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  1. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    I actually had hopes...... Because I had seen TrueSky used in other programs, and knew that it could do better than what was showing up in FSW at the time. I was expecting that as they refined things, more and more of the potential would appear. I also hoped that the apparently true volumetric nature of Trusky would give us our first glimpse of non-rotating clouds in VR, if FSW ever got that far.... I had actually been very encouraged by this thread: I eventually went and downloaded the Project Wingman Alpha demo to see TrueSky running in a faster sim. Needless to say I would be happy to see it at least tried in X-plane, P3D or Aerofly which I think could easily shed some FPS for a really modern cloud depiction. By the way! To TonyWob, I hope Barton and Orbx TE England make you a ton of Money!!!
  2. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    All I really want out of X-plane, is for the VR to work better. I got the impression that was a big part of the push for Vulkan. The thing I struggle with currently is the generally unacceptable sim performance on my Oculus. Since I'm very into that, its a good thing (for me at least, since I know some people couldn't care less) that all sims seem to be racing to enhance their VR experience. Looking around, I know a lot of the aircraft guys are making a move, but its good to see that some scenery companies like Orbx also have their eye on the (VR) ball.
  3. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    Potentially, but I'm not completely sure. Certainly its made Aerofly faster, but the changes to the (aerofly) OpenGL engine made it just as fast (faster, actually) So............ Maybe its more of a future thing: once they have the tech working, then they can refine it to take best advantage.
  4. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    In all of this, nobody has brought up Jv's mention of further plans for XP (And its going to Vulkan too, where it seems everyone is hoping for significant FPS increases)
  5. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    Doesn't he tend to keep his frame-rates locked? I noticed in his test, he tried to lock to 60, and it wouldn't.
  6. P3D managed to do something awful to speed-trees, which are very very good in other programs. I can only recommend to avoid the setting.
  7. HiFlyer

    Interview With Orbx’ John Venema

    Every once in a while I see this put forward.... but the only actual evidence for it seems to be our experience of the behavior of older sims. Interested however, I did take up the challenge and loaded up the Piper Cub in P3D, after having turned off absolutely everything that could be turned off. I also set my monitor to its max 165hz and took a quick flight over Orbx EHRD. Slightly surprised, I did indeed hit spikes up to 170 fps Unfortunately, there was essentially nothing (a few fuel silos in the distance) in sight. Aerofly can do a bit better than that. In fact here is a picture of me taken long ago, putt-putting along at about 600fps (lower left corner) in similar "not much onscreen" circumstances. I'm a bit startled this seems to be heading towards a sim vs sim thing, but I'm kinda hoping this is just a sign of simulation entering a period of adjustment to new possabilities. In fact, I suspect as time goes by and more and more is added to Aerofly, (hopefully with nothing near the predicted precipitous FPS drop) this particular argument about achievable framerate will (gradually) give ground until everyone's completely forgotten about it because they're too busy enjoying themselves.
  8. Thought some might be interested. https://fselite.net/originals/fselite-original-interview-with-orbx-john-venema/
  9. I think in the future, engines like Outerra (perhaps not Outerra itself) will provide some facsimile of the earth without requiring the huge amount of Data Orthos would need..... Tech marches on. I can't imagine where graphics might be in 20 years.
  10. Don't know about the beta, but I would bet good money its coming......
  11. Well, I'm probably going to be around for a while (it seems!) unless something unexpected happens, so I don't mind waiting. Plus, I kind of take the longer view. In my mind, its not just about me; its about the future of the hobby and all those potential new simmers out there, that after playing the latest games for years think our decade old sims look about as attractive as pong and run like injured turtles. 😃
  12. Three, actually. We all know the fate of Ms FLIGHT, followed by the recent FSW, and I'm hoping not followed by Aerofly, though that seems that it might succeed on its own by courting the broader VR market above and beyond just Flightsim. I hesitate to even mention Nextgen sim, and I'm hoping that Deadstick is so different that what we think doesn't even apply, because lots of people will like it above and beyond the pure simulation market. (And every time I see new info on flyinside sim, I want to pray for their brave souls) 😋
  13. These conversations always make me tilt my head sideways a bit. Its a given, it seems to me, that to take full advantage of today's hardware, probably a brand new sim/new approach will be required, yet at the same time, it seems the community barely gives new efforts the time of day. We seem not to want to give any new sim consideration until it somehow catch's up to the decades of effort imparted to our current sims, which of course robs them of the very support they require to ever do so. I wonder if "we" (whoever we are) are really serious sometimes, or are just making water-cooler conversation, with basic economics thrown out the window.
  14. Sorry I was on the loose out in the world all day, chasing fish. 1. Check that you have all latest drivers installed for your system, specially the graphic card. In the graphic card settings, let all settings to default. 2. Delete the main.mcf file of AFS2, in folder Documents/Aerofly 3. RESTART PC 4. Start AFS2 to re-generate the main.mcf file
  15. No.... make sure the installation is still in the correct folder that steam is pointing at as your default installation directory and attempt to reinstall aerofly. Steam should find the existing files and not reinstall them. It will just check them and then list the sim as installed.