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  1. From Aerofly user Argivo Hi all You can download the Do27/CASA 127 from here: https://flight-sim.org/filebas…/171-dornier-27-casa-127/ To install just unzip the file in your Aerofly fs2 aircraft directory Please keep in mind that I'm not a pilot so the flight model can be unreal. I tried to reflect the stol capabilities of the real airplane but I have no way to ensure that. Of course if any of you want to refine these defects you have my permission, I hope you enjoy the plane
  2. A tale of woe: The Last Day Defense So now this very nice game is free, and who knows the fate of the developers? https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2773876492638340/ https://www.viveport.com/apps/37da5fb7-2500-4596-9b60-7b966ffd340f/The_Last_Day_Defense/ Description Unleash your strategy and get ready to defend your land – feel the responsibility for the fragile future of mankind and stand up for it with The Last Day Defense - VR tower defense game.
  3. With only one day of use, it seems unlikely that you could have tried all the settings to mitigate the SDE. Did you change your steam ss settings at all? (1.40 matches the HMD's native resolution)
  4. From Outerra user fly77 https://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=3901.0;topicseen It's a pleasure to present here un upgraded version of Levi's Airbus A380-800 model. To make the model more enjoyable I added cockpit lights as well as emissive gauge textures, landing lights, navigation and strobe lights as well as gear lights. It seems something had already been done on cockpit lights by uriah but I worked on a version of the A380 without cockpit lights and so I decided to add my own. Also in addition to the default external view (key "C") and pilot view I added some other first person view cameras which allow some new nice views including also a "fly-by" view as common in flight simulators as well as a "formation-flight" camera that simulates the view of the plane from another plane Commands: press "L" key to switch on landing lights press "shift+L" to switch on cockpit lights press "shift + N" to switch on navigation lights press "cntrl + L" to switch on strobe lights cameras: press c for external camera press v for first-person view cameras: left pilot seat cockpit camera press v once more for right seat cockpit camera press v once more for left wing camera (look around with mouse) press v once more for right wing camera (look around with mouse) press v once more for landing gear camera press v once more for "fly-by" camera watching the from outside plane fly by press v once more for "formation flight" camera watching the plane from outside keeping the ability to look around with the mouse press key "H" to increase "fly-by range" press key "J" to decrease "fly-by range" Press numpad + and - to zoom in and out ENJOY !
  5. Developer says they will take down the demo for this (cancelled) game in one week. https://radiusgordello.itch.io/unreal-pt
  6. HiFlyer

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    https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipsch-promedia-2-1-computer-speakers The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers singlehandedly raised the bar on what is defined as exceptional sound from a computer audio system. Dual horn-loaded satellite speakers and a robust subwoofer deliver room-filling, crystal-clear acoustics that takes your games, movies and music to the next level. Features: Three-piece computer audio system Exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn Technology 200-Watt Digital Hybrid Amplifier Headphone Jack and Miniplug Input 31 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response range
  7. Play a pure WAVE SHOOTER arcade game in a globalized world led by moore, a global AI program. Your mission is to liberate Paris from the machines’ rebellion. The intense and immediate pleasure of playing with a rigorous and original art direction. https://store.steampowered.com/app/987770/Singularity_5/ Unique and uncompromising visual and sound experience Explore Paris in 2050 through 5 unique levels 5 types of enemies with various attacks and strategies and two boss battles Physical and stylish gameplay with no artificial padding Optimized for 90 fps on a GTX 1060 Fast loading No micro-transactions, no abusive DLC Direct contact with the development team: https://discord.gg/8aWuWck Compatible Vive, WMR, Oculus
  8. There was a question in another thread about Vr and people with eye problems or low vision that set me off to do some research about Vr and vision: https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/20/samsung-relumino-vision-ar-app/ https://www.androidheadlines.com/2018/01/samsungs-relumino-uses-vr-help-visually-impaired.html Samsung isn't just using VR headsets as a means of boosting phone sales. The company's C-Lab has launched Relumino, a Gear VR app that uses augmented reality to compensate for vision problems. It can magnify the picture or adjust the contrast of what you're looking at if it's just a question of clarity, but it can also remap your field of view (to deal with blind spots or tunnel vision), outline objects and filter colors. The app is free in the Oculus Store, and don't be dissuaded by the Korean-only product page -- it supports English. Yes, it would be awkward and impractical to walk around wearing a VR headset (and your phone) at all times, so the current app is more for special situations. And Samsung knows it -- the Relumino team hopes to develop "glasses-like" hardware that achieves similar results without drawing attention to wearers or adding too much bulk. Even in its current state, though, this could be valuable for any visually impaired person who'd like to supplement their eyesight without springing for expensive specialized equipment.
  9. https://forum.flyinside-fsx.com/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=7400 Hi All, Huge new update ready for download! You can install the update via "File -> Check for Updates" (Steam will update automatically if you have that version). This update features a brand new VR controller system, a heavily revamped helicopter flight model, and a slew of other fixes and improvements. Details: https://flyinside-fsx.com/News Change Log: https://flyinside-fsx.com/Download/ChangeLog
  10. I have a nephew with a false eye from an accident, and he was stunned when he tried Vr.
  11. Hmmmmm...... seems like progrmr has bumped into this one as well! 😸
  12. I use to love that spinning ride that pins you to the wall at the amusement park and then slowly drops the floor, leaving you hanging there. I don't know how many G's it exerts on you but it was fun..... Except I tried it last sumer and felt distinctly shaky afterwards, which is a bit sad. I wonder if you eventually reach an age where coasters and other rides are no longer safe. At any age though, 46G's is madness.
  13. And that's when you hop into Aerofly for a bit and zoom over New York or the Netherlands with Max settings at 90FPS. Since there are no study level planes (closest would be the Q400) yet, the sim will likely not interest you, but boy is it nice in VR!