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  1. The issue has been resolved. I updated my P3Dv5.3 client to v5.4 and have flown 4 flights in PMDG 737-800 & CS 757-200 without any problems. I'm glad it was an easy fix. No more head scratching! Case closed.
  2. Bad links, so we're not able to help until it is fixed.
  3. I received an email response to my inquiry from them - they had some unplanned server maintenance. Possibly hardware failure, i would guess. They are back up, now.
  4. Is it recommended to install Prepar3D_v5_SDK_Setup_5.4.9.28482.msi if I plan to only update my P3Dv5.3 to V5.4 - client and not content or scenery? If yes, then should the v5.3 sdk be uninstalled first? I would have posted on P3D forum, but, as I'm sure you are aware, it's been down hard for 2-3 days, now. Thanks!
  5. @Luke - do you recommend doing the full update or just the 5.4 Client? The other concern has arisen after reading the thread on higher cpu temps with 5.4. Here are my pc specs: i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz oc to 4.3, 32 GB ram, RTX 2060 12 GB, air cooled mid sized tower case. This system performs very well with frame rate limiter set at 30. I use lots of addon scenery and generally see vram usage in the area of 4-5gb with temps < 80C, as best as my memory can recall.
  6. I can't access P3D's forum for the past 4-5 hours, so I'll ask here: Should I decide to upgrade to P3Dv5.4, is it worth upgrading Content and Scenery or just do the Client? I have so many addons (a/c and scenery) that would take me ~80 hours to uninstall and reinstall, if that is necessary moving up to 5.4. If I don't have to do that when only upgrading the 5.4 Client, how about those installed inside the main P3D folder, such as PMDG a/c? This is what has kept me on 5.3, thus far. I'm just thinking ahead in the event I can't isolate the electrical gremlin.
  7. No, I'm not sure it is FSUIPC. But, it is a starting place to troubleshoot. I'm in the process of saving event log files right after the incident occurs (only once so far) and will compare several logs and John Dowson also offered to review them to help determine if there is any evidence of causation. As far as attaching files, I don't see an option for that, only a link to a host for viewers to download the file, if that is what you mean. I know some forums have the option to attach/insert a file, but as I said, I don't see that option here.
  8. Well, after one uneventful flight, it happened again. @Bob Scott - I am pasting a copy of the jet.ini FSUIPC aircraft profile. Please let me know if you see anything suspicious. Imho, I don't think anything is the culprit herein. Looking this over, I realize it was created from the option of create a new profile based on an existing profile, so there are prop pitch, mixture & buttons for TrackIR5 that I use in my GA a/c. It probably wouldn't hurt to remove those for the jets. Comments welcome.
  9. I thought so, too, but usually when the generators trip, I only have the throttle cracked enough to maintain taxi speed and use the tiller on occasion. So it is only axis and mouse look movement taking place. I'm waiting for it to happen again to take the following steps provided by John Dowson from the FSUIPC forum post: immediately (i.e. before trying to recover from it or doing anything else) go into FSUIPC's logging tab and click the New Log button to start a new log file. Then find your FSUIPC6.1.log file and rename and save that somewhere. Once you have 3 or 4 of these log files, you can examine them to see if you can see any similar events occurring just before you get the issue. Hopefully it won't occur any more, but if it should, I will do my best to track down the cause and post the results.
  10. Well, the problem persists. occurred at the start of taxi in the CS 757-200. I forgot to start the FSUIPC event logging window so I do not know what happened, event wise. I will have to remember to turn that option on and keep it on for a while. I'll be able to fly another flight tomorrow morning, so will have to wait and see.
  11. Great news, I have not had an issue during 2 flights since deleting it (FSUIPC.ini). @vonmar - per your request, here is the content of the FSUIPC.ini that I deleted/removed from FSUIPC folder:
  12. I did, and John Dowson was very helpful. Hopefully it was caused by a change I made within the .ini file. Time will tell. I am going to run the FSUIPC Event Logging window, keeping it open during the flight to monitor for possible issue(s). Thanks.
  13. @Sparkrite - Quick, post-flight update: I just checked the FSUIPC.log from the above test, and it was much, much cleaner & leaner than the one posted above. Hopefully this is an indication that the issue has been resolved. Time will tell. Here is the link to the latest FSUIPC log file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v6r34189y57iw34/FSUIPC_20231103.log/file Thanks!
  14. Ok, I deleted the FSUIPC.ini and let it rebuild after running P3D. Started a test flight and no problems encountered. Fingers crossed this solved the issue for good. I posted in P3D forums regarding engine oil data based on a request to compare data for possible causal relationship. I can't get the image to appear, perhaps due to it being linked from Mediafire, so I will list the comparison data taken after engine starts just prior to taxi: His engine oil readings for comparison: Oil Pressure: L - 33, R - 32 Oil Temp: L - 73, R - 72 Oil Qty: L - 73, R - 79 My readings taken after engines were started (R first, the L): Oil Pressure: L - 31, R - 30 Oil Temp: L - 96, R - 99 Oil Qty: L - 74, R - 79 Other than temp, they are almost identical, my engines had been running for a couple of minutes, but I'm not sure about his, my guess is that it was taken right after engine start before complete warmup took place. Anyway, I don't think there is an issue here, so most likely (fingers crossed) FSUIPC related. I don't have time to make a full fight today, but will tomorrow and will report back upon completion. Thanks.
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