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  1. But of course, that's what the testers are for. I suspect its more likely than not that any such error has already been reported. In fact I know it has.
  2. Finally reaching for its true potential, in this year of surprises: https://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=4939.0* 64-bit version* 3D trees* global city dataset* global imagery resolution 20m (adjustable, default 40m, demo mode 160m)* forest map resolution 10m (adjustable, default 20m, demo mode 80m)* dynamic environment reflections* cloud shadows* global weather from captured satellite data* scriptable scenery objects* ...
  3. Google Earth and Bing style photogrammetry certainly does have limits. On the gripping hand, I have seen other examples of photogrammetry where you might as well be there live. The state of the art is advancing pretty quickly!
  4. The tone never changed for me...... I admit to being puzzled though. Were you, or somebody else out there honestly expecting an absolutely perfect product? Microsoft/Asobo have made it pretty clear (I think) that they considered/consider this a long-term endeavor, and on their road-map they clearly list the upcoming product updates and cleanups on the way over the next few months. Why would an absolutely perfect product even need updates? 🤔 What did we think they would be doing the next ten years?
  5. Yeah, that's kind of even why i mentioned it. Hopefully these things are being thought of and addressed.
  6. This is the part where I hold up the holy nda of antioch as a shield. Only a few more days, guys. 😺
  7. I just immediately worry how stable the market might be for some of it. For instance, airports (and aircraft) will absolutely always sell, but Microsoft could easily and even accidentally undercut a scenery area by simply updating it with photogrammetry, or detailed blackshark stuff, at essentially any time in the indeterminate future. 😕 I imagine the various third parties must be scrambling to identify appropriate niches and hoping to avoid that. And of course remaining hopeful that things like X-plane, P3D and heck, maybe even Aerofly remain relevant over the medium and long term as far as current and potential markets.
  8. Graphically, I would say absolutely, But of course LM likely has other and possibly more important priorities relating to their actual primary market.
  9. Depends on location. Some places seem to have it, some don't. May be a WIP
  10. In the end, its probably all going to depend on what people individually expect, and also what each person is looking to get out of it. I'm more interested in the updated graphics, but also understand both that there are limits, and that its still early days. Someone more interested in systems, may find them lacking compared to legacy sims, but to me, that just goes back to the fact that its still early days. Lets see where we are in a few years.......
  11. Billboards don't do well in Vr, though, and that's where I prefer to fly. I'm already worried, wondering if the MSFS ones will work correctly or have problems in VR like Skymaxx did for quite a while.
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