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    Java East, Indonesia (Aussie Expat)
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    Finally abandoned FS2004, but still use it occasionally. I have also reverted to only two screens in anticipation of adopting Virtual reality. I cannot wait for MSFS. Still living in Indonesia but cannot work out why LOL. I Miss Australia but downtown Blitar(Birthplace and resting place of Soekarno) is now HOME for me with trips back to OZ to see Grandies etc.

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    8th Generation Aussie and proud of it. Love Flight Simulation and motor racing (watching it) Not much else to do here except interfacing with my Indonesia family and this is a big part of my life here. I have an Indonesia wife (married 15 years) and two adopted teenage daughters.
    Very little/limited technical support here so I rely on a very slow internet for information and or technical computer help. I would like to permanently and copntinuously thank all the people who have helped or tried to help me in the past on this incredible forum.

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  1. I think the correct answer should be "not enough ... not nearly enough" Be that in Vatsim or just plain flight simulating. Long live the ladies in all the endeavours they may try. There are certainly more and more ladies in the real world of avaition, flying and in all other aspects as well. Regards Tony
  2. rka, Thanks mate, your advice put me on the right track. Could not work out how to with windows editor so I downloaded and installed notebook ++. I was then able to configure (under compatibility) it to run as administrator. I opened it and navigated to the host file and deleted it, Saved and rebooted and then MSFS loaded for the first time in three weeks plus. I cannot thank you enough sir. Regards Tony
  3. Get some advice from Filou ... his topic titles are great Tony
  4. Hello all, Well I have finally managed to delete the offending two lines in the host file and save the changes. "You beauty" I thought and fired up MSFS again. However, the same thing is happening so I went back into the windows/system32/drivers/etc and I now have a hosts file and a hosts text document. The text document is the one with the deleted entries, but the hosts file still contains the offending two lines. I cannot delete the hosts file because of the lack of permission to do so. Where do I go to from here .... can anybody help me. Would uninstalling or deleting the google earth programme followed up with yet another MSFS uninstall and reinstall do the trick? Regards Tony
  5. Harry, I am and that is not helping either LOL Waiting with bated breath Regards Tony
  6. "Contact the administrator to obtain permission” error. Hit the start menu or press the Windows key and start typing Notepad. Right-click Notepad and choose Run as administrator. Now you'll be able to edit and save changes to your HOSTS file.3 Sept 2021" Hello all, I have just copied this advice from the internet. It does NOT work. I am getting a notification that states "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.txt You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission" I have asked myself if I can do this as I am the administrator. I have given myself permission but that is not working either LOL. How can I achieve this and save my amended hosts file please Regards Tony
  7. Bobsk8, Mate i need to do this through properties. I do it your way and I still cannot delete the offending 127 lines in Hosts. Once I get into notebook properties I know where to go from there. Regards Tony
  8. Hello again, One other thing please Where can I locate notebook in Win11 so that I can access properties (in order to run as administrator) Regards Tony
  9. Hello all again, I have a curious thing happening here. If I follow the windows search/Notepad/run as administrator/File/Open/navigate to windows/system32/drivers/etc and open, there are no files. If I just navigate to this spot without using the windows search bar ... ie Drive C/Windows/System32/Drivers/ETC, I get the hosts file, imhosts.sam, networks, protocol and services files. Clicking on hosts, I get a notification about how I want to open this file. I cannot get notepad (in this screen) to run as administrator but I click on Notepad and it opens that hosts file, where I do indeed, have those 127 lines at the bottom. I delete these and try to save and I follow the process it tells me I cannot save to that location (no admin privileges) and wants to save to documents. I am the only user and I have administrator rights. Where do I go to from here please? Regards Tony
  10. Guys, I will try that shortly. I have to abandon ship till about five this evening at which time I can try it out and report back Cheers Tony
  11. I have not used Google scenery for a couple of months as I cannot detect much difference. Both systems are so outdated in Australia, the rendition of Magnetic Island in Queensland is barely recognizable. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of Windows 11 which is what I am currently running as it was installed at a computer shop. I will do some research and see if I can repair it in lieu before sending it back to the shop. Regards and thanks mate Tony
  12. Thanks mate, That kinda makes sense in that I have been getting constant streaming issues prior to this problem. This is despite Ookla tests which indicate 90-95 Mbs. I have actually tried all three servers offered to me and that makes no difference. I just cannot get my head around streaming and stopping at 75% loading after setting all my flight parameters actually being related. Regards Tony
  13. Good morning, evening or night to all, For the last three weeks I have endured a significant problem with MSFS. The problem is that MSFS loads to the first part (ie where you select aircraft, airport etc) but after selecting a default (or any) aircraft and a departing airport, I click "fly" the blue bar goes rapidly to about 75 percent and then stops or locks up. This is happening with a vanilla install (renamed Comunity folder) which creates an empty Community folder. I have also used a back up "Official" folder, but nothing is working. To try to correct this I have done about four uninstalls and reinstalls. I am installing to Drive D as there is insufficient space on my C drive, but I see this as irrelevant as I have always installed this sim into Drive D. I have gone into C/users/username/AppData/local/packages and deleted the Flightsimulator folder entirely, before and after an uninstall procedure. I have also reformatted Drive D and none of this works. I also note that MSFS now installs an alfa and numerical folder (1526D95E-A767-4FAC-BD17-F1E5C8D28642) in the MSFS folder as well as a microsoft flight simulator digital owner folder. and this is new for me in the last few weeks. I also moved my Community.bak and Official.bak folders to another hard drive before reformatting. They are yet to be moved back into my MSFS folder. Can anybody give me some idea of what is going on please. Regards Tony
  14. Mate, Without being critical, I have no idea why you would say this, with emphasis on "thank goodness" unless you are thinking that working with more than one platform would somehow degrade what they already deliver. I look at this from the point, that the more developers who are developing for two or more platforms, are actually good for flightsim consumers and for flight simulation in general. I am aware that there are politics and economics at play here, and I am a multi platform player (I assume that many of us are) I would love Hotstart and Aerobask to come to MSFS with their quality products for example. The only downside to this for consumers is the inevitable damage to our wallets. Long live the great developers regardless of what platforms they support exclusively. Regards Tony
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