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  1. DCS? If I wanted to test somebody's' VR flight-legs, (and was feeling a bit vicious) I would toss them into a dogfight in Star Wars Squadrons.....
  2. I've shown vr to many people over time, and it's always startling to me how quickly some of them got violently sick almost instantly.... I've actually tried to make myself sick from time to time, spinning, quick movements, the whole nine yards, and....... nothing. I really wonder what makes the difference.
  3. Now that's intriguing. My understanding was that frame generation essentially only required the gpu to be "trained" on a particular program, and then it should/can then work, and that Amd's version of the tech might not even require that... AMD reveals long-awaited FSR 3 tech and frame gen for every DX11/DX12 game
  4. And frame generation is especially useful in cpu bound scenarios
  5. Soooooo..... Nobody has ever seen the Andromeda Strain? 🙃
  6. Not sure how true that is.... Honestly, I've been feeling a bit like the poor relation with my shy little 4070, when pretty much everyone else on the forum seems to be grabbing 4090's..... That may say something about how much even simmers enjoy their eye-candy.
  7. And it's actually probably better for professional platforms and simulators then for games, where fast movement and twitch reflexes may cause noticeable artifacts across generated frames from blur and smearing. Your average persons not really gonna notice too much of that when gently looking from side to side in a cockpit, and certainly some slight lag is not going to be as much of a problem in a sim as it would be in a game when you're racing to get a shot in before the sugar-fueled ten year old you're facing blows you away. Above and beyond that, even the artifacts that were noticeable, usually only to youtubers that were freezing or ballooning frames and then examining them with a magnifying glass in the first iterations of the technology, have seen said artifacts significantly reduced or eliminated by the latest generation. For many, I would say that given that DLSS and frame generation quality has now risen to the point that it's almost indistinguishable from a regular screen, why would anybody eschew the extra frames?
  8. I would only point out that's a 9 month old video, and that many of the caveats that the creator raises have been addressed, or are being addressed by advancements in the technology.
  9. Well. for me that's kind of the point. (I was just thinking about this) Occasionally I stop playing for a week or so, but it seems I'm always pulled right back by some new toy or new update, and most of those are pouring in an (apparently) endless cornucopia from the MSFS direction, nowadays.
  10. Concept reminds me of Aerosofts US Cities for.... I think it was FSX, years and years ago. EDIT: Anyone who doesn't like the Samscene stuff should take a look at what we settled for in tha' past. 🛬 🙃
  11. Yes. As far as I know, that's the only place its available, for now.
  12. Experimental Data Streaming Buildings, trees, aerial images and elevation data covering the entire simulated globe can now be streamed via the internet as an experimental feature. Please note: Streaming has to be enabled manually, in the main menu you can find a new networking button which brings you to the networking menu and the option to enable streaming. Global Coverage This update is the first step towards world wide coverage in Aerofly FS. What we have added so far: Global cultivation data: 3D buildings, trees, power lines, wind turbines, night street-lights, etc. Global aerial images and elevation data with limited resolution, some areas have higher resolution than others 10,000+ generated airports with taxiways and runways but without custom made terminals or 3D objects This experimental beta opens up the rest of the world for you to fly in but we will of course continue to make high quality custom airports, custom landmarks, etc. Change-Log (Version, 2023-09-22) Added option to enable world-wide streaming of cultivation data Added 3D directional sounds to many aircraft Numerous bug fixes and improvements Improvements to A380 model, new wings, new engines, new overhead panel, increased texture resolution Changed A380 landing gear sequence duration more realistic Added A380 NAV tuning by identifier in the MFD Improvements to B777 engine model Updated Boeing 747, 777 and 787 CDU pages TAKEOFF REF, PERF INIT, VNAV and other pages Improvements to 747, 777 and 787 displays: RNP/ANP, LDG ALT, TCAS OFF texts Changed B737-500 flight model adjusted Changed B737-500 sound improved Fixed P38 propeller speed levers
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