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    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past.

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  1. DJ and John, Hey thanks guys. I checked autogen density and that was set to 1 so that was ok. I found then that my Settings in Display/Hardware had all zeroed for some reason. I reset those and voila ... YEA I started up a flight and found that I had no controls ... into controls/assignments and everything gone. Reset all assignments for trim wheel, yoke, rudder and quadrants. and all ok. A great flight ensued. I then went into my favourite IFly 737 and noticed that my VH-CAC texture had disappeared, I also found that my aircraft only showed half wheels (half buried in the tarmac) So I uninstalled the lovely old girl and resinstalled. She is still bogged and I then found that my AFT and FWD overhead,Throttle Quadrant and AFT Electrical panels were in dark/lit mode regardless of time of day and that the Virtual cockpit was normal (time 8.00 am) So I deleted that flight and recreated it with exactly the same results. My IFly 747 appears to be normal, and all other aircraft seem to be normal as well. I believe a visit to the Flight1 Ifly 737 forum is just about due. This really has been an incredibly difficult and complicated withdrawal to Win 7 64 bit Ultimate and total uninstall and reinstall of FS2004. I have never, ever, had so many effin problems with either installations. Anyway, I hope to have this resolved shortly and will let you all know how I get on. Regards with gratitude Tony
  2. Hello all, Win 10 has completed the final destruction of my beloved FS2004. I have just spent a couple of days reinstalling Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and then reinstalling FS9. After full installation of VOZ1.8 (Australia) and some additional airport sceneries, I then installed Evo 2015 with the 2018 updates and moved on to FE 1.3. I actually tested a flight with the stock Baron after each new airport scenery and after EVO. After installing FE (Full Environment) I started up FS2004 (or tried to at least) and got a message unfamiliar with me. "Flight Simulator is incompatible with Direct X 9.0C. so I re-downloaded and installed Direct X. This achieved absolutely nothing. I deduced that the problem was with FE and this was something I have installed on many occasions with no problems. However, I suspected SweetFX and went into my root folder and deleted all associated with SweetFX. This was successful and I am back to installing my aircraft etc. However, on my first test flight after that uninstall/deletion I noticed that my autogen was great but only very close to the aircraft itself and everything in the near and far distance looks somewhat like a flood plain (ie dirty brown) Hence my first question. 1. what setting do I adjust in FS9, terrain or Scenery configs? 2. does, or can, fs9 actually utilise DX10 or above? 3. I have two GPUs (1080TI and 1050ti) ... in Settings/Display/Hardware I have the 1080 .0 ... .1, and .2 all set to 1920 x 1080. the 1050 is listed simply as ti 3 and only the one setting despite three displays hanging off it, (these are all different display resolutions. I was thinking that maybe I should set up in reverse ie 1050 ti as 0,1 and 2 (with their different resolutions) and set up the 1080 (one setting 1920x1080) I have no idea how to do this if, in fact, it is possible) 4. I have also tried to add the three 1050 displays in my fs9 config and both, separately to the 1080ti displays and also together. neither of which actually does anything. I am also wondering if being able to reconfigure these settings will actually improve frame rates etc. Anyway, I would really appreciate a response to all 4 of these questions whilst only the first is really required. By the way, is anyone still able to run fs9 on Win 10. It was working very well for me for a long time but the last few updates have really created many many headaches. I got to the stage where I had run out of aspirins and just gave up because my FS2004 had just become unworkable. I have not installed an addon in probably twelve months so I do not think FS9 was the problem. Thanks in advance guys. Tony
  3. Jay, Mate, I was not talking financials here with that statement. I am speaking specifically of the fact that we all have our platform favourites. Staying with them and watching the others develop costs nothing. Swapping favourites is the expensive part and nobody will ever deny that fact. For me ... I have them all (platforms that is) but only ORBX Australian airports, Global, and Australia. I then added Ifly 737 to the P3dv4.1 addon mix. That was an experiment I have to admit. None of the other platforms have I added to, except for FS2004 which is fully and extensively added on to. Further to that, I will state that FSW is NOT a mainstream competitor YET. It may never be, but, and this is a big but, DTG state very categorically that they are in the game for the long haul. To stay in the game they HAVE to listen to the community who are existing and potential buyers. If they do this, I have no doubt that they will eventually become contenders. I simply wish them all the best and in the meantime, I have upgraded (again) to FS2004 and downgraded to Win 7 (yesterday) with profound thanks to Microsoft Windows 10 which through sheer guts and determination have finally succeeded in destroying FS2004 for me (and obviously others if one goes by recent topics about it) Others tried but failed miserably in comparison. I would not have minded so much if the Ba.....ds had a compatible flight sim in the mix. Such is progress ... I hate it LOL Regards Tony
  4. Hello all, Lets summarise all of this by alluding somewhat to pracines comment. "you don't owe me anything either but it got your attention and it was easy" and applying it to DTGs original press release. I think it has worked far beyond their expectations as far as publicity is concerned. Just let em go guys ... They will either succeed or self destruct all by their own selfs. My only further comment is that HOPEFULLY, they are really listening to these comments and that we do indeed end up with a really worthwhile contender in the Sim stakes. If indeed they do fail, what are we actually losing. We have 2 ever developing and very good 64 bit platforms (with or without DLC/Add-ons) with Aeroflyfs2, FSW, DCS and another unknown Aerosoft contender also lurking in the background. Again, I state that I am an owner of FSW and do not use it, but I do visit periodically to check it out. I seriously doubt I will use it either until we get at least some tubeliners to play with. Regardless of our sim preferences, NONE of them are perfect and all are in constant development other than the Microsoft efforts, of course, and even those are still being used constantly. Nothing to lose here and everything to gain. Lets quit the bitchin and enjoy what we have, knowing that in twelve months, all will have changed anyway. Regards to all Tony
  5. Byork, Thanks for your reply. You may well be on the right track, however.. I have loaded all my sceneries and other utilities without any dramas. FS2Crew is also the only add on asking for directions to FS2004.and further, is quite happy to install into the directory it is pointed to. Also, after completion it is telling me that it is installed correctly. Your response was, quite honestly my first thought too except for the fact that it is the only addon having a problem. I shall investigate further, and advise. Thanks again Tony
  6. Hello guys, I have just undergone a full reinstall of FS2004 on a reformatted SSD. All of that is fine. Today, I did a full reinstall of IFly 737 with updates 3.1, 3.2.1and 3.2.2. Reinstalled FS2Crew (button) ... program files/my products I then went into the IFly configuration manager (run as administrator) clicked on button control and am "dinged" and advised that FSD2Crew is not installed. I tried to install it into my FS2004 SSD (own folder named FS2Crew) and the same results. Surfed through all 15 pages of topics but cannot find anything to do with "Not installed" but I did notice that there was a major update in 2011. I purchased the IFly DVD and bundle in 2013 and I am wondering if this update is applicable. This programme has previously been installed and after a few clitches (read operator error) the programme worked flawlessly. Can someone please help me here. I hope I have supplied enough information. Regards Tony
  7. Hello all, I am an owner but not a user of this sim and this for various personal reasons, largely stated in previous threads. One aspect of this is that FSW is of course, still in development ... conjecture and uninformed personal opinions are not very helpful (you could probably include my opinions in this) However, I see as one entirely relevant point, the cost factor. If one was fortunate enough to get this sim for the cost of "Flight School" AND the conjecture, rumours and predictions come to a remotely correct fruition, which, ultimately is hinted at being a totally unfinished core sim with TPDs taking over the DLC, one is very likely to pay very much more for a P3D comparable end product. I think we really should be remembering though, that this is still in development and give the Dev (DTG) a fair chance. As a tube flier, this has very little appeal for me at the moment, but I lie in wait for a finished product (with TPD DLCs or without) before I make a final decision on whether or not to pursue it with gay abandon and reckless alacrity. Patience, my friends is called for ... not vitriol nor wild speculation. Regards to all Tony
  8. Xplane11

    John, Just me chasing totally irrelevancies I guess. They were intriguing though and certainly did not retract from your good work. Cheers mate and keep em coming. Regards Tony
  9. Xplane11

    Cactus521, Hello again. I have to add my praise to these shots and comments. I do have a query though and I am intrigued .. here goes Photo 8 has a smudge??? on the left hand side top of the fuselage at the base of the vertical stabiliser... Photo 10 it is on the right hand side, same spot ... Photo 11 and 12, it is back on the left hand side. On reflection, I think it may well be a distorted shadow (looks strange, but still maybe a shadow) and would really only appear if you were flying at or about midday with the sun directly overhead. I have no idea what it is, nor do I know what the hell drew my attention to it, but once noticed, I couldn't let it go. This is not a criticism as I thought the shots were really great and worthy of positive comment. Any ideas guys? Regards Tony
  10. Ted, I think we may be going off topic here, so, Moderators please do as you must, if in fact, we are. I found your story very interesting. I wonder though, if you could clarify just one thing. Your FPS with the single 4k actually went up but.. I can only assume that was with using the single monitor. Did you in fact, retain the other monitors and what happened to the frame rates when you were (if you were) using the four monitors. I believe that I could actually live with four monitors and just use trackir horizontally and not vertically. This would give me a required field of view but leave my instrument panels available. In fact, if that were the case, I could also live with lowerering the resolution of the instrument panel monitors. To put it simply, my plight is that using four monitors, even with sliders three meters to the left of the monitors, the frame rates are irrelevant. I have a literal slide show. I admit my non overclocked i7 2600k is my bottleneck and always wil be. I do not have the expertise to overclock and I am not going to attempt it. Even mentioning it to computer technicians here, draws blanks looks even while they are looking around for more than one clock on the walls. An upgrade of motherboard, CPU and Ram is financially out of the question at the moment. I believe my GPUs are more than adequate. However, I still believe that even with the latest and greatest hardware, the use of three or more monitors is going to be problematical. But essentially, what exactly is the difference in platforms which allow the six monitors on FS2004 but not on any of the others and why does Docking a panel have such a great impact on performance. If there is a way around this, I would love to know about it. Is the dual CPU motherboard and xeon CPUs the answer? The absolute beauty of using the six monitors is that there is no using the panning button ... everything is there all the time. There is no requirement for Ezidock, Chase plane, or any software to set up camera views for the panels. Those programmes all have their other uses. In fact, the only time I ever use my panning button is to set up the main screen (VC Cockpit) and the side views (again VC cockpit and panned to show the side view out of the aircraft) Thats it... no hunting around for a set camera view button ... no hunting for a panned view. It is in a word simply "great". I would also say that, other than setting up a complete mockup cockpit, the only way I think I coud improve on this, is to buy touch 4 touch screens to replace my 40 inch, 60 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch screens. This would be slightly cheaper than a full size cockpit but not much. Also well out of the bounds of feasibility of this poor boys pocket. Again, I appear to have rambled and I apologise for doing so. It is however, as you can see a very passionate subject to me. Also please note that all of this is P3Dv3/v4.1 and FS2004 related. The other platforms are not yet fully tested but are appearing to be going the same way. Thanks guys and, Ted if you could just confirm that those frame rates were with the four screens an not just the one. Regards Tony
  11. Hello to you all, Like skysurfer, I cannot go back to a single monitor. VR may well be a totally different story once the biggies get their act together and significantly improve resolution. Pimax appears to be the leader here in both, resolution and in the field of view aspects. This however is another story. I do not think there is any way anyone can introduce and use an extra or many monitors without the dreaded frame drop.Even in FS2004 fully loaded, my FPS drop from about 80 on a single monitor to 20-30 FPS and if you introduce them one at a time you can see significant drops as each one is added and used. 2 monitors I lose about 5 FPS ...3 I lose a further 10 and then it gets worse as extra ones are loaded and used. I stress the "used" because adding a monitor to a GPU has no impact whatsoever. It is only when you undock a panel or view to that monitor that the impact occurs. What I would LOVE to know is whether it is a resolution thing ie ... is there a frame drop going from 1080p to 2k or 4k. I do not know the formula but I think 2k is the equivalent in resolutions to 2 1080p monitors and 4k is probably the equivalent of 3 and a half 1080p monitors (please feel free to correct me on this) I do know that utilising 3 or more monitors has an effect but does 4k have the same? If there is a difference then the problem simply has to be in the docking/undocking of panels or views. Further, Why does FS2004 handle this docking and undocking problem with much less impact than P3Dv1/2/3/4, FSX, FSX-SE and Xplane. I have not yet tried to use multiple screens with FSW or Aeroflyfs2. I get a slide show with all of the others using 3 screens but FS2004 allows me to use six smoothly. Is this fixable in any way. Given the above problems ... the advent of VR and the very small numbers of users of multiple monitors I cannot really see huge amounts of research into this aspect of our sim and this I lament in a large way. I have been chasing this dream starting with FSX all the way up to P3Dv4.1. I can only look at the incredible screen shots submitted by the myriad of other platform users and dribble copious amounts of saliva whilst dreaming of achieving the seemingly impossible. It has been a very expensive process and yet I remain using my FS2004 simply because of MY version of immersion using 6 screens. 1,2 or even three screens simply is not satisfying any more. I actually envy everyone who is incredibly happy with one screen, be it 14inch 720p or 65 inch 4k ... They probably have their heads screwed on properly and it is us (the multi screen users) who are quite daft in the IQ area. I have had people with absolutely no interest whatsoever in Flight simming tell me fairly bluntly that I have the IQ of a dead plant. Not hard to dispute I guess. The sad fact remains that a, Multi screens I believe are a good and practical alternative to full mock up cockpits, and b. There is a huge penalty, which is not really, visibly being addressed, for the few multi screen users. Hey that has turned ionto a bit of a rant for which I apologise. Thanks for reading and if anyone has any comments on any of the above I would really love to improve my knowledge and also maybe migrate upwards to fulltime use of P3Dv4 or Xplane 11 Cheers and regards to all Tony
  12. Patco Lch. My thoughts are that if he remains keen, his learning path will probably be faster than an adult. I believe the problem in the long term is going to be keeping him interested in our hobby, or in real world avaition. Therefore, I think that you would be well served by FSX-SE because of the following reasons. a. It can be purchased cheaply and is probably one of very few that are offfered on sale occasionally, b. He can start off with ismple aircraft and progress to more complex ones at a later date c. The Sim itself can become as complex and scenery wise as nice as he needs it to be as he progresses, and, d. By the time he becomes competent (read obsessed) who knows what the state of our hobby will have reached. He will, however, be then able to assess for himself which Sim platform will suit his needs. Above all, I advocate that he is not pushed, and that he is encouraged to go to the nearest airport and indulge in the manner outlined by Harmoody, as indeed, in all things aviation in conjunction and as part of his learning program. Mostly though, he should be encouraged to treat it as a learning platform and NOT as a game. although that is an aspect that is extremely hard for a child to ignore. Your are also absolutely right about the role of a Grandpa ... it is truly wonderful. Good luck. Tony
  13. Hello again, I just re-read that last, and it sounds very abrupt. It was not meant to be. However if anyone is wondering this is related to my other post "fs2004 install problems" which I started recently. The full explanation to the resolution of this problem is outlined in that thread. So again, apologies if this was taken to be a little abrupt. Cheers Tony
  14. Hello to all, Well, problem is solved. It was definitely a Windows problem as after a full reformat of drive C and reinstall of Win 10... some prolems there but all sorted now .... and a full reinstall of FS2004, it is now functioning normally. Sorry one proviso to that. I found that after setting up all the assignments and axis settings, all was ok. However if I changed aircraft or exited FS2004 I had no settings at all saved and had to reset. I started another thread asking about that but after extensive research I found a thread (AVSIM of course) which told me about a line oin the Joysticks Mainn the joysticks in the fs9.config. essentially it involved inserting a line "locked=1. This has to be done manually and it essentially locks the settings for the joysticks. I have never had to do this before and I am not at all sure that it is the ultimate solution because if I want to change anything in those assignments I now have to get back into my FS9 config change that line to "locked=0" ... back into FS2004 change the desired assignments and then change fs9 config back to Locked=1. This is something of a time waster because I am constantly changing from 737 to 747 and have to reconfigure the throttles. It is though, at least working and that is just wonderful. So to all of you who helped out I want you to know that you are communicating with a very grateful AVSIMMer. Regards and thanks to you all Tony
  15. Hello all, Problem sorted out now and all running well Thanks for any intended assistance. Cheers Tony