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    Finally abandoned FS2004, but still use it occasionally. I have also reverted to only two screens in anticipation of adopting Virtual reality. I cannot wait for MSFS. Still living in Indonesia but cannot work out why LOL. I Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 15 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to permanently and copntinuously thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past on this incredible forum.

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  1. goates, I aint not yet given up lol. I will actually accept any improvements in any flight sim (I have them all and use some more than others obviously) in my limited life time. I am 71 years old and hope to have my last flight the day I pass on from this world. However, I specifically, cannot see any benefits from this technology in the years I have left, given that P3D and Xplane have just updated their engines (still working on them, in fact) and MSFS2020 has yet to be released, but unlikely to include any benefits from UE5. When both, P3D and XPlane, have sorted out their engines I will be a very happy little vegemite, and, I figure that when MSFS 2020 is released, euphoria will surely follow. Nothing to give up on really. With the hopeful eventual demise of Covid19, can life get any better for a simmer in the short term? Regards Tony
  2. goates, OK mate, that is fine, and I will wind down my expectations as I cannot see it having any relevance to me personally, in my life time, unless Osobo take it up in the near future. That, is not something I expect either. Thanks for your help and opinion. Regards Tony
  3. goates, Thanks for your reply mate. Basically, I understood all of that. However, I cannot see any of our current platforms getting involved in UE5 within about ten years, if ever, particularly, given the new adoptions of Vulkan and DX12. Do you see this differently? Again, whilst UE has been around for a considerable time and been pointedly ignored by our Simming developers, why the excitement currently being generated in his forum? Regards Tony
  4. Hello to you all, I am just getting more and more befuddled with this topic, and seek to be fuddled LOL What I do not understand is, if this UE5 has no relevance to our current sims, why are we even talking about it avidly? I mean no disrespect here. Would I be right in assuming that UE5 is only relevant to the upcoming PS5 only at this stage. Is there any indication that our flight sim platforms will be released on PS5 or XBox, and, even if they did, would there be any real benefit as opposed to a current mid to top spec PC? Personally, I cannot really see XPlane, DCS, Aerofly or P3D going to a console of any description, and that only leaves MSFS2020 on an Xbox console which is yet to be released? Specifically, I am wondering why we are getting so excited about it. Certainly, UE5 is getting quite a bit of publicity, but is that sufficient for our Flight sim platforms to adopt it in a big way. At this time, I really cannot see it making a huge difference to what is generally, I think, the expectations of what MSFS2020 is going to be like. Even then, when P3D and XPlane get DX12 and Vulkan working flawlessly, will there be any real and significant difference between the three top contenders for UE5 to be even relevant to our simming community? Regards Tony Be Safe
  5. Goates So, in essence, I assume other than Osobo, (not likely)we can not expect any further updates for our current sims. I guess that puts my quandries to bed. Thank you all for your responses to my queries. Regards Tony
  6. Chris, I do not own any Airbus products but ... I would have to recommend the FSL (going by information on this and other forae) as being the stand out candidate for the fearsome step you are contemplating. Indeed hardcore. However, I have heard that the Aerosoft version, whilst nowhere near the complexity of the FSL aircraft, is definitely worth contemplation. It is also very much cheaper. Good luck with your foray into the unknown (take bright lamps LOL) Regards Tony
  7. Hello again guys, This has introduced for me a swag of confusion. As far as I can gather, it will be compatible with current high end PCs and our Flight sims (all platforms?) and if so ... Will we buy that as a stand alone programme and install into our flight sims and will it seamlessly integrate?. Will the Flight sims have to incorporate it into individual platorms eg P3Dv5 or 6,XPlane, Aerofly etc, charging extra, of course?. How far away is all this going to be possible? AND, lastly, Will MSFS actually require it? Whatever happens, it is, I think, an exciting development if we can use it at a reasnable cost. Cheers to you alland be safe please Tony
  8. HiFlyer, If, MSFS2020 adopts this new technology, (in lieu of DX12) what does it say about DX12 (a Microsoft product) In my opinion, unless, this new tech is easily upgradable for Vulkan or DX12, and, if MS does go down this path, I believe, that P3D, at least, has been left to the wolves,so to speak. I say this, mainly because, I cannot believe that the new technology has been such a well kept secret in this day and age. In essence, I cannot see MS abandoning its own product (DX12) and if this is indeed the case, where is the benefit for any existing Flight Sim platform? In other words, is this a stand alone engine or can it be integrated with Vulkan and DX12. There does not seem to be any indication. Have our flight sim developers missed the boat? I guess this also pre-supposes that this technology is indeed, better than both Vulkan and DX12. I would guess that there may well be a significant FPS improvement at best, but again, this is supposition. Any further thoughts? Tony
  9. Hello, This is truly awesome, but, XPlane11 with Vulkan, P3Dv5 withDX12, and MSFS2020 again, probably, with DX12, how is this going to be reflected in the Flight Sim platforms? By this, I mean, both Vulkan and DX12 are new engines and are unlikely, given the workload to change, I cannot see which Flight Sim is likely to adopt it. Am I on the right track here, or will this technology be easily adapted/incorporated into Xplane, P3D and MSS2020 as a possible upgrade down the track. Regards Tony
  10. C2615, This is indeed sad news, with just a small glimmer of hope. Thanks for pointing this out to me. OP please note also, and bear in mind that the iFly737 is also a very, very nice aircraft and should be considered. Regards Tony
  11. Chris, I believe the answer lies in "cheapo" LOL It is, I believe, one of the cheapest, if not, the cheapest yoke on the market I have Normans mod installed (it is great and very precise) and am saving up for the Leo Bodnar board, which I believe takes the detents away and gives the yoke a more realistic feel. Both mods well worth a google look. Cheers mate Tony
  12. C2615, Oh, where did you see that? I was really looking forward to the iFly version of the 747-4 and 8. It is a truly great aircraft. Regards Tony
  13. Here is another one that may take quite a while to be ported ... iFly 747. Nothing immediately available but as stated PMDG and Aerosoft on the horizon and worth waiting for. Tony
  14. Chris, I would guess that it would depend on the shipping costs, as brand new they sell for about USD250.00.on Amazon If it were me getting a deal like this I would most definitely google "hall effect sensors for saitek yoke" That should highlight a chap called Norman who makes these as replacements for the Potentiometers, and ships at very realistic prices. Combine that with a 35 USD leo Bodnar board (also on google) and you have more than a half decent yoke, and one which should last you for years Both products and installation are very well documented in youtube videos. The other alternative (and this sounds impractical to you) is to consider a Honeycomb Alpha yoke, which by all accounts is very good. With the mods outlined the Saitek is great value. Regards Tony
  15. Hello to you all, OK. A couple of discoveries (which are really no help to me at this time) 1. A leap motion hand tracker is available(?) at roughly USD23.00 2. This apparently must be used in conjunction with a Leap Motion Controller at a cost of a further USD270.00 approximately. I therefore conclude that in order to get hand tracking I am looking at a. Occulus Rift S or Quest .... I do not know which is the better of the two at a cost of approximately USD400.00 b. Leap Motion controller at USD270.00 and Leap Motion hand tracker at USD23.00 This brings the total outlay to roughly USD700.00 for a system that may or may not negate the need for controllers, and the performance of which is suspect (I am not talking about the Occulus), plus the cost of the Flyinside app (price unknown) Is there a viable alternative to Leap Motion in either cost or performance, and can, anybody vouch for hand tracking in light Sim VR I really feel that negating the use of hand controllers (supplied with the Rift) is worthwhile if I can stay hands on with the Saitek Controllers. but it appears that it comes with a substantial cost. Any further information appreciated, and again, thank you for the replies. Regards Tony
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