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  1. Fiddled with them for months, downloaded terabytes of orthos, and finally deleted it all. For me, the results were simply not worth the effort, especially keeping correct scenery order in X-plane, for what eventually became an impermeable spaghetti-tangle of support files... MSFS essentially does all that for me, and better than I ever could. I think its just human nature that people will tend to migrate to something simpler, even if its just a side-grade, much less an upgrade, and I kind wonder if the dominance of specialized enthusiasts "rolling their own" and digging into the innards of their sims for hours-days-weeks to get them where they want them just might be heading for the dustbin of history. Convenience. Even just the internal marketplace is a game-changer. (even though, like most in this thread, my purchases are rarer and much more particular, even as prices drop. MSFS keeps throwing free stuff at me that I would formally have had to either purchase or become a junior software engineer to install and maintain)
  2. My memory is quite different. When I posted videos of modern games like ace combat and similar graphically intense titles, it was explained, often quite dismissively how those games represented limited worlds and how 100 mile view distances with such details were pretty much impossible, usually ending with comments of how non programmers obviously didn't understand the limitations of modern hardware, flightsims were much more computationally intensive than mere games, plus framerates would be in the single digits. Also, current sims, after decades of effort were now at the pinnacle of technical capability, etc etc, etc....
  3. Not in anything (I felt) close to a convincing manner. More often than not, even as various companies bragged of building placement breakthroughs, trees were often sparsely and haphazardly placed, and buildings were usually just generic squares and rectangles which didn't match the orthophoto footprints at all..... It was almost never a convincingly plausible world for me, except when somebody took the time to hand-place buildings... in limited areas.
  4. When I first started back with FSX, I immediately started purchasing Orthophoto stuff from megascenery, and spent quite a lot of money before becoming disillusioned with the flatness of it all, and that the water was simply a texture. Next was an extended and eventually expensive foray into the strange and convoluted would of GEX, before finally ending up with Orbx. In between, I made pitstops with REX and finally P3D, also X-plane, and tons of mods and things like Skymaxx. And Outerra! All those years, I had in mind what I wanted, but it simply wasn't available. and many said it wasn't even possible. The market was just too small for any Daddy-Warbucks, deep pocket company to spend the time and money to bring the genre to modern standards. X-plane seemed happy to putter along, running in place, as was P3D, aside from sporadic updates that many including myself mentally characterized as "Lipstick on a pig". I was longing for MSFS, years before it actually existed, but didn't think anyone would ever create what I was thinking of. Now its here, warts and all, and I'm pretty much in love. The simulator I imagined in my head as a kid when I stood in my tippy-toes and pushed my nose over the edge of the table to gape at some jerky lines on the screen of an old Apple.... has finally arrived.
  5. Disappointed. I was expecting an actual comparison video.. 😞
  6. The download page has hundreds of users comments to the Modder, either reporting problems or offering thanks.
  7. Then I would see how many others were reporting the same, to help decide if it was the program, or something about my system.
  8. Just a reminder that this is out there, and might be of use to some unhappy with the current UI https://flightsim.to/file/22352/ms-fs-2020-modern-ui-2-0
  9. Yah, with that system you might definitely struggle a bit. I was wondering about the slowdowns/stuttering you were experiencing. This might help as well (hopefully)
  10. It might also help if you posted your system specifications.
  11. Great to hear! Sorry it took a while to get back to you, it's a nice Saturday morning here, and after setting up the new link, I fell asleep. 😴
  12. Hmmmmm..... Does this work? How to shorten paths for MSFS.pdf
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