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  1. The old paste was Artic silver As for temp difference, my main interest was to see if this stuff worked at all! (which it does) At 4.6ghz full load on all cores (Intel burn test) max temp is now 75c (Core Temp and Realtemp) 26c at idle. Variance across cores was a max of 5c, so in fact at max load. all cores except core1 were actually at 70c Previous was running at between 80 and 85c For me, the main plus will be nearly infinite reusability for all intents and purposes, and removing the guesswork in messy paste applications. (Was it even? Was it thick enough? Too thick? Etc...) Plus the temps are quite nice, and I've always hated applying thermal goop.
  2. Well, being the curious type, I ordered this from Amazon, and surprise, surprise, it works just as advertised! 🐱
  3. I think this is in the wrong section.......
  4. https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/12944-lukla-in-aerofly-fs2-preview/&pageNo=1 Excerpt:
  5. Being a New Yorker, I've always loved the subway trains, and as kids me and my friends were just as comfortable underground as your average mole. 😋 I always wanted to drive one of those trains, and World of Subways gave a surprisingly good rendition of the experience. At its original price, many probably gave it a pass, put at the Steam sale price of $2.49 its much harder to resist. Low enough to give it a try, even if just out of curiosity! https://store.steampowered.com/app/306370/World_of_Subways_1__The_Path/
  6. And seems like it will be revolutionary and have many uses. One of the things that immediately occured to me was how something like this might have reacted to the airliner window incident that occured recently..... So many amazing advances happening all around us. Daily, science fiction becomes real, and we do things our ancestors could only ascribe to magic. Sometimes it's good to take a second and go "Wow" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DduO1fNzV4w
  7. HiFlyer

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Aiiigghhhhh!!! 😿 I have no tubes compatible with V2. (they kind of bore me) Know of any cheap/free ones?
  8. HiFlyer

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    The only time I get a serious struggle in the scenery seems to be with various levels of AI. turning that down quite a bit lets me maintain what many say is a quite acceptable 30fps, but then, I'm only running at 2k. Still, I find flying over a populated ortho much more satisfying than over landclass, so I would be willing to put up with a few things for that pleasure. Fortunately, as long as you balance things to the requirements of your particular system, I think this is a worthy candidate for purchase. None of these test pictures below ever fell under 30fps
  9. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    Incorrect. I replied, then belatedly remembered history and realized that my reply could only have one conclusion. Me in front of the keyboard all day writing increasingly pointless and boring point-counterpoints until one of the posters on one side or the got their feelings involved and the mods stepped in. Last time it happened, I swore to remember the warning signs: so yup, I'm exiting hastily from a train to nowhere. The last word is yours, because, yup, I'm out. 😺
  10. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    Congratz, so do I. See what I mean? Pointless and boring already. Peace!
  11. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    Think what you want. From my side, I just realized I wasn't up for a long, pointless and eventually boring forum fight with the defenders of the "truth" we are in the process of constructing. Makes me tired just thinking about it. (and slightly depressed)
  12. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    Nah, not going there. Impeding righteous mob is dangerous.
  13. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    This is kind of deja vu to watch, and maybe even a bit comical, as the community echo chamber settles on the cover story, that will with repetition eventually become the one and only "obvious" truth..... We will of course, find ourselves blameless on all counts. 😻
  14. HiFlyer

    Farewell FSW

    So is all this true? Well, it feels like the "other side" of a story where pretty much only one side has been heard, so far...... Perhaps something approaching the "real" story will eventually be triangulated.
  15. I can't think of any reason why not, as long as the sensors can see the headset