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  1. Random aviation stuff. Thought it was interesting......
  2. DSL speeds are going to be affected by your distance from the telso, and can also be affected by your internal home wiring as well as your modem settings. An extender will increase your wireless coverage range within the home and may increase your wireless signal strength, but will generally have no effect on your speed.
  3. Even a few seconds counts as a view. The amount of time each viewer watches shows up on your personal stats if you have a channel, and not watching a video to completion is an indicator that your content isn't up to snuff. In an age of short attention spans and people looking for constant stimulation, it's actually pretty hard to make a video that holds a viewers attention throughout its run. For that reason, an average vid is only about 4 minutes, and 10 minutes is probably stretching it. I'm always pleased when I see a viewer watched the whole thing. Edit: In fact, I learned from that to keep my posts short as well, and I always cringe if forced to go more than a few paragraphs, as I know people are less and less likely to read, the longer I yammer. (unless the post is very interesting)
  4. Welcome. Glad you decided to jump in, and hope you can find another home, here.
  5. Let's apply some logic, and some more "random stats" (That actually aren't random at all, since they're official numbers used by Youtube itself to decide the mans pay) Obsidianant is currently listed as having 189K subscribers. (who likely did not all hit the subscribe button by random chance) In less than 3 days, his video achieved more than 100,000 views, which also does not happen randomly. Its apparent from the rapidity with which those numbers were attained, that many of those views likely were repeat visitors, as his other FS2020 related videos all obtained similar numbers. This is in fact par for the course for him, as his average video can get up to half a million views, on a regular basis. That being the case, it's not hard to see Obsidianant as a popular Youtuber with a wide following, which also doesn't happen randomly, or as a result of clickbait, since, simply enough, if his content was misleading, or held no interest, his reputation would suffer to the point that viewers would simply leave. The exact opposite is the case, as his reputation is excellent, and his numbers of viewers have steadily grown. If you were a member of the Obsidianant Discord (which I am) you would also find official corporate representatives from a number of developers, a fact which also reflects his popularity and acknowledges his influence. They apparently find his "random stats" significant, even if you do not. Further: All the random (to me) ranting about people who do anything for views, hockey etc, sounds like a personal thing, and I have zero interest. Perhaps you should start a thread about it, instead of derailing existing threads? Except...... I'm here, and enjoyed the video and his take on the matter, and other people have also mentioned having no problem with it, notwithstanding whether you personally find that hard to believe. You lose that wager pretty much instantly. Its something I see a lot here. People assuming that everyone else of course thinks just like them on X subject, because...... well, no reason, actually. Thats the real, confirmation bias. You see no paradox? I responded in kind. *Shrugs* Different viewpoints? You mean like my viewing this video as worthwhile for posting, while you dont? You did not respect my right to post, based on your differing viewpoint. In fact you felt strongly enough about it to actually mock the post and now derail the thread. Yet you speak of respect for different viewpoints? Physician, heal thyself.
  6. Correction: You believe the number of views is irrelevant, and I disagree. The simple fact is that if the Youtuber in question was not providing content that people enjoyed, then he simply would not be so popular. Thats simple logic. Its whether you personally approve of the choice of those people to watch him, that's irrelevant. Yes, one of the views was yours, whereupon you are/were given an open opportunity to join your voice to the nearly 200 people who disapproved, as opposed to to the 1.5K and growing who approved. As to things already shown and discussed..... I would submit that about 80 percent of the content on this forum, especially regarding FS2020, is regurgitated and not of very much substance, yet we persist, day after day, year after year. If you find such things disturbing, why are you here? Because there are all sorts of people here, with all levels of knowledge, interest and levels of engagement. Not just you and like-minded folks. If this is truly an issue, one could always issue a general call for everyone else to leave. I would bring it up with the Mods.
  7. I would just note for the record that the more than 98,542 viewers of the video, as of this post, including myself, apparently disagree with you as to the utility of the content, though I do note there are 195 dislikes, so there is that.
  8. You are a rarely heard voice in the community, who however, I have long suspected represents its actual (silent) backbone.
  9. This is just about the first time I have finally been able to look at clouds in a sim, and they are good enough that my brain finally just accepts them as clouds and goes about its business. In every other sim, for years the clouds have made me go "Hmmmmmmmmmmm....." Most attempts at true 3D clouds to date have had enormous compromises as far as view distance, numbers of layers, cloud heights with things like cumulonimbus and nimbostratus, fog depiction, fps tradeoffs, shadowing and self shadowing... the list goes on. Asobo/Ms shows for the first time (other than in games) what modern effects can look and behave like. Perfect? Nope, just (like much of the sim) overall a big leap forwards.
  10. Well, and also Laminar is slower than molasses in winter. How many known issues have languished forever, like ATC? I've seen Asobo/MS fix things in weeks that experience has taught me to expect Laminar would not get around to in years. Good luck competing, with that being the case.
  11. He likes big BUTs and he cannot lie....... 😋
  12. Interesting...... Would we rather have something like X-planes ATC, repeating the same thing over and over till you go insane? Is P3D's better? What's the standard this atc is expected to beat?
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