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  1. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Here is the manual: Without it, users will most assuredly go mad. http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/577357/manuals/EN_NEC_Manual.pdf?t=1521459443
  2. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    It depends on what you're rocking for hardware. At this point, I get between 90 and 100 fps maxed in TSW.
  3. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Release is today. 3/20/2018 Introductory sale price of $17.99 ends in a few hours........
  4. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    Interestingly enough, apparently Amtrak asked DTG to tone down some of the realism on the New York route due to possible security concerns...... Real, or marketing from DTG?
  5. Train Sim World: NEC New York

    For me, this is much more like it. A route in the U.S that I've always loved ever since I was a kid, and stared out the car window at the tracks alongside the highways. Where did those trains go to? Who was on them? The tracks represented travel, adventure, unknown places and possibilities. My love of trains started there..... Amtrak!!! Now if only DTG does not screw it up. I'm always suspicious now when these titles appear with seemingly no warning and no In-depth previews. Especially as they offer the pre-purchase price of $17.99 if you get it now instead of waiting for the $29.99 release...... And the accompanying reviews...... Lets hope its good!
  6. VR SLI

    Not that I know of.
  7. Nice detail in this, and an incredible (and free!) zero-g experience from Oculus Studios. Bring your Barf bags if you're sensitive!
  8. Add ons

    It's probably better that he doesn't. Answering would almost certainly become an invitation for partisans to jump in and begin the type of tit-for-tat that eventually gets so wild that mods are forced to arrive in firetrucks to put out the flames.
  9. First is installing the Oculus software, which then is very helpful in guiding you step by step through everything else.
  10. That game is called "The Lab" But the environment is severely limited.
  11. Made me smile. There's your potential future simmers!!
  12. Beta 11.20VR4

    Whoops! Someone must have sneezed, really quick. Beta 11.20VR5 is out.