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  1. beechcaptain

    Unable to download e commerce (resolved)

    Disable your a/v software and then you can download your purchase without interference.
  2. beechcaptain

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    Bob, No, I missed that link. Thanks for pointing this out. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  3. beechcaptain

    Navigraph Flightsim Survey results published

    Unless I missed it in the survey results, I would like to see the actual number of users responding for each version used, as in number of persons using P3Dv4 regularaly and number of persons using XP11 regularly. This would give me a better idea of which is more popular. Not just percentages but actual number of respondents.
  4. +1. Absolutely stunning and definitely one of, if not THE best painters at avsim. Bravo Zulu, Steve!
  5. beechcaptain

    Best Flight Planner

    I'm not sure what you are expecting, especially when you say Simbrief and PFPX are not complete. AFAIK these 2 are the best of all of the available planners.
  6. This question is valid for laptops, I am interested in following this thread.
  7. beechcaptain

    777-300 Delta livery?

    Well, the liveries may be old as in creation wise, but they still should work. I've been using them without issues in P3Dv4.3. If it does not work for you it is easy to remove, so why the fuss? Give it a try.
  8. beechcaptain

    777-300 Delta livery?

    A quick search of the AVSIM Library revealed several Delta liveries for the PMDG 777-300. They can be found in the FSX repaints section but should also work in P3D versions as well.
  9. beechcaptain

    How to download Radar Contact

    If you sent it to the address in your post, no wonder. It is jdtllc, not jdtlc
  10. beechcaptain

    Looking for a VA, suggestions.

    Have a look at WestWind Airlines: Link
  11. beechcaptain

    End It All

    It works just fine on my Windows 10 desktop pc. However, if you are unsure, don't use it. The choice is yours.
  12. beechcaptain

    End It All

    There is Alacrity PC, which I use with P3Dv4.3 every time I fly my va flights. Here is a link to a thread here on the forums:
  13. beechcaptain


    There is an add on gauge for the iFly 737NG, All-in-one.gau, or something similar from Flight1's file library site. It will open the main doors and cargo doors. A four button gauge if I recall correctly. Installation is pretty straightforward. Hope this helps. Edited to add - it works in FSX, P3Dv3.4 & P3Dv4.3
  14. What ever happened to the original 747-400 type rating course (4 volumes) that was available at one time for download on the documents download section of the PMDG website? I have searched here on the forum and also googled, but have not been able to turn up anything. I was thinking they would still be applicable for the QOTS II and 747-8 series and wanted to obtain a copy of the 4 pdf files. Any idea what happened to them and if they are still available? Thanks & clear skies!
  15. beechcaptain

    Question about Fuel Prices

    This is very useful for planning flights using PFPX, where you can specify the cost of fuel by gal,kg, ton, etc. Thanks for sharing!