could it possibly be because during my tenure there I have never accessed it nor attempted the creation of a topic of any kind. I know some forums require a probation(?) period and I wonder if this has been the same either now or in the past. Having said that, I believe that my need for this forum has temporarily evaporated so it is no longer a problem and I shall investigate that further in the near future. Not being able to download through FTX Central remains a problem, but, simmilarly to the install solution it is no longer the frustration trail that it has been so far. Again something to investigate at my liesure. So again, thank you so much for your advice. As usual, any advice from members of the forums is always very much appreciated, regardless of whether or not the advice solves the problem. The effort made by some people is amazing and all responses are generally made to try to help. Cheers and regards to all Tony
  13. himmelhorse

    ORBX Reinstall and Log In

    Geoffrey, Thanks for that mate. However, I have been a member of that forum for nearly five years now, I have already received a four anniversery messages on that forum. Pete_auau please note. Again, I can access the forum and sign in but I cannot access the content which obviously means I cannot get to the FAQs nor can I submit a ticket. I figure there is a glitch there somewhere and it is probably my fault so I am not blaming anyone. As previously advised I did manage to solve the XPlane only issue and exactly by running P3D as you have suggested. The problem is now, and has been the initial problem which started this topic, is the fact that FTX Central is still downloading and being interrupted requiring a new start. These interruptions occur at different intervals from as low as 30MBs downloaded to 1.3gb and for very different and varying reasons ... restarts start at varying points too. ie interupted at 800mbs and restart at 200mbs. After 4 attempts though, I finally managed to download and install the freeware demo "Tasmania, which includes YMLT" This demonstrates to me that FTX Central can and does function so the problem (from my point of view) lies elsewhere. So I stress the fact that I am not ranting against ORBX nor ever have I done so. The end result so far though, has simply been long and laborious, failed downloads amounting to well over 4 or 5 days and again, well over 100gbs of downloads. I admit that I have not looked at install options and this could well provide the answer for me. I shall be doing so today and will advise the result. It may take a while due to the intrusion of theFormula 1 Grand Prix in OZ. Finally, thanks guys for your help so far. I have to admit it has been agonisingly frustrating for me and I tell myself XPlane is the answer many times a day. In truth though, I have just as many problems there LOL and I am loathe to abandon P3D at any stage, particularly because I believe that all of these problems may well be self generated and perpetuated. Regards Tony Tony
  14. himmelhorse

    ORBX Reinstall and Log In

    NBouc, I have just spent the most incredibly frustrating hour following your link. it takes me to a page which includes a discussion menu (NOT A SUPPORT FORUM) and includes a link to the "Support Forum" which if followed sates that we can not find the item you are looking for. A great help really. Essentially your link takes me nowwhere but I really appreciated the help. Just as an aside ... this forum is "FTX/ORBX support forum (which apparenty does not actually offer ORBX support) and going to the link you provided only provides (for me) a headache LOL I eventually got in to the forum eventually after signing in, only to be advised that I am not allowed access to the content therein. Now if that is not a vicious circle, the term needs to be re-defined LOL Now, really all I want is to find out how to install the manual downloads. I appreciate that I do not unzip them to any temp folder. I also believe that maybe the FTX global and AU australia go into different folders too, with the airports maybe going into a third folder and AUS AI traffic into a possible fourth folder. Given the lack of install instructions and my (I stress MY) inability to access them can you (or somebody else) please tell me where these zips files are unzipped to and any other instructions that may be relevant? Do I have to create folders in P3Dv4 and if so what folders do I create and where? To further clarify my situation. I have owned every version of P3D since inception but have never flown it or added payware or freeware because I was using 6 monitors and with neither FSX, FSX-SE nor P3D was this possible. I am now looking into VR with P3D as my chosen platform and recently purchased the ORBX Australian payware and freeware content, along with IFly 737 for P3Dv4 and FSDT GSX to start the path to VR. I am also only using one monitor (or will be if I can get these installs sorted out). The IFly install so far, is the only install that I have had no problems with. I am aware that most probably most of my confusion and subsequent problems stem from my mindset derived from FS2004 and of course, my old age. That, I hope explains my predicament and again I plead for some information and assistance. Thanks for your help so far Normand. Regards Tony
  15. himmelhorse

    ORBX Reinstall and Log In

    Hello again to you all, I am here this time to report prtial success. I am now able to log in, download FTX central and am offered the the option of P3D or Xplane, access my account and then through "product Info" can download through FTX or do a manual download. All this is great and is a huge step forward. However, using FTX Central, I am constantly getting interuptions and have to restart the download. I have now downloaded in excess of 80gb but have not yet succeeded in installing any one airport or Global Base. I do note that there is a notice on the left hand side which tells me that there is an updated library, but this download suffers the same constant interuptions. These interuptions occur randomly and for different reasons every time I have an interuption (some start at 30MB but I have managed to get to 1.3GB on the Global Base download after many attempts) For these reasons I believe that sending the log to ORBX is a waste of everybodys' time. Manual download is a totally different story and I have managed to download them all with no problems. Well.... just one. I have no idea (and there are absolutely no installation instructions that I can find) how to install these. I unzip the originial download and find a large number of new zip files. Can somebody advise me what I do with these and where do I put them. For an old codger like me this is just very very confusing. I am aware that the ORBX people strongly recommend using FTX Central and I can understand this, but FTX Central is simply not working for me at this time. I wish to stress that I do not believe that this is an ORBX problem as my internet is spasmodic at the best of times but again the manual downloads (through Internet Download Manager) are trouble free (and quick) So I remain befuddled and seek further advise. If anybody can tell me how to install these manually downloaded zips and where to install them, I would be grateful. Thanks again Guys n Girls Regards Tony