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  1. It would be very interesting to see the effects of this tech on/in a Flight Simulator...
  2. I wonder if that also affects Paypal payments....... Seems unlikely, put who knows exactly how the NewEgg system works. In the end, I'm not surprised. People see these big, gleaming online and physical edifices companies erect to impress us, and average folks usually have no idea of the ramshackle, lowest bidder IT backend in some old near-abandoned warehouse that underpins it all.... And has to continually apologize when this stuff just keeps happening.
  3. Well, yes. But "out there" in the wider world, it was tech geeks using Fsx. Here its flight simulation geeks using tech. It's not quite the same....... Flight simulation feels a bit more "sedate" to me, whereas tech sites were.... (Or perhaps still are) a bit more like "Animal house" 😁
  4. Once upon a time, on various gaming, overclocking and geeky tech sites, the emergence of a new CPU or graphics card would be more than enough, even for people who did not already have it on their systems, to acquire or haul out FSX to test the power of their new toys. FSX was a de facto fps test standard along with FutureMark, Furmark and a few others. It seems like a million years ago. One doubts if that will ever happen again. Your statement there gave me a quick flashback to those old days, for a second there. 😄
  5. This is my (potential) new baby, provided my feet don't go cold......
  6. Bleah..... 🤕 Just got this Email.
  7. I don't agree. I think the 1080ti and 2080 seem functionally equivalent, but the 2080ti is adding 20 to 30 fps or more above that, and that's without even counting in DLSS which I think might be what eventually seals the deal. The elephant in the room for me, is probably something nobody seems to be mentioning, which is VR performance, and I know that these cards have a new, faster VR port which is also something nobody seems to be talking about. That being said, I have heard that these cards were originally going to be on a smaller 10nm die, which probably would have contributed quite a bit to their speed. They may have been released a bit hastily, from that standpoint. 😞
  8. Some of the reviews are quite negative. Some reviewers almost seem to be angry if the card doesn't live up to what they believe it should be. Hearing that from multiple reviewers is actually kind of discouraging. It's making me wonder if I should hold off for a while.
  9. Sometimes a straight video is easier to digest than reviewers talking and talking......
  10. I have no idea what an "equivalent setting" between X-Plane and 3PD would look like. To me, that's like saying equivalent settings between Checkers and chess.
  11. Yes, I've preordered from NewEgg. My sense is that I'll see improvements in Aerofly FS2 and probably X-plane, but P3D is CPU-bound enough that I'm only expecting a negligible change, there.
  12. HiFlyer

    For the Space Sim Fans

    While it won't be released for a while, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw very much looks like a homage to the programs that started the space sim genre in the first place, such as Freelancer and Wing commander. Might be worth keeping an eye on!
  13. You might be surprised how many people do, if not simply for curiosity about exactly what they just paid more than $1000 for, then for reasons including cleaning: (closed systems like this can gather lots of clogging internal dust), putting in better thermal grease to aid in overclocking, or to add aftermarket parts like water cooling. This also includes changing out a broken part like a malfunctioning fan, or even changing a bad capacitor, which might rescue an otherwise hopelessly dead card somewhere down the road. Unfamiliarity does not necessarily mean uselessness...... This video made me very happy I chose a partner card rather than the Nvidia brand, since I don't trust what I see of its cooling setup, and it looks very very hard to service due to being held together with at least 80 (seriously) screws.